The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1930
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. fHK DAILY COUBIER, CONN1H ILSVILLE, PA. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22. Jl Everything Comes To Him Who Does Not Wait In Replying To These Offers Announcements Deaths MRS. J A M K S 'AKLAHAN Mr- J a n u - b M C i U . u h u n of M a r t i n (ileil .l.uuifiry -'. al li -r f o r m e r h o m e in CI.ASSIFIKD ADVERTISING I N K C i R M A T I O N All atls. are re t r l c t e d to t h e i r proper claasitU-atlon and to t l i e regular style of type. Tho p u b l i s h e r s reserve t h e i-lKht to edit or reject any classified a d v o r t i n h i K copy Errors. In aclv i r t i s e r n o n t s should be raportrd U n i n o d u t e l y . Th« C o u r i e r will not be i o » p ) T i H l b l e for rnoro than one Incorrect I n i e r t l o n . Charged ads l o r l e s p o n i l b l o parties ·will bo r e c o i v o d by t e l e p h o n e , and, It paid w i t h i n s i x days. c«ibh rates will be allowed. A d v e r t i s i n g ; o r d e r e d for Irresrular Ins e r t i o n s t a k e s t i c ono t i m e rate. N o ad is taken tor loss loan a basis of t h r e e llnca. C o u n t t h o average words to tho line. An ivorase- word contains i,!x letters. Ada. crdcred (or three or six times and stopped b e f o r e e x p i r a t i o n w i l l be charged for only the n u m b e r of times the ad. appca-od, and a d j u s t m e n t miido at the rule e trn )d. Special rates l o r y e a r l y advertlsins u p o n request. CLASSIFIED ADVKilTISrNQ U.illy rate pci Una for coasecuilve Insertions. I.UC1KN I'll- b'ELLKR. M r w AV K L l v p n g 'Od of ret'C-lvod w o r d of th · death of her b r o t h o i , J . u c i o n K l b f i lor, "Wednesday at hlH Untni at l^tC.umg . Ill He was albo ,i b r o t h e r . i t M l B h l le K l f i f o l l e r mul ll;irr K l s f i - U r f , botl oC Meyersdaio. One Time T n r e o Times Six Tl Chargo Ca»h 10 .0» 08 .07 07 .00 WHBN AND ^VIIERB TO PLACE YOUIi A13S. The Clfissltle'l A a v i - i t l s l n s popart- r n e n t Is situated at. Courier P' ac «- This office Is o p e n to " ce ^ t .J^'"' tuements f i o m 8 SO A. M. to 5.00 P M. rtallv All ads r icelvad up u n t i l 11. W A M . ' will appear iu odltiona the same Phone Your Ctnmiilled Ad. j(lo. 12. 13 or 490. The Ad Taker A-lll t'ladly assist you. If desired, so thai the copy for your ad. Is prepared In sucb a manner as to b r i n s the greate )t results tor you. Classification Index The Individual advertisement* u n d e r the f o l l o w i n g classification are arranged in ALPHABETICAL o r d e r for CjUlctc reference. AA A O U It Cl'iM BaO'S-- 1 -- JjeihB A -- Cards o£ TUanUs S -- In Alamoriam 4 __ Flowara and M o u r n i n g Uool3 5 -- Funeral Uii-ectora B-- -Monuments and Cemetery Lots 7 -- Personals » -- K e l i t j t o u s and Social Kvents U -- b u c i u u o » md Lodtfua ly _ oirayetl. Lost, i'ound. A. -- A u t o m u u i l e Agunclea 11 -- AulomobiR.i t u r Salo 1; _ Auto TrucitJ, Tractors, Trailers i^ __ Auto Accesjoiiuu, Tires, FurLs 14 _ UJ.ris«s -- A u t a a for lilre, 15 __ AlotorcyulcJ and Bicycle* it) -- Kupau-JUB-- service atationa 17 -- v V a n t u d -- A i t o m o u v e service Ottered. % V « e r o to Dine B a i u e r l n s , Buauty 1'arlora ly.t, -- ^MisceUani ous iU _ Building u u d C o n l r a c t i n f f ao _ CleunluB, tiyelnjj, K e u o v a t l n K ^1 _ UroosiiKiltkn i aud Millinery .. a _ Heating, i'luniblnjj. KootlnK y j _ _ i n a u i a u c o a u U t o u r c t y Bonds i eking. Storage a v o i u i g , iJouoratlntf .Vloviin;. -7-- .I-untuiB. fc ·^jj _ iroiessiona " riervlcoa y __ u l c t Hehnlshlnff a-- A w u u i t S b .ind Upholatory at) _ Tallorinu and f reaalns a i _ v/anted -- ii Ml'XiV * M a » _ L.olp Wanted -- Female a j _ i t.lp W a n t t U -- Alale a .j _ ifelp -- Male arid i' - euittlo ilo-- Solicltora. Canvassers, A«cntB au _ Situations Wauled -- Keina.U j7 -- a i t u a t l u n a .Vantod -- Male K1NANC1AJU -its __ Business Oi p o r t u n l t l e a 3U -- inveatmontb. Stocks, Bonda 10 _ Money to L m n , MoiltjaKea 4 y. d -- Family L"ana 1 _ Wanted -- 'lc Burrow JNSTUlit-TlON -42 _ Ooifi-^pu"dcnce Courses 42-i -- MicellaJic ous 43 -- I n u t r u c t l o n Classes 44 _ Musji-al, Duncms. Draraatlo 45 -- Private i n s t r u c t i o n 45-a -- X^rivalo Instruction -- Musio 40 -- Wanted Ins u action tlVJilS'i'OUK -47 _ DOU, Cits, Other Pota 4y _ Horses, C u t i l o , Other Mock 49 -- P o u l t r y , liK »s and duppllea 50 -- Wuiitod -- Li /uslock, Oijfjfa 11 lillCUA A Ul! K -01 -- A r i i t l e u fur Sale 51-a. -- Burter mJ Exchange VI -- Uuats and .Vcv.e.asorles aa -- Buliatutsa, L u l l U l u K Material. Q,{ -- ijujiluuss an 1 UtUce K q u l p m e u t 51 -- Farm and L a i r y Products 53-a -- Farm litiuipmect 50 -- Fuel, Feed, f e r t i l i z e r 7 -- (Jood T h i u j j i to Kat S -- iloiiiernade Thlnss UU- J o v s u l i y , W..tches, 01 -- Miiuii n u i (-ml Tools 0^-- M u r t l c a J .'dui utiandlae U--a- K u a i u Jin'iipmeut ou- fat t i» i'Unis, Flowers lil -- spi.cMln ut -he Siorus UJ - N t i a m i K Apparel UO-- \Vuii .«. a -- To Buy HOO1IS AJVJO BOAIIB-- UT -- Uuoms With BoarJ Oh -- KookUB. W H J i o u t Board t0 -- llooina, for Ilo 7U -- Vacation Plucos 71 -- W h e r e tu Jilt T^ -- W h o r e t.u ii op In Town 7^ -- Wanted -- RuomB or Board UlOALi BSTATK KOtt 1USIVT -- t l -- -AparUneuts and Flats 7u -- Business i'iixea for Kent Itf -- Faruia and uauda for Heat 77 -- Housus for tent 7S -- (jflice and U ^ s k Room 79 -- hure, %lounialn, Lake for Rent HO -- S u b u r b a n , Country for Runt 51 -- Wanted -- To Kent U K A I j lO.VrATK FOil it -- B r o k e r s In lieal 52 -- Business Property for Sale $3-- -Farms and . -J.nd for Sole 84 -- Housos for ilale S. r ; -- Lot* for iJaia SO -- Shor«'. M o u n t a i n , Lako ror Sale tiT -- S u b u r b a n fo · Sal-i SS -- To K\ilutn«"--Rual Katata SU-- W a n t o t l - Uo U ou -- A u c i l o i i f c i s . Auction Sales Ul--Let.-'l Notlcui A K 1 3 i v l U ONE t f t h e aatlsiled m o n e y t j . \ e r H w h ' j u u i h o cla^sitlcJ t h u f t j- ,,: vice.' A C u l . U T r . i ' t .- A D - T A K K H ,^,,ni;\ ' u l p n ; w -rrt ,i r P s u H - j » r o ) i ( -u. id H" j i u i ^ '! l-'-K'.-I'J'j and ask t JT UiJa tixx soi V i « . N1CKOLAS Nlokohib O m i o r , *i Wliyel. died at ,'J .'iO a f t e r n o o n f o l l o w i n g Cecils f r o m h e a r t di vivud by the f o l l o w i i Mrs Mary Williams' L y n c h of W l i y e l , J u h t C a t h e r i n e l l o p k l n i t h e w of RuffHd.ile, 1 N i o k o l a s of P i t l s b S m n o r s u t , J a i i i f h of A u g u s t o f S m l t h d a l o T h o s e r v i t 11 o'clock iilund.iy in maculate C o t i r i - p t l o n J n t e r m u n l w i l l f o l i o C*i 111 o 11 c Co n i o t c i j OMLOR j ij.rt. old, of o'clock yesterday i.n Illness of f o u r ease. He la sur- 4 children: John, nd Mrs. KUzo-beth ph of H i l t o n , Mrs. f l U r m i r i l c , M a t - r a n k of Y u k o n , irir, W i l l i a m of V'Cbt -New t o n , and · w i l l be h e l d at r n i t ) K I n t!e 1m- Church a t I r w i n . v in tho l i w i j i Automotive Automobiles Vnr Sale MHS. t ' A R O L l X K KOCKWICLI/ M r s t ' a r o l l n e K . o c . w c l l . O D j e u r n