The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 24, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1930
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

MONDAY, FFmnrARY 24, 1030, THU DAILY COURIER, fONNTSLT^ TDLB, PA. PAGE SEVEN. Looking Backward at lh» P«uit Con- d«r»»d f)ttn t-b» o( Th« Charter. ?BnAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1880. Mlsn F/lir.aboth Strlokler of Fayette county and W i l l i a m K. Foster of Jefferson county irr married by Rev. J. A. DanVe at tbe Methodist Kptecopal Church partrvonage Koll Txing, proprietor of the Xew Havon mills ant) S .'. fisher of Pitts- n u r ? p u r c h a s e t h e Hana.wy flouring mill at "West New Ion Tht roof of l«'rifiben, Cooper Com- par.y's ptoro eatehea flro but ie extinguished before any gr«it damage 10 dorp. forty porooni arc addod to the t h i i r c h d u r i n g the revival meetings at the Baptist Church H. C. KrJck Company IB building SO new ovenfl betw e«n Morgan ami Brrwd Ford. Hancins ta tiboo at \V«,t Newton patties. The Dunhor F u r m ce Company Iniys Fe-puson woik* fo · $80,000 It Is unUrstoood 40 add tiona! oveno will be constructed. i - K R I O A \ , F E B R V A H Y It, 18BO. Detailed report of the ConnellBville eolte trade for tho week ending February 3 shown a total of 14.B51 ov«n« in tho region, of w ilch 13,953 are In bU«t and 5flS idle, w i t h a total osti- rr.Eit-Pd jiroductlon of 143,632 tons Mrs. Michael Nowton, w i f e of a -oal m i n e r living «' Evereon, grimes birth to four fomalp children. Vl?vrr!ago llccimes are issued in T'n- lontown as follows Jamofl C. Pattern an1 Caroline J Kylo, both of Georges to*nehip: Minor B McFarland end Julia McCullougli, both of Unlontown; H-nry Crablc ,in 1 Rachel E. Jackson, both of fjnlontown, George B Cole and Olive Gordon, both of F'ercy; James S. Yardlcy unit Mary Maloy, both of Uniontown .Tohn Inks and Aiinio Cash, both of Ijelnenrlns 4 small son of Theodore IlaKBerty of Now Hawn chos* iff part ot his left hi nd while car«htt ly using «, hatchet. Daniel Q u t n n , Thomas Kidler and Clayton Hurley, B tlmore , Ohio fireman, arc promoted to engineers. General Worth I.txlKO No. 306, Odd Fdlo-WB, retebratof its 40th anniversary. Emma Eei'les, di.ughter of Mf. and Mrs. Joniston Kooloi, anl Albert Evan« a r e married by UPV. W. A. }Sdie. Mamo K. Francle \n married to U O J hnston of McKe^.port In a coremofty ftt the first M c t h o l l a t Episcopal par- honage. FRIDAY, F K l W r A R Y 16, 1000 T)t tailed report, of the Connoltaville cnKo trade for the week ending Fob- m.irs' 10 shows a. (otal o 20,000 ovens i i tbe region, of w hl h 19,06 ara in b'a*:t ui-J 594 idlp with a total eeti- ir«ted production ·( 214,603 tons. Town council gnnts a right of way t! roufth Connell«v lie to tho M o u n t Pleasant, CotinollsvUlo Uniontown Stroot Railways Crnipatty Marriage HCGIMMM are Issued in Un- iKiitown afi follows- Augunt Drum and J U a Actan. both of ConneUsville; barlce H. Thompf on of Oharlarol and I or!. Payno of N'ew Haven, John f Mtse of V.illoy m n-es and Sareh K. J elton of Bverion. Policeman Alex Tarr of New Haven 1ti el«ctcd t r u a n t officer by the New liavon school hoaul. An okl building at tho corner ot Main and JMIUiburR strect^'le demol- 1ihet to mak« room for tho Title Trust fmpAiiy'« u«w building. Jaaies H Du3h»n« reHlgna hie po«i- tioti with the Slnymakw-Barry Coni- Tany at. South t'ornollsville to become lookc^per for W J. Kainry'fi Acme I'lant near Mount 1'lenftunt. Announcomenl ;y tho board of ex( miners cornpostx of Mine Inspector I'.tMnard Callighan, C'lalr Stillwagoii sind. John Stovontton, which conducted txaminatlons in t i o n i n t h bituminous l !«trlct for min toronipn and fire 1088«H show the f o l l o w i n g have BUC- «WBfully pfttwvl Mine foremen-- Chiirlra U p p e n n a r , ConuellaviUr; William Powot-H, r,ol«.'iirinK; Hoyl C'ut- M a m r a o t t i , K. S. Cut roll. l'la- KranciB Hotks, Connollsville; Hall, Fit H e n r y , H. 13. Gray, .lacoba C r p e k ; Daniel Mc-Hioy, Union- t o w n : M 1'. H«wly. McC^Ilandtown; J, .