The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 8, 1938 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, February 8, 1938
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1'AGE TEN. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVIL-LE, PA. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY S, 193S. Basketball Basketball - " Sportoriais By JOHN H. WHOEIC Sports-Editor GREENS -SPORTS WRITER'S ALWAYS - · WRONG? /Davis JY Walsh, International News Service sports writer and one of the better-known 'and versed writers, suggests that a reporter might as well don a catcher's "mask. His interesting column follows: "Sports Writers Arc Always Wrong" was the title of one outburst in the current edition of a magazine, which forthwith went on to make a pretty fair case for itself. A few days later. Bill Terry came out in a national magazine with a scathing indictment of the craft in which he indicated that it was largely composed of blackguards, cads and bounders. Bill wrongs us there. He's just as mean as he can be, so he is. That couldn't have been us he was talking about. Ho must have meant scoundrels, cutthroats and knaves. ·Outside of tha% though, he's got us about right. He finds that reporters are the sort of unprincipled people who try to get stories before other reporters. He Ilnds that they have sufficient sense of 'dignity to resent being answered bruskly. He finds that they're funny that way, but they don't like people who don't like them. He admits himself to be baffled-Jn fact, enraged to a point where his rancor has lastod twelve years--by their inconsistencies wherein they stated, in 1925, ivhen he was holding out, that he was a first baseman with s--fcw weaknesses and-that around -1930 they were comparing him" to - Hal' Chase. - On thinking.things over, I'm pretty mad'about that Tnyself.' · '."~Vfe positively'have"no"right to'be " wrong "twice."" 3ill.~ ag'a third-year '^first "basem'ani didn't 'have'"" a few weaknesses in" 1025." "He had quite a few and, no'; in 1930 or any other time, did he ever compare with Hal Chase. 'Outside of "Jiat, though, there's nothing wrorii; with the" story i cx- ' cept maybe Bill and us. As the'first gentleman suggested in his outburst, we're pretty much wrong all the time, which I'm afraid doesn't greatly alarm us, just so we manage to present facts--or legends, if we're reduced to thci;c--in a neat, orderly way; produce a reasonable share of exclusive tidings and hold our jobs. This latter, though, is becoming increasingly difficult. Only a few . years ago, an official of one o£ the 1 local clubs waylaid an elderly re- 1 porter on his way into the ball park and let him have one full on the cucumber sending him to the hospital. The official was very contrite nbout it afterward, explaining that he . wouldn't have had it happen for the world. But unfortunately it had happened, mere or less permanently since of several things one cannot take back, there's always the used toothbrush--and a punch on the nose Last Winter in a Florida hotel, the St Louis Cardinals had n brawl with two reporters who, by some oversight, they failed to like. Various stories about being hit on the conk with spiked shoes chattered north over .the wires and the St. Louis management spoke very chidinglj to its impulsive athletes. But tha couldn't change the fact that the spike is mightier than the conk. There was also the Chicago reporter who. was set upon" by a burly ball player and beaten within an inch of his bridge-work and full wol do I remember the. big .world's scries of 1930 who had a whiffet of a man about 105 in the shade, in his