The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 4, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1918
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'5l' ? DTRi(E' a fP'CMl rjaJ^E I lu£lRi (ConneDsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,701 VOL 16, NO 175 CONNEU.SVILLB, PA. TUESDAY EVENING JUNE 4 1918 EIGHT PAGES SUBMARINE FIENDS SHELL LIFE-BOATS OF CAROLINA AFTER SINKING THE SHIP .violence Also That Machine Gun is Turned on the Helpless Victims of Unrestricted Warfare is Found in Shattered Oar; Part of Passengers Reported Landed at Delaware Port. HORRORS OF WAR WROUGHT BY THE GERMANS SHOWN DDITIONAL NEWS OF ENCOUNTERS COMES IN By Associated Press THKEE HTJDBJ;D FROM CAROLS \. LAJTDED. A' ATLANTIC POJJT, June i.--Three h^ wired of the passengers and crei of the torpedoed steamship Carolina iiert picked up at sen m open bouts bj the schooner Etta B. Douglass. The schooner anchored at an inlet at 1:30 o'clock this afternoon np- parentl} awaiting orders regarding the disposition of the shipwrecked cargo. In addition seien members of the cretv were landed at an inlet T.harf by a coasteuard life-boat. Ihey consisted of Martin Carroll of ewark, "V. ,!., and sit Porto Kieans. Th jnen tarried long- enough to say the} "had a tough time" and then they tvere ·»lucked off to the coast guard station ^here thej ^ere supplied nith much needed rood. FAYETTE BOY LOSES LIFE IN SINKING OF PRESIDENT LINCOLN TTas Jiobert Fre«maa, ot Brownsville, lormcrlj irom .Near Xoont Pleasant, Robert J Ireeman 9 jears old of Brownsville tost nib lift oa the LJ S S President Lincoln follow ing an at Audience Hears Red Cross-a-,j League Lecture at Hiff.Ii School. GERMAN PLANS EXPOSED PROFITS TAX ARE TO BEDECKED UP Vn InYpstjeation of Coal Com- Iiinj's Records is oiv Ijndtr Haj. TSf Cri,,it Itoihvaj System Habitr Can Transport 0\ r Jlilljoa Troops From J u s t to l i s t or liu, 1 orsa lu blngJt I)a, the .Lecturer Shows. The large auditorium at the high school last cigh was, well d led for the lecture on Wake I t ) \nn.rica Ij J H Dow Id-i, showing the actual REVENUE EXPERTS ON JOB to Defraud is ot Impl e1 but All (he bamt tin. l)t[Mirtnienl \anl* to Know 11 ImJt hum is (.cttint! All Ikat is loinaiii* to Jinn Liidct La«. German Deiachments Which Crossed the Marne are Forced to Return; Hindenburg's Progress Between Oise and Aisne Blocked; British Front Under Heavy Fire. AMERICAN WOUNDED ARRIVE FROM THE FRONT war conditions u Luioiie with store-i gin [ o t PeunsMvjuii Ohio 3ULLOR1 LIAEK CHASED. A ATL1JNTIC PORT. June 4.--Tlie Tlallorr liner Sauine, from Tampa to »v "York -with 10 passengers cajnc in Lore tod 8} and reported that she met a submarine jestenlaj between Charleston and Trying Pan shoals lightship, inothcr c-ssel came to the rescue of the liner and chased the submarine out to sea. MV1 BE SUFER-SljB3IVRIES. ATLANTIC CIT1, . .T., June 4.--Captem Kennptli K. Lo-vvrj of the Ttxel is convinced that liis ship «as sunk lj one of tlie DCM German s u b m a r i n e cruisers and that it crowed the Vtlantic and did not tome irom a base on this side of the Vtlantic. InJormation dropped dunnsr a conversation mth the German c o m m a n d e r to ·nhom Captain Lovry surrendered leads him to that belief. A piece 01 -hell picked up in the engine room indicated the engineer said that the submarine carried at least six-inch guns. tack by a torpedo Maj 31 1J1S news was fceived yesterdaj in a telegram from the -tiurtau oC aA i gauon Washington D C to John q Freeman of West Brcranivillc i brother of the young nin who was the first Lroansville bov to g ve up his life in he great struggle against