The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 4, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1918
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELtS'v'I'L.LE, PA, Dawson. NATIONAL LEAGUE. Yest'Tuny's licsulis. Pi'.'.sburg 8: Now York 2. Chicago 5; Eoston 3. "'St.' Louis 15; Brooklyn 12. "Twelve innings. N'o other games scheduled. DAWSON, June 3.---Mrs. J. S. Laughi-ey was a guest ol the Saturday Aftcrnoon club at the home of .Mrs. J. H. Hazleti io Vanderhilt Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Laughrcy was on Uie INCREASE IN PHONE RATES Post cards are being mailed today to lue subscribers o£ the Tri State program for a vocal solo, which she i Telephone company announcing in- reildered in her usnal capable, man- I creases i:l rates for all classes of ser- Standing of the CJubs. New York -' Chicago ^ Cincinnati Pittsburg Philadelphia ·-Boston ._-- ·St...Ixrais _ Hrooklyn _ Pet. .684 Mrs. Thomas Mclntyro is spending a ii'W days with relatives in Uniontown. Frank Stillwagon attended the neral at his brother-in-law, 0. Shaneylarc as follows: i vice, effective J u l y 1. The new schedule of tariffs has been liled with the Public Service Commission at Harrisburg and sets forth in detail the price changes involved. Summarized these felt, who wa.s killed by a street car. .676 j The funeral was held Friday at Fair- .512 I chance. .5001 V. P. Bute and grandchildren, Unlimited or free county service for all subscribers in the 17 different el- changes for business phones will be increased to ?3.50 per month from 459 | Frank aad Mary JIcCli;, and lllhs ! ?3.00. For a 2-narty lino the new rate .450 i Margaret Ramsie". motored to Cum- w i l l be ?D and for a ··-party line it will Today's Schedule. Pittsburg at New York. Chicago a: Eoston. St. Lou:s at Brooklyn. Cincinnati at Philadelphia. A-UE1UC.VX LEAGUE. Yesterday's Tlesults. Eoston 5; E^etroit 0. Chicago 9; .N'e-w York 2. "Washington .3; Cleveland 2 . .Philadelprric. 2: St. Louis 1. Standing of the Clnbs. W. 1 Boston- ---New York . St. Louis __ Chicago ^-!_ Cleveland'-"Washington Philadelphia .. ..-Detroit _ berland Saturday. The Misses Me- Gill and Ilamsier will spend a few weeks there with friends. he .7.2.0(1, the increase in each case being 50 cents per month. The same unlitmteu service to all . Mrs. Joseph Friedman was a Pitts:- | Tri-State subscribers for residence r~ shopper Friday .phones w i l l be increased to J2.50 p e r l Mrs. \V. B.'PurntiU and children : , month fron: ?2. For a 2-party line the I have returaetl home after a week's i now rate w i l l be $2 and for a 4-pa.rty ; visit with her parents at Cabot. i lir.o it will lie ?3.75, the increase in Mr. acd Mrs. James Median a n d ' Party lines being 25 cents per month ; baby motored to'Johusto\vn Friday to ' in each cose. ; spunc! tne *-eek-*nd with relatives. · For local service only, which means Mrs. O. Daiiielson was shopping i". C l e c and "nliniitert class to ail sub- Conneilsville Saturday. scribers in the same exchange, with Mr and Mrs. Earl" Ober and two toll charges for calls elsewhere, the children of. Pittsvbnrg, are spending a | rate for business phones will be in- few days here with Mrs. Ober's sister, creased to 52.50 from ?2, Mrs. Harry Cochran. A. J. Manning spent Saturday In Tct. Conneilsviile. .619 .. Mrs. Arthur Fieldson and baby are For party linos the nev,- rate will be ?2. an increase of 25 cents a rnontii from tbe present charge of $1.75. For local service only, for residence 3 17 !S75 ("spending a few days with Mrs. Field- j Phonos the new rate will be_$2 tor a 20 --.19 541 .528 .512 ..129 .393 .383 . . Schedule. -.Boston'at Detroit. New York a: Chicago. Philadelphia at St. Louis. "Washington at Cleveland. HILLTOPS WIN AGAIN AV«st Side Ball Team This Time Easily Keats South Side*. The Vest Side Hill Top's sco'red another victory, last night, defeating the South-Side team at Trotter. 12 to 5. The'baftefifs were: "West Side, Marnell and I'liss; -South Side; Danner .-arid : Robinson. Marnell had 13 strikeouts. son's mother, Mrs. George Lingie, at West Newton. Mrs. Martin Hasson of Conncllf- ville, spent Sunday here "vvitit Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Gaa.1. Masters John, Arthur and Jimrrtle Shaw of Counellsville, spent Saturday and Sunday here ivi'.h their grandfather, John Ober. The Woman's Work society of the Presbyterian church, will meet Thursday evening of this weL'k at T.3n at the home of Mrs. Mary French, Liberty. Ail members are asked to attend, Mr. and Mr.i. Nelson .