The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1939
Page 5
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1939. HK D A I L Y UUUK1HTK PI. PAGE FIVE. PERSONAL MENTION Henry MichaelowsKi and Miss Eleanor Shutsy went to Pittsburgh Monday evening and heard Tommy Dorsey and his oichestra at the Pittsburgh theatie Athens Temple No 80 wiH hold a card paity, Tuesday evening, Feb 21 "I, 8 45, Elks Hall, "500 ' and other games Lunch, prizes --Advertise- jnent-18-feb -31 Robert Grmdle Michael Nozmack Mi's Ma\me Krepps and Miss Grace Biooks \isited Paul Sweitzer of Chdneioi Sunday Two plain di esses, cleaned and piessed 69c, duimg oui "Once-A- Year' piomotion special Simons Cash Cany Cleaners--Adveitise- ment--20£eb-5t Miss Helen Kell, Mibs "iolanda J and Alfred Fasola, Miss Marjoue Haynes and Miss Maiy Jane Held attended the lecital of the Curtis String Ensemble at Carnegie Hall, Piltsbrugh, Monday evening See, the chic, new spring frocks, SI 95 to $3 9 1 ) Princess Shop -- Adveitisement--21fefa-lt Miss Ruth Sensbach, dean of girls of the High School left this morning for Cleveland, where she will attend a four-day conference of the National Association ol Dean of Women Cafeteria, Christian Church, Wednesday evening, 5 00 to 7 00 --Advert sement --21feb-lt Jay Gordon and Stanley K Glance MSited fuends in Greensburg Monday evening Misses Kathenne B and Vngmia Humphrey of East Cedar avenue visited Sunday with Mr and Mis Rodger McNaughton of Mount Pleasant Mr ard Mrs John Eldred ana daughter Lynette, have returned to Lancaster, Ohio, after spending the v eek-end with Mrs Eldred's parents, Mr and Mrs Ralph Goe, of Vanderbilt rred Miller of East Cedar avenue ·went to Cleveland Sunday to visit ·with Henry By-ne, a student at John Carroll University Sairuel D Oppenheim, owner of Oppenheim s Men's Store in North Pittsburg street, is in New York City buying spring merchandise Miss Eleanor Ladies who has has been ill at her home in South Connellsville, has resumed her duties as clerk at the G C Murphy store James George, stationed at Fort Meade, M d , is spending a furlough at his home in West Apple street Miss Henrietta Downing of Dawson hea-d Tony Sarg, puppeteer cartoonist and impersonator, Monday night at the senior high school auditorium at Umontown Charles Michael, formerly of Connellsville, is ill of pneumonia at the Westmoreland Hospital, Greensburg Mr Michael is a West Penn dispatcher at Greensburg Miss Dorcas Swank, daughter of Aunt Met By ROBERT QUILLEN 'Folks should I't ta'k so hard about Jim Every town needs a loafer like him, because nobody else has time to be chairman 01 solicit for good causes ' SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK By R. j. SCOTT Grim Reaper JOHN G SAUERS MOUNT PLEASANT, Feb 21 -John G Sauers, 57 years old, died at 8 15 o'clock Monda right at his home at 38 Vina street aftei a lingering illness He \vas a well known Meticpolitan Lrfe Insurance Company representative and had completed 37 years of service in Septerrbei, 1938 when he was placed on d sabilitv because of ill health Mr Sauers was born January 3 1882, at Morgan Station, a son of the late William and Mary Wolfe Sauers He was an active member of Trimt Lutheran Church, having been confirmed at an early age He seived as superintendent and assistant superintendent of the Sunday school for 25 yeais He was a resident of the boroug'i over 28 years, locating here after his marriage to Miss Margaret Sibert Besides his wife, he is survived by one sister, Margaret K Sauers of Scottdale, and one brother, Andiew F. Sauers of Connellsv lie --frlE. SAR.D1KIAH DONKEY IS -ffiE- SMA.Ll.HS-r BR.E.ED 1U EXISTENCE. HAVE BEEK CLOCKEO 70 MILES. PER. HOUR. OVER Governor Adds Two Million to Budget Continued from Page One vised by administration and legisla- tve