autocracj The oung soldic r was born at Stanffei Pa a son of Foster ind j Elizabeth PrLCman He was a miner j and at the time, of his enlistment was | employed at the LlHworth Colliery companj at Ellswoith He enlisted at the navy leeruillng station n Pit sburg In addition to his par cnts w h o reside at West Brownsnlle he LS survived by the following b-oth ers and sisUrs John S of Vrest Brownsville Har-y and Law rencL oC Moimd=nllD, ?. Va Edward o f , Mount StL-lliiE Mrs LKie Chribtner , M-s Zetta Danielt, Mrs Grace Mil chell ot HaunnndMlle Mrs Anna Lopes of Muunt Pleasant and Mrs Ruth Qulnn of Albert He was a nephew of M-s John Albert of Mount Pleasant J he opticon slides and moving pictures a The hor-on, o p invasion w e i e brought a ^ j \orne to the audit ice to sliovi that \merlca could no live in a Eeelmj, of iecur u and that sacrifice and con « piofits eithei purposed Bv Associa cd Press ed or unirtcnuonallv jncor | PARIS June 4 -- Vmeiican uoons thrown into the battle icported bj jit coal op« rator= on the ^ ehiem siue o£ the Champagne salient have stopped the German advaiict. near \ e u i l h \\oods and in a dashing counter attack have thrown back the Germans the iar office announced toda view to -istoitaming whetiiei any ie- On the Marne f r o n t the German troops which had forced a Msion m the epcrtb as filed iLould passpge of the rn er were dm en back bj Trench and American of In eraal R u v c n u t v, th 3 he jiadt \psterciaj 25 tiaincd ic ccatrated entrg) onl would sun the WIlr ritoiico ui ·niun"d netted w u u The stereoptlcor \ i e w s b lowed tliallpowo ind a.u honty to exam ne Oermanj inaugurated a piopaganda I book-s and i coords of all coal pro i o r t h e w a i 10 years igo ind hat h e j d u c i n g companies for the iurpo=e of i he imports that have been countmtb were rtapatrhed to the tc lu 1 Ue troopa The battle continued -\\ith the greatest violence between the Aisre and the Ourcti The Germans capu red lernant Farther soath the Trench lost little ground training ot rhe kau*er from outh w ib with, a view to iiavt hiri lead the ar rales of German) to coniuebt A -nap oi uern'o.nv s lailway 3stuu w i t h bu tfn lines running from border to ARTILLKjn AC1IM nicd with the information this m\c.s-j LONDON J u n e *--The German arti!lei\ developed con- titation ma\ reveal [sideiable actmh earh this morning between Albert and Serre h a s ' on the f r o n t abo've A.miens the war office announces no T h i s close scrutmj of jooks been letermined because of border built more for miLtary than . suspicion tliat borne of t i e repots LARI OHoi-itm TO ro ii MB is. Earl Shank who enlistei. m the quartermasters department Sati jn Pictsbuiff left this inoratng Columbus O commercial purposes over whic h Ger manv ean transport 1 -00 000 troops from the east to the webl m a single .lav ft as shown Scenes tal en m PC giLni were flashed oa the screen flit mv ision of Bel-guim can bt tol i oniv behind closed doors said the lie urer A slide bean g the wordb One method of subdjmg Belt, um is to have the Belgian v, omen bea - t enaan boys was shown tbe lecturer saying ihat the ^ords were copied f^on oraurb on captured German officers I was onl due to tho unetpec ed resistance of the litt c Belfaian Germans did not eat have not correctlv represented the f a r t s tbev ; jrport to giie th r c v e nue authonties state but because of the belief hat er r o-s have been made ^ ^ 1Le in compiling he reports So fat as explanation has been made it w o u l d ' appear tha ihis (.