The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 1, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 1, 1918
Page 4
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V THE DAILY COURIER, CONNSLLSVILLE, PA. SATURDAY, JTOTKV., 1918. ' HENHT P. SNYDEB. Founder and Editor.' 1S79-U1*. ~ mat COOIUKII COMF-ISI*. r PubUilwn. ; ' ' .'. K. It SKYDEB. 1. i · . " President. ? · ', JAS. f. "DBISCOLU -Stttfr and Treasurer* Business M»naetr. l' ' . JOHN L. CANS. UanagixiC EUltoi*. ^WALTER a STIMMEI* J City Editor. JUSS UXNE li, KINCEIi, i " Society Jiditor. v · MSMBEft OF: 1 A5soclat» d Press, Audit Bureau oC Circulation, % F«aajiylvania' Associated Dallies-' i, __ C Two conta per copy. 50c per month; .;!» per year by mall if paid in advance ·T Entered as second class matter at the £pOolofflee^ ConnellsvJlle. Pa. "SATCKDAI BTKHEfG, JTJXE 1, 191S. Tfce Owier** Serrice Flac. p. SHERMAN. Hospital "Unit L,, American Ei- · pedLltlonary Forces, France. RALPH P. SMQER, Company H, 83 »th Inlantry, U. 3. N. A, Caxap Lee. Petersburg, Va. 3QCELAEL CrUKNALDO. HAROLD" PUCHBY, Battery B, Field Artillery. 3Sth Division. U. S. N. Q. 11£YD B. COX, Coaapony F. 37th Engineers, TJ. S, A.. Port Slyer, Va. JULIUS CROCSE, Company E. 15th Engineers CBaUway). American Expe- . flitionary Forces. Franco. JAMES J. McPARTXuVND, Corofkaziy D, 53rd Engineers. (Rairway*. Port Benjamin EtalTteon. Indianapolis, Indiana. KUSSELi I.EN-HART. U. S. S. President Grant. U. Enlist--and Go to College Ey P. P. CAaxton, U. S. Commissioner of ISduixiUon. Many a 1918 high school graduate is debanig with, himself this year: Shall I g to college? or shall I enlist at once for military service? The War Department has just made ic possible to do both. It says, in effect, to the.ambitious young American: "You serve your country hy going to college. To make sure that you do not lose thereby the opportunity of serving your country in a direct military capacity, you will be j asked to join the special United i Stages Army college training unite [ tbat are to be formed. You will be liable for service at a moment's notice, but because you are worth more to the nation with our college training than without it, you will be expected to stay in college until called by the government." The "War Department's announcement provides that beginning with j September, 101S, military instruction,' under officers and non-commissioned I officers ot the Army, will be provided , in every institution of college grade enrolling for the instruction one hundred or more able-bodied students over the- age of 18. Tho necessary military equipment will be provided by the government There will be created a - military trair-ing unit In each institution. Enlistment will be purely voluntary, but all students over the age of 18 will be encouraged to enlist. The enlistment will cou- stiuilti the student a member of Uio Amiy of the "United SuOet, liable to active duty at the call ol tb.e President. It will, however, be the policy of tbe government not to call tho members of the tiainmg uniU, to ac- uve diity until they ha\ Q reached the ase' of 21, unlebs urgent military necessity compels an earlier caL. Students under IS, and therefore not legally eligible for enlistment, will be encouraged to enroll in the training umLs. Provision \vill be made for co-ore mating tho tte° ci \ c Officers* Training Corps bjbtem, which ex.bis in .ibout one-third of tbe collegiate Institutions, with tais broader plan. "This new policy aims to accomplish a two-fold object," tbe War Department announces, ''first, to develop as a great imluary asset the largo body of yonng jneu in the colleges; and second, to prevent unnecessary and wasteful