Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 4, 1976 · Page 27
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 27

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 4, 1976
Page 27
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»C -July 4, 1976 Sunday Gaxette-Mail i-hirlesfpn, W«! Virginia Ounces of Prevention -Open Minds She Needs Help to Cope Dear Open SlMindsX I am divorced from the same man twice. I am living with my mother and two children. My family physician, about two years ago, prescribed Valium, somtime later Seconal and then Quaalude, 300 mg. Now my problem is that I have to have either this or alcohol for me to keep going with everyday life and problems. How do I learn to face these everyday problems on my own? Seeking help for the nature you have described is not a feflection on you any more than a person seeking help for pneumonia or any physical ailment. Sincerely, Manford A. Sonstegard, Ph.d. Professor Counseling and Guidance W.Va. college of Graduate Studies Institute, W.Va. 25112 Phone: 768-9711 Experts Available Dear Twice Loser: You probably will not learn by yourself to deal with everyday problems. You will need help from professionals. Help may be obtained from the Community Mental Health Center in your area or from the Department of Behavioral Medicine. West Virginia University Medical School-Charleston Division. You may wish to consult with a psychologist in your location rather than the facilities listed above. The fact that you were divorced twice from the same man indicates difficulty in making adequate judgments and decisions. Living with your mother and your two children probably generates tensions from situations which you are not capable of handling without some help from a professional. The dependency upon drugs or alcohol to keep going indicates inadequate personal capacity to cope. Twice Loser Depression Severe Dear Twice Loser: I assume that you are currently on only 300 mg. capsules of Quaalude at bedtome. If not, a combination of drugs srugs that you listed would be enough to "knock the props" out of almost anyone. In many instances, the single quaalude dosage at bedtime may be enough to cause you to be anergic in the face of a new day. All sedative-hypnotics can cause depressive symptoms as a side effect. From what you say it would proba- biy be an oversimplication to assign all of the responsibility for your depression the medications, however. The fact that you have failed twice in the same marriage would indicate an ambivalence which may permeate all the decisions that you make. Ambivalence, or the inability to make a firm decision, may render an individual extremely handicapped in attempting to deal with everyday problems and certainly important life decisions. The pers- tistence of your symptoms as reflected in your sleeping difficulties and your frequent return visits to your physician would indicate the severely of the deparession. Sleeping 'difficulties is one of the most frequent physiologic reactions to depression and should alert the individual to seek a counseling situation. In addition to the various "talk therapies," recent research has shown that in many incidences depression has a metabolic-biochemical basis and can be treated with medications. Most studies show that a combination of medication and talk therapy is most effective in treating any depressive disorder. It would be my suggestion that you contact one of the local mental health health facilities institution of treatment both through medication and talk therapy. Dr. James A. Stevenson, Director WVU Medical Center P.O. Box 2867 Charleston, W . V a . Phone #348-7695 Have a problem and want expert opinion? tf'rite to open Minds, 1217 Lee St. E. Charleston. tt.Va. 25301. This column is a service of the Sunday Gazette-Mail and the Community Mental Health Center of Region III, which provides mental health care for Boone, Clay, Kana- icha and Putnam counties. We are unable to anticer all letters in this column. However, a mental health professional from Region Ill's staff will reply to all letters, provided the writer includes a stamped self-addressed envelope. The opinion! expressed are those of the professionals named and in no way necessarily reflect the opinions by the Sunday Gazette-Mail or the Community Mental Health Center of Region III. Tips for Trimming Unwanted Weight By-Marion Wells American Physical Fitness Research Institute 'Tis that time of year when many of us wish we could put off trying on our bathing suits till we lose a few pounds. At least we'd prefer those bulges we battle to be distrubuted in slightly different places. Ifyou. like millions of