The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 24, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, February 24, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELI SVILLE. PA. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2 1 , 1930. Basketball Baseball By JAMES If. BIUSCOLl. Countyseaters Need Victory Over Cokers to Clinch Title; Loss Means First Place Tie Everliart Club Will Face An, other Battle With .Tean- nette it Locals Win. DOORS WILL OPEN EARLY Tho high spot of tho Connellavtllo High Schoo basketball season at hom will be reached tomorrow evening whoa the Uniontown High School outfit comes hero for a re-turn engagement. Thoughts o: Cokcr fans have beei ou tnis game for sotno time, and it is a fact that (!onnellsvi]le clubs have a habit of upsetting: the dope every now iind ther. If the Cokers should take 'ho measure ot tho county-sealers tomorrow, it would send tbo- Maroon and Wulto i n t o a tie with Jeaunetto H.igh School for tho top position. Now that ! .ho visiting' aggregation has beon »ho*-n to be Impregnable, it la evident tho Cokor ouUit will outer tho clash with considerably more confidence. Tho bigges'. crowd of tho entire season is almost certain to jam the gymnasium. Early arrivals, of 'course, -will get tho chodco seats, but nevertheless, a game a g a i n s t U n i o n t o w n is w o r t h standing: to ;;co. Tho contest is billed lor 8:15 o'clock sharp and there w i l l bo a preliminary attraction t o e n t e r t a i n the early comers. Coach A. .'. J K v e r h a r t and his crew arc primed f o r t o n i g h t ' s buttle. Even t h o u g h big things did not depend upon the outcome, it Connellsvllle-Union- town clash is always sufficient to at- traet capacity 'nouses. A h u g e tl.rong of rooters will accompany t h e cdimtyseat club and the Orange and Black will not be discouraged l(r: l a c k ot a cheering sec- i lion either. ( J n i u i U o w t t has had considerable d i f t i c u l t ) ' e k e i n g out victories in several ius'ani cs, and memories of tho 11-ii decision scored by Connellsvillo at Hie local gym in a n o t h e r year gives risi to the hope t h a t Dolde's outfit may again bo able to come t h r o u g h and cause the basketball w o r l d to OMAR GIRLS ARE VICTORS IN GAME WITH JUNIOR FIVE Tho girl basketball team of Dunbar borough high school defeated the Junior Higij School Girls of Connells- villo last week, 17-6. The game was fast but raany easy shots from under the basket were missed. DiXello carried- her team to victory with six Held goals, and Ziska. at ceutor wa; a power in the attack, having tae ball in her possession m u c i of the time. The p l a y i n g of Jones and Oilmore also stood out and Dunbar folk are showing considerable interest in the progress t[ thoir club. Maucuso and Dillr, were well covered and .inablo to score for the Cokers. The line-up: Bnnbar--17. DiXello B u r h a n s Ziaka Cross Reshenberii Connellsvillo--6. F. Mancitso F. Dills C. Buttertnore S. C C. Martin G. Ilingler Gihnore ._. G. Fasola Substitu.ions--Dunbar, Jones, McCusker; Conncllsville, L. Uingler, Wagner, C, Dills. . Field i;oals--DINello C, Bnrhans, Mancuso ''', Dills. Foul goals--I^unbar, 3 out of 7; Connellsv.'lle, 0 out of 4, Die In Air Crash. LONDON, I'eu. 2 4 . -- - D u c h e s s Fla-metta Caral'a Dandria and I)uch«!*3 KiamoUiL Ca,rafa Dandrla and G\wtavo Cae,t.aldi, pilot, wore killed last n i g h t a.t Naples when an airplane crashod. ulvisca from Italy here thia morning ciwlare. Dunbar Boromgh High Teim Wins Over Smithfieid Tho THmhar bonouph h i g h school basketball team i 'glstere-d it.s first victory on .SVid.iy, defeating the Smlthilenid I-Migh .School club. 1S-12. Basketball is i i its firut year at Dunbar, but the el ib has now twKiin to show Its stuff .'in.f othw victories are anticipated befor-' the close of the at hod Hie. DoBlasio, who vill take his senior year in another s hoot H tarred for tho Dunbar club. He i; regarded as g»-oci material for aomi s«hiol next, season, and is also a poifivtial football mini. DoMott and Co per also iliil well for Dunbar and. all h-»nors for the SmitH- fioki p«rformanc( wont to tho Ho well brothers. Tho line-up: Dnnbar--18. S m i U i f i c l d 1 2 . FHBlasio F Leckemby Bogusky F Homo Korwiri C IX Howell .;....