depletion of the colleges through indiscriminate volunteering, by o fieri ECJ to the students a definite and immediate military status." No nation has made such generous provision for combined military and college education as has the United States in this new plan The youths who avail themselves of the privilege \rill be serving tbtnr country's immediate as well as future needs. THIRD ANNUAL BANQUET OEBXASS AS SEES BX GEKMAXS. j It has not been due vrholry to tho , ! brutalizing influences of war ui gun- ! leral, as German apologists profess I President of Jnnialu Cnllrgi- Speaker ' to believe, that the Germans as a peo- ' ·* Moyersdale m notion. - TM^ «i^ third '* banquet of tho Mcyerbdalc i ·* Tfce AueeiMe*. Plcea. B ex- ero*rr«l7 eiutttod to tiia.-;lu« foe repatilleatlon ot an. nawB dto- patcbea credited to It or .not otherwise credited In. this* paper and also the local new» published · herein. . * - - indulged without restraint a passion , . . , _ . t1 , ,, for cruelties, barbarities and ont- , graduates pf Juniata college was held THE MGHT THAT TTAS Gwenaaeat^caatiVT'ot O5s~opera~ tion'of tBe"T»Broaas is 'giving the puV- Hc several strong hints of what might be expected nnder government ownership. · Already a* comber of revolutionary; orders have been- made effective ,.Trliich/ -had they been proposed under tto'Old regime of private management; 'would havo given rise to many indignant outbursts on part of the public and empioy-es. Aa unprecedented advance in vragss has been announced, followed by just as unprecedented an increase in freight and passenger rates. TJie privilege the railroads formerly enjoyed in the matter of purchasing their fuel at a speial low price has been eliminated and a new order of things estoblisued in the distribution of coal cars. Raalroad presidents, rated, in the railroad world as among the Shiest and moM efficient executives, have been dismissed with a cart- ness ^savoring o£ the methods of an arbitrary" boss wiho wished to provide places for his favorites. All these things have been done with the stroke oj a -pen, so to speak, by a single authority and -without consultation, with. boards of directors, stockholders or other'interested parties. Through these rsidicar changes in railroad administration, and control the public ia genenil and tie operating officials In particular have been able to form a fairly definite idea of the changed relations ensuing upon the assumpUon. of administrative control by the government. 'While the employes have seen m the wage advance certain man-festations-Oi the power and authority of the sovern- meoTas the supreme head- of the railroad adminisiralion, tho warning of Director-General .STcASoo that railroad workers are now in the employ of the SOvemmf3nt,-aiHl- not of private corporations, brings home to this class of persons a^ realization of their -new stitus-'under the. -present system of "" " " " * · education.-and "traiuhiE designed t o j t 5 were profcent and a v«y *n~ I justly the doctrine that might is j J°^ bl ° eveaiD S "'* wect. righi. Proof of this is abundant, b u t . T £ C toosunaster was J. M. Gnagcy. none mor« coirrincing ftatt the record- i The first speaker called on wis Prof, ed ekprebiooB and sentiments of the L Harv-ey Brumbaugh, president of leaders of modern German thought. , J u n i a t a °°» e S*. Rev. E. D. Buni- Out of hundreds of similar statemeita wortl . P^ or ** the BreLbrcn church; that, could be printed the following Dr - T - T - Mejws f of tho Junlata fac- have been selected as typical of th*» uk " R s - Davls - of Sprrngs, and Miss German-frame-of mind on the sub-, I d a c - Shumaker iach gave imerest- human artivitiea.