\evmyor anil son Edwin of Duqucsne, wove recent Stiests o-f Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McGiii. North Dawson. CJiarks Foreman, sou of Mr. ami .IKE rAJi.ui.oraT. Mrs. Harry Foreman of East Dawson. i has eiilisttd in tbt- GET NEW KIDNEYS The kidneys the most overwnrK- cd cr?o,ns «.'f tV.o human hnily, ;ir.- whin thuy full in ih«lr work of ::li:r- in£ out a n d ' t . - i f f ' W t i i K off the poison : developed in tne system, t h i n g s b'.'t;i*i to ba.ppen. One of the first wnrninim in p-'uit '·' stircntiStt in the lower part of t M « d uririf. loss ·' ;u»- irriUitio;i, f - r "VC-P hUd'Jrr. ThftCT! pyrnptom: c o n d i t i o n that may I*--' 1 t ' ·lc. and roal;uiy I! right's distia-:c. for which t h c r o i:- tn he no euro. V"U can ji!ni/'St cc-rtainly fiml i m - meAifUfe relief in fJOL,\~ MHVv.M^ *l;i»r lem. Oil l" for muru t h a t i -" ' years this fa::LOUx preparation I'.n..been an u n f a i l i n g rr.'int-tiy fT ail k i t l - hack; htslily p ston n ih« dr? "HER AMERICAN HI"SBA.ND"--A five-part Triat gle photoplay, directed by K. Ifason Jlopper, and featuring Teddy Sampson, is being presonied today. It is the story oE thu .kipattese \ girl who marries an American, o n l y } lo find herself deserted after the nov-! cliy oC her qutiru ways and abje-ct tic- | vocion have worn off. Unlike ihe heroine in "Madame Iuttertly," Mrs. Cherry Biosson Franldyn is not lett j ^"MariderTnTurfnary troubles. O c t , E a t i r i g suvcpal hundred thousand dol- m her native land to await her b u s - j it at _ a n y (1 - u ". ^ ^ ' ^ ^\^t · lars. Thirty-three thousand fwt of band's return, but accompanies him ! ^^ u ^^^^^-' new copper wire was usod on the lines to America. S^e sees but little of t h e j * you K e t ^ O or-D MEPAL^brnnd. Non.- : f r o m U n i o n t n w n to Conneilsviile three sizes.-- ; alone, w i t h other repairs m propor- jtion, Tn even* instance repairs were I m a d e witli the idea of making the : [lines better than ever before in the j past. Some! Th c Tri-State company is doing its j private line, an inci-ense of 50 cents, and for a party line it will be 51.50, an increase of 25 cents. This local service applies to the exchanges at Union town, Connellsviile, Rrowiisvillc and Sr.ottdale. For the other exchanges the in-ereases are not quite so large, being in proportion to the present lesser rentals. These increases have been literally farced on the Tri-State company. For the past three or f o u r years cost prices of every kind have been steadily advancing. Jn some details the increase has been -1C per cent, in others as high as 17C per cent. Material has advanced, rent haB advanced and labor has advanced. For the inspection of a Courier man, tlie pay roll cards of the past four yearn o£ the i e n t i r e Tri-State list of employes were affhi"er;u" corpt! | l h r o w n - open. From several cards HC'___ ' ° i Ice led at random K was found that wage increases figure from 43 per cent .to 53 per cent. For the past two years the Tri-Slate company has paid no dividends. The directors wore so loathu to Increase i rentals that they willingly passed the dividend to return all the profits tf '._ the business to betterment of the ser- i vice. But the recent and continuing . sharp advances have U-ft no other rc- coursu. Practically ever' other public l u i l i t y ha^ made advances, the inos- recent to command local attention he, ing the Wesi Penn railways. A 20 . per cent advance in fares is now in j force on this big trolley system, ; which is a greater advance than that : o; the Tri-State Telephone company. The :u/rm of the past winter forced company to expenditures aggrre- . ..,._ ,,_ OK? oor-D ; man siio juarried, however, when h e ' , o t h e r cenuine. In 1 is among his oid friends of both sexes, j Adv. and her child dies while its father is : engaged in on*- of his "old time revels. The unfaithful husband is strangled to death, and his widow returns to Japan, with hvr father and the old lover mho ave:iged her. The Universal Weekly is also included in the DENNY HICKEY FIFTH oDTiellsTillc t!or SUirs iu llarknoss Handicap. Denny Hickpy, local racing car Bay. o.-i Saturday with a Hudson Spe- . cial, having i*vo stops at the pits. program. We-Inesday. Zoo Rae, the j driver, finished fifth at Sheepsheari wonderful chil-1 actress, will be'.seen " TM , . - - . . - -.