\ainn-ilion is not lo be taken is an implication of in tent tf d t f i ^ u d tie government Out of anv part o' tbe e\ce s n \ rpqu n d lo be made but that it is a p-ecau iou against eirors w h i c h 011^ the government of revenue \s soon is t h e exanuniEinns of t ie P e n n s y l v m a Ohio a i d %\est V i r ' a-nij that the g , lia tieldb h a v e 1 ec-a completed t a Oristmas iexaniine's w i l l be sent to cJier ill V ( ) l T ) L D 1!RIC\\S IRIiHE. MCE Trance J u n e 4 -- T h e first lot of \vounded American soldiers \\lio had been amalgamated with Trench troops arrived Ihev ^ e i e sent to the American hospital here G E J O I V S N VI)\ V N C t V J O G PARIS J u n e 4 -- T h e Germans ha-se made a further advance at one point betvsen the M a i n e and the Ourcq capturing the \ i l l g a e of Ncuill\-la-Potene (e\en and one half miles northwest of Chateau Thierr.) depr ve for LfcSTFR ON i-1 mot n» lister Miller of Pittbtmrg \vi h tho Dngmeer He-*ervf- on the transport Mount "Vermr f b visitHs his uncle and aunt Mi aad Mrs C H Walter on "ftest Ore n s reel. cr m par| , contlmled the wtak t, cLs and now no G t r m a n wlU over ^ llca , ]v s chnstraas cll!l-cr lh ^ e dus n There arc o n l j two kmdb o r people of its the i Ian boms to stiljtct p ac the e n t i r e c al producm 0 in lo a c earcl!ir b invenikatior r ecords At lh bame time rx CONNELLSVILLE IS ASKED TO PROVIDE TRAINED NURSES ara R t C F I I l S I R I ' X H NEW YORK June 4 --Evidence that the German snb- ·ines that attacked the Xew York Porto Rico liner Caroi shelled her life-boats was brought here toda b a British r Rm H^tzcl rnce ved a t i c u c h oner from West Indian ports TM r , d f TM n . Arch ^ ( n TM* of '"· _ , , , I T ^ I I J I T j. t i. j Fiftfen h f npncers n lance veo The ship reported that she had picked up at 4 p m yesterday lerda% m o r m n g The c ^ rd reads r Cape ila an emprv moto 7 - life-boat belonging to the Caro- ara tte n ^ w i l l w n t e sooa damaged b\ shell fire The hull of the inotorboat had been pierced b the fire of F"M-RSO HOI TT-boat's guns One of only three oars found in the ooat had a splintered in a w LJ that indicated the use of a machine Jus country biicl M r D o w ] i n g Tlipy aix tht 10) i er i uu Amtntdn maniifirturTS cotton m i n n f a c t u r e r s and Uie t-aiior Fh Latttr should be meut i m n i n r r industries n i m n i o i bdckt-d up ib'ainst a will or U f i to mok( rs and oil prodaccrt, Those in flanU*. at Uie u d or a jopc The duetrits ir selcclt*] for -.peonl f \ anIna inn hocai e l L\ sh HI. ! ex iriorrtinn-y larj. p t o Ls si ICP HIL v u iH^in t i e intcitial r e v e n u e kaiser w a n t j pcic o all right tiut one niad_ in G-crraanv and thtn in 1010 t_io Gt rmans v, ouM again m vrcb for-h twice as strong is at present. The present daugor lu in the Vlliei lib enint, to German nia It, peace pro- posala Tho onl peace la k to Men to la that w h i c h comt TIODI ^ i^h ington D C and a las mj, pcact can »cver b*. h-id un il n iluaxism ^, tan ishcc forever The nav ha, intre itod taree IN f VniDTf ttmefe wild Dow ling *nd stands sec G I N GOJflMM S V H . j o n d m ht, v,o^-\i iiefore the \\ar is In a leuer to l n s sister Miss M i r i over* America i, n a \ j w i l l ouLiouk La g and s breaking of the ^aor *"LCC necessary Lht lecturei --aid he noblest, creature God is the \vo nan w h o can send garet 0 DonnUl of Everson Thomas " , ^ ,., , ,, , ^ -,,, |C ODonrcl! attached to the HQ^h A boat from the steamship Carolina containing 19 surviv- ^ acomo G u n PDinp%n , u n t r s £hat ne including two women has landed at Lewes Del landed m Liverpool E-gland and had New s reached here toda\ that an American tanker damaged a line trip Thoj sailed along the | u ^ r husband or SOL. iwa\ w i u a s m i i e result