The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 3, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1918
Page 7
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MONDAY, TONS 3, 101S. XH3S DAILY COURIER. CONNBLLSVTLLE. PA. PAGE SEVKW. stronger Umn o\er. I Jcncw rJio guard la front of me didn't understand a word of, snfl BO, la a quiet tens of voice, I confided to tho FngUsh officer who sat n«st me 'what I hafl xlauntl to do. "For Gou'b hobo, Pa*- chuck I t ) ho "Don't bo a Itinctlr t Tiila rail- Post to the L trcis are being ii-ailed ted i b u b d ^ n t j c i b oi ihe In buiic Telcpnune compiini aiinouiLcmg in- . ..U Is double-tanked and racte-bal- i C I t a d e b in latts for all ctasecb of be aad the other track Is on your %1C6( c j c t i \ e Jaij 1 Tue new sclied- side. You stand evury ctwnca In the vrorltJ of knocking your brains out oguinst the rails, or hJttln,.; R bridge or whistling post, and if you escape those you M ill probablx be liit by another train on tho other track You luiyea't one chance tn a thousand to make It I" There wns a good deal of logic in what . e^id, but I figured tliut once I w» in that reprisal camp I "night ntMfir have even one chance In a thon- jle of u ifisa baa bteu ii s e-l v\\h the Punic K«-r\n,t {.omnMabUMi At H t i n t - b u i g aad ie fa font lu ck 01 · UIQ IUH.C SALE OF SUGAR TO CONSUMERS In order to jnoUic js fully as possible the conser\ation of thcf entire f r j i t crop of thc pic^ent seaso'- and to encourage home canning andl prfsf rvmg the loUo-vang rule, go-vcrning family purchases of sugui is made 1 effect %e Jn PcnnsyWunia. Consumers m^y purchase, and gioctrb ma-* sell ID am o-ne laini \ bdgar j Co tom^-presen ig parpobfb onlj m a quanuty not to exceed ivvcnn fi\ c I pounds updn the s i g i i n g b\ tbe purchaser and burrender to {h\. suitr ol a j certificate p the following form , involved follow Somj'id.iised U esc Lchuiied or f t e e counts f=c.rvicc for all HLbJLi ber^ in the 17 dilferent e;- t. badges for bueuucst) phones will be inucabcd to $o 50 pui m o n t h from $ 00 Toi a J-part line the new 1*10 vvi'i bt V, and tor a * pa-"i line u w i h be $2 50 Uie increase m tach be- CHAPTER VI. A Leap for Liberty. I had been !D prison at Courtra. nearly three wee.cs when, on the morning of September Oth, I and Kir other officers were tol*l that we TV ere to be transferred to a prison camp in Germany. One of the guards told me daring the day that we were destined for a re- pri«al camp In Strassbnrg. They were sending us there to keep oar airmen from bombing tho place. He explained that the English carried German officers on hospital ships for a similar puroose and he excused the German practice of torpedoing these "vessels on the score that they also carried munitions' When I pointed oat to him that France would hardly be sendfnr munitions to England, he lost interest In the irgmnent. Some days before I had made np my mind that it would be a very good thing to get bold of a map of Germany, which I knew was In the possession of one ol the German interpreters, because I realized that if ever the opportunity cams to make roy escape, such, a map might be of the greatest assistance to me. "With the Idea of stealing this map, accordingly, a lieutenant and I got la front of tWs Interpreter's window one day and engaged In a very hot orgn- meat a0 to whether Heidelberg was on the Baloe or not, rmd we argued bncfe *nd forth go vigorously that the German came otrt at hla room, map In hand, to tattle It After the natter was entirety gettkd to crar satisfae- I Conftacitect th* Map. tton, b« went bock into hta room and I watched wbere he pnt the map, When, therefore, I K«xned that I wtis on my way to Germany, I realized that U was more important than erer for me to get that map, and with the helo of my friend, we got the interpreter ont of hi* room on flame pretext or another, and while he was gone I confiscated the map from the boot: In ·which he kept It and concealed it in my eock underneath :ny legging. As I had anticipated. It later proved of the utmost vatae to me, I got it none too vcon, for half an hoar later we were on our way to Ghent. Onr party consisted of five British officers and ono French officer. At Ghent, where we had to wait for several hours for another train to take us direct to the priwm camp In Germany, two other priaocers were added to our party. In the Jnterral we were locked In a room at