The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 24, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE DAILY COURIER, CONN1 LLSVILLE, PA. ulONDAT,, FEBRUARY 24, 1030. P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Mrs. A. ,'F. Ororpo of North Pittsburg '-(root, was tlv 1 guest of her brother-in- law and pisd'f-r, Mr. ami Mrs. J. i t . .Me- i Coy of I'ittsrurg Sunday. H r n n s u p p e r at Trinity Reformed f'luirch. Thiusday, February 27. Hours .'' t n s P. M. --Advertisement.---teb. 19, W i l l i a m N'o-yflolrt, Miss; Wiila ROf» of I'.ushu.r-R atvd .Mr; and Mrs. r*. .H. SHt.'Mi of StvriivRd'alo \vcro guests of Mr. and Mrs D. A. Ramag-p- of Dim-bar Sumi.iy. M t . Saton is a non ami Mr, M;iytUl, » nHIi^w of Mrs. i IJtujco p a r t y . Women's Benefit As- j rioriauon, Pythian Hall, Tuesday .eve- i i i i " , February 25, at. 8:30 V. M. everybody invited.--Advertisement,-- 11. S. llon-ftr, manager ot N-slson'* .--tore, l o f t S in-day n i g h t for Now York, wlu'i-f- ho w.ll bviy spring and smirmo-r iiH'ix-haii(Hsn for 1lvo d i f f e r e n t d e p a r t i i i f i i t s of the storo, Hiikpd h«m suppor. Saint. Aloysiiis C h u r c h , inmba.r, Wocin-e-wlay evoiiing, Fol«rriH.ry 2x Hoiw-s a to S. I ' r i c o 75 roti! s. Adi I'lwtnuinl-N' and Mrs. W. S. H-c-hanna spout Un w«ek-oiid vis-Hlng with f r i e n d s fit MowoiiRaliola. D-on't to i gol Urt» can! p a r t y in the Hoc.Ud H a l ! of the I r m t i n c u l u t o Conc n i U i o n Clrire-h by 1tn lia dies' S^winc Circle ami I/eapue- of Mi-?- Sa-crod H e a r t . T h u r p ' l n y e-vonins. February -T. Thre-o liamt made q u i l t s a n d v a l u a b l e a l u m i n u m vare w h i c h w i l l be on i i s - jil-ay ii) t h e - Conn-eliBvilio irtiK Comp a n y ' s wir.iiow w i l l be a w a r d e d . Ad\ v-r t.isonvei · t. -- i! 1 feb-11. Mr. and Mrs: .1. W a l t e r P a y n e of M-.-.Koespovt w o r n yiMtinc; relatives h e r e y o s t e r d i i y . H a r v e y \Vyli« of I'ittfcbur?; wa* a woe-k-pnri s-ueflt at Iho homo of .Mr. a n d Mrs. .Uuncst J. Driscoll. Miss M a r y {.on Beaton of IJ-roiisviUo, X. Y.. l'or:iK-r!y of CVuin-ellsvlllo, was railed h r by the death of Mr;;. Ktr/.a- HMli C l a r k . Sh» w i l l r e m a i n a t Uv? ' l a r k \'.(iv,v for a w e e k . M i s s Sraton s a niece i«f tbo kite W. P. (.'lark. IHIH- hand of Mr.-'. ( ' U i r k . Mrs. A. I I . Ivdmond* of Kasi Gr-oe-n :-tr.^t J^P( tit the day in P i t t s b u r p . Mi.^s i)t r o t l i v 1'oole, a M t i i d - e n t n u r s e in f h o C - n i o n t o w u H o s p i U l . stotit Satu r d a y n U h t w i t h lier mother. Mrit. Ho;--*' i'oolo of Norlii I'itts-bnrK strot. Mr. an' .Mrs. W. 1^. W r i g h t of S o u t h I M i t » b u r R street have returned 'row Cadi/. O'iiio, w h o r e they v l K i t e d the h i t t e r ' s n e t h e r . Mrs. Sarah K. Moore. Mr. u nl Mrs. Myron S m i t h of W i l k l i i f i - b . i r i ! , an-d Mrs. A/nn« liraillor of Ka«t Crawford tivenue were quests of tho latler's .sisters, Mar- Kitret and Kdna Sm-lth of Dawson K u i i d a y . Mr. Smith is a nephew of Uvo Misses Smith and Mre. Bratller. Air. ard Mrs. CS«org* Cnnn'lD.gham of Green ^burg were Ruc-ats of Mr. Cun- niiiRhunrs brother ami sMer-ln-law, Mr. nd Mrs. W. W. Cunningham ot; y o u t h Kighlh atreet, (ir«tmwood, and of hlK r u n t . M1ss Nelie Campbell oE Crillatin aveivue, over the w-eok ond. Mr.