old of l i o j a l (lieu FI '(lay of u u m p l i u a - tifins. MRS. ANNA The f u n e r a l foi Ji w i f e of P e t r r Stolch h e l d t h i s m o r n i n g . '1 the late home and m on's Hroek Catholic i ritiR No. 1, w h u r e ma Hov. Cornelhis G r i b o dated, i n t e r m e n t w churl'h cemetery In l-iruotor French S. 1 STKlCll 1 'rs. A n n a K t c l c h of J u n i a t u , wufr ic oorteKe mot at ved to St. S t r p h - 'liurch at LdHen- s was cele^brHtf-cl. sky. pastor, ofrt- LS made In the ·largo of, F u n e r a l i r s t . MBS. HELLIS M THOMPSON Mrs. Belle M. Tho n p a u n , 7iJ years OKI, d i e d Friday m h » r h o m o - i n U n i o n town of apoplexy. S ie is surv'ived by- t w o s u n H a n d - o n e nit- er. T h e f u n e r a l s e r v i c e w i l l lie held K u n - U«iy t i f t e r n o o n a t the a-rnlly h o m e I n l e i - i u o n t w i l l bo in ;- n i U i t i e h l HapUt Cemetery. F H A N C t H W\A (ID/IS E L A ' Francis Wai dy.elLi, t h r e e week.s old, son of F i t i i f i 3 and A! i r k S o v i e \ \ ' t i r i l - zoll.i, ( I I . il it S :;o o'. lock F r i d a y e v e n i n g n t I h o p a r e n t a l h u i n o u t jli l c t rjiis: N". 'J. The l u i i u r a l will b h r l i l on S u n c l a j a f t e r n o o n , tlie c o r l c g · m e e t l n R - ut the Icito l i u m e at 1 .:!() o'i lock. A s e r v i c e w i l l bo c o n d u c t e d a-t - o'clock at St John's Roman C a t l i o Ic C ' h u r c h , V\ e.^t K i d c . I n t e r n , e n l \ v l l l b e m a d e I n t h e c h u r o l i c e m e t e r y Iu i large of F~ini.ral D i r e c t o r Prune!) S. Ui rst STOP! LOOK! BUT! . VOU KNOW WHAT TOUTRB BtTTlNO WT1KN TOtT BUY HERE FINEST SBLEi(3TTON -- Of traded cars, at lowest prices .Small down payjn;nt. Easy terms EJvery c^r guaranteoa. rt w i l l pay TOU Mr. BUYFJl to boy here. TR-VDES! TJE3RMS! TRAJOES! CARS 102,'i fTwo) Chevrolet Coaches. 10i;. Chevrolet Coup*. 102C Chevrolet Cabriolet. 192fi Chevrolet Coach. J02* Chevrolet J ^ - t o n Trunk. 102', Forfl, Tudor Sedan. 102f Chevrolet Cabriolet 102f Oakland Coupe. 1927 Star Coupes -- (two.) TROCKF. ONK TON TRUCK -- Chevrolet, in best of condition. Has f o u r speeds -- forward transmission. ONK HALF-TON-- Truck, J028 modal. lt)28 MODUL -- Sedan D«Hv»Ty Truck, with cioor In rear. M VSON MOTOR COM FAN V \ Tra!es -- Open Sundays -- Term*. WKST y.PPLH! STRF.ET PHONE lOo. Ante, AccosHorlcs, Tires, Parts IS \V K PAY CASH--For v o u r old worn o n t bus. j ^ h o n e "S8" and w e ' l l mil for I t A u t o p a r t w o f a l l k i n d s . K a j p U e A u t o W r e c k l n a J C o , AlcCormlck a v e n u o . Bepatring--Sorrice SUtlons 1C Cards of 'I tianks W- t a k e K our m»m\ k i n d n e s s a n d s y r u p o u r r o c p u t t h j s mpiinti Of f r l e n i l a f o r t h e t h y e v t f r n t o i l us erra v p m p n t , t h e d f a t h of our liusUai ,1 anil f a t h e r , Mr. M. PI. Miller. A l s o i P (loulro to t h a n k those who sen I llo al t r i b u t e s and t h o s f ; who d o n a t e d the use of t h e i r earn, M r a . M. K. i Illcr and f a m l l v , I'ennsvill*. Flowers and Mourning Goods 4 FUNI-JRAL, DKSIGNJ- - - A n d w » d f l l n s b o i i Q u e t s a s p e c i a l t y . Cglevp'a Flower Stiop, 105 15. C a w f o r f i Ave. Phono -124. Strayed, , Fonnfl 10 LOST--Iwirse w h i t e a- b b l t ne*r Farmer's C o - o p e r a t l \ c Dairy. f i n d e r please r e t u r n to A a . r i m « n t No 1, C u n n i n g h a m Bids'. LOST--B. O c.