The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 9, 1938 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, February 9, 1938
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wjsi;;:3SDAY, FEBRUARY 9,1935. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNliLiJjSVlLiL.H!, I»A. PAGE FIVE. Basketball Basketball Sportorials By JOHN H. WHOEIC Sports Editor «69 TONS OF GAME COST "LIVES OF 45 HUNTERS Pennsylvania had 601,349 licensed hunters who bagged 8,537,842 pounds of game in 1937 but the 4,269 tons of animal life was taken at a heavy cost--45 dead and 336 wounded, according to figures of the State Game Commission. Eighteen died and 28 were wounded during the big game season while 27 were shot and 308 injured while hunting small game. During the past 14 years a total of 667 persons have lost their lives and 3,489 received non-fatal wounds, the commission reports. Of this total, 192 died and /443 were wounded while hunting large game and 475 were slain and 3,046 injured during the small game season, or an average of 48 deaths and 249 injuries per year. Biggest kill was in 1931 when 72 lost their lives. This was the year both buck and antlcrlcss deer were hunted. Smallest kill was in 1936 when 23 lost their lives. PROSELYTING IN EVERYTHING The athlete being subsidized nt some college must have read what some degree of satisfaction the report of the Carnegie Foundation /or the Advancement of Teaching that the pitfalls of subsidizing learning awaits also the tuba tootcrs and drum majors as well as the poten- tian halfbacks and runners. The foundation has finally learacc (wonder who told it) that proselyt- ing has been extended to every extra-curricular activity. We believe if a person has an asset thai will help a college or university he should be permitted to exchange thai for an education. Or are these institutions of higher learning to be reserved only for those who have the "wherewith" to slide through History proves that those financially unable to get through school arc the /ones who should be given a helping hand. MORE CAGE RULE ARGUMENT Roy Mundorff, basketball coach a Georgia Tech since 1927, isn't directly opposed to elimination of the center jump but believes the new rule has created an "unfair advantage" that should be remedied claiming unfairness follows scoring at a field goal. Possible remedy, he said, could bo gained by having an official handle the ball for three or four seconds after a field goal to give the team that had scored time 1 to get down the floor to defend its goal Mundorff said c e n t e r jumpless basketball has tended to produce what is sometimes called "rae horse" basketball, adding: "Surely that term explains what is mcanl This may appeal to the general pub lie but it is wild technique o play." Dunbar Township Moves into Tie for Section 10 Lead by Tripping Derry You tig wood T u r n e d Back by Sullivans to Change Setup. MPORTANT GAME TUESDAY NIGHT Dunbar Township High School moved back into the thick of the championship race in Section 10 Tuesday night by defeating Dcrry Borough, 35 to 18, at the Lciscnrmg No. 1 floor as Derry Township turned back the threat of a rangy Youngwood five by dishing out a 29 to 24 setback on the railroaders court to create a first place deadlock between the two "D. T." quintets. Hurst toppled Ligonicr, 21 to 12. Youngwood had occupied the lead position by halt a same margin but as a result of its toppling dropped into runner-up, half a game behind Dunbar and Derry Township who will play one game more than the railroaders. The holder of first