-;. Clara B. Port of Lloooljj aye- nut.- ;uu Miss Marie Young of IrVest rruwfon! avenue viBited Miss Matilda Sievonson, u patient in th-e Wvst Fenu l l o H j i i t a : , IHttsburg, Sundiiy. Mis* Stevenson resided in I'onnoUBville be- foi-r- r e t u r n i n t ; to 1-Mttsburg to reside. Miss Paulino KVgle, Mr. and Mr.s. S. K. H o r u w a l t and '.laughter, s-pent i lie week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Ken- nelti K. Miiier of (-utrobe. M.-s. Miller i : ; a. hi.-;ter of Misw Kogle. Mr. add Mrs. Chiwlos Opiwrnuui of C n i o n l o w n , w-en* among the out-of- toAvn persons who attended the funeral service for Mr;;. Marie Uanier Clasper Friday afternoon. C i i U i K i i c i l f f i n i I'UBC One. Mr. a m i Mr.s. J. M. OlafiTXM- of New IKsrry were f;ut v «t« of the lattor's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jolm 'W. Fuehrer oC South K i f f h t h street, Citreon'Woori, over the week-end. Mr. iad Mrs. A r t h u r S. Digby ot NurberUi, 1'a.. were t h e g.uesty of the formers b r o t h e r - i n - l a w nJid srlator, Mr. att'l Mrs. .1. M. Cecil of South Conover t h e week otvd. They home S u n d a y . Aunt Het KORV "l.'a always seemed a k i n d o' to me o 1 en in h i s s»jek f o o t , u n t i l the fir t t i m o 1 seen him ftcfatehtn' hit back against the door eas'.np." Healthiest! SECOND WEEK OPEN 5 IN REVIVAL SERV-.CES AT THE UNCHURCH nigM, in«r!ftvd t h e begl-nnin-g of t h o 4(o:o i iM-J week nl th jxvival sorviwvs at t.hp l-'lrB-t. ITnitei Brethren C h u r c h . A f u l l hou-w war. present to hear the ehtii'c.1) pastor, 1 ev, 10. A. Sch'Ul.ty,, ivresn'ii on "Coins ' u t of Clr- enl-aUott." Hov. S c h u l t ? bat; 1 his nw.B- sagf on the paraihlrs of th lost coin and the buried latftnt. are ' ( n o nuuiy -f Christ's coins--- I l l s ]M?op ctilatlon. A eo e--who ar- oiil of fiir- n on! of Swiftest, Easiest Way to End Bilious Spsll K K V . K. II. S T K V K N S IllKF.S I'O M I L L R U N AM) UETL'H S i i t u n i a y i i f t e r t i o o n ' s sprinsllli« w e u t / K r l u r e d Ht.-v. K. I I . Stevens into Ihe | en -for w h a t ended in a hike of m o i e t h a n 20 miles. The m i n i s t u r - sjkorts-nau e n j o y e d the a f t e r n o o n so w e l l t h a t he. s t r o d e on and on, not h a l t i n i ; u n t i l b e had r e a c h e d t h e home of F r a n k W. U i e k s at M i l l l i u n . That wits n e a r l y « o'clock at. u l g h t . A f t e r a lieu I t by m j p f ' U ' e had bei:ii satiKli:il )ie s t a r t i ' U h o n i u w a r d by way of the Hpriiiffttcld pike. Not u n t i l !ie ·wa« a , Sliacly Host, a m i l e f r o m homo, did he- consent t o be "picked ill)." U w :l « 1::!0 when lie reached the manse in W i i i a road, The ministoT was at, his accustomed (date at the First Baptist C-hurch Suudt.}- mornitiR:. Mr. and Mrs. Deems RhoclPN of ·Sqaifri-l H i l l , Plttsburp;, aro v l a i t i f i K jit t h ^ ' homo of Mr*. Uhodes' m o f h i * r , Mrg. Thoniu» Ii'lynn of tho, Side. Mis-s liOi-etta M c K i t r i c k . who in in t r a i n i n g f u r nurstas a t t h o I M t l s b u r g l l o s p . t d l , visited ye-slrrday at t h e home of her parents, M". and Mrs. J o h n MoKitrick of t h e West Sid*:. When you in ^ l » f t those » f s t (oins of eon t i p n l i o u --bad b r e a t h , coated