tax cxpeits f h a t income foi the 1 WASHINGTON, Feb 21 --Penn- bienmum w 11 probably leach $372 - | sjlvama stood in the middle of the 000000 irsteacl of ?369,739 502 i list in state expenditures for public origina ly estimated by the Re\enue education of a child, a survey by the Department The Goveinor has es- President's adiisory committee on tabl sncd a film rule of budgeting no education icvealed moie expenditures than car safely be DifTe ences of moic than 500 per cent weie shown in the e\pendituies fiom the lowest flgme--$12 16 per child in Ancarsas--to the highest-$74 67 in California The Pennsyl- PLACES A.P-E-- COMPELLED -fo WEAR- ACAN^UE C AtfEAYy BoAR.0) CLA.MPEP A.B6uf KECK UNII_ -THEIR. DEBS Eyestrain Source of Many Ailments Br LOGAA CLENDEMNG, M D EYESTRAIN produces a set of discomfoits -nhich may be readily recognized as re'atcd to misuse of MRS. SUSAN MITCHELL Mrs Susan Mitchell died at o'clock Monday afternoon at her home at Perrjopohs after an illness of three weeks She was 80 years old She is survived by a son Harrj Check, of Warren, Ohio, a daughter, Mrs Carrie Tibb of Belle Vernon and 15 grandchildren Mrs Mitchell was a member of the Pe-ryopolis Christian Church The body was removed to the B M Wade Funeral Home at Perryopohs where friends may call until the hour the cjcs, or they be so appar- _ . j i , r D i e - 1 o Tiir «u*. 1 » vilt - 1 '- xiieuua may uun uuui L11U J1UU1 Mr and Mrs Bert Swink of Murphy j £ th , MlfV V N J P °h et PSSt /f rh e n|Wednesda y afternoon Rev Fred B , e * , ' as r | Grimm, pastor of the Perryopohs fa^V March Methodist Episcopal Church wUl some tune in March | officiate Interment uill be in Miss June Shannon, a senior stu- Mount Washlngton cemetery 2,!?LTM! se .?H h J Un .'° n _^TM_H ° S J?i^ Mrs Mitchell was born at Brow ns- ville and located at Perryopohs 38 years ago Training School, is getting along nicely after five weeks of hospltahza- tion as the result of a serious infection of the foot Her condition, however, was not so good when her father, C L Shannon, of Vine street, visited her Monday Jesse Burkett, Victor Jawoisu and Clarence Cole, all of Leisenring No 1, motored to Wheeling, W. Va, Saturday and attended a midnight jamboree Mrs Charles E Conrer and daughters v sited for seveial days in Con- flence last week, residing during that time at the Dodd Hotel Mrs L S Michael of Morrell avenue has been called to Greensburg because of the serious illness of her brother-in-law, Charles W Michael, who is confined to Westmoreland Hospital with pneumonia Michael will remain several with hei sister-in-law Mrs dajs Birth of Son Announced. Congratulations are being rece \ ed by Mr and Mrs John WMpkey of the Springfield piUe, the occas.on being the bnth o£ an eight and a half pound son Wednesday, February 15, at their home The baby has been named for his maternal g-andfather, William Henry Basmger, of Ressler Run Mrs Whipkey, formerly Miss Mamie Basmger, and son are reported to be getting along nicely. Mr Oden Girl in Mitts Home and Mrs Lloyd Mitts of 318 street are receiving con- Jap Planes Drop Bombs on British Area; 98 Killed By United Press HONG KONG, Feb 21 --Japanese auplares cuopped bombs in British territory today and killed a British Indian policeman during a raid on the Canton-Hong Kong Ea Iroad It was reported that 88 persons weie k lied and moi* 3 than 100 wounded in Chinese territory immediately adjoining the British aiea The Chinese vil'age of Ehumchun ·was icported in flames There were unconfirmed reports that about 20 persons, including policemen, weie wounded inside British territory and that a British tram ·was hit Borders of Chinese and British terntoiy were closed as a result of the laid Nire Japanese bombing planes conducted the raid They dropped bombs hrst on