of a fight \ \ i t h a German submarine off the American j in^ coast but didn t bee the r i v e r to fight thc b(ltLk oE nghteousnebs, ,t had arrived at an Atlantic port Naval tugs picked up the Shannon AH or the bos seemed to pled vessel at sea and towed her in Details were withheld! enjo the tn "' lbc lo tcr s ates the time MOTHPBS' D \ \ VHitnr Fifteon TbniiMiHl I m p e r t t m h i « d - ni n»r UK I n HI ol I r u }\ ir, ( imp ULii Oi i IOPI will be made soon of w c o l ' Ord r^ h n e i e i n rccen^d it e | from bt Nv-tionil licao^uari i s o f _ e Re 1 (. robs t^l n ^ thai i ca.i p i ^ or ir-tmed n u r e- 1 u iuj,urt.t d 1 egm n ng r i t rJ i\ o c i it nu o j o rn fi if H r^\s j j na U i of !i u in? tr i n e r t n rso- t n h s t \ il 1 hp l/ | -ou t -h fort 'ic m ii. at n f f t n m -eau evpl lined | t m r s ( h i n n £ r u , e t 0 n i n ~ m o n t h a i at present ou lined an u t e D s i \ t I it mp r a t u t h i 1 f t-anci .gains w i l l f u l r^od^Lrs of n r ^ pn j t f o n u t ; i tl i conn % and o\ ei t. l t Dt? f i iber 1 The p i r T b e o ne u t n p a i ^ n hems, conducted !«; live fo d rir-t u lo urso he enrol i m m of t"antd nui ?s tr h br Red r os a secord o urge ( \Sl *LT\ HST. "VN ^SHTGTON June 1 --T 10 armv c M ,Ju I =; ioda\ con aired 40 nair = dn dtd f o l j o w K i l l e d in T 10 h'-ee liod of wot nd* t w o a L I of tcti k m s ard other can es J * d « I of h * tc ^ \ wounded so- i re ^ eight w o u n d e d s ig itl one, prisoners one REGISTER TOMORROW bu eanpalgm ugams w i l l f u l the exre^s profits ta\ h w v\ I] hi suited abo t Ji lv 1 wo neeki afte" he 11\ p a v m c n t b have become due TICKETS OUT Ttfd f i r CITY OF COLUMBUS I\ PORT. AN ATLANTIC PORT June 4 -- W h i l e the City of imbus i,\as anchored some distance from "bore there was no ence that she had been damaged by submarines at the time came into the harbor It had not been known here that she The moving piclure 1 - consLsLed of sceaes oC d^.^tU3talion ulmtd m Fituch t o w n s tUrough \\hich he German ai n les passed The vmcncan '-oidiers been reported sunk r the ship's arrival Xo boat had come ashore hall an hour The Cifr of Cplumbus had been at an- Thel Mothers Sunda^ M o%er there riving h e i e I)i otters ^ 12th bv o their mother 1 Mr F C Ros( written on a training were a so cxhibitL I ard v, i soldici bovs rhr o U gh after w a v e of apjlause echoed i,er Hurlsoi touring car and he a~"O ar mother for some time before her identity was discovered el entered the harbor shortly after the arrival of a ship ]absencc ated b the Merchants . Miners Transportation companj ' of Albert Rubt. "who is with the on gmeers con s being among the first to recei o one Albert writes that he is m splendid health and in iudHoriu"i w h e n the i clad roops apn^arLd, Thc audience sang The Battle Hymn of tfic Republic Ovei There K.e*p the Home Fires Burn ng and The Star Spangled Banner whei. the words we e Hasned on he ^crctn bed here and the f a t t that no message -nas immediately sent »re was taken to mean that the vessel merely had sought ge and that all was well aboard GRECIAN ARRIVES. AN ATLANTIC PORT, June 4 -- T h e steamship Grec- according to reports yesterday had picked up the crew schooner Jacob M Haskell arrived today at an Atlantic RETIB TO BASE, OFFICIALS BELIEVE. WASHINGTON June 4--Navj Department officials believ- short time will be granted a weeks leave of'juss Lfiiher Mu r plicd the piano The lecture aad pictures w e t t se cuted through be Rid Cross ltd SFBOT. JOin 7. RAYM J! John J Rinker lias been made first sergeant of his company according to word Deceived by his mothe r , Conui ced on Pitc I" our HIT