The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 4, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1918
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNE 4. 191S. THE/DAILI CUUKIft, CONNHJIJJ3VIJLLB, PA, PAGH FIVE. NEWS OF THE DAY AT MI PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED William Nelson, Victim Gasoline Explosion, Dies. A CALL FOR MEN IS ISSUED Registrants Qualified for Special cic limited Sen ice Xccrted in the j Aeronautics Branch »i the .Vrm: j Other Sews oi llount Pleasant. ** o o S? IT 17 Tl TI For Infants and Children. ncitterOpidm.Mcnphii.e .NoTi Our Blue Riblioii Wliile Event will delight and please you--o£ (liis there can 1)C no doubt--for never before were stocks ^o large and varied--and never before was stylish ness, daintiness and serviceability so nonderfullj comliiiied with savings so interest- ins You should Ijuj' j-our entire Summer needs at these special prices. Come! We will expect you. Extra Special! Women's Fine Duality Corect Covers, Today's value SOc, nm Special to The C'ourlci MOUNT PLEASANT, June 4.-William Nelson, aged !3 years, \vlio was burned very badl on Thursday night, May 23, when the sasoline he was pouring in an automobile caugln fire from an oil light on the machine and exploded, died yesteiday at the hospital. His body \va= taken to the Zimmerman untiertaku g rooms and prepared for burial He leaves one brother, Charles NeNon. of the East End. Funeral service: v*ere hfld at 2,30 this afternoon and interment was made m the Mount Pleasant cemetery- tiss Hurst Graduates. Miss Eliabeth I tars:, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Prank Hurst of "West Sraitbfield street, graduated from the school of pharmacy of the University of Pittsburg and has accepted a position in PKtsburg. GITCS Recital. Mrs. A. E. Cameron of Toronto, Canada, a sister o£ Mrs. John Freed, gave a recital, assist 'd by Prof J. Hunter Gamble iind Miss Adelaide Ramsey in the Re-Union Presbyter- ' I ian ebuich oc Sunday afternoon when ' _ .__ ---: -_-_ : _ . / - . - - - - : : - _ : - _ - -- ------^- ' a nice Fume \NT.S net'cd for the Red I , Cross from the free w i l l offering that ; 0 a e i ( l a Coal company, Indian Head, spent Sunday with the former's was taken up , , spent over Suncliu with his family at J ents, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Str.ckler. | 3Tm AVanteil. * t (Jonnelisiilk*. j Miss .lane Shm-or of Point Marion,, Rev. John Hnrbau^i of Mill Run,' is visiting her a u n t . Mrs. G. B. Rob-1 was transacting business in Cornells- erts, and oilier friends here, \.lle. Thirty Yean Extra Specials! JExfr;i Special--Children's Drawers, usual 25c alui', 2 to 12 years . ... - - . Extra Specials! Women's fine quality Corset Covers and Drawers, today's talne 59c - Exact Copy of Wrapper. All registrants vtto are qualified for special and limited service are wanted by the Miht iry Aeronautic;, branch of the service. Those needed Mr. and Mrs. William Ohler were C. .Moore- Alices Grace Moore and Frieda Wright were callers in are railroad men telephone linemen calling on ConnellsMlle friends and ' U n i o n t o w n Saturday evening. Iraughtsmen. laborer, cooks, elee- -hopping. - ) Mr and Mrs. Alva Deals aad baby triclans and auto men a? well as car- ! 