The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 4, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1918
Page 4
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PACE FOTJR. COURIER. CON.MIJ..LSVILLE. PA. TfESDAY, JUNE 4, P. SNTDEB, Founder and Editor. 1879-J91*. TI:E COUHIKH COXPAITIC, K. 1L SNTDEB, President. , JAS I. DKISCOU-. - Seo'y and'Treasurer. Business Mutineer. JOHN I* GANS. llanaKiRS Kdltor. WALTER a STIMMEI* Cl:y Editor. SHS» LYN.N-B B. KINCELL. Society Editor. -' 1IEMEER OF: Apt-ociated Press. Audit iiurcau of Circulation. Pannayiva-uia Associated Dailies. Two cents por copy. 50c per month; »» per yoar by mall II paid S« aavance. Entered as locond class matter n.t the pcnjtoftlce, ConneliavHle, Pa. f TUESDAY EYEX1SGJUXE -1, ISIS. A PSOl'D DAY The Courier'* Serrtc* »*«· WIIJLIAM P. 3HEKMAK. Unit L. American Ex- pudlllooirv Forc«a. J'rnnce. K-VLPH F. 3L1GEK, Company H. SlKJi HJ»a"7. U. S. U, A.. Camp Lo«. Pewrsbnrr. HABOLD KECHEY, ~ ·BatterT'B; *1«ld- Arbliery. ZSth Division. U. 3. N. O. . ' · liOYD B. COX. - COTiWouvy F. 37th Enetneera. TJ. S. A, Port Myer. Va. JDUUS CHOOSE. Company B. 16th Enetuee" CEailwayjr. Anwruan Expo- dicloary Frcee, Praace. JVMES J. U R Prefl««nC -Grant. U, S. ' Th» Associated Press Hi «*· cluaJ-cely entitled to the mie lor rep*btVsatlon of a.U neir» d)a- patelusi credited to It or not otherwise credited In this paper ind also the local news ralU»*i«u Tomoirow ought to be a proad (lay in tbe lives of ourig men who hava attained their majority during tile past twelve months^ While it is made their duty to register under the provisions j of the selective service law, it is no less a privilege, and honorable privi-| lego at that, to become enrolled among thos« who have the opportunity to render service to their country in the hour ol its greatest need. ! L'ndci the regulations t lroscr ^ed the young men oE tbe country will | report at the placs designated by the ' local hoards between the hours of 7 a. m. and 1) p. ra. Those absent from the jurisdiction of their own board may apply to the local board of t h e ' district in which they may be tempor-, anl^ located, procure a card and mail it to the board of their home district. Persons without a permanent place of residence must register with tbe local board having jurisdic- t lion of the area wherein they may be on the' day named for registration. Any person who, on account of sickness, will be unaWe to present himself for registration, may send a friend to report to the hoard for him and be deputized by elie clerk of the board to make out the card o£ registration. The only young men -who are exempted from registration are the following: Officers and enlisted men of the regular army, the navy, the rorioe corps, and the National Guard and naval militia while in the service of the United Suues, and officers in the officers' reserve corps and enlisted men in the enlisted reserve corps wtotle m active service. Failure to register subjects the offender to serere punishment provided by the law and tie still more bumHi- airng ponishment of being branded as a slacker, among -whom it will be tbe desire of a very tew of our young men to be classed. ° UK YoraG ' KAISER'S GOLD CUP ^MELTED DOWN FOR AMERICAN RED CROSS WANTED--GIRLS FOR KITCHK-V w n r * MHS. r J ARMSTRONG. Y o u f r h Dloitise Restaurant 17ma.jtf WA.VTprJ-- OLD PALSK TEKTH. I Don t matter if broken I pay S^ 00 to §15,00 p-"- set Send by na-rcel poat and [ receive' check by return TJ i M A Z K R . 