The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 24, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1930
Page 2
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v\di: TWO THE DAILY COUKTER, CONNELLY TULLE, PA. MONDAY, FTCBRTTATIY 24, 13m Jewish Religious School Institute Addressed by Pittsburg Attorney ®- i n t e r ol an \ Hi'" i r t i l n s- \i\ \ t t o i IK-\ i u l i o! IMH.-hui -, .uvi a h i K h l ' «4tinK IP-port (i! t h e ,lmvi.-b C! i | i i » l i ''I Hi H u l , i l d N "S u i Mlsv Miriam Si h o n t u - I d , alr,o o bins, w'P* 1 o u t s l t m l i n j ; l i v i t u ^ i loun School of I" 11 S o u t h \vo-tot u (iif-- ' r u i ftun'!,i\ an i niofni In KtU.s Tlom x ,t t ( r.iw'orri , u « - n u p I 'n* n U r t ! I ~f,g ( ( 1)1 WIS v \ «Mt If'tl iM V mil fir. pUc th* u n f a v o r a b l e Mr .\ I On iob' president of t n c ''oan-cll v i l l o SctJon '! Ih^ Council rf J c w i . U i ^ o n i f i i , KHV» t h p atlref-s. ot w«Ironn*. f t » M w h i c h -.hft Mimed i h r o\e-t u t h p Valley f n s t i t u t p Mr Jacobs of 1'itistbur?, i M U M ioy (Hu-k savr a mo-ot and inspiring talk nn "His Imprm-iori--, ol a Visit to Old KUTO- r«an (ju.trtw-. ' He is an. ^!o(it»*nt spe,tk-tM' ,ind his entire uulk was greatly pajovcii, as wiit, Miea Scbontield o ro- port. Miss S o h i n t K - l d is flelci worker ot the Jewish i ^hgious School of tht» H m i l J i w r v t r r i i Uustrict. Mrs I. H t.lperu iirnui?od a most ,',t t ru 11 \ t prog ajn foi the occasion TlH f o l l o w i n g lumbers were remrkr- fri Pl.ino ^ilo MISB Ang-ela Boslet, v o a l Svo'.o, Mi^t (Idea (trey; readUMT, \!ua K H / a b o t h Vlicjilovite; violin solo, ievoi-A S it K. A.\r .nrw. IIERVVH K I K 1 M ( A ' f i O N OK . OK 1. W. ROWK M r ,111 d Mix-. .1 C ?n b\ ! i"' 1 - 11 ave-nuo. C}r«nw P i t t « - ' M r s Homer n I!l,u k ^ l o n p n v r r i u r hAtu«rday a t t e n d i n g HP dudi^atlon of th*^ nw homrf of I I Vtilnran^Hnrne I'o.nt ol th« ^Vtoraas. of Korrijrn. Wars .11 M o u n t Olw-er T wv (kHlaciiidoTH ex- ori u.w took placo i i tho afternoon uifl in tin? o\cniriK a h,rilhant ball was ilenwk ot Mor- C'ous h o n o u r m FIFTY ATTKN i KI1ELI8 I LAS6 COLON ML TJBA Tbo a n n u a l 1 3d of the Ftdefis Class of the Kirs-l Methodist Episcopal C h u r c h Saturday afternoon in the !uil«3' parlor of the church was a most dMii?htrul affal · Approximately fifty :w-st"i %v % rp ir attendance. Colonial appointment* lovely in ev«ry detail, ;i.ftoinin.4.U-d. Mm Heb^kah Camn- h o l l and Mrs ^«-a Gordon, who provided at the ten table, and Miae H*len Carro 1. Mfcs Mary Sliger, Mrs. Grace Hwy, Mw B It Wlllard and Mrs. Henderson, w r o cxmpos«d th^ receii- noa eoratniHpf aivd also g-arved. ap- lt\ire! In beaunful Colonial oostanies, us did MIS--S Bf-j tha lyelchlitei-, who was The IP,I !ih(. was madp .ittiac'ivc v\ i t h cpntorplo of red ro*««, and tall rffi taper-' in s Ivrr holdow. A m p n c a n j fla^q wore plfl -ed about th^ rooms j W J I I K program, of w h i c h ' Susan H t-ks was chairman, wa« ^ n t P i l Piano solo, Bettj fxsuifco j ; loading. Thelma Means' j v o t a l -.olo, M'Sh Helen Grey; vocal' duct M i ' . Peter R. Woiraer and Vim. John J