*...... r. Uowuli _G _ I 'df. k .son Substitutions--- D u n b a r , C'iarncx.-co, \Va.rsiial, DeMotl Cooper, Bernard-iuo; SinUhfioId, liailo. . Field goals--It -Bnlsio I!, Rf^rtisky 2, Olamocco, AVw. ha!, McCusUo.r, P. Ho woll 2. D. Hovel I '.:, HOI-IK-. Foul Koa!s---] unbar, 'J our, of 4; Smi-lbfleld, 2 out of S. Referee---Hirr -n. Scottdale Opens at Home onMay 10 Young Cardinals to Begin Middle Atlantic Loop Play At Johnstown Baseball Park Caseys Willing to Talk Terms With Keagy Comer Mc-Cuekor _ Cross The Casey Club and Keagy Corner basketball teams may yet clash for tho c i t y title. It if; now up to the Corner q u i n t e t . Tho Ca»ey manager, Henry B r o w n , Jr., last night i n f o r m e d the sporting editor ot The C o u r i e r ho was w i l l i n g to meet the Corner c l u b representatives at this ofllce to dlfi'cusa thcv matter f u r t h e r and a r r i v e at terms. "It is my belief t h a t thin game had better be played now or f o r g o t t e n entirely," said tho young Casey m a n a - ger. "Tho people have expressed a d e s i r e to sec it find if we r it r i g h t away, t h e y will los* torefit." Ho fi-sse-rffMl ho w n ? wilDi i n t o a con.forenco on lerms i ins agreements. "Wo f e e l we have tho be and the- belter r e p u t a t i o n , " 1 " I E a n y o n e is K O i n K to cleu above expenses on t h i B enc can't see why the Corner tea I pet s u c h a healthy .-.lire, b than appear in the lipllt sports' we will try to come t Dll't M1.I all jn- ff to go :id play- (CT e added. ' money mnter I a s h o u l d t rathov if 'poor i terms." An endeavor to get I n t o touch with tho Keagy Corner management will be made today and a dale stvt for tho conference. Then a decision regarding a s p l i t ot tho fumte ami a series will be reached. W i t h o u t a doubt the game between these, two o u t f i t s oC local talent w o u l d provide a lot ot fun (or a house f u l l oC spectators, n n d It gor-s w i t h o u t say- inff that tho liouso w o u l d bo full. Kach organization IB p l e n t y cocky and a series would climax the w i n t e r program in a fitting m a n n e r . North Union Township Wil Open W. P. I. A. League Play On Thursday, February 27 ®- SocHon 12 Winner 1o We Powerful 3Ion«sscu Quintet on March 0. UNIONTOWN HAS FORD CITY CLUB PERRY BOWLERS EASILY CONQUER SMOCK DUCK CLUB The Perryopo i« Icwlt»r;i travel Smock and con ;ii*re(l t h a t c l u b margin of 27;! i i n s . Tho scores : ed to by a ICeofo Gaity --. Sta.lnor Franks Chucker J MOCK. ID:; 170 !i;{ no 124 !l!) 138 144 133 142 9S 115 ins 64fi 3S1 .(36 200 3«:5 454 Totals fil'S G51 PEHilYOi'OLIS. Flanagan _ - 1-13 207 142 497 Yorkison 204 130 IIS 452 Winterhaltor 141 147 13G 424 Turkosh 143 144 110 423 Suyder 140 114 174 429 Totals ..771 742 GS5 21 Lessening Aversion to Formal Music Le«son» Children's aversion to masfc lessons, entailing long hours of practice for many months, can be overcome by making Uieni f imiliar at tiii early nge with musical t-j'Sf according to Frank H. Rlchard301 , M. D., In Womnn'a Home CX)tupurion. "Many families hove found the approach to a re il tip:-reciatlon and love of music Is m u d e eiisler by having the simpler musicul Instruments around where they tan be picked up and played casual y even before formal lessons have b'Wiii," saya Doctor Kleh- ardson. "Sue-i simple things as the flfe, flageolet and piccolo; the banjo, mandolin or e-'en the h u m b l e ukulele; the xylophone or hells will often tempt not only the -'hlld but also the guest In the home. "Improvised ensembles prove delightful wayt of teaching children good-fellowshio and freeing them from the