lonsue, listU-asneas, tho. whole system soon i nffpr«. Aj»p*Wc l^K"Digestion slow up. You become headachy. dizzy, bU'.ous. It's easy to '-erred, sluggish howeJ action! Tak« a c;»ndy CascAtet ton l s h t . {See how artit'lflr -- and plrawmt- |y -- thf bowel? arf activatod. Ail the sum ring- wast, is gently propelled from tlae sy*t m. Ilcgular and complete bowel a lion la restorwl. Cuscarcts ai inndo f r o m p u r o fas- rar;i. a siibnta co w h i c h doctors; a.ffreo ai-"Uiaiiy strci s 'thons bowol muscies. A i l d r u g s f o r , i have Casrarels. -lOc. -- AdvorUs«flanit. MRS. ANNA L. HUEY, WIFE OF HIRAM HUEY, DIES NEAR MOYER Mrs, Anna '/ow-ll«n HiK'r, ti'~ yeairs old, died at ·· :65 o'clock Sunday Availing at th«- li"irio nl Kast Connellsvllle after an H i m is from c-ompiicatiTmw of disease* whli h tlatod bach to August, 1929. Mrs. l i u e y ' s condition hr«l not beon ('·oiiBldo ed mtrtoua, h«w«w«r, and she was conln«d to h«r bed only three d-ays. in addltioi to. her htisban3, Hinuri liuoy, she is survived by five children. They aro M i ^ s ICMzabelii atvJ Harokl, both at lion e, Walter of Raet Ooh- nettarll-le, H i l p h and lxnis, lxth of Detroit, T rw t!V)thtrs, William Ive-wellen of his city, Kdward of IMtts- burg and Cl arias A., of Philadelphia, toKfther wi h orw* halfsisrter, Mrs. Harry J«nnniga if Coitneilsville, also sn.rviv-0. Mrs. Huo was l.ioni in this cRy. a daiiKhtor of tho late Jsuiob and Katherine riel.l /ewellon. and K'pent hor oitir life- ii thi« viflm-itj-. Mrr. Iluey was a momf ffr of tho Kast. Kn-d United Brethren C h u r c b , Tho finw il service w i l l b« held at 2 o'clock Wo'in-eexiay afternoon at the i-?*itlonc.'. 'ntormetU, w i l l bo hi. Motrn-t Olivo C "~t)y little d a u g h t e r is just, about the healthiest tfirl I know," says Mrs. L. Frank, DS22 Lndlow St, Philadelphia. "Ard T w a n t to Rive c.rediit w h e r e it la cue. "Phyllis -was constipated several years a;;o and I pc^ve her California Kip Syrup. H helped her so wonder- f u l ' y t h a t I have u»ed it ever since for al,l her upsets or colds. It has kept fiei strong, energetic, rugged." c h i l d r e n suffer when bowels aren't r e p u l a r . Breath become* fetid.; t o n g u e coi.ted; eyes dull. W h e n these symptom are ucRlee-tod, biliousness, fevar- ishueBs, lack of appetite i:nvur!ably follow. The first lo*o of C a l i f o r n i j t Fig Syrup relieves those K y m p l o m s HIH! a c ' i v n h M ) silusprish bowels. SucceKsive IJOK help' tone and strengthen weak boweln; improve appetite; e n c o u r a g e digestion and aasimilation. Try it w i t h a bil'ioUH, lioadachy, ottM»tipated c h i l d aril sec how it helptt! The pure vegetable p r o d u c t , (indorsed by doctors for 50 years, always bf-ars tho name California. So look for it when buying.--AdvfrrUsiemeiu. OTO MURRAY DIES AFTER ILLNESS OF 10 YEARS; FRICK VETERAN Otto M u r r a y . 57 years old. for alwnt 23 years a resident of t h i s community, di-ed at i:20 o'clock tht;* m o r n i n g at tae. Tosidoncc. 