The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 4, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1918
Page 6
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PAGE SLX. .U.NNELLSVILLB. P TUESDAY. JCNE 4, 191V oni-idei-in^ my '·difficulties, and swam n couple of canals-that- night,, covering in all perhaps ten miles before tlaj Imht. Then _ El located la some low busies, lying | jthere all day in my wet clothes and , ;CDishing my sausage for fwxl. That; fwas Qya last of my rations. ( That night I made perhcps the snmc tftotance, bnt became very hnn^rr^ und before the night was over. * "I Found Myself Right m a German : ,, Back Yard." . . i .* For the next six days I still figured ~ that I wai, in Gcrmaay, a ad I was II v- Ing on nothing but cabbage, sugar · - beets and un occasional carrot, always "·--· -to the raw state just as I got them -- «jt of the fields. The water I drauk was often very rank. One night I lay .,,,,. J 1 ^ a_csbbage patch for aa hour lapping "' ^the dew from the leaves with m y ! - tongue! - Inuring this period I n-allzed that I jnust avoid meeting anyo-ie at all haz- i jarfls. I was in the enemy's country and ; ")my uniform wonld have been a dead .give-away. Anyone who captured me j ·or who gave Information from which ! ·sny capture resulted might have been I cure of a handsome ren aril. I knew j that It was necessary for me to make j progress as fast as possible, but the i main consideration was to keep out of · eight, even if It took me a year to get ' to, Holland, which was ray objective. I From my map I estlmati d that I was · * · about thirty-five mllos from Strussburg mwJhes I made my leaip from the train, . ~lJtd If I could travel in a straight line t^lZhad perhaps,one hundred and fifty ' ^."soUes to-travel. -As-It was, however, ·^--"X-was compelled to make many detours, j -- and I figured that two hundred and - fifty miles was nearer the- extent of the £ journey ahead of me. I ^Z In several parts of this country I had j \; to travel through forests of yonng pine | .·"I trees about twelve feet high. They ·£ were very close together and Ipoked i .1 almost as If they Imd been set out. j ?,,. They proved to be a serious obstacle i ±1 to me because, I could not see the stars ' Zt through them and I wat reling upon ~ the heaven ro guide me to freedom. I it am not ranch of an astroaomer, but I j " know the Polo Stur when I see It But j -- for it I wouldn't be ber«- today! * I believed it rained every night and :;~j3ay Awhile, I, -was making my way t£ throjugh Germany und Luxembourg, j -- JtfcTlaVariable progranuat this stage ' -- tf. my Journey was to travel steadily i H all nlgfit. until about six in "the morn- ' £ ing,-·whea-I-woold commence looking *" around for a place wiierela to liide £ duri£g the day. Low boshes or woods ^ l»clc from the road, as ]ar as possible £* from the traveled pathway, usually -- ·erved me for this purpose. Having ^ c h a spot I would drop down l^try to sleep. My overcoat was . only covering, and tliat was usu- through,- either from the *rtisfcx~or from swimming. Z The only sleep I got during those ^ days "was from dhaastino, und it usu- ~ ally--came to me towards dusk when " it 'was time for me to'hiurt again. It was a mighty fortunate thing for me 1 that I was not a smoker. Somehow I have never Ubed tobacco In any form. I was now fully repaid for whatever pleasure J hftil foregone in the past ns i a of my habits in that partic- I iilar, becmiso my sufferings would cer- ! tJiinly havn been intensified now if, in ! addition to lack of food and rest, I had had to eniiore a Craving for tobacco. About the Fixth night I