-ir«! pasis No. L-2010C, n a m e B. ( H . S l u n k , /.It IS. F a l r v l o w Ave. lieward If r H u r n c c l to above address,. Automotive Antomobll!S Sale A N N O U N C I N G To Aty Frlenda A n d The Public At Large THAT FUSHREr.'S RKPAITl SHOP la Now Open For Business At 115 N o r l l i First Street GSORGIQ FUEHHEH, JR. WHO M A K E S -- I t h l « business to ser t h a t ( v e r y ·customer Is given complete i s a t i s f a r t i o n , was f o r m e r l y cm- ployed a.g a skilled automobile and radiator rnoohanK at Baker's l.araKO on S o u t h Seventh street for the past f l f f h t ,'cara. At Toor Service' HAriATOR REPAIRING A N D C1.KVN1NG A KPffiCIAI/rr FBNDEfta STKAIGHTKNHD AND WEL.DKD L.IKK NEW AUTOMOBTI^^S UKPAIRKD ACTKYL1UNE W K L, D I N G WK A R i : HBRK--To serve you and w« K u a r u r t f « satisfaction w i t h every job. U u r rules are v e r y moderate. Gome u and pay us a v l a l t . PHONE Z012. ALCTION SAL,}!;--Ot Uited Cars at [ l l e t x e l - Y o u n s M o t i '· Company ut Scottdale, w i l l bo held S a t u r d a y . , February ii^iul. PI Ic j / o u r ctr a n d make a bid. P h t m o 47. , IiESSLAR'S SHOP--Automobile Mtr» ire .Plat rHlor if desire.I. All nrxleri e q u i p m e n t Rhodes Motor West Side. Phone 2CVB8. F1RKSTONE 1 RECAPPINO FACTORY METHOD To Keep Down The I. pkccp On i'our Tire» COMB I N TODAY!--A d (fay us a v l a l t , before b u y i n g a U od Car. Kv.inb Motor Service, W t s t ;rj.'tvfori avenue. Phone 1M4. i--Renew tho life of a n y milko of tire, restoring f u u r - f l f t h a u r l s j m o l m t l e a g o a t one-half new tire cost. A FEW PRICES DON'T JTOnOKT!--Oui A u i c t l o n Sale On [30x4.50--15.00 Saturday, F e b r u a r y -'2nd. Satlsfae- 'i!0x5.00--J5.75 tlon in e v e r y reap, ut. West bltle Motor Cornp.iny, We ;t (.'raWford ave- nuo. Phone 107 f i n d 4051. 1028 WHIPPET C O U l ' K -- Cheap to d u l c k buyer. Payn cnl.s can be arranged. T. J. artiliant, l«l»enrlns,Pa. IT STANDS TO REASON That The Best \ r g u m o n t Iu Favor C t Oui FEBRUARY USEJ ' CAR IS "WE SAVJS YOi MONEY" 1028 ESSEX COAOH Will sell for only ............... $330 DODGE PANE , TRUCK U k c n e w , food tires, i uw p a i n t . .. ,f "SO CHRYSLER Has b e e n used ve*y l l i i l o 31x525--$B.75 30x5.25--50.00 SSxaioO--fS^o W U*« A. Firestone Trc»l FIRESTONE SERVICE! 8TORHS INC W. APPLE ST., UOH. MEADOW LANE. PHONE "Si.' GALLEY 3 DUCO AND BODY SHOP-- Body and Fender Repair*--Duco and top work. We eav» you money. Phone 1073, Bu»inea« Service Bimliioss Serrfce Offered 19 1920 ESSEX In "A" No. 1 condition prlcu ..... J I 2 5 1928 FORD RC ADHTJSR N e w l y palutod, will ael i lor .... . $00 1O2« OAICIJANii COUPE In boss of condition, pi iced at . . . . ILMU HUDSON S'lDAN In excellent shape. (ioid tlrs .... $140 tT IS POSSIBLE!--For you to buy any ono of those ears tl rou|jh our K u a y P a y m e n t Plan. MKANS USBD C^\ ft M A R K E T Trades! Open E v e n i n g s ! Terms! 151 SOUTH KIGHTH r. PHONE -112. LET US SHOW r'OU TIVK BEST BUYS 11' TOWN! Many O t h e r Value Not Listed IOCS IIUPMO»I1,'3 HMHAN 1!2S O A K U A N D EDAM 1D2U DODGK COI P13 ID-'O HUl'MOBIL 7 SEDAN Easy Pajnient-!! Tl iJes! Terras! IIUPMOB1LK SALfciS V N O SERV1CB '-'5ii K. OUA-WTOJID A\ h,. PHO.N'K 24;.' COME IN A N U HEE Till; N K \ V NASH BTI MOHT EIGHT HVAN.S MOTOR C O M P A N Y K C K A \ V K O H U AVJ4. PHONE 77. 1'atrouiKe Uioso HAVE IT CHECKED NOW YOUR HEATING SYSTEM I-- Is it jflv- iiiK yoi satisfaction or is It costing you m o n e y ? Lnt mo pay you a visit n J obligations. A. R. BOYER WARM A1U HEATING ENGINEER PHONE U02. denning, Dyeing, Kenoratlng SO yi J I':CIA.'L, WKKK--Of February 24th to Muruii 1st. Top Coats and Overcoats cleaned and pressed, $1.