The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 3, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1918
Page 2
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DAILY COUIOER. CONNELLSVTLLB, PA. MONDAY, JUNE 3, 1918. mryiAraiNG Slfe«FEjgie|t'»re for FnbHe Ob- 'M B.:CBNNiNG8SB|g'HAK£R From Word, to His Is-UnkaoTrn to Hrt;_Fr«siun«iLrCJw8 .Has Hcaie., special, co THa. Courier. SC0TTHALE, June 3.-- Ti8 Scott- tlale Elks will hold a. public Mag.Day service on Friday, -June 14; Ifgatory for every lodge o£ £3 Its -in. the country, to--bold' a. Bag day service* This has- been. a custom for many years eithee in public, or' .he. lodge room.. 'ITie-^serrice in, .honor o£ the 'Will t3 TRENCH PHRSES USED BT HERMAN IN CHAUTAUQUA LECTDBE delivered. br'-foanur DenUS£! Jesse E. B ;p»mgT!m» ., 3= K/ MaiOuarrie j£",tS?i notjjeen. determined,-^tt. The con^-j rfopTrrn^iyiij.-Tyhr* speaks, at OB- tie. same day: On the" com~i mitxecr are: Thomas J. Hill, cbaiiv! man; I. P._ Brennen_ J.. B. Hurst,! Jam«~Ke«isn,~Cr':EC,I«.H:k3, W. P. "Slaofftrv ~G. Si! ^uttfeimBi^r and Wil- frei(i~fc£ SloICeon^ ^ex-irfEIcio. Soldier Goml»r Hjme. A. commmiicitiba ias Seen seat to tbe,5istfir_jp£. i Alva. .Hamilton,. Miss Goidifc- Hamilton^ telling her that he is being sent- bock to the United States. His. sister lias .nside. tor-home:' at W"3^rWliltE.'j?"oii Broadway, and it vna stated there that they did not knoir why- yonng Hamilton'was being sent .home. from. Fisnce.-.inless,he. .was wounded and conld serre'cno more. Ffeiue at Ore ?Hnes. The fres-hnreii held a picnic, at the- Ore mines on -Friday. Tihey went on the car to McClure's'aad/walked, the" rest-- o£ - the-"way- to-tie ore mines. There wore 30 ta the party, making atxmt half oi the treatnrnm. class. As thi* was some of the girls' first es- · - tisnfr flaey had. climbed the ore damps and the -M"« around. The party was ~ Mra.~C- 4. BuscH and · -iiri. .-^C_ -K Sa«Ie- ~Thoia Noon ""sprained his leftafjtfla.'aad' after be;. _toff glrea-flrst aid he was helped to.a _-nearby-store and the entire part? *-"came-~home on a track. The committee..^ charge was made up .of Ftorence Rhodes, Giadys. Steinman, · Mildred: Reed. Virginia Clingerman, Gladjs. Smith, Hildred.Yshner, Esther ""Pefersoli anofHenrfetle Htagler. The f oltHBing*£irixw3lk£d- nine mile dur ing the day: DorothyBrielcer, Lo-oise "'-Snsle'yf'^anline K-ib'wlea, Florence -..Rhodas and.Esther Peterson. ,'' -Cnji3ren?s ".Pattr: exercises will be aeld.-at.^e ^rstPtesbrtermn 1 church . on. aen. Sunday., A.. speciai program . Js..l)-eing:arianse(J;: ts expected ' wlir'be. sometnine. out: at the or/ " "'Otter Softs. - Sfc aadt Mrs. VilUain England oi ·- Jiaasamit academy; Stocfcdaie. Va., are the guests ot. Mrs. Shannon. Mn Kngland is an iastrnctor in. the acad- .^sraj^ wtoc^-Ja^a^military- academy, and ranks as. major. . - . . - . . ,:JJr^and.Mrs;.M. ,r: Kemredyt who is a " BQfimbe'r' 'of ~ tKe" regal 1 department- of "tfie'oriJnSEee'aer-artinaiit, Is home on. ' ^Jss, IL.'J- Hbraii is'spending a few- days in. *TniontcoTn. Mr. ami ii'rsj J.'cr'Saylor and Sirs. 'iE. C; Satetto, "who have been the of. lir. 'and . CJ Kelly, -- :Mrs.--W;-C.'Keily-of Beltefoae. Is tee 7-~v;ar,- ijnih.jte --ttiete--gjedrtcii and ""' ~ · :?«?fr:spent -Stiiniay at : Palm Bach, Sta^. witjt a party L :uad MSi5ont?lTni friends, · return Home at 'gcoitdare 1 ;"where she will - days with, her sister. title to the · in the world. Th«' best values ia_"wearing * "SSwn'asTne'Broa4S i 4y"I.adies' Store, Scotrfale,. ..PIL. .opecial newest silk 'anu" "gln'sham.dresses', ?3.95-to ^5 special newest silk and. wooE sweaters; J2.9S to 510; special newest coats, --~-fS:K to- f25; special newest;waists, S9i; to--J5^6. · Broadway La'dies Store. As yoo get-off the car, SconSale, Pa. _...