grasp and seemed about to throw the hammer with him in a Philadelphia hole lobby. He was persuaded to desist-by the police. · - · Oho, no, my good and faithful students of journalism. Seek now before it is too late,-some comparatively sedentary field of endeavor like structural steel and the para chute jump. As for us',.we canno' turn back now. Our's not to reason why; our's but to do and die. So-Back up the armored .truck! We're cfl to the Polo Grounds! BITS HERE AND THERE A. B. Pickard and O. W. Graham the latter of Pittsburgh, a former policeman, fought 10 rounds, in a broiling sun in the Philippines for the entertainment of the Filipinos on July 4, 38 years ago, the latter revealed Saturday at the V. F. W. dinner Both served with the Fighting Tenth and were buddies. Otis said both were on their feet after 10 rounds of fighting fora prize of a glass of jelly and their officer treated them to a slug of good "likkcr : ; . Grovcr'C Washabaugh,: formerly of Bullskin township, is doing splendidly Westminster, among his cage victimb being Pitt..... George Hoark is going to remain at Wash-Jeff, denying reports he .was .to Jeave to go into Beaver county . . . . Amateur zoologists nt Armonk, N. Y.,were puzzled by Ihe appearance of two black kittens in the litter of Sophie, a black cat, which bear astonishing resemblance of rabbits. Sophie had been on an unexplained "trip" for three months . . . Connellsville Recreation Center has a bowline team that wll make its debut Wednesday night at 8 o'clock at Manhattan alleys in a match with the.Manhattan .club captained by Andy Hudodc. Hay Gallant! is in charge uf the center outfit . . . Westmoreland count} scholastic coaches will meet Thursday night at Grcensburg to make their drawings for the annual basketball tournament March 4, 5, 11 and 12. Twenty-one schools have entered . . . Chuck Bcethom won the 880 in 1:55.8 which Is slow. Our own Johnny Woodruff, finishing seventh furnished a big upset. The former Cokcr ace will be going again and OWLS, ICEMEN PLAY AT HOME W E D N E S D A Y Basketball followers of the West- nghousc and Immaculate Conception High teams will be offered another dual attraction tomorrow night when he former plays host to the crack iharlero: Collins quintet and the Owls tackle Immaculate Conception High School ot Washington, Pa. The icemen are particularly anxious to take the measure of the invaders inasmuch as the Casey Club, contender for the city championship, defeated the river towners by five points here two weeks ago. The outcome will do much in determining he strength ot the two city quintets ·md in arousing interest in the sug- icsted city series. Coach Earl Trump's Night Riders lave been constantly improving as ,hcir victory over the St. Vincent Preps indicates and a large turnout expected at the clash with the school from Washington. Immaculate Conception Of Washington Will Come to Armory. CHARLEROI FIVE BIG ATTRACTION F. rts. 13 59 9 51 Neigoot, Derry Township, Paces Section 10 Boys No individual scoring star has been developed in Section 10. W. P. I. A. L., where three schools are, in a hot fight for the title, as the tabulated records for the first half revealed that there is a merry race for that honor. Neigoot of Derry Township is leading the pack, however, with 59, having bagKed 23 field goals and 13 fouls while Yourich of Dunbar Township is second with 21 two-pointers and nine charity shots followed closely by Burd of Derry Township with 50, E. Wingard of Derry Borough with 49 and Dolan of Hurst with 48. The individual scoring ot the players for the first half follows: Name School G. Neigoot, Derry Twp..._ 23 Yourich. Dunbar 21 Burd, Derry Twp. 22 E. Wingard. Derry 20 Dolan, Hurst _ 20 Brandt, Youngwood ...20 Pavlosky, Dunbar ...19 Walbaum, Derry Twp. --.18 Hasson, Dunbar 18 Hcrchko, Dunbar 15 Donate, Ligonicr Crosby, Youngwood Vikartosky, Hurst Kcough, Derry Kantorik, Hurst ..._. Bucci, Derry Baluh, Hurst -Ramsey, Ligonier ._ Pctro, Alverton - Stifflcr, Derry Walter, Derry ^ Popvcc, Alverton -Stahl, Derry Twp. __., Glasscr, Derry _._ Phfronger, Hurst Clausner, Alverton -Stotler, Youngwood . Husband, Dunbar .