()U. Cornells-' v i l l a Cleaners and Dyers. Phon« ISO. lieatiug, i'lumblng, JJooilng 2s HBATEH3! FURNACES! HEATERS! Repa red and cleaned. All makes. "from W h i t e It's RlghU" WO South Plttsburg at, .^or service, phone 91S-J. TAKE IT EASY! Whatever yojr baying or selling problem may be just tai a it easy--there's no need to hurry or worry as long a you have this Classified Section to help you out. If what you need is not listed phone your own ad to 12. 33 or 490. Always Different--In Opportunity ITie A-E -C- Classified Ads Always tl e Same--In Service Busings Service Insurance at»d Surety Boi ds GOOD NEWS FOil CAR OW! ERS WB ARE GLAD--To announce to our clients and frieuda thut we w 11 now provide Automobile Pro;p«irty 1 airmge Protection In the minimum m o u n t ; of $£,OOO r a t h e r th*ui $ 1,000 wb ch bus previously been allowed. T h - e w i l l b« IKI advanca in premium. Thin means Unit in t h « event of a \ acci- d e n t for which yo-u arc lijralJ} liable, you are protected up to JS.O 0, t h i s sum covering any dttmagao th -t may bo awarded, all Jesw.! a vpcnse'5 n connection w i t h ttof d e f e n s e of t.l 3 cast, and all costs that m,i be taxed asralnist the policy h o l d a r PATETTK REALTY COMPA *Y SKLLKRS AHCADE. I'LLON J 137J. MOT bag, 'Frutblag, Stcrn^ 2ft GLOTFBI^TY'S TRANTSFJ5I? -- lo U and long distance 'Jpp. A - l i n K t r n Hotel. Phono H42. Kfli.ld.'iica 4102-ft ag T2, Tailoring' anct Pressing SO CIjOTHBK--All J22.M Sold only by Simons Caa i and Carry. Phone lOSD. Employment Help WaafcwJ--Fomaie WANTVJD -- W o r k a« house fteper. Wrltu Box 50 care Courier. WANTffiD--Experienced fill lor general housework. M.u»t I «.v« rtJ. irence. ·415 1-iiBt Washice-ton avenii«. K A R N MONEY--Sparc t i m e , p iasant w o r k t i n t i n g : hjindhcrc ilefs. 3 xperl- eneo u n n e c u « H a . r v . Lit pa . No c e l l i n g . W r i t e f o r free detail? A t l n a I L i n d k e r c l t l c f C" , Brhleoport, Conn. Uelp Wanted-- Mule 33 JBXPIBRI.ENCKI) fOI.L,Kcrn n A -ANT- I'll' -- Must h a v e lie' ftrt. iv P» i c - q u l r e d . A p p l y b y l o t t r i . / Idress Hox iO. care ( J o u r l u r . WANTED-- Neat young- zran o v f r Uo for tteady position \v!ih oppttrtun y. No experienon needed. Aboot ?C I per week to start. Write J o x 100 oarc Courier. Solicitors, CariT»s»«i s, Agiit 85 BIG OHIO CORI'OIIATION--Seelt manager for open t e r r i t o r y Oppoi lunity to earn $;i,5OO, $-i,On() id mor yearly. W o f u r n l ' i t i e v r r y t i i n R . 1 xperl- c n r o u n u o c c K » * a r ·'. t - V r - ) « ' y t e Co., 103 P y r - K y t e r 1-ldg., t ay I o n , i hio. Financil Jr'amlly LOIUBM 40-A NEED MONKT QDCCKI/T! 24 Hour Courteous S"rvlc« On CASH LOANS Up To $3» . SMALL MONTHLY PAYMENTS- -Come in for f u l l I n f o r m a t i o n -- J u s t 'hone. "34" or write PERSONAL FINANCE COMP iNY la WISHT CRAWFOHL) A V E N U K CITY Instruction Priyuto Instruction--Husta 45-A INSTRUCTION --- Pilvate. Maj dolln, piano, banjo, g u i t a r , ukulele. ' Ibaon School, above K u r t a J e w e l r y dtor«. Live Stock Ponltry, SPECIAL 10 Baby Chicks FREE On Ord -rs Placed Here Before March st. QUALITY ACCREDITED B A B Y CHICKS--~W« have a s h i p m e n t coming I' 1 soon, so leave us havi your order NOW! FRISBBK HARDWARES CO 134 W. CRAWFORD AVB. PHON S 104. Live Stock Poultry, Eggs? Supplies UA BY CHICKS--Place your or*«ra now. Poultry BUpplU^a. i,ouc)ta Co. Pborte 136. Merchandise Fuel, £«««, CONNULLSVtLijai COKINO COAi,--12o delivered; 9c at iho mine. West. Bide Coal Company, Hlath street, coro«a Household Gwxls 59 FOR SALB--Adding roAchtn*; roll top clcak; floor show case; flat top dealt ac\d one h i g h top deek; thr«« -wall ciutce and one bax;k wall case s«Ut«ilo lor bortw-r abop or confectionffry store. Dull's Ftamgtt. 