--Adr. .. :-. :: V Tra TT»»t SomethlBg Advertise ftr it .in-our classified ,col- 'Oiie' cent-« word. . ". . The Fine Flavor TCASTiES SS FOUND INMOOTHER CORN AKES PRIVATE ARTHUR K. HEAMAH. .ivfil- do .vcQ. to fDulSarbM' dtemAelTes with sceo* at ttw pTir««»«wMefcPrlT»t» Arthur S-: Herman.naed Ut the, war li-eture which h* Im to give ]cr» on the ctoslag olgat ot tbe Chautonqua. A "clwl" Is a bomb wMch doM'not niplwle. "Grooslnfi" mean? grumbling or complaining. rafen to "pnrUne on aim" "OetUag tbe wind up" Is tb» «na« ai attraak i» r»«T«J to a» "tomtog up the datdci" or "solng wot" SOHHI- ttttte BitTM li referred-to as "budcshe," and "cmmb" (m on tmwal- 'rrnnfi lnJiaMtiiil ,nf · voZdler'c shirt. A dgarett« is known na ft M fng. "0lpoo H tt mis tecoc. gte«M ocfloook. Tha chaplain la referred to aa "padre." "Mufti" rcAn to ctrtam. doUM* a» contrasted with kliakl. "Rootr" metan bread. Bom* la i«fm«a to a* "bUgbtj." 'When onjrthbig is "Jake 1 * It Is 0. K. H«»Tn«n l» highly edncated and a good jp«ker. He holda degree* from tw» codcgM.aiid a. tbeologlcnl/seolnary. His age 1* 29.and he In on« of the waft tixttnoOaf. cb«j^- th»t eyer wore a Oaoadlan aaUorm. It waa at Vtnrj, SJdga-. a»t,be got Ms "nUgnty" while flgh«ne with the 13th Canadian. Steefc Wa*-*b.. r ftte saxb« shell which took off his left lee ^iUed four oC hla oott wosoded 'ninti otberg. Confluence. CONFLUENCE, Joae. 1.--Bev. N. L. Browiiv a former .well known, pastor at Addison/ passed through, town yesterday on his way from. Berlin,, where he had made the Memorial Day address.. lira. W. S. Bower went to 1 burg yesterday to visit her husband, who is a. patient in the hospital there. Miss. Gwendoline Eicer has returned .to her tome at Fore Hill after a Tisit with friends aere. . ..Chaxies. Osier and family of Connellsville, visited friends here yesterday. George Jamison of, J.uniato, has' returned home alter a, visit with friends here. . . . . · Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Groff. were visitors .to Mey-ersdale yesterday.. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Walker aave re- tamed, tb their home at Isabel! after visiting friends a few days aere. Mr, and,Mrs. Frank Woodinancy have returned to tieir home in.Onio- pyle, after, a visit with friends here. .. i£rs..A- Fletcher, of Somerset, is vfe- 'Etrng her'son^ Grant Pyle and farai:. here at present.' - -F.. S. Gerhard is- building, an addition- to his residence on the West Side. CONFLUENCE, Jane 3.--A number from here attended the Sunday school convention held at Markleysburg yesterday. Word received by ner parents from Helen Bowlin, who is taking treatment- fot: rheumatism at Mount Clemena, Miq'b., state she is improving nicely. · Orville Osier was a business visitor to Somerset .Saturday. Thomas Little, who has been very HI for some time, is able to walic around again. Miss Ora Greer lett Saturday for a visit with friends at Connellsville. Mrs. M. M. Eoyston has returned from a. visit with friends at Garret:. ' Mr. and Mrs. Austin Friend of Pittsburg were here Saturday enoute to Friendsvillc. JW., to visit friends. 