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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, February 8, 1938
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TUESDAY,' FEBRUARY S, 193S. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. PAGE THREE. Uncle Sam's Rangers To Lose Horses, Be "Mounted" in Autos By FRED BAILEY United Press Staff Correspondent. WASHINGTON, Feb. 8.--Secretary of Interior Harold L. Ickes sang the "swan song" yesterday for the picturesque cowboys who ride the wqst- crn range for Uncle Sam. Automobiles, hc announced, will replace horses as the range riders' mounts this spring. His announcement put it this way: NEWS OF THE COURTS Speclal to Tho Courier. UNIONTOWN, Feb. 8.--Brought together by Judge Harry A. Cottom as a result of an experiment being tried in domestic relations court here, two couples waived hearing of their marital disagreements and, arm jurist. When domestic relations court nvi^Vhe FecSal range riders «» TM- walked smingly from the swing into action this spring the courtroom equipped with some patter of horses' feet will be sups P le » dld P ointcrs from thc P lcascd plementcd by the putter of motor' cars." Thc chaps, thc spurs, the bandanna and the wide sombrero--accountrc- monts of thc cowboys famed in song and story--will be laid away among the moth balls, relics of a by-gone- day. The cowboy, as he was known ·when cowmen were building the west, soon may join the Indian scout of Kit Carson's day in history. About the only places left him now in his typical attire are thc dude ranches and Hollywood movie lots. In motorizing his cowhands, Ickes will be following thc example set by modern "cattle rustlers" who have turned to trucks and automobiles to raid ranchers' herds and speed stolen cattle to market. "Increased economy in patroling and surveying wide areas, some with roads and some without, will be attained by providing the range rider with gas-burning instead of hay- burning transportation," Ickes said. The horse, however, will not completely pass out of thc picture. Ickes conceded there arc places a horse can go where an automobile can't. "So." hc said, "when tho range rider- hits thc trail this spring in his automobile his favorite horse will enjoy the scenery from a trailer." When thc ranger has driven his automobile to the end of thc road hc will mount his horse to push on into thc badlands. This, Ickes said, will insure greater efficiency in thc riding of 120,000,000 acres of Federal range land upon which 9,000,000 cattle, sheep, horses and goats graze. Thc range riders arc the "G-men" of 11 great open spaces. They supervise brandings, arc present to settle disputes and hunt down rustlers. Many of them are old cowpunchers. Mike Grady Gives Kiwanians Laughs And Philosophy In a talk that balanced humor against philosophy and save Kiwan- ians some serious angles to think nbout even as he sent them into waves of laughter at some Irish quip, Mike Grady, master mechanic for the Pennsylvania Railroad at Canton, Ohio, spoke here Wednesday before the weekly session of the Kiwanis Club. He reverted to verse when the occasion suited him and some of his ·offerings "brought down the house" while others, of a serious vein, burned deep into the minds of the audience. Speaking of life he declared "the principal consideration is not how much we make but show we shall live. 1 know of no way a man can do more good than associating with each other as you do here. My kind of right living man is a man who believes in living and let live, one who belongs to some lodge, who associates ·with some church, who votes on election day, who send his children to school, pays his debts until he's broke and respects his neighbor's religion and beliefs." "Mike,"--as he declared ho preferred to be called--displayed a gavel made of the wood of a pillar from a front porch post at the home ol former President McKinley. lie said the former President often placed his hand on that post while standing on the porch talking. Other memories include boyhood associations with many men who became leaders In the 'Nation. ECZEMA ITCHING QUICKLY RELIEVED Thousands Praise TJiis Well Known Cream Eczema Itching, akin itching. Itching between the? toes nnd other itching skin JrrlUtJons arc quickly cased by Ice Mint. Used successfully for over 20 years. It must be good because so many people like it. One package will prove its merit. Get a package ol Ice Mint from your druggist today. Only one application relieve the itching torture of eczema. Soothing and cooling--pure and pleasant to us«. fragrant odor--you surely will like the way it works. Can be used on the most delicate skin. Try it today^--Advertisement. Forensic Directors, Southwest District, WillMeel Thursday A conference ol county directors embraced in the southwest district ol the Pennsylvania Forensic Music League will be held Thursday at California State Teachers' College at the call of Arthur S. Gilmore of California, district director. The district embraces