-Bergstrom, Ligonier 5 Hertznell, 'Dunbar .-- 5 T. Wingard, Derry 5 McClellan, Youngwood .... 5 Olsen, Youngwood -- 5 Hudson, Youngwood 5 Kontra, Dunbar -- 4 Hants, Ligonier -- 4 Rosensteel, Dunbar . 3 Snyder, Ligonicr 4 Jogoda, Hurst -- 4 Wilt, Ligonicr 2 Thorn, Alverton 3 Johnson, Derry Twp 2 Gontz, Derry -- 3 Morgan, Alverton 2 Buhl, Ligonicr -Szepesi, Dunbar Romanko, Dunbar -Christner, Ligonicr Torrero, Derry Twp. ... Ruttcr, Youngwod ..... Pushcar, Hurst -McColly, Ligonicr Bilonlch, Derry Twp. _.. Roadman, Derry Twp. . McWhertcr, Derry Rotoski, Hurst Petrosky, Alverton Stabbner, Alverton Ottenberg, Alverton -- _ _ 8 _. 9 8 8 6 -- 6 6 7 9 0 10 5 B 14 2 3 1 4 3 2 3 3 3 3 2 1 2 2 4 1 1 4 1 3 0 2 1 1 0 0 2 1 1 3 0 0 0 0 2 1 1 POTENTIAL SECTION 9 CHAMPIONS HERE TONIGHT Undefeated Greensburg High, fa- i members of the Grecnyburg team ; doormen; Russ Rowe, forward, sen- ! ward, senior; Earl Johnson, forward, vored to win the Section 10 basket- j .shown above arc: : ior; Max Zyvith. guard senior; EH i senior: John Xalich, forward, Juni . SlUSrSfwira^I^i TM * Hght-Coach wmiamP,S,,panovicb; center, freshman; BUI | ££ ^ n « -gSSS! its l l t h consecutive victory at the ex-i" 13 ' 11 " Douglas, in his first year of StclTen, center, junior; Bill Hallnm, ; Mcmber o£ tnc squad not shown is pcnsc of the Cokers. Coach and j mentoring the Brown and White i guard, senior; Benard Kcough, for- i Carl Corsi, guard, senior. Busy Week For \PITTSBURGH PIRATES WILL Panther Teams COME HERE MONDAY NIGHT PITTSBURGH, Feb. 8.--This week will be the most important of the season for three Pitt athletic teams, | ter member of the National Basket- for upon the result of four events, j ball League, at the State Armory. It three conference or league champ- '* «"·· "KKest floor attraction In Con- ionships will be. decided. Wednesday is the first bad day-for both Ihr hockry :mci bnskrtball teams. Couch Johnny McSorlcy's nell.sville since the New York Celtics appeared here in 1930. The Pirates have been traveling at a fast clup this season and are high- hockcy team can move into second I b" favored to win the pro champion- place in the Jr-aeuo, if it c;,.. ;:et by i ship. They carry a squad of 10 play- Duqucsnc. and also throw the city 1 ' 1 " and right of these have been title race into a two-way tic. j captains on the Tn-Statc a Kreatcft On the same nisht Pitt meets college fives. They have color, skill Temple's Owls in basketball at th Monday, February 14, the West- f / \ 1 / I f f ghouse basketball quintet will play J O/lfl W OOQ.rU.TT ho.\i to tiie Pittsburgh Pirates, a char- | ' ' Tripped, Nearly fell in 880 Run .; and Pitt Stadium. The Owls are :.hartr.K a second place rung on the conference ladder with the Panthers, and one of the; two teams will move into I the spot of number one challenger I for the lead after the came. The | loser will almost drop out of the race, t for there will be loo much ground to j be made up at the rate Johnny Lawthcr't; Penn State Lions are traveling in front of the pack. The Lions arrive on Saturday, and should j Pitt get by Temple, a capacity crowd is almost assure.'