The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 1, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 1, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT. ·TEE DAILY COURIER, CONNELOLSVILLE. PA. SATURDAY, JUNE 1, 1918. OF THE DAY AT MT. PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED ·Selective* Leave Thl s 'Afternoon for Training Camp. RECEIVE THEIR CALLS t Boar* Is Beatiy for Kegtefaation liMtday, Jmae , »l Men Becom- j 21J AHen W«BMn M«st Regis- vtar. Atta, Between Jnae II and 23. ^ Special to Tto° Courier PLEASANT. Jane 1 -men leave tbe armory this alter from District No. 6 at 2 o clock (o to ConnellsvUle where they tbe train that leaves ConneUa- at 4.30 o'clock. This is all the r *^^that this board has orders to send TUmnes SmMWned. ^.Hlss Peart Kboadman, awiitant sn- Mrtatendent of the Memorial hospital, p»d Miss Bv» Timothy, night aupenn- taMtect, have been ordered to report at C»I» M»T. N. J-, at th« Naval hospital and will leave Sunday to take «t tbetr jow duties Both bare been fruattlat tbesi calls for. some tame, liaTtas volnnteered their services to jhe Bed Cross some time ago. £" !««·«· Men Begbter Wed«*aav. £. BrerrtBirn is ready tor tbe registration of all tnen irbo hve become 21 Man old since the last registration ·C.drsfter men No. 6 district men Win register at tie amorv from 7 m Qw morning until 9 at night. It is alBtcted that at least 300 men wfl 1 ·e r«gj»tered from this district. W«a*ea Called to Register. \ A proclamation has been issued b} JtmTft-st S. F Stevens that all Ger- ·ua- alien -women mist register as fitth at the borough building some (tare between June 17 and' 23 , ; - Another Car Recovered. J, A Ford ear stolen in York by William Huffman was recovered last he having sold the car to Cramer of the East End The of police and the owner of tbe from York will be here after it This makes four cars that ·oilman has stolen and have been re- (Kuered by the local police His pal, frank Ward, who gives his address «· San Francisco, is still at large surf ten "police fn all towna in the state are looking for him. Personal. Cora Gisbert of Uniontown is of her sister. Mrs Laura _ m Brieff Z KATKHTAL LKA6TJE. f Tefterday's Besnlts. jj Tittaburg 12; St. Louis 7 «, New York 2; Philadelphia 1. "~ r Brookrjm-BoBtou, wet grounds. No otfaer games scheduled. SUadta; of tke Crobs. J«r To* Smcbmatl JlUsourg it Looia ·roofctyn -25 11 694 -23 12 657 -21 IS .538 -17 17 .500 -18 20 .474 -15 20 .429 J3 23 361 -J.3 24 351 Today's Sebedile. ^Haburc at New York. " Chicago at Boston. i St lows at Brooklyn. ( Cincinnati at PnOadelphia. AJTEB1CAH UEACTIE. i Beraito. ;Cb.k»*D Z; Cteretend 2 ;St. lool» 3; Detroit 2, Ho ofher games icbedoled i StaaAa* ot the data. w. L. ret 25 14 .341 22 15 .595 IS 16 .529 a 19 .525 IT 16 .515 16 23 .«0 14 21 .401 11 20 3S5 ferw York jt, Louis ·ailaoWnMa Detroit - Schedule. )oato« at Detroit. "' New York at Chicago. Ffciladelplua at SI Louis. )T Washington at Cleveland. Dickeraon Run. jDICKHBSON RUN, May 3L-- Ofrank feplfr..pent yesterday with friends t Scottdale and Mount Pleasant EMrs. Harry Shaltanberger and chil- iaa were shopprog and calling on (lends in Connellsville last evening fMT. Barry Patterson of BeuBa nata is spending a few days visiting: er parents. Mr and Mrs William Mc- fcmald at Dawson. j'M. J. Otaughlin spent yesterday 4th his family at McKees Rocks ^Vit. Belle Jackson of McKees Reck? syendiag a few days here visiung er parents. Mr and Mrs H G ruler. 'Read our advertisements. , ,. Stork leaves Son. Kr.-and Mrs Clyde Newcomer of Buraon are receiving congratulations pon toe birth of a son Sunday. Who to Patnnize. bdiie who advertise in The* Daily bnrier. MAKE INTO YOUR SHOES jUh»* J(Kt*yiM.tli» ·alucpti^powder to ·MkMimtoU« iho«»and»oefoUtd In Ac (o nnu Mtotn ndmcipotiu^ MMfK unUo«, UIHXH, tlnd. «ckl»7f«.u S^* "aAUMnfoot.!... w Irak li M* S^raw Hats Marchj to the Fore SPECIALLY those *·· keen-looking, perfectly styled Wirght-Metzler Straws that three-tourths of the well-dressed men of Connellsville are talking about and wearing today. Sailors $2 to $10. Milans $1.50 to $10. Leghorns $1.50 to $10. , Panamas $3.50 to $10. Shown in all proper dimensions and the correct new braids. Genuine warm weather comfort begins the minute you put one on. Fine selection if you come now. Light Suits of Character and Style N 1 EW STYLES in the most distinctive colorings and original weaves are revealed in the Wnght- Metzler collection of Slimmer clothes, including Society Brand, Michaels- Stern, Hirsh