328 N o r t h Pittsburs street, f r o m an illness whi'.'h lla* nade him an invalid for altnont 10 jears. A l t h o u g h h i B health ha/1 liol. (·eon Koort, he did not bwome bedfast t.ntil F r k t a y . Sineo then he had flunk t a p i d l y . » Mr. Murray was i x i r n near U n i o n - t o w n . He iearn*i the blacksmith ; rado and for t n a u y yours was fttn- -.)K)jreel by the H. ('. K r i c k Coke. Company, w o r k i n g at the Morgan and L/«1senrlnK No. 1 plants, l i e ha/l al- w b«n employed by tho Hoy 1.3 -Porter jompany of. this c-Hy. In addition to his widow, Mrs. Florence Clelland Murray, he i« survtviKl by four sons and one d a u g h t e r . They are Jesse A l a r r a y of tin? Wppt Side, Harry J., Ioria)d and ItiiHHcll. a l l at homo, and Mrs. Mabel )»}x!er of 1'ltU- biiri?. One brother, Hoberi M u r r a y of Puritan and a sister, Mrs. Robert Boyd of the West Side, also s u r v i v e . Mr. Murray was a rnembcr of the Method)Ht t'riJifrsiant ('hurth. I*utieral arrangements have not tie-en cornfileteU. Interment w i l l be in Mouat A u b u r n Cennjiery at. Duiibar. LUTHERAN RETREAT THURSDAY EVENING AT GREENSBURG ilrciilaUon w and ha* iivrti virtual /Ice," tho At (.he lias no value. I t is of no i no power. Noti.he-r lias iu who is not in CiOil'H s-r»i sno.'iker said. The! HivLivrt-n M le Quariol. Run-K "Th« t . i l . l l o Bio\vn ''1 lrP*h in- the \\'H(l'Woo(l." Tlw r'boriiB ch i.r, dire(;t.ori by MTU. 1'^. '^.fioclioiin of U n i o n town, roiidercd spci:il n u n v b e r t cios-e ol' the M - r v i i - o Mrs. sang a vorilou of tiio h mti, "Must Jvius Boar 111^ C'rtiBs Aloi e?" Itev. K c . h u l l z IniH ainioui cod tho following sermon ait-lijects f- r tho H-erv- lce« l.'hiH woak : T o n i g h t , ".Jonah and a G "eater Than Jona.h." Tiwvsdii.v nHdit, "Th« 'ereton of Sntiin." l K h t , "Sti' khoklora In Bank." Tbitrsd.'iy tiiglii, "Si K r l d n y niiSfht, '"1'ln! B. i O. Ttoart." S-undny n i g h t , "i)o!iw.M'ti ice." At. tho service S u n d a y i icrnlng ffnr i-ii were ncilvc«d IIM.O tho d i t i r c h f c l U i w . v h i p The m«M)!lnnB lipptn n, c.h n i g h t at. 7:3t) o'clock wif.h a gos-ii- I HOUR aerv- l{fi|iuMl' ^'un JVout 'UNIONTOVVN, Ft'b. 2'- foreign ttb.jcrt. ij i h e f lioarillghtrf wlille erossio between Cardalo and He day n i g h t , M o t o r i n u n Sa applied h'tj eni jrnency brought hi:* «t.r*«t ( A r If ing a few fe-ct ot the l Hrown of ttopuMic wh on the traokii. Di-ath. --Seeing a ire ot hla ; the trestle itiblic, uiol Mitchell brake and a stop wtdi- dy of James was PATRON i DAY IS OBSERVED AT NORMALVILLE Patrons day at No. patrons In noon an in' ducted by John Ellin. villc schoo' Thp (jroi Uoli cal lions. RccitatU. Sherboud^-. Miner, flif K a r d , Paul · M i l l e r , L.O-I lay was obnprved on Fri- nialvillo w i t h about lit' attendance. In aftor- proitram was oou- Kathleen Hoover and tenchevft of the ram tc res pen fled to by ns, Robert KulljTn, J. C. Blanche Prltl.s. Haroli! mi Myers, Keuneth B u n - llrooks, Ue-lia Millt-r, Alena iso Brooks, Klcanoi* W h i p key, L o r u i .a .Hoover a t i t Maria B a f - Solo, 131 l i n e Uead/ing ', Gladys Kin;;, R u t h Kemp, Charles H r u e r , Donald C h a i u i i n g and Melvin M - l l e r . Playlet, Ueulah H v o o k n , Ralph Hall, Jack Broi ks, J.'Veda M i l l e r and Thoman i l a r r 3. Vi\ untown Man Rnbbwl. [·ITTSr.URG. Feb. 24.