place will be settled next Tuesday night at Lciscnring No. 1 when the schools clash at Lcisenring. In the first meeting, Dcrry Township, playing at home, turned back Dunbar, administering the first reversal in league play to the Red and Black. Coach Bruce M. Shearer's boys decided to do something about their brand of play and got away to a brilliant start, scoring 11 points in the first quarter and then eight in the second while limiting the Wost- morclandcrs to a lone foul in each period. Through the third period the gait was continued until the visitors were completely outclassed. Dunbar scored a total of 16 field goals while hanging up three fouls and Dcrry Borough tallied half a dozen two-pointers and as many charity tosses. Friday night will find Leiscnring playing at Ligonicr while Hurst goes to Derry Township and Youngwood is at East Huntingdon. The summary: Dcrry Borouch G. Bucci, f ______ 3 Wingard, f __ 1 Walters, c _ 0 Keough, g ------ 1 Stifllcr, g __ .. _ 0 McWhcrtcr, g __ 1 F. Vtf. 1 7 2 4 1 1 0 2 DUNBARCAGE LOOP STARTS SECOND HALF Play was resumed in the Dunbar WPA Recreation Center Basketball League with the DeMarco five tripping Morrcll, 35 to 11. Hi-Dc-Ho toppling the St. Rita's, 27 to 17, and Bowmnns taking the measure of the Independents, 45 to 11. The three games marked opening of the second half schedule. The line-ups: Bowmans G. F. It*. Cooper, t 2 0 4 Soldano, f 4 3 11 L. Bruno, c 6 2 14 Bogusky, g 5 2 12 Jarvis, R 2 0 4 Totals 19 7 45 Non-scoring substitute--Caniso, Independents C. F. Tin, H . McDowell, f 0 0 0 Bigley, t O i l D. McGrcw, c 0 0 0 Maloy, g 2 2 6 Yulzy, R 0 0 0 Baker, t 1 2 4 Totals . 3 S 11 Non-scoring substitutes--Maddis, Nygrcn, Daughtcry, Mincrd. Score by quarters: Bowmans 11 13 5 16--45 Independent 1 ! _ - 0 5 3 3--II Referee--L. Hnrvy. Btorrcll R. Uhazic, f __ Frederick, f ._ B. Tishman, c _ P. Uhazic, g Baughman, g Walker, f G. 0 0 1 2 0 ... I F. Its. 1 1 Totals _ _ A 3 11 · Non-sconnc substitutes--Trcmbn, F. Baushman, W. Fredrick, Henderson. DeMarco G. F. Pts, Duneway, f . I 2 4 Lizza, t 5 BITS HERE AND THERE Tommy Spcigal of Umontown taking a beating from Pedro Mon- tancz, the Puerto Rican in his first test in Pittsburgh the other night, left the ring with the respect of the fans. Even his opponent said: "I can't even knock him down. He's all heart" . . . Whizzcr White must make up his mind by February 18 on Art Rooncy's $15,000 pro grid offer ... Catcher Al Todd of the Pirates has signed his 1938 contract . . . Roy Chapman, former Uniontown Negro middleweight, scored a knockout victory over Whitcy Schramm, Brookline blond, in Monday night's fistic card in Pittsburgh, sending his foe to the canvass in one minute and 15 seconds of the first round. Schramm did not let a punch ily for Chapman crowded him into a neutral corner and whaled away until he fell to the canvas . . . Bob Pastor, who survived a 15-round race with Joe Louis, decisively defeated Al Ettorc of Philadelphia in 10 rounds . . . Colonel Jake Ruppcrt of the Yankees believes in getting some publicity for his brewery where he takes his big stars to pull oft the contract gags . . . George Herbert Daley, 68, dean of New York sports editors, died of a throat infection. His prime interest in sports centered in horse racing . . . Earlham College basketecrs, coached by J. Owen Huntsman, formerly of East Huntingdon Township, meet Susquchanna. Haverford, Long Island University and Swarthmorc on their eastern drive. The Indianans have won seven and lost two this year ... P. I. A. A. control board took under consideration