The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 3, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER CONNELT-SVTLLE PA. MO\DA\ TT\'E 3 LEAGFh. Yesterday's Result*. Philadelphia 5, Cincinnati 3 No other games scheduled i .--J| Straw Hats March to of tke Clnba. F«nr York . _ Cincinnati . Rttsbnrg Boston PMladelpiH t St. Loals _ Brooklyn - L. Pet. 11 703 12 687 20 -13 IS 21 20 23 23 512 486 462 458 I .378 342 lodnj's Schedule Pittsbtwg at New York. Chicago at Boston. St. IxraJs M Brooklyn Cincinnati at Philadelphia. ,U£EMCA5 LEAGTIX. Sesatts. Detroit 1 Boston 3. Chicago 6, New York 2. xClereland 1 Washington 0 St. Louia 4 Phttadelpiua 2 xEleren miungs. Standing ol the Ctmta. W L. Pet Bistort IS 16 -SM Sew York K 16 .590 St Lonis -Cleveland -Chicago Washington _ Detroit Tbftectolpbla -20 16 .566 _22 20 .524 J8 17 .514 ~J7 24 415 J5 20 .394 _U 33 37S Tod»j*s Sdiwhrie. Boston at Detroit. New York at Chicago PMJad«tpnia at St Louis Washington at Cleveland. WEST SIDE WINS ·flltops Bent Bouhar at Trotter FleH by Score of M to 0. Th" "West Side Hilltops defeated JJunbar Saturday" at Trotter 16 to 9 Cougiienour and Phss made up the lottery for the West Siders Marsh Mte and JIcLaugblln lor Dnnbar "Tl!« West Side aggregation made a dozen *iits to seien for the visitors ~E*ch ngSsterea tour errors. Dunbar staxted off with five runs m the fiiat "West Side scored eight m j teeing, the fourth. Meyersdale. Mar 31 --Mrs Wilcox and four children of 'Wallace, \? Va.. are visittng relauves »ad friends here for a tsw weeks. John Blake of Mount Savag" !·: ^pending a few days here iad at Sal isbury visiting relatives and fnencH Miss Mayme Platt of Johnston n. is fcere for a lew days visit with friends Mr and Mrs Richard Mariicamyer and baby ol Akron O are gnests ol I Mrs. Manfcamyer s mother Mrs Ida Conrad Mr and "Mrs James Price ami the formers mother Mrs. Kennely Price ot BroTrasvflle spent Memorta.1 Dai here wrth reiatives and fnends Mr- James Hornig ind Jiree chil dren of Fnedens are visiting rela tlves and friends here. George Green of Paines-viHe 0 u visiting his relauves, the Misses Bae- ) Of M un street. i Mrs, A. C Kennell and ttvo chil drsn. of Cumberlan-d ha\e returnrt. home after a ten dis \isit berc wii"i the former's moiber Mrs Ida Stain Mrs Kathryn Gorman of Johnston i visltul hec brothers J F and Phil p G L.el:h and 'amilies the pait fen dav= Miss Loretta Aitkia is visiting reU tivet in Washington Pa lot seven. I day* i Vark M Smith formerly of this, j place but now of Pittsburg is spend | ing a few das here with relatives and friends Mrs J C Martz of Somerset s p t n i j Memorial Da here at the home o ' her brothei and sister m-law Mi I and Mrs George Miller | George Deist of Steubenville O is visiting reiathes be^e for "sMeral days ' Miss Ivathryn Dougliertj of Con nellsville is visiting Mrs C \ Bolden. Mrs Thomas Bracken ot S mil Patch T*as a Meversdale vi»uor on Memorial Day Mr» J i Heich has returned f o m Pittsbu-gh ^hcre she visited i 'la i thes and friends D unbar. Dunbar June 3 -- James Ban ett , son of Mr and Mrs James Bartle t oi Fa^ ette will leave for bngland v, nere ' he will Join the colors He ben g a subject of Great Britain will join the . B-itish arra Mr Bartlett was em ' ploved b\ the Prick CoKe company as a stock hand He has