Shumcmn, on the othet side of the Hong Kong crown colony, which includes the island of Hong Kong and the ceded territory of Kowloon, on the mainland Two of the bombeis detached themselves fiom the mam group and swept across the border into British territory, ovei the village of Lowu which is the last station in the British area on the lailroad that extends from Kowloon City to Canton The two bombeis appaientiy were trying to hit a British tram which according to icpoits, was )ust on the other side of the bolder m Chinese temtorj Thev also sought to destioy a conciete lai'road bi dge, which marks the border gratulations on the birth of an eight- pound daughter at 10 30 o'clock Monday morning at their home The baby is the secord child and first girl in the family Mrs Mitts will be remembered as Miss Olive Johnson of Connellsville, H D 1 Pastor at Meadvtlle GHEENSBURG Feo 21 --Hev Paul Daugherty, son of Rev and Mrs E H Daugheity of Adamsbnrfi has accepted a ca'l to Trinity Lutheran Church at Meadville His first pastorate at Leetsddle was n 3930 ently disconnected ns not to be recopr nized except bj one *'m the know " It is not hard to realise that pMn in the evebalH buming and itching ol the Lids, headache in the frontal region and redness ol the conjunc- ti\ ae are due to some abuse of vision But nausea, \ertigo dizziness, dullness of cerebration, indigestion and Dr Clcndening "mil answer nucstions of general interest onlj and then only through his column sick heac'ache -- all of which can be caused b ej cstram -- ira for long- periods of suffering be ascribed to other things | Evestrain ma be temporary d u e ; to Overuse of good eyes at reading, sewing, the rroues, exposure to a bright light, or it may be chronic due to deficiencies of the eyes or the CJE iruscles themsehcs Easily Corrected Temporary eyestram in a good e\ e due to misuse is easily corrected A few hours' rest of the ees, relief from light and overstrain -- time out lmg do\vn in a dark room with a cold compress o\cr the eyes, or a long night's sleep-- will invariably fix things up When conditions of living OL work arc such as to produce the symptoms constantly, proper stiam apparently obscure headaches recurrent attacks of hstlessness or indigestion can be corrected by such simple measured As in. the case of T a u t e n s cramp, individuals vary a great deal as to susceptibility to influences that cause eyestram Eyestiasn cue to an ocular defect mav ha\e one of three causes -- re fractive errors faulty accommods readjustment of light or ill be a natural step Many tion and imbalance of the muscles of the ee Refractive errors are popularly = jpposcd to be the most important But the connection isnotnecessanty certain in all cases An opticall- perfect 05e is almost unknown And refractive errors are so common tnat it would be practically impos c i- ble to find a person with eyestram who did not have a slight refractive error There also arc people ·mth grois refractive errors who ha\c no ejestra n So they cannot he the sole cause or even the most impor tant cause, although, of couise, in a case of cvesfcrain any refractive error should be corrected The same applies to a certain extent to accommodation errors Small ones arc rare and cause httlo or no trouble, large ones are usual') due to systemic trouble \dvicc of Oculist I am inclined to take tne advice (although I admit my experience does not warrant my forming- a very definite opinion) of those oculists who behcv e that muscular imbalance or heterophona (the dynamic relationship of the two eyes working together) is the i"ost potent cause of cvest-am The movemerts o£ each eye are so arranged as to k»ep it coordinated with the movements of its fellow in such a way as to keep each visual a\is always pointing it the observed object