12U Ka«t Peach street. Phone 50. .Radio Equipment ATWATViR K E N T RADIO hjAU'XS A N D SKJW1CE PHONK BOfeXTH RADIO -- Screen-Grid. Fr«« demonstra.tlon. Radio Service Co., 136 South Pittaburs street. Ptaone 1766. WDIHON AND PHIIXX--Radio*. demonstrations, Tliomjijj J, U»b, 11^ West Apple str«*t. Phone 1902, STEWART WARNKR RADIO--Hear 11 b e f o r e b u y i n g . A. A. Clarke Drug .Store, N o r t h Plttsburjf street. Phona 194. Tina NBW MAJESTIC RADIO -- Com* In nud h«ar It. Qoide Tiro and Ra.dlo Co., Kasl Crawford avenue. Phono 10. Wanted--To Bov CLKAN WHITES RAOS--^Wanted. W11J pay o per pound. Courier Company. WANTED TO BUY--mat top trp«- iwrttcr desk with typewriter compartment at aJde. Call Buairieaa UOioe. Courier. Rooms and Board Booms Without Board es IIBNT--Single rooms or apart- m e n t , second floor, bath. Light and heat furtiiahe-d. Kent reasonable. C u l l 1873-R. Rooms for CRAWFORD A V K , KAHT, 307--Three rouiii t\iinlsnt(l liKlU luiuuckeeplne A p t . , ljtth, porch, p r i v a t e entrance. Real Estate For Rent Apartments and Flats PATTBR.HON AVI3NTUE. EAST, Ill- Three room furnisUed apartment. ONK REAR APARTMENT--Four rooms and bath, steam l i e at, janitor service. Rent $ ^ l 00 per month. Bazaar Bids. A p p l y Bar-aar Store. Business Places for Boot 75 STOREROOM--At 111 West Apple St., H u l t a . b l o 1'or any purpo-sc 16x-lO. J n - q u i r e D lOc Wall Paper Company. Houses for Bent 77 POPLAR STRKBT, 112, NORTH 1 END-A good f o u r room house with electric, g-as, water u.nd ocllur. House in v e r y best of condition/ ilent nt $15.00 per month. I n q u i r e or call A. B, Wagoner and Son, 1009 West Craw- lord avenue. P h o n e 148. APARTMENTS, HOUSES, STOREROOMS AND GARAGES--Inquire 120 West Paach street. Phono 476. FOR RENT--House, six nice large rooms and b a t h . Nice -porches. Large lot. Paved street. Phone 1289. ONE SINGLE HO USB--Four rooms and bath. Rent J18.00. W a t e r paid. ::) H. Prospect St., rear. Apply 235 f r o n t , Wanted--To Ilent 81 WANTED--One or two, three-room f u r n i s h e d apartments, South Side preferred. Call 1810 before 3 o'clock P.M. QUALITY PLUMBING!-- And Heating-. \Vllllani Seller* Company, South Plttsburg- at, Phpjiu t!4U. Prompt Service. urn! isurtity ttbndt* !i3 INSURAtvCE--"We w r i t e it right." All k l u is. Cook and Laugh lin, Inc., I n s u r a n c e , BOO First National Bank Buildin,,'. Phono 51!0. AH Kinds, e x c e p t i n g life. nertha C u n n i n g l i u m, Ins., N o t a r y Public. -IOC First N a t i o n a l Bank H u l l d i n ^ r Phone 4o5. Res. 1003-R more we We live and lea rn. And the learn about ways to save money through the Classified Ads, the better we live. You'll ijoon learn that the best bargains arc "parked" in them! We had an inquiry the other day for a used piano. D you have one for sale. Phone, 12, I 3 c r 490 for an Ad-taker. Real Estate For Sale Borises 1'or S.- Si , I*A.--Now, m o d e r n six- room modern home w i t h b a t h and a-11 conveniences. Will sac -itice Writes 806 George Btreet, ScotMalo, Pa. Auctions--Legals Legul Noticei. 01 NOTICES TO B I D D E R S . SRAJLKD PROPOSALS V U,r. filC HK- cdved by the C o u n t y Con r o l l e r .it l u b Office in the Court l l o u s * , U n t o n t u w n , Pa., until 2:00 o'clock P. M, M o n d a y , March the 3rd. tO,'!0, at wh ,rh t i m e t h e y will be publicly opened foi the r e m o v a l of the following b u i l d l t i K - , two b u i l d - ings owned by It. S. McK o, one I j u i l d - Itif? own%d by JTmnlc Won man imcl one b u i l d i n g owned by A l l e n -I. ll.ii l i a t i K h , ioratod in Mill Hun on Si i t e T l l s l i w i i y , R o u t o No, 200. The r l R l i t to r o j r u t any or all b i d s is r x p r » S ' i l y re .erved. Alex R. DUIK..III, C o u n t y Controller. 