The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 4, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY, JUNE 4. 191S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILIJS. PA- PAGE SEVEN. --always eet the host -values and the utmost satisfaction. The reputation of our Gibson Refrigerators lias been so firmly established' iu. Connellsville by people who have bought thcrrl and tested them in service that it seems as though ail buyers must have heard of thsi wonderful.Refrigerator and are coming to the Rapport-Featherman Company, the only store In Connellsville where you can buy Gibson Refrigerators. We have a size, style,and price to suit every need. See this big side-Jeer at EASY TEJR.HS--$1-00 A 1VEEK. You are Missing tlie Best Part of the Year --if your porch or sun parlor is not o furnished can enjoy living outdoors in real solid rnmfort, .hist ti Dollar or Two Bny Torch Rockers, (.'hairs or Swings. Then WG have a very attractive display of this elegant and cool Fibre Reed Furniture with beautiful cretonne upholstery. It's so fashionable, so cool and so comfort*able. Rockers gimilar to this 'D for only This Collapsible Go-Cart at Only .75 People of Connellsville Certainly Know a Good Thing When They See It! This fact is proven by the immense number of these beds that we are selling at-$12.95 They are actually the greatest bed values in this city. They hare massive 2-inch con- tiauous posts, full height bead and foot and heavy center Oil- era. They are finished in that rich golden bronze. SOc CASH, :()*· A WEEK iriU pnt _one_ in yoar home. --is a fair indication ot - the greater values that you'll find ai t h e ilap- part-Fcatherman Co.'s in Baby Carriages. It has large adjuslablo liooil to protect Baby from f h f » sun and winds. Reclining back, ftxtfusion foot-rest. Full spring, easy r i d - ing gears and rubhcr-iired wheels. Lot us show you our grout or values in all carriages up r.o and including those targe, handsome. Heed Carriages that we are soiling in Mich great numbers, EASt TERMS TO S U I T Y Q C K C O S Y K X f K X C K . Of Ail the Great Values in Dressers That We Have Ever Sold This is Positively the Greatest--Our Special Price is Only KAST T K U M S so you iro!i T f fool Hit" eosf--only S1.5U CASH, i?U)0 A W K K K It'si a mnsnifi- ciont Colonial tic- sign with lanjo, ivy piatc glass mirror and is bnili of b e a u t i f u l cjuartcr - sawou oak. CO.MK AND SI:K IT: THE McDOUGALL KITCHEN CABINET (Sold in Connellsville Only by the Rapport-Featherman Co.) Is Not a Luxury, But Is a War-Time Need No matter how many other things you may go without--it is folly to sacrifice the McDougal! Kitchen Cabinet. This is the strong right arm of Kitchen Service--and Kitchen patriotism will help win the war. Don't ruin your health by working long hours O.T yonr feet. Don't waste foods in measuring and mixing--in exposing them in unprotected places. McDougall prevents waste and saves food. BOY YOURS BEFORE THE ADVANCE IN PRICE. $1.00 Down 3s all the Beady-Money yon nocd to part with. Have You Heard the Columbia Grafonola Sing £he Latest Patriotic Songs--If Not Come in You'U Be Well Entertained. This favorite model with li selections-only This is Connellsvillo's homo o f . . U i e Columbia Grafonola and Columbia Double Disc iU'ijords. and there are NO INTEREST CHARGES TO PAY AT TH,"2 RAPPORT- FKATHEKilAX STORE-Yes it DORS make a difference w h e r e you buy your COLOMBIA." THE REGISTRATION OF GERMAN ALIEN FEMALES TO BEGIN _ON JUNE 17 Finn 8amr its FMhmed iu jb^lstra- rin^pr-PHitls iu Ilo Tahcn. The Depai-iraciii of Justice J~.ELS announced ifoat th- rcfflst.nil:cm of German alien i\-ma!os wiJl begin on Monday, June 37, J U 1 8 , and eon tin no on each day thereafter, e x c l u d i n g Sunday, June 23, 39IS, up to and including Wednesday, June 2G. l!J3S. In municipalities having a population of 5,000 or ovor the reg:siration w I J I take place in iho police stations in the several precincts. Jn towns anu areas of les ibnr 5,000 population the registration will take place in Lbe post offices. In gyncjral the plan of registraLiou of German alkn females is ihe sanui as thai; followed in Uie registration last February of I:H I German alien Kach person who must register will be required to register tier flngcT-j prirvts. The linger pi'iuiisjg is not to i he taken as an imputation thai t h e ' re(ristrai;i is" not a law-abiding pc-r- | son. U is a ynrlSiod ot identification j simply. This rueihod is observed in ' ·Jie m i l i t a r y and naval service of ' h e - j U'.iiu?