!, for Sta'.e lias thousands of alumni in the city. i / On Thursday night the Pitt boxing nnd wrestling teams meet Temple at the Pitt Stadium. A win for the Pitt boxers will put them way out front in iho race for the conference title. ml tlnsh that wins for them favor rvcrywhi-n 1 . Dunbar Cagers Capture Games At WPA Center Fred Apostoli Wins. Fred Apostoli, uncrowned middleweight king, took a decision over Glenn Lee, the courageous Nebraskan, in a 12-round fight in Madison Square Garden Friday night. hang it all over the world's best middle-distance runners . . . Entry blanks can be had at the Pittsburgn ofr.ce for the senior A. M. A. basketball championships in March. There will be three classes, junior's light, first class and seniors. Handsome prizes will be awarded in each division . . . To bolster his claim for a big salary, Joe UiMngRio says the Yankees have insured him for $100,000 ... Jimmy Birr, Indiana University center, has been ruled ineligible for the rest of the basketball season because he didn't turn in o term paper on time. Smock Topples Dunbar Cagers Smock captured both ends of a bargain bill with Dunbar at the former's gym, the Rookies winning a 43 to 32 decision over the boys while the girls walked oil with a 17 to 9 count. The line-ups: Smock Girls H. Rusnock, Dcane, f Dullinger, Patterson, Rusnock. Kccfe, Siskey, Peskic, g Totals Dunbar Girls Boguskey, f .. Dinclla, f Gent, c _ Alinerd, g Mancini, g Totals 4 Referee--Maddis. Umpire--Fronckey. F. Pts. Smock Rookic.s G, E. Hudock, f _..'.._ 0 Duffy, f :....:..:.! 2 Wcserbcrger, f .- Bihick, c .X. J. Hudock, c -Brown, g -Fuse, g " F. Fts. 0 12 0 4 Keefe, g Spranic, g Hotals Dunbar Bruno, f Cooper, f Jarvis, c -Bogusky, g _ Caruso, g Totals Referee--Camell. Umpire---Brown. ,, 0 1 1 ... 20 G. 7 ._ 0 3 F. Pts. Cards Gel Guy Bush. St. Louis Cardinals bought Pitcher Guy Bush from the Boston Bees and also signed Ray Bongo, veteran hurlor who hnd become a free, I agent. There were four interesting basketball Kr.iiK-5 at the Dunbar WPA Recreation Center with the Hi-Dc-Ho five spillinK the St. Rita live of Connellsville, 29 to 18; Dunbar Juniors dropping a 2fi to 21 decision to the Danny Five; the Dunbar Baptists drubbing Morrcl! to the tune of 45 to 11, and Vandcrbilt losing, 23 to 17, to Dunbar. The line-ups: III-DC-HO G. F. rts. R . McDowell, f S O B Baker, f - 2 0 ·! C. Harry, c '. 4 2 10 L . Harvey, K 1 2 4 Qent, c 2 1 S Totals .._... St. Rita SalaUno, f Isola, f Pepe, c _ Candioro, g ~ PilllKgi, g .:... Cancstrale, g _. 12 G. 3 .._, 2 _,, 0 .... 1 2 ..I 0 5 29 F. Pti. 6 Johnny Woodruff, Conncllsville's Olympic champion, tripped and nearly foil as he competed in the 880-yard run in the Millrosc A. A. Kames in New York City Saturday niKht, finishing last in a field of seven starters. An A: soeiated Press account of the half-mile run stated: "LpnR John Woodruff. University of Pittsburgh star and Olypmpic 800 I meter champion, was the victim of a big upset. After n front-running start, he was knocked oft stride and finished seventh and last in a hotly contested 880-yard race won by Charley Beetham, ex-Ohio State ace competing now for the New York Curb Exchange A. A. . . Woodruff tripped and nearly fell, then fell back throughout the last stages. Beetham timed his finishing rush perfectly to beat F.ddie Brown of tho New York t\. C. by four yards with Manhattan College's Lou Burns third. Trutt (Mel of Indiana) faded and finished fifth just behind Stanley Holt of Rhode Island Slate. Harvard's Alex Northrop overhauled Woodruff in the stretch." Manhattan College's crack one- mile relay team sped to a new M.