Fayette, Beaver, Allegheny, Westmoreland, Somerset, Greene and Washington counties. Plans will be formulated for the annual district eliminations that must be concluded by April 16 so that winners will be certified for the State-wide eliminations at Grove City on Friday and Saturday, April 29 and 30. The question for debate this year is "Resolved, That the Several States Should Adopt a Unicamcral System of Legislation." SCOn'S SCRAP BOOK By R.J.SCOTT opened before him, Judge Cottom called .'ill husbands and wives before the bench and administered the witness oath. Then, to their consternation and surprise, he directed them to "sit together" in the space usually alloted to grand jurors. Two couples grinned sheepishly, looked sidewise at each other-actual in flirting fashion--and, soon were oblivious to their surrounding as they discussed their mutua' troubles. These were the ones to w, '.k from the curtroom bent on giving themselves another opportunity to make their marriages successful. But there was no such happy end- it 2 for four other'couples who glared at each other--if they looked at all-and who had slumped into the chairs designated by the court. There they continued to sit, ignoring the judge' invitation to "talk together in an effort to work out your own salvation." "But if we can save two--or even one--marriage from going completclj o i the rocks," Judge Cottom said "I'll be satisfied our experiment is a huge success." Fayette county judges arc appalled at the large number of cases tha reguarly are slated in domestic rela tions court becouse of an apparent in ability of principals to adapt them selves to their mutual troubles o make an effort to iron out the dim culties besetting the marital pathway "No marriage is literally or figura lively a bed of roses," the kindl judge said Saturday. "Success is du mainly to the ability of both the ma and wife to ndapt themselves t double teamwork and pull togcthe in an effort to hurdle any ob'lacl confronting them. It takes patience common sense and good judgment t work out their own salavation an they can easily solve some of the! troubles by just sitting down an talking it over without exhibiting an gcr and hot-hcadedness." This was the gist of the advice th president judge handed down from the bench to the two couples wh were reunited and happily went thcl way Friday from domestic relation court to "give it another try." New experiment was tried in do mestlc relations court which, if sue ccssful, is expected to eliminate th long drawn out talcs of woe and grief that, each term are related from witness stands by complaining husbands and \vives. The wife sits at the prosecutor's table while the husband takes the seat occupied by defendants in litigations. Counsel for each are called before the bench to explain the marital situation and clarify circumstances lor the presiding judges. Through this plan. Judge Harry A. Cottom last week was able to make disposition of six cases in the time that heretofore had been alotted to one because ol the witnesses that paraded to the stand to be questioned, cross-examined and, in many instances, make voluntary contributions to the testimony by harpooning the other mate ol the marriage ceremony. Judge IV. Russell Carr arranged side-bar conferences in courtroom No. 3 when a special effort was put lorth to effect a reconciliation between men and wives who, apparently, had come to the parting of the ways. In the past, these cases, which attracted large numbers of curious and enter- wives charged and counter-charged illicit activities to each other that, on several occasions, revealed experiences that proved shocking to both court and counsel. In the present plan no opportunity is afforded couples, who have agreed to vent their rage, anger and jealousy on each other in an attempt to further their particular side with the court. "I believe the new experiment will work out for the best interest of everyone concerned. "It greatly aids us in expediting the long list of hearings usually scheduled in domestic relations court." And proof of his statement was found in the large number of cases disposed of yesterday by the three judges in the time that in the past usually was required for disposition of a single problem presented by a couple unablc to adjust their troubles without help ol the courts. Because naturalization hearings were conducted in courtroom No. 2, domestic relations court was held in the orphans court room with Judge H. H. Dumbauld presiding. Attorneys Dan McDonald and Prank M. Lardin have been commended lor the services they rendered the courts in aiding District Attorney James A. Rcilly in disposing of the heavy list in domestic relation^ court. Attorney McDonald served as special prosecutor in Judge Dumbauld' courtroom where hc ably represented the county prosecutor's office i: more than 12 cases. Attorney Lardin, likewise, efficiently disposed o as many hearings before Judge Can in courtroom No. 3. The two attorneys were named Thursday by District Attorney Rcilly , to lend temporary aid to his office in disposing of the marital rases. I The two appointments, however, I hangers-on, afforded spicy tainment as husbands and MORRIS SKIPPED ROPE. 18,463 -TIMES I* ONE HOUR. AND 41 , AUS-fk.AJ.tA OK. 30, MUCH A PAR.1" OF HE ARABS' REU4OU5 A? DEVOrfloH AUD YHE 'FERRIS' WHEEI! FUU- SHARE. PAROHA/;E IRAQ Z.