embarrassment so overpowering In children v. hose only contact with strangers has been formal. "Many a ch Id who would have been repelled at fiist by the technical diffl- cultlee of tl a violin or piano, ban coma happily to these more difficult musical Instr iments by way of their humbler and more easily mastered brothers In tbe musical family." STARS .BY AL W I N F I E L O , T C»O bad Art Shires, the fighting first baseman of Chi- cago'j White Sox, wasn't around the big league camps 25 years ago. He wouldn't have had to climb into a roped arena to indulge in c o n t i n u o u s battle then! In those days a b\K IMIRUO bait piiiyt'r could hav« his fill of ftstlc comb »t liy jn.1t unylntr the wronjj worl lit thrf wrnnsr time. Tho majors to«ni"(J w i t h puKiiftciou* players who w o n t arouiul w i t h c-hijis on t h e t r shoii'.lers. A ;treat fifrhting trio were Mucgsy Mod.-aw, Frank Bowcrrnnn and Ctiippy McGarr of Ned Manlon'w boisfrous Balttrnorcans. They fought wo m a n y battles that no ono roulc k^pp count of thi'in. And tbene » u r s raKOil from the spike-torn field ItDto tlie club hoxiso nini beyoiul. la tho»» days [itayers dtd not get I anything apnroximating- salarlct laid by blfr 1 ag-uo club owners today. A* a re: ult, the athletes were ihclr i oy out of life by in- in tki-cc competition whtch nearly often a t not led to open warfare. It didn't nako any cufforenco whether or i ot a player had tho Khost of a c! ance to whip hl3 opponent. Small undersized shortstops sailed Into h i i i k y catchers tins] non- dcroufi pitche s as blithely as they dlfl nicn of t) )lr own size. With civil var rajrinK amonpr th» piayors tho v upln-s naturally came In for a soc 1 sharo of abuse. A number of m nltors were driven out of thn big toagnie because tliey couldn't stain tlm snn*--tho constant het'kllng by t 'nycru and tlip «ver-ra- currlrifr upro :rs over the least-important clci.'ls! ms". l*c«, thoso were prro.nt days, and Mr, Shires « iu!d undoubtedly have telt rljcht at nome then. P! ins have been completed for another of those spectacular \V-nstorn Pi'iuisylvanla I n t e r s c h o l a s t i c A t h l o t i c League f i n a l s to tlu h i i f h s-ehool bask e t b a l l season. S a t u r d a y at the K n r t Pitt Hotel, J M U s b u r R . d'eorKO Cast'lcr, c h a i r m a n of the b a i i k e t b u i ! c o H i m i t t e e , mot w i t h t l i A coachus of tho .16 sectional w i n n e r s and mutta Ut» d r a w i n g s f o r t h o c h a m p i o n s h i p e ' l m l n a t l n n s . O i T h u r s d a y , February 27, the op- e n i i g first round s k i r m i s h w i l l occupy t h o Pitt S t a d i u m c o u r t w i t h N o w Cas.le High, Section 111 champ, and N o r t h Union, w i n n e r s Ur Section X I I I , m i x i n g it. They woru d r a w n first in tbe upper bracket. The second tilt on Saturday, M a r c h 1, v.'lll briiiK t o g e t h e r A l l r i n i p i K i , i-Uph, Soction I V w i n n e r , nod Anrbridjrc H i f h , t o p n o t c b c r s 'in Si-ction 11. On Mo-iday, M a r c h i!, Ford (Mty High, supreme in Section VI, and tho Section X w i n n e r , probably L ; n i o n t o \ v n , w i l l stage the second g a m e among the lower bracket con tenders. fntil a playoff iss c o n s u m m a t e d in Sc( ttons 1 and IX, x.ho f o l l o w i n g gumo on Tuesday, March i, remains indefinite as to contenders. In Section I, New K e n s i n g t o n and J-Iar-Brack Union are- tied f o r tho A l l e g h e n y valley toga. McKoes ROC!