-.dison Square Garden record of 3:20.4 in beating the University of Pittsburgh quartet, anchored by Woodruff, by a good 20 yards. It was a close tussle between the two teams until Lou Burns on the third leg put the Jaspers into a commanding lead that Howard Borck easily defended against Woodruffs challenge. 18 Totals _.._ 8 Score by quarters: Hi-Dc-Ho _ -1 7 1 1 7--29 St. Rita 4 5 3 3--18 Referee--Bogusky. F. Pis. Dunbar Jrx. Lizza, f Dunaway, f Gent, c Jarvis, g Nygren, g Yutzy. f McDowell, g Totals 7 7 21 Non-scoring substitutes--Buno and Young. G. ...2 . I - 1 . 0 .. 2 - 1 .. 0 Danny Five Cartwrighl, f _. Delligatti, f Vanorsdell, c Conti, g Pcrrus, g ._ .. Connie, f Totals .. G. __ G __ 2 1 2 0 ......11 F. Pis. Caseys Annex Another Scalp, Tarentum Bows The Caseys came th.-ough with a 47-35 win Monday night over the highly touted Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company of Tarcntum. The. home team was never in the rear except in the first quarter when Tarcntum scored nine points to the Casey's six. From then on the locals were not to be denied. Thoy came through persistently with field goals and fouls that paved way to a victory. "Red" George was again the high scorer for the Caseys, scoring seven field goals while Susa led the visitors with a total of 12 points. The game was played without two of the Caseys "key" men, Hasson and Mah- cr, who could not play due to sickness. Wednesday evening the Caseys will travel to Rankin. to oppose Rankin. The line-ups: Caseys G. F. 1'ts. Hurt, f 5 1 11 Tulley, f 3 0 6 Miskinnis, c 3 1 7 Quinn, g 1 1 3 Red Gcorse, g 7 0 14 Brown, g 3 0 6 Y-CHURCII LEAGUE Standing of the Clubs. W. L. United Brethren 6 0 Christians _ -1 1 First M. E 4 2 United Prcsby 4 Leisenring Presby. Church of Brethren Dawson M, E. St. John's First Presbyterians . Pet. 1.000 .800 .COG .571 .500 .400 .250 .200 .000 Games Tonicht. Christians vs. United Brethren, 7. Church ot Brethren vs. Leisenring Presbyterians, 9. .... 5 2 11 substitutes--Hender- Walker, f Totals Non-scoring son, Wayne, Labena, Beighrite, Sil- 14 cox. 2 Score by quarters: 4 Baptist ....... 5 187 15--45 2lMorrcll ,_ 4 2 4 I--11 4 [ Referee--Lizza. 0 Umpire--Manzola. Non-scoring substitute--Connie. Score by quarters: Danny's Five 5 Dunbar Jrs. .. ..0 26 Referee--Bogusky. 4 13--2G 3 16--21 Baptist H. Nygren, f Bigley, f . G. _. 5 ... 4 Daugherty, c 3 Yutzy, E 2 D. Nygren, g 7 Maloy, f 0 Totals 21 MoiTrll !. Uhazie, f 1 T. BauRhman, f 1 Tishman. c 1 Fredrick. K . . . 0 C. Baughman, g 0 Trimba, f 1 F. Pis. 0 10 1 S i Dunbar Parker, f -Cooper, f DeMarco, c Caruso, g Bogusky, g Bruno, f Totals ,, _ 7 4 15 0 ·if. 1'ts. 2 3 2 0 0 VandcrbiK I Sember, f ... Newburg. f Herbert, c ... Rickter, K ... Rohrn, g Levering, n Genard, t; To'.als . . Score by Dunbar Vanderbill G. 1 1 1 ..... 1 2 ..... 2 ..... 8 G. ..... 0 o C 0 o o .. 0 F. Pts. COKERS MEET UNDEFEATED LOOP PACERS Record Crowd Expected To See Westmoreland Countyseat Five. DUNBAR IS HOST TO DERRY CLUB Greensburg High's undefeated basketball club, Section 9 pace setter, comes to Connellsville tonight for a league tilt with the Cokers and indications point to a record crowd as fans will want to see the crack Westmoreland county quintet in action. Greensburg won the sectional title last year but had to default because of ineligibility of a player and Norwin was awarded the title. The neighboring countyseaters, presenting almost the same outfit as in 1937, have gone after the flag with a vengeance and to date have eliminated 10 games with a brilliance that stamps them the potential sectional champions. While Greensburg and the Cokers clash