a brother J J i Bartlett in the service ii. Prance Mrs "William Jobes ind M\ss Nell e l Jobes were shopping m ConnellMiIIe | Fridav ! Alma Rodkey who is cmplojel as foreman of the foundry at the Dun bar Furnace compin* met v.iti a painful accident Fnda* which raav aiean the loss of his t n o midd'c nni; srs he having the f rst three sin* sber' vhile at wo-k Patronize those who advertise For Itching Tortare There is one remedy that seldori fills io *top itchins torture and reheva sum rotation and that makes the sk_i soft, de»r and healthy Any drnggist can suppif yoi. with Mmo, which generally overcoires all skm diseases. Acne, eczema, itct, pirn pies, rashes, tlaclieads, in most cases er»e way to zemo. Frcqjentl}, n-i-or blemishes disappear overnight. Itching uioally stops instantly Zenio is a safe antiseptic liquid, dean, easy to use a~d dependable. It coats only 3jc-, a i extra Urge lottle, $LOO. It will not s am is not greasy or sticky and t. pcsiuvely life lor tender, sensitive skins. ^^ The E. Vt SOB Co., Cleveland, O the Fore SPECIALLY those keen-lookmg, pertect- ty styled Wirght-Metzler Straws that three-fourths of the well-dressed men of Connellsville are talking about and wearing today Sailors $2 to $10. Milans $1.50 to $10. Leghorns $1.50 to $10. Panamas $3.50 to $10. Shown m all proper dimensions and the correct new braids Genuine warm weather comfort begins the minnte yon put one on Fine selection if you come now Light Suits of Character and Style N EW STYLES in the most distinctive colorings and original weaves are revealed in the Wnght- MeLiler collection of Summer clothes, including Society Brand Michaels- Stern Hirsh Wickwire and other prominent st} le leaders- Exclusive models for both men and young fellows beginning m price at $13 and going on up to $J5 Stout short slim tall-'ft e fit \ ou all r o r hot vv athor our ' No-^atc" feuiU cannot lit* excelled lor approprialf- ne*s and comiort. N o ici£ht--no lining. Shown in tta light and d.irk colored tabrics in all iizts U to 46. Prices $12 to Furnishings of Refinement at Moderate Prices Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on Every $100 You Spend--Get They With Every Purchase of lOc or Mon BLUE AMBEROLA RECORDS 60c EACH The New Supplement for June, 1918. 5«. SOS--"JDarktown Strutters -Ban" Male- QuartU, Orchestra Accompaniment So. 8*Z8--"Everytodys Crazr Boat ate Doggone BJoes, B»rt rm Happy" Artinr CoUms and Byron G Barlan 5«. 3tS3-i.11 Take Ton Back to Italy" Ada Jones and B5Hy Murray So. MIS---"Says I to Myself, Says I" Ada Jones K«. 34J4--"Picfcte Joe- Vernon. Dattart and Chorus So 3«T--] American Artatton March' / I Crcatore and His Band So. 54GS--!'A Little Ixwe, a Lube Kiss I Ralph BrroIJe, Tenor fco .M72---"Mother s OM Sweet Lullaby Will Oikland and Chorus Jo. iifi,--*o n the Banks ot the Brandywine Walter Van Brunt So. 34C,i-- 'Ij 1 Liza Jane' --One Step Jaudas Society Orchestra Silk--The Warm Weather Glove Silk glove time has come, as shown by the brisk deiuaacl for gloves of this Kind Our Gloves are selected from the best quality m America, Rayser's makes them They fit perfectly, wear well and are so good looking The greater comfort, the true economy are a dehght to women at this Ume of the year Oar assortment, new just unpacked will match up with your favorite