\H and Corao- poita High havo a similar knot to u n i o in Section IX. They also occupy thi- lower bracket in the drawings. Momestead High, Section VII champion, will be one of the aggregations in the fracus on March 5, The other will bo either Ktua or Swissraie High from Section XI, depending upon which emerges on top In th«tt race. These duelists also represent Ui upper bracket. On Thursday, March C, Moncssen High, which ran undefeated through Si-ctlon V and its outside games- ass w.'li, tangles w i t h tin- w i n n e r from Sr-eticn XII, probably Dunbar. After Ranfcin and North Braddocls disentangle the tie for the Section Vai title, the w i n n e r will combat Fi.fth Avenue, Pitt»lnirg'n representative in the championship, on Friday, March 7. This is another upper bracket pair. Burgcttstown and Wayiiesburg Hig-h, winners in Sections XIV and XV, respectively, will settle their debate for advancemont to tho second round on sornp neutral floor in the immediate vicinity of both. It will be the lone game not played at the Pitt pavilion. On the evenings of March 8 and 11, Die upper bracket will complete the second round. The survivors «£ the lower bracket will uso March 10 and 11 to determine its semi-flniiiist. Then th-e senri-iloals and on Tuesday, March 18, tho climax, tho con- 1 e l u s i o n of it aM, svill si-e UK two survivors fight it out for the t tie. j Two days hUr-.r, - h e in! r-district earno w i t h t h e c h a m p i o n 'f North- w c K t e r n Pe.inn.vJvania will letermlne f.-ni.' of this f o u r contender . for tho 8-uitc crown. On iVarcb 2 , the re- Kion.'U conflict w i l l i-rod-uce aw of UK* finalists. Thp-i (.n M a r c h "!· the state c h a m p i o n s h i p b a t t l e w i l l IK fought. NATIONS LEAGUE TAKES MATCH FROM AMERICAN LEGION ROCKWOOD BOYS WIN, GIRLS LOSE TO STOYESTOWN T h e l.xr-iij;ne of N a t i o n * U )k the odd game from the American L/egiou in t h u C i t y 1'ov'HiiR Ix'ague at. Elka j a l l e y s . K i o h i e r w t u i hig!i : corer w i t f i j a tolttl of 523. Ho an-1 Stev · Sohona^c- I n t o the covi t^-.j "' )0" mark, U l o h t o r getting 214 and St t-e tallying- 2] · The scoros: 181 134 1S2-- 447 B u t t o r m o r o _ I I S 111 130-- 359 I K i M t e r :'.H 16! ; 146-- 1523 SO 14', 127-- 360 fil 1U 154-- 427 J. Hobonapv " Totals . 710 fiU'. 739--2116 i LKACJITK 0? NAT1 INS :l-'il.lsment ..... 14- 1C' 131-- 4', j Babel ISO J O - 131--385 Q u i n n __ ,._ ler, 12 122-- 40S Ecfwardfi ...._ IG.'E 11 145-- 423 S. Sohonago ...1,14 21 15.9-- 505 Total;! 754 71 CSS-- 2160 Gophers* New ^oach? nOCKWOOD. Feu. 24 -- Rocfcwood High School basketcers brokfi even in. tho play w i t h Stoyc«town, the boys taking a 31--11 decision while the girls were defeated by a score of 10 to G. The line-ups: HOYS' G A M E Kocfcvrood--81 Stoyostown--il ·\\'hit« K Fulton Meyet-6 F G r i f f i t h '/.anrloas G_..__ Gibson Kroner ...,,: G B. Kimmel K u f a l l O C. Kimmel K u h K t i t u t i o n f l -- Stoyeatown: Gllwon for l^ulton, Oailo for Griffith, Cuatcr for Gibson, R. KSmmel for Ouster. K'iold goals--White 7, Moyere i, Fulton 2. Kroger 2, G-affi', Gilwon. Foul goalfi--White 3, Meyers 1, Z«ar- foHa 1, G r i f f i t h 1, R. K i m m o l l 1, B. Kimmel 1. 11 e f e rec--Wa h 1. Titnck(?ep*r--New man. Scorer--For (tie. G I R L S ' GAME Stoyoslotrn--10, Kockwood--6 Fyock _...F E. McVicker Fulton _.__ .F _. Grove Sanglcr SC . Livengood Shaffer G K. McVlclter Miwtc-iler _ {} Speicher Subailturiona--Millor for H. Mc- VJi:k«r, SUilil for Fyoclr, Spech for Shaffer, B i n n i n t tor Landls. Field goals--Grove 1, FVock, 3. Foul goalfi--IS. Mc-.Vlcker 2, Grove 2, Pyock 3 r F u l t o n 1. Referee--\Vahl. -® Three Games at Armory Tonight In Feature Bill Three frames in a r nv wjll l)o offered at tho State .Armory tonight when the Casey Club, EJowit/er Company and Keagy Corne · teams enpaga with out of town OMJOI ents. Tho first encoun'Lcr will be at 7:15 o'clock, featuring two (soldier learnt:. The Company I c l u b of Greensbur,? w i l l bo here to skirn ish with tho Howitzer battlers and p l e n t y ot hot action is on the prof-ram. At tho completion f t h a t tilt, the Caseys will lock horns with the strong Redstone, Town slid p A l u m n i . Tho v i s i t i n g line-up''is comprised of athletes well k n o w n in Fayetto c o u n t y sports circles, i n c l u d i n g tho Ste-evos brothers, ono of whon was formerly with Duquesno Univovsity. Solomon, an all-coun'.y center