K.nof, piano nolo, Jean Eno«, vix-di -OiO. M r , John J Enos t i r e pn)t'iiai, w.m n c l u ; h t f u l l y Mw Fir bat i u !!!M ka wat, In t; t hrfi ((,f i for MVH t-Cor ^'o.k i veprmw. Sergeant Il«i\ Harno, v^ho wa , tli* first aoldiri f r o m Knoxvrl.e, Pitt bnrjr, Lo kwo his hf-p oser ^^su in th* ^ orlifl War a.nd i orpfr,il Uh-lmo.n. U ' tiri-t young m a n I'roin Mount Olrver to malui thw su- bdcn,tlce R rgipcnt Home- is at Snrrens' e. t h o A.nw*r1can ( enve-tery in 'Franco His mother. Mrs. AJbert ftonw oC K io-xviJJ.e-. will ac- conLpuoiy Urn GoW Star moUww* to Prance to visit her son';* grave Mr«^ Korno was torraerb M»s* OH-w. Stall - ot Cojanellt /Uio, a sister of MTS. Herwick. MJ and Mr a H^-wick aawi Coughenour were ^ uetts over Saturday night of Mr. ai i Mrs Horne, returning ho-me Hua ay .tt nx», at vvblch time MJ. H«i wxck w-enl to U n - ioatowa to iwBtall h« offlcxars of the Mklored V. ot K. V Post. Mr. Hw^s^'k w district d-enuty of tho Veterans of Foreign War . Cfa-cl i Wfil Meet. Lodios' Mlw Ion Ctrtl* of the First Baptist Chute 'i wtl! boid aa aBl- tfay ineetlnsr Thuare tay in Oae ctoarrfi. The morniuc \vill l « devotod to ing anI sowing. pr cn- !, Ji. / t noon Urnoh vlll J jhn H. Work aud Mn,. Smith Grimm compose the t»m- missana.t comnritt'«. A proRT-am. of borao mif^sior read-ngs and music w-lll be given at 2:30 o'f lock. REV. STKVF.VS M I L L SPEAR AT EVERHAIl'l CLASS BANQUET Annual banque.f of th» iJverhiart Biblo Clas.s of t h e Kirsri Umted Proa- bytcriau Chureh svi 1 be hold Thursday night in th« social 'oorn of the church. Rev. E. H. Stevens paator of th® First Baptist Church, w I! to tno prinfiipal sp«v,iker. All mvn f the -ongreaition art} invitotl. UK, H A L T / »V1U. ADDRESS Vf. A. I MK BIBLK CLASH The \V A I5die Bible Class of tho Firt,t Pre.«,!yteriai! Church will meet tonight' at 6 30 « clock in tho aocial room of tho chun h, ai which timo a will be ««'vwl A meeting iud «nt rtainmcnt will follow Dr. S. A. BalU if Uniontown. ooro- i.U.VB HPT of Fayette c u n t , will addr«*« AT \\ EDDI'f; ] the eUsib He wi! bpeak on "Th* Dougiaa K. Vicrllvaiu? ol Hace Btioef j World War." Th* committe* consists At tho wedding o( . Uugrhtor of lr. and Mfllvaine ot Librtuy SchlmmcJ of New and Mrs Adam wa., an As?nes M r i . Blmpr ,ind Herman ·\ork, son of Mr. Schtannel w h i c h took plow Saturday niornirg in tho First Presbyterian fhurcl- of Ptttsbtirg. Memberb of tho Immediate families end a fe-w Intitnato irlends were m H.trndanec. Rev. Dr of John H. Hayn s, dwiirnran; A. AI. H , i i n p « VValtor V. iialnes, T. ,1. WtHlam A. J KM*, the church, officiated. pah tor of Y COFHRBCHS R. Krancu-, of FRA^C (H WDX S P E A K AT LVI'ER. Mrs. Thomas \pple «tri«ot, ct'alrrrean of tho etat« tlt- vistoti ot rtti- etiahty. ^-tll bo a speaker at the inter -cr-unty conference on citizenship round-table diaemsion, wtrlcli ha« bfon called by Mre. Rollins H. Haddork. J r , ot Pittsiwrg, thair- rnan of tl\«- « otn-w«?tern 'llvlsion. The t onforetito, vill be held Friday at J I o'clock !u i «· Congrebs of. Women's Club-i, P U t e r u r K BHOWJf POST AirXtLIAUV D A X ' E WKDJTBSlAV MGHT The r«wli*-.n' Auxhilary to Walter E. Brown Post of tho Veterans ot Foreign w i l l t o l d IK totorwl annual claixe .tt th * Klk« Home Wedne*(liy evening. Kobnuiiy 2«. A good orch^s- Iffl. hi.s boru ^ngaKwi for tho occiibion. '1 ho houis n l U b from S to la '. loi-k. Th duu w i l l tx-' in r h a r R p of tho u t o r t a m r a e n f (··omrnttU'o, w i t h Mra. Itmc Cook trf ( h,iu-man Invitationa wore- setit o u t a we»-k IKO Mombert. of t h o t i u x i l h u v iind Walter Pu^t me invited. the K iJrowu I T . P. The Juni-r Missionary Society in«t S a t u r d a y afternoon in i. !',ii!-( h The Won in's» MibVrtoaty Sock-ty n h u i e * w i t h tho other socipti^s of the \ \ t - i t i n o i o h i u i l Presbytery in tlw privilege of ·entertaining the W G M S , al (iro*nfcbi r?, next Juno. The tom- niltUf* lit c f c d i R o of th« piaynaont ot the pledge money consists* of Mia R. T. H t i l l i v j n . Mr* W. LX l^ong anil JMn,. Classified Ads. Cost is satail. ReeuJts aro big. , Hooper, l ¥ . H. Hi t, Paul Hood. O. C. Harmon, K. S H rp«r «tnl Mr*-. Kffie Hopnood Mrfc. 1 opwooi w the cUcs pi.tniat. SOL'TH rONMiL .SVrtLR V REMEN'S BENEFIT A Urge attond, nco it, expected Friday evening for t IP fin-a) of the- ucn»s o£ card partit'K a Snyder'sa etoreroom at South C o n n e l l vlllf- which are being conducted for the benefit of the South Connellavj !o Volnntecr Sire D(partmcnt. In i t d l t l o n to tho regular w e e k l y pruew, th re w i l l be the sr-riee siwardB. Lunche* n will be nerved. I. H. *. CLASS 1 0 OBSERVE FIFTKE «TII ANNIVERSARY Tho I. H. N. ( lase of thp First Methodist Episco xil Church will meet Tuesday night w i h Mrs. O. R Graham al tho church i arsonage In South Pittsbtirg street Th« fifteenth anni- vc.-rfoa.ry of the c- ws will be observi*!. A mufeical prot;n tn wii! be a feature of the evening. Gabrh k-Stnrge«n. Mrs. O O Ha omonrt of Unionfown aiiuouuccs tlio n arrlage of h?r niece, MJSS Aniuibelle .abrttk, to William S. Sturgeon, son o Dr. J D Sturgfton, Sr., of Uniontow i The ceremony was solemnized Mou Uy. Kebruary 17, in Oakland. Md. ft t Sturgeon it a resident eogtnper ' O r the 1'onasylvanla State H i g h w a y lepai'tmpnt, stationed in Uniontown ie has been employed, by the State pint e bif, return irotn tho hfrvice In the Vorltl War. Mr. and Mrs. Sturgeon ire residing temporarily w i t h tho hrido'a aunt. Goodwill Fancywork. The Goodrsvill Fancywork Club of ('onnelisvil)e an 1 Mount Pleasan! will meet Tuesday n t h e horno ot Mrs. Julia Cobsel, Sr yder street, this city. and ofllcers That CO1LII Col|s come suddenly. You can often end them ji st as quickly I Take Bayer Aspirin the moment you've caught one. A single sneeze should be the signal, or the firsfc sign of congestion or headache, or jjorene is. Exposure to cold and wet isn't half so serioos wbsn you've learned to protect yourself with Bayer Aspir n. Pot the speedy relief of colds, headaches, neural; ,ic or neuritic pain, and even the acute suffering can* id by rheumatism, there is nothing so sure and so safe as genuine Aspirin tablets stamped Bayer. They make a marvelous gargle, too. See proven directions in every package. ,% to the trad* auk ol Baynr M«mrf*rtm» at Monoacetlociiintn at StOfyVa n a * It IB an all-day for the year wil be elected, With r. Hoffman. j The Catherine Von Boro Bible Claaa ot 'IVinity Luth* ran Church will m-eet t h i s evening in he homo ot Dr. H C. Hoffman, teach* r of tho clats, in Vine stioot. Every n ember is requested to attend. tluv a)tit SatorUay Examined and Frame* Fitted 189 Worth rittsburK Streoi 'J. HOLT IIONOIUCD OX SEVEiVTY-SECOMTJ BIRTRT)4Y Thomas .1. Holt \va= honoreti with a prettilj appointfd li o'clock dmner Sa.t- urday nighi, at his home la E«tst l^ay- etto street, the occetrion ixiing tbc eoventy-3ooond anitiTersary of bis birth. The dinner wan given by Mrs. Holt and daughter, Miss Estlter, and the .arrangements were perfect n every detail. Covers were laid for s^veti. The m j n n consisted o-f Uie many good things accompanying a rd chifkon dinner Favors wero miniaJura chorry trees filled with caii'ly Included among; the guceu* were R. O. Brtce, who was seventy-two years old or Sunday, and JoBii Brrett, Hr, Mr. Holt, Air. Bruce and Mr. Brrett claim .hemaelvee to be tbc throe oldest Waeksmttba in Conn«!laville. Mr. Holt tas been m thn employ of Boyts- Porter Company for ri number of yeans. G. I. ». WILL HOLD I N ' I O N MEET11SG Wi:DVE8DAY Tht G. I. A to tho B oif U K. will hold i. union meeting: Wednesday, Feb- ruar) 26, in Odd KWlow.s Temple Soufi PiUibtirg; strp«l. Tin-, rmsoiting will sonvea* at 10 o'ol/x-k. Dinner \vi.U le fterved a.t nom in the Christian Otumsfa dininfjroorn. Hrand -ofBcers and representatives I'rom ,L nirmboT of out-of-town clivisionb ;ire exp«clel t/o attend. f'ast CliieiN Will Meet. TTii Paf-i Ciefs Askoatzon of Atb,«i« TVrmpl-e No. SO }*ythian tyt,- ters, ivW nvset Tuesday night in th^ hom«' of Loute Cbapman, 1121 Vino street. A largo ; ttfrndanto is desiiroti Shilo Lodze. Sh lo bodge No. 10J, L A. to H of R. T , will moot Tneikiay erening at 7::iO o'clock in Odd Fallows Hall in EcLwt Crawford avenue A large »l- tencl.ince of members is desired Onward Class. Tho Onward Class of the Pirst Methodist Protestant. Church w i l l meel Tuesday night m the chnrih. Mrb. S. U. Morris is chdurman of th© committee. With Mrs. KofTer, M-s. Herbert Kcffer w i l l entertain the P. H. Club Thunda,y n t ^ b t at hir honia in North Cottage avenue. U. W, B. Cluli. The K W. B. Club of the Daughter^ of America will meet Tuesday mghl will Mrs. Alice Bllib, JOM Aetna street. All members are requested to attend as final arrangements, w i l l bo mace for the covered-dish supper to be held in March. W. B. A. The Woman's Benefit Association ·will meet Tuesday n i g h t in Pythian H.ill. A bingo party will follow the buBinesa session With MJss Holt IV Iss .©ether Holt will entertain the Glad-U-Kum Club tonight at her homo in blast Fayette .street. li. A. It. f'lruliv '1 ho Ladies' Circle No. 100 to tho WHiam F. Kurt/, Post No. 104, Grand Army of the Republic wilt meet Thjrsdiay afternoon in Odd Fellows Ha'L \ L. r. B. A. Th© L. C. B, A. will meet Wednesday nigiit In the socia! hall ot the Inmaculate Conception Church. Behefeahu }W111 Meot. !Mna R^befcah Lodge will meet Wednesday night in Odd Follows Hall. MFtS. WILLIAM TttocDONALD'S 618T ANNIVERSARY OB8EHTKD A five-course dinn-ei was served Saturday v«alng at th« home of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Patterson at Dawaon in celebration ot tho slxty-ftrst anniTer- eai-y of the birth of Mre. William M«cDona!d of Daw son The dinner, pli.nned and prepared by menibers of tb(» family, was a complete surprise to Mia. MacDonald. Tha table was beautifully dwoorated, with yetlour and pink r-oiwts and other decorations in keeping with Waahing- toii's birthday. A large birthday oaUe w s « tho oenterpioci? ot tho table, The wi.rdf "Motber" was w r i t t e n across the t o i of the cake Covers were laid for twan.ty-twfl per.sona. ilul ol tawn guests being Mrs. H H, BurweD saut A. W. Oditam of Uniantown, slater :uail brt Jter of Mrs. MacDonald, and Erwood J keers o£ Councils vtllo. Mrs. Mac./^^na d was tbc rocjpionj. of nwiny boantt ul and ws«Cal gitts. Ttiree dozen, roi ee itteo were- recahred b^ the honor g met, THRCHK; ATTISSDS TnsimT e OFMOtTC PI,KASAB t DJX "Miss Delia Kaldon, (iaugiEbn of Mr. ibcd Mrs AJw :-5»tilen of Nan £b IWa- mond skreat, '\kx-jvt PKeasa tt, and Geor??E MaJik at Alfcoota wnre tna.Tri«d at 3 o'clock Shuxkuy afUTnoa a.t the Flo- Union PrewtMtenac Cnwci , Ptea^nrt, Rev H. Sba «f Jo offtcian-g, tho rtn^ ixweanoi r used. Nisi-. Rose- Grahqwn laug. A) ·« ris N. I'iy?7n«iai pi»iyed Ctuo marcfe. TTi« briao was ?ccc dowa tho ai«U by b*r brothcxr 4, Jfomee aad Abraham '·laKkm to tl a aitar baned wfcUi Perns and jradro i, w*iere Uuey werp me* by th*- gTxiii an3 tbe brM«» Klvm away Tbe brid* was al- toiwiett hy Mr}. AJer Kb» ry ofi AJ4xxaa a« nuUron of honor utd four hrhtoRttwKi'ds, Ann.! Joss^Si of Altooua, Ida .liscobfi raruJ Mrs. Hiiteaj. . aiden of Mount Pieasarw, anri He^ou G -aJsam of Tarr. Ales aiiAsa wa» 3*1 beet man. Oxa-gi* KJioiary o wat riiiK b*« TTEie traio ar««i florooce Q htiaiirc«l fru-nets vrttn c-conHnq; to U custom camfiifis wert gTvwn Malik's AJtoona bearwra aabnock. wsod the- Syriacn to aU of Tbe brtdfe Ti'oro -«ttit» s« and cap-shaped veil, aaud boufftK^. of JXe6 a The in»-TOn of honor Mis' Joseph '*as in Ja-hs in y«lk)W, M.tas G nilo grecu iiud MTJ. ZaKli All Cdirriwl boijjq««*s ot sjunic KoHowins tie woid^cg: t kept, open ho ISIN art the h. i ecepttoa to the brl te and 3M g-oosta weru KM* orclwstra taruisfjed mrwJc ·wao aorved. Tho louse tn crepe wrrted a d vsUlley *ere pink iixk, Mwa -aham ia tt yeUov*. ? flowerrs. o family TOO aa a groom at w«L Aa jvd. luocb ¥S rooet bowers. Out of ta-mi sne ts presetrt from Cir«ew ctxro* , Gre«g«- , Altoond, JotaietoMrn, lU!i, WhJ±»3y, Soo Tnsrr. Tl*e hrt»}« *s a ijreilociA of tike Motttrt Pksaeant Riga tJabho* , Ciass of 1029 In keeping with the foeUm IB ot th^r country, th-o lirwto and ®roc n, acooro- paxn«d hy lh«' bant man, la A evening for Altoona, wtiere th«y ^ 111 make thair honw ami ·wnwe tb · wedkHng fpfttirHies will coratiauo for tbsie dayo and will COTIM to a kJ8e nc ct Swrniay, whon th« bri(o amid groom return to the bndo's horoa fo-r a col Dration. To Present Mbastr L BrightwcJl-iteugtoiTly Po ft No. 484, American Legion ol Fayett i City, hae fcelected April 2Q sad 30 i tentative dales for its annual mini trel «bow, T)\r cast wll! be selected sarly next month. SAMUEW.M'DOWIIL I)IESATHt)SPITAL Sam-uel W. McDowell, ! y«ars old, o£ n-ear Smithfl«ld died t aturday at the Connellaville State Ho* pteal wiere he bad been a patkwit sine i December 31 for treatment. Mr. McEky.pell if eirrni 9d by his nklow Mrs. Mry B. M Dowell , of Georges township, near SmitbfleJd; three daugWern, Mrs. Ho« ard Beatty of Smithfi^W, Mrs. Guy T . Lyone of Lake Lynn and Jvtanita «·, home, together with two som,, On i and John abk at homo. Hit father E. W, Mc- Doweil of Uuontown ajid t e following brothers ani sist^i* alf o survive: Robert, Davis and Orin. of Unkmbewn, John ot Allrntown, Mrs. lary Child« of Maxwell and Mrs. Wai -en Clingan of Thoropeon's Orw-s-Road, . Th« funeral serwk-e w; 3 beJd this aCtarnoon with Resr. H. t Furrier of the Paircliaacfl Baptist C hnrch officiating. Burial was in 1 laple Grow Cemetery. F L U - G R I P Call a prryiddan. Then 1 ***mf*rt\Ttt M tane tttucftt MUlON W E A R C L E A N C L O T H E S TIES! Cleaned and Pressed 3 for This Price Effective February 24 to 28 Only. Phone 813 Phone 814 The GOODWIN Co., Inc Cleaners Dyers Connellsville, Pa. STOMACH UPSET the real cmuee. Thn,fa at Motnaoij auSftrom are dojho« now. Instoad ot taking tonica. or tarjttvg to paU-li up a. poor dt««eUon, tthoy aro attach I ig- the r«al cnusc of UM Jkiknaeot -- clo«Ked Uver and dia- otnferod bowoJB. Dr. Edwards Olive TatolBto bolp aroueo ttw llv«r In a boothlng, healing way. W35*n UM liver and bow-els a.r« performl-D^r Mwlr natewil (aoottonn. p«opl« j-awJy miffrr from and stanMU*. trtioblc* Hsve Ton * tw.d«, coated poor ajppetl'tc. « J-iary, don't-car« feel- ins. oo ambition or «nerfry, trouble ·wtth ttnJiKassti«il food-*? Try Ollv« TfebJeta, th« Mfc«iJt«ite (or calomel. DB-. KdrwardB Odlvc T*til«tu are a thorn l»T ttveJr «slr»e color. They Jo tha vorfc wtthoot (frrpins;. orampa or pMtn. Ail druKS-i^a. ic, 3CK; and 60c. TaJto on* or two at bedtime for roJtef. Sat what you IQii-^ -- Ad- Many Pay Tribute To Mrs. W. P. Clark I/arg»4y att«ided wa* thr foneraJ service for Mrs. Elisabeth Nichols Clark, widow ot W, P Clark, held Saturday afternoon in the famiiy home in Lincoln, av^eoac. Rev. Dr. D. E. Graham, pastor of the First, Methodist Bpmcopal Chorea, of which Mre. Clark was a mcm'bcr, assisted by Kov. Dr. Bcanctt W. Hutcliinaon of Oaicmont, Pittaburg, a former pastor, officiated. Mrs. Forr«6t W. Buck ot ScottdaJ-c sang "In the Garden," nnd "One Sweetly Solemn Thought." Many JjeanttfnJ floral tributes g-avo eiridniice of ttte esteem in which Mr« Clarfe was heM in the community. BaiVbearere w«re A B. Kurtz, ,1. 13 Henderson, A- A. Olurko, Earl C. Moore, S. B. H«nry and Grant Myers. Interment wa« in Hill Grov« Ometery. A number o£ onl-of-tow-n relatives and friertda atteuvtert tho tuneraL Card Party. tobekah Ix»dge will hoM a card Iariy, Thursday evening, F«br"u- ary 27, In Odd Fellows T«jnpl«, SoiHh PitlsiburK StarJet. Atlmlsston 50 ceats. Patroaizo tose who adycrtiae. Ally Ami IH OUKFEEiSflNi after Muterete--·ootlunc, tufa --1» »pplred once evcty hour (ot i houn. You »Hould even feel bcn« after fint »ppliczHon. Our business i * h e l p i n g f o l k * w h o n«ed money --and ne«d It qulcklyl worka so efficiently beeaomj it boa Trifle Action: 1--it soothes, 2--ia mildly laxwtfa:* 3--«learts itir paaeagc*. 1 Helpful Advice to Girk B T AWNIE LAURIE |EAR ANTOH " We »r« two 1 ·Mrt-ferofem co|- i«ge givta, atnetoyn years ot aa. Wa h»¥« bv«n dot bto daMnar two frterattr brotJb«ni wbo now tg. nore IML 'SVben vo »r» to^ettier on tha campus and happen to meet tho two boys, boCi Bporak bat always to tb« otra tr th wfoom h« dM not BJ. Ttra ootj reaeoa w« can fliroro oat for tfab la tb«t we ao- capted dMM with two other bora one nigiit wbam liter did not Mtc ue for a dato. W« ntlU Mw tttam. «o much «« ever ami fliink ttmt tbcy irtiE Hho IM. Btn; caa ire amice opT _ _ _ TWO SHUD3D RTKB. fTTWO BUXB KITES: I oeumnt ae« A ^rby tb* yoaut; men ntwold oto- loot if you accBfit Sate* irhen ymi ap» i£r*B, unison, at MMXDUB, etter« was a defloite mider» auwJtoc betwwso both o* TOM and the ywmjr num. Twa nrtglrt a*op tl«cn oooMBil Hfc- U» note -MEOnff tboea b4nr itradi you ·njoyed yow phanutt tlmaoto- their frtendBbip. tt t2«r Ootrt respond after ft*!, tden they ova D K1AB I 18 · oM, nav« b«en %1tb a yonngr man one yeer my aeoicr tor a year and a bait. My porettn have "bawled DOC oof leauar tiiiea, wttou I in late, tor goto? wtth bfeco. OtJwr- wtoo notblns much la ev«r autd. I sea Wm aUnost every ni^ht. 1 hrr« him and do not wnnt to brootc wrtth Wm. Me !»»«».· to jr*t raarrtitd aod tenva town but 1 sun afraid my f otto troidd stop OB, aa he to not of n«;a. He la tilao ot a IIfl!ef«nt ra» lestoa than ratoe bat I tfetek I cam m-MMB» that. I botve no on* at hcoa* t» hrt» me with my problem. I oeonot talk to my parent* b«cMM» I know tfc«y wottfd dtaapprows a« thoy ·!» roady do of our frteodeJitp. I told K I was conraflcrtng tuuy Mm I cowJiS pack and hMrwe, iJoo't waot to give -up ;n and I don't want to «lve »n boy friend. Ten roe what to T OfTF5SOMK: What elne can. I ·1^ you, my deiu-. than to hav« · plain taJk with yoor Comity. To* must find oat hurt wtiat UiMr «%- JoettaiM wm to the yoon«r mtai. Ap- pa«nrtly they do not appear to bxvv streoaoua objocttona to b*m M a companion tor you. I ndto atwler stand that TWO ar« torn batwoen your family and the raan for wbom you euro, but sooner or later ym may be forced bo znafee your cbofc-» and that mtiat rrtrt aoMr wtth Hut do not marry wcreoy, you both very young yet. Wait mt rtoht time and thn If ttrfnga h not attarad, make your HocLakw boMto and MMd by It. PERSONAL FINANCE Ca Second Floor 112 Wett Crawford Avenue (Over McCrery'* f and 10 Cent Store) CONNKLXSVILLE, PA. Tel*|hana CanncUaviJJe 3- 4 Open Sill) (o J--Saturday 8 - J O to I ---l-JCENMSD D* THJj STATB-- DON T LET A COUGH HANG ON nTHTE more you ncglett * cough, th« ·*- more terioui It bocoram. Ne»Uct · ·llffht cough and h become* a b«J coH^h. Neglect * bad touch »nd it may 1««4 to many mor* dangeroun ailments. ThoiuianM* Inow th*t Seven's Coo»h Bilaam briagt quick, eootbtng reii«{. What It haa done lor them, It can do for you. At year drugeUt. 25 and SO cant*. Patronize Thse Who Advcrtwe in Th»

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