wns so drowsy and exhausted when the time caiac for me to be on th- move. Hint I was very much tt: r ipttxl to sltvp thrnugh tho nipht. I kn»*w, howevtr, thjir that would be a bad precedent to establish and I wouldn't give iu. 1 I nlni^rcerl wuirily ;iloils :uid nhout i n o'clock, ai'ter I hnd cnvpu-tl perhaps , four milt's, I sar (low ii to rest Tor a , moment on a shock nf brush which ' WHS sheltered from tho drizzle somewhat by o;IiT shocks which wore | stacked iherv. It was d.iylljjht when i I awoke, anrl I fonnd m:-^ulf right in ', a Centum backyard. You rnn Imnjrine that I lo^ no time in pet tins out of that neighborhood nnd I made up my mind right there and ibon thnt I would never give away to that "tired feeling" fl^rain. In tho Oaytirae, in my hiding place, i wherever it happened to be, I had j plenty of opportunity to study my map, and before MTV long I kne\* it almost by hnart. Unfortunately, however, it did not snow ail the rivers and caaals whicli I encountered, and sometimes It fooled me completely. Ir muFt itfi\i' been ahout the ninth night that I crossed into LuxembOnrg, but though this principality is officially neutral, it offered me no safer a h a \ e n than Belgium would. The Duns have violated the neutrality of both, and discovery would have been followed by , the same consequences as capture in Germany proper. In th£ nine days I had covered per- j hups serenty-Qve miles, and I was that j ranch nearer liberty, but the lack of ; proper food, the conptunt wearing of wet clothes, and the loss of Bleep and rest h u i reduced me to a very much weakened condition. I doubted very much uhulier I would be able to continue, but I plugged along. CHAPTER V I I I . N.-.O Dqys In Luxembourg. I was now heading northwest and I thonght that by keeping that course I would get out of Luxembourg and Into Belgium, where I expected to be Q little better off, because the people of Luxembourg were practically the same aa Germans. One of the experiences I had in Luxembourg which I shall never forgot occurred the first duy that I spent there. I had traveled all night and I was feeling very weak. I came to a smnll wood with plenty of low under- bra«h, and picked out a thick clump of brushes which wns not In line with any paths, crawled In and lay down to spend the day. The sun could just reach me through an openfng in the trees above and I took off all my clothes except my shirt and him? them on the hushes to dry in the suti. -Is the sun moved I moved the clothes around correspondingly, because tired as I was I could take only catnaps. That afternoon I awoke from one of these naps with a start. There were voices not a dozen ffet from mo! My Jirst Impulse wns to jump to my feet aqd sell my life as clearly as I coula, but on second thought I decided to loot before I leapt. Peeping through tlie underbrush I could,jnst discern two men calmly chopping down a tree, and conversing ns they worked. I thanked rcy lucky stars that I had not jumped up on ray first Impulse, for I was apparently quite safe as long as I lay where I was. " It then occurred to me that If the tree upon which they were working should happen to fall In my direction it would crush me to death 1 It was tall enough to reach me and big enough to kill me if It landed In my direction and as I couJd only see the heads of tie men who were chopping it down, I was unable to tell which way they planned to have It fall. There was this much In my favor; tue chances of the tree falling In Just my direction were not very great and then; was more than an even clones that the men would be wise enongh to fell it so that it would not, because 11 it