The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 3, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1918
Page 5
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MONDAY, JUiSHE 3, 1938. ·fHE DAILY COURIER, CONNEI^LSVIIXE, PA. PAGE FIVE. NEWS OF THE DAY AT ML PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Holding Photo of Brother, In France, Domestic Attempts Suicide. BULLET ENTERS HER CHEST ffWWfW-JWtf#£^ Will Probably KecOTer; Son of Dr. and Xrs. S. Ji. Crohby in Serions Condition From Complications Following-Pneumonia in Jiev York. Special to The Courier. . MOUNT PUASANT, June S.--Miss I Lydia Brantner, aged 18 years, tlaugh- ! ter of Joseph Brantner, and employ- , od as a domestic, -was lound ai Mam- t moth oil Fnday night with a jhoto- ^ graph of her brother, who had ^one Lo the army, in one hand aud ,i revolver } in the other. She had shut herself through the chest. She was brought to the Memorial hospital for treatment, where it was said last cvemng that her condiuon was not serious. I/cafe ior Camp. On Saturday four men. Carlo Sabato of Crabtree; Hiram Nuil, "Youngstown; Lewis Kaminsky, La.role, and Frank Egnocheck, Mount Pleasant, left Saturday for camp, joining others at Connellsville, from which place a special draftees' train left a'. 4.30 o'clock. Join Naval Beserves. Thomas Maegher and Joseph Sker- gan of this place have joined tbe Naval Reserves. Father oi 16 Dies. Ludwig Copper, aged 52 years, for the two years porter at the National Hotel, died at his Sycamore street home. He leaves a wife and 15 chil- ! dren, most of them grown. Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon at the house and interment followed in the Mount Pleasant cemetery. In Serious Condition. Dr. and Mrs. S. M. Crosby, who had , received word that the condition o f ' u tbeir son. George, who is in -t hospital In New York, was serious received another message last evening saying that a rib had been taken out and the luog drained and that h's condition was somewhat Improved. He was a member of Company , 110th Regiment, and was suffering with pneumonia when the regiment left. Undergoes Operation. Mitts Hannah Hayes uuderv-nt an operation for appendicitis at the Memorial hospital yesterday. Breaks Boor. A man with a straw hat and checked snit threw a brick through tho rear dor fa JrlcCrory's ftvs and ten cent tur6'3ajtt e'rcning, Snrses Beport. XBase* Peari Bhoadnnm and Era Timothy left last evening to report at fl» Naval Hospital, Cape Say, as Certain-teed is fast taking the place of metal roofs, not only because of the scarcity and high cost of metal, put because is superior in every important roofmjf quality. Mctai easily rusts and disintegrates from atmospheric gases. Certain-teed cannot rust and its asphalt base makes it practically immune to any form of corrosion. Metal absorbs heat and transmits it to the interior of a building. Certain-teed insulates against heat and cold, and makes the building cooler in summer and warmer in winter. ? Metal must be painted frequently. Certmn~t£d gives years of weatherproof service practically without any upkeep expense. Metal is noisy in wind or storm. Ctrteun-tjed fully deadens sound from such sources. Metal is not safciv guaranteed. Certa:n~ttcd is absolutely guaranteed S, 10 or 15 years, according to thickness, and actually gives longer service than its guarantee. Metal is a. direct drain on military materials. Cerlaia-tctd is made principally of waste rags and. asphalt-- nmterials which have c.o muiury use whatever. Certain-teed has proredt its efficiency and economy for every kind of roofing service--factories, warehouses, hotels, stores, farm buildings, outbuildings, etc. Certain-teed is more economical and more efficient in service than metal or any other type of roof Certain-teed is the best quality of roll roofing--it costs no more to lay than ordinary roll roofing and lasts much locker. Sold by dealers everywhere. Certain-teed Prodacto Corporation Offices and Wureboutas m the Principal Cities of America Manufacturer* of Certain-teed Paints--Vamiihc*--Roofing Westmoreland Grocery Co., Wholesale Distributors. nssscHusms NURSE k Dow to Get Strong. , Mass.