*.in. "Danger.Within," a five-part Bluebird feature, . Thursday, Ethel Clayton and .a" splendid supporting company will be.'afen in "Journey's End," a delightful romance occurring at the utmost to give better service and w i t h the new tariff in force in another month it hopes to still f u r t h e r iui- i prove' the local and county telephone ' on that track. L» to get over the stopping at the pits, .Ralph DePalma finished first. ist year he manager! tape sixth withon system. Tho advance in prices avoided as long as possible. It has r ", t been made only when busines? could mger be continued st the old seashore, Florida, iliss Clayton charming in t!ie role pf Aline .Mars-j Saturday Hickey w i l l race at den. The story is about a young mar-1 \VTrei;ling. W. Va., driving a :iwri«on rte'd couple'wl-.o become estranged, I car. The official time Saturday fol- bat who, thro-jch peculiar circum-! lovv.i: De Pahna. 58:21; Tom Milton, stances, become reconciled again. | 58:31; Oldficirt. 50:21; EcMic Hoarjic, Friday and Saturday, William Parmim ! G0:52; Denny Hickey, fi::40; Ira will be seen in "The Heart o£ a Lion." a Fox feature. OKPH.EOI THK.VTKE. Vail, 61:41; Omar Toft, G3:23; Loui? I Chevrolet, G3:4S. Patronize those %s'ho advertise. wiio advertise m fids paper will give you best values for "THE DEVIIj STONE" features the : famous prima donr.a, Geraldine Far- i rar. It is a sto y of. weird faiicination j which presents Miss P^arrar" in a mod-j ern role, based upon the big theme o f ' supers4JLior,, brought down from an- · cient folk lore, and i n f l u e n c i n g the i events in the -if- of 3. modern worn- | an.. Tomorrow Jack pickford appears i in the tlirilling Paramount version of "Huclc and T*im" or "The Further Adventures of Tom Sawyer," by Mark Twain." Friday and Saturday, Julian EHingc appear.-- in the Paramount production, "The Clever Mrs. Carfax." B unbar. PCNCAB. Jtn'.e 3.---Misses Margaret .Moore and Glac.ys JlcClosky returned to California i.fter spending a few cla«-s at their home. -- ;tlr,~and Mrs. W. 3. Gaddis sneru a few hours in U-'iionto-.vii Sunday. Mrs. Anionio Cicero of New York. : .s spendic£ a Cev,- weeks here \vith r:er brother Michael. Miss 'Anna Cicero returner, home ;roTd Ne\v YOT C after a tev,- weeks visit taere win. relatives. .'. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. White and family of South Co:vne'.lbviUe, spent Sunday here visitirg relatives. - D. K." of Uuque^oe. spent Sattir(hiy here vi'th friends. Don't neglect your eyesight to the point where it interferes j with your work. j If your eyes are giving you the slightest trouble, permit us : to examine them at once in order that the defect may be renie- . died and that you may proceed with your work without the loss jof time, effort and comfort necessitated by faulty vision. } It you need glasses for near or far sight, you should have ; a pair of i know that -you should dismiss coffee,tiy The toodern American! · · Drink-that so many i now are using. ] GLASSES i THE INVISIBLE BIFOCAL 'which render perfect double vision in one solid crystal-clear lens with smooth even surfaces. KRYPTOKS (pronounced Crip-tocks) look like single-vision glasses to the outsider because they have no tell-tale seams nor humps to separate the two powers. When you come to us you are assured of obtaining the genuine KRYPTOKS and a thoroughly scientific optical service. ., ** ir^ (f^i rff^v "H LKS 9 Opt- Optometrist and Optician Woohvorth BJdir.. Conneilsviile. I'a. The highest grade and most efficient optical service in Con- This will be the most interesting and instru* tive exposition of its kind ·we've ever held in the n fants' Wear Department of this store. Our Infant. Wear Department is invaluable to mothers for w have studied the outfitting of infants and carr everyhing for the baby's use. Our modern Infant Wear Department is a wonderful clearing house c ideas for the infant wear buyer because of int mate knowledge of what manufacturers are pr ducing for the welfare and comfort of the babie Come! Bring the baby. This style show will be real factor in education to mothers to know tr kind of clothes the baby is to wear he a great deal to do with not only tih . baby's appearance, but its health an happiness. TUESDAY, JUKE 4. l!)i: .c5 Every baby has an equ chance. Every baby brougl here on Baby Days will 1 weighed on accurate scales ar its name