here, Scottdale invades Johnstown, Mount Pleasant travels to Norwin and Jcannette is at L«trobe. Section 10 competition finds Dunbar Township meeting the Derry quintet at home. Leisenring must win to keep in the title race. At the same time Youngwood, ahead of the Red and Black and Derry Township by half a game (the Railroaders played one game .more than these two), will play host to Derry Township. The two games will have much bearing on the title race. A setback for Youngwood or Derry Township will temporarily throw either out of Ihe running for the time being. Hurst is host to Ligonicr. Section 18 play finds unbeaten Rostravcr Township entertaining Sewicklcy Township while West Newton goes to Fayette City and South Huntingdon plays at Belle Vcrnon. Totals Tarcntum E. AlcCormick, f.. R. McCormick, f . Killin, c Susa, g Palcwski, g Zilla, f Lavrcnt, f Totals Referee--Harper. 0 1 6 1 1 1 F. 1 1 2 0 2 10 47 rts. 9 1 4 12 4 3 2 35 FAYETTE CITY CHAMP TO PITCH HORSESHOES HERE WEDNESDAY NIGHT George E. Curry of Fayette City, horseshoe pitching champion of Pennsylvania, will appear Wednesday night at 8 o'clock at the Connellsville Recreation Center for an exhibition of barnyard golf and the public is invited to witness the show. There will be no charge. Mr. Curry will be accompanied by a youth of 17, named Evans, who is reputed to bo the best southpaw horseshoe tosser in the country. Curry and Evans will team up for doubles against E. R. Fazenbaker of Everson, a former State title holder, and Eddie Gallagher of the West Side. The four will take part in a scries of singles. Town's Fire Siren Freezes. ARROWWOOD, Alta.. Feb. 8 Arrowwood is not a very hot town in winter. When the home of Albert Simmlc caught fire no alarm could be sounded and the building was a total loss. The town fire siren froze. Vanities Trip - Skamrock G/r/s In Great Clash Marie DeMay and the Goldeuson Vanities defeated the Connellsville Recreation Center Shamrocks at the Armory Monday night, 35 to 21. The game was much closer than the score indicates, only miserable shooting both from the floor and the foul line accounting for the Vanities' 14 point margin of superiority. The Shamrocks repeatedly missed stctups under the basket and their foul line record of 5 out of 21 tries speaks eloquently of the fear that gripped them when facing their highly touted opponents. DeMay flashed everything that the press agents said of her. Perhaps the old armory has never seen a more scintillating display of basketball than petite Marie put on. She enjoyed a field day at the expense of the harried Shamrock guards. Bronecki handled the ball with professional skill and was content to feed the sphere to madcap Marie under the hoop. . "Pat" Clark and "Ede" Tulley were high scorers for the locals while "Flo" Phillips played her best game of the season. One of the best crowds of the season enjoyed the game. The line-up: Vanities DeMay, f Bronecki, f Szfranski, c Robertson, g Shandor, g Reibel, f __ Ncberdankas, c Totals G. . 9 . 1 . 0 . 1 . 2 . 1 . 1 F. Pts. 19 2 0 3 4 4 3 35 Non-scoring substiute--Gibson. Shamrocks G. F. Pis. Rowc, f . Phillips, f Tulley, c Scott, g _ Mctzger, g Clark, g 8 21 Totals Non-scoring substitutes--Primus, Taylor. Score by quarters: Vanities _ _. 5 n 10 Shamrocks _.... 2 Referee--Hyatt. Umpire--Miskinis. 3 12 9--35 4--21 Taklnc Needed Rest. W. W. Washabaugh of Mount ; I Pleasant is a patient at Connellsville OTHER SPORTS NEWS ON PAGE State Hospital where he is taking a FIVE much needed rest. F. P(s. · Ji 12 0 · O j Uj u I 17 quarters: Referee--R. McDowell.

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