petitions for return of the center jump and institution of methods to slow down the high school basketball game. Harry Snydcr, Danville High athlete, was ruled ineligible to play at that school because his parents allegedly moved from Bloomsburg to Danville for specific purpose of permitting him to compete in Danville athletes ... Mid- Atlantic Baseball League voted to open its season May 3 and close September 8 after a 130-gamc schedule. The Shaugnessey playoff plan will be used again. An all-star game is planned for July . . . Secretary- Treasurer John T. Taylor of the A. M. A., A. A. U., warns amateur boxers about competing on boxing cards where there are some unregistered fighters. Many appearing in shows have either let their cards in the A. A. U. expire or are not registered . .. Fayette County Coaches Association will meet tonight at Uniontown to organize and make plans for the nnnual undci graduate baskctbnll tournament. Motion pictures will be shown of (he SUmdard-TcmpIc Came. -6 G. _5 _ 0 .5 _3 Totals Dunbar Hcrchko, f Pavlosk; f Hasson, c Yourich, g Husband, g Kontra, 1 Roscnstcel, t . Totals ... _ _ 16 Score by periods: Dcrry . .. _ _ 1 1 Dunbar ,, 11 8 Referee--John. 6 18 K. flu. 1 11 0 0 35 5 11--18 9 7--35 Rostraver Cops Section 18 Flag, Beats Herminie Rostraver Township High put the championship of Section 18 on ice Tuesday night by taking the measure of Scwicklcy Township, 43 to 30, to continue its unbroken record. The Pricedale club is leading the pace by three and a half games with but two more on its schedule. At the same time Belle Vcrnon turned back South Huntingdon Township, 27 lo 13, and West Newton trounced Fayette City, 25 to 8. Scotties Bow To Johnstown SCOTTDALE, Feb. 9.--Johnstown remained in the running for the Section 9 crown by taking the measure ot Scottdalc, 37 lo 22, at the Flood City Tuesday night. The home club was held on even terms in the first period but cut loose to completely dominate play. The line-ups: Johnstown Tanase, f Jordan, f Shannon, c Boltz, g _ .. Ellsworth, g . Murray, f Slofko, g _ 1 Stoup, g i Whitlow, f . G. . 5 6 _ 0 0 1 2 F. Pis. 0 10 13 Totals Scollcl.ile Byere, f _ .. Zearley, f. _. Akeis, c Graft, g _ Skemp. g Tolrtls Score by periods: Johnstown Scottclaic Referee--Woodi ing. 37 I'ts. 0 10 0 H 4 J. DeMarco, c Manzola, g . Parker, g DeMarco, f J. Bruno, f 0 10 2 12 0 0 1 0 ONE MORE FLING lt l?37, Asexir. ·-- f\ A spar M -me. ftrf6UP -THIS V£AR. nevr HM oJ-r VJAS W6U. AOv/A/OCCp A»JE He VJAS AievCfi *eue- R6ACX COPffilCHT. !««. KING rtATUMS SYNOICMt. I**. City Scholastic Basketball Will Be Enlivened Feb. 22 By First Game of Series Totals __1S 35 Score by quarters: Morrell 3 2 5 3--11 DeMarco _ 11 7 S 12--35 Re f erce--Jarvi K. Hi-De-lIo L. Harvey, f H. McDowell, f C. Harvey, c Cent, g Baker, g Totals St. RIU Salatino, f Isola, f ... Pope, c Testa, g Candilora, g Totals _ _ 8 1 17 Score by quarters: Hi-Dc-Ho . - . . 5 8 2 12--27 St. Ritas 4 3 6 4--17 Referee--Maloy. By S. M. DcllUFF According lo signs, rumors and reports, far more authentic than early r o b i n s and shadow-frightened groundhogs, local scholastic basketball is to be cnlnened Tuesday evening, February 22, when the Con- ncllsville public and Immaculate Conception Highs tic into each other at the Armory in the first of a two game scries, the second of which will be staged on the C. II. S. gym court, evening of March 1. For those who pay scant attention to local sports, there will be nothing epochal about these two K mcs of basketball other than that they will constitute the first sports contests