--"X am a nurse fmrtthe gasfe left me In a wek. nm- "WITH NEATNESS AND DISPATCH"--A five-part Metro attraction, starring Beverly Bayae and Francis X. Bushman, is being shown today. Mr. Bushman has the role oE Paul DonaWson, a young man M io J poses at, a crook in order to be of service to tho girl with whom tie falls in lovo at first sight. This is Geraldine Ames (-Miss Bajne), whose straight-laced auct will not have on her estate any man who is not a servant The answer is obvious; Donaldson will have to be a servant Ho is,.and his work contains genuine surprises. The chances for comedy and are evident, and full ad- fl««SWWII«»»SVWW*SS»iWSrt!S«S^««5fl««f^^ b me to try VtnoU I did 60 and it tets bnttt up mjr strength 0o-Oat I am. ta jierfect healtn M. the 3resemt time and 1 am recommending Vinol tooiiMus." -- Mrs. E 1 . M. Locke. Tbere is no secret about Vinol. -It oves its success in such, cares to beet and cod Bvex peptones, iron and manganese peptonates and glycero- Tin: PARAMO C.ST. LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOTEfGS. Tri-Stnte 5V3. liell S42. Eealiiencc 101 Haas ATC,, COSXKLLSVILLE, PA. Seven Cheer-Up Days Keep Up Home Morale The Redpath Chautauqua offers yon vantago is taken, of them. "With j Neatness and Dispatch" is real whole- · some amusement a crook P*aj with- j out a crime, a drama without a villain. Scenes were taken on a beauti- j hi] estate, the use of which the owner granted to Director Davis without remembering to notify the servants. cough--my] A selected comedy is also beiag the oldest and mot famous body bunding and strength creating tonics. Tf-e strongly recommend Vinol. I^oghrey Drag Co., ComtellsriUe; pavid C. Eason, Dtmbar, and drug j ; everywhere. -- Adv. Prittatown. PRITTSTOWN, May 31.--Mr. Mrs. Samuel Mardis and chil shown. Tuesday, Triangle presents Darrell Eass in "Her American Husband." Tbe Universal Weekly will also be shown. Wednesday, liute Zoe Rae will be seen m "Danger Within," a five-part Bluebird feature. Thursday, Ethel Clayton will be featured in "Journey's End," a particularly appealing story. On Friday and Saturday. William Farnum will be been in "Tfae Heart of a Lion," his new screen masterpiece, a thrilling story at love and. life in lumber camps. Habel Normand will be seen soon in "The Floor Below." LONG DISTANCE MOVING Save Money on Long Trips By Making Arrangements One Week in Advance. Get Rates. P. B. KESSLER. 613 McCormick Ave., Connellsville, Pa. Tri-State Phone 404. Bell Phone 234. ABCAXHi TBEATEE. and \vood visiting the family of their sis- j -- tor, Mrs. A. J. Holeman. Mrs. Fred Campbell spent a few days here with the family 01 her flrs t class daughter, Mrs. Charles Ridenour The ' Carl Armstrong. Gus Shy Musical Comedy company opens today at the Arcade for, a SELF DEFENSE Defeat Backache and Kidney Trouble With Anuric Many people i n Pen nsyIva n La have suffered from rheumatism and kidney trouble and hare found Anune to be the most Rocteaafnl remwly to overcome thesa ·painful and ilnnf^rona ailments. The lucky peojila arc tho c e who have suffered, but "who are now well because they I'^odecl nature's warning signal in S(iL T -VJlE PARASOL IS FAVORED NOW, . , . , . ,. titled "Girli tho minute musical comedj-, blackface comedian, Mr. . , Kondertul new diaeorery of Dr. Picrcc's I new up to i cal|cd . . An . n . ri(! , , (d j, nble rtre ngtl). with a you alionld promptly heed theae some of which are diziy spelbj backache, Tho bills this com- , irregularity of tho urine or tho painful Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mardis and j kunsclf. Quick to sense the public needs in" a year when so many people arc planning" to tai£c their vacations at borne, the Redpath Chautauqua has arranged Seven Cheer-Up Vacation Days for each city on. tta circuit this season, and offers this Seven Day program for the same price as heretofore, $2.00, plus 10% War Tax. You thought when the war broke out that the time to be entertained and inspired had passed; that seriousness and anxious thought must inevitr M - ; "Id sway. Miles of Smiles When the boys began to go to the front this attitude changed. You did not want them to go away in gloom nor to remember your lace as one of sadness. In fact, you sent them Smileage Books and invited them to enjoy "Mile of Smiles." Then you discovered that yo*a eotild not do your best work in an atmosphere of gloom and suspense, and finally concluded that you, too, need relaxation, entertainment and inspiration if you are to perform your greatest patriotic duties and "Keep the Home Fires Burning." i buv it anv/ --o T Sunday with relatives. Wilbur Lindsay of Bitner is here for a visit ·with his grandfather, I'. W. Eitner. Grace Mardis is spending this week vlth friends at Stauffer. liartin Berg o( Gentleyville was b'.