'Frank K. Cunningham, an aged veteran of Ohiopyle, has-returned honie after a visit with friends here. Charles "Wilson and Thomas Sutn- mey of near Somerfield left Saturday for Connellsvllle on their way to a training camp.. . Misses Felica Ptanigan and Hobs Pore are visiting friends at Indiana, where they formerly attended school. liaise in Hanging Wall Taper. " Owing to the high cost of labor and j the increased high cost of all ingre- I ilieats ia the making ot paste, we are ·' obllsed to inform our patrons that effective June 1, the price for hanging wall papfer is 20c per roll instead of 17 1-Zc for ordinary work; 35c anl 30c instead of 20c And 25c for the bct- j ter grade of paper. All cut-out bor- cordiag to style and grade. Remem- bev! our wall papers are still selling at the same low price. Five and Ten Cent Wall Paper Company.--ASv.-S-lt atroaize Those Who Advertise.); BELL-ANS ly .Removes i Indigestion. Druggists ' money jf it fails. 25c i DANCING AT SHADY GROVE TUESDAY AND THURSDAY' EVENINGS. KJPEHLE'S ORCHES'rRA ' Ohiopyle. June a.--Oliver Sproul was .trausfactlng business at (Jniou- towa yesterday,. Mrs. .Will Kitenour of MoKeesuort, speat, Decoratloa Day here. John Burlie was "a Uaioatown business, caller Friday. . .-. · £. D. .Sailor, .was a Connellsvilie caller today. Mr. and Mi:s.' I. L.. Collins, F. 11. Cunningham," Theodore 'Cunningham, G. E; Smith' and Jl-r. and Jlrs. I. F. Woodmaacy apeut Decoration *Day al Confluence. Blanche Marklsy of Braddock, speut Thursday here calling on friends. . V, C. Rush of Farmington, was a caller -here yesterday. . r -May Ijncy of Uniontpwn, is spond- ilns-a few days at her liome ht-re. FOB TIHi jHUtEST ASD C'OJT- VICTIOJf OF AST I'ERSOK OU PEKSOSS 5[AKEf« TUB S't'ATKJreST TMAX- TltE Sperry and Hutchinson Trading Stamp Co. is Gotsrc OCT"OF BUSINESS GIVE US THE jfAMK O* 1 AJffONK MAKIJiG Sl'CH STATE3TESTS. The Sperry and Hutchinson Co. FtRTtlfKE STORE, COKJiKM-SVITAE, I'A. Wednesday and Ttorsday, June 5 and i fiffhlMT' *Ff\ Till? tk A'O'V etlrttSF GOME TO THE BABY SHOW · This will be the most interesting and instructive exposition of its kind we've ever held in the Infants' Wear Department of this store. Our Infants Wear Department is invaluable to mothers for we have studied the outfitting of infants and carry everyhing for the baby's use. Our modern Infants Wear Department is a wonderful clearing house o) ideas for the infant wear buyer because of inti mate knowledge of what manufacturers are pro ducing for the welfare and comfort of the babies Come! Bring the baby. This style show will be i real factor in education to mothers to know thi kind of clothes the baby is to wear hai a great deal to do with not only th baby's appearance, but its health ant happiness. Y DAYS Every baby has an eqna chance. Every baby brough here on Baby Days wffl b weighed on accurate scales an its name registered for one a the prizes of Two Dollars i Merchandise hi the Infanta Department only. COME! BRING THE BAB? THREE PRIZES AS FOLLOWS: 1st--Baby, ago up to six months. The heaviest and lightest, 82.00 in merchandise In Infants' Wear Department. 2nd--Baby, age six months up te 12 months; $2.W prize in merchandise for the heaviest and lightest baby. 3rd--Baby, age 12 raonflis to 1 "months; $2.00 prize in merchandis in Infants' Department Only. FREE! TBEE! partnicnt Only. FEEE! Gold King: for Baby given. Free vrith purchase to the amount of in lanfants' Dt Infants' and Children's Wear A choice assortment of the highest merit in style, quality and workmanship anid offere at exceptional price concessions Wednesday and Thursday. » BOOTIES FOR THE BABY--.White with, piak or blue - trimmings, 15c up to, 75c. BABY SACQUES--Caslimere of fine knitted sacques, flnishecl with pink or blue trimming, at $1.25 up to $2.50. BABY BIBS---15c to 25c;. 