1Ir - "·'·'' -M« J- M. .SUlutfer of Scott- j of Juniata, =pent the week-end with psrters. steam fitter:, atd stationary' dale, spent over Sunday at their sum-' Ihe hitter's parents, Mr. and, Mrs. Joel en.'iacevs for dinkey engines. The , mcr ho " :c " l v -' t "'- e Bridge. ' Evans. mzhod employed is t'bo saiv.e a= those , Gilbert .Ma of Co-.nelKville spent Ch Idren'f Day exercises were h e l d wh) desired induction under the M a - ' over Sunday with his, parents. Mr. and i m the Christian church on Sunday , tioi Want Column. , M r s - J - C- May at Mill Run. evening. | Personal. I A - w - Nicholson of Dickerbon Run, 1 Mi. and Mrs. G M Stricklei gave a ' Tiomas Logan of SnVihflrtfl =treot Spe2t m c r Sunda ' » l U l h "s family at | dinner for their son. Corporal Strick- isundergoins treatment at the Mem- Mm R u n - j I e r ' wh ° Is hoir e from Ca!np 01 f- oral hospital rere Ilarrj- Pullem of .Mount Biaddock. bourne. Thobc present were: Mrs. Jiss Mabel Zick 'of .Morganrown is Vi5 , ltc * Lls falher and moth ' Jr . Mr.' McGill, Mrs Roy Str.ckK r and baby th guest of her g:ar.dmo;her. Mis. W A. Canninghai: of" Washington , steet. Indian Creek. and Mrs. Samuel TuHem, near Mill Miss Laura Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Run. ' Sinrkler. Mrs. Frank Newell and Miss I H o n i j .Miner of Mill Run. is trans-| Pear! Jennings. Corporal Stricklei [ acting business .n Connellbville and I returned to c*imp las.1 niffht b'nlontown today. | Patronize those v. ho advertise. Mr. and Mrs. William Arison of Uniontown, and Mr. and .Mrs. C. B Arisen of Vdrdi'rbill. h a v e returned | II. H Brown spent yesterday at Maik'.cton. | ' l! '- s M ' aa -'' crr °- Connellsiillc, "P erit OVS1 Suartay the guest of Mr. ' home from Cai.ip Lot, where tlio vis- ECDIAS CRC£K. June 3.--FranS Giindl, FranJc Ko incr and Walter - - - Jiholson from Mir Run were Co-- i aud ilrs - J - c - a °S e 5 " Rogers M i l l . . itcd t'.e latter':, s,ou, R i y Anton, who Dllsville. marketers. " Re '" *'· 3- Wortman of Connells- i «as seriously i l l of pneumonia, lUy Hiram Connor "was circulating' ^ m . e ' *p n · over Sunday unions M i l l ». much improved. along Connellsvillc friends. J. W. Mctts and A It Hamilton , Mr - allci - Mr5 Hcdaey Woodmancy sent over Sunday ,n Pittsburg. j and son Russell spent over Sunday Don't forget Juue 5J9I3, is regls- am TMS Connellsvillc. friends, tition day. I 1 ' IiBS Sadie Koose J. H. Easton, superintendent of toe ' ip ' l!t °' er Su:Hla «"'th lier parents, ^_____ ^___^ l Mr. aad Mrs. Frank Kooser, at Mill - - Run. lc- friends. | abo it by er of Con.iellsvjle, Ealiimou jreat Healer for Sores, Cuts, Scalds, Vanderbilt. Cars DibeoatiauciL On account of conditions brought ibe w a r thfe patJoi car on Ohio trams N'os. G9 and 70 \vilJ be taken o'f on June S. ^Vho to Patron I z P. Those wlio advertise in Tile Courier. DaJJy Burns and Bruises VA-NDi;RCILT, June 4.--Mrs. Bruce i Parkt-r and son Roy of -Vewell, are isiting Mr. and Mrs. John Pratt. j Mr. and Mrs. FrPd Le ghty of Dun- Grcai Antiseptic Ointment Called Son ' bai township, are the proud parents Cura Tiiat tile !.nn:--!'r,'} Strut' Co^. of a bal ojy. The Loighty family Is ConnclLsiiliiv iimi Krominiir Dnifr · noiv composed of si-t boys and t w o t!o.. Scottilili', ,vll on Monej-Dncl;' g rls. I 1 ! 