--Walter A.; Shorman of U r t l o u t p w i v wa« held 'ip and ronb d of $118 in cash mul a diamond rlti v valued at $'100 by two ne- groes « a i t y S u n d a y m o r n i n g In JVie- Kooaporl When he aftkod the ne- groes thi direction to the railro «f KtfUlori, I. ley offered to show him (lie way. lx irtlrip ]Um behind a freight station. I liey committed th« r.obbe^y. Two susj-ects have be«n arrested. A THREE DAYS' COUGH IS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL from colds may lead to serious trouble. You can stop th«m now with Crtotnulaion, an rmulsiSed crcosole that in Peasant to take. Cteotunlsion is a mp licai discovery with two-fold actioo; i! foullie« uitd heals the inflamed wvm- brsneB and inhibit,* germ growth. OE till known drags, creosote ia tecog- Hi? il by hiyji medical authorities as one of ( f m grensest in-afinpc agem'ita for coughs from colds ami bronchial irritations. Cr··omuUion caniains, in addition to crco- ·ol:, other healing elements which sootha and heal tho inflamed mefiibranes ari'l »lop the ivritRtion,' while the creoaots goes on l ) the stomach, is absorbed intu the- blood, attacks the seat of the troubla ttnd cbecvs tho growth of the germs. Crcom ilsion is guaranteed sati.ifac- tory in iho treatment of coughs from colds, bi inetiitis and minor forrrw of bronchia irritationo, and is excellent for buiL ing tip the «yslem after voids or flu. vloney refunded if nut reli-evcd after faiing according to directions. Aak 701; c duggist. (adv.) CREOMULSION . FOR TH£CQU$H FROM COLLS THAT HANG ON A pre-ljenl.en rotrffa-t of tih« an Brotherhood of th-e will IK« !ivlfi Thursday ev« PVibrus.ry 27, a), S o'clock at tho }V#t Lutheran Olvurch of OreMnjbi!.-rg. AW tho pastors ahd laynwn of the Greonsbui'K ('onfer-nco aro urgel t.o atten 6. Th* program in ns follows: Hymn. Vesper aerri'C*, Kev. B. C94nion KHz. Prayer, Rev. J. B. Gardiner. lirotlterhood. hymn. Muaic, Pffnti Mftls Chorus. Addr«M, Dr. .?. li. MiHer. Address, R. H. ICichar. Mu»ic. I^en-i} jMalo Chorus. Ad'drpaB, C. W. Merman Hesn. Music, Peniri Male (5horu». Prayor tf Consficrattoix Dr. W. R. Hetrlek, Cotin«ll8vllle, x Hymn. BeiKdlction, llev. A. \V. Steinturth. MISS GRACE ADAMS RETURNS TO DUTY IN HIGH SCHOOL Miss Grace Adams of East Green street, instructor of English in IMo H i g h School, arrived .home J' 1 i'iday n i p h t from Plneland, PI a., where she liad boen detained since the ChriBl- mas holidays a.H Uio result of ftn automobile- accident, which occurred near St. Petersburg. SHo sut't'cviul a Crac- t u r e of the loft. IGR and in able to bo about, w i t h tho aid of. cnUchoe, She resumed her leaching this morning. Miss Ad-aniH w o n t to- Piueland (.0 spend the Christmas holidays her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. K T. Adams, who are at their winter home in Pinelantj. Following the accident Misss Adams was removed to a hospital in Sarasota, Fla., and later Svent to the Adams home · at Pine-land.' PUBLIC JS INVITED TO SPECIAL SERVICES AT PARADISE CHURCH meetings are being 1 conducted at Uie 1'aradiso .Evangelical f'hiirch oiu-li cveiiiiifj at 7: HO o'clock In c h a r g e of Uuv. J. 0. Bishop, the piislor. Tlui p u b l i c la tuviU'i.1 to come ami j o i n in Uifi m e e l l u f i s . Sie«lai nuiiilc is provided each «ve- n t i i K with ftcv. (k'oi'Ko 11. Ucop aa tlie ill root or a n d .VJrs. Hocn. i)!(tnl«t. Tho «nrvii-r-M Imcfin l,i.