The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 3, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, June 3, 1918
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A joint ,iaeetmg ot the C. W. a. M. the Misses Smith at Dawson. Taursday ittprnorm at the home of was tho guest of. Mr. aod Mrs. IJ. 's. -Mrs.. Ague-* Mill?r., anil Mrs. I. "V. Miller of North PitlsDiirg street^, She mis on her way, to Camp Lee, Piters- burg, Va., to visit her husband, THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELJ^SVJLljLE, PA. PAGE THREE*. Houzer on North Plttsburg s.treet, at whiuh tirjo the" arrotial elec'tion of officers for ?be former organization will be held. ·' Miss Mabel, of Scottdale, have return- . ed home after a visit at the home of j Mrs. Donald Lazelle of Morgantown | irst ! · Lieutenant Lazclle. , -- I Mrs. Hazel Guil'er Bryte has son« j The rojTJlar meeting of the Busy ' to Covington, Ky., to visit friends. I Twelve clt.ft, tthicn was to have been j Miss Emma Marth^of Scottdale vis- | held -Friday night 1 1 the home of 'Irs. i itcd relatives and friends in Cor,n;l]s- j A. J. Pnluifr in dixtli strQ?*.. West ] ville yesterday. . i £:de, has been pOMponed *j the foi- lo-.v-;-g Friday ciglit. lUisiness of a rvutine- nature was transacted at tr-f cgular meeting of . the King's D-.ilghT ;rs ' jf the First rrcrbrtcrbu chun.l. heltl Saturday raarnoor at the T.'me of Miss Nolle Cimpbell in N'ortl- Cottage avenue. Jfr. and Mrs. Harry. Miller and t«-o | children of Monongahela City visited I relatives and friends in town yester- | day. - | Leo Mononan of FrosttvuTg, Md., is; visiting his uncle and aunt. Mr. and ' Mrs. St. V. Monohan. at the Haas Hotel 1 this week. Mifs Season and Miss ' Sarah Mrs. V,'. X. Lccae -.,ive a splendid re-JEliabeth Miller visited at the latter's Tort of tile inter j .iiorial convention home at Rockwood over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. TValter Frey and daughter, Helen, -and son, 'Walter, ot Kokorao. Pa. r arrived here last night' CJ 11,0 King's Drn:inters held recently in Philadelphia. · Miss Jean Morris, will entertain the for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. G. TV. ; V. C. T. Fancywork club Friday night | Penrod of Ninth street. Greenwood. at her home in Ea. 1 '. Crawford avenue. I The trip WPS made by automobile. j Miss Freda Rhodes of the West Side The regular mei'-lng of the Ladies'i was the guest of her cousin. Miss] Aid society of t:ie Metaodist Pro- Garnet Rhodes of Smithton yesterday, testant church will be held Thursday \v. L. Brown of the Wright-Metier afternoon in-the r.hurcb. The Cath-1 company will leave tonight for the crine Johnston Home Missionary so- | Edison laboratories in Orange, N, J.. i where he will spend two days receiv- I ing instructions pertaining to the Ed- i ison machine. On Thursday and Fri-- day he will attend a convention ot tne j The regular meeting of the Worn-1 Edison dealers to be held at the 'Wal- ciety will meet Wednesday evening in - the church at the close of the regular prayer services. an's Guild of the Trinity Episcopal church will be held Wednesday eve; dorf Astoria. New York. H. S. McCormick and Fred McCor- ning at the home ot Mrs. J. S. Bryner imick were visiting relatives in Lower in Sycamore street. The regular meeting of the vesiry has been postponed from Thursday evening, June 6, co the following Thursday night. Church Day will be observed Thursday In the First Methodist Episcopal ohurch by the Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary societies and the Ladies' Aid society. Lunch will I/ served from 11 to 3 o'clock. Members of the Trinity Episcopal church will meet Friday night in the new church house to organize a study class. The opening services in the new ohurch house of tht Trinity Epis-copal church on the corner of East Fain-lew avenue and South Prospect street yesterday morning, were largely attended. Rev. Milton S. Kanaga of Uniontown, tie rector, delivered a splendid sermon. The Ladies' Aid society ot the Tyrone township yesterday. MEN WHO SEEK TO AVOID JURY DUTY