The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 4, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1918
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JUNE 4. 1918. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVIliiE, PA. PAGE THREE. NEWSY NOTES TELL WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN Chnrcli Directories to be Placed in A]] Local Hotels. ROARING RUN RESORT POPULAR Presbyterians Prepare for A nnual Outing Season There; (jrucers aj»d Meat Dealers to Ulo*e Wednesday Aftwuoons During Siimnu-r Season. Special to The Courier. SCOTTDALE, June 4.--At a meeting of tiie Ministerial aj-sociaiion yesterday morniag it wa^ decided that the stranger to Scottdsle should enjoy the churches of liie town and know what churches there were and ·where they were located. "With this in view it was decided to put a directory oE the churches tn each hotel in town. The ministers lecideti on an. exchange of pulpits ia July. Kcady for Outing Season, The summer home of Uie First Pres- byteriaa church at Ro^riLs Run is being gotten into shape fr the season, which opens June 13 aad will continue until September 3. The hotue tas been enlarged by an addition, 2*x20. opening onto the dining room, and a kitchen, 14x14, connected to the iiuiag room by a 5x6 hallway. One bungalow, l£r"L-i, bc*-n completed and a second one has ueen started. One new Lent has been purchased and another bungalow will b« built before July. Mrs. Ida P. ParJcor will have charge ot each crowd. From -JO to 50 persons can be accommodated at each time. While there are some cpen dates, this summer home conducted by tbe church has proved so popular that almost ev?ry date is filled, Close "Wednesday Afternoons. Beginning with Wednesday afternoon local grocers and butchers will close their shops each Wednesday alt- ernoon during June, July j.nd August. This is very much appreciated by the clerks and proved very popular among them last bummer. * Knalne, House Crew Bought Flap. The flag raised at Everscn last week iby railroad raea was- not purchased by members of a train. c:ew but by the engine house force of the Pennsylvania Railroad company at Erer- son. according to a communication to The Cour er. Parker Fnncral Tomorrow, Funeral services for the late John S. Parker will be held from his late home in l*oucks avenue on "Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The funeral, services will be in charge of the TJev. J. E. HutchinsoTi, pastor o£ ihe First Presbyterian church. Undergoes Operation. Eugene Nicewonger, the right-year- oid son of Mr. and Mrs. I,. S. Nice- ·ffonger of Jennings avenue, imder- ·went an operation for appendicitis at tiie Mount Pleasant hospital on Sunday. WiIUam Fetter Oradnntes. Ir. and Mrs. W. H. Fetter ware at 'Sfce University oE Pittsburg on Friday rwhere their son "William graduated. It's TVar Thae. "Wafttv i-t Evil. Shopping at the right ?Ia-;e is war leconomyt Shopping at hoiae is patriotism in that it supports the businesses that support the town! Bendiner's, known as the Broadway Ladies* Store, shows a roost v/onderful and large selection of newest spring and summer dresses for all ages from baby to grandma, at prices ranging from 9Sc to $30. A thousand new summer hats, dark and ligiit, reduced to about 1-2 o£ regular prict-s. New suits at about 1-3 of ordinary prices A. thousand skirts to choose from, 8K- to -$15; all reduced in prict-. Hundreds of new coats at about 1-3 off; prices ranging from 55 to ?2.". Come in and see our money saving June sale rallies. Broadway Ladies Store, Scottdale, Pa. As you get off the car, --Adv. Personal. Mrs. Lillian, Kelly, Mrs. J. T. Miller md Mrs. James TVardlow spirit Fri- iay in Putsburg. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. and laughter. Miss Lou, have raov»*d from he WolfonI suulio on Pittsburj street o Ambi'idse. Miss Viola Simpson, a teacher in the tublie schools here, baa returned to ,ei" home ia Indiana for the summer. John Herbert of Kittanuing, is the uest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A I. Herbert. Itchy A!! the Time, So 3ad Ashamed to Go in Company, Had Sleepless Nights, HEALED BYCUTICURA SOAP AND OINTMENT "My £ace broke out in a rash, and then pimples came, making my skin red, sore, and itchy all tbe time. I was ashamed to go out in company my was so bad, and many sleepless rughts I have had. "1 was annoyed for over two years and I used many remedies but none of them did any good. Then I used Cuti- car* Soap and Ointment and I used two cakes of Cuticura Soap with one box of Colicura Ointment and rny face is now healed." (Signed) Miss Louisa Antrim, 165 Harvey St., Wiasaiickon, P«.. Nov. 19, 1917. Having obtained a cleat healthy sttn by the use of Cuticura, keep it clear ty using the Soap for all toilet purposra assisted by touches of Ointment j.a needed. Cuticura Soap is ideal for :he completion. Sample Eaoh frmc bf Mail, Address pof t- ^rd: *'Cnti0nc*. D«pt. R. Bo*to».** So d ,-vcrywhere. Soap ZSc. Oictmeac £ and 50^. and At Aaron's you'll always find the largest varieties and latest sty!es of quality Furniture, Rugs, Carpets, Stoves Horaefurnishings at the lowest possible prices--the largest values obtainable. You will find here everything that is reliable, everything that will give you service and lifelong satisfaction--from the cheapest that's good to the finest that's made. There are Six Big Floors and Basement filled with quality Homefurnish- ings to choose from--and we guarantee everything we sell. We are ready to save you money on That Wifl Save You Money on Your Ice Bills Buying for four large stores we naturally can buy for less. And we sell just as we buy. That's why you can always purchase the reliable, exclusive, quality lines of Aaron Homefurnishings for less money than other stores ask for just the ordinary kinds. Convenient terms arranged, if desired. Whether you are planning to purchase a large Refrigerator with all elaborate improvements or a less expensive one--be sure that it's one that is economical and at the same time one that will give permanent satisfaction. The Leonard Cleanable Refrigerator for which we are exclusive Conneilsvilie Agents--is the crowning achievement in Refrigerator making. It embodies ever}' known improvement that any refrigerator has and also a great many that are exclusive with the Leonard. Its scientific construction' will cut your ice bills practically in half. Important Leonard Features Real porcelain lining made all in one piece-fused on Armco Rust-Resisting Iron. Carefully worked out construction allowing perfect circulation of air through evpry part. Ten walls to keep the heat out and the cold in. No crack or crevice for dirt or germs. Air-tight locks--doors practically self-closing. Leak-proof construction. Porcelain lining extending around edges of cloor frame and door. Xo wood exposed anywhere in the Refrigerator. Exclusive Agents For the Famous iiii«^ Whittall Rugs Are the Best You Can Buy-and They're Cheapest in the End. Because WhiUall Rugs are the best made--without exception--they will give satisfactory wear and last a lifetime. Then too. the initial cost of a Whittall Rug is very little more--if any--than you are asked to pay in other stores for -Rugs of inferior grades and quality. Right now in our Big Second Floor Rug Department we are showing a very attractive l i n e of new, exclusive designs and patterns in Whittall Rugs--Come and see UiPtn. 