2007 So-ith F i f L l i surcct. Ph.l- [ iwloiplita., P:u WANTED--13XPER1ENC15D OR IN- ' expenenrel men to vork mi r e p a i r i n g j Kt-eat c.ira tJood o p p o r t u n i t y to r i f f h l p.irt Coniip-Lny f u r n iwhes tools A pp v :il 0"Ct- in .M/iS'inr. M H C H A N J C . WtiMt PL nil R a i l w a y s Comrr.mj ·veto U'AiVT,S]-- LA]JORJ:HS. ASH II 1M7 Icrs. helpers, mechanics firemen S t e a d y worl- Lab jrcrs, 3S:/, c n l s ; l i r i ' i i e r . , IT C' n t » p*'i Iiuur. »tln r work p lid in proporf f ·'·i 'ipp'v in jifr^on ·U the "vVn-;.ST J ' l I N N I'UWi-IK PI, A N T . ConrJoIlsTillo, Ti I j u n d O t - - I T O V K K M J ' I X T .VI.KnS ·4 i t W , u * h l n p t o n lOxi" i- r\ ' v l i M o m J u n e J - ' \ j - r v . s n r v a*en and v ; i i i n rrmm'it pu'-dit.ns -n r t i f lor ·ultrt- I n J f IJBON V L M ·i! SorMn 1 nxn-'1inT ) 8£H dinx Washinjcrtoji IJaim fit- KOR HKVF--T ooin apartments. ; A N D TWO ; JUENC-ra SMl'TX. "- Except as a few hysterical persona i" are 'always thrown into a panic hy every unusual occurrence, :he raid of the German U-boat*, oil the N*w jersey coast will cause but little alarm in this country. The thoughtless and excitable will roalie a great noise in voicing their lears ana in demanding to know- why something has r not been done to make such' a daring . exploit an impossibility. Not having ' been taken into the confidence- of the naval authorities, as to tbJ means ' adopted to safeguard our shipping, the faint-hearted citizens wilJ see in this raid the direst forebod.nss. To the vast body of American citizens, . -Hfho will remain cafon and uadisrurb- 1 ed while they continue 'o apply their " energies in helping to meet other · emergencies that will arise- danng *" the progress of the war, the incident -will be appraised at its -worth. That is to say they will sec In it a more or less hUi 'ihating admisbion i pon the part ot Germany that the steady increase in the number of oui soldiers "'· on French soil is feared more than /any other development of the war. - Realizing that the determination and ; growing strength of the United States is going to be the deciding factor ' against her in the war Gert.iany still - hugs the delusion that w can be scared into a war policy that will "have- the effect of leaving practically va clear field for the Huns to conclude the war how and when they choose"While the daring exploit was de- signed both for Ha effect upon the -, poblfc mind of America .'tnd as a . means of interrupting the steady flow ,of American soldiers, munitions and , supplies to France, it will 3iave mili- .'tary varne to Germany only to the - degree that we allov.- the incident to -.divert us from the activities connect'-ed with the country's business of wm" ning the war. The appearaace of the -raiders on' our coast was" not unex- 'pected; the sui*pnse corccs rather "from the long delay in' a; tempts to *stop our troop movement at it2 ^source-.- -That movement will not stop, .rlt^will for a .time be attended with '^greater risks than before, o£ course, ,,bui unless a large part of German's undersea fleet has been transferred ta some bade -on toe Central or Soutlf ^American coast, the dangers from this source will be comparatively in' sfgnificant when compared with the *· dangers hundreds of -our transports rJbave safely braved when aj'prbathinsr 1-the sab^narine infested waters sur- :rounjiins European portF. Our Navy ,has so elfectively cowibatteJ the Hun !Tsea,w.oiTtea, in. -European, waters that "TIuTtwo out of hundreds of our transports "Save been sunk. Mow that the presence- of-tho U-boats in our coastal waters has been established the offi- a_ofl _ men of our