* Sirues and is, u.s well, in genera! us-e for identiiication pUJi'O^es. i TTse "ets-It"-See Corns Peel Off! The relief that "Gets-It" gives from corn-pains--the way it makes toms :uid calluses pec-1 off paiJileHs- Jy jn oue piece--is one oC the wonders o£ the world. Tlie -waic-in la "Gel Me 'CcU-It* Quick! It EtK« Cora Painn and Makes Cora* Pee! Rinlit Offl" TO PUBLISH PRICES Fmnl Administration TVJ1I Malic T h e m ' Pulflic Hi'reat'ter. Publication of f;iir ',irJcc litft.s of ; ! various food commodities is to I;c re( . sumed throughout thu country upon j I n r r J c M 1 of Herbert Hoover and as a re-! autt all ol 1 tiio dcnlors in food in t h e ' city of "Union! won have been called i o ! mot't at L!K: court bouse at 1: 20' o'clock lib is ev wiling. The call ; was issued lasf evening by Charles L. ! David SOD, Fayoitn county food ad: miuistraior, aiul the matter of tbe , fair price lists and other important topics in co:nie('l':on willi recent regu- laiinns of tiio food administration will ' br cotisiiiercd. , In line with the announcement, it h;is developed that agents o£ th« fed- erHl Food ' Administration bavc been : appointed in various sections of the coiniiy to report prices charge tl Tor the hour*, the shopper, the dancer, the foot traveler, the man in the office, the clerk In the store, the ·worUer in ihe shop, have today, in this great discovery, "Geta-It," the one sure, quick relief Irom all corn and callus pains--the one sure, pain- loss remover that, ma-kes corns come ofT as easily as you \voti2d peel a banana. It ta^ces - seconds to apply "Gets-It"; it drion at once. Then walk with painless joy, cvtn with tipht .shoes. You know your corn ·win JOOHCII from your toe--p«el it oft with your Oncers. Try it, com sufferers, and you'll sniiie) "C!«ts-It," the guaranteed, money- back corn-re mover, the only suruway. costs but a. trifle at any dmK store. MTd by E. I J awrence Co.,Chicapo, III. Sold in ConnellsviJle ami recnrn f 1 . as t h e world's be?t corn remedy by I^iuffhrey Dnij? Co., A. A. Clarke. Co;:- nellsviilu lruy Co. Money dm He- Saved li.v Having your Mat Cleaned and Rebiocked i n t o the I-ainst Shape by our Kxiwrium-cil and Kxpert Hat Citanor. who niniies a special .study or nil Panama work. We use no acids and guarantee all our wurk to ho the hest. KstaMIslicd 1906. . Ik American Up-to-Bate Hat Oeaning Parlor J. I,. I'i:RBL'S, Proprietor. HI "ft". Crawford Ave., CONXELLSY1LI.E, PENKA. atronize Tiiosa Who Advertise, BEAD THE COURIER. | i| i various commodities at the , stores of iho couaUcs. retail TO KA11M8 VQn "('. O.'s." Tli'isf Shicri'o in T^('!"DSJll if Scrre · Will lie t'tirloasrlii'il to Farms. ; Drai'loil men clrJiuiug cousciraijous ohji'-cEiou tn miJHan" sc.rvico urn] who · h;ivo :K'on lo'.ind by ;tnny aulhoritieb ' lo bo .-;:!ICLT£' ia rctuHiiig d u t y witli ' non-coiH:)atai!t u n i t s as prescribed by i 1 i P:-ei*irk-:H "Wilson, aro 10 be sc-gre- , j gi-lud a'- Fur: I^eavetuvorth, Kau-, uu- i j tier terms of an ordt'i' by Secr-ttary ' i Baker. ; IT '.'ound to be sincere in. Vhiiir ' scrtipU-ri by a spt'ria! board of inr.:iry. ; they sviJl be furlougijed :o \vor3c av. : favnas as labou-vs z: a privule's pay. , EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME, Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLUB BREAFAST AND SUNDAY DINNER, "Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Arc Homemade." .NEXT DOOR TO WEST PEN.N WAITING KOOM. The Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania is justly distinguished for its strong standing and directorate. Its Directors are men of ability and successful standing in the com- f inanity. Its officers are experienced, competent and able Jn the performance of CTCIT duty. Accounts subject to check are