Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 27, 1972 · Page 26
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 26

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 27, 1972
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

I OB -- An;:. 27. 1972 Sunday Gmelte-Mml ------- Charleston, West Virginia --No Waste Space in Budget Rancher Bv Amlv I.anjj The A.-.«cH"':rrd ;-.-.·; This i? a "no nonsense" house design for those who want good living quarters hut are faced with a budget squeeze. Although it has only NHvj square feet of hnhitnblp area. it has a practical floor plan and an a t t r a c t i v e exterior. What architect Lester Cohen has done is to t a k e advantage of certain cost-cutting measures without sacrificing liva- hility. Included among them are a rectangular over-all plan without cosily breaks and a minimum amount of hall space. * · · FOR OWNERS who might wish a recreational area for teenagers or a general indoor "fun" place for the whole family, the architect has included a suggested breakdown of the basement space. The living room at I he front of the house is just off (he small entrance vestibule. It has a large front picture window and a fireplace, with an archway leading to the dining area al the hack. A rear patio has two entries, one into a vestibule leading to the basement, stair or to the kitchen: the other, sliding glass doors, to brighten the dining area and allow for patio use to extend family and pucol act.i\ il ics. * * * THE KITCHKN has \ r shaped work unit which leaves a pleasant window space for a snack or breakfast area. The dining portion can be screened off if a formal meal is being planned or left open as a family room area next lo the kitchen. The access door from the garage is well-placed to help in bringing in groceries from garage to kitchen but with no need to cross more than the front aisle in the dining room idea for a small family with are used for the front, made roof porch, which provides a to get to ihe kitchen. · · » THE INSIDK-OUTSIDE alcoves al the back of the garage are a great help in patio storage and inside garage pu- taway space. A minimum hall is the core around which three bedrooms are grouped. The master bedroom and bedroom 2 can each provide a comforalable area for two. plus closet space in each and the bonus of a master bathroom nack--to-- back with Ihe family bath. Vanilnry counters are shown in both baths and there's a stall shower in the private bathroom. Bedroom :* could provide a den or guest room, a good plans Ihe future. more appealing by varied win- measure of privacy for the Brick and horizontal siding dows, shutters and a pierced front window wal! FLOOR PUR ill LAUNDRY BASEMENT BASEMENT PUN TEENAGE ROOM STUDY PLAN COUPON You can get a study plan for The House of the Week by sending this coupon and 50 cents to House Plans, Sunday Gazette-Mail, Box 2993, Charleston, W. Va. 25330. The plan shows each floor. It is scaled % inch per foot. It includes a guide on "How to Get Your House Built." You can take this study plan to your bank and to your builder to get rough cost of construction estimates. Also available is Andy Lang's new handbook, "Practical Home Repairs," for $1. Enclosed is 50 cents. Please send me a copy of the study plan for the House of the Week L-65. NAME STREET (23P) CITY STATE 'S^fii'r^fT^^^^ \"ri"" "2; ^.frjh_ "' ,,,.'., __----I^.^S^S^U*- 1 !:^ w : ,\~ ^-^"TTAC^j *££"^lWtf, £%# Here's Answer £TMiptnmt. A new kitchen your uiiiii: I'.nnily \ \ i l l cnii'v! ny Andy I.ang Q.--1 am gelling ready lo finish our attic. Are. there any hints you can give me about putting up the framework? I know something about it. but need my knowledge to be confirmed. A.