colors IB gowns, stockings and hat Pure siDc Prices 65c to $1.75 pair. A New Stock of Some bare taffeta CCWGCS m solid shades of nary wisteria brown or green "With, "wide sal^n or faocy borders, Ste«l or wood rods. Handles bare sUte cord, leatlicr strap or bone ring swings and- match covers The price raage is $GJM) to The others bavo ill allfc taffeta covers with tape edge and come m an blade or black with white border Black and white handles and black silk cord swing. The price range is $-i-jO to fcH.00 Comfort and Durability in Is it worth something to you to Jtnow that wtien you buy Munsingweir in a certain fabnc ^oo can depend on its being itlenticaJlj the same quality this year and next as it was las year and tie jcar before"" In all Mtansfngrw ear garments--Tests pants untou sintfi--you vrUL still frnd the same ier*"ec tion of fit ind finish the same excepaonal com fort, dtirabtlity. ivasbabiJity and tug value for your moncj Complete stocks constantly at your disposal in our under* tar section, second floor i --\fldras Shirts $1 to ?350 --Silk Shirts $2 50 to S10 --Hose 2Sc to $1 50 --Shoes and Oxfords $4 to $10 --Scarfs 2oc to $2 50 --Batwing Ties 50c --Tr^ehng Bags ?3 to ?35 Wright- Metzler Company TUB SKIRTS-With Many New Touches of Style A but'on here a pocket there--bU thc deft flngers that designed these practicul skirts had idcus otht,r th-in Uie str t,t utility of buttons and pockels- and belts--so these are charmingly pretty Pique 'Cords Repps Poplins Gabardines Stripes Linens Unenes Checks Many am exceedingly well adapted for outing occasions others accompliBb all one might j-sk of a uulity slurt for gcaeral wear Quite iDexpjiijive--anotiicr timely virtue Pre-Shrunk Skirts $3.75 to $12.50 Other Skirts, all sizes, as low as $2.50 Cut-Price Sale of One lot Suits to $39.75 Values One lot Suits to $49.75 Values $28.50 tOO Cf| One lot Dresses - *P*O.O\7 . moo C ft V !,, One lot Dresses to $22.50 Values to §32,50 Values One lot COATS, values to $39 75, Choice $28.50 One lot COATS, values to $49 73, Choice $38.50 New Bathing Caps 25c to 50c Each They are made of pure rubber in various shades and are more altractive than uver There is both das,h and style In Jie wonderfu designs and color combinations They add a r mishmg touch of beauty to anv bathing costume Kleinert's Dress Shields 25c, 30c to $1.00 Pair "\\hen vou s f tht new flesh colored Klelnerfs you VMH sa -VOL never imagined dreso sun Ids could 1 c »o r harming The re soft and bilky and can t be detected in .ite sheerest gown Made of pu-e g mi rubber and fine fabrics in all sizes shapes a id colors. Only beating rds floor coverings oF sand and grat deeply lodged therein Sucli imbedded dirt -weais out carpettngs; it breeds %ercas. Only a Hoover Electric Suction Sweeper dustlessly beats out all that grit. "Whether carpetings are oriental, domestic or grass we GUARANTEE the Hoover; process to add to tKeir life. We GUARANTEE the Hoover to sweep up--dust- lessly and instantly!