The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 3, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1918
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE DATT.T COURIER. CO.WELLSVTLLE. PA. MONDAY, JUNE 3, 191 SLUGGERS FOR SOLDIER BOYS IN FRANCE 1'liK 1'. 31. :. A. has nmbi.'Ized 144.000 liusi-hnll bate for use o£ the American soldiers overseas. This spring the hack yards behind the fighting front will resound to crftck of hats and cries of "at a boy" when "Sammy" is not otherwise occupied. Maybe the bats will be used in a pinch to drive tha Gcr- - inaus home. 'USED FOLLOW THROUGH | Followiaif through! Th'.s has a- · ' been the slogr.n in jroJf, cricket. *£ I tennis, billiard?, pun tins: i ud iu 5-! ana nov*. Christy Ma- - " ' ·son.!?. "homing it at Uis re'. Cruir pitchers.. ·oii* pjtf'iif rs Of til IPJC who have stn-lcheL tlielr J-T "careers ever In, so many seasons, f have used the "foliovi- through." ? As vivid c?::iRip]«.s, Mfjfry narni's "f such p-frhiiiE: princes :is Cy £ Yf;5]!;i», l-M(!!e Plan!;. AeV.;p Jo^s v and Ilil! Dunovaa. nii::i wlio pt-r- . fucti-d u I'rt-t' arm dcHveiy that \. Ulsi.r^iSiUKl ti:o strain of fvirlini? V over alim-si all of the muscles j of the !..«Jy. Matty i'.s?or:n that there Is j only O;IL' prc;;j;riont t'XC'.'i lit;:i to tttt* I M'GRAWWON MANY PENNANTS Giants Defeat Connie Mack's Athletics in 1505 for Championship of ; the World. | John J. McGraw, the little Napoleon I baseball, Las won six pennants and ' one world's championship with the New York Giants. Under the Inndt ship of McGraw, the Giams defeat- I New Successes in Suits and Topcoats naat w i t h t h e : Giants In 2W4. i There was no j ·world's chnmplox- ; g the rule und that ore : s Nap g record is in a class by Itself. He as- .£.. Itucker. who ladled leu yc-irs un- £; sum wl command of the Giants In 1003. dec the bit: tent Oc-splte his Jerky delivr-ry. Tho big i:i:«V l-oss l»o- ^s the southpaw would have his caretr ';ud he developed a smoother, motion. BILL KILLEFEK IS PLACED IN CLASS 1 ; finishing second; he ^von the National ! . _ . .,, ., i Of course we all aspire to looking! eel Connie Mack's / _ * , , , . , ' Philadelphia Ath- ! straight and slim-imd smurt, like the letlcslor the base- I ladl«a in the fashion pictures--ami tho ball gonfalon in knst W!1 - v to £° a°o n t ncliteving our lOOj. McGraw ambitions is to study those picture?, won his first Nn- and ourselves, with care and the uld tional league pen- j of a comprv-heoslve mirror. We mr.y accomplish «limn*ss and \vn mny not. but we can he sure of straijihtni'ss und smartness, and these oujrbt to satisfy anybody. Above- all things w* Ions to look smart In srrwt clothes, for .smartness Is their flavor--without it Un;y are flat failures. Keen dosiinv-^s who have our nppira- IniFiK pennant in 1C04-Q.". finished ! tions and difficulties in mind. brlnj? to ; second to Chlcnpn in 1000. founh In j U s such tx:iniplu.t of their eeniUK as ; 1007, second in 1003, third in IDOO, sec- the new suit, with its struipht. ono ·ond" In 1010, first In 1911, TS12 nnd piece back in a vory short coat, that 1913; second In 1014, eighth In 1015, i is shown here- Or. if a one-pie:e i fourth in 191G nnd first in JDI('. Me- j frock and a fop coal is nor heart's dei Graw "was third baseman in his play- j sire, they present such Irreproachable · ing days. } top-cunts us thut shown hcsido the suit. There Is nothing stnrtllnsly novnl about them, hut th^re fin 1 s'everal interesting rtftalls in their conMruction. No one nerds to be told that they nr« smart looking and distinctly In the mode. Tbe top coat of velours Ix at its best In qnlet, rich colors. It has n plain body with eight pin tucks across tho back, In place of a 1 At and a skirt a Ctoronce riowlnnd is using two and three pitchers In a game, just as he d-d I:IKI ycir. * * * The Peorta club annotjucM the sale of HUcher Guy Hoffruan to Houston of the Tt'ias league. * * * Tom Clarice, former Cincinnati catrher, lias been purclisscd by the Yankees. Tom was a hoUUiot trifle longer than tbf regulation, jrath- orod on to tliu body at the normal . waistline. It has moderately large ; putch pockets mid fjic designer h.'ip- ! p«'j3cd to think to set tho two large but- ! tons tbat adnru them, ut tho bottom j In-^tcud of the top. This, with the j panel in tbo back that, lengthens the | ; ; .