The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 22, 1939
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY FEBIttiARY 22, 1939 THH DAILY C O n K l J i K (."C)NNEL,LSVIL.JL,1S PA PAGE FIVE. HAPPENINGS IN A N D A B O U T MT. PLEASANT Luxury Is Yours In Jiffy Crochet PLEASAN1, leb 22 -The Lat'-obe Music Club was guest Tuesday evening oE the Mourt Pleas- mt T asic Club at its jegulai meeting jn the Reunion Picsbjtenan Ciurch The following piog am was pie- sented Solo, Alice Eaton (Simpson Annie Laune" ard Comin Tnrough the Rye Uub cho-ns, ' Music of. Washington s Time, Dorcas Joinson, reading, Dorothy Freeman, vocal duet Leila Johnston and Helen Ousler, VOL.. solo Ruth Steele, \iolm solo, Mildred Kissinger, vocal trio, Florence Bianthngei, Grace Beckner and Ruth Mo\vrj, vocal solo Minn e Geist Stemmler reading Dorothy Freeman, p ano solo, Dorcas Johnson, and "America," by the Latrobe and Meant Pleasuit club choruses I Mrs Hari-y Tattersall o£ the Latrobe club was the acco-npanist At the close o£ the meeting there was a social hour w th the following hostesses, Mrs Harry Gettemy chairman, Mrs Claude Harrer Miss Gertrude Coldsm th Miss Sara C Goldsmith, Mrs S S Do Vaux, Miss Leah Carlson, Mrs Rjssell J Mjers, Miss Rozella C eel, Mis Walter R ngler, Miss Doritij Shields and Miss Vida Shumar Tn Trick Hospital Pearl Gesmski of East Main street who ib employed on the WPA sewing pioject, \\as taken to Frick Memorial Hospital Tuesday for ·treatment Tjnelergoes Operation. Dolores Hout, 10 jears old, daughter of Mr and Mrs E \V Hout of the Westmore'and Homesteads, un- HouschoUl Arts by Alice Brooks Done In Two Strands of Stnng It's Quick h 608-1. JifTy crochet makes it possible foi you to crochet tbis handsome 58 inch cloth in record time The secret is n usi ig double s rinds of sting -snd a large crochet hook Of course if j o u prefu a medium-sized cloth a single strand of strnj? senes A 26 inch cloth m fine co ton makes a lo\ely cen 4 er-piece Pat ern GOt/4 contims instructions for making the loth, en illustiation of it and of stitches mate lals needed photoferapn of cloth To obtain this pattern send ten cents in com to The Dailv Coune*" | Household Arts Dept 259 \V 1 i h Street New "i ork N Y Be sure to write plainlj your D4.ME ADDRLSS and PATTERN NUMBER 'Communocrah' New Name for Liberals WASHINGTON Feb 22--Frank- derwent an opeiation for appendicitis lyn Wa l man, publicity drector foi at Fnck T iemoual Hospital Tuesday j tl e Republlcan Rational Conmit ee, Sausrs Funeral The funeral s°r\ice for John G Sauers will be held at 3 ocloci^ "hursday afternoon at his home, 38 Vine street Interment wi 1 be m Mount Pleasant cemeter\ Mr Sauers died at 8 15 o clock Monday e%e- nmg at his home Jun or Auxiliary Meets The regular meeting of the Junior Auxiliarv of James E Zundell Post American Leg on, was held Monday evening in the Legion home Mrs William Queer gave a talk on "Flag Courtesy and Mrs Harry L Fidler gave a ta'K on " A.mencanib*n and National D fensc It the close of the program re- freshmen is weie served the 22 present by Mrs Charles Forejt and Mrs Thomas Meagher The new meeting time was not approved b the members and will be changed back to the second Tuesday in the month Plars were completed for next Monday night s swim at the Scottdale Y M C A World Day of Prayer Mrs D C White will have charge of the program at the observance of the World Day of Prayer meeting *o be h°ld at 2 30 o'clock Friday afternoon in the Methodist Episcopal Church Projects will be dismssed by rep- resen + atives from the Trinity Lutheran, Reunion P-esbytenan, United Brethren and Church ot the Brethren churches Responsive readings and prayers will be in charge of representatives of the other churches in town Both men and women are invited to attend the meeting suggested that politicnns who sub- c cnbe a twin code of Commun sm and liberalism be dubbed ' com- munocrats "We think that is the precise \%oid that fits them, he wro'e in his column "Looking Forward." Thej are Communocrats which ireans pei- sons who talK revolutionary ja-gon of the Communists but pose as kne-i of democracj "Communocrats are what the Com- munists call fellow travelers' that is s j m p a h r c r s outside ot thp party n cinber^hip The New Deal is tilled with Communocrats \outh Confesses Murder LITTLETON J H l e b 22 -F i a n k h i "Wilbui Jenici 21 ex-con- Mct of Pompe, rs Y , confessed slijing Flo'i-ncc L Ame', elder!