-re Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Berg. AI/. and Mrs. E. K. Richey, daughter, Gladys, ami son, Joseph, ^yere bi-re visiting relatives on "Wednesday. Mrs. D. W. Bitner and daughter, C/a. May and Dorothy, spent Monday \\ th friends in Scottdale. effects, and the wardrobe is the latest will prove that ' Airirie'* eliminates uric [ be much used tin thing in musical comedy. Mr. Gas acid as hot wati-r meiu. sugar. Shy is a noted dancer, and during the week will present a number of the °e iee with Mr - Good *ho nays: latest dances. The chorus Is said to be one of the best qn the Keith. Sun circuit. On tho screen will be Helen Holmes in "The Lost Express." If you want to see a picture worth while don't misj, this one; shows every week, Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday will be "The "vv-om- ea in the "Web," with Hedda Nova and Frank Gledon, a picture taken on Lhe present war. showing a number of Mrs. J. C. Milligan and daughter. I batu ° scones taken " over thoro -" C isrlotte. Grace Marie Kough Ber nice !Friday aBrt Saturday will be tbe usual T uxal and briber. Paul, witnessed ! jysh^class Fox comedy Remember tLe high school play, "Claim Allowed," Pierce, i peared in former seasons more as a children of Pennsville were here over } l i n e of -P ecial scon cry and lighting Buffalo, N. T., 3Uu for trial pkg This freak than real fashion. it, likely to ^ the thing to keep up the Home Because of this, more emphasis been given to the bright, cheery brand of Chautauqua entertainment than ever before. Redpath Ckautaagaa-- A Patriotic Institution Not only this, but the Redpath Chautauqua comes to you as a highly patriotic institution, which has helped raise the Liberty Loan, entertained the boys in the cantonments and educated the American people :n the principles of Democracy in such a measure that President Wilson has declared the Chautauqua "An integral part of our National Defense." A War-Time Economy The lectures this year will be greater, more timely, more enlightening than ever before--the kind that inspire men to heroism and great deeds. Therefore, all in all the Redpath Chautauqua comes to your city to help brighten your life, to serve your community and your country, and as a real war-time economy. You cannot afford to miss these Seven Big Cheer-Up Days. Tickets now on sale. See program for detailed list of vacation attractions at the is suiuraer thousanu C'enns3 Ivania ir Scoudale on Tuesday afternoon Bank Citi/eos National Smin^ Account*: and Clilldri'ii. An account may be opened wl'h a Women and children who the thea:rp u h e r e t h e show ls a!ways s ° ocl - ' the crowds. Tin: ORTHKIQL li "THE 0EVIL STONE"--When Jesse[ L Laiky presents Geraldme .Farrar in her latest Ancraft production. "The [ Devil Sione." today and tomorrow the celebrated star will have as a vehicle h a i e never tnoutrhi that they c m l d ' a story of unusual interest, consider- hc.\e a savings Account are d e l i m i t e d a ^" d i f f e r e n t from any of the f o i m e r to Tied that it us easy to deposit money fitoi plays tn which she has thus far at Tho Citizens, National Bank and appeared. Cecil B. Drdlille is respon- h? .'e th? safeguards tha; the bank as- sible Cor the staging of ihe latest Par- surejj for their money. Among the r a r vehicle, h-xving produced iht? pic- pcjple w h o lose money by burgUr.v, t tui e from a story of weird fascination f . r * and other way:-, vioiien and c h i l - by Beatrice DeMille and Leighton dr M are the greatest sufferers. This ' Osmua, and adapted to the screen by talk, is located at 13$ -North P u i ^ t u r g I Jennie MatPherson. st t-er Buy another War Sa^nss 1 -- Ct'-tificate.--Adv. \Vho to Patronize. --"In i the inrKil package* o£ " A u n t i e , * 1 double H ( J "tig'th, wonM say. tlia r I hcl;," I mi"mwrg. I li^xi }IP?;I troubled whh ktdccy trouble .tad hune back ao tJiat I could not walk straight, and was not feelinp able to do anything, hafc after taking tbe Anuric Tablets I feel ]ike a new man. T am 67 yeari old cud have worked all summer, and give Anjric tho credit for it, I would say to ull that have kidney trouble, try Anuric."-- JACOB GOOD, Nucopeck, Pa. shown herfi | d f h , gorgeU e · TM » .*. ,, , bui 6 i..ic tnrnmed with a silk rrmge and four- PA. 11T nc ° mu!t JcoIored wool em- to broidery. c'MPLOYMEMT FDR OLD CAR Boon Ir.