The power of convergence, which is the moLt important of these coordinated rove- menta s in the region of 50 per cent in normal people, ard may be as low as 20 per cent in cases of eyestram EDITOR S NOTE Seven pnmph cU bj Dr Clendeoirc can now be obtained bT xcndinK 10 cen-a in coin for each ard a ·elf Bdtlrcsued envelope stamped %ith a tlree-cimt «t*mp to Dr Loffnn Chid-n- ins in cmrc of Chi* paper The pamphlets arc Three Wci.k« RMucine Diet Indigestion and Coistipatitm Redi-cinff and Gain nc" Infant * ceding Instructions (or the Treatment of Dial et« ·Feminine Hyulene and The Care of the Hair and Skin.' First Degree Verdict Asked In Murder Case By United Preis. SOMERSET Feb 21 --District A - toiney A M Matthew i today asked ,hat the thiee men accused of the slaving of Cha-les Kohut at Idea Pirk Id't May 18 be convicted of murfe-- in the first degice As the Commonwealth began the marshalling of testimony designed to prove to the jury of nine men and thiee women tha,. Tory and Mike atk and Vincent Bovina all of Kelso muidered Kohut duung an ·Utemptcd ho dtip, District -Utoiney Mitthcws called State and county officers, togeher with Coroner F E Sass ot Somoiset counts to stand in parade '^3 lasted for moie than an hour Before he began Inli eduction of testimon today Ma'thews declared h i intention of asking for a verdict of first degree muraci State in Middle / Oi List for Public Education Expense met by ai liupated levenuc Goveinor Jnnes' new budget ear- maikec! 4,128000,000 fo telief, $10,000 000 less than his tentative figures 'lopoi lorate'y the figuie foi subsidies has been returned LO approxi- rmtelj that parsed by the 1937 Legislature and Jiaip reductions in this nuch-demanded experdituie have been eliminatec The budget figuie of S372 000,000 coveis orly geneial expenditmes over which the Governor and the Logislatu e have absolute contiol It does not include an item of neaily $170 000 000 which aie set for highways and foi nsh and game conservation out of funds collected from automobile icgistiatior and fishing and hurting licenses Taken as a unole the State budget totals some- wheie in the neighboihood of $542000000 but this figuie is not usea properly in speak ng of the Go\ei~ noi s budget It \vas disc osed tliat the tuo pei cent amusement ta\, collected on 'hcatre, sports events, dance hall and other amusement tickets may be reenacted to add another $7 000,000 to tni. ie\enue for the bienmum The tax was levied in the first two years of tl e Eaile Administration, and dioppcd in he hist two If the amusement tax is res ored a furthei tevision in the budget figures ir-ay be nece^saiv James made ro official statement vania expenditure for the years of the survey 1935-C6, was $44 70 New Je sey s expenditure was $62 33, Delay, aies $5402 Dr Paul R Mort, director of the advanced school of education, Columbia University, and Dr. Eugene S Lawler, p.ofesssr. of education, Noithwestern University, diiected the survey They recommended a broad program of Fedeial aid for education to help equalize opportunities A foimula based on their suggestions is contained in a bill by Representative Larrabee, D , Ind, chairman of the House committee on education Mort and Lawler said in a majority of states Fedcial funds were needed if mmirrum acceptable facilities weie to be proviced in all communities Trinity Lutherans Hark Lenten Season Beginning Ash Wednesday, which for centuries marks the initial opening of a period of penitence and contntion for Christian people, and continuing until the climax of the Eastei season is reached in the glori- tollow ng his conference with legis- 1 ous Resmrection, Trinity Lutheran l a t i v e leaders ' It was an exchange of ideas ' he ·=aid ' I received '·he figuies vviti the legislators They may be back again but the budget message will be pre- sen*ed Monday night Stork at Hospitil \ daughter was born at 1 54 o clock Monday afternoon at Con- nellsMlle Stite Hospital to Mr jnd Mis Joseph Tremba of Dunbar R D 1 A son airived at 11 43 o clock "Monday morning for Mr and Mrs Francis Reagan of Conrellsville R D 2 0. 