other Americans, engage in a periodic struggle with the scale, it could be partly due to sneaky pitfalls which often sabotage weight loss programs. Summer is a marvelous time to outsmart a few of these and trim off unwanted weight. Here are some tips. Starving all day may lead to overstuff- ing'at night. Nutrition expert Dr. Jean Mayer notes that the tendency to eat too much in the evening is "the one general difference.. .between the food habits of people (in this country) who are or are not obese.. ." * * * THERE ARE INDICATIONS some may benefit from eating less more often, provided the total daily caloric intake isn't increased. Myron Winick, M.D., reports that "the Russians.. .have found a more frequent eating schedule useful for both weight reduction and weight maintenance." Smaller, lower calorie meals may even help you "keep cool." Curtis Baylor. M.D., points out that high fat foods generate far more body heat than many other dietary choices. Summer is an ideal time to defeat your " "sweet tooth" with low calorie fresh fruit treats. Fruits relatively low in calories include cantaloupe, fresh strawberries and fresh pineapple. A calorie counter can tip you off to others. A wide variety of fresh vegetables are loaded with nutritional value.. .but not calories. Enjoy them in salads, as hors d'oeuvres or slightly undercooked and served with a main dish. As a dieting bonus, note that fiber rich foods take up more chewing time and stomach space and help you feel full fast- ABCs of Health including adequate protein, will help keep blood sugar levels up all day, reducing the craving for sweets. ' Another strategy is eating more slowly. The person who bolts his food may be tempted to take more so he doesn't feel embarrassed sitting there while others finish. Try chewing each bite thoroughly before taking another. Put silverware down between mouthfuls. * * * DON'T LET eating out sabotage your diet. Choose restaurants carefully. Order with an eye to caloric content. If other people's selections tempt change yours, give the waiter your order first. Consult your physician before starting a diet. Your doctor can help you or your family plan a sound program and guide you concerning any special health considerations. A final thought. Self-prescribed "crash diets" may seriously threaten both physical and emotional well-being, and they may not offer the time or the tools to form new eating habits which help maintain losses later. Unless there's a permanent shift toward healthier eating habits, there may be only a temporary shift on your bathroom scale! The Human Condition Cancer Victim's Relatives Should Have Examinations By Dr. Leonard Reisman Thomas Jefferson University BEWARE OF HIDDEN calories. Sauces, oils or butter used in preparing restaurant or "fast food" meals and added sugar in packaged foods can contribute considerable calories. An average potato provides about one hundred calories baked. It may be boosted to around 250 calorie? french-fried, and about 550 calories if converted into potato chips. Go easy on salad dressing. Other calorie boosters: alcohol, cream added to coffee. In some cases, a boost in calories may also boost your food bill. A price comparison in one market between two brands of frozen spinach revealed that an equivalent quantity would cost you 22 cents more if you chose the brand that was creamed. Both frozen brands were more expensive than the same amount fresh. Are you doing more high calorie nibbling than you realize? Lyn Howard, M.B., of Albany Medical College, said "Studies indicate that the average housewife eats eighteen times a day!" Try keeping a food diary for a week or two. Write down everything you drink, eat or nibble. When, where and what did you eat? Who was there? What were you doing? How hungry were you? What mood .were you in? Tasting while fixing food counts! · * *. ONCE YOU PINPOINT trouble spots, such as snacking in front of the television, . you can launch a counter-strategy. You're more apt to taste success in losing weight if y8u avoid getting too hungry. A well-balanced breakfast and lunch, QUESTION: My mother and grandmother both died of cancer. What are the chances that I will also have cancer? ANSWER: You haven't really given me enough information' to be of much help to you. For example, you don't describe the type of cancer with which they were afflicted. Cancer strikes one out of every four American people at some time in their lives. With the latest techniques of treatment, more than one-half of the caner victims ultimately conquer their malignancy. Obiviously, there are different types of cancer, depending upon the tissues and organs of the body