--the most stubborn-clinging lint, threads, hairs and litter The Hoover is GUARANTEED to straighten nap. This nngs back colorings. Only tie Hoover--in one essy, trne-saving operation, --does the fore-going in ad- n to "vacuum cleaning." ]?or orJy tne Hoover nas mg Br^sh, not stationary -- KLe a pnsKbroom , not slov?ly revolved bv floor rollers -as m carpet-sweepers, but speedily revolved -- over 1000 times a minute "by the electnc motor. clnancr nn tru ^iio m itir n, s* rond Hoop ftflnox 3( mo istradon an\ time at t 1 !! store or in xtur o home. of Hoover patented Combmed-Beating- Swaepmg £rnsh. Note belt attacked to motor. Smithfieid. --TODAl-- ··IO BOLTS CAN SHJT OLT LOVE SEE "With Neatness and Dispatch" I § A o \CT MI TPO SCRELV DRAMA OF LAUGH! FR \^D JtOMANCjI STARRING TRAiNCIS X BUS1IMA!\ IND VCVSRL^ B A Y N E A! SO A GOOD 2 REE! KDvSTOlME COMEDY --Tcnioniunv-- 1RI4.NOU: PRESENTS DARRELL FASS IN "HER AMERICAN HUSBAND" LNKEHSAL WEEKLY AND ALSO A GOOD COMEDY A SPECIAL n 1TLRF IN 5 ACTS SMlTIiril UD June 1 -- K a i l Ran kn oC Akron 0 is nsitlng his home here Karl is i draftee from the Ik ron district ind e-pects to go to carip tins mon h [ W i l l i a n B j E t l i m d who expected !o | sn n th the d-aftees rom hero lait T lesdij c i h s t e l and ^ £ .s been as siffiur to Uie toinmjssiry deptirtr'ont Dr James B o v n f i e l d i C i v i l "VTai veteran of Pal'-mont W Va. spen f Mpmoria Dav l le guest of his sister ind o her re i t i v p s here Dr R D Howard of Fairmont 'ins j ited his pirents here Mcruonal Dar j T R 1 vncb ind ffnilv of Pairbank spent Mer^onal Day -w th relative? here M ind "Wrs E R O^eil of New Salem spent Memonal Day with rela tnes hero Vr ind Wr" Parry Miner of Gnu- fen s Ferrr and children spont Mem Irnal Dav w th le atives in the bo- I ough Air in 1 Leo Crnw and son of | A aplo Parm Nicholson township uUled on H O Neil and wife Thurs diy PV ening I Patronise those who advertise II Il'S II Wit UtCADf 11 GOOD Till W i t VI U L \ HERL THE CltOM IS GO M UK! fll J K OF H r J-- M ' l l M f M ) M G H 1 C.!S SHI 1'KtS! N ! S The Winter Garden Girls IN V SMPPV 1HSICU r R O ! ) L ( 1 1 0 \ GLS SHY t \ u ' 0 l i f t -- I I ' i l U t A G -- «-n OF! i oi i r tss-- 10 BlbA!! f i K O W N H l R B I I f O O B t M r \ [ \ t m i s 1,11 o i " T M i ( 1(1 I ^--·lS, t !-\ J l O f H t ^ t V "HH ' O S 1 1 il'lt! S-j" The Beautiful Sci-ecn Draim "THrElTS' 0.011)," G Reels punch and ginger And a Universal "\Vt,eklj -- Tbl SD VT-"HELL'S CTJWTB' -- ^is is i wonderfully inteicstmg plav and is a hair ruser f nishing with a good Corned} "31 VGIC YE" -- A. '-erba^ m U s orv ind w i l l pleisc everybody A. Screen \[ igazme will matte i vurv beautifu fii ish for a line pros'"" TUi- SOISSON 1HIL HI Hlf TOOL1S1 ai!S(/Kl IN TIM V T vo largo faias hive been installed The large stage ]ooi jn the r"ear of the theitre has opend so there ij a p u i o curient of iir alt through the house inil'V TOl 1 XT TO COOt OFF COM! 10 DI1 N A T I V E H E R B TABLETS brlnh bic c Lhc brlghL ej e tfic c-Ica' he i J (.lit r H! chc' kb i d K o fjo o' i he UU by reh vi ^ S5CK HEADACHE No-Live ICiiney and Liver Regulator For T ) p a r b i L ^^nil cd is the i nb sta.ndi.rd 1 crt i n d j Siff t, rtl ·\i 1 i^ertai C J . L U t, n u i n ^"\ 1 t.r tablet connjns tli b f/^J tride mirk ^IX P C 1 00 p r 1 \ of "00 lib T.t^ Sol-d Jy V A- Cla Jce a. d local df^tJera B lioufcncss Dv pepsia Cnc ind Stoinich hsorclers Blis Herb Tablets are a ffr at 1 1 a h Frcst-nts CUt J D \r ] i.1 TO 1 J i ^il i I O M ' Mso 1O1O Ue Cor till i n -- I N T H i 10\1L D L ^ n i V

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