--Von Gottht-Tj?. We mnwt not loolc for a peace as a remit of thfi defend Germany from tltat Schmidt. Remember tbat you arc the c! people. TJie spirit of the lortl taut de- *cen4e4 »jxm roe Ireeaune I nm tbe Emperor of the Genoa: iBK inutranent »f t lilt wfrS, His osent.--The "When the rulers, leaders, spiritual guardians and lawmakers of u people thtts glorify that "Kultur" which Colonel "TCatterson has denominated "the J-^a the inxrastries essential to _ the toaduct of the war Is to be sub- i dered tbat the mislel, misguided jected to just as 3 !gid tests as the j masses of German have forgotten God patiiatisnv and loyaKy of the soldiers, land have become steeped in the shame- T£e'men, in. tie trenches have 110 rigtft, fui wickedness and depravity of bar- to "lay'down on. tho.job;" neither do the men on the railroads. Obedience tQ-.*trtliorftj' is demanded of both, and rausttbe Tendered, otherwise ail effort · may as well cease at _ ;There_-is;i!o mistaking_the fact that the* patriotism and loyalty -of -.those ject of the' war: The TBcl 1T nntnrci will make them ferociimw. · Tfce Pi made them them wteke*.--Heine. O «*ro*a»y. kate now! Ann with ateel »Jt«l pierce with tby bayt the heart of every toet BO prinon all Mir I*»m in ·ilcwce; tuna i 1 ludtt late dcsertH.--V ordt. Wee »a«! death to nil tbate woo n OPPOMC iiiy^-wlll. T\ oc and denth ing talkb. The election o£ officers 1 then took place and resulted by elect- t ing all the old officers as follows; J. ' ^f. Guagey, pres-.dent; \\'. S. Uving- i ston, rice president; Mary Gnagcy, j secretary, .ind D. W. Liveagood, treas- War inu.%4 leave nthi»i£ to tar van- pilHbeol tmt tkelr ee« to -rrcrp vrlthw-- It tn better, to let a luuadred women and eliildren ' beiou^inR lo tlir enfmy dlf of hnn^er than to let a rdjiffle Cer- mrtXfrr. -- TOK *er Colt*. IK destined to role tht world, or at lea»t a ^rent 9*trt of it. * * * The- live** of hnmttJi brla^M ore to be conserved (mty If It mak«" for the static iMhvjinrcnstn*-} their liven are to he sacrificed if ft IA to the Minlc'x ail- vantaprc. -- General on Krleit, IflJC. TJxc yonr ·weu'pCMUf lii ?mch a \vay tint for a thoiuca*4 ^w** »o Chlnene .sLalt dare look upon a Ceriwan axkam-e.. Be OH *e-rrib(e OM Attlla'x HITOM. -- The to Tito tro^px proloc to Cblna. caomvt. prevail uion himself to approve- from the botrom of hit* bcart the Klnldnpr of the LowKnnia -whoever cannot eonqner bin Classified Adrcrtlsenienta Bnng results. Cost oaly Ic a word. By \Vtilt MUM on. of perfertly CTT»cU innoeent to Tlc4i at thi* -ritrtorloa* exploit of the G«? ntaa oVrfenMve ii^wer -- Iiiin we Jadcc t be no true Geranri*. -- Pan tor Baumt^a t-n. rerpetuaJ pence J«*a dreain^ and It not even a beautiful dremn. War IN part o* the eternal order instituted b God. Ton MoHke, r IM the racst t and tmcrcd of TILE 1VAIL The thjnp^ I do to v» In LiiC waj arc tliititrs I ii-vs-a-y-s did abhor. So give me creibt, 1 b*"fcech, for loyalty that it, n pc-Rch. I'd like to mount a foajning ST.^. d an! chartju the foe lit f r i g h t f u l spcod. IV! like Lo ritic an a.ero[vta.iK! uiiove the clouds Uiat send the rain, jjjovi- U^c fort**.! Jiiil the hill, find drop hon e bumtb-- on Ka.itcr Bill I'd like tu v. Uk a, crul-itip's deck "inid SL.OHOS of battle und of w reck. But all such things are barred to nv.. I may not frgtit on l.uii or f-'-.i. I may not yarncr jrory shoavua, boc-tusi Fm Cat and have the heaves And sv I'm doint? Lhlngs I n at c, that I iruty keep my rtco nl Ptr.iiijlit. I'm UiKK-rng soli and Mowing c v«*ibi, ,ind prunin^K v mes and liolag u-ot di. I t i i l the (C-*rxlcn ajid, ;Lnd there are santlburs in n\y feut; tlwit valufxl foodstuffs be supplied, I S-atbf-r Lhi^tli.