^eed. "At last," exclairnpd the loog-halrcc inventor, '7 have evolved the greatet practical biesBing of the age." "Oh, tell me, TUeophilus--tell me what it ial" begged his wife. "A collar button with a little phono- rollfi lnto a dark corner und ^ aresaea _ . Here i am! Here j ^.j. Patronize those who advertise .1 Those who advertise t Courier. You should Lake a inoro. purif^ng, cleansing laxative once each month Deca; matter in the stomach and bowels generates poisons that go to e^ery part of you.- body unless re- moved.--Hclhster s Rocky ilotinta.n The Daily Tea cleans purifies the stomach and ' b o w e l s -- C o m c - U s v i l l c Dnn; Co.--Artv. Garetencr hn^ Found Rea'Iy tngenfouc Ucs for AutoHiofrUe That Hao H?d Its Day. "T\lir-ro do all tho old cars go?" la a qu*.*Tion that Is asfced continually, · nd there are very few parsous who . m even approximate the answer \.ith an;*' d'^rce of satisfaction either lo themselvoa or to othors. Bat it is certain ^hero at least ono of them has gone for it has been turned Into a lawn mower. The reason for iis fall from aristocratic to plebeian work is because Its owner has a really tremendous lawn to keep in trim; be is head gardener for n large golf clyb and as every one knows putting greens must be kept "just so." There was an antiquated two-cylinder automobile on tbe premises that long had ceaaed to be of any practical value for pleasure purposes and the gardener conceived the bright Idea of making It "die in the harness," so to speak. So with tbe help of some steel strips and some chains he attached no less than wfiree liiwn mowers to it--originally they were drawn by horses. The steering gear is intact except that the place a? the front wheels is taken by a heavy roller; two rollers take the place of the driving wheels.--Scientific American, f Got Something You Want to Sell? Most people have a piece of furniture, a farm implement, or something else which they have discarded and which they no longer want These things are put in ! the attic, or stored away | in the barn, or left lying · about, getting of less and less value each year. WHY NOT SELL THEM? Somebody wants those very tilings which have become of no uso to you. Why not try to find that somebody by putting a. want advertisement in THIS NEWSPAPER? Jftsxt time you arcs la a tsf woman note tho ilIlTeront conditions apparent in ocjnplKrton. 3Tcu ·wl'l eotw acme filled with blachboads, eorrro d^ and rough, same smooth unfl grousy, same smoarod with inuce, somo streaked with hcaiT rootaiUc Dofrdsre and once In a TrhlJa yon will BO» one thai IB a demon- fftra-dan of Inttdllnenoo from tvery paint at view. T3«» color !s i-osy, T!IQ ^idn IB c2eor and omooih. Lh»- pon-.t Bro HmaJl and open, ttu.- powdur dora jiot shorr an the Orm A Isaroca akin. 55vcT womim can hovo a tood com- j)!(Hdon if eho wtl! onl^ use a Httlo discretion. If you would acquire roaJ .beauty, tbe beauty of [wr/uct li«iUh, [you roust reyloaifiit your T\-om-oi]t ^jiesrves with lodthln. Kalurc'a own nerve restorer, and put into yo ur blood the 1 nvjporatinjf iron wluoh Jfl'c.turc ! ni entUxi i t to ttavc i^r (hftftlth- In -iiosi of the modern foods .these and Giber WtaJtrins elenwtita Jffi.V6 beon lare-elr elintluatcd, Yui to bw !^atUl3y and beajatlful iho wjj- tcm mvst hava tliem. They are found In BJo-Cerpn, not only in proj- ^ Brwpartlona to rcttore wnjotfeoeJ iW«aUtx birt In such form as tb* ajs- jtem cen beai tbotn. A**rt of lctthiti and iron pptonaio aa combined J.-i Bjo-ferLn lEcj-jasci. tins appotiie, adds aturltlor. etnd invleomtes tire patlfct. And Bio-fcren in lls pfeliat fonu is esy and RjiiaiaWe to- or. JlBColoration ot the teeth, iplr.isiint tasto. aboiu nio-fcrcn. Doctors it rciru!.tri becauce they know jctly what It contains tia weU a* what 1 1 Tv-111 do and thvy Jtnow they x«Id not" formulate a betttr up- 'jaHcllnif iwjic. ' 'Can iictlon of IHc-ferni on UM rystem is so b*nfciiri?u, wo arc eo sure of its (jiviwr you ro*.itJvo hoaJth and vljfor, pj-o's idlng, of coarse, ibero Js no senrus, dironlc alhnent BUC!J aa caiwer. tuUerifiilasU. tc , 'Jiat -wa only Boll It on th* condition iba-t you a^roc to ret iint t:o eTipt;' pad:t^rft aocopt a refunki of \-our in.jn«y on arc cntlreiy 'aatlcTlcd, There is no use waiting- for hx-alth aaid beauty. It is bctttr u* ^io lUtogaj toaa^ uie,n toroonow. Go to your physlclM today-- right now-- bo will (Ldrtse Blo-feren. Tb«n swrt taking it at onc« as he advise or aa directions on IDA podui^e caJl tor. Tin tTdoranu-o projects jour money, 3n- iwtistlns bjokl«t-raa.y be bad fgy-iiw Lars package 51-JO at or direct If yo

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