The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT, DAILY COURIER, CONNELLS VILLE. PA. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 103*., Basketball By JAMBS Iff. BRISC01L. Basketball Scottdale Thrilling Plays Mark Battle Of Scliool Quintets in Armory At Mill Town; Rally We akens Quintet Defeats Ciphers, 28-18 ©- Karly Sev«'n- Point Load of Scots Is Once Narrowed to Single lioal. EICHER MAKES SIX BASKETS last stanza of the !· UUe, ho Intercepted a pass from mi out-of-bounds · play and batted it in o thu net for a score. The lino-up: Connellsvllle--· 18. ScoUdale--28; Lucssak -- F. Eicher Schrum F. ...-, Camlln Miller (.'. Cox Jones __ U. V. Rush Johnson G. Substitutions--Rud for ._. \Valde Schrum, The Connellsvillo Cokers, lighting lesperately to the last minute, were smothered under a 28-18 decision last Shaw lor M i l l e r Hrad ey tor JODCH for , evening at tho Scottdale Armory a s | L u c z a k ; Jcsoski for M.-her, fatauffor ,),,. ni,,o and W-me casre-rs galloped for C a m l l n . Couw; y lor Wauie, Schwartz ior V. Rus i. Field goals--Rude, Jotir« 4, John- sou; Kicher 6, Cam!! i, Cox the Blue and AV'-iite cagers galloped to a well-earned victory. The struggle was crowded with t h r i l l i n g plays that eventually ended in a goal for ono side or the othw. Many louir shots were attempted and somo w e r e mad*-. Othprs were the Hind that came clone and caused the Cans a lot of h e a r t throbs. Scottdaie established a seven-point lead in the first period and retained t h i s throughout the first half. The locals had been receiving a drubbing it- every department and the Bcotlies uevcr gave then* an omortunUy for an oper shot at the basket. However, ,n the t h i r d q u a r t e r this was mom e n t a r i l y rt'verh cl. The Cokera went on H shooting spree in the early part of t h u t period i.nd the gap between the two teams was cut d o w n to two points. This W E S the criiy tirno t h a t t h e locals ever threatened the Mill Towners. Kvei w h e n that period ended the Scottifs h f d managed to olio out another pair ot field goals that increased their ,cad to (six points. Scottdale scor-xl (irst e.s Cox tossed one In from the free zone. Then follower with two doublo- deekers in rapid succession. Scottdale rootors f i l l e d the huge- auditorium w i t h hoarso ch ers. Cox came back w i t h a perfectly arched shot from the side of the court for another snore. As yet Connellsville hud not an opportunity to '»core. Their guards closed in and p r e v e n t e d f u r t h e r scoring but as t h e q u a r t e r ended Johnson made a successful try from the f o u l Mil", reslHtcrl'ic the only point for C o n n e l l s v i l l c In that period. Four fVelcl Koals w e r e tallied i» secouti q u a r t e r , each team getting two. Many sluts rolled oK the hoop as tho Cokers tried to overcome the lead rslablishe 1 by the Mill Town cjuintt't but the home team was suc- eesaful tu keeping ft hat it had gained. The Connullsvillo rally started im- mediatoly af'.er the btginning of tho second h a l f . "While it lasted the Coker cheering sectio i exerted itselt to the u t m o s t and predicted great results for the Orange and Black warriors. The game had become noticeably rough at this stage ot thtv fray and it remained so until the ei d. Seottdale called a time-out whei the count became close. JQicher made a name for himself as he played his greatest game o£ the year, caging six double-deckers to lead in the scoring honors. In the Foul goals--Conue isville, (i out of i:!; Scottdale, 8 out "f 11. Referee--Burke. PENNSYLVANIA HAS 3HAMES ON BALL SLATE PHILADELPHIA, Fob. 22--Thirty- one ganifco will be p ayjd thie isoason by the varsity b a s e - a l l team of the University of 1'ennsj vania, according to tho schedule ri'co Ily made public. The f e a t u r e ot thi . year's poaeon will be the forrnati n of a league among eastern iinivi mitics. The schedule c.Ul- for the playing of games both i n M d i and outside the league. Games w i t h Navy, New York University. Duke, L 'kc Foreflt, Harvard, Lehigh, Laf; yette, Maryland, Rutgers and others v i l l 1» played. Pennsylvania will ibandon tho practice of going on a Southern trip for the first time in yo u-fi. The team will p ! ty .'t three-game series with Penu Sta e «t Atlantic City d u r i n g the Kiwter -\ ication period in-, stead of m a k i n g the swing south. INTERGROUPlvENTS AT DICKERSON RUN BEGIN WEDNESDAY Intergroup contesis at the Dlckeraon Kun Y. M. C. A. w 11 begin on Wednesday evening. The teams will b selected from the Pioneer Club ami t 10 moot will be in eway for four wee, e with basketball and gymnastics prc lominating. At the close of t h e compel tlon, a supper will be served in hone r of the winning team. There w 11 be individual trophies for those i taking the highest number of points. Today is "vieitaf on day" at Scottdale Y. M. C. A. w .ere the Dickereon Hun athlete« arc participating In basketball, swimming-, ping pong, volleyball and rela races. Let's Play This Game! By JAMES M. DRISCOL.U It is about time for the managers o£ tho Casey CluT) and Kcagy C rrner bflsketball t-eams to quit th«!r liily-luljying ami got down to sound but n«66. Considerable Intereet In a content between the two combinations has been aroused because of tho apparent differences between the tcame, aud n w it appears ~ h a t unless someone steps in as a mediator, the game or e«r 36 of game« miy never "bo played. Tho Caaeys have issued two ultimatunie to the Keag-ye, givin;; the a the right to nlay with winner taking all tho gate receipts, or at least 9'0 pei cent, and the Joser pay the expenses. That, to me, seema like a rathor far-f tched idea, and it has several weak ppots. * It there was a big attendance, as seeme very likely, tho "bag ot gold" stipulated an a prize would offset any desire to win for th« glory of city title, Yct,'io. tho individual fun that is the really "big" thins in any sport. With eutii a financial prize depending upon the outcome of a euora, it would place a tremendous burden on tho shoulders of the official or officiate, il thero wore two. The enmity ot the^ losing club would fall directly upon the el venth man on s h e floor, regardless of which side might come out ahead. The ultimatum of the CaseyB was undoubtedly a «tr:iUgiu move. The management feels it ha« the bettor club. That may or may not be true, liowevei, If the Corner quintet accepted those terms, the very nature j£ tho agreement would give tho Caseys an edge before the opening whistle i t ever blown, inasmuch as the proposition apella "confidence" in capital . ittere. l^ayeholcgy alone might win, in that ev-eut, for the Casoys. For years the Casey Club and Unity Fraternity waped a baslcetba 1 war, ··laIng U fever pitch at tiincfi. Yet those teams found it to conak erablo .(lvantu(;e to play on a (iO-40 basis, the winner getting 1he larger silt *, and lioth clubs splitting expense evenly. Once the Caseys sugReetod play- -ig lor the entire receipts. The Frat refused and the game went ahead under ho old urraugeneut. Tho Frat club won by two points and was eatteflnd with 60 per cent. Tbat should be tho present attitude of the Casey team. Interest of tho public in a game between tho two local quintals he i been '.horoug ily arousrd. With a fair agreement between t h o chit*;, and j et ono w h i c h uou3d glvo the w i n n e r plenty to play for, it ie almost certain a 'anner crowd would witness tho game- or series. However, it Is almost J 1 fit as apparent that if the teams clashed in «. game where the "winner taV 3 all" contrac 1 . had been signed, interest o£ fane would bo dampened because of the feeling 'hat then the teams -would be playing for "gold" rather -than "gr" ry." It i j time for the two clubs to get together on a sound basis, agr« e on a fair div.eion of any excess receipts, select good officiate and go to it. NORTH UNION WINS FROM POINT MARION IN LEAGUE CONTEST Ray Welsh's crack passers of the North Union Township HlKh School trimmed Point Marion by tho decisive margin of 47 to 17 last night in- Section 18 W. P. I. A. League. During the last half, the Welshmen came through with 32 points. Tho line-up: North CJuion--47. Point Marlon--17. Lewis P Watson Fisher F Garlow Shiffbauer C Brewer Uhiusie O Politano Belong . G Wilson Substitutions--Downey for Qarlow; Kasmlorsky for Lewis; Cindrlc for Fisher, Goodish. for Uhazie, Field goals--Lrewls, Fisher 3, Shift- bauer 7, Uhasslo 2, Se-long 7, Watson 2, Bre-vor 2, Wilson 2. Foul goals--North Union 7 out of 15; Point Marion 5 out of 11. Score by periods-North Union 7 Point Marlon 2 8 15 17--47 7 3 5--17 Ref e ree--Spears. Use