invited. If Yoa Arc JluuUnir j R^atl Ihe advnrlisciLg columns of Tb* '· Daily Courier. You will find them. TI of any investment is security. See that your funds are safely invested--whore they yield a fair and sure return. Open an account with (lie Union National Knnk. «% TMTM 1:lili » *"·'"*' A «' ounf - ; UNION RATIONAL BA?K, Cosneilsv.He, Pa. Connellsville's Most Dependable Furniture Store. SES^i-'E Confluence. Dickerson Run. COOTT.OT35CE, Jsrne 4--Miss Mabel Oliver is visitiag triends ia Dawson. j Mrs. Thomas Crow is visiting her i sons in Connellsville, Greensburg and j Braddock. I Mr. and Mrs. Villuim Bnrnwortli' and daughter, Louise, visited Mrs. i Burnworth's sister and brother-in- law, Mr. and Mrs. Howard "Wright at Cereal, Pa., Saturday eight and Sun-.| day. | Mrs. H. M. Swalp and daughter, I Catberine, went to Sorr.erfield yester- i day to visit Mrs. Swalp's sister and j brother-in-law, Mr. an-i Mrs. G. "W. I Lenhan and help all they could to j console them in tbe los.* of their son, ! Lewis, who -is among the missing in j Prance. i R. R. Goller, who has been running j a garage here Cor several weeks, has ( sold out to Dr. H. P. Meyers. j Leslie Earl Ramage of ConneHs- j ville has returned home after visiting · his aunt. Mrs. H. M. S'ralp here for · two weeks. : Mr. and Mrs. J- L. Burn worth and | two children were amo'ig those who ! attended the Sumla}' school conven-! tibn at Markleysburg Sunday. : j Mrs. E. H. Bender and son, Parke, and daughter. Elsie, who aave been visiting friends at MarMeyslnirg and Terra Alta, W. Ta.. for several weeks expect soon to return t their home tere. DICKEJRSCW RON, June 3--Mrs. Anna Moran of Scottdale. speat Sunday here visiting her daughter, ilrs. James Beatty. George M. Strickler, Jr., has re-1 turned to Camp Lee, Petersburg, after j spending a five-day furlough with bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Strickler, at Hopewell farm. J. H. MacBurney returned to. his uome at Scottdale last evening after Scpending the 1 day here visiting his father. George MacBurney. W. H. Burkett spent Sunday with his family at Cumberland, Md. .Mrs. M. J. O'Laugfolin reiurned to her" liotne at McKees Bocks last evening, after spending a day here with her husband. Mv. and Mrs. D. Sheffler of Vanderbilt. spent Sunday visiting Pittsburg friends. Andrew Saair and Harry "Lint were Uniontou'n business callers Saturday evening, j Mrs. James Beatty and Mrs. Rich- ! ard Sidow svere calling on Dawson' friends last evening. J Charles Foreman of Dawson, was | transacting business at Pittsburg Saturday. Meyersdale. MEYERJSDALE. June 3.-«-31r. aad Mrs. Paul McMillan of L ; .sU»nburg, visited their aunt, Mrs. Sue Liston, i from Friday until Sun-day. 1 Miss Alary Kmeigh of Bnuldock, is ! visiting relatives and friends here for ' a few weeks. j Mrs. Lix//ie "Weber and danghxer. i Miss Mamo, left Sunday for a few | days' visit with relatives in C u m b e r - ; land. ' .Mrs. Emily Bmford, who spenl the j past four months in the eastern citic-s,; has returned to Kpend the s u m m e r ! with her parents, Re\-. and iirs. A. : E. Truxal. Try our classified a/lvertisenicnts. i OPPOSITE POST OFFICE g CONNELLSVIU.E, PA. If Xon ITant Something Advei-tise for it it our classified column. One cent :. word. Patronize those who advertise, Try our elassified advertisements. liaise in Price ot fop. Owing to the high cost of materials and increased working expenses it has been necessary to raise the price of pop from 5 to T cents a hot- tie. Have your pennies ready by request ol Yough House wiency man., J. B. Miiiard---Adv.--J-lt- ' O^rnp ^ \ Sa^SSa jj K/?*4S M- TRAiMSFEH d MOTOR TIII/CK and WAttOA'S. tlOIHTIHO A SP2C1ALTT. *ltf P. R. It. Depot. B-ti Phoae«. 33EEHSSS2 TRY OUR , CLASSIFIED ADLSTS. Don't make the mistake of thinking that all beers are alike! There's a surprising difference j see it immediately in in ou Sd F / Finer materials in this popular brew! Better brewing methods! No expense or effort spared to make it best possible! Ask For ClOHHelfevIMe Special ..Beer at Hotels, Cafes, Clubs ORDER A CASE FOR YOUR HOME

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