2'JCrblt. PBOPLK WHO READ he cla-s-sitte:? ads know how, wh«n ant w h e r e t 3 spend money most profitably. BACH GROUP of offers n the Classified Section contains big- profits for someone. A VITAI^Y IMPORTANT part of every day's noros la foiuid n the classified ads. Auction--Legais Letrul Notices 01 A I M I N I « T I I A T K I X » NOTICE. ESTATK OK GliO. JJ. WITT, EE- cpiisr-fl. N o t i c e l herc-by given t h a t Letters of A d m l n l H t r a t i o n on thi K u t d t i of «eo B. W i l t , late o-f Saltlick Township, K a y c t t e C o u n t y , Pennsylvania, deceased, having been granted to t h e underNltnu'd by the Register for the, Probate of Wills, etc., 3n and for saitl C o u n t y , notieo Is hereby arlven to all persons indebted to said Kstata to j r n a k w I m m e d i a t e payment, and to those h.i\- irsg claims or demands against l h J same to pic-sent them, d u l y a u t h e n t i - cated, for settlement. Mary Witt, Adm i n i s t r a t r i x , I n d i a n Head, Pa. KXECUTRIX' NOTICE, K.STATE OP JAMK8 MARCUS M a r l f j t t a , Kile of tho City of Connalls- v l i l o , C o u n t y of Fayotte find o of Pi mi ay I van la, deceased. Lettera IVsta- n i f n t a r y on the above named. Btattt h a v l n j r been gr»uitid to th« tinder- Ml?nM3, notice is hereby Ehrart to all persons I n d e b t e d to said IQattto, to make i m m e d i a t e payment, and io thosi3 h a v i n g claims ajjalnnt the same. to present t h e m , properly authenticated, for s e t t l e m e n t . A n n i e Marietta, WiocntrU, 187 Kafat Orchard AU«y, C o n n e i l s v l l l e , Pa. H. GoorKa May, A t t o r n e y . Screen Out Unsightly Views With Living Walls of Green Tti« "rear Jawn area" of amy home will appear unsigbtiy until it is im- prov-ed through plamtiiiig With a tow carefully chosen tre«s, plants, shrubs and flowers, you can transform this rear lawn area into a Ixautlfu] oat- doer living room which w 11 be attrac- ttw» fch« yoar 'roond. The planted y«rd will give yoa a Ural le «nd comfortable onl-of-doora whcro the chll- dr«n can play safe away from the street and where the w tolo family can flaid cormtleas hours ot enjoymeiut, It is easy to make this jjarden room ont of the back yard. There is a de- liffht fa doing It whlcto comes only from creating something ot beauty. There is a satisfaction in haying your place well plan-ted and at ractiw that you can gain in no other »ay. Screening out the utifightly riewa is just one step in makirg the rear lawm attrax^Jve. Screen* are needed to make the lawn private so that the whole family can gather there without sharing their privacy with the passerby. There is no finer screen than that made up erf living- pla- its. Uvlng wails of green pro-rkte color, texture, flower and berry, all of which are real and not painted on. hivhvg -walls do 7Kt have to be repainted. They change with the light, w th the day, atrd with tho season, croat ng a never- ending series of pictures ; Jways a joy to behold. Such walls as these can be accomplished through careful selection of ptaiut materials. There are s-lmibs just right to u«o for hedges, wtiare the wall is to be clipped and formal. Tbero are others best used for backgrounds to provide a foil o£ green against which gay flowers can fl-4-nn.t Ueir colors. There are others which, m their texture and flower, are so fine they become a feature plant in th decorative scheme. Screen plantings shouM be high im some place and low in others to effectively shut out the und isirable and at the same timp make an interesting sky line or top line to th* planting. Where very high screen t are needed and little space is availi bio, overy clinmte aoid location offira its tall. spire-like trees which can bo grown in little space an-d close together. Tall, spreading tre-os likewise screen, bat of. couTse, require more space for apread. Medium-tali screen-. 