ARE SLACKERS DECLARES' JUDGE REPPERT Continued from Pace On*. tell I gen ce are not in the jury box and do not decide the case? Yet so it is | that men most capable of performing ihis duty efficiently are usually those who most urgently seek to be ; excused, or excuse Is sought for them ( by their employer. And when, through misfortune, misadventure or malice. such men. or their employers are haled into court, they are usually the j loudest in their complaints of the lack ) of fitaess of, those to whom their cases j must be submitted for decision. He I who is unwilling to help sustain and administer the lav should not expect protection from it. He i a slacker, willing to profit by other men's sacri- A PATHE PATHEPHONE and In Your Home to Keep It Joyful! For real mane hear the Pathephone! Hear how the Pathe Sapphire Ball brings out all the music the artist puts into the record! Come in Tomorrow and Hear These Neia "Hit*!" 75c and tltlllitint tune. The duet be as popular us "For lie and My Gal." Wlier* the Morning Glories Grow (Whltlng-Kahn-Egan), Sterling Trio For the Two of Us (lUslie-Ruby), Campbell . Burr ) The best efforts of three- well known song-hit writers are Incorporated in the matter of lyric and melody of "Where the Morning Glories Grow." The Sterling Trio sing it wonderfully. The story is a merry one with much pleasing story, atmosphere 'Far the Two of Da" is dainty «ncl sweet and should See This Great Special Pathe- phone Outfit at Aaron's Tomorrow! $40 Pathephone (plays all records)-$13.76 Record Cabinet--and 6 Double-faced Pathe Records (12 selections of your own choice). Convenient Terms Arranged, If Desired. Tbo Last Long Mile, s from "Toot-Toot," / (Brcltenteld), \ Arthur FieWs, Baritone Good-bye, Barney Boy (Breonan-Morse), Peerless Quartet The new musical comody, "Toot-Toot," is now Wowing its whistle to the s.pprovil ot the New York critics and public. Many of the catchy, tunes arc being hummed all around town, but fho nn« lone, lasting "hit" In this sp«rkllng comedy is "Th« Last Long Mile." Arthur Fields has suns it and | gives it ftne verve and swing. The rendition by the Peerless Quartet of "Good-bye, Barnoy Boy." i new war-ballad. \s a dandy and will receive ready . welcome. You Irike To Be Mr Daddy CLewis - Youne- Snyder), · Tbn Parber Glrln There's » Little Immp of Sugar Down in Dixie ( Bryan-Yaller-Gumhte), Th* Farber Girls The Farber Girls, two clwer sisters, well known for their sparkling work and talent in vaudeville, are now shining lights In the fantastical and important musical production entitled "Sinbad," play- Ing a long engagement at the 'Winter Garden, Hew York City. The two selections Huntf by th*s« unusually clever performers, appearlnc upon this record, are also sung by-them In "Smbad" and .ire sencational "hits." Special Outfit-This $110 Pathephone Special Outfit-This (IS5 Pathnphonei and Records to the amount '/and Records to the amount! o£ $120 On Special Easy Terms! o£ $195 On Tour Own Easy Terras^ The Pathe Pathephone Is ALL Talking Machines in ONE-giving you ALL the music of the world to choose from. Why not come to our conveniently located Main Floor Pathephone Department tomorrow and hear this wonderful machine play your favorite selections ConneDsville's Reliable Homefurnishers Since 1891. The Pathe Pathephone --Plays all Records. --No Needles to Change. --Does not scratch, rip or dig into the Records. --No scratchy "surface noise." --The biggest Talking Machine value ever offered. CENTRAL NOT TO BE USED AS A SORT OF HUMAN TIME-PIECE Subscribers Asked to Cut "What is the Time, Please?" Calls. Out United Brethren church will meet oa "*°f "me and labor Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock a t ; . But this Is not all. After the the hoffie of Mrs. John Oker in EastM"TM" 1 bave been summoned and a me nou-«= u j. sufficient number found to be ;n at- t-eaar avenue. ^ j tendance, a disposition to avoid ser- Tho monthlv business meeting of vlce jf homicide cases by dUqualify- th. Epworth League of the First . ^^emse.ver is ^.ncreasi^ly^ev,- Methodist Episcopal