coa^t defense ^ _ _ fleet- oait be depended upon to make After the experience erf Brutal Bill's FokJiers in trying to "shoo" the American soldiers out of CaJitrg-ny IIP oosht to know \hat a Irttle diversion Itkc a U-boart mid ast won't do any- thinp more tlian boost tbe excursion business to the seashore resorts. J I K N T - - F 1 V E Fan v i e w ,i\ t,:iue The war fund of tbe Red Cross w as consJderably boosted by the .gift of a solid gold cap that was given an. American by the kaiser. It bas beeu melted down in-to bullion and the pro ceeds devoted to lied Cross \Tork. The kaiser cup was awarded to an American yachcnian for winning a transatlantic yacht race to Kiel. Two nu rses are ho^Vll sitting oti either side of the kai^r's gift. ItOOMb AND Call LV-11 152 S J u n t L f d The Kaiser's Inventory Louis Hanson KOn TIK N T T--V FT E I-tnoif I TO L'SK 129 South "V* .tier I n q u i r e (*K.\TK \ L ROTKI- a j u r - o ^ f FOR. UWT--THKKIS LTGHT HOUS'K- ki-cpanfr K'Orui. t'^.c of un.lh -"^o c l n l - drcu. Tri-Stace S15. 1SOO Sonth 'luc* ·iKrrwtytfd Ifor FOR SAJ^B--PARAMOUNT STTCWS stand. Barnaul to quick buyer. See E. L. BEGCS, CojmellifV-lUe, Pa.. At last ine mask -- though tranfa~l but poor stuff m tlieir da-3 -- they only parci^. to utilization tor tour years j Look v,^iat ihfy could ca.rry otf. Tiie past -- has bem throv,ii aside aud Uio mailer criminal of Pots-lam has 1-Catser compb oul boldly in j patience with such sjiy inefficiency. slacfeer is no better than other of hte c3as«J. Accnstorood ae freqoantprs of N*?w Jersey coast resorts are to -^a serpents and othf-r sights and ·wcmdcrs. the Kaiser will have to Oe-ns^ a more frightful hosie t h a n a Eub-maHn? to creat? morp th-an lanjeruid interest in h-H line ol jnrmmer attractloTi3. No patriot will object to water- mflons ffomc to S61 no so IfNT^- as the $55.00 trees to maklnfr things easy and comfortable Cor the boys Ov-r There A Boss at End of His String. Belief on tc "VTatchinaJi A, Mitchell Palmc-r obtruded hi-' ^r- rrtjrant, dictatonal dernancte that t i n s and that shnnW be done by tho Dmo- crats of his ov-n dttftrict. b\n the fact t h a t ;Kt c county in it vol«d t h o way he o-rtennl it to makcfi it look as though Mr. Palmer is n.t t h e end nt hio string at home as well OP abroad THE ISNOCEXT. "Oh, wrhat. ' crfe Prussia's chiot, "have I not done to so,\ c t h e world f r o m all thu. grief7" We hear the kaiser rave; the. old rtU kaiser weeps the tears of crocodiles h i " victims strewn in heaps, in w i n d r o w s. stacks Eind piles. The countless d Kurope's bl jody plain character -- that of the world's arch- j TSic coufession boastii.Hy goes on burglar, lu Ihe document, approved "four catbedrab, destrovcd, eight ren- o£ by hiiu -- for the figures used are i drred unserviceable, 27 churches dc- from the Gormaa Government's s:a- 1 Brayed, S-t rendered un^ervieeablo." tistics -- circulated m Spain and Lraub- Now he is going to carr off Btilgiura i iated by oux riuito Iepartiiierit f v^e aro church bells told juet how much he and bit, dupt-ti For why should the houses at God have looted from the stricken inhabitants o£ Pieardy and FOaaxlers during these four jears rxuJ.; aboat "6,U(K» \\-atches, 3.700 umbrellas, 1£76 bilver spoons, 15,13- emLtoiderics and worn- ens handlerciiiexs, S,076 pjeces underwear," etc., etc. in Picariy Flojwiers be sjuwed -He isn't Germany's God: However, the iault wt fin/1 inventory of tShe this er's heHisbness is its incompleteness. We iuaret on bavins the TV bole the very last rJtnir do*rn to a complete doc- I--OU SAL^--ONE SIX THAU O t l i r t J O - q u a r t i r G u e r n s e y cow Due be f-esh now. Ca.ll ou J u J I N C. M I L - ' LJGAJS. Priitstown, I'a | R 3A1.K--4917 L.1G-HT C I! J1CK, | i I;LS t h'Ljie. Plot cc Ai row, h r i t ' shape MUTUAL, GAHAOK. G U Craw j vrd a \ ua u e, 3J t) J ft S 7, FOR SA.UE -- CH'-TO-OATE BARl'UR shop Host Joca-tion m Vander-bilr Ba-n.7a.rn to quick b u y r Rfjwion for .xomriK. itit.