311 . j Miss Piioebe Thorpe of Perryopolis "Arm badly sc-ldpl inth steasn,"! liai jone to the Mour,t Pleasant bos- v.-r.tcs Gilben Har.l ot Rinard's Mills,' pital, where she \\ ill take training. Ohio; "San Cura Ointmen: relieied Miss Thorpe is tlie daughter ot Mr. the pain at once a-id arm healed rap- and Mrs E. 0. T.'ioipe of pprryopo- idly. It is a wonderful ointment." lis, and formerly resided in Vandcr- Here's another: Ellis W. Franken- i bilt. stem. Tnusulle, ia.. broke ins, leg, I llrs. Robert .MeP'arland of Pitt?burg ·was in bed six norths: dii.ehai^exl spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Grant from hospital as ncurable; vras live ! Leir^hly of Dunhar township, years on Clutches \\iiilo opening i n , .Miss .\elle Dauiey lias returned to leg continued to clibcharge pus; s u f - j h e r hmre in Wilkinsburg after s,pend- fered terrible psii s; San Cura O i n t - ' i n g scicral days *-ith Mr. and Mrs. cnent drew out pDisonous pus ind ; C. C. Collins. many pietta of bjae; no'.v perfectly | .Mrs. Ivonis-e Sbailenbergor and :wo healthy; sore hea'ed. and weight i n - j children have returned homo from \ created ' era Sil to 1^1 pounds. I Wilson, where they visited Mrs. Shal- i San Cura Omtn pnt is such a mar( lenberger's daughter, Airs. George | velous healing rntiseptic o i n t m e n t ' Pt-nn. i that it it is sold en mcnoy-back plan. Mr. a-:d Mrs. David Sheffler spent j It relieve., itching skin, tetter, ec?e- '' Sunday wilh friends in Pittebiirg ma. salt rheum, old rULniug and fever j Miss May 3i=ht ,n has returned to sores, ulcers, boi'K, carbuncles, sore | her home in Bedford county. Miss nippies, piles, fro .ted left, chilblains, j Bishop das beer, employed as clerk in catarrh and chap.ied skin. Only 30c, che store :t J. H. Litten. You Can Beautify your lexion --and rid the skin of unsightly blemishes, quicker and surer, by putting your blood, stomach and liver in good order, than in any other way. Clear complexion, bright eyes, rosy cheeks aad red lips follow the use of Beecham's Pills. · They eliminate poisonous inatter from the system, purify the blood and tone the organs of digestion--Use 60c and ?1.20 a jar. Be sure and always use CAN" CURA SOAP for all skin diseases anr. to give you a fine complexion. It's a splendid baby soap, prevents infantile diseases. .'5 cents.--Adv. Clarendon Collins, who attends ·school in Piltsburg. is Fpentfing uis summer vacation his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Collins. VANDKRBILT. June 3.-- Mr. and j.Mrs. Harry Strirkler of Uaioniown, I t Sale of Anr Medicine in the World. Sold everywhere. lp_boxei, lOc., 25c, PETET BIXK--or, 5I»beI Can Arrest Him for Assault and Buttery 20 Dozen Crisp New Undermuslins $1.39, $1.50 and «!." Values Dainty Night Gowns, t'nvelope Chemise, Skirts ana Silk Camisoles, elaborated w i t h laci's. uie- da.ions and ribbons, or embroidery trimmed. Wonderful values for early comers. Regular up to $2.75 Undergarments Including Pink Silk Combinations, Silk and Satin Camisoles and Nainsook Gowns and Skirts. including ".Mildred," "Dove" and other well known makes. 