^ I- · .y h l d o ; J grow the bean and m.irrowfai: I'll vrir the war DP bre.Lk n *UU. I hope when history K writ, ainl wai rlors \rho did their bit ar; loaded -with the heroe^ bays, therv'Il be some meirtlnn of the j:i^ who bn.d to do thoir at home, and trron- Uilnt^a in the fertile loam. I'm doomed to rai«te my spnrrowjrras." \riiilo yciunjjfer mt_n to baitlc- pas.s, so I « I I I 'In it w i t h a will, and hoe my bce'.s with wond-oiis skill, und r.aitc frc, h r h u b a r b by the ke(?; 1*14 wrn the wai or break a IcfT- Edgiir A. Guest, T A K K HDt "ft'ITH YOU. .^Tck the greater .necessities of the: nation, the- private rights or indf- of 'soVUera atl railroad . made * secondary.. ' ' ' roads ~-~by~ nment malces -no in. , the^suspwision of ea- affeotedL'The workers suffer no greater deprivation than do the owners of the roads, but both ransT^ujitterstandrthat.-- they, tiirough. loyalty and patriotism, jnnst ' IdaYel riothUrtjfrtiiiaOire' to tofy "for our "country. The righi is not- denied, soldiers to appeal to thoso-in authority for adjustment of coaiplaLttts, but pending action no soldier would tluhfc of declining to perform every duty assigned him. Under present railroad regulations equal privileges are accorded the workers to petition for a readjustment of wajres and conditions of-employment, but this does not relieve the ^petitioner" of the obligation to continue"" *n-"lHS service just as the soldier continues in his. , \Ve are all soldiers in this war, although, wfc cannot ill serve at the front. "We roust forget, in fact we are obliged to forget, that we have no right or privilege can. take precedence in war time ever the right and privilege to do our duty and do it to the utmost: - * · barism? Unable to boat down the adamant wall tho American ^old ! ers have built on their sectors of the western front the Huns have shown their true fruits aa fighters by murdering nurses and wounded soldiers in the American hospitals befcind the lines Do they t h i n k they can gt away with a g-amc of this kind? For a time, perhaps, but wait until wo are good, and ready ,then make note of the price tbe Hun will pay for all his barbarous deviltry. Next "Wednesday oug-ht to be a proud day in the lives of the 21-ers. The Kaiser Is reported on the southern battlefront ard the message has- been sent back homo that "things will go" on again.' Bill oug-ht to take an excursion to the vicinity of Cantitfny where the American^ have been show- Ing' his Huns how to go on , no nvitter how many times they come on. Director General of Railroads Mc- i with yon -when you Little fellow kriow Take him swimming:, now and then, Let him learn t h e of men; Adoo's statement on the duty of cm- whon you' owned : Ployos don't exacUy follow the line of W a l k w!th h l n i an argument. presented by some advocates of government ownership. Theae arguments have never been so broad as to Include ownership the employes. which General McArioo makes plains is one of the conditions of government little Encouragement for Denny. Mount Pleasant Journal TVith the Anti-Saloon League, and other state temperance organizations tnrnlnE 1 to Sproul, there isn't much inducement for O'Neil to come out as an independent candidate for governor. ";Don*t become discourtisred, at the nul- .. look Take cur Sunday walk with him, Sertoasly talk w i t h him, Tiiudi him how to be a, man, TaKe him wfth you vlien you can. Never days \vere ijuite so g-iad A.s tlif by-g-one days I had Chum.iiiiiiy with tho father, kind, In -he years tha.t stretch behind, Dvtn now In drcoma I sec. Ha-jipy hours iu- promised me; Bart-rly I'd wait the d.iy Hand in hand w t,'d nalk awuy; Even a.C hi olhcc grim, I was proud to be with