of any kind or description ever to be arranged between the two local schools. No title worthwhile mentioning is at stake, nor will the New Vork Celtics or tile crack Rosen- blooms, professional*, Ixj i m l t ' d to town to meet the winners ot the series. That the pair of contests w i l l e\- 1 cite interest and attract overflow crowds, however, is a bel quite safe enough to wager most any amount on, and after .ill is s.nrl and (lone, it is ju«-t such things as tiowds and interest which are the life blood of any sport anywhere. The fact that neither the I. C NSBURG Westmoreland Outfit Scores 11th Straight Victory in Section 9 W. P. I. A. League Summaries SECTION 9 Yesterday's Results. Lalrobe 27; Jeannctte 23. Greensburg 42; Conncllsville 29. Norwin 42; Mount Pleasant 23. Johnstown 37; Scottdalc 22. of Winners Sets Scoring Pace With 17, Lujack Gets Nine. 800 FANS SEE GREAT BATTLE Standing of the Clubs. Greensburg Johnstown Norwin .. Connellsvillc . Scottdale ., _ Latrobc - Jeannctte Mount Pleasant . rd. .309 .727 .364 .364 .364 .182 .001 Games Friday. Norwin at Jeannettc. Greensburg at Johnbtown. Latrobe at Scottdalc. Connellsville at Mount Pleasant. SECTION 10 Yesterday's Results. Dunbar 35; Derry Borough 18. Dcrry Twp. 29; Youngwood 24. Hurst 31; Ligonier 12. Standing of the Clubs. W. L. Dunbar Township . 7 2 Derry Township . TM 7 Youngwood 7 Hurst . 5 Derry Borough 5 Ligonicr . 2 East Huntingdon _. - 0 Pet. .778 .778 .700 .556 .500 .200 .000 Ramsay Loses To Norwin MOUNT PLEASANT, Feb. 9.-- Norwm captured a 43 to 23 verdict from Ramsay High of Mount Pleasant Tuesday night in Section B by dominating play during the first three quartcis. Norwin got away for 20 field goals while the Bobcats rung up 11. The line-ups: Norwin G. F. Pis. Kulms, f . _ ,, . 4 Anderson, f 2 Slough, c 6 Ridl, g 5 Coles, g . o Carmasim, f _--. 0 F. Mowcry, f - 1 Hellmann, f 0 Loughnei, g 2 Funk, g 0 Totals Mount Pleasant Murtha, f Queer, f Gaudino, c Zelenka. c Uudnik, g , Damico, g Lentz, f Lun/mo g 20 C. 2 . 2 0 1 0 1 ! 3 43 r. rts. ! 5 0 4 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 'i 0 2 I) nor the C. II. S. quintets have created as much furore in 1937-38 basketball as Mussolini and Hitler, in woild affairs, in no wise prevents the forthcoming inter-city clashes fiom being labelled Sirnon-purc, blue-white and flawless "naturals," with more or less of a faint .noma of the grand old Fiat-Casey floor shows noticeable about them. Examination of the current season s f.imily tt ccs of the two teams would indicate that the I. C.'s have work cut out for Ihcm in the two games Uiat will probably prove a trifle too laborious for their skill and slamma, but on the other hand, remember what Max Schmoling did to Joe Louis, and Jim Braddock to Uiat fellow F.irr. In addition to these two names with C. H. S., the Immaculate Conceptions' floor schedule calls for wit- mauhings wiUi such teams as Wash- Inglun, Umontown, (Pcnn State), their own alumni, Rockwood and t Redstone, tiic count.scat, Rockwood ' anil Washington attain, being scheduled for "on tour" nerfoimanccs. games, all of them, hut more, or less dwarfed, in the eyes of loral sports lovers, by those herein-mentioned February 22 and March 1 tussles with Uie C. H. S. Games Friday. Dunbar at Ligonier. Hurst at Derry Township. Youngwood at East Huntingdon. Follow the Leader! 