*ol to enlist. Cal b-.Lh LINT. V a n d c r b i l t 3Junc5l* phones. HOBKT11T Hotel. FOR SAL,15 -- OKK 1914 IOJP; OKE 11/14 Wirton SK cylinder. ouu I S i n - four cilintlcr; n n t j . M C Rtt'r, one 1MU Hudu*i; oiiv t; one nnl c, n o-half DUN HA R AD1\) «nbdx- P.i The summer season is nov/ on; the summer business is starting with a rush. There are wonderful preparations at all of our stores for women, misses, and children in all sorts cf seasonable raiment. The real Jisne novelties are now on display, as v/ell as the real staple lines. Remember these large department stores of ours offer you inducements that you cannot get elsewhere. t o n J e f f r e y truck, COMCPANT, Boll 3. The aooiuted--by his God, not b y ; umcm of the Kaiser's inhumanity, j civttlzacloa's cnfef Deity--ourgJar,} "Sir, how many French and Bcl-gia-a \ FOK after enuuierating '5^3.COu bottles of champagne," congratulates himseU" by "Tb-esc figures u'oracu bavo bt en ravinbcd by your dupes--misnamt d 'boid-iurs'*' How aiauy yoong women weru ca/cen from re blue sprinpr uk acrs shun. The from secret ;erch, has cruel murder dom? amonR" the babes in church. There is no crime so bane that Bill w o u l d it balk, no abyss oC ilisgrtcc in u inch lie will not walk. The vuMures find cheir ffasta wherever WiLhelm goes, old men, and e^ris, and priests he butchers, as his foe^ He U-ans against .t cui. and we can hear htm roar, "Chec, what }ia\e I noi done, to sidestep all this gore'" The kaiser's Tlctims sleep, uncounted, fverysvhere; they're b u r j e d in t h o deep, t h e j ' r o s l a u g h t e r e d ir the a i r ; thej-'re draijyed f r o m h u t antl hall, and from the church, to ctie; they're backed ajralnst a wall and shot, and know noc why. Now cries the royal Hnn, ''a heartwrunp H u n ia he), "Oh. -what have I not done to ntop th'.3 jamboree?' Come off your p*rch, old hrss! Ceasjc talking through your hat! You cannot tret across w l ^ h such a prac as tbxit! In leagues of Flanders mud your inur- de'-ecl men repose; your h a n d s arc dripping- blood, it's dripping 1 f r o m your clothes! bhcnv a large increase over thobi: o t ' F r a u . i and BUg-mm «i* btirvunti by. the campaign again ^t France ui l!70- | your ofDcwi--and what happened tc 71." i i h u . n ? How m a n j nun.5 did your sol- How certa n ty^cs conform m their j dier;, ravish in old I-ouvahi" Ho ft racial chara,cLeriuc3! Bill S-kej [ many thousand wotnon have our bol- couLLting hii bteoliugs in a London j dierb made uawilhag jaoUiis; Uti- celUr; BUtk Barx^jj- of Michigan , £oid that to D.?! How inaii euerau-^ lame a gcucration aso, uountmg the' have JXHIT soldicib cruculed--wr kuoH pcoueedii o£ his hihwaynEaciiiip m , of one" Ho-w nian 'ioau carrying the ca^e along Laku Saionor. the innocent passengers av av iroin Miib.- arch-crhnmai of them all [rom out hid , mg steamers have cn r --ubnianncp lair in Poiscram goes them one better | shoi to pieces? \\'-c must have Uic?o aad has printed an .uventory ot w h a t , figures to make vour inventory com- ho has gotleu away witihl j pieto ruid to f u l l y a.vake thu.-.i.- One reads on witn interest--confcs- j aaxngst lib \\-Lo )n tiifir sioep .