hotel, A guard sitting at the door with a rifle on his Itnec. It would have done my heart good for the rest of my life If I could have gotten away then and fooled that Han--he was so cocksure. Later we were marched to the train that was to convey us to Germany It consisted of sotne tv- elve coaches, ele\en of these containing troops going home on leave, and the twelfth reserved for ns. We were placed In a fourth-class compartment with old, hard wooden seats, a filthy floor and no lights save a candle placed there by E guard. There were elgnt cf us prisoners and four guaras As w e sat m tin* coach we were an object of curiosity to the crowd who gathered at the stfitlon "Hope you Save a nice trip I" one of them shouted sarcastically, | "Drop me a Une when you set to Berlin, will you?" shouted another in Droken English. "WTien shall we oee you agala?" asked a third. "Kemember me to your frlends will pa' Foa'Il flud plenty where you're going 1 " shouted another. The German officers made no efflort to repress the crowd. In fact they Joined in the general laughter which .'ollcrwod every enlly. I called to a German oScer who was pasmg our window Ton re an officer, aren't you?" 1 asfce d, respectfully enough. "lea, what of It?" be rejoined, "Well, in England," I said, "we let your officers who are prisoners ride j first class Can't you fii it so that we can be similarly treated, or lenst be ! transferred to second-class compart-' meet?' 1 "If I had my way," he replied, "you'd i ride with the hogs!" Then he turned to the crowd and told them of my request and how he h ad answered me, and they all langtied lilariously. This got me pretty hot. "That would be a d sight better than riding with the Germans'" I yelled after him, but If Se conskl- ered tliat a good joke, he didn't psiss It on to the crowd. Some months later when I had the honor of telling my story to King George, he thought thts incident wnh one of the best Jokes ho had erir beard. I don't believe he ever laugbf-d harder In his life. Before oar train polled out, our guards bad to present their anna for Inspection and then- rifles were loaded In oar presence to let us know tbot they meant business. From the moment the train sturtdi on Its way to Germany, the thought kept coining to my bend that unless I could make my escape before wi reached that reprisal camp I might ai well make up my mind, as far as ] was concerned, the war was over. It occurred to roe fast if the eight of its in that car could jump at a given ticnal and ^dze thosv four Eun guxu-du by surprise, we'd hare a spleedtd chance of besting them and Jumping on. the train when it first slowed down, but when I passed the Idea, on to my comrades they turned It down. Even If the p**n worked out as gloriously as I had pictured, they pointed out, the fact that BO many of ns had escaped would almost inevitably result tn OTT recapture. Tire Huns would hare scoured B«lgram till they fand got vo and then we woall all b« ehot Perhaps they were right Keverthelesa, I was determined that, no matter what the others decided to do, I V78 going to make one bid fox freedom, com« what might. As we passed through vOlftge afta? Tillage in Belgium and I realized that we were getting nearer and nearer to that dreaded reprisal camp, I concluded that my one and only chance of getting free before "we reached it was througQ the window 1 I would have to go through that window while the train waa going fnfl-epeed, because If I waited Tintil it had slowed up or stopped entirely, it would be a simple matter fo? the goards to overrate or shoot me. I opened the window. The guard wbo sat opposite me--so close that Ms feet toached mine and the stock of his gnn "which ho held between nia knees occasionally struck my foot-made no objection, Imagining no doubt that I found the car too warm or that the smoke, with which the compartment was filled, annoyed me. As I opened the window, the noise the train was making as It thundered along grow louder. It seamed to say; "Tou*re a fool if you do; you*re a £00! If you don't--you're a fool if you do-you're a fool If yon don't"--and I said to myself ''the ricies have It." and dosed down the window again. As soon as tho window was closed, the noise of the train naturally sub- Bided and Its speed seonied to diminish, and ray plan appealed to me EOd re escujae, and the idea of re- mg uU C L L i s per moiita mrloing a prisoner «: war indefinitely Tl e kdnvi unlimited semcc to all went against tny ynlu. I resolved to , L , _ f a t a l c ^ U bbcilbeii foi residence take say chance now at the risk of p n o n C b W J i t bt ncreascd to $ 50 pei breaking my neck m o u U f i o m ?