him. More than pleasure fine, it meant, Whun somewhere with him I went; U t t l e tharnrs 1 couldn't ^ee Pat'it-r pointed out to me, Showed me men eruct and true, And sometimes the false ones, too. Aid, UK* while we walke-d alonR-. Talked with m*" of right and wrong, Ant! for all the years to be Opened wide hi soul to me. Take h i m w i t h you when you go. Teach him that you'd have him know. Lot him have the joy you knew father, too; d let him f.nd "What is hidden in your mi^d, with him of men and things'; ITo will heed your coursseUngs. Take him w i t h you when you can, Teach, him how to be a man Notice. K ETSTONE CLEANING PARLOR. Brinpr your Panama and straw hats to CHARLES COCOS, 170 Wear Crawford avenue, Con-iellsviite, Pa. 3may33t« Where ^Vifl tbe Boys Sleep? Elizabeth Herald, Our American boys at the f r o n t waka up in the night if the cannonading- stops, \VihiU bhall we cio when t h e y : Th come home ~ ' WANTDD -- YOUH. BAIU3ERING hu.stness. RENDINE'S. tf WAN cooks a: onoc. . AND TWO CUPPH' RESTAURANT WANTED--C1UL FOK GKNBRAL houses ork. BOZ East Crawford. 3imay2t WANTED--SECOXD AND Tf^JKD j trick cook Apply 13. . O. E.ESTAUK- ANT. icwk on sh* Mam*.' Remember what come nome to ensure them sound i paying- position for the right Uio French did to the Huns there In|eieep?_ Xaturally they cannot ail live Ca't after 4 P. M.. lol East Crawford If YOU ARE BETWEEN 25 AND 50 years of age, energetic and are look ing for an opportunity to make big money, with a chance of rapid promotion, experience unnecessary, salary guaranteed, I have an opening- for you. "" is no hoax but a good, steady, big man. , -- EXPERIENCED WAIT- i ca^iiui at MANHATTAN 1 ljunctf j EXPERIENCED WEST PJJNN WANTED -- AN kitcnen %lrl. Apply TEA liOO-M WANTED-- GIRLS FOR KITCHEN i work. ilRS. O J. ARMSTKONC, , Yough House Restaurant. ITmaytf WANTED--GIRL FOR GENERAL{ house work Apply ^3 South N i n t h , ytreet, Wesi Side. SOmayGt j WANTED--WOAIAN TO WORK BY the claj AppJy 22S South Ninth street, West Side. Greenwood. 30maiCt WANTED -- GIRI.S TO WORK -where tho bosses have a smile. Car fare paid CONNELLSVIbLK SILK COMPAN*Y. 25maytC WANTED--GIRL FOR GENERAL work in confectionary store and lunch room, O. F. TEIOS1AS, South Connella- ville. 27maytfd WA.VTED--LA.BORERS. PAY GOOD wayeb. Also quarrymen for contract work. Apply AirhUUCAN MANGAX1-:SK CO., Duiibar, Pa. Ijunel2t WANTED--BRICKLAYERS FOR I N - stallation of new furnaces and boilers, best w-tgea. Apply W. A, SIMS, Sligo IRON STEEL GO. 29moy4t WANTED--MAN TO SWEEP CARS, 11.30 to 10.30 A, M. Good steady position. Apply at once to MASTER. M E - CHANIC, West Penn Railways Co. Slm-ayfit WANTED--RELIABLE STAN FOR poartion as Balcsrrwit. to call on or establish busintse 1 , RrferiincBs required. Ansver to "SAIjlSSMAN," care Courier. 3mayGt* FOR SALE--ICK CREAM PARLOR complete, all equipment for manufacturing of ice c-eam. Good trade; money maker for right party for $000. E F. DeWlTT, Bell 2S9-J, ScottdiLle, Pa. 2 8 mayS t WANTED -- CREW MANAGERS. Agents? don't accept a proposition uirtil you got o u r particulars and samples. Money makers Acldresb ^fR. ARMOUR, oaro Eacorn Com.par.y, Elmira, N Y 31 may 31* WANTED--I ,ARGE MANTJFACTUR- or wants representatives to sell shirts, underwear, hosiery, dresses, wa.iats, HklrtR, dirrct to homes. Writa for fros samples MADISON MILLS, 503 Broadway, New York City. 18aug26t-sat WANTED--WOMEN FT7LL TIMID salary, $2-1. Span* time '60c an hour, suiting guaranteod hosiery to wearer. Pfrmanerrt. "raxpcirlencc unnecossary. INTERNATIONAL MILLS, NorriK- town, Pa. 1 June It* WANTED--OLD FALSE TKBTH. Don't matter iC broken. I pay $2.00 to $15.00 p«r iflit. Send by parcel po«.t and receive cbeck hy return mail. L. MAZRR, 2007 South Fifth street, Philadelphia, Pa. ljuno2Ct WANTBD--TiOCAL SALESM\N T" sol! Ready-lu-Er out. sLeel buildmpH. A-ttractlvi- prf i-o-ttion Fullest sales co-operation. Permanent. Profitable. CASH MASUPACTURING COMPANY. Jackaon Michigan, l j u n « l t * WANTED--IVXPKRIKNCJED OR XN- experiencod m-n to work on repairing street cars Good opportunity to right party. Com-p-my furnishes tools Apply at once in MASTER MECHANIC. IVnn Railways Companj. 