churcn will be held tomorow evening at tbe home of Miss Hester McCaims. Xo. 509 Soath Arch street. It is the first of the new year and a large NOT IN LINE OF SERVICE ance is desired. PERSON AI^. Miss Jane Scott, employed by the A Juror usually disqualifies ithev by conscientious scru- nst capital punishment, or . inion which be thinks will [_ prevent him from giving the defendant a fair trial. Far be it from us to coerce any man's conscience, but too often an unwillingness to perform and a desire to evade an Equipment and Operators Working to Capacity; Is Need for Conservation -Abnormal Jncrc;i« t In Krg. y Be HandJcd Efficiently. and Jack McDocough of Republic are visiting their brother and sister Mr. and Mrs.. H. M. l*urty of East "Washington avenue. The best place to shop after all. Brownell Shoe Co.--Adv. j C.A. Benford of Scottdale ^'as call- I in? on friends here yesterday. Miss Agnes O'Donovan, and nephew Donald Kerr, have returned home , from a visit with friends and rela- j fives in Pittsburg. They also witnessed the graduation of Miss O'Donovan s ; brother. James O'Donovan from the ' "The disqualifying opinion -is usually based either upon casual oral comment or the news columns of the press. It is needless to say that a man who docs not read the newspapers is hardly of sufficient intelligence to be included among those whose names are put in the jury wheel. In Uni of Pittsbarg. who has been the guest of his sister, Mrs. J. C. McClenathan of South Fitts- Lurg steet, left last night for Chicago where be will spend a few clays on business. Clarence McCormick o£ the East End was visiting friends in Scottdale yesterday. Send tbe Daily Courier to your boy !a the army. Call at the Courier office and leave his address. Hate 50c per month.--Adv. Mrs. J. W. Lazelle is visiting relatives at Morgantowu, W. Va. Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Millfer and baby motored to RufTsdah- yesrerday and visited friends. Mrs J. G. Percy of East Apple street, is spending fie day in Pittsburg. Mrs John Stafford of Topeka, Kan., is visiting her daughter. Mrs Lewis Boyd. and her father, John Sisley, the latter of South Ctmnellsville. Mrs Hattie Spavan and Louis Evans of Wampsviile. N Y., are guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sims In North Plttsburg street Mrs. Spavan is a sister o"' Mrs. Sims and Mr. Evans a brotoei-m-law. For tee best and cheapest repairs on tbat roof, conductor or spouting, see P. T. Evans Estate,--Adv. A A. Corrigtan of Ohiopyle was in town Saturday on business. Mrs. Harry Bryan and daughter. of mind is at least equal to that of the man who cannot decide a, case on the evidence produced at the trial uninfluenced by the impression or opinipn resulting^ from newspaper accounts or scientious scruple, js too often conjured up for an u n w o r t h y end. "At almost every term of court it becomes necessary LO summon extra jurors in. homicide cases because of jurors disqualifying themselves on the cent term almost 300 jurors were summoned before a jury ^as obtained. Such condition is not creditable. It is sufficient to arouse grave concern and We recognize the fact that conditions p:oduced by the war must receive first consideration, to which the courts as well as other interests must ] accommodate themselves. This \v D 1 have done and will continue to do 1 , as not dispense with the regular terms i of criminal court, and we indulge tbe hone that the present panel of jurors will cheerfully and willingly give up j their time and attendance during tbe j three weeks of June term to which they have been respectively called, without asking to be excused unless something more serious than personal inconvenience and interruption to their usual and ordinary employment and business" would result." . Jasper Cope of Uniontown, was named foreman of the grand jury. Patsy Medio. who is under arrest for murder of an Italian at Dawsoa, appealed to court for counsel, saying he had no funds, and H. W. Byrne and Joseph J. Baer were named by the court to defend him. \0 ADVA.VCE Of I'KICE S T H M A ^ There is no "cure** but relief is often ft brought by-- Ontdorfr Dies. Policeman Harold H. Orndorff of Ohiopylc died Saturday afternoon at I his home ot injuries tuffored a week ago yesterday in a motorcycle acci- , d c n t Mr. Ornriorff attempted to ride! ' t h e machine for the first time, with | [ M a r t i n Shipley and Lloyd Linderman | as passengers. It overturned throw' me all three of the men Patrons of the Central District Telephone company can no looser use central as a sort of human time-piece by calling up at any hour of the day or night and requesting the correct time. According to orders from central headquarters the local managers have been directed to enter upon a:i educational campaign by -advertising and otherwise to bring telephone patrons to an. appreciation of the necessity of cutting out all calls that are not btnctly in the line of telephone service, and "Wfcat is tbe Lhne, please?" has become to be rated as the chief offender m this class. The need for this form of conservation oC time and labor on part of central operators is explained by the company through E. F Patterson, local manager, as follows: "When a subscriber lifts bis tele- phono receiver and askes: ""Vniat. is the time, please?" the same service en. the part of the operator, the same length of time and an equal use o:" telephone equipment generally are necessary as are required to complete an ordinary telephone call. "In every telephone central office is a switchboard with a cerLam number of operators' positions, and at each, position is an opera-tor with a certain number of subscribers' lines terminating before her. These Ea- cilitics are now taxed to their utmost and, ab a considerable percejS^e of the caJ Is are for the time of the day, subscribers will see the reasonableness of this request, and appreciate that the elimination o£ such caUs would permit of a so-called reassignment or redistribution of both operators' service and telephone equipment and result m Lhe telephone company being able to care for the present aonormal demands and the even greater demands that are expected in the future." In a notice to employes, the company states that, by reason of the tremendous war activities, it has before it one of the biggest tasks in telephone history--a task which it, as a servant of the individual, the community and the entire nat.on, must successfully shoulder. Ja urging an understanding of the problem and a knowledge of the reasons for the conservation of telephone service, this statement says, in part: ' The unprecedented activity in business today has brought about tremendously increased volumes of ifM,- phone calling and demands for tele phone service. Our switchboards, 01 operators, are working to capacity. "Copper, lead aud other material 1 essential to telephone plant are required in great quantities in our w.ii preparations, and LUG large mauufac turers who have supplied us with oui equipment are producing lartie jro\- When, How and Where Youths Becoming 21 Must Register "VTho must register: All male persons, citizens or aliens, born between June 6, 1836, and June 5, 1S97, mclusi-e, except officers and en- hsted men of the regular army, navy and marine corps, and the National Guard and naval militia while in Federal service, imd officers in Officers' Reserve Corps and enlisted men in Euhsted Reserve Corps while in active service. When: "Wednesday, June 5, 1D1S, between 7 a. ra. and 9 p. m. XVhere: At office of local board h a n n c jurisdiction where the person to be registered permanently resides or other place designated by that local board. How: Go in person June 5 *.o your registration place. If you expect to be absent from home June 5, go at once to the office of the locai board wiiere you happen to be. Have your registration ca^d filled out and ciTUfied. Mail it to the local board having jurisdiction where you permanently resido. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped en\elope with your registration card for the r e t u r n of our registration certificate. Failure to get this certificate may cause you serious inconvenience. You must niai! your registration card in time to reach your home local board Juae 5. Tf you arc sick June 5 and unable to present yourself m person send some competent frieud. The clerk may deputize him to prepare your card. I n f o r m a t i o n : If you are in doubt as to what to do or where to resistor, consult your local board. Penalty for not reglfitenug: Failure to register is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for one year It may r o s u l t in loss of valuable rights and privileges aud immediate induction into military service. Glasses for Office i Workers ' i ! Typists, stenographers, bookkeepers. I 'draughtsmen and accountant are ' prone to abuse their eyes by close ap- ( plication to tbeii 1 work i i Thr rlsrhI t?l«M«n r«-1 lr\ e nntl rest \rcary. htrrUneil rox. I. W.MYERS,Opt.D. Optometrist and Optician, "V-ooI worth PAINS IN BACK AND SIDE Yield to Lydia E. Pinkbam's Vegetable Compound. ernment orders. "As the number of calls made by our subscribers for tib^ time of da represent a considerable part of tho tota! number of calls \vtnch are bandied, their elimination will permi' us to haudte more calls of a necessary nature and may result in our being able to so distribute our operators and equipment that some who now do not ha\« telephone service, may ha\e it. "This ifi not a question of expense nor a quest.on of organisation · it is a question or ehmaaatmg waste or unnecessary calls--calls are TIOI i e lated strictly to telephone service." STUDENTS REGISTEK. So IJxoepUiHi Made in Fn\or ot* Those at Dhinity or JJlwiicnl Schools. Provost Marshal Genera', Crowdcr has declared that medical and divinity i students register on June 5, j along \\itili all oiher young men, citi- [zcns or aliens, reacting th$ age of '21 on or before that date. The only except. ons to the law pio- viding for registration are men actually in active military or naval service. Fails Over Cliff. Adam \Vheelur, 32 years old, of Pomeroy, Greene county, was killed Sunday by f a l l i n g over a 60-foot cliJT near Ins home across the river from Point Marion. His back was broken. 5 His wile and t w o caiKicn survive. Bnlic in Woodlicml IFonn 1 . Mr. and rrs E. A. Woodbead are receiving congratulations upon tie birth o f a daughter last night. Mr "\Voodhcad ts a member of the high s-chool facul'.y. CASTOR For Infants and Children In Use For Over 3O Years Always bears the Signature of J.S. PARKER, WELL KNOWN SCOTTDALE MERCHANT, IS DEAD Knd Comos in Pitt^buru Hospital Where He Had Itwn rnder^oinj; Trciidiicnt Fno »d'ks. Spec J l u The Courier. SCOTTDALE, June 3.--Aftei a iow weeks' illness, John S. Parker, 76 years old, bead of the mercantile firm oC the J. S. Parker Coirpany, died yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock at tho Homeopathic hospital, Plttsburg, where he had been undergoing treat- m e n t For several rnont! s .Mr Parker had been unwell. QC late yeais ho i had given over the care and responsibilities of his business largely to his isons, although he kept at all ti'nes in [close touch with affairs and frequent- I ly visited the store. | Tbe remains were brought this j morning to his iate home in Loucks [avenue. Anangements for the fu- ne - al have not been completed. Mr. Parker had been in business at Scottdale since 1872. He wa« boi n near West .Newton in 184:2, a son of J S. and Jane Parker In 15»64 he and his mother opened a stoie at Reapan- town. In 3872 he came to Scottdale and his brother-m-law, .Ianu jt ! B Smith, established the business 'where the present fatore now E ' a n d - j at Pitlsburg and Spring streets At first the enterprise was ronparative- i ly small but it bad a steady and prac- \ Ucally HAiiintemiptod. grov»ih to n* ' presert proportions Eventual!