-' Foi a 2-pirty line the Tae car -\vaa full of smoke. I looked new i a t e w i l l be $2 and .foi a 4-part i hut. w i l l be $ L ' the increase in across at the guard He Vras rather an old man, going acme on lease, and ho j rjaru l i n c s fccnng J5 cents per month seemed to be dreuinlng of what was la m eac )j c store for him rather than paying any , l or loc ' al H e r v i c e j onl y ( Wfllch mcans particular attention to me Once In a | f j p r ami unllinilp( » clilss to dH faub _ ile I had sraiJed ut him, and I ftgnrol that ha bade t the slightest Idea of u Uie exchange, with toll charges for calls elsewhere the what * a s going through my mind all ^ fo) busliu-as phones ftill be in- the time we had been traveling Ir.ea.ed to $250 from ?2 For party waa badly irritated by tbo smoke and "^ * ^oem* a* month frooT the SLGAR PL'RniASE CERTIFICATE FOR HOME PRESERVING I hereby tlc_larp to the Lnitod Stateb Pood Adminisfcrdtion, that I do si~e to purchase "oni --^--_ r . pounds of sugar for my OTMJ use, for canning and I agree not to u der suja- under tbis ruling, from am -riirre n o\cc-^s of i-\ r oqJiic-mtnu foi th s purpobo or to use tl e sugar 10 o dc^cd for on other purpose than that here specified I ba^e on hard bUgar to the amount ol I used for cann ng and p eser/ing jn 1937 _ Name , , Town Street or R P D Address lime the guard looted np and his disapproval, but did not say any* thlog. It was then 4 o'clock In the morn- changes at. U"!onj3v,n ConneJsM le, Browns^ 11 IP and Scottdale For the T evchangps the increases are not Foi local ^cr\ ( 0 o n l j , Tor rebidcnco phones the new rite \\ II be $2 for A private I'm an 'nevease of 50 ceuti, and for a i a r o 1'ne it w i l l be $150, Ing and would snon be light I know I ftn mcTedse of 33 cont ^ iiad to do it right then, or never, as there would be no chance to escape In the daytime. I had on a trench coat thfit I had used ns a flying coat and wore my qu ; to 3 o~i a r ge being in proportion to Knapsark, which I ba'd eortrtracted, the , jrcnet K lesser rentals oat of a gas bag brought into Comtrai | These increases hevo been literally by a British prisoner In this I had forced on th , Tri-Suue company For two pieces of broad, a piece oC sau- [ the I)ftbt ^^ or four iears * cost B«ge and a pair of flyln? mlttena. A | pncc , of CVLry k'nd have been s^ead- Df thwn had to go with me through tbe j m advancing In sotne detalla the In- wmdow j create n*s bt?en 10 per cent, in olherb The train wa*i now going at a rate of Q^ high as 170 per cent Material hue putween thlrtj and thirty-Ore mUi»s an advanced, rent has advanced and la- hour, and again it seemed to admonish bor has advanced For the iiibpecttoa of a Courici nw.D the pa^ "oil cards of the p ist four yeara of the entire Tn-Siute mt of employes were r h r o w n open From several cj.rds se- 1 lected at random it waa found that wage Increases Igure from 43 per ( cent to 53 pci cent For the past to jeara tbe Tn-State compan h^b paid no dividends Tbe l a i r t c l m b were so loathe 'o ncrease rentals that. the'lngij pasbtid the du dend to return all ibe profits of the oub ness to betterment o r the ber- nce But tht recent and continuing ( sharp advances ha^e left no other re- coarse Pract.caMy e\ery otJaer public utilitj bas rna'le advances tbu morft recent to command local attention being the VveLt 1 enn raih\as A 20 per cent advance m tares u now in force on tbib big 'rollev system, w h i f h i-~ a ^rtater idvance 'ban tli it of the Tri-SiaLp Telephone conip.n Tbe torm of the pf st wtn'er forced thc co npan\ o e\pendmircs ayt^'-c- S^titip" several bundrpd thousa.nif dol- Iirs Thirt^ 'li-ee tbousind loot of new copper ft ire was used on the lines from Umontovn to Connefls\ille alone, with other repairs in proportion In evcrv nstance repairs were nndo with tbe idea of making tho new 'I Pulled Myself Up, Shoved My Fcet| linet;i beuci thin ever before in the Through thc Window, and Let Go." | P'' 15 * Thc Tri-Stite corrpanr s doing us me ns It rattled along- over the ties, i itmost to gi\e better service and wUb fooUf yoo do--yon ro a fool | tho now tir ff m force n anothe" Grocers v-il provide tbc i t,wn pr nlo^ form 1 - for use in jie uitdot this rul