-7 PLUM PLIDDW3 BLAtD£ti RE.1-1SHE.P By PEOPLE. Snyder Names 14 Boys From Two Counties/For Annapolis, West Point IM EUROPE. COPYRIGHT 1938. KINO fEATURCS SYNDICATE. lr MADDEH PAMAM.A CANAL OK -THIS PAKAMA Cleaning Up State Commission Orders Tabulation Of 1937 Game Kill 'A aeries at city-Trido raids by Ncwj York City police netted more than 1 800 Kmail-timo criminals, ex-convicts and simplcious characters. Th» raids followed a minor crime wave in which foui; policemen "were shot. Hero is one patrol wagon being filled tor A trip to night court. (Central Preit) DON'T GET UP NIGHTS ITS ABNORMAL. It's nature's v,arn- 1ns "Danger Ahead." Your 25c back If this falls. Flush the kidneys at* you would the bov^cl*.. Drive out waste Alkalize excess acids. This Kelps soothe the Irritation that Hakes you up, causes frequent or iscanty flow, burning or backache. Get Juniper oil, buchu leaves, and 0 other drugs made into green tablets Jufct any Cukcts to any druggUt. Locally at A. A. Clarke, druggist.--Advertisement arc not permanent, Reilly said, am it will be necessary to seek assistance again next Friday when an additiona 30 cases are listed for hearings in domestic relations court. Rcilly Is confronted with the piob- 1cm of making two appointments to his staff--to fill the vacancies crr^tcc by the death of Attorney Charlc. Tuit in 1936 and the resignation, effective January 1, of Attorney W Brown Higbce. Two wives filed iibels in divorc with Prothonotary John Brady charging their husbands failed anc neglected to support them. One wife charged desertion th' day following their olopcment ti WellsburR, W. Va. Ethel Houston, 114 Main street Belle Vcrnon, is seeking a divorce from William Houston, Seventh street, Charleroi, declared the latter left here the day after their wedding October 31, 1936 ,in Wellsburg, anc has since, refused to support or make a home for her. The wife aveis Houston left her ;i the home of her iistcr in Merrills town on November 1, 103G. Elizabeth Tiotta, Masontown R. D 1, cnlered suit for divorce agains Salvatorc Trotter, East Somcrse street, Philadelphia, whom -.he mar ried December 27, 1934. in this city She chaigcs cruel and barbarou treatment and indignities to the person. ODDITIES IN THE NEWS A complete tabulation of the 1937 game kill was ordered by the Pcnn- .ylvania Game Commission at its recent meeting, according to announcement made public today by Scth jordon, executive director of the commission. The commission has worked out a plan whereby it hopes for the first ime to learn how much tuime of all tinds was taken in a single season by the licensed hunters," Director Gordon stated. The revised law, which reduced the penalty for failure to submit the :amc-kill reports from $20 to $2, and the decision of the commission to ex- id the $2 fine only if the licensed hunters cooperate, has resulted so far in the return of over -100.000 reports, with additional ones coming in daily in large numbers. The date for submitting this information was January IS, but since :he old law was unenforceable, and oecausc the commission intends, insofar as is physically possible, to uphold the provisions of the new one, negligent licensed hunters will have a brief further opportunity to "slide under the wire" while the mechanical taubulating work is underway, which, when completed, will provide a list of the license holders who arc still delinquent. Heretofore computations of the game kill were made by tabulating several five or ten-thousand lots and comparing averages, the average per hunter thus obtained usually comparing with picliminary estimates made by field officers. However, the commission has never been wholly satisfied with that method, and holds that hunters owe it to themselves to furnish the desired information, since that is tho only practical method whereby n record of the annual game depletion may be obtained and future game restoration programs planned intelligently. "No reports whatever arc required by landowners uho hunt on their own or adjoining Inndx without license," say the Game Commission, "but they will be most welcome if such persons desire to submit them." By United Press. KANSAS CITY, Mo., Feb. 8.-Harry Mowrar, a printer, applied fo permanent registration under th city's new voting law. After th question: Place of birth? He pu 'in transit." In evidence where he produced a slipping dcscnbin the birth of a son to Mrs. Haiti Mowrar on a train between Jcffcrso and Kansas City, in 1903. News of Tri-Town Community Fourteen boys from Faycttc and Somerset counties have been selected by Congressman J. Buell Snydcr for two appointments each to the United States Military Academy at West Point and the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md., as a result ol competitive civil bcrvico examinations that had been held in Uniontown and Somerset for existing vacancies. The nominees will have to take substantiating examinations. These Special to The Courier. DAWSON, Feb. 8.