} 1 j Messrs. Pnrker and Smit'i dissolved | partnership and I n f e r he J. S. Parker [ Company was Formed This was rom- 1 posed of Mr Parker and his sons, It |H. and P. R Parker. For many years Mr. Parker had been identified w ,th other enterprise^ j He was president of tr-» Scoudale ' Sannss Tnisi company and o£ the Scottdak 1 Cemetery assoc at son. lie vtii* a stockholr!iM in the American Shi^et T.ii Plait 1 company and \vas largely interested in coal in \Vcst Virginia i Jn religion .Mr Parker was a Pre*- |btenan Foi many jcars he had been I an active memijer of the First Presbyterian church of Pcottda'e. , The highest trade ami mrs_ etlioiont i optical in C o n n e l J ^ v i I l c 1 He served at one time as a member 1 of the Scottdale school boaid. Besidi?« bis .sons, with whoirj he wa= 'apcociated m business, Mr. Parker is ·suruved b his wife and t w o daugli- 1 terb, Jane and May, also bv t w o si"- lers, Mrs. A-ny H u r ^ t of ProUclale, and Mrs. Harriet Huff of Scottdale. ' a n d by ODC brother, R. G. Parker of i Scottdale. . BRAKEMAMIILED ! Koscr Kiitli'nnore Meets Dca-i, in lc- cideut at "cn Castle. Rotjcr J. Butiormorc 22 veins old. Uaitimore Ohio railroad braKeman, u as fatally injured at .Ne\v t'n^t.o A tcJegram i iccived u ins S:MP;-, ; Mrs. Elmer I'. 33iercr of 2iH' North ; Twelfth street, VTesi Side, gave no particular? of the accido'H. i The young men bad breu in tho 1 service of U*o Baltimore *.C. Ohio railroad as a brakeinan, running trora , Connellsvillp to .\w Cdstlc 'ov the past three earp. He loft on Ins run jesTcrday alter::oon at 4 o'clock Tlit bod will be brought to C o n n e r ^ ) ] ! 1 and removed by Funeral ]Jirc . tor , Charles C. Mitchell to the Bieror re 1 -!' deuce where tho deceased butt made ' h.s honif. Notice of funeral later. | Mr. Builermore wa~- bom ^ ( on- f ne]lsvillo, and un J,i:io _M he \ \ i u l d , havo been 22 years old. J l e \\ as a -on ! of M i . and Mrs. Samuel Biru nror. I tlie latter deceased, aj'J had ^'siik-cl 1 he.'e all hib lift- lie ^ as a nn :iuie; ' ot BrotlKMhood of ]{ai t road T i a i n - i ineii and of the t'lined J J u t h r e n t -lu-ch. He- wa.5 unn:c.rr3t d, ,1 id iu 1 a d d i t i o n ;o his father, i.s '-urvnod by 1 foui misters, M r ^ liirrer, M i s 'p'omas Hendersou. V i ^ ,, \\~. s h i n d k i i f r k e " and Mist R u t h D"ttermore. al! of t'oii- tioSls\iHc and u\o brnthei 1 - KO;UH' I .I Bultc-i ir-oi i 1 of Cornel 1 t -'v]]l^, a id H a u j B u t u r m o i e of Vandoibi 1 !. Kansas City, Kansas.--"I from pains in my back and side caused by a functional derangement. I was nervous and h a d headaches most ol the time. So many p e o p l e recom- m e n d e d Lydia K. P i n k h a m ' s Vegetable Compound to me, I tried it and after taking six bottles I am well. I da not think the Vegetable Compound can be beaten for woman's ailments."--Mrs. L.TIMMERMAN, 3011 N. Hatchings St., Kansa3 City, Kansas. Women who suffer from headaches, nervousness, backache, the blues and othersvmptoms of a functional derangement sliould give this famous root and herb remedy a "trial. For forty years it has been overcoming such ailments of women after otlioi medicines have failed. If you want special curTestiond in regard to your condition, write LydiaTS. Pmkhara Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass. The result of long" c. perience is at youi service, and yo^r letter will be held in strict confidence. A Cl^an Quiet place for Tour family 10 Uat. · --o-L t t l' s Kno\\ What You Want and JlOiV You Want It, GOOD SKKVICE. --o-C, J. Armstron-,', Prop. S(url» I/CiU'ic' 1 ' I)jmt:hfer. The stork \IMHH! il.c lion.c of M". and .Mih. Wendell Carrol: in Soirh Second street yc.iteiday afjerncn-i 'eft a dnusblrr. The tannly 7? now cn'-nposcd of i^'" 1 g i r 1 ^ Mf- ' i i r o l l vifi 1 ^ f o r i n e i l j Mi^.s O l n e JJt Yoc. r u i n BHK at MiHt-r Home. j M i . ana Mrs J J e n r y C. M i J l - i of j East Patterson -\euui\ ore 'i-urni],; i coujrai-ulatioiis upon the b i r t h of t w i n , bOjS yesleida\. Ifooiilitrill Oancc TonUrht, I At Jacques. M a i k c l l n a i l Kiferle's I four-piece orchestra.--Adv.--3-11, Wlieii Ton Want Anything Advertise in our Classified Column. ._. .. A nrepanttinnfor restorin({ n*uir»l color to f»ced faair, for rtawnoe dandruff sad sa a l» la cot a dye. -MTOHJ «i»«d bottlra »t BEAD THE COTJRIEE

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