BY AUTOMOBILE Rtd ivavj League whicti are working 1 n harmon\ here for the bettei ^rosecu aou oC the war to Helen ShunuKw Snffcrb Injiirj Tace; oi Senouslj Hurt. Helen Shumaker four vear old , nt . AH t -f"p«"--H-^^ 10 American -vesse's off the Atlantic coast was on its way injured laht n i g b t w ien sl . ucc b all automobile in Soath Ninth street The child was running across the street and stepped directlv m f^ont of the machine The little gi'l was knocked clear of the car and escaped being run over She wis taken to a physician in the car who dressed wounds suffered about the he id and face to its base and that for the time being the danger was over stary Daniels announced in the morning that no additional *es of submarine activities had reached the department e is a growing impression here that only one submarine part in the raids were landed at a New England port bj the steamer Grecian todaj LADEbPHIA June 4 --The liner Huron JacKsoniille for i R ULRO U) UMHMSl R\TIO"N kork with ^0 passengers and a Yl-NMLS VI f S\FI cargo put in the De aware cape il^ht to escape the siibmarm 0 e and armed todi\ at the dock^ ui this ciU Th* pa c sen w ere sent from here to their ation bj* rail H t R T \M\Hl BfTORTl 1) s \ K . V YORK June 4 -- Rfpt rts came pplng ami o-it e^ od i\ that r Y"iencan taak «: eamsh p ·er ^unV b^ a Cerinai ubma No dc iil? w t r e di^cloatd OF ivcoii H ^ s ^ ^ ^ RJ v{ jr PVMP. TON June 4 -Officer* in-1 of the schooner lacnb M Has- WASHINGTON June 4 -- A l l of the coasnvise \essels under control of the Railroad Administration were report ed safe m ports before noon toda SEVEN INJERVICE Innbiir amih M U Rt presented in Vnnv oi ( nok Sum Of the 'araih of 11 bovs and r ne girls o \ r and Mrs J B Bartlett of Dunbai seven are m th -er\ice o f tht United State" J L. Bartlett the eUtst i; engaeed n uaninc men in Pra ce John anotnei arrned m Franc e 'an w e e k according- to 2 card tectned b\ the familj The others under arms are Charles Ina I I O"v\ing to tbe illnebs oT Puller Bir nard Jr tbt trial of John H Goughenour who is charged v-ith the mur der of his w i f e which was scheduled to be taken up in Jie Circuit court at Fagerstown Md veste~da mornng ha been po tponed until the Novein her tern of court Mr Barnaid i senior counsel fci Mi Cotr^henour This is the t h u d time the case h a i been postponed AUTO MS BUGGY Y(st teuton H m Ma3vts Settlement bv I'apnp 'tifi. Re urning with a par y trom a wed cbng t u p to Cui iberlanci a.n automo bile d u v e n by George Prantco u. of West New on struck a buggj belong ing to "ft H Hawkitib of North Galla tm venaie Uniontown at Leisennng No 2. about 5 30 o clock yebterda.^ e\e ning The cat was held up hf»re by patrolman Turnei on receipt of a telephone call and the buggj set led p or wten. Mi and Mr*. Hawkins dro-vo here in a ti-.icah \ real whe?l was to n off the bug g The wheel was rubber ured a-ud three ears ago wa worth $JO Jlawkms said he thou 0 ht it wo ild te worth 125 at th s ti"ie trunicota Tro^s M i l l Ramp Unfl«nm tor Itenefit 01 I OCA! Hnuuli The I j O J Q ucko s w h i c j -\\iii be joid b\ Uu ConuelltovjUe brant b OL the Rod Cross a L la f e o! a 11 ulson sptedbtei \ \ e i t juit ou! tjda\ H 1 'ichencK lias hec i naiU. treabuiei id wil 1 and o all he f u n d s Tho tic! ets w i l l be sold at oU cenib each am the drawing w i l l be made, I \ the e\ccutne committee 01 tl t P i e u e couut} chapter I h e ucke s caU for a se\en 1 ner w i l l be g \eu tiie choice he ween Lhr s ^ e t d s t e r ind Jie touring car ARTZMAN OVER THERE South CotiiidlMlIIo Hoy Sends flord 01 'sift Vrnrnl Walter \rt/man jon of Mr and Mrs Jo fti \rtzzmaii of South Con ~elJsi;l]c has ainvcd iafe ^ over seas acco*Tl ng to a card iccuved tins morning The young man is flr^t juu ncr m the 311th Hea\y Fiettl Artil Krv \r zman had been in t"a uing at Camp Gordon nnrr cd i urst. nr now a^r-m e n t e r tne ser\ H _ d u n n j r tl e pr | I H U r need third to hnnp: thf n«d for ursf t, lufoit. =; i lent rur'-o ^o he^ nn lr prepared to onte ihe service on com U 3n of their coi rses f o u n d to b 1*15 th jr-rat I H C I ic the me i n o ^ o i i g \\omcn s:rT.