«(, anri will truliuuc for at An Allcock Tonight RELIEF FROM PAIN arid S reness tomt rrowl Only Cot t a Quarter The p o u l m r i t y of Allco:k's I rou8 Plasters gr-wt( with the year*. The orUinalaf i il porous plasters, their womletmi pain- -eiiering properties ' m« le them 'h« favorite of millions,whenatelcinffre! effr»tnmuac«- l.irstir!n«'u»,che9*colrJK 1 e .neness,»praiii5 and lameness. Just cv : an Ailcock Porous Pliister to the iw and shape reqitirotl and applf it tt the sons spot*. Watch how tire po.-ietr.u itig medication Kfamn to draw th la/rw new and sorc- ne«s right oot. Voti'llttU ely beanuized. Odorless -- you can put one on and go anywhw*. Th-? rtwdlc itiots lasts far tiayt. Jtvftty of mi;«trn ( AOcock fordo* Planers tut i»»e «D cood. '·« rare to uk lor AMooek's POROUS ?LiSTERS A trip to j tonight : will save sary sufl con venic action, t at night constip iirt the Artd they pleasant to 25c nod Wril 3ur drug store or Epsotaba you unneces- ning and in- .ce.Positivein vo Epsotabs ivill give you ttion relief m o r n i n g . ire so coxy and ake. In two sizes. at · fo * Investigate 6 ' Friendly) Service VTOU will Hk* this better wfty of ·*· obtaining; the iKmty you iiced. Our friend)? pi n Hto you have the motiey promp [y and privately. We inak'i no ct ibarrassing Invcs- tipitiona among y« jr friends. We require no utsicto signers, You can borrow up to $300. ;\';(e easy payrnc ite Mow which INCLUDE la'/fol interest: , i! 5. IS inoritlily r -pays $ M. loan $10,rG monthly s -.pays $190. loan $21.12 monthly ) spays $340. loftii Lot tw i'l\ you .bout our digwlherf loan in (; pUin with nit obligation and our service . wlii '.h extends 19 years in «J!«*B iburg, Call, \Vri{« 01 Phone 1-3-1-3 b · HIP Open 8 to 5i:tO- SBtiurdoy S t« UNION LOAN CO. First' Niilioni I Bank Bid*. Room 2M -- ·iffomi Floor, GREENSfURG, PA, HER GOODBYE WAS WISH FOR DEATH, WILSON TESTIFIES Contending 1 that hit? wlte'B goodbye to him each day was the hope ho would he ground to pt^^ces lieforo he got back home, Davtrl Wilson, a Pltta- h u r g Lake Brie Railroad conductor f o r m e r l y of N*\voll, -now ot Uniontown, eociirerl a divorce from Mary Prances Wilson of C'onnellsvtllc, Ho said each day plic wpuld m a k e th* same wish. Ho l.e stifled that when he complained to her that she: had broken all the marriage- VOWB «ln ever took sho told him that she had her ftngwe crossed d u r i n g the 'ceromotiy. Wileon said the f.roublo first ta»gan when he objected to h-er going to a p i c t u r e show with a male neighTxsr. In deapefaUoft h6 cut hia throat, he said. \V1ien he got out Of the hospital members ot her family poured cal«un from a bottlo on th* table and told his two children "that's your daddy's Mood." He «alrt t h a t when ho visited his two little R i r l w a f t e r h* had left his wife, t h e y climbed on hie knee and begged him not to take them to th« county borne, "Witeon declared hia wife's people hod put thiA notion into their heads and that, ho had never had any Idea of doing so. Chartw R. Hasan 1 ore ot Whiteett was divorced from Huida of Star Junction. ^ ono night w.Rh him h!ft wife told h i m ehe would rather be at home and single t h a n to live wtrti him At Whlteett. Bethnr Lou Vail, who Reaches school in Trotter, Dunhar township, was divorced from 3eorge M. Vail. They wSnt to New York to live after they were married July 23, 192-4, in Washington. Me wa« employed as a salesman for tho Morrilt Publishing Company. She objected to hie drinking, Hhe said, and be loft home and did not roturiu Latco 4 «ho got a latter saying he ·was not coming back. A Firestone Factory Method SALVATION ARMY WEI, HOLD REVIVAL; PRAYER THIS WEEK Captain C. J. Pox of th« Salvation Army will opon revival mrvic«* at the hall in South Plt.t.»hura elre«t on Tu«w!ay evening, March 4. Rev. Geor?