which are affected. Certain cancers have a predilection for infants and youngsters, while other cancers occur only after exposure to some toxic agent for many years. * * * IT HAS BEEN ESTIMATED that about one out of ten of cancers have some sort of herditary basis. Retinoblastoma, a cancer of the eye, strikes young infants. It is inherited in a classical dominant "mendelian" fashion. Thus, if the child is treated successfully-with surgery and Xrays--and reaches adulthood and marries, the risk of his own children having similar retinoblastomas is 50 per cent. One can predict that one half of'his offspring will develop that same cancer in their first year of life! Other cancers, such as cancer of the stomach or of the'colon, have no clear cut mendelian inheritance, but do "run in the family". * * · NAPOLEON BONAPARTE worried much of his life because his father had died of stomach cancer and he dreaded a similar fate. And the Emperor's fears were realized, as Napoleon himself was to die of cancer of the stomach while in lonely exile. In such "familial" cancers, there does seem-to be a genetic predisposition to malignant tumors in certain families. This "susceptibility gene" to cancer in families may be related to some defective defense mechanism or to some missing vital enzyme which somehow reduces the body's normal defenses against cancer. Another example of such a cancer in which there is no obvious genetic pattern, but there are increased risks to relatives is, of course, breast cancer. Breast cancer occurs in one out of 20 women. But, when it does occur, the risk of the cancer striking the daughters or sisters of the affected person is increased to 15 per cent or a chance of about one in seven. But, applying this "numbers game" to any specific individual, like yourself, or to any specific family is far from being a simple affair. * * * EVEN IF BOTH your mother and grandmother died of breast cancer, there is no real proof of inheritance--and could be no more than coincidence. And-breast cancer, itself may eventually be shown to have at least several different causative agents, which would make hereditary predictions even more difficult. There might be both hereditary and nonhereditary types. Certainly, what is vitally important, is that such "cancer family" hereditary backgrounds alert family members and physicians to make an effort to detect any cancer at the earliest stage. Thus, "high risk" close relatives of breast cancer victims should have regular examinations and special diagnostic testing, such as mammography. Spiritual Master Calls Rev. Moon 'Bogus Guru' MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. ( A P ) - The founder and spiritual master of the Hari Krishna movement says the Rev. Sun Myung Moon is a "rascal" who may have been beheaded had he lived in ancient India. "If you go to a cheater, you will be cheated," said His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Both Moon's Unification Church and the Hare Krishna society are among religious cults that have been criticized for allegedly using brainwashing techniques and amassing wealth by taking the worldly possessions from- their followers. "If you want to be cheated, who will stop you?" Swami Prabhupada said during a visit to the society's communal farm near here. Dressed in a bright garland, a wris r twatch and gold rings, the holyman lamented that Moon is entangled in pursuit of "sense gratification." "If you go to the bogus guru, you must be disappointed," he said. "People want to be bluffed, and there are many bluffers. People are more satisfied if they are bluffed by a big bluffer." THE HOME OF DOME A GRADE-TRIPLE A TRIM MEATS *PRK)ES EFFECTIVE THROUGH TUESDAY, JULY 6,1976 EVERYTHING FOR YOUR HOLIDAY COOK-OUT! Armour Star BOLOGNA sr* 79 c ·BULK SLICED ~i U.S.O.A. Inspected TRAY-PAK FRYERS SHOWBOAT PORK BEANS 4 16-OZ. CANS c .J L. VIETTI BEEF or PORK BARBECUE lOVz-OLCAN 79* CRISP, LETTUCES Heads FRESH CORN JUICY PEACHES u -~ DELI-DEPT. STAR VALUES! NEW! LARGER SIZE... ... 32-Oz. Bottle * PEPSICOLA With Purchase of a 9-Piece CHICKEN! 2-Pi«» Chicken CHICKEN BOX. J 2.89 2-32 Oz. Bottles PEPSI COLA With Purchase of 18-Piece CHICKEN BOX S 5.69 IDINNER 3-Piece Chicken DINNER ·Fries orl«SWi« ·Roll $129 i I · A 32-Oz. Bottle of PEPSI COLA With Purchase of Any Size Pizza Cheese Pepperoni 9" '1.49 9" '1.89 12" '1.99 12" '2.39 14" '179 14" '3.29 . -, ^_ _ -- «!»?.2 Family Style ROLLS Pkg. of n ROMS 83 ( Pan ROLLS Pkg. of 6 Rons 49' Fresh COLESLAW ,59 Macaroni ' SALAD Ib 69 Potato SALAD u79 Bean SALAD i b S9 Hot Baked BEANS Ib 69 ·KANAWHACITY ·NITRO · CROSS LAWS ONLY!

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