30 Dozen Crisp New Undermuslins S1.60, $1.9S and 2-25 Values Beautiful Lingerie, Gowns, Envelopes, Combinations and Skirts of fine Nainsook, elaborately tninmed with dainty laces, maerts, ribbons, etc. Regular up to $2.50 Undergarments |. j i Women's Fine Quality 50c Q/? ^ |! Brassieres, Special at eUl/ Dainty GO^W-DP, Combinations. Knvelope Chemise, ' Skirts and Silk Camisoles, including "Dove" anfi. J other well known makes. In Uiib Blue Ribbon event at attractive savings. Lot 9Sc Corsets _ _ Ci)c Lot $1.5(1 CorhCts $1.^9 Lot $3.00 to $5.00 Corsets - $1.50 Say A Feature of (lie Blue I?ili))on UT the Display of Children's Mothers should lake advantage of this oportuuity and buy for Children's Day. Women Fine $1.00 Crepe Crowns, Special at 79c In this B'ae Ribbon event prices that will surely appeal to mothers. Infants' 4Se Short VTIiife Presses . 23c Infants' 1.69-$I.5 Short Dresses SI.20 Infants' 9Sc Lmvn Moods 69c Blue Ribbon Specials Include hundreds of yards of new white materials attractively priced for this event. While Organdies--Special, 29c, 35c, 4oc and S9c yard. White Voiles, (0 inches wide, £0e, 35C, 48c and 5!e yard. IVliite Waisd'ng-s--Lace Clofh, Or- g-iinilios. Seed Voile, etc., 2flc, S'Jc and 59c yard. White Skirtings--Basket Weaves, Gabardines and Piitponai Weaves, 89c, 4"c, 59c and 75c jard. Blue Kil)!)on Special--T'p to §12.00 -YeniM White Pattern Hats Advance Summer Styles. Every v/oninn w j ] ] want a DCU T hat when she S E C K this dibp.^y oi" attractive \Vh,ie Hats at only ST.aO. Iteifiilur $2.00 Punumus at 'l.ariiy soloction of ^happs to choose from and a' a price that is unusual!} low .so early in the season. Blue Ribbon Specials! In women's, misses' and children's nesv White Footwear. Children's White Canvas Balyy Doll Pumps sixes 5 to S _____ ......... _________ .... Misses' White Canvas Lace Shoes, Ji.2o values ........ Women's White Canvas L.ace Shoes, $3.00 value Women's White ICid Shoes, lace style, Louis heel, $7.00 value ......... . .. 98c i Lace $1.69 $4.95 Women's \Vliite Lisle Hose --50c value-S pairs for 1. Women's IVhile Silk Hose 75c value ,, Women's IVJiite Silk Gloves Double Finger Tips--Special TONIC - UPBUILBER Stubborn Cougb, Y/cak LOBJI »nd Cold« Ttj Ickman's SSferafive MOTHER GRAY'S POWDERS i BEAD THE COURIER. t\»n has niaintai rcpjiatton fo- ac olicii roraarkablo $2 Size now $1.50 Price Include* *afclum prcpara- i «\'«r-Incroaisinir $1 Size now SOc » * l l V 1 1 IT t u I U 1 W V L . I 1 U BENEFIT MANY CHILDREN Thm.«nnil8 of mother* ' i n \ f r*i ntd Mollur ielmi-«, stonmch *r.til'!t"« itntl b-\\r! i'i.'"»iiiari- tip" fror. w ich rhi)rn-!i J-II^T. r l !n \ .ireei'y fliid pi«nMinttoiaKo ivudeirellcn) ri"-nlt« n-e si 1 - COinpflvlird !n the ! iivi r r t! luniftf,ir*/ar .10 years bold bj i)ru K - nte L i t-j v l.uro, n cent». g J. B. KURTZ, loraers Qothiag g i HLlBL.C AND REAL ESTAT2. b it 8otlh Mcadov Lj CanneilcvJJla now 80c c; i^ " !»" ro1 ' A r°S'^ TR ' 5f 0irR WAI ' ra A r s -, ococ3saooooccci=cxjo=ooooooo ' vv'ant Ads--1 Cent a Word. Bs C. A. VOIGHX

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