} Syracuse (N Y ) woman accoiding to police Mine Lectures Tuesday Bureau of Mines lecturis undei the auspices of the University of Maryland will be held Tuesday, Feb- rua^ 28 in the auditorium of the college of engineering at College Park, Md , it \\as announced today. CONFLUENCE, Feb 22--The C O D Class held its February meeting Thursdaj evei ing at the lome of Mrs Paul Nagle A bjsmess session was m chaige of Ml Mabe' j-,ogston The class decided to make two quilts and pu* on them nulnes of people who contribute a dime The work will start Monday and is expected to end in two weeks The e wc-e 13 mcnbers present The next meeting will be held in Maich at the home of Mrs Cora A Edgar the teacher A lunch was seived by the hostess Line Cre« Here Eleven linerren of the Western Un on Company are located here repairing the lines "md eplicmg defective poles Tney will be he c for a few weeks Bible Class Mocl« Ladles Bible Cliss of the Lutheran Church held its Februaiy meeting Thuisday at the home of Mis D H Pore in Oden street There were 10 membeis present After devotioml serv ices a business meet ng was held A lunch w as served bj the hostess Personals Miss Dorothy So% TS of F-irmmg- ton was visiting at the home ot Miss Myitle Hopwood o\er t h W O P -""d Elrrer Shipley is confined to his home with in Tttnck ot flu liia condition is 1 not senou William Boor, emplot.d at Somerset, speit the week-erd here Mr nd Mrs Romld C'ouw and son, Robeit of Zclionop e were visiting Mr Clouse s parent* Mr and Mrs Frank Clouse, over the weekend Mr and Mrs Dewe/ Rush and son of Clai"loi were v i s i t i n g the latt" 5, parei ti, Mr and Mrs Calx .in GrofI Mrs G B Hopx od ard daur i ci Doro'hj, were v i M t m g AI-s Hop- woods sister M'S Eawm Deyarmon in Brov nsvlilc Sartrd-i., The vsercl accompanied homu bj Uic foi me-s mother, Mrs L A Reed, v ho will -·pcnd a fe\\ weeks he e Son Is Born Mr and Mrs S E Sudcr of Ursim announce the birh of an eight-pound bov Saturda-s Mr Suder is a teacher m the Confluence schools Both mother and son are getting along niceb Bandits' Souvenirs ?£^. Detective Carpenter Chief of Miami detectives, Earl Carpenter studies a "drift punch ' and glove, lc r t by five bandits \vho bound and gagged ten persons in lobby of the Blackstonc Hotel Miami B»ach, Th and looted sa p e depoMt bo\ca of about $200 000 m cash and -cuds ALL MOTOR ACCIDE YEAR MUST BE REC SEEKING OPERA NTS LAST ORDED IN OR'S CARD State Motor Police announced that any accident during 1938 no matter how small, must be reported on the form with the application for a State duvers license for the coming year The evenue depaitment equire- mcnt makes mandatory the reporting of occid i ts involving damage in excess o£ $50 The police division said the bureau lacks the mears to check on accidents involving damage of les« ..han $50 However motorists must report the number of accidents, no matter how sir all when applying for a renewal of their operating pnviledges Failure to do c o n- ay result in revocation of the right to operate an automobile Actress Plans Divorce. RENO Feb 22 --Actress Don" Kenyon has announced shell seek 3 Industry Loses Millions WASHINGTON Feb 22 --The Na- tiona' Coal Association estimated the | coil industiy in the United States lost [Nevada civorce from Albert D mo-e thin $50000000 in 1938 The | Lasker, wealthy aavertis ng execu- assouation added that from 1028 to I live aftei a four-month marriage 1936 the industry lost ?46 494 544 ' She w 11 charge incompatibility For S* years much of the '.vertunnfj hat been pa teed upon ov « EoanJ of PkysMtane MISERY OF COLDS Use specialized medication for nose and upper throat where most colds start Helps Prevent Colds Developing-Don t waituntllamlserablecold develops At the very first naming- sneeze sntfSc or nasal Irritation--put a few drops of Vicks Va-tro-nol up each nostril immediately Used in time Va-tro-nol helps to prevent the development of many colds »»._.