^ure, are tin- clover touches that '· i:utkt; ono t u r n couiul to look t^Ice ut j a nutttworUiy oat. It ts finished u'ith i u ;vid(? shawl collar. i TlJu suit begins with an approved, · plain skirt nnd ends with a short ' stniiKht-hnndiif; front lrnp.hencd Into : points ut tin* hips. This i.s one Inter- ! prctnti«m of ta' new capo back clearly i «ttnphtislzed by lontr oniarncnts dfipeud- ' Int; frutn tlu- points. A wide girdle Is | simulated Iy the shaped pf*»ce of cloth, ; bound with situ braid, that follows '· rh? line of !h( j curve ;;t UK* bottom ( f I tho coat. Ir Is niughr. np at the mid- ' dlo of the back v;lth a huchlo nod three ) sninll buttons. A wide shawl cnPar, ! overlaid with a retnnvahle collar of . white, pCKiruettc crepe, finishes the c^.it Tricutlup, or any (thcr of tin; softer serviceable siilffnRs witl devel- J u n e Brides and their happy consorts will find this the logical store to rurnisli the home--everything is sjjic span new here, prices are at the lowest notch and terms are confidentially arranged to suit your individual requirements. We shall enjoy the pleasure of your visit and inspection of our great stocks. Uogartllcss of how much you want to spend to furnish the new home you w i l l find the exact pieces here at just the price you want to pay. The immensity of our selection permits most satisfactory buying, ii pleasing feature with the economically inclined. Summer Furniture Priced at Real Savings Here Cooimor j^^^^^y^ Grass Porch Shades op In t h i s WHEN BOY NEEDS SYMPATHY: **Awfcward Age 1 * Time of Real Trouble That Average Youth Has to Pass Through. GeorpL-F'.: " PCS la hard up for twirl', prs ami i trying out Canavan of : Worcester and Iluarne of Torouto. Catcher William Kiliefer of the j . Cubs has been p!ai.\-d In cl is.s 1 by the ; district draft Lo::rfl nnd !·· suhject to j ii.oim"i : :;i- call. He resist,-red origin- : ally in Vun T'jjreii CMiint;'. Jlicliitran. j . The county beard placet Killef^r !n \ class 4-A on tin- ground -^f having n ! cleppcOenu as Klllefct v.*us married ' October S !",;t. Tin- j;nvf rmiipnt con: tested thi? case imd the d strict Smarcl . unanimously classificatiou. overruled the former Speaking of the troubles of an awkward boy. Dr. Edwin H. Hughes of De Pauw university says in Mother's World : "The boy is In a constant state of * * * ; flitting moods. In tbe morning he be- Justin ntsEcrald. the PhJHios 1 out- . ]i evcai aa(] believes tremendoualy, that fieh'.cr, has escaped array service be- · ^ B father is Lh« finest man to be found cause of a bud les and a weaJ: hearL .j an ywhere, aad in the evoniog he * * * : knows without a doubt thut there Frltr. M«I«?1 Is plnyliiff irith new j never wan a moaner man on the face enthusiasm now thai ho la slated t o r o f tho earth than that uano father, cover tJiird IJU.MC r»£Uluriy -or the j "j n tbu morning lie adorus his Bruwus. ] mother with all tho ardor of a boy'a * * * i heart, arid believes that there is no .Tack Doyle of Chicago, former first ; throne so lofty aa to bu beyond fcnr baseman for the- New York Giants, has worth,' and in tbe evening, when he bo*-n unpointed nn umpire in tbo "U'est- has beon refused, maybe, a second em league. | piece of pie at the dinner table, ht; * * * j knows that theru u u v e r was a moro Members of the army and navy will j tyrannical being. he aflini'^'f] frtx- to ono pa me in oach i "And if he is a normal boy he la not scries p!ny«xi at tho Philadelphia j fond of books, and he goes to school Atuoricfiu park. · largely because hie father pushes him from home a:id the schoolmti.sLer pulls "The mnn-roni'ciouB age la when tho j boy socks companions aad he reads | hooks, and the chances are that he ·will get bold of a bad book. "Unless · you got him a /rood book to take tbo ;Iaci; of the one that be has, h« is morft than llk.-ly to K»'t a woran book. ft is the same.' w i t h n'Spoct to hia coin-1 panionP. You can iiover reform n boy · by vacancy," g nmos | n gf p nu i n n ( j Minrie- ' him into school. aimlis m:iy lie started as late as five i "Now, what the boy needs at this " "Van Huron county is f i r behind in i o . clock to t;i! , c mivuntago of the day-! time is adroit sympathy. If you are its Qiiri ;i ." :M!I! rhsjnnan \ViHiam H. i ^.^^ Fnv!riff ^^ ; at EO me social gzihorioy and you see __Poucr. "Tlu: -p»ii;ilaiini. is heavily * * » j sonie boy standing oft by the door suf- iHfrlnilTui'iii.