-ill' SIODS of criin.tnals are of great value murmur, 'Peatt\ pcof o at any pnco-- ;n decent society--"i-rooi IJultjium old ' my hfc, ray \sifo.-, ·\iriu, my d^iu^h- paiiitings :o the value 01 3,u0u,0uu pt 1 -_ ier s mnocEiiico -jiiht pi-ace, poai-el' bfetits"--hovr really efficient 10 use the [ Give u^ all parriciiiar.-,. Uiou, whose coinage of tbe cuuntr to which Lhis name \viJJ be wrnten ;w Jill Dine on .onfossion E.° eij ---"Total amount ex- tlie an.u.iL of history as ih£ world's arest dtgi-iuraie!" wo gul. tire laid by mm SrVLB--SPKC3AJ, SALK OK icCng^ratopH and ice bocccw; a.!t*o com- plt»te HIM* of be*! room ^jiti^. i r o n beds. diiinn? ruoin und porrh f u n . i t l i - e n.nj CON'in.T.PVl r .LB N h"W A N H ^KCON1 ITAMD F t r n v T r n n COM-'AW TTI- Stato 7G_' 113 Sc»uth FitUJburt,' street 3 i u n i - f i t JVetlrr. K.TEYSTOS1-: CLBAA'ING- PARLOR BririM" your Paniiua and strriw huts t CHAP.I.KS COrOS 170 \\'oft Cr.iw fortl raen acted from Belgium l2U,073 t o'*u pe- sctas" -- this from a iajjd Uid » in great part h the barbanaa hos-s of i n hini in Poudam! Also this o( stealing not tho timo of a.iithom. t-tiat no\v i.s a universal from babfes sa\*ings banks -- a eruue iramnig of oui boys and j-oun-j men looked upon as the lowest ia all cruu- i which, will make thp wjrid salu iaal circles, "15,000 pObetas in. fiu«i as^tmtit the hUiiiihne.-s that's Pots- imporied on AlsaUau caikiren who in- t dam'sl sidled on spi v altmg French ar.d refused ; Ho*v long, ob Ixsrd.-bow lon-g, bcto-re to study tko beamiful Germj-n common bC'iist- \\ i l l couiu to all Liu 5 Not !«-*-. "o, \ R.TO c. TVRST fr.iv. ford .i\ t r,b» W. .1: t. t-jii Tu t i K o any :urtn v o r k hi n / l n c , \i o ' d i r i K und en tlm: a l l i n - I ilh W.- ^ t i l l Iriv- i iifun f o i s*^r:i)ri' (J\-^ c u-= a. t'-ia] \v c Mirr v. i l l , \ \ f j ' t u m o d i f y A n j t i r t r v n u ,\rr in trouljiv; o.i tiic road ci\, rii'II S57 4ji!!).-V_ AcJmlniwtralor's Nod***-. ISSTATB OF L K 0 MILT.KR, c .i^cii Lett*, rr n s-iamoiu.iry in estate "f 1 i; H M i l l e r , ( ' o n n ^ i l f s i l l c . K O e t t o ey I \ an 1. 1. 'Vi. ·.!«».(.' '-i.' f il t r i e i.nilt i ·· fCH«*d, c f u n t . P e n n - ti i U « li ' d i · language." Both. Sikcs and Black Barney v ere } people ab a FAYEITE BOY LOSES LIFE IN SINKING OF PRESIDENT UHCQLN ConUuued from Paee One. Mrs. Clara Hanker of 30-1 East Fairview avenue. Ilis duties are m- structlng 1 1 ihe niLchauioai dopan- ment of thi aviation section at Kelly Reid, San Antonio, Tes. ATKLVS. Oh -vc joshed you, Tommy Atkins, for your queer ana uurioos \va.ys/, And we used to think you b U t y in the good old peaceful dav Tben we thoug-ht you hi^h and mL^h- ty. and a. httlo over proud, Uot we dtdn't really ''mow you as yoa passed us in tbe crowd. But we're taking back this inornm* all tbe bitter thlngrs we've said. For we've seen y o j stand to baitle and we know y o u r blood is red. We've seen you black an' d i r t y , stand- in' knee deep in the mud N*ev-r .turning or color aa tTie bullets round you t h u d . And w e ' v e seen you there in FJandera w i t h your backs against the wall Never w mcin', never q u H t i t i ' till the " Ia-.t oC you should f a l l . And \vf'\-f come to set. 1 this mornin 1 that for all that w e hold fine For the safety of our children we can t h a n k the U n t i b h line. the business of "frightfuln }ss" near our shores jtist -as-hazordcf/s an undertaking to the Hun pirates as It has tecome iu ihe "vorboten"' --.ones surrounding the British' Isles and the coast of France. There is. ,'th^.efQre, no cause for alarm. There is, bowcvei. demand! for greater ' concentration, consccra-[ W f hacta no^h^ll liw marTed^our"^honf tion. and application upon 'he part of j That^n"'piussian^rute''" .sta'ndin^at e\er- American to'those ihings t h a t ! u single: Ka.nkee door, w i l l encompass th'e defeat cf Germany Oh w c l t fi" 11 - o u r thoughtless j u b t - witain tht.. S b«te g |.j^ssib]e ?P ace of Trk^^^ieimK'^S^cSS?