* R. Km pp. paetor of th« Flrs-t t'nltod Presbyterian Oh-uri;h, will tx tbo Bpeahrr that nigW. Other jnlnis- ICTTS of th« city and som* from othei' plates will apeak from night t^ night. Th«re will tx* Bpe!S*l sinking--solos, duet* and quartets. Tonight a w*«k o-f pvayer wtU be oponed at the church, with Captain Kox in charRe. Th« prtiyor e«rrico vrtll be 7:3fl o'clock oacli o-v«nln(r except aturd«y. A f t e r tonight bhe Berv-- Jcoa *-1U be at the homos of !3H»m'lx»8. A. M. MONTGOMERY ROUNDS 30 YEARS WITH INSURANCE CO. A. M. MoiUffOrnery, one of tho oldest representatives of the Prudential Insurance Company of America, who has completed 80 years of. continuous gCTvice was honored, at a dinner at noon Saturday at the. Harbaugh Tarm at Pennsville. Mr. MotitgoiBiety was presented with a diataortd locket and ongraveri certificate by Superintendent. O'Connor. Ho was congratulated for bin f a i t h r u l service with iho company. Mr. Montftomety fesjKintied by relating many interesting experiences during his service v/Hh tho company. PATROL STARTS DRIVE AGAINST SPEEDING CARS The drive- against drivers ot auto- ttobllee having but one h«odlight w i l l conlJhue according to announcement of Corpora! Stein of the Stat« Highway Patrol. · Corporal Slefu ssaW that ftnoth-er dfive !« ·Already under ~vfiay agaiii tnotortflls ·*)! "are uaing the highways for speedways." Umpty Hunsp Aflre. Tho Fire IcptirtmeiH wafl called o ' t c this motuitig t6 11 flro at au emp{.y house at 221 North Seventh street. Soot which became ignited-' fell onto the floor from a. dead flue opening, causing the floor to catch fire. Thei'o was no lues, the ftremen quelling thc blaiso befora it had made any head-way. T/li'e house is owuwl by W, F. Sois«on, The olher side of the double-house is tenanted. "To Keep Down the Upkeep on Your Tiros" j Thousands Of Tiro Miles and Dollars arc being thrown laway in ami about Connellsvflle by car owners who discard tires because the tWd rubber is worn off. We are f u l l y equjpped to eliminate thin wasto at a small cost Bring y o u r worn tires to UK for .re-capping. We will re-new the life of any make of tire, restoring: four-fifths the original mileage at one-half new tire cost as follows: BALLOON TIRES 29x4.50 $5.00 31x5.25 30x4.50 5.00 29x5.50 28x4.75 ,,... 5.25 30x5.50 29x4.75 5.50 30x6.00 30x4.75 $5.75 31x6.00 29x5.00 5.75 32x6.00 30x5.00. _. 5.75 33x6.00 31x5.00 6.00 30x6.50 28x5.25 $6.25 31x6.50 30x5.25 6.50 32x6.50 J%ht Woods Blaze. Two foreet, fires, one in the vicinity of the- Continental Fireworks Company and another Tiear the Trotter Water Company, wore c-xUnguiehed Saturday 'afternoon by tho Dun bur Volunteer Fire Department before the flames caueeii any great damage. Abou(, 100 w-re burned over. Over Ifculio. Imogene Smith, daughter of Mr, and Mffi. liarold Stoith of Uniontown, and a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Ash of Vine Street will Bing ovr Sla- tion WCAE, Pitlfiburg, Wednesday night at 5 o'clock. Pentod Ihsisd. Noah Penrod, 68 years old, of Htitn- m-ell, "near Windber, died Saturday morning at the Wi»dber Hospital. Ho was the father of Mr*.. P. C. of ,S)iH)ck Young- Man Dins. Eiiwuvd (!r«en, 20 yoare old, died Saturday IB l.lie home of his m o t h e r , Mrs. C. A. r / e f t w l u h of Smock, following an illness of p n e u m o n i u , Classilicd Advertlsementg Brtag ipesults when placed in tbe coj- liaily $6.75 7.00 7.10 7.50 7.75 8.00 8.25 9.25 9.50 9.75 HIGH PRESSURE TIRES 31x4 _ 32x4 32x41/2 $ 6.00 33x4% ... 