landed la the brushes the task of trimming the branches from tlie trunk would .be so much harder. But evr-n without this feeling of security, there wi^s really nothing else I could do but wait and see what fate hod in store for me. I lay there watching the top of thu tree for more than an hour. Time and time a^ain I saw it . sway and fancied it was coming my direction, and it was all I conld do to keep my place, but a moment later I wonid hear the crash of the men's uies, and I knew that my imagination had played DIG a trick. I was IJUSIUE on the sorry plight I was In--^ oak, nearly starving to death, a refn^t- 1 ' 1 in a hoblile country, nncl vvaitjrjff p.iLpnUy to sec which way a tree v.'ns sjrun^ to fall, when tl»ere came a I r u d crack, and I PUW the TOP of the tro«: sway and fall almost opposite to the place where I lay! I hud sucsbe.d risht. Later I heard so:ue children's voices and again peering through the underbrush I saw that they had brought the men rhelr lunch. You can't realize how I felt $o sue them outing their lunch so near ut hand, and to kuow that, hungry a 1 * I wtis, I could have none of it I was- ffPtilng tempted to go boldly up to thtni and take a chance of gutting a share, but I did not know whether they were Germans or not, and I had gone through too tiiuch to ri^k my liberty even for food. I swnllowrd my hunger Instead. Shortly iiftcrwards it begon to rain and iibout 4 o'clock the men lefc, I crawled out as fast as I roukt and scurried u r u u n d looking for onimbb. | but found none, timi when darkness i came I went on my w a y once more. , That nlirht I came to a river and ns ' It was the first tJme my ciothob h:ul | been dry in ti long time, I thought I ( would cry to keep them th:it way aa i long a*. po-viMe. I accordingly took oft all n_y things and made them Into two bundles, planning to carry one load across and then svilm back f o r ; the other. The river was quite wide, but I am o faJriy good wimwifr find ! figured I could rest awhllo after the first trip before i;oing buck for tlie second . bundle. * j The fir»T swim waa unpvcntfn!. Wh**n } I landed on the other shii 1 I drmil: t i l l | my thirst was quencliod und theu swam back. After rwtlnp nwhile I f started across a third time, w i t h my ] shoes and s-evernl other ihiugs ttrinly tied tc my hefid. .Tost ulxiut ten feet from thi. 1 oppo^^te bank one of the shoos worked Its way loose find sunk ' iu about el,7bt feet of wat- i r. Tliere was nothing to do but finish the trip j and then go back ami dive for the I missing shoe, as I could not go on with n single shoe. Diving in my weakened condition was a considerable str-im, but I iiad to have that shoe aad I kfpt at it for nearly an hour before I evutuuntly f foTiud It. and I was* pretty nearly alt ( In by that tlrne. That v\us thp last tiioo I ever took my sho s oCT. for my f cot were becorn- ' Ing so swollen that I figured If I took my shoes off I might not be able to gpt them on again. j This stunt of crossing the river and diving for the lost riboe had coil Mimed about tbrne hours, and after n*stlns J some fifteen minutes I went on my way , again. I had gone nearly a mile when I came to another river, about the same size as the one I bar] jnst crot-scd. I waikptl along the bank awhile, thinking I mieht be hicky enough to find a boat or a bridge, but after walking about half an hour I received one of those disappointments which "cone ' once in a lifetime." I found that this river was the one I hud jnst swura · i aad swum it on the bend and wan UI1 on the wrong side. Had I made only a eliort detour in the'flrat place I*would have avoided nil the