-~i VICKS \/» ff,f^£i %· VA-TRO-NOL U.sejl; in more noro-es, t h a n any other medic.rtion of its kind Clears Stuffy Head, Too -Even when your head is all clogged up from a neglected cold Va-tro-nol brings comforting relief It quickly clears away the clogging mucus, reduces swollen membranes helps to keep tne sinuses from beta? blocked by the cold- l e t s y o u breathe again FIT AS A FIDDLE Exuberant Attitude Displu} ed By 1'oimer Ailing Union- Gives Liberal Credit to Famous Worlds Tome "We don t remember where or how the above expression was born Perhaps somewhere In the xnaze of an IquHy the answer Tray be But \ve do know that Mr Lee Mood IKlng at 137 Is Gallatin Ave Unlontoun Pa and ermloed by j Richmond Radiator Co used the expres sion alter taking onl iour bottles ot World s Tonic Incidentlly have you ever noticed the care that i master violinist fiivcs his violin or fiddle if ou wish On the road he docsn t ^hip it as baggage he carries It in his arm like a babe Protects it f-om heat and cold, sometimes tafees it to bed with him And timing it up is li*e a sacred rite All this is striding for pcr'ection of tone Perhaps a measure of perfection Jn health tone has been attained when a man says proudly I m feeling Fit as *i Fiddle And now for Mr Mood Improper elimination was the sou-ce of so many distressing ailments for me and the change In nv feelings n so great after taking only four bottles of Woilds Tonic that I feel f t as a fiddle and rarln to go Getting rid of that \ U e taste of decaying food alone was worth what Worlds Tonic cost me Ivc auakened mornings so stiff and iore from tossing around and getting T-T witl WP k kid neys tha* I fel* the judgment da had come Cramps and stomach paL. s some times fc t as if a knife had been drawn across the lower part of my abdomen At times my heart seemed to speed up and gas would appear to sho-tcn m breathing All this was slowing me up in mi work and it %vas like pulling leeih for the family to get re to take them to a picture show I wa always crankj and irritable and the childrtr teemed to be frightened ot me o times, The first bot le of Wcilas Tcnif did so much to coTect m 'acoins elimina tion that I decided to sta'v with it and I'm surel^ Rlad I did fo- all the condi tlons that coi stipation brought on ire so much better that I feel fine ana fresh and better than in a ong time The makers of th s famous medicine re-ich into \a*-ioua part* of the old coun tries for much Of its roots and herbs compound seeking foi ou the strength and health of -%our foreign born an- Get World s Tor~c at Conncllsv* !e ana Union -i H all other pioi,i- He Drug Stores-- \dveruscinent {EGOJ The Whole Town Is Turning Out Oppenh eim s Days FRIDAY AND SATURDAY They're all coming' To get their share of the stupendous values we are offering for these two days Men's SUITS and V/hen purchased with another Suit or O'coat at regular price. Here is the plan! Purchase a suit or overcoat at regular marked price and get an extra suit or overcoat for only $1.00. If you can't use two garments bring along a friend and dmde the cost". Sorry! No Charges. Ail Sales Cash Men's Dress Hose 5 pr for SI 00 Shirts and Shorts 3 f o r S l 00 00 Boys' Kavnee Shirts 59c One lot Men's Diess Shirts 95c Men's Pull-over Sweaters $1 79 One lot Boys' Knicker Suits $795 $1 00 Headlight Work Shirts 74c Dress Shirts to SI 95 Value $1 19 BENNE n WORK PANTS Regular $1 O U ousei s, madp of good liea-\ \ quality moleskin in colors ' $1 39 d a i k Fashions for Men 117 North Pittsburg Street Phone 2087 February 22 1939 SAVE THE MOST ON THE BEST Corner North Pittsburg and Peacn Streets, and 117 West Crawford Avenue Lew Prices Every Day! QUALITY FOODS AT ROCK BOTTOM PRICES Something New and Tempting Vinco Spaghetti Dinners Try these en Del lidous Spaghetti Dinners -- Sen es 1 people. Pkgs. for 25c Contains 6 oz. pkjr. spu- {rhptti--6 oz. can Spaghetti Sauce -- % 07. pkg. Grated Cheese. FOR YOUR LENTEN MEALS! SALMON-ALASKA PINK- 9c EATWELL SARDINES - L 10c FRESH MACKEREL * 10c Cooked Spaghetti K.. £," 15c Phila. Cream Cheese 2 t" 5 15c Kraft's Vefveeta Cheese 2 L b 27c California Tuna Fish 6'. 01 12c Macaroni or Spaghetti 3 IBs 19c |i Campbell's Crisp DILL PICKLES Golden Krust BREAD TOMATO SOUP BEEF STEW ACME ·I/ «ai 72 "r 2 si lo 25c Wcbstei s Brand Dmty Moo re s Vacuum I sliced loaves 3S. 10c lb tin 15c 23c Derrydale Roll Butter 2 IBs. 55c Lnrcc Yellon V\tra lb *· ^ EXTRA S«eet and J | f | ^U SFECIVL Julcy ®*" I 11 Yellow Sweet Potatoes) £ ,, ^TfC Rome Beauty Apples J " ' ^»*J 5c JEMER CLEAN SPINACH lb. HEADQUARTERS FOR SEA FOOD! Vrcsli Sieving Frying, pt. can 25c Ready for the pan--No Waste FISH Fillets FILLET of HADDOCK lb.15c HALIBUT STEAKS lb.23c SEAWHIT8NOS 6ifis,29c Large Size ., Whole or ||j Shank Half VfeC Sugar Cured Heavy Bacon Ib. ISVzc Smc .cd! Picnic Shoulders Ib. 15c Lean Ground Meat Ib. 17c Fresh J^cmbo Bc!cgrta Ib. 15c SERVE YOURSELF--AND SAVE!

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