--Going into every detail of the framing of an at lie would take far more space than is available, hul here is some information that may be of help. Nail 2 hy 4s to the rafters at the height you want the ceiling to be. Nail them sn that ihe edges face upward and outward. While you have some leeway as to Che height of the ceiling, he sure thai the collar beams or joist.s are at least 2 feet below the highest point of the roof. The joist.s must be reinforced if there is an unusually long span. 10 feet, or more. To reinforce ihe joists, nail 1 by 4 supports from the collar beams to the rafter? above the new ceiling framework. Knee wall can be anywhere from 4 to about 5'-j feet. The 4-foot height will eliminate considerably cutting if you use wallboard. plywood or any other material of thai M/.P. But if there are to be a number of huilt-ins and closets, m o r e height is preferable. There are several ways lo attach Ihe lop.s of 2 by 1 studs to the sides of the rafters al ihe desired height. One is lo nail them to the sides of the rafters to form lop plates. In enhcr case, sole plalos are nailed to the floor where the bottom of the wall is to be. These sole plates. 2 by 4s, should be nailed through the subfloor into the joists below with 1-fi penny nails. The studs must be absolutely vertical, so use a level and plumb bob to be certain there is perfect a 1 i g n m e n I. otherwise you'll have to do a lot of shimming later. The studs should be 16 inches apart, on center; ihat is, 1C, inche,.- from the center of one stud to the next. Where extra heavy and rigid material is to he used for the walls, you can get by with studs 24 inches apart on center. Q.--I used some copper tubing recently and tried to bend it, but there was a kink at the center of the bend when I got finished. How can this tubing lie bent without getting that kind of result? A.--To make a smooth bend in flexible copper tubing, use a spring-type t u b i n g bender available at plumbing supply houses and some building supply dealers. (For rilhrr n( Andy I.nun's helpful linnklclf, "Make .Simple Plumbing fiVpon-.s-" or "Paint Ynur / / n .·;,·- /iixir/p nnrl O ? / f . " .vru(f ,?fl roils ni\d n I n i i r i . s ' n i n i i i - f ! . .* r I I'-or/r/rr.s-scrf. rinv/opr To Knnir-llnir. P. O. Kn.r 4 - f ~ , Hi/nl .V. V. 1 174.1.) Solid sculptured o;ik v . i l h by a n t i q i i p r i n u l c s p i n l e c l n ' n . !om r ;;cir Ai/r/.vr/. .·In /;;:,;··,; :o ::t \\ ;, r;,;.';;;, y '.i:cii.f. L its your budget, too! Select fiom a voiiely of slyles end finishes i; \1R. IIOl'SF OK COMFORT - Humiilifir.ilinn, llp.iting. \irronHitinnini: '; llfnr In Srlrrt \ (; iS 11 RMCi: fU K.n l).irii,, K A Y 1) AHMH, I). IK. U i- navr !-,irrtrr| t h ^ ' i j h F I F I RII.I.S 1 l;p 11 i , 4 1 ,i nil P r i i»r ;n t : ... 'i i j f-| t - -p ,i rp | h p '·priMins up j u s t hnw tr, puri-h.-.-p = irn r p, nrnmriiii t IIP U II I.I \ M . ; r o r r m o n IIP!",- H- i"n, p r : . - s ( » \ |. , Ir , lilrr .,, vnl , | t,,. v : i-|r.itiiMK. ;ii,ri · · · · t i r r h « . : i-rhnMl ; i r ,. r i;i;;p(||v liuili ,.| i ho linpst ; i!(*m« I! ,- ii"! p i-\ t" ni.ihp ,i m.Hi'ri:il». Imc I'xrrllrji! run- : misi.-ikr. Ii «p .: '. up , . 1 1 1 1 : t r ' l - , .-Mid .-ill wiirkins; |;irts ;irp : Ihrr r r l u r n .: ur rrpl.-in- il i,,,, ,, ,,.-, | ,t ·,· \ m l it w i l l s:uc : t) 11 " ' k ''· '-"'I "II INI i Inik ' : 'I I" :· ". ' - . - -.I,.., .. , - , ., r, ' \\ , ,,. | ) . , r ; . , . l , i , ],,, . ..,,,, ; t o ii:,\ 1:1- .1 . - . i - ' :"":n i · - , : « [ i c p i . i i i - i s . in i n - ; ;i 1 1 in- I IIP : ^·· r i" " ' ' · . . · · - , \\ || | mi-UN · -,,;,,,. ,,, ..,,, : pr r-'M l' · f : i · .' ' ;'· H P f \ i *· 11 n ^ !i""i P N n i j ' !'p :\ - ' "!"'