\. Could, Wost N'pwton: JolMi A, ^Vateh, M o u n t Braddook; William Connors, Central, .uu! Anthony Burns, Vund«rb;ilt; Firs Umaen -- George "iJurns, C o n n o l l n v l l l e ; -Michael Ryan, i,el««nrtng; David Jonew, Sutorvillo; " i e n r y RarrK M-runt Pleasant; Ricli- , u d Clyde, Blythcsd.ilo: John Hogan, Ijoteenring; Bryan Mctllnty, I^emont, rlarry HauRor T s r r , Charles M. Ufttco, 'jftepnrlng; Sunu*l and Hugh Cftnip- "i)cll, Tarr, Frank M. Promoshls, C^n- ral; Martin Bro-inan, I^atrobo; Wtl- i.un McPhof* ami JatnM Burns, Whoolor, end W. H. Gates, Lelsonritig Tffl r RSIAY, P K B R t / A R Y 10, 1»10. Dotailwl report ot the Corinollsv11l« "oko trade for U a week ending Feb^ ruary 5 shows a total of 39,419 ovens in tho re-jrion, of which 38,859 ar« in bhwt and 2.560 U'lo, with a total estimated production of 174,203 tonn Mhsa Nclllt Kaio Kooeer ami Henry Kinj? Duttprtnore arc married at the I'uitPd Brethren parsonage by Rev. W. H. Hpanglpr. Acfivc operations ar* started by t h e Weston M a r y l a n d Kallroari Compnnv In this swtiim, .1 corpn of enslueera being at Oblopyli William Citffen, 64 y-Ars old. a vet^- t a n ot the fJaltllnorp * Ohio Railroad ( ompany, (Hen W i l l i a m K i n g , 1L', n« of Mr nnd Mrn A U K i n s 11 run d o w n In Kust I't'iUtr u\* i uurt by ,« horst 1 . C a p t a i n W M JonUn, « f o r m e r burst*!' anil on ** °' Mount ripasiint's oidc*t and most dies nt l ^ f ^^^^iy^'^^^^^^.^fi^^^ For one day only we feature an unusual showing (' complete room outfits at August Sale prices -- reductions that will make buying unusually tempting! The two groupings we have featured are only typical of the tcores of others that await you. ... m OUR February Sale Now ig certainly the advantageous time to refornteh otte rfcx» or your complete home at oat of the ordinaryi a.viiigftK.. Terms liawe been arranged: tt make it partictjtatly easy for you tit pay for any group from a i suits youri a:count. Day Beds $19.50 Up Step Ladders $1.89 , Screens $4.95 Beautiful day beds with metal ends, finished la rich wtdnut color. 0-fcoi step go on shie at this slashed ivlee. ·- who have always ·want- ed decorated screen tor ttwlr home can satisfy their deelrca at this saving. An Exquisite New Livixtg Room Outfit! $ 159 Just visualize how attractively your living room c in be furnished with this complete group -- everything to make your liring room comfortable and beautiful. We ha ve included a three-piece group in rich jacquard upholsk r- injr, and end table, an occasional table, a jui'.or lamp, a magazine basket. If you were to theae p:e ( e» separately the group would cost more than $200. Note the Extra Piece You Receive i · ', , An Attractive Group for Your Home! *169 Occasional Chair $12,95 Here is an ittrartivc chair with upholsterec back and wat at a price that »vill make scil- ing fast. Woven For Wear $35 S x 12 ft. Axmlnster rug* are featured In a choice of colors and patefnft Occasional Tabl $S.75 Of course you'll want -his smart new arrival for our room. Save I You must see this group arranged on our floors to fully appreciate the savingai We have personally s sleeted each piece so that your bedrtoom can be furnished in the b?st of taste. A beautiful four-piece group- a boudoir chair, a mattress,, a coil spring-, a pair of blankets, a comforter, a pair of pillow and an oval rug complete the out- iit. A comparison of our price tags on the individual piecee will convince you of the saving. Note the Extra Pieces You Receive Convenient Credit Terms Arranged! Open Evenings by Appointment. Call 376 flz Home »{M:^^^^ ! : r f W3fa rudry 1-t showe a tola of 35,084 cucns iu tho region, of v v h i h 23,.'195 aro In bl«nt.anl 12,281) Wly, i t h H total