5 ) are bosi sc- cored toy using mieditrm-ta.U gj-owin/? trees or tho tallest of the shrubs, whJklh are sometimes, classed a.» trees. Low screen plantinsr are gen«rally made up of medium-growing sbrofos. In this rear lawn plaittrng yon. can achieve some very beautiful effects. Starting with the earliest aprhi-g-flow- eri-ug bulbs, there may be a ·constant procession of gay colored flowers throughout tho season. Flowers breathe lite and joy into tbe pJaaxting. They suggest gayety am-il laughter. Thoy niAko \is t'eol th-eir carefree ways In tipite oC our ciro« and worries. Sometimes they awe us a littLe in their iKsauty, and affect ua in ways we do not un-derstond. To hove those lovely friends you must plant them. It is desirable to concentrate most of the flowesre in borders directly in front of tho bacJc- ground plarrtinig around the border. This will leave tbe oen)er open for a, lovely green carpet of lawn. A few trees, sometimes only one \t broad and sheltertog, are all that Drill lie needed to provide comforting abode at ju»t tho right spot Troes are aJso importa-nt elemenld in tho decorative scheme of the outdoor living room. SotoeUinies. th^y are planted in the border aod twme- titnes a» apeciments oa the lawn. la the background they provide feeiffht. in tho planting, makini-g it more iotontxa- ing. Trees which flower and boar attractive fruits are needed for their color and winter beuuty. Troes oC picturesque habtt, Ilk© tho pines and Hawthorns, have th-eir place in eom-a aTTongementa. Thore are other trees, formeU an»d regular in shape, to chooeti from.. Bvergroeu trees provide yeaz 'round loliago and color impoiasiblo t} find in any other clafis. Big Lynx Killed. EUPORA, Mies., Feb. 22.--A ]yn.x maeurlng 62 inches in length and 24 inches iu height was killed near her by C. I. Vernon. Today's Cross Word Puzzle to 16 -4G 54 i li 16 20 * SI -4B n ·30 ·4-4 ACROSS 1 Steaplo J 6 A cetaceous mammal 10 To glow 12 To elude 14 A bridge (Latin) 16 Girl's nam* 17 Ireland 15 Holiday 20 Deprived of 22 That thlnff 23 Time for §4 Wager 25 Biblical pronoun 26 Godde.Ha of youth 27 Otherwise 29 Note of the scalo 80 Word of negation 82 Congealed blood , over a wound ,56 Overcharged i(0 Land measure |I2 A grain 'IS To decay ·14 Older pereon (abbr.) ·15 City of Connecticut "17 Goddess of beauty 49 A flower I'D To attempt 62 Dessert* 6? An amorphous substance exudlnir from plants 55 Pains 56 To mount again 57 Part of a cap DOWN 1 To cry loudly 2 HaJf a quart 3 Within 4 In the- matter ot ablr.) 6 Masculine pronoun (singular) 7 Turn* aside "8 Lay«r (Scotch) Antvrcr to Prevbun Puzsf* 9 To enlighten 10 To become talatti 11 IHdium (abbr.f , 13 To penetrat* IS A certain type of molding; 18 A cleric 19 Point 21 Elongated fish 29 Own» 28 Terminus 31 Tho lowest pomflftl point 33 Turnjngr point 34 Always (poetic) »K Curved 50 To make a QO!M like a inuls 87 A great man y SH Code of maruta 3!l Turf ·'! Of more infrequent appearanea 44 A maliclnuB emit* 46 To go upward 48 To reverberate 51 Internationa! RR! language H3 5-t Part of tho TJnlt«4 States ^abbr.) f 6 Thr«e-ti»«

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