UEJ and WL 1 oi^vrLr^ \\uenlv, ail crmheaies reccn^d Lhc previous week to ibe County Food Admmislratoi It you don't, f oo're a fool if you don't --you're a fool t£ you do. You're a fool If you don't" I waited no longer. Standing · month aopes to still further im- p-o~ve the local and countv telephone sv^tem T h e advance in p-ices as long as possible It has tie beach as If to put tUe bag OQ tbej been midc onl whon business could no lonsor bo con intied at ihe old rack and tafclng bold of thc rack wltfa my left band and n «rrap teat hung from tbe top of tho cor wltli my right. I pulled mygeif up, sbored my feet aod legs out of the ivlntlutv and Jet go. Thfrc was a prayer oa QJJ lips as I ·went out, and J expected n bnJJet he- I The one thing chat waa uppermost In tween my ahouldtrs, but It was all my rnlcd WBB tlutt for the moment I ver In an instant. was free, and It was up to ine now to which fell ont of my knapsack, but I cetild not stop ^o look for it then, i I landed oa my left side and face, my face In the rock ballast euttlnf? It open and closing my left eye, sldnnlng my hands and shine and straining my anJtle, For a few moments I was completely .knocked make the most of my liberty. CHAPTER VII. Crawling Throuflh Germany, The exact spot at wnlch, I made my and If they shoe at me through the desperate leap I don't know Perhaps, window, in tlie first moments after my after the wnr is over, someone on that escape, I £md no way of knowing i train will be good enough to tell me Of cotirae if they eonld have stopped' and then I may so back rnd Jooit for the train right than, thoy could easily ] tho dent I muat have made In the rock hove rectrptared me, bat at the speed it' ballast. was going and in the confusion which must hove followed mi escape, they probflblj didn't stop wltiiln half of a mile from the spot where I lay. I came to within n few minutes and when I examined myuclf and fotrad no bones broken I didn't stop to uorry about my cuts and bruises, but Jomped up with tho Idea of pncting as groat a distance between, mo and that truck as possibly btfore daylight came Still be-i Ins dazed, 1 forgot ail about the buibed wire fence along tho right of way and run full tilt Into It. Hlglit thero I lost ono of my two prodoab pieces of broad. I have said, I didn't stop very long ; that raorntng after I ouco regained my J senses. 1 \vas blooding profnaoly from tne wouida canaed by tlio fall, but I ' checked It somewhat with handkerchiefs I hold to my faco, and I also held the ti II of JOT coat so as to catch the blood Rfl It lell and not to leave teli-tnle traces on the ground. Befoic 1 jE,tojp( d I had gone about a mile Then 1 took mv course £rorn the ·it-rs and found tt»at I bean going j ibt oin^oaito to tbo direction I ehonld be making but I could not go back across the tract there. Heading went, therefore, I kept this course for about two and n half hours, but us I was very weak frora loss of blood I dlclnt cover very much ground in that time. Just before daylight I came to a canal which I fcnow I had to cross, and I 0wam It with everything I hsid on. Thl8 swim, which proved to be the first of a series tiiat I was destined tc | malie, taoght mo several thicgs In the first placs, I had forgutten to remove my wriet-wutcb. This watch had beon broken in my foil from tha air, but I had It repaired at OourtrnI, In the leap from tbe train, the crystal had been broken a#nln, bat it was still going find wouJd probably ha-\e been of great Eervlco to mo IT tny subseQuent adventuree, but the swim across the contU rained it Then, too, I hud not thought to tnie rn loop out of nay -lock aad the water damaged chat, too. Thereafter whenever I bad swimming to flo. I WILS*efui to such matters into consideration, and toj usual practice waa to make a bundlr of all ihf* things tlut would bo damaged b ^atcr and tie It to my head in thifa uay I wab ubia to keep tSiGia dry. It was now djj-ilghr and I knew that It would be buiciUhl for me to attempt to travel lu the tiaytune My uniform would have bc^n Catal to lae. I decided to hJdo to tie daj-ttzce aod travel only at night. Not far from tho canal I cooM see a heu\Iiv wooded piece of ground, and I made my way there. By OILS time I heel discovered that niy left unlde had be fti strained in inj leap from the trma, uud when I got to the woods I j vrtis glaU to lie down and rebt Tue i wound In my month had been opened, too, wben I jumped and