(l-uat( = " hi ii !(iiools ii d c ill - t h a t I'lfv 11 iv "h^t foi r i \ i l i d u 3 e n j ( e ftl h o c-en.1 i public sentiu ei t lo br ng about ho release for iu )1 c ^omct o r g ad ate nursL=; nou 01 r TMii5 i d i i \ateh i , I ba X ni rse m the service t;et^ a salarr of * j j i uonth in ih -, cou nrv and } ^ff ovt rs Tb lncrea.sid pa\ m n o-vided ft i chief n r~?- \ nil i=- n s w [ pe iding \,hi_h if passed \\T! orov dc d-cfmite r-nk for nu cs tot^tbp -\\Hli "i nlhs I M u n m i r l t:t o ^1 Must n- r i l l t r srvip-^ To oriov\ j;, roqi«itra K " da^ for M i hs jf Uic LOU rv u b o ln\e d t- * ' cd t ( d o o - \ t a r s me J u i e 1 *1 I v c r v \ o ng man i n?qu ud ti r -,-, G\ for mi na v c cucc bt i M I t t h o u r s of " ot-iock in tlie i»o i ing I«L J o d Kit in Uio L \ o n m 0 ^oun.,, mm m D s net No - includ- 3^3 al ot Loincl SMI o \ ill r.fej'. or l i t hi a - n o i \ v,h IK (j ra f ofr] _ u i ^ M i rfci LS n g i = n j n t ' = I h e D i s i r u No o i a u i l ] rej,ibiei at t o on LL-, of ih ' r i f t ooard in ihe Tit e UM ] nldn., 1 cs i naiod hat *- i - o f and o i w i l l In, i c g i - t t i u l tlu u o !K rds d u n i g tht, d i v NEGRO EDUCATOR HERE i) r . Dr Clde Ccnn w i l l read " piper on Mine \cciden « iepo»ling 2 2 _ i cases at the icgiilar meetirg of the Favette Coun v Medicil socien to bo hp d Thnr^da\ evening in the N e m a col n clnb room Union t o w n Tho di 1 ? cussmn v.i!l l)o opened }yi Dr T 3 Lchird N ir=cs w i s h i n g to en ist \ \ i f h he oiernmcnt for du i cither in i'ie} campb of tl is count! v or n j ranee j bhou d apph o T J Hooper chair man o the Con ells lie braner of UK Pav-etit, Coumj cLd-ptci of the Kcd | Cross ·oiisun, h e i d ot \rIviiiKn-, In. slttutc. SJM iKs it Ihiubar. Tlic Second Pap in c b u i c h at Dun- f a v o r c a \ \ i t h t\\o cloqumt ·'timoDs i nda% bv Pt^ II R ^ron- i B D of Jericho Vrl I n p sei\- c s w t r e mort Jjr^eli 11 on-jtrf thai. t v fo j v c vcars j j e doc or is ]j c na! of L, e Jericho Normal and I n d u rial I n s t i t u t e and D unu ^ 1 ool o f hi-? sta L a d doin^ muca for tin ipl ft of us ~aco The doc or w i l l Kctun. toniglit oa he needs of ]n- rac L a the v a i o ili rt i aud m i ' l pruich "Wednesday Kjtlatl in J Ttt 1 Joseph Soisson Jt o 1 asf "VTasl ing on avenue wa p u n f u l U ci t T id bmised about the n oui i \\ nle t r a n k ing his autc-nobi e l i s i n ght M 1 ms? struck in t! e face b\ he crai k w h e n tlie notoi Kicked D u n n i r J t o i Oxrsons. Ben. B"o]le\ of Dunl ai has armed safeh o^e-sca^ aLCOiamj, o i^ord re ceivexl \ j his rel m \ e s SON OF FORMER LOCAL MAN IS MISSING AFTER HAVING DOWNED EIGHTH HUN PLANE MORE DRAFTEES CALLED Color*d Men do V u k ot l'*th, Incre- n u n i Vls ( (KJ*S l-o l u . Ihe lota boa d'S f » i Distr c^ Nos 2 ind o ha\e bi-en uotifitd t m orders in i\ be c\pct(^ to s»end d aftees tbe \eek of J u ^ c 3 i ind t h e week of Juae -·i In du f i v e da\ jK.nod beg-uming I i ne y -0u netroc= w 11 be sent to Uimp S b t n n a n C h i l l i c o t b c O and m ijie ol O\MI](, \ \ L t k w h i t men w i l go 10 can p Let. 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