3lt-iay6t WANTED--UAOOHERS. ASH HAND- Icr3, helpers. mechanica, firumen. Ste^di' work. Laborers, 38% cents; flremen, -17 e*rits per hour, o'lher work paid In proportion Apply In person at the WEST PENN POWER PLANT, Conneliaville, Pa. tjunelOL W1ANTEO -- GO VERMONT NEEDS 20,000 clerks :i.t Washington. Exami- *iati«!ii' e^ ervwhere in Jun*s. Expur- itnc; unn-oce^-^ary Men and womxsn cltjsiring Kf^^ ernir.cnt positions write for free particulara to J. C. LEONARD. Cform-er C.vil Service Examiner,} 89S Kenob building-, "WaeUlngton. ljune 6t* FOR RENT--ONE SMALL HOUSE. Inquire S. S. SNADER. IllmiySt FOR RENT--ONE THRE. 1 ^ ROOM flat Inquire 70-7 Vino street.. SSrrraySt FOR RENT--THREE AND TWO room apartinci ts. FLORENCE SMUTX. 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DUNBAR AUTO COMPANY, Bell 33, Dunbar, Pa. CAPABLE MAN OR WOMAN TO take Cull chai ire of th« sale of The Book of Knowledge. Liberal commissions and exclusive territorv -wherever dejred. THE THOS. J. CAIE CO,, 62S Fulton building, Puttsburg, Pa. 31maylt-w · i next door to boiler lactones. 27mayGt AT ONCE ONE LINOTYPE OPERATOK AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE 3 Room House. South Connellsvilijj ......... S 3 Hoom Houtsej N. Prospect 3 Room House, N Prospect St .................... S KOO-TI Double House, Wheeler ............. S "Room Iloufae, X. 7th St ............. 3 Room House. Snyde-r- town G Room ITCKibe. N. 10th St. 1,200 3 Hoom, South Connolls- vllle. rental $15 1,MO G lioora CottaffG, Franklin ·i Room Hoube, S. Sbh St.. l,:tr,o 3 Itoorn CotUtge, Ci-awtoicl l^tr,o -i.- Hfjm Ti'ouse, lOUi St.... IfSOO 4 room House. South "9*Ji Street 3 ' 5(W 4 Double Kouses K. Crawford Ave , 8 rooms etwHt; rental S20; each 1,500 G Hoom House, E. G-lbhou. l.or.O G Room Double House, \V. Crawford l,7tM 10 Room Double House, N. Prospect 1,SOO 5 Room Double House, HyndnKtii St 2,000 G noora Modern House. South St 2.000 G Room Modern ^House, E run st. 2 »ooo 0 Room Home. Poultry IjOt, Frances Ave . ... 2,200 0 Hunm Modern llo'-.3o. 10 R^jom House, Hyndman St 2,roo fi noom House, S. Oth St.. H.50O 0 Roiun irodoni House. Jofter^r-n St -."'00 C Room ilodcrn H-ouif, N. Sth -SL v 2^*00 C Room Modern li'ouse^ OLh SL, W. S «500 12 Room Modern Horn* 1 , btablo on brick road. . 2.5OO C Room Mo)prn TTojne, N. Sth SL, "West Side =M»OO 0 Room Modern Home, Ogclrn St 2,SO» 5 Room Flat, Franklin Ave 2,0«0 S Room Modern Home, Arch St -. 70 8 Room Mortem Ho-mo, N. th St., West Side 2.SOO 1G Modern House, Mow el I A v e 2.SW 2,800 S Room House, 1-th St. 5 PMm House, E. FtUr- vlew Av-e S,SOO 10 Room Double House, Franklin Ave 2.S50 T Room Modern Houtn, "W. Crawford Ave 2,SSO 8 Roam Modern House, N. Gth St 3.000 T Room Modern House, E. poach ^'000 6 Room Modern House, K. Jefferson 3,000 II! Double House, TV. Craivford Ave 3.0OO G Room Modern llu-ure, E. Crawford Ave 3.OOfi 6 Roo-m Modern House, JoITersou 3,000 7 Room JTouso, 1011 A"tna St., South S i d e - - ' a.OOO 0 Room House, lot 1200x134, Franois Ave 3.OOO 6 Room Modern Hooae, 8 Koom Modern House, EHza St 3j200 ") Room Modern Hoaso, S. Stii St S Room Modern Hous,o, 3,200 .1,300 Q Hoom Atudern Iluuse, E Murphy Ave 3.50C 9 Hoom Modern Home, K. Tairvlew Ave 3^HK) S Room Modern House, E. G il*so n Ave 3,-WO C Room Mod. House, Arch St, atjovu B. O. depot 3,50O G Room IIou«e, Highland Ave H.500 12 Room Double House, S. -Oth St 3.500 C Hoom Modern House. E. G Room Modern House, 3. 