8 1 Totals 1 1 Seoie by periods: j Norwin 8 15 12 a-- 43 I Mount Ple.isjni 4 6 5 8 -- 23 Rclci ce -- Ruttcnbiiiii 1 IB 7 10--37 1 9 4 5--22 Hill Clcmcnson Sicn.s Up. | Bill Clcmcnson, 19-cai-olri Cali- foniM, signed .n Pirate ton-! tract. I Gwc-ll StiUl ,. . lel community Hvtlm When Gwen Stith, Lonp Beacli Car, majorette, led, the othci.s followed--into tho water for thi- unmial community swim A n r t «·« don t blemfl thfm--w», too, would fqllow, Parochials Will Meet Washington Tonight, Armory Basketball followers ot the Immaculate Conception High and the Wcstinghousc quintets will be treated to one of the finest double-bills ot the cui rent season tonight at the State Armory. Coach Earl Trump's Night Riders are nil set to take the measure of the Immaculate Conception High of Washington, Pa'. Westmghousc luckles the Chailcroi Collins, the same rjumtct that defeated the Casey club there but lost its return engagement here by five points and Joe May's lads" are aiiMOiis to make a better showing than did the other independent team of the Yotigh City. The attraction gets under way at 7:45 o'clock with the Westing- housc-Charlei oi fray set for 8:45 o'clock. SECTION 18 Yesterday's Results. West Newton 25; Fayette City 8. Roslra\cr 43; Sewicklcy 30. Belle Vcrnon 27; S. Huntingdon 13. Standing of the Clubs. W. L. Pet. Rostraver 10 Belle Vernon _ 6 Perryopolis 5 West Newton .5 Fnycltc City 3 Scwickley 2 South Huntingdon . - 1.000 .667 .556 .556 .300 .221 .100 Game* Friday. Kaette City at Sewickicy. Belle Vernon at West Newton. South Huntingdon at Perryopolis. SECTION 14 Ycstcrday'd Results. Norlh Union 31; Redstone 22. Maplctown 23; German 21. Point Marion 20; South Union 18. Standing of the Clubs. Gcoiges North Union South Union Point Marion Redstone Maplctown German . W. 9 3 -- 7 _ 5 -- 2 2 ,,- 0 L. 0 1 3 4 8 8 9 Pet. 1.000 .889 .700 .556 .200 .200 .000 Games Friday. German at Redstone. North Union at Point Marion. South Union at Georges. Donora Uniontown Charlcioi - Moncssen Brownsville Monongahela California Caseys at Rankin Gym This Evening The Casey Club will go to Rankm thi.s c\cnmg and all members of the team are asked to be at the lodge rooms at 6 o'clock, Manager Jimmy Albme announced. Tlie locals will be without the services of Gene Hasson who will be out loi the balance uf the season. I.uu (irhric Wants S41.-100. Lou Celins, Yankees movie star h i s t baseman, tcM Colonel Jake Hup- pett he wants ;i 15 per cent raise in salaiy or $41,400 but the New Yoik ilub ownei declares lie's it.indiiiK pat on his ollei of $30,000. l)if/\ Would .\eiciit $20,00». i Di//y IX'Jii said lie would sign a 1 M Luins (0'iti.iU for $20,000, A cut j f i o i n l'is ·52') 10(1 !ast year hut (he CaiUmals have ollcicd only $10,000. SECTION 4 Yesterday's Results. Uniontown 36; Monongahela 26. Donora 44; California 16. Charleroi 34; Brownsville 24. Standing ot the Clubs. W. - . 8 _ _ . 7 7 5 3 2 Pet. .880 .700 .700 .5f,G .300 .221 .111 Games Friday. DonoiM at Uniontown. Monongahola at Charleroi, Moncssen at California. Galenlo Must Train Or Harry Thomas Bout Will Be Cancelled By,United Press. NEW YORK, Feb. 9.--The Tony Galento-Harry Thomas fight rchcd- uled in Madison Square Garden Fcb- ruaiy 18, will be called off unless Galento goes into serious training Boxing Commissioner Bill Brown said. , s "You um't be a bartender nnd ai athlete at tin* same time, as far as L.III see." Uiown said, "and uikt soini thing unforseen oecuis, the commission will withdraw offieia sanction of this bout at its rcgulai mooting." Gjlento, who owns n saloon ir Orange, N. J., believes he can keep in better physical condition by Ki ing at home, working out at a Inc gymnasium and tending Ins bai, Ili he ould in some out of me V r liainina camp. A crowd of some 800 wildly checr- ng fans, 