ct,tl- iniitort producUru of L13.9SIJ lon« Th* Ixxly of Jfune G. Graham l'i found m F r a n c a avpi uo, tkhlled w i t h bullets John W. Ruth, hea I of the p U n l n g mill husin«S8 that IK ira hie nunc', i director of (ha First Nrttlonitl }j,uik roputwl to bo one o ihf w-cnltluefct men of tho communll -', lU«s at hit* home at Hawkeyp. "There can be no loubt about t h o Connelleviile - to - ''aimlngton road bolngr constructed," o u n t y Commissioner George W. Hlb e Oedares | Wise Anna Oathoriii Lynch, 2(j years j oU!, a well k n o w n FayetLc county toach«r, cllca. Mies Sade Driseoll 47 yetat, old, Bister of James J ( t rlflc-oll, manager of Tbe Courier, dies i Plttsburg. Joseph C. Kenn^y, R8 yoars i W , a p r o m i n e n t buslneei i an of Scotltialo, dlee In Now York wMle attisiulliii; the dog ehow at Madlnoi Sfinarc CSaidcn. Berlin Cameramen Grreet New Envoy Perryo poli I'KKKYOt'OKlB. of !·' "! - James City spi'iil Mrs I. A r t h u r A o.flala ot New York vi«Hel tu i ii» VVedutrnday and 'T hui-mlfly She wu* f o r m e r l y M i s s ] G e r t r u d e I'tersol, a i inner teacher of Perrv Township HJjf; School j Everson No Risk this week K VERSO N", FeJ). 24-- Mrt G. Sber- riek and sister, Mre. Isr«u I Shaffer, spout Thursday In 7'fttebur? shopping and visiting with relatives Mrs. Mary Frick o£ the Company epemt several day ,U CireensburK ftfifi« Anna Drag has gone to Detroit to reside Mrs. Clarisa Shaffer, formerly of Indian Ffwid, is seriously ill t tho home of hoi daughter, Mrs. (! \f. I j aehor. Mr. and Mre. 1). Arthur SValler arc receiving (ongratulations on the birtli of a daughter at their homo lierp on Thursday. Tho funeral service WBF held on Friday morning at SI John's Roman Catholic C h u r c h X Stottda! · for Mrs. Catherine Jlpuner of Mai tet street, Soottitalo l i u r i u l \VIH nude In St. John's Cemetery Mr ^ Hen ur Wcifi t h a mother ot Mrs M a r U ) Spk r ol Kver- uoti MrH D n v l i l I S r a t i t sjn-itt AVeilne^day In t'onnollrtN Ille w l l l i K JoKoph SmfOi of t h w (tli cf H v l h l f Ing w i l l ) his biollmr, Char) -s H i i n i l i , at RMM LAWN LIME We have high grade agricultural lime for lawn and gardens. 50-pound sacks. Consolidated Coal Supply Co. Yard: Arch St., B. O. R. JK.--Phono 15. ^ard: McCormicfc ATA^ P. R. It--Phone J700. Summit T H l R M » A 1 . F K B K I t (M H. !!·.!«. JlptaH'x/, i *· {"·( «f the i oniii ' i f r I ' d ' «oke trad,!? for t ie week » n i l i n s F«tv j 1i«oitien(g I placed In the columns of The! Coarieor briag raeuU i. Iry Uiem. | A 'ter the elaborate o f f i c i a l welcomes had been COTD- p ) H e d , the Hon. Frederic M Sackett, U n c l e Sam's new Ambassador to Germany, "received" the as shewn in the above picture. He fac*d the ' att^ry of photographers on the step? of the Amen in EmbaBa? in Berlin, which will be his off chl ho ie for sow* tame to corns. Tuesd.iy f V t j i l n s n l l l lie f a m i l y al t l i u l e v l v a ! nei \ l i t i - ai t h e , I t i H t l u p i i C'liun h 'I'liui sdtiv i n i g h t w i l t !)- Hie ' Oldci-t M o l h p j ' H N i g h t " A K i f L w i l l l)p f ^ c t i t o t H o larcet!) f,iriii!j' An\ ,i'nso l.i t h e /!U,| m n t h f r pn-^ont in tlu'Hp i I R I H M S.unuol i j i u l a spent \\ ' d u r I«\ in Wits Elsie AnR»U of. ( onneilsrvllla I itjjeat Wcdne«dtty iiere SUMMIT, Veb. 2-I -William D«.nnle of M a r l a n n u wa« tmlllng on relatives ( her« recently Mra Walter K«lly e.n«J thren chtt- Ji-pji or Iximfom are vleltliiK with Mr. and M i s Jacob Karon!. M i b I oiniiuidotc Fllic -was ailllng on lu-i ilaugliUT, M i ' K n i l I ' i n k n o y in I ' o n n o l H v l l l e yo(-icilciv. Ahrali.un Man in h,iM returned to MfH-lfinn.t where (IP evjKTts (o vfalt w i t h h , (-one. - Mi ' Susan Upton of nnar l_^ii onrlng jnd Wllaabeth Upton w«r railing on ihp lormar 1 * dangUUp, Mi*, Wtlaoc, j$ caUy,

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