--Mrs. W. T. Laird, .Mrs. Joseph Orlandti, Miss race Moore of Vandcrbilt. Mrs. ohn Ferrari of Liberty nnd Mrs. Icnry Brown, Mrs. Stanley Mong nd Mrs. George G. Cochran attcnd- :d the Tri-County Council meeting ; i' csts a t Annapolis have been fixed f the American Legion Auxiliary j fol . February 16 and at West Point held in Brownsville Wednesday. Thc | on March l t T he N avy and War ac- Way meeting of the council will be I p;\ rtmcnts respectively, will notify eld in Dawson. Fay Harbaugh, 20-month-old twin daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William iarbaugh, is improved after being ill of pneumonia for three weeks. J. Earlc Roberts of Point Marion j "' "": . stopped for a visit with his mother, Icrnjlc w Mrs. G. B. Roberts of Vanderbilt, ·Yidiiy afternoon, on his way home 'rom Harrisburg. The American Lesion Auxiliary meeting, announced for last Wednesday, was postponed until this week. Thc meeting will convene at 7:30 at thc home of Mrs. Frank McGill of North Dawson. The members are urged to be present as there is important business to be transacted. Thc Ladies' Aid Society of Dawson M. E. Church will hold a cafeteria supper, Wednesday,'beginning at 5 o'clock. Chicken and waffles will be served.--Advertisement--8-feb-lt. Mrs. Thomas Kreger nnd daughter, Shirley Ann Simmons of Greensburg, spent thc week-end at the home of the former's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Cyrus Whipkey, of East Dawson. Mrs. William Koontz and daughter, Donna Grace, of Liberty spent the week-end with relatives in Connells- villc. Mr. and Mrs. Forest Shultz and CHICAGO. Feb. 8.--Jack Me Crockcn captured a robber with th elevator hc operates in a "loop I jtel. A excited, suspicious-appear Ing youth rang from the llth floor "Main floor," he said, stepping in to the elevator. McCracken noticed a bulge on the youth's hip and shot the car downward so fast his passenger lost balance. Before he could n gain himself. McCracken pulled up at the basement and shoved him into the arms of a house detective, stationed there. The youth said hc was Joseph Mack, 19, and admitted holding up Roger Blackmcr, Worcester, Mass., salesman, in a hotel room and taking $3. Mrs. Donnelly Shultz of Morgantown, W. Va., were Sunday guests of Mrs. G. B. Roberts ol Vandcrbilt. Mr. and Mrs. George Whipkey, Mrs. James Heisterman and daughter, Olive Mne, Mrs. Lloyd Forsythe, Mrs. Irvin McDonald and daughter, Betty Gnil, Misses Alvcrda, Ruth and Bertha Sovcrns, Mr. and Mrs. Ken H. Collins and daughter, Vivian Yvonne, were among the Tri-Town callers in Connellsville on Saturday. The junior members of the American Legion Auxiliary wore entertained by Mrs. Stanley Monjf at her home Saturday afternoon. After the business meeting, they enjoyed games. Lunch was served by Mrs. I Mong. thc young men where to appear lor these examinations. If the young mnn who is named principal fails in either his physical or mental test or both, thc first al[1 get the call and if hc is- pnss thc second alternate will be called and so on. The congressman pointed out that there arc two vacancies for each academy this year therefore two complete sets of nominees are named for each institution. Thc appointees arc: First set, Annapolis--Warren Eugene Show, Dunbar, principal; Charles F. Gundrum. Rockwood, I'rst alternate; Joseph DiNunno. Uniontown, second alternate, and Robert L. Wolfsbergcr, Somerset, third alternate. Second set, Annapolis -- Robert Gordon Spccht, Somerset, principal; MclvJn Joseph Daughcrty, East Fred- cricktown, R. D., first alternate; Karl Robbins, Matontown, second alternate, and Joseph Andrew Kcllcy, Brownsville, third alternate. First set. West Point--John Moscr Cornish, Addison, principal; Richard D. Minerd, Connellsville, first alternate, and Joseph Donald Carey, Somerset, second alternate. . - . Second set, West Point--Robert Vincent, Jerome, principal; Andrew Hojincc, Pcrryopolis, first alternate, and John Diorio, Windber, second alternate. Warned to Stop Salaries. A "notice and warning" signed by five taxpayers and asking salaries of persons filling offices of secretary and policeman be withheld was presented to Ligonier council, claiming the incumbents were not elected legally. WHY UDGA TABLETS B EXCESS ACID OISTRL 3F If yoarstomachnamisaecom pamrd byGAS. heartburn, belching, bloating, burning. INDIGESTION. n»iuea,«c .don'tuke bakmR ftod.i.dnn£erousdni£3orhair*way measures, but follow the advice of the thousands of former acid-stomach sufferer* who recommend UDGA Tablets to help neutralize «- cctsstomschacids. UDGATablcts.basedon a physician's successful prescription, icorfc fast to bnnff relief from excess acid stomach distress. Week's treatmentsupnly only Jl on iron-clad guarantee of remitter money ttafk.' 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