'BABY BANDS--Wool or Silk, 29c to 9Sc. ' FLANNEL SKIRTS--Long or short skirts of embroidered flannel--various styles--at 85c to $1.50, 1OUEINERT RUBBER DIAPERS--49o up to 75c. BOYS' STRAW HATS--Light weight, in many shapes, 49c up to $2.00! ROMPERS--White or colored, iu pink or blue, 49c. BOYS 1 WASH SUITS--Galatea or Cliambray, all sizes, all styles, all colors, at 75c up to'$3.95. » MUSLIN DRAWERS--Made of fine muslin, neatly trimmed, 2 to 12, at 19o to 35e. MUSLIN GOWNS--Made of fine .cambric, neatly finished, all sizes up to 14, at 49c up to $1.25. ' SKIRTS AND PRINCESS SLIPS--Made oJ fine soft batiste or cambric, neatly trimmed, all sizes up to 14, at 59c to $1.00, CHILDREN'S COATS--Silk Poplin, check Serges, all new styles and colors, at $2.50 to $10.50. BABY DRESSES--Long Dresses for infants of nain sook or fine batiste, embroidered yoke, lace edges an sleeves--75c to $4.00, SHORT DRESSES--For baby of French Lawn, Ba tiste or Organies, beautiful trimmed lace edges, embrdioei ed skirts, at 75c to ?4.00. SKIRTS, LONG OR SHORT--Made of fine cambric c long cloth, lace or embroidery trimmed, 59c up to ?3.5\, COATS AND CAPES--Long or short,-plain scaliJJJe or braid trimmed. Some have hoods Special baby daya- $3.50 up to $7.50i INFANT'S' BONNETS--Silk and Lawn Bonnets, bear tifully trimmed with fine lace or embroidery, dainty han work, 75c up to $2.00. SILK BONNETS--In' many patterns, tucked or en: brqidered, at $1.00 up to $2.50. ' WHITE DRESSES--Size 2 to 6 years, with high c long waist models, lace or embroidery trimmed, 75c up t $7.50. CHILDREN'S WHITE DRESSES--Blade of fine Ol gaudies, Batistes and French Lawns, in all the newet models, lace, embroidery and ribbon trimmed, size 6 to 1 years, at 75c up to $5.50. BAHOOX FREE! Lots of Balopils. for the little tot-s-given away free to the little folks who come to this store with mother or adult (Baby Days Only). Come! .Bring the little tots. UNUSUAL MILLINERY SALE for the Miss, Young 1 Woman, Matron. Bought 500 of the season's newest and prettiest Trimmed Hats at an unexpected price. . They're $7.50, $10.00 and $12.50 hats, and wo will sell them tomorrow at $3.95, $5.00 and 6.95. The popular hats of Georgette, Leghorns, White Milans, black, navy, brawn, sand, gray, Lisere Straws, etc. Smart turblns, small brim hats and large dressy styles. Trimmings of flowers, wings and fancy feathers. Styles for the young miss, young women and wonderfully good looking ·and becoming styles for matrons. · BOOK FREE! Book on the care of babies will be given to the mothers who will call at Infants' Department (Baby Days). A valuable book to mothers, containing information that will be of great help to any mother. Come, Buy Your Blouses at Dunn's Women who are particular about their blouses, about style, -workmanship, newness, and intent upon a saving will profit at this sale. - ' Blouses of'cotton Voile and Batiste, fancy models and tailored, styles, sale prices 1.50 upto $3.95. Blouses of Georgette and Crepe de Chine, hand embroidered, b'eaded, plain tailored or trimmed with filet or Venice'laces', white; flesh and pastel shades, $3.95 up to $12.50.'' Sample Sale of Suits and Dressei Crowds attended the sale yesterday. Bargains, res savings, style and quality-at the price--these are the fea tures of our Sample Sale. Suits worth up to 532.50, choice $19.95. Suits worth up to $50.00, choice $32.50. Dresses worth up to $15.00, chioce $9.95. Dresses worth up to $25.00, choice $15.00. THE E. DUNN STORE SBSSaS.

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