0. F. to Celebrate Washington's Birthday General Worth Eicampment, I O O F Will hold a George Washington bir hd »y party Wedresday evening n its rocms m South Pittsbiug stieet Delegations -will be piesent fiom Point Marion, Brownsville and Un- lontown Degree work and a pro- gipm h a \ e been planned b the socia] conmtitee Seeks Reinstatement. PHILADELPHIA Feb 21 --Form- ei State Sena'or Samuel W Salus asked the ooaad of goveirors of the Pcnnsylvana Bar Assoeiaton for reinstatement as a lawyer to "clear my good name and reputation " Raid Chicken Fight More than 90 poisons \\ere aricst- ed Satuiday night when five police officers raided a ch cken *ight at Vesta No D Se\ ei al v;omer were among those taken info custody Kit! That 9E@h (scabies) Unlawfully Cashed Checks WASHINGTON, Feb 21--Seciet Se vice disclosed that 2,100 W paj checks weie cashed unlawfully in the year which ended last June 30 Churcl 1 announces her senes of midweek services on the general theme of Evangelical Christianity" Such subjects as the following will be discussed by the pastor, Di W H Hetrick "What Is Salvation", "Is Chiistiainty Practicable'" and 'Do You Need Chiist"' Members and friends of Tunity aie uiged to let nothing interfere with the strictest carrying out of the Lenten program," Rev. Hetrick said Somerset Barn Burus SOMERSET, Feb 21 --Fire caused damage ol $4 000 when it destroyed a laige barn on the John Swank farm in Somerset township Fuday afternoon Origin was undetermined. Se\eial head o£ cattle and horses were removed from the burning building LACK STRENGTH? Johnstown, Pa.--Mr*. Minnje Pennsyl. 411 Pine SL, says 'I ate very little anu slept poorly I ·was so weak I was hardly able to do my housework. I used Dr Pierct s Golden Medical Discovery and I ate better, gradual v gained weight and strerjrth and slept well ' Buy it m hnuid or tablets f-om jour d-uggist toda New size, tablets SQc. Sec how much atronger you feel after using this tonic. A void comfort UIQ of etulmrmsEtnent and dls l i L I I (Scablti*) Go to vour tlni^sKt md co* a bo tie of oAirh SAN i m n i d L I O N it i. iia otcry Itcb mite Jt touches (n 10 rain »tC3 Mono back If DO' satisfied Killed Under Freight Tram C KENWOOD, Feb 21--J H fcy, 50 was killed Sunday rug it by a Ballirrore , Oh o freight train as he ran across the t acks near the Glenwood station Engineer A B Cundifl told authorities that he saw the man dait onto the tracks but was unable to slow the tram enough to avoid hm M O D E R N W O M E N Notd Not Suffer monthly pam tied delay duo to colds ncrrousBUnun tiposuroorBimllar C-J.JMS Ch -chw-icrsDiaiaondBinndPjlls are effective, - - · ' - · ' ~ " F Bpid by FOJR JfCVlUKB TIM? CALL 509. TODAY-TOMORROW 9 ° m9 ! Ldy innova- ADOLPHE JACK JACK MENJOU - O A K I E - HALEY ARIEEN TONY BINNIE WHELAM · MARTIN · BARNES GEORGE BARBIES · WARREN HYMER D rected by William A Seiter Producer Harry Jo« 5ro»wn Screen Ploy by H A,daptoton by Curlii Kenyon and Art Artho A 20th Century-Fox Picture Darryl F Zanuck In ChorQ« of Produc lot Also COMEDY, NEWS, NOVELTY JANET SON THEATRE · TODAY · DOUGUS l Sshastd lira Vmitd Anutt Special Prices! Matinee and Evening Adults, 25c-Children, TOc ® THURSDAY e FRIDAY Feature No. 2 SCRAPPING SWEETHEARTS lie called her two-faced... and saw 'era both when she conked him one! feme aiAKO · Icm ftMES MARY TREE* - ATSOW D uetid by Efiol Tijgirt A., Product.,But K.ll, f, NEW UNIVERSAL PICTURE ©COMEDY ®NEWS · SHORTS

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