annoyance of the past three hours and saved my strength und time. 1 was never so mad fn my Hfe at myself ns I was to , think that I Imd not paid more alien- i tlon to the course of the stream before I undertook to cross It, but us u matter of fact, there was ro:i!ly no j ·way of telling. The river was not shown on the map at all. Now I had to cross It, whereas be- j fore I could have turned It, I walked | boldly into the water, not bothering to take my clothes off this time, nor did I ever bother to take them off afterwards when swimming canals und rivers. I found It WOB impossible t o ) koep them dry anyway, and so I might j just as well swim in, them and save j time. ! All the next day I spent In a forest, | to which my night's travel had brought \ mo about 5 o'clock In the morning. I I kept on my way through tlie woods I until daylight cnmc. and then, thinking | the place would afford fairly good concealment, I concluded to rest until nteht. The prospects ol' ereu a good sleep were, however, for about the time the sun's face ,shou3d have appeared, a drizzling ruin began and I gave up my search for a dry eput which would serve me us n bed. Some , of the leaven were beginning to fall, but of course there was not cnourfi of them to form a covering for tlie ground, and the dampness seemod to have penelratcid cwrywlnre. I wrnderotl' around through the woods Cor two or three hojrs Booking for shelter, but without any succeed, for, ! Ithmujh tho trees, wore large, the forest v.ris not dense, and there \ priictlrnlly no bn.Mi or shrubbery Cnnscqufnt'y one emihl get n fajrfy clear view fir some instance. :tml I knc\v it wou'd bo mwisp to flrop off to sloep jnsl any plt'.cc, or ponicono would snrel hiippon on to me. Onre I cnmr very near to the cnrls of the woody lieinl vmres of int-n driving by in a vv:ison, but I ccukln't make- ont ju^t wh.iL l!ioy were, and Insfticcf told me I liml better not conie out of Liu* wri ids. · d I turned buck. Ot'"o nnd tht'io smfili nr'ificial ditchoH l),Mi henn duff n-'-ich at u dry season m'^ht have i-nidlr'l n woary fnpltivp, but nnv tlit'j, too, wort filled ^1tli wnft'r. O n c e I snelt'd out i » f -ofl hlg treo nirtl largt* brnmlu'*. u:l t!.»ught I , misfit L-Iiinh 'nto f t i.m' ^'t» t- *Jeop. but Iho lonper I looked n t i r t h e unu* I realhefl that It v.-nuid rr'iuin' innrt 1 energy than I had In my pres nt weak j.nd (ncinubted conditiun, so didn't attempt .hat. Finally I ehn^o a ?uot Uiat looked a bit dn"«* tlinn the ,Tht, concluded to take- a t'hitnce on hems (iiscnverwl and threw mywl? down for a n:ip. I was extromely nervous, thnn^h, fhrouii'iuut that u hnle dny. find w n u l i j «c.ircely get BOttied into :i comfortable position and doze off for fi few nunutes wlii-u, startled hy some soxind In the wootK, I vroultf s u c I U t a l y n« ike. TO m: CONTINUED Bad Teeih Like Bad Shoes Spoil Fine Dress and Good Looks PEOPLE NEGLIGENT IN CARE OF FflOUTH Snreco Tooth 'Paste Powerful To Save the Teeth and Prevent Diseases "A'.l*dreHK«d i;p with n hole In liln Bho«," · was a lilt oi t,arcra)in a girl Hung- :U a youuft nian friend whoee on- jtirDjcr'Jtfit \vi\a uevr except his pnno- jturoa' ahoea Right onougb. too. 1 IJSIthorJto man or wo man a. a llusi*r Postponed. | The m n s t r n i m in j[ foi-.^panv G was apam postponed ?atmria n i ^ h t , ,i Lt,Iegt t rn h e i r s r P r O i \ e f l V»y Capl.un Cox from Cnl(inri I ' l i u k s i o n at head- A »oaCiirecaTnl)fQulion of oil of Win- nlied l. D. D I'rescnytjon is now a ron le rente*!} of nfcin Kpiviial- iili furU skin dist^ucft. 