300 of them Grccnsburgcrs, ammed its way into Connellsville Ugh gym Tuesday night to see the 3rown and White of the Wcstmorc- and eountyseat continue its un- roken record in Section fl as the Cokers were throttled, 42 to 29. It vas Grcensburg's llth consecutive victory and brings the club to its ircatest test v as Friday it plays at fohnstown against the runner-up Flood City. Allie Lujack was closely guarded, often by more than one player, but he Cokcr ace hit the hoop for nine points before being ejected on personal fouls in the final quarter. The Cokers started the scoring when Lujack rifled a pass to Reed under the basket. Howe counted one Irom the free_line after which Steffen broke up a pass and dribbled in for two-pointer. Showman tied the count with a successful toss from the !oul lines and then the rangy Greensburg quintet flashed an offensive that jut it into a lead they never re- inquished. The Westmoreland counlysealers simply had too much heighth and it was an easy matter for them lo continually break down the local passing attack. The quarter ended with the visitors sporting a seven- point lead, 11 to 4. Showman and Lujack tallied shoit- ly after the start nf, the second period to cut the score to 11-7 but when Lhat furious frame of play ended, both teams had counted 12 points with the invaders resting atop a 23-16 score. The fast pace continued through the third stanza with the Brown and White adding to its lead to hold a 10 point advantage. During this period, Allie tallied a field goal and three fouls. Rowe took the place usually held by Lujack as he found the hoop repeatedly to count 17 points. Johnson, clever left-handed Greensburg forward, was close behind with 12. Marakas replaced Reed in the line-up in the second quarter. He jccassionally showed flashes of his last season form as he found the basket foe seven points. He did an excellent job in pi eventing Zyvith from scoring. Zyvith had hit the net for two goals in the first quarter. Lujack's points scored in league pay now total 175. Friday evening the Cokers journey to Mount Pleasant for a return clash and Allie's rooters arc confident that he will considerably boost that figure. His average points per game is 15.9. The line-ups: Conncllsville Reed, f Lujack, 1 . Showman, c Stipa, g Evans, g . Marakas, I McCIurc, f G. _ 1 . 2 F. Pis. Totals Greensburg Johnson, f Rowc, f Steffen, c Zyvith, g . 11 G. 7 20 F. ris. 2 12 Hallam, g . -- 17 6 4 3 Totals . . _ _ ,, 18 6 42 Non-scoring substitutes--Connclls- ville, Olbzcwski; Greensburg, Zalich and Keough. Scoring by quarters: Connellsvillc .. .. 4 12 7 6--29 Greensburg 11 12 10 0--42 Referee--Rhodes. 16 Bethany Students Distinguish Selves In Scholastic Rating Sixteen Bethany College students distinguished themselves in scholastic rating O s the first semester ot tha academic year drew to a close, it was announced at Bethany, W. Va^ today. Miss Irene McCrory oi Scottdalo was second in the rating with an average of 2.87, being runner-up to Herbert Grosick ot Pittsburgh, a junior who led the student body with an average of 2.95 out of a possible 3. Other students who distinguished themselves in their respective studies included Marguerite Ciarrochi of Masontown. , PERRY TOWNSHIP PLAYS TONIGHT Perry Township plays at home tonight, meeting Notth Belle Vcrnon in a non-league game. . The Commodores go to South Huntingdon Township on Fuday nnr! ne\l Wednesday pUy liost to West Newton wliilc join nrymg In Scv/jrk- Icy Township on 18 in the final league fray.

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