·' ' I 1 ' 1 ' ! ' · · . - · · ' ' · ' I P . , r , , j i , ' . , , , ; r ..., ,|^ , , | h p . ' H l l l - : if.,-. |..r ; ; , ,, ; , r , ' , . , \\ , : . . .,., I r l ' t . I - i - . n . r i t ; · . . 1\ ! ' . p I'l , ; , » ' , ( · ,, , , · ! ( , ' " . , - , | r! I r r: ; 11.- r . i , ; ; i. i - _ · : , · n,^. f ,\- .^"i a:f| i'^ v"i!, UT ^i; ri~.- ·' f h a i t 'i r· s.'' n r P t h e I h · n;; ' ~ !nni ! ^ ·· u hr ·' * i ' : \ - ; n £ Before you buy- See W. Va.'s Largest Kitchen and Vanity Display Sri.r s MtrhTi plopnincj r^neit:; (·n-.« vnr:, cl f«:-i^nr;uc and co:i r " r v o a » l y o u r kilcirn to suit your O A . - pnti'"!-··::· I'crd n:;d huclqpi. SUPPLY w. 1 P . O . B o x / ! Charleston, W.Va. KITCHEN r ; B A T H n V A N T 'OR [_]bcnri Information ["J Have Salesman Call /.Vilnouf Obligation, of course.) N a m e AUTO DEALERS ELECT NEW OFFICERS "Sparking" the Kanawha County Automobile Dealers Association during 1972-73 will be these new officers who were installed at the annual meeting held recently at Berry Hills Country Club. The foursome includes (from left) Gene St. Clair of Rhodes-St. Clair Buick, immediate past president; Louie Patsrno.. secretary-treasurer; Richard Smith, Royal Oldsmobile, president, and Vincent Paterno, Park Pontiac, vice president. CLEAN-UP SALE ON KAWASAKI CYCLES A series of ads are currently heralding the availability of Kawasaki Mini, Trail and Street 1405 r r «T- er V, ean ; UP P r ' c e s -, Y o u r Kaw °s°ki dealers here are Pleasure Vehicles, Inc. at 1405 Greenbner Street and Fox Imports at 726 Winfiela 1 Rd. Rt. 35 below St Albans Bio bargams ore to be had, but hurry when those are gone the Clean-up is aver 9 PRESSMEN GET THIRSTY TOO ... And GATORADE now available in both Citrus and Orange flavors is a real thirst quencher. Ron Harris, pressroom foreman, and Jerry Conner are ready for the orange while Bob Petty holds a citrus bottle of GATORADE. After a hot press run it sure is satisfying. If its a hot game of competitive sports, working around the house, or your job that makes you thirsty, then satisfy that thirst with Gatorade. | FREE PARKING ON OUR LOT WEST SIDE STORE l i t · · ' ' '!'-H '···· -."".r 'vmif .i!i'i ;'; .1 ·* * ii i 'tf i i ~i VK hi IIP. \"'.v N Iho Tuw io art hr- ''·'· C M . r l ' A r ; i f ' n P " . ' t r r i x P 1 - ' ^ ^ v :;-,· ,n i! |{^, p.-irnoM, Jr. a: 7 t V-l.'',2'» ;-:,: ;n\a\ FREE ESTIMATES KITCHENS-BATHROOMS i g u y j w[ * O B K W I T H V O I I O K I Y ' '".^'L'['[''I!': n-'ri ask for h.v I-UM. M H^ I V. If you in p u ;· h i n .'·' S A K K T · · I i i\', KOMI 1 MK\ I l.;i i , · ·· MIMM' M · - ! · f.;\ |i :·. i M- i -. , - , ; [ n\v SAVE SUPPLY COMPAN DOWNTOWN! M t V I R C I N U S T . E . ' Phonr 346 069f WEST SIDE Phonp 3 J ' i TWO BIG STORES M! P J R R S V f Phonp 3 J 7 5 9 3 NEW WONDERCLOTHS CLEAN EVERYTHING Pretty Kay Haynes of NAC Circulation shown here calls attention to the free sample of new WONDERCLOTH which you will find in the Color Comic Section today. A full page advertisement tells us that Wondercloths are strengthened with Polyester, are reusable, last longer and can do just about any cleaning job from dusting to scrubbing. Wondercloths are available in 4 bright colors and are machine washable. Try the free sample and clip the coupon worth 5 toward your purchase of the product when you go shopping. Produced ond Edited By x GENERAL ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT NEWSPAPER AGENCY CORPORATION PUBLISHERS OF: Tho Charleston fiazpito (Iharlfsfon j3ailjj Iflail ^f\/i:ni;-M\n, "-- CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA ? 5 3 3 C REPRESENTATIVES: SAWYER-FERGUSON-WALKtR COMPANY J --^---- .--____________^___^^___^^_____ Ss

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