*; 8 oTThe t:me. She has virtually act nowlcdgod first, and foremost rank her de/eat»but is holding ' ft yielding'-^TM' w c ' v e come to understand ou. ^ L .Vn* tlic I / U P ^ wi*re r u p f a f i t ' coascwardfr. BASIL SOtSSON UOSIE OX FURLOUGH. Attornej Basil J. Soisson, who is attached to iJie Ordnance DeparUr.L.'Q.t, accompanac'd by Mrs. Soissoa, apent a brief lurLoiigh with b.s pareais, Mr. and iljra. "U. F. Soisson ol West Peach street, returning to Washington, D. C.. Sunday night i ( h . ' i H U N - \ 83 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Weistmoreland and Allagheny Counties. V d ' i . m i ' - t r it or uf it N o t U ' f . In White, Grey, Field Mouse, Brown and Black. The wouian who demands a perfect lit, who insists on the newest and best styles, who desires QUALITY FOOTWEAR will do well in coming to us. We please you. We save you money. ESTA*n: OK I ' l i A N K \ U U N K 1 . N (Jecea»«c1. J j t i t e r s t f s M i n e n t . i r y in tK f i.a.te ol I ' r a n k Y o u r i l t i . . la-te of B u . l s k i n uiw-iibtilp, F j y c t t o c o u n t y , J ^ e n n - SOGTH KOi' IX XATY. John KobalJo of South CoaneiU- ville, has unlibted in the navy. LEVIS LE.YILU1T J SCfCK I* Al'IlIL. Lewis R. l^enhan ct Sumernelrl, \vlio is reported officially as m.ssme m action in Franco, has not been heard of since April 21, according to word received by uis parents, Air. d.ud Krs. G. \V. Lenhart. FAVETTK BOVS JLY XRMi' .V3fl XATT. Among recent eulisatments m iLe Regular Array aie the following bojs ton aad Ira A. McCovran, of Uniontown; Karl K. KcndatU of .McClel- Landtown; Ralph R- Jacoos and And; L. Measan of Percy. Clark G. Conway of Brownsville, has enlisted in the Marine Corps. ' WANTED--I'OITIO.V AS D U I V K R Cor auconiobnt. JjlU\ Iiin," cm L' Cour- WA-VTEU--OIHL. TOR GBMCHAL liou-ew-'ork Apply JJ3 South JN'.ntJ street, Wftiit E dc SOmuyG". WANTED -- WOMAN TO \ V O K K ii\-' lJai!l " hc- dj,y Apply :'Ji South X m i h aLro efct bide. Greenwood. 3 U m . i y 6 t o u n t s oC Fay- Before *ne. t h p tuht-crilier, a Notn.r\ P u b l i c w i . h i ' uid for H *.ul Co\^'it ai'J SL ite. lie sonaliy .ippt, i r u d .T W ' n . Dnscoll, vho b e i n g d u l j.worn ace-jrci ihj, to law, did dcposo und say. That he ib \ b b i j - t a n t M a n a s e r of Cir- c u l a t i o n t C The Cou-ler, ,, daily icwb- paper p u b l i s h e d in Co'inellbViHe. Pa.. :ind that the n u m b e r of papers 1 pri"itt,-.J Curmt; t r u week endinj:; S.iJ-mdaj, SaLurdny Ji;m- 1 I S I S u a s a-, £jHowt, May 2T G.05'5 lU.ij 30 . .G G O J iV.iy 2f G 6 ((* J'.iy 31 .C.70. JUa\ JO. . 6.07 J u n u 1. G,i)J - . Total iver ' 1 ' su ·\ V A -VTK D --H OM K IHJJ six j cars' old. J Home 2, Moyt.-. FOR II. L, W1IIT1-J box J0_', W A N T E D -- A X EUFVATOLi OPKU- ator .a QUC.O A p p l \ F i r ^ t N u i o n u l Bank S. S ( LjAHIv. I j u n u J t WA-N'T.21")--TWO Oll.fc P.b AT AV KST P e n n Power_t-i.itiou. A - i p l y at *,-t«ition between S.30 A. AI. and 4.JO P. 31. and futiK* ciTortrta -crash ti.e AUi^s ; u before Aiairjca_l5 in the Iqhr In its ' f u l l .-streixgtli nud^p^er., The~h v etiCB- - ^°^ er . sity 1» -no^, tbe-greater to*t Jrow every \ T( JJ, e ^ p ounce of our energy and force into! w h e n 'the stmsffl*? so that ihe ?mal defeat 1 ^" 011 n: of Germany will be con plete and overwhelinlng The IT-bort raid will Save, the effect ef mak'n^ our de- you who held 'em back. I KDWARTJ rRKSTU.r.T I SAF1-; L\ FUXXCE, Mrs. R. S. Brashear has received a W A N T E D -- R O U G H OAI.P ja centfa pel h o u r . % , p l y a-t Til L F O U N D A T I O N C O , V* Gbt r p i i n T ' ) W t J Flouse 3 j u n e 6 t WANTED -- GIRLS TO A V O U K w h e r e t'iu hsu e a s m i l e \ i r tart- ;»,tM. CONXIJl.LSVJL^B S I L C C O M P A N Y 2 5 m a j t £ Tha" t h e d«ti.y c i r c u a t i o n b y m o n t h t for the tar - 9 I S to date v. .is as fo'- 19T8 - M o n t h . Daily Av F e b r j a i y I j f i lt5 0,507 Maicil 1 " U 7 1 2 G . j G T A p i - M l " o , t -3 G,C8." r ^,it t.o daily circulation bj- mo«ti*t lor the J ear 1917 to dute w-ib j.t, f u l - 'o\va. for a }Iome of your own--in ibc coming -m]pirc district of Conn e l l - ^ i l l e Out in ihe open when- thorp's ptunty of fresh air and where the "kiddips" can romp and p'aj 10 thp'r hpart'p coutenL. And il's only a j minute car ride or a ]. n m u t e walk rrora "Brimstone Corner." J a n u a r y F e h i u a r y 130.S52 M a t c h 119.431 April 1«3,1SO May 113.1C2 J u n o 1-J1 5:»G J u l y 15J.575 | A U f T U S t Pep ember j October i November . ... M o n t h Dally A V I S 13T.2C1 : . g j f ' J Ki^ht now ou c?n buy lots mnaFunng GOxl^O feet--quarter acre traces-- t .i Beautiful Poplar Grove for FiSY Tl^RSLS fiLXDLT ARRANGED. WA.VTI-:D--laA^oni.ue. PAY coon wajrc.-. VIso T U - i r r y i n e n f n f * cuntrrLc* work. A p p l y A M K K U ' \ ; ;»t \ N G A N K S K C O , DiiTibar, Pa. I j ^ i i u l J l Total And f u r t h f - r sa .T S w o r n tin, lt»t 151,343 veth not. 5.S5 CHAN1C, mfre. oh To irony A t k i n s , shail ing at you a anecr, , ay keen ; our curious customs J card from her brother, Edward J. j the peaceful days are here. ' Fresliley, annonncmg his safe ai- j WANTED GIRL iy weir our little jill box, an' ( r i v a j overseas. Freshloy it attached !ho»£.c»orh can .. AJTTMTMTM," i'our^Ht,^ phr«».llO *« TM* TM* H»p,lal. 307th -««=« avTM., o, c bat we'll never lauRh np-:vin ' Siinitarj' train, and just before leav- | ?n u. n come to underlain* you ' ing: for dury "over there" he wad made? WANT termination «o vin still more im- j . J\7 0cuclh ° kno ' v you throuch an' ( an orderl to thc stalf Hc ]S a son , P o-i:i.m vleldJng. as Germany in iur blunder- , A n - thctc % no v a v of squ irm . u p th o f Mr . au1 M rs, Thomas Freshley 01 ' "^"^ tug; v!ll yet leariu ' : t bc ^-o owe it, sou (South Cotinellsville. WANTRD--MAX TD S \ V K K P TARS, 11 Si to 1030 A SI. Good H U a d y position App y at once to MASTER. M G - ' DKISCOLL u n d subscribed b ^ f ^ r e me oC .Tune: 1 9 I S .1. E KURTZ. N-. P. \ y y s Co SlmayGt FOR GENERA^ t 111 W . ^ t Wash n TrI-State 53^. SjunetE 'EF---RJ:LTAJ^LE .V.\N FO:I :is .salefcina'! to c.iu on or c,- businoKS 1 11 'Cerft.fos r c i u ' - od. A n s \ \ e r to "SALUS-MAN'," car.- Courier o Cm ay fit* AT ONCE ONE LINOTYPE OPERATOR AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE There's City water in from of every lot and the Public School is lust witJin a bJones throw. Think of it, 'hose ]o'i co-^t only JSo uy and upward -- even as a mat Lor of speculation t h i - j ' l l piove one of the best lavestrap'its you'\c ever made For full Particulars and Information Write* C. B. McCORMlCK. Agent, r, 0. Box 114 Connellsvillc, p a . It's SVSoney Well Invested I c: 3 GttOOGQQOOCOS)OQOaGQOG3QQOOO^^

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