9.00 6.50 30x5TT 12.00 8.50 32x6TT 18.00 Ail Re-rapping Work Fully Guaranteed Firestone Service Stores, Inc. H. C. "Zeke" Haddock, Mgr. 122 W. Appl« St, Phone 21. ConnellsYfne, Pa. FINEST ITHEKTBE DMLY INOONTO \1P.M. UNIONTOWN-PHONF.I932 SOUND Matinee WEEK OF FEBRUARY 24 Monday - Tuesday · Wednesday Decks aring with the tap of dancing: feet . . . Rollick- Ing roind the globe with the fighting tarn--and their street} carts! RAI!0*8 WO.tDER SHOW--VIXCENT YOriffAN'S Spectculftr Girl And Music Comedy "HIT THE DECK" WHi JACK OAKIK nnd A CAST ALMOST AS BH'J AS THK 3SAVY Qoreeous technicolor aconcs. Wtr?cl«d by tbo creator of "R:o Hitft." First showing in this entire district-- bctte? oome early! Thursday - Friday - Stttunlay Trj and stop laughing! Dulcy, the protty himb- bell-- what a part, for her laush-in'ovoking antics. MARION DAVIES ' _ j n _ "NOT SO DUMB" It's icr .happiest, ttinniest talkie. Dircted by King VidO' 1 . A Motro-Goldwyn-May-er all-talking production. Marion Da/ies' howling hit! 2Vo r«ed to stay home to he-ar "Anio* and Andy." The!; 1 fnn-ninhlnff Is broaduiHt every nSjrW; to 8tnt« ndl'ShceB oini 1 tlic srigantlc sound system! MIDNIGHT SHOW EVERY SUNDAY M O T H E R S ' H O P E S Whofc Chance Hove They if Real Music Must Be Sacrificed to Machine-made Sound? M OTHSRS strive %'allh.nlly to grtv» their chlldrer. haDpiiiosw--- a clianca to enjoy thix richest, fullest JivoB. Contrary forces forever opy JKO Mother'B hopes. Taday chftne ·-- npeid -- unrest work to hwart hor longing- for contentment. . . . The rutliltias spirit of tho JJaelilntt Age thrtttt*na to crowd 0'it all humanizing- culture. . . . M n and women vrhl» heod- Jwmly tlirough life to tha clatter ot the e vernal machine. . . . Now, the mac.line ha« entered Uie realm of tho musical art. Is tli)« (bo Kong of Proffrca? No! Machine- made trustc can tiev«r provide a nubstitii'o for I lie mellowlnjf cultural Influence of Real Music. Thosi concarntd for (he futura of thu rftce w T l resent the stmngllni? of Uie art of music by a mechanical uubslitirti? Jn the theatre. Y*t U » ttrt toill ba KlcanB)(--l If lhl» fftli * economy la not hall«t lr public d - mand. . . . 1-Iern is opportunity t r Mother and nil who pfiaro her hop' * to ca»t a voto for t'rcs"4*vatkin · C ·Living Music. SIGX THE COt . PON. Than mall it. ww- · I ·» AMERICAN rEDCttATIOM OF MUSICIANS lf(0 Drwlvn», New York, N. V. doflUwmn-. Wllhnut turtlicr oliHlt»r on injr i»*rt, pl*.-u« 4;roll niy nnrae lt MM^te I)«lflil«« [.itlgut f t imr wlw Jl i iKKt! lo Ihu vtlinltiatlon J)f ),tTla£ MIJ rrum UK Tttfiu*, c:u gutt THE AMERICAN FEDERATION OP MUSICIANS (Compriiing 140,000 proliiflottttl maitciani tn tht t/nftcd Stare* and Canadtf JO.SEPH N. WEBER, Prttidtnt, 1440 Bro»dw»r, N*vr York. N. V, USE OUR CLASSIFSFD ADS WHEN YOU WANT H£L!

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