8Ui St 3,700 C Hoom Mode-n Home-. N. Flttsburg- St % 4,000 S Room Modern II^usc, S. Sth St. ^,000 S Room Modern House, S. 8th St 4,OCO S Room Modern House. S. 8th St 4,000 G Room Modern House, K. PICtBbur? St 4,000 13 Room Douile House, S. *th St .' 4,000 7 Room Modern House, E. Falrvlew Avo 4,-OO 10 Room Double House. S Room MoJu'n !i*ous*, S. Sth St .|,noo S Itotwn Modurn Home, Vine St 4,500 S Room Modern House, S. GUI St 4,rrf)0 0 Room Modern House. Lincoln Ave. 4,0.'W 11 Uoom Double House, E Ora-wford Av e -3,700 30 Rnoni Modern H-omc. S SixUi St, Wost tslde ... -40» 8 Room Modern House, K M u r p h y Ave 5,000 8 Room Modern House, W. Peach K' ,1,000 S Room Modern House S Sill St 5,000 10 Room Jtodern House. E. \Vashlnsion Ave. ... 5,000 G Roo-m MoOern House, B. Crawford Ave 5.20O 10 Room Mo-deiM House, 1C Room Moder". Double House. S Teh St (i,OOO 17 Room Mo-d-orn H'oires, Race SI 7.5OO 8 Room DwellinK 1 , 5 Room Flat, Store Room 22x51 ard G Room Dwelling, all modern, situate on S. Pittsburg- St., rental $120 per "~nnth 12.000 nniCK nmiiss FOR SALK. 12 Roo-m Modern Brick, N. 3rd St S,.-iOO S Room Modem Bun^alOTT, Ave 5,800 0,000 S Roo-m Modern Brick, V i n e St 10 Koo-m M dor'i Doub-le ferick, W. Wash inert on Ave 0,500 3 I Hoom Moderi 1 Double Home and onn 5 Room House, E Cedar Ave. . 8,500 S lloo-m Modern Double Brick, "VVillb Hoad . . . . »,OOO 12 Room 'J-stor/ 1 , ex. ( :ne 10 Room Moderp House, S. FitLsburg' St 10.0OO 13 Room Modern Home, "WX Apple St 30,000 Store Room and Dwell ins, frontage CC feet E. Crawford, near "Brimstone Corner ... 12,000 House, E. Grie.T St... 11.UOO 8 Room Modern Double I3r.iok, E. Fair-view Ave. 12,000 14 Roo-m Mo-dern Double Brick, E. Fail-view Ave. 14,000 FAIIMS. 9 Acre Fruit and P o u l t r y Farm, near city 1.700 10 Acie Fruit and Poultry Farm, near city c,r,to H E. Wagoner Co, 100!) W. Crawford Ave. t WEST SIDE. CONlVELl Both. Phone*. The ending of May means the ending of a lot of special bargains in women's, misses, and childrens wear. There is a large variety of odds and ends in shirt waists, silk, gingham and percale skirts, hosiery, underwear, and other early summer goods for women, misses, and children. Big bargains all this week. ·3 Iiorce Department Store*, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. In White, Grey, Field Mouse, Brown and Black. The woman who demands a perfect fit, who insists on the newest and best styles, -who desires QUALITY FOOTWEAR -will do well in coming to us. We please you.- We save you money. for a Home of yonr own--in the coming residence district of Connellsville. Out in the -open where there's plenty of fresh air and where tbe "kiddies" can romp and play to their heart's content. And it's only a 5 mmute car ride or a 15 minute walk from "Brimstone Corner." Grove Right now TOU can buy lots measuring 60x140 feet--quarter acre ti acts--at Beautiful Poplar Grove for aa low as ___ 3JAST PAYJtEKT TERMS GLADLY ARRANGED, There's City water in front of every lot and the Public School Is just within a stone's tfcrow. Think of it, these lots cosr only $80.00 and upward--even as a matter of speculation they'll prove one of the best investments you've ever made. For full Particulars and Information "Write C. B. McCORMICK, Agent, r. 0. Box 144 Conucllsville, Pa- a ooootKxxjoovSoooooexxjooooooc cxjoooccceooooacooococooooo Try Our Classified Ads. It's Money Well invested J QQQCBOQeKXXtaaDQOOQQO^

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