it woold have be^n difficult for mo to have swallowed had not the piece of broad, which .ras to serve for my breakfast, got wet when I swam the canal. I found a safe hiding place tu which to spend the day add I tried to dry scunu of my clothes, but a slight drizzling rainfall mode that out of tbe qaestion I knew that I ought to sleep, as I planned to travel at night, but sore as I waa, | cafced with mud and blood, my cloth- j ing soaked through acd my hunger not j nearly appeased, sleep woe out of the question TMs seemed to me abouC the longest day I had ever spent, but I was still to learn how long a day can really be and how much longer a night, When night came J dragged myself together and headed northeast. My clothing consisted of my Flying Corps uniform, two sbirts, no underwear, leather leggings, heavy choes, a good pair of wool socks and, a German cap I had a wallet containing several hundred francs In paper money and various other papers. I also had a jackknlfe which I had stolen one day bpfore from the property ^oom at Courtrai, where all tbe personal effects tnlten from prisoners were kept For H day or two I had carried a knnp- aack, but as I had nothing to carry In It I discarded It. TO BE CONTIMJED. "\\ ho ^\ i* Jt t t r^lVmt re Hous c-) i l 4 A M U 5 11 , L n h !, - 5 , - v i e , Resul i n d I- i * 11 lenl ) rict I ^ r n i n n.d 'somi-ii T n to da I r m u t nt f r ,1 'T me n o r t o i u r - 1 i i --L t u n if t * t n i ·- r i t l T--(r rifl i t i u i i jal Terms rt i i i l l on. M r I h td l t n trouble l s -t ij.i mil u 1 ! nr i'l ^ton i id t» u k i fell u«. i i if! r c r v o t ntl trti KVC feclin pounds ococccocc ecoccoooocsooooo The Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania is justly m stni gxnshetl for ns strong standing directorate Its Dneciors are men of abilit-, and successful standing HI the com- muniu Us officers ,ue experienced competent .ind able in the peiionrance of e\ery EOTH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, Accounts subject to check are invited MOTOR l^OCK and TVAGOJVS. The June Bride »6tJ -AJ Itehe\ SIQ J » a PP1CE $J 2O Sold By Druggists Trnuoc with e»ch I oltlc or mailed on rw,ueGt THE EVANS CHEMICAL CO,/ CINCINNATI, (X Sd-r stomach clogcrl up hotels, pi^iples blat-kbraris foul bffjath ore evils oC constipation HoH 5ter s Rnck-\r Vou^tai- Tea rPEWlatcs tJie bowels purlfips the ^tomaph, exiw-U decay matter from sjstpm \T.t\irc s ·H-ondrous herbs Positive results. 35c Tea or uibletK ConnellsTille Drug Co--Ad/ Between the Csst of Good aad Cheap Priatiag is so sEght that he who goes shopping from printer to pnnrer to secure his printing at a few cents less than what it is reafly worth hardly ever makes day laborer wages at this unpleasant task. if you want good work at prices that are nght, get your job pnnttig Eemem'eer:- That c\crr home ntedb the protection oi i savings account Tlat iniio a aiarriagc is "one iong ^vvtxt iong* amxph because That juit a IJ^UG sj.\cd regularly ano d(iXA?ilfri in baiik. at interest counts up ucndenullj That pavjng br check makes for ecoiiom'" and is the safest way to handle ftmds for household es- This hank corniallr invitea botL j o u r checking and savings account. * The Rank tiutt Docs Things for Ton 1 Capital ftD(] Snrplos $300,000. Patjoni?e those wbo advcrtiso The delufhtB oi you- vneajion befin (lie mor cnt you board a D C Coast Line Steamer for be-juti r n! Ma unac I* and~foc half of tile dchiiili are in ibe Late t oyjjte Railroad tickets aie bonoted on all D C- LJ i e cteamert wuh o«l extra ciatj^c The D C lou£mm tniures ihc bc« 10 a-Jpo nimen c cuittae aod pawwtaltt-ii tcmcc Safety apd b«llb revisions are all ibal cocJd be desired All Meanier* arc equipped \etth latest wire cs tcrvicc waicr IB stenfixed liy ultra vioiei ia procen Two splendid ^ c«sc!«--City of Mackmac 11 acd C»y of Alpcra II--operate four tiiuce o week f a Macfcmac IP (and Frora Toledo Mo-da« ail SaturdaycS 30 A M Tucdajsand fbund 600 P M From IetTO i MoodJiyd nnd Sat dayiS^OP M . Wcdncsdajs and FntUju S_l) A M Send 3-ccnt «tamp for illuitrited pampUet ; Great Ukea OTSP Addfesi L C LEW1I. G P. A , 9 Third Avenue, Detroit Midi TO M^CKJWAC ISLAND From Buffalo 5 9 SO Kotiw! tnp 16JO J-roai OetHand S700 RiHind mp T2M Frora Toledo J 6 25 PETET BTSK--Yes. Tot^y, Auntie Probably "VVHI Affrec It f s By C. A. VOIGHT So »"u. Kwjte lo To "B\ti«. COP

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