selection two years ago, is to play t iat position and tho guards arc MarUe, who played at Thlel and Leasncr C Bethany, now coach of th': Maplelown High School. The Casey line-up v ill include Shilling and Phillips at f o r w a r d , Decie- menti at center, and Palovclvalk and McCtoary at. guard. The Keagy Corner q u i n t e t , a contender (or city honors, will engage t h e L/aro C l u b of Mouongahela at 0:15 o'cock. Three "OppnJng' 5 Dates Arc Ai ranged Iletivccn Sco'tties And Flood City Clubs. TWO HOLIDAY GAMES BILLED Elton E. "Tad'"Wieir»n, former University of Michigan head football conch, is expected to succeed Dr. Clarence W. Spc; rs as grid coach at the Universi y of Min» ... nosota.... Patronize Ihoso who Advertise. Canadian Bituminoni Sandt Tn what is known as the Mc5firray country, !n Canada, SOO miles north of Edmonton, are to be found ertennlve deposits of bituminous sand. The future commercial significance of these deposits is as yet not generally realized, it adds, although it Is possible that eventually th?y may prove to b« of real nntloni Importance. It is thought the bituminous sanci In Canada Is In many respects similar t» the oil sliile in the United States and t h a t the development of bituminous ennd should be considered quite as seriously as that of the oil shales. Yield per ton from the latter will, In some instances, be higher than from bituminous sand, but, from the point of view of mining costs and certain other factors, the development of b i t u m i - nous sands w i l t probably have advantages over oil shales. CAPSTM GLASIJ LOSES THREE TO RAILROAD TEAM i The Baltimore Ohio Passengers ·'.von three straight ,;amoe f r o m tho Capstan Glas team in the City Bowling League at Bike ;,lleys. Bloom was high with a total oC 511 for tho tlirce contests. The scrocfi: CAPSTAN GLASS Native of the Tropic* Avocados are available In a number of varieties from August and September on through to the first of the year, *ny» Nature Magazine. The tree, clean nnd rather attractive, often Showing to be from 30 to 50 feet high, Is a native of Mexico, Central America nnd the mountains of Colombia. Thus, there are three main branches of the family, but the common, or West Indian avocndo, extensively grown In sooth Florida, Is the most tropical .nnd bears the largest fruit. This fruit Is covered with a leathery skin, i^lsich, when ripo, is green or, la some la- stances, a slvad« toward purple Dunbar Quintet Faces Greatest Test of Campaign Tuesday Night At Bewickley; Title in Balance §- Determined to Chech Leisenring and Create Triple Tie for 1'cnnant. PERRY PLAYS BELLE VERNON The greatest test o£ the 1930 campaign Jaces the bask^teers ot the Dunbur Township High night when the q u i n t e t the laurels In. Section CII. While D. T. is favored to win tlu game-arid the' championship, the Sow jkley veterans must be Ku;irde4 cared lly. Sewiclcley ie detcrmi led to upset Dunbar i u a n m u c h as a victory will place the q u i n t o t in a ;ie tor the top position in the group irirf in event Perryopolls whips Bel e Vernon, a triple deadlock for th« ieadere'li'lp will result, Tho H'jnninio mac ine has been playing a fir-eat braiiil t : basketball for tomorrow: tho . iwst three ^ 00 ] iti a K j the club has Journeys to j flaow ' n considerable cle -e.lopment over I Herminie gymnasium to oppose the the fom d l H p l a y e d n l .eibenring-floor strong Sewlekley T o w n s h i p .passers in i fi0 metlmo aj;o. The out it epilled Perry a W. P. I. A. League t-.laeh. Much hangs In tho balance and the Red and Black IB determined to come through with a triumph and clinch in a big aurprii;e and ; a possibility. Dunbar will have t account of itself than n other upset ie , i give a better in its last two games against Payette City and Belle Vernon -or the Rod and Black will flnd ite grip on the pennant contested. D. T. has a tough assignment this week. After the Hrminio aetto the Jjei8e?ir!jig warriors