registered for one · the prizes of Two Dollars Merchandise in the Infant Department only. COME! BRING THE BAB 1st--Bal)y, ago up to six months. The heirvifst and ligiitest, $2.00 in incrcIiaHdise in Inl'auls' Wear Dejiurt- UK! Ill, 2nd--Buliy, age six; months up to 12 monUis; $2.00 pri/e in merchandise ior the heaviest and liirhfest baby. 3rd--Baby, age 12 months to months; 82.00 prize in merchandi in Infants' Department Only. FREE! FREE! parimeut Only. FKKE! Gold King for Baby given Free with purchase to the amonnt of $2.50 in lanfants' I . Infants 9 and Children's Wear A choice assortment of the highest merit in style, quality and workmanship and offeri at exceptional price concessions Wednesday and Thursday. BOOTIES FOR THE HABY--White with pink or blue trimmings, 15c up to 75c. ' BABi' SACQUKS--Ca'shmere of fine knitted sacques, finished with pink or blue trimming, at $1.25 up to $2.50. BABY BIBS--15c to 2uc. BABY BANDS--Wool or Silk, 2Dc to 9Sc. FLANNEL SKIRTS--Long or short skirts of embroidered flannel--various styles--at Sac to $1.50. KLEINEKT RUBBER DIAPERS--4Sc up to 75c. BOYS' STRAW HATS--Light weight, in many shapes, 49c up to $2.00. ROMPERS--White or colored, in pink or blue, 49c. BOYS' WASH SUITS--Galatea or Chambray, all sizes, all styles, all colors, at 75c up to $3.95. MUSLIN DRAWERS--Made of fine muslin, neatly trimmed, 2 to 12. at 19c to 35c. MUSLIN GOWNS--Made of fine cambric, neatly im- ished, ail sizes up to 14, at 49c up to S1.25. SKIRTS AND PRINCESS SLIPS--Made of fine soft batiste or cambric, neatly trimmed, all sizes up to 14, at 59c to $1.00. CHILDREN'S COATS--Silk Poplin, check Serges, all new styles and colors, at $2.50 to $10.50. BABY DRESSES--Long Dresses for infants of nai sook or fine batiste, embroidered yoke, lace edges a sleeves--Toe to $-3.00. SHORT DRESSES--For baby of French Lawn, E tiste or Organies. beautiful trimmed lace edges, embrdio ed skirts, at 75c to $4.00. SKIRTS, LONG OR SHORT--Made of fine cambric Jong cloth, lace or embroider}' trimmed, 59c up to $3.5, COATS AND CAPES--Long or short, plain scallJp or braid trimmed. Some have hoods Special baby days $3.50 up to $7.50. INFANTS' BONNETS--Silk and Lawn Bonnets, bes tifully trimmed with fine lace or embroidery, dainty ha work, 75c up to $2.00. SILK BONNETS--In many patterns, tucked or e: broiclerecl, at $1.00 up to $2.50. WHITE DRESSES--Size 2 to 6 years, with high long waist models, lace or embroidery trimmed, 75c up $7.50. CHILDREN'S WHITE DRESSES--Made of fine C gandies. Batistes and French Lawns, in all the newi models, lace, embroidery and ribbon trimmed, size 6 to years, at 75c up to $5.50. BALLOON FREE! Lots of Baloons for the little tots given away free to the little folks who come to this store with mother or adult (Baby Days Only). Come! Bring the little tots. UNUSUAL MILLINERY SALE For the Miss, Young IVoinan, Matron. Bought 500 of the season's newest and prettiest Trimmed Hats at an unexpected price. They're $7.50, $10.00 and S12.50 hats, and we will sell them tomorrow at $3.95. $5.00 and 6.95. The popular hats of Georgette, Leghorns, White ililans, black, nary, brawn, sand, gray, Lisere Straws, etc. Smart turbins, small brim hats and large dressy styles. Trimmings of flowers, wings and fancy feathers. Styles for the young miss, young women and wonderfully good looking and becoming styles for matrons. 1500KFSEE! Book on the care of babies will be given to the mothers who will call at Infants' Department (Baby Days). A valuable book to mothers, containing information that will be of great help to any mother. Come, Buy Your Blouses at Dunn's Sample Sale of Suits and Dress* Women who are particular about their blouses, about style, workmanship; newness, and intent upon a saving will profit at this sale. Blouses of cotton Voile and Batiste, fancy models and tailored styles, sale prices 1.50 upto $3.95. Blouses of Georgette and Crepe de Chine, hand embroidered, beaded, plain tailored or trimmed with fiiet or Venice laces, white, flesh and pastel shades, $3.93 up to $12.50. Crowds attended the sale yesterday. Bargains, rt savings, style and quality at the price--these are the fc tures of our Sample Sale. Suits worth up to $32.50, choice Slfl.95. Suits worth up to $50.00, choice $32.50. Dresses worth up to $15.00, chioce S9.95. Dresses worth up to $25.00. choice $15.00. North Pittsburg St. COTOJLSYIILE. P,

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