0x12 Genuine Body Brussels Vliit.tal! Kug-s at _... !)x!2 Genuine Wflton Whittall Rnpi at 10-6xi:i-( Otininp Body Bmssfcis Whittuil Bugs at ..._ _. $64.50 869.50 Come in and See Our Complete Display of Baby Carriages. Collapsible Carriages as low as G e n u i n e JReeU Carriages as lovr as ,, ... AH Floor Coverings Laid FREE of Charge-By An Expert. Big Values Size -- $8.50 This Family Leonard at This "Special" Leonard at Why Not Come in Tomorrow and let us explain the Leonard Cleanable Refrigerator to You Fully. This "Heal" Leonard Refrigerator at Swings This 4 Ft. Solid Oak Siring This 1 Ft. Solid Oak Swing PATHEPHONE--For Your Summer Enjoyment! This Popuiar I'athe- piione Ouiiit __________ $34.50 This 4 Ft/Solid Oak Swing- Consist*. Oi the -'3i moiK-\ PaibepJiono and your choice of 6 doubie-iaeed Pathe Records. WAITE Grass Rugs Will Ailti Mac!) lo Ihc Comforts oi Tour torch. I We have these Famous Waitc Grass | Rugs iu many dJii'eroiH sixes, j Price*: Rr.ijfit* t'pward Tvard from as IOA\ This Heavy Steel Bed Special fit This Large, Massive Iron Bed, Special at Finished in Vernis Martin and White. Has 2 inch continuous posts and heavy 1 inch fillers. A very big value. M rrrr .75 Heavy 2 inci square uibiug and 1 inch fillers. Has biil-bearini; rasters. Finished :u golden oaJi, ruahogany and ivory. A special value. Phis 3Tssiv» Bras*; * Bed Special at ( Tfcis bed is made of Ursss. satin finish I'rem h imi;i!. Has heavy 2 inch posts and 1 3-4 jucb fijlors Ue sure to seo this value. Ohiopyle. OHIOFYXE, June 4.--Huffman Listen of Dunbar was a recenjt business visitor here. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hersbbergor and tvro children spent Sunday the guests of Confluence friends. Mrs. Baer and family ol FlttsbuTg rrived here to spend the summer at hc'.r cottage here. · Mr. and Mrs. T, M. Mitchell have i purchased a new Hudson Super-Six jcar. George Hershberger and son were among the Connellsville visitors yes- re rday. .Mrs. Rosa J-iinderraan spent Sunday the guest of friends at BidweU. BUSY BUSINESS MEN i Buns/stead's Worm Syrup ! A »ate and rare Xtem«dy for "Worms. I Stood tho tert fot SO yeata. 27P Kimafc FJLTXS. To childrta it is *n au^el of oiercy. VX«BAKA^T TO TA3CE. 3fO , SICiLH£SS. HO FSYSIC HZEDUD, Ono bottle hajt taiea 133 worma. A01 dmr- , ffinta and daalers, ox by mail--OSc a febt. | Eat. C. A, VOOBJnres, M. D^ - - Science Help* Them. Out After neck- IrxHlr Aubunlng the Stomach. Ttie most retkless ma.ti in regard to health Is the bufay business roan. At noon he rushes o u t for :i bite to caL lie bolts his food without proper ra»u- j tScation, and heap.- or. his R!.oma.eH «'-n | extra burticn greater than it is able to carry w i t h o u t breaking' clown. His overworkvd stomaeli is crying for h e l p ; it appeals to him for relict m various was: Explosion of sour gn., waterbrj^ih. sour taste in mouth, | heaviness after enJins. shortness of breath, bad breath, etc. ' One Mi-o-na tablet taken with or j after each rneal will help any s u f f e r e r 1 from dyspepsia wonderfully, Tt aids - rho rftomacli in the work of dtg-estion { which it must perform. j Mi-o-na tablets are sold by A. A [ Clarke w i t h a rigid guarantee to over- j come dyspepsia and all storranh l troubles, or money hack. They m a k e j eating a pleasure ' Mi-o-na cleanses and purifies the i stomach and bowels and puts viyor j and strength into the overworked tis- ' snes. It is the snirest stomach ton 1-3 in t h « world. | Sold by leading druggists every- J where.--A-dv. I Oair Store at 6 O'clock Until September 9th nell Shoe 145 W, Crawford Ave. is ot your vacation begi ast Line Slcamcr/or bea ihc moment you I .-,. ^.....jUul Mackln^c S^ij: me Luke voj-Bjic ircd oa a31 D. i C. Line tic.iwt SjJuy and lieaJ'ti rru^.o:'s balfo/i'h?dcT^7ii Railroad ticket!) arc bon out extra charge. The D C Irsifinia in end pair.ptaiiini *ervice tbat could be desired AJI «e3mcrs_ are equipped wi-h Jaicsi v. irele waicf ie Mcriliied by xtlrra violet ray prfccs^ Two ^DIcn{^Id vcssela--Ciiy ol MncLnsc II ai,ti p. City of Alncna H -- operate fcui times a wed. 10 if Macktoac Utund. fiom Toledo MonJayh and F Saturday* S 30 A. M . Tursdnyh and Thu-^J vs eL 600 V. M I'rom Detre't Msndnyn and Salur- S ! days 5-00 P. M., Wedaesd^a ant.' " ' " " · r " A.M. Send 3-cenr iiamp for iltuntraicd p«ujuu.i.-i aou Grciit Lake» roan AddresB L. C,'. LEWIS, G. 1*. A.. 9 Third Avenue, Detroit. Mich. PATRONIZE THOSE WHO ADVERTISE! | If You Want Anything Use Our Classified Column

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