will get down to hard work In preparation for the invasion o£ Uniontown High, Soction X title holdore, on Friday night at the Rel and Black court. It will be th« first time that a countyeeat team has played at Leteenriiig lu nine years and one of the largest crow tin of the season IR expected to be on hand to see tho battle. A. J. Everhart has a smooth combination which l i k e Dunbnr ha« been playing an "iri"aml "out." game. However a hoctic contest is anticipated nn the two clube are regarded us cham- .pion.shi.ii ouiutete. Fisher ._ Kaylor Miller _ Bloom ^ 14 S 1(3 ._ 139 111 Fronek C u n n i n g h a m Totals ____________ 161 141 146 151 321 .-- 1-18 131-- 395 124--- 3S4 19-1-- Gil 104-- 40« 146-- 2«7 720 G99-- 21 B. O. PAS 3ENGERS Shaw ...... Percy Henry Pan ze lla __ Robinson _ 1 9 139 143 -- 401 ---- 1 II 125 13-4-- 400 l-O 178 ISO-- 458 _______ 117 ]GG 1 4 2 -- 4 4 5 ___ 1,'H 147 1 5 6 -- 4 7 0 The Scottdale Young Cardinals wilt open the home season in tho Middlo I Atlantic League on Saturday after, noon, May 10, according to the official j 1930 schedule adopted at a n-pocJol ! meeting Sunday afternoon at Uniontown. The program f i n d s tho Seotties #1 Johnstown on Friday afternoon, May 9, when the play is Inaugurated and an arrangement was made to have the Jawns come to the Mill Town on tlm following day. The two chths will then .skiji hack to the Flood City and on tho next day open the Sunday grounds, t h u s providing three "opening" dates. For the first time in several yeara tho Young Cardinals will appear before home f a n s on holidays, two con-« teats being carded. On the aflernooaj o£ J u l y 4, the Seotties will meet Jeannetto at the M i l l Town grounds while on the afternoon of Labor Day -- th-9 closing date of le^guo competition -- · Johnstown is at tho Seottdale- park. In the forenoon, both contests will ba played on the other clubs' grounds. The opening games on Friday, May; 'j, f o l l o w : Scottdale at Johnstown. Charlerol at Wheeling. 01 arks-burg at Fairmont. Jeanne-tie at Cumberland. The deta.iled sche-dule will not bo made public until three weeks, it was made k n o w n by President. KLmcr M, Uailey. Tho lirst h a l f of tlie program will draw to a close on July 5 and on the following- day tho second portion of the (schedule g?ts u n d e r way, closing on Labor Day. Practically all of tho clubs arc ready to begin play, having issued contracts for members of last season's roster as well as securing new material. The managers include: Scottdale -- Edwin II. Dyer, outfielder. Cbarleroi -- Dave Lamb, catcher. Fairmont -- Del Gainer. Curnbentand -- Hooker Joe Phdntps. Clarksburg -- Greasy Neale. . Wheeling -- Bob Prysock. Jeannette -- Not announced, to b|( selected, by Montreal. Johnstown -- Not selected. Chip Helmick, formerly mont and UniontO'*a teams In league, has been signed by Joe Phillips for the Ctunberiand oot Held. Chip is one of the best diamond players in this area, thin Totals _ 700 755 725--21SO Ham Simiicrler Slain, BL PASO, Tex., Fb. 24.--A Mexican liquor smatggler was killed and a United States Ixxrcisr patrolmon wan wounded In a hanc-to-ha-rwl iiglit l.iat night, a abort d-tel nice from the International bridge- letween Juarez and here. Uee our "want" advertisement. Cave Collates, KIHing 1 LAS CHUC13S, N. 3VL, Two frmall boye were killed last night, when, a carve, ia w-Wcih th were playing, feel in* burying tinem. t h i r d bol, his head pixMxutiing the satwi, was rescued. 24.- Crossed Wires Kill Man. CAL.RKSBURG, W. Vu., Accnlenta.1 or»^«!ing of a lino ain-d an electric wire Jast nig- killed ono man at G*oen I-awn ne; here ami remlcitxl six others unco uts Southern Beauty Weds Pitcher P«te Donabn«, voterutr CinehuuUI pitcher, with big bride, the former Frances Mi yer, of l»u)sville, Kentucky. After the mtirriaye tl y left m R motor trip which will end at th« E*d«' traiainj camp ct F oricU. * "

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