- a class nl\\rtys favored T,,_~^ Tr-M,~vt-^,i, ,,^^^1,1^^,1. «* *·,« ' r n ^ n r r isira n mnAr.*^ tnnrtt-f « t-r. iiin "aprlruln;;-:.-,, a cJass_ always favored r , lfcy n o l l f f j l t o n r president of the ! fering like a modem martyr, go to him In ex^mr'* n ns. so K H l r i T s mur.ber Ennv3i ihini;,; that throe wide, ones : and make him forget tbat ho h;is '.via l.o rra.-lu'd earlv. Any man who Uhould mean a base on halls iu ordnr : hands, ff-et, a collar that chokes him, cau z.:.-g to sucond ns he can will !o w , ncrease b8ttlnB . far more valuable in th T.'.vinj; liana ^rL-nuiN'S into tin- Gt?rruan lines. IIo cau mul:e his hits count." clothes that are too big for tiim, and for just a minute let him bo a human ! being. "He may also need an appeal to hie . Georre Betii!. Tolnlo !;rsr,'in, last yftii- with the .Memphis n-ani 01' .the Southern league lias h-.-n ordered J. by.Ills selective service h'uini t o - r e - .'Vport ot Camp'.Grant, Roifcford, III. Ray Chapman. Cleveland shortstop, will enlist in th^ navy as soon as he I c;:n set permission from Ills draft hoard · sRlf-respoct at this period. We do not to make the change. ; have thn one-thouGGndth part of; 'the * * * - I self-respoct that vro ought to bavo. Clark Griffith dofis not hesitate tn ! And the boy at this tirao needs to have pay he- exptM-ts his team tn get a alow j real tribnte paid to his personality, so start .Washington fans want to know i that he will feel that, a^ter ail, ho is If it ever will set undor way. 1 somebody in tho world. CoMeginte Manners. ! When "Edith W y n n Matthison first | ; played "Everyman" at Princeton -uni- i vorslty, it "v.'as disi-overad that the ; i stage of Alexander hull, in which she j ' appeared, hud a mosaic floor, which ! made it impossible for the suige car- | punier to cut a trap door beneath the | gravo into v/hich. Evuryman descends j .' at the end ui' the performance. Cau- j sequcutly Miss Mutthisoii had L o t crouch bcua^Lh the raised platform, j : from which Btio descends, \mtil thu ! ' audience had d-'p:Lnud. On tho first '· i night the (Undents, realizing this waited ai tho close of tho play to see ' the resurrection of .'Everyman. [ : LtTiHS Matthison. refused to destroy j i the illusion of Everyman's death by , I such an in formal reappearance. Thu i stags managur was at his wits' end, . ·when it was suggested that tho lights i of tho lia.Il bo put out "vvhilo EYeryinun maclo good his escape. That was done, b u t at the critical moment evt-.ry student in the hall struck a mutch, and by ths illuiniua- ( f o n of thousands of theso miniature torches Prc-nident Woodrow Wilson and tho faculty wrjre ablo to see this sequel to "Everyman." ill! A l l sixes anil colors in these fa:noi:s shades at prices you will gladly pay. /· ^ Globe Wernicke Bookcases Thr famous Globo AVoniicke Dookcaae in your library adds a dU- fi:irtirn ihai reflects the: good taste and jiiri^ni'-'nt of ;t! owrser. Kxeliisivoiy at ( h e yjjHmi'rman-H'ilii Store J Briber Trunks, Hairs and Suit Ca Rags and Runners BcautiTully figured ef- fects in. close woven smooth finish grass rugs of raaay yi^cs. Cretonne and Tapestry Upholstered Rockers The prettiest, selection in f'o!iDcl!ft\'ii!e of ck-vcr new siylos ;:": uphoIsttTed Keei! Kor-kers and Chairs. Sf'c Our .Spt'cial Br»(trn *·""··· «c; QZ JKuekcrs at «P^.«/t» Sellers Kitchen Cabinets J u n e Ericlcs who are posted will Lave no oilu-r ihan the famous nalionally advertised Sellers Kitcheneed--^it is on sale Kxfrlnsnoly at tile Zimmerman-Wild Store Scaly Mattresses Here Exclusively. Just Over the Bridge' CoanullsYilk- (West Siiie) ' One Exception. "That ran-dottii fooling Is partlc- r.tnrly a spring symptom, isn't H?" "Njit 5Jnce the epeecl maniac^ g-ot In the runhlng." Factory Trained liattory Our Store § J. B. KURTZ, 0 r-iGTARV P U B L i U § AND REAL ESTATE. Q tlo. il South MeacJow LuntL. ·j ·' i 13^ aoc'jOQoaococoooooococ oocoo '*· if" dl OnfeiJ September 9th 145 W. Crawford Ave. "CA1"' HAS TKK EIG11T IDEA By EDTVTSJ IP I WUl A MAH, J3ETCHA I VtNOW WCTJ I'M tno: r.n 'IRIIS.E AS A GERW GEN'TlAi.. AN TAKE ft A! Ft El=I.PiNE PER JERUN, AN' _j -- AW' WHEN f»- (VM 1 B1LU HtiGK WUs. HI J US S I N ' v^AN T4.iV*S, I'D REACH

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