Wickwire and other prominent style leaders Exclusive models for both men and young fellows, beginning in price at $15 and going on up to $45. Stout, short, slun, tall-We fit you all. For~ hot weather our "No-irate" Salt* cmnoot be excelled for appropriateness and comfort -No weight--no liniag. Shown in both light aad dark- colored fabrics in all sines 83 to 46. Price* *12 to »25. Furnishings of Refinement at Moderate Prices --Madras Shirts, $1 to $350 --Silk Shirts, $2 50 to $10. --Hose, 25c to §1 50. --Shoes and Oxfords $4 to $10. --Scarfs 25c to $2 50. --Batwing Ties 50c. --Traveling Bags $3 to f 35 Wright- Metzler Company Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on Every $100 You Spend--Get They With Every Purchase of i)RDS 60c EACH BLUE AMBEROLA REC( The New Supplement for June, 1918. 3fo. 84J*--"Darktown Strutters 'Ball" Male Quartet, Orchestra Accompaniment Ko. 34JS--"Everybody's Crazy 'Bout the Dogsone Blues, But I'm Happy ' Arthur Collins and Byron G Harlan Ho. M83--I'll Take You Back to Italy" Ada Jones and Billy Murray Ko. 3473--"Says I to Myself, Says I" Ada Jones No. 31J4--"Fickle Joe" Vernon Dalhart and Chorus No. S171--' American Aviation March" Creatore and His Band Jfo. 31«S--"A Little Lore, a Little Kiss' Ralph Enolle Tenor 5o. 3472--"Mother's OM Sweet Lullabj Will Oakland and Chorus No- 3465--"On the Banks of the Brandywinc" Walter Van Brunt No. 3163-- 'M Liza Jane --One Step Jaudas Society Orchestra Silk--The Warm Weather Glove Silk glove time has come, as shown by the brisk demand for gloves of this kind. Our Gloves are selected from the best quality in America Kayser's makes them. They fit perfectly, wear well and are so good looking. The greater comfort, the true economy are a dehght to women at this time of the year. Our assortment, new, just unpacked, will match up with your favorite colors in gowns, stockings and hat. Pure silk Prices 65« to $1.75 pair. A New Stock of Colored Silk Umbrellas Some hive taffeta covers in solid shades of navy, wisteria brown or green with wide satin, or fancy borders Steel or wood rods Handles ha^ve silt cord, leather strap or bone ring swings and match covers The price range is $6.00 to $10.00. The others have all silk taffeta covers with tape edge and come in alt black or black with white oorder. Black-and-white handles and black 3llk cord swing. The price raage is $4,iO to 95.00. Comfort and Durability in Is it worth something to von to kcow that^ when you buy Alunsmgwear m a certain fjurii., you can depend on Its being identically the same quality this year and next aa it was last year and the year before 7 , In all Munsmgwear garments--Testa, ]antg, union^ suits--you will still find the same perfection of flt and finish, the same exceptional comfort durability, washability and biff value for your money Complete stocks constantly at your disposal In our underwear section, second floor. TUB SKIRTS-With Many New Touches of Style A button here, a pocket there--but the dett fingers that designed these practical skirts had ideas other ihan the strict utility of buttons and pockets »i)d belts--so these arc charmingly prottT. ,Pique Poplins Linens Cords Gabardines Linenes Repp« Stripes Checks Many are exceedingly well adapted for onting occasions, others will accomplish all one might ask of a ut'Lity sfcirt for general wear Quite e--another timely virtue Pre-Shrunk Skirts $3.75 to $12.50 Other Skirts, all sizes, as low as $2.50 Cut-Price Sale of Coats, Suits, Dresses - $28.50 S-gSvSL - $14.95 One lot Suits to $49.75 Values - One lot Dresses to $32.50 Values One lot CO ATS, values to $39.75, ....... Choice $28.50 One lot COATS, values to $49.73, ....... Choice $38.50 New Bathing Caps 25c to 50c Each They are made of pure rubber in various shades and are more attractive than ever There is both dash and style in the wonderful designs and color combinations They add a finishing touch or beauty to any bathing costume Kleinert's Dress Shields 25c, 30c to $1.00 Pair When jou see the new flesh-colored "Kleinerts' you will say you never imagined dress shields could be so charming They re soft and silky and can't be deleted in the sheerest gown Hade of pure gum rubber and fine fabrics, in all sizes, shapes dad colors. lOc or More actually BE ATS OUT the Dirtl Only Bearing ricb floor coverings of sand and gut deeply lodged therein. Such imbedded dirt wears out carpetings; it breeds germs. Only a Hoover Electae Suction Sweeper dustlessly beats out all that grit. \Wiether carpetings are