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No HeciJ o^ hiTiaj; a mouthful of dectjPd le^Ui V.jtni rtiguiarlv (,i- a set of Swod teolt. the dcad.j Kanntt Uitle cbo.nct: ti eutt-r. K ttirj Bhould enter .they cun t exlvt lorg under Ita Uior- otijch cioansiii-j properties. An a cldaarter and prevent We of tUBeape of the UiJtti U IB po-fltivoly rullaDle. 'Advoiicnd ctaaea should b« treutcu by you- d«ntint UB« Sfenrt-co Tcoth KjJtu a-, j. prc- VrntatJvc Ask o»r duc:tl»t If ou should nitt pay till attention to your tootn. OI coures w t WQJJ'I «ay our Tooth Pa.sta wt.i cure Pyorrhwu If you al.-rj.iiJ hHYd i'.. your dentist 13 I'm ductor Even If ^ ou tro adlcud wlih hla terrible di«*-as*o Stn- irnco Tooth I'tii-tf will help you to gat jrld Q-* i',, with your dc-ntlst's £U£3iit- TLnre. Etic w« don't wajit you to cc*n- [truct an/ ailment of tho month aa*l EteoLh, nor doea j o u r dunta! doctor. A jircvfintLve IR fnr b u t L e r Lhan to "hn.vo to RQ LhroLsrta tho trlalb of t cur«. BtLVb i)tir ttjtitn by tienreco Tuotlt /Pimtc and IM probabiJlty ia tha.t you J '-ja L ha%-o to dtiu^ with foul and paln- 1 distant* liy taklag tTicollent care jyour lotth j o u mc-y stive etoinach, t""UinitL, hcurt and «j-e troubles. all pn»uiMlon to hetp the te-^th _ .e»S do It -with rSenreco Tooth Puate, tho Parent dhicnvury o/ dontiO J C, Moore. Water S( . Connfllsvllle. Pa Krlsh It. Staor«cu Tooth i-*d , c'lacin- inaTv^vviyt^vtf'tfiiV'iAfi^ywvu^^^ ·· --TODAT- TRIANGLE: PRESENTS D A R R M L L V.\?S IX "HER AMERICAN HUSBAND" U N I V E R S A L WEEKLY AND ALSO A GOO!) rOJIHDY. A SPECIAL TEATURj; IN 0 ACTS. TOMORROW'--- "JT'S A BLUE niRD." BLbTJ B I R D P!l';?n\TS LITTLE ZOE R.VK AND THL STAR OF "STDNGAILEX," TRUJ-: I30ARD.MA.V l.N "DANGER WITHIN" AN KXCl 1'IXG STORY WITH SOMI3 HEAL PUXHI IN IT. ALSO A CO.MIIDY A.ND CURRENT EVENTS. We Picked Just a Few Attractions at Random Well 2 Should Say! Cl^i-/ Ksryrr. a "Tha One Girl Show Wounded at Vlmy Ridfje ii? liryl's Great Sand Thirty Musicians, with Kryl Himself Directing Indian Sonjs and Legends, in Costume New York Mixed Quartet Live Ve'ire oJ the Business World Impersonations of Great Literary Men CapL Martial D "The Cry oS a Crucified World" These and Many Other Up-to-the-Minnte Features And the Season Ticket Price Remains S2.OO NOW IS THE TIME TO B.UY Uncle Sam's 1O% Is Extra SF IT'S AT THE .i KO.UK IT'S GOOD niE T H K A T H K 1V!!i:BE 1HE CJJOU'DS GO i.N nr.i: IM-.I K oi .n M. :)--". vnvr.i: ».M) NIGHT. (.is .siiv ri;i;-..v;.s The Winter Garden Girls IS A SNU'i'Y . M I S K U, 1'HOItl'CTIOX "GIRLS GAMBOL 55 --I'l.ATl !HS(i-- io--i-hoi'i i: OK rr, ..s,s--10 i;rs snr ISI.SSH uiiow.v »i uutr 5iooiiE C.VKI, V U « S T H O N ( i M . I . M V I i!Trs 1 V H . t O U i T . X K V ON T l i E SCKM..N --!!:·!,i: H O I . M I S , IX »'i!II LOST KXl'Ili:Sh" TODAY "Jirr.I/S Cl!ATl:i("--Till.-, is ,l vroiiderrully iatc-csCng play ,in(l is a "hair raiatT," i.inslung with a good Comedy. ".HVOIC J,VS- W --A sensational stoiy, and will please c \ L'rybndy. A Screon Mag;uiac will make a ver.v b e a u t i f u l (mi^'i loi a line Tin; soisso.v vn.r, BI; THU toor.hST RFSOKT i\ Ton."- r r~v.o large tans have been HblaHed. The large stage doer in thr rear of the theatre has been opened so there is a pure current of air all through the house. (VUE.V YOC 1VASX TO COOT, OFF CO-IIK TO Tirr) SOISSOS". (jl.'itALDIM: P A U I I U J I N - I H i . I)L'\ [L SiOM." ,\ -u a Good CoiiKd. J Si K I ' l ' - K l X l l l D I\ -til ( k \ M I I'OM" or "Tin 1 Vu^ther ^ i h c i i t n n ^ i'u I u r a N.i»cr" by MarK T«ain« HAVE YOU TRIED OUR CLASSIFIED AD LETS 7 - DAf STUBBS TOOK suonr. By EJ)Vt'rSA r 1 HE'S -5LS6P ON (22UTV. A M'LC. BE SiHOT AT

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