Classified Ad». Cost ie small. Iloeulte rare big. MOST MtlEAGE One Stop Service the 6m time, y( have thU service quickly, ddllfully i It toy for you to neglect yonr t --to forget your battery until th had your brakes fail because t bearing*- burn out due to po because you haven't time t places for service. JJust thii means in the saving of tinr. thoroughly trained--they know how to service your c maintenance service you · one stop and be miles ahea res until you have trouble on the road starter' won't work? Have you ever icy needed adjustment or had a T lubrication? If so, it is usually ' go around to several diffei«nt k what this "One-Stop" service c and money. JOur men are enow the tire business. They ir. No matter part of thi i iced, get everything done an I in economy and satisfaction. Firestone Sen/ice Stores Inc. !·_"_ W. .Apple St. H. C. C*/e\e") Haddock, ttgr. Phone 21. B A I T S ' H I U S : IB It A J K K - S E R V I C K : « A S 5 O I L : O K E / I S E W.P.I.A. League Summary SKCTIOX TEN YesterduyN Results. Uirioritown 23; r,atrobe 1C. Jeamiotte 17; (ipttensburg 11 Scofctdale 28; Canne!labile S. Standing of the Clubs. W. Unlontowm '- 10 ·Tcaiuietto 10 Soottdttle 6 Greemsbnrg- , · · · . - -- 6 Mount Pleasant u. 1 Pet. ,D09 '.833 .545 .454 .364 ,273 .091 Giunos Tuesday. Uniootown at Gon-,n*llsv11k», Gre»n»bung at Latrobe Moun-t Pl-eaajnt at Scottdal* SECTION TWELYE lice alts. Sewickley 34; Hurst 11. Dunbar 10; B^lle Veroion : 2. Porry 20; JSoJ.t Huntkiigdan 16. Standing of the OJnbs W. Dtiabw -------- 8 Perry ----- 7 Sevricltley ------ 1 Bolle Vernon --- . -- -- 4- Baat. Humttogdrtn --- 1 Hurst ------- 0 L. 1 2 2 5 8 0 Pet. .889 .778 .778 .445 .111 .000 Games Tnesdajr. Ja»bar at SewJokley. Eaat Huwting-don al Ilnret Penry at Belle Version. SECTION THaiTEE? Yoslerdsy's Jlesnlts. Iledfrtone 2fl; Browni»\iUe 3}. Gorman 26; South T/nion I f . Georges 27; Carmlohaals 9. North Union 44; Poiosit MOT an. 17. North Union Hed stone -Brownsville . Point Marlo-n German Carmlchaele 0-eorjjes -South Union 'Giun«s Tnosday. South Unioiu at BrownsviU . Reds tone at German. Georges at Poin/t Maricxn. North Union at Ca.mricha la. SECTION F1YE Yesterday's llosu'lte Donora 30; Wtfflt Newton 16. Moniesaea 28; Monongahie) i 20.. Charteroi 37; South Browo svllle 20. Stundln;? of the Club t. W. L. Pet. Monossen Chttrl-oroi ....--.. ___ «,..-.. South Brownsville West Newton ,_, California ........ 11 __ y S 5 4 4 0 11 0 1.000 2 .818 .54G ,454 .3tf-l .333 .000 Lkmora at Manes sen. MonianigafMla at South BrowiiksrillC' at Cal fornla. Kmplovo HUN Thiroat 81 aUBJSNSBUaa, Keb. 2!.--Martin lladowefey, 61, employed a1 St. Vlu- oent's College and -.seminar r, is In a hodpital here buffering f - om etab wounds in hi« Mining since Monday, he was found in i etablo on tho arciiabbey farm Ho s id he !e»n attached l)y two negroi s. Use our "waut" swlvarti emeot. Dunbar Township Dribblers, Threatened by Belle Vernon, Win Contest in Last Quarter Dtmbar Township High School's hold on first placo in Section XII, 'Western Pennsylvania Intwecholastic Athletic League, was threatened, last evening when Bello Vernon put up an unexpected tough defense and forced the crack passers of Bruce M. Shearer to como from behind in the last quarter to win the battle by the tiny margin of 16 to 12, at the Leisonrtag No. 1 gymnasium. The visitors came to the Red and Black courts with an unusually large delegation, giving indication that the followers of (he Belles were confident that their boys had a neat opTportunity of whipping Dunbar desp-ite the fact that D. T. took a two to one verdict at that place somo time ago. For three quarters it seemed as though Leiscn- ring would finish ou the short end of the tally. Two points, both collected from the Eoul line, -was tho total garnered by Shearer's proteges during the first two quarters, one being tallied in each frame. It wns the greatest defensive displayed this campaign against the Red and Black. Belle Vernon took advantage of this showing by ehalk- ing up nine points, six in the first P. I. A. A. TRACK MEET ON MAY 24; PLANS COMPLETED Leisenring Scores Two Points In First Half, Visitors Got Nine. SEWICKLEY ON SLATE TUESDAY period and three in the second, to hold a tidy margin at the ha f. Punbar came back strong in tho laat two quarters. In the third stanza