oriental, domestic or gross we GUARANTEE the Hoover process to add to their life. GUARANTEE die Hoover to sweep up--dust- lessly and instantly I--the most stubborn-clinging lint, threads, hairs and litter. The Hoover is GUARANTEED to straighten nap. This brings back colorings. Only the Hoover---in one easy, time-saving operation --does the fore-going in ad- ditionto "vacuum denning.'' For only the Hoover lias ^Combined Beating-Sweep- fog Brush, not stationary-- lakeapashbroora,notslowly revolved by floor rollers-us in carpet-sweepers, but speedily revolved--over 1,000 fames a minute--by the electric motor. This excellent cleaner on display and sale fn our carpet section, second floor annex. Free demonstration tuiv time at the btore or in jour own home. X-KayVfcw of Hoover patented Combined-Beating- Sweeping Brush. Note belt attached motor. IOCA1, JUO tO»6 WSTjHfCE MOTDIGS. Trt-State 5!3. Bell 812. W. W. Glotfdty Residence 101 HMU ATC, CONjrELLSTOXl,, PA. Ttocaifores THE PARAXOtEST. "THE BELOVED THACTOR "--A Goldwyn attraction in which Mae Marsh is seen in one o£ the best roles' in which she has ever appeared, 13 being- shown today Miss Marsh, supported by cast of unusual excellence, is seen in the role of a Tillage girl j who inspires the r"^" she loves to do great things, only to be forgotten by him in Ws moment of triumph How^ the unassuming maid of the Maine seacoast settlement overcomes overwhelming odds is developed in the i beautiful production made by Gold- ·»ryn In sharp contrast to life In the sleepy old fishy Tillage, with its atmosphere of homely virtue and the brooding sea, it the swiftest life oE New York's artistic smart set, both shown in this production with stnk- i ma fidelity. The extravacant revels in metropolitan studios, where well known artists meet and mingle, are lavishly reporduced in "The Beloved Traitor" Nor is one detail missing from the village scenes where men and women meet not to revel but to gossip or to help a needy neighbor Totally different is the Mae Marsh of "The Beloved Traitor," from the Mae Marsh of "Fields of! Honor," of 'The Cinderella Man " Both these favorite characterizations disclosed an irresistibly appealing Mae Marsh, but not the girl who finds herself In the midst of a powerful situation as in "The Beloved Traitor ' A selected comedy is included Thursday Ethel Clayton, the charming =creen star will be featured in "The Journey s End," a powerful 'World feature shown Monday and Tuesday Geraldine Farrar is featured In the Artcraft production "The Devil Stone" The story deals with the finding ol a great emerald Miss Farrar creates the role of a simple Breton fisher girl who becomes the wife of an unscrupulous American millionaire He marries her to get possission of the great emerald which she has found along the seashoie and which in her superstitious belief is a relic of a legendary queen Ohiopyle. Mrs W P Jackson ot Connellsville was a visitor here yesterday. Lois Welch is a Pittsburg caller this v» eek. , Head the advertisements Amos Collins and family of Uniontown were Tisitmg friends here Wednesday Reuben Horton and family of Connellsville sprat Decoration Day here Mr, Baird and family of Wilkinsburg are here for the summer Patronize those wno advertise. WEST SIDERS WIN ORPHETHIC THEATRE. "THE SON OP JUS FATHER"--A Paramount drama featuring Charles Ray will also be shown todav 'Those Athletic Girls,' a Paramount Mack Sennett comedy -will also be Trotter Second Jflne is a?ak«-n Orer Ju toosely Hoyed Came. The West Side Hilltops took over _ne Trotter second nine at Trotter last night in a loose game, 7-6 Marnell, pitching for the Hill Tops, has 16 strikeouts to his credit, and gave tores bases on. balls Tikey, on the mound for Trotter, sent 11 back to tae bench and gave a tree base to onlj one man. The score by innings. Tro'ter 100 102 Oil--5 Send Whitman's to Your Friends in the Service Nothing is more appreciated by an Army or Na~vy man than a hox of candy There isn't any better than Whitman's, so why not include some in the next box. yon send to training camp or overseas? We Have It In All Size Packages. Collins' Drug Store South Pittsburg Street. Hill Tops -MO 220 21*--7 If Ton Are Hunting Bargain* Bead the advertlselng columns of The Daily Courier. You will find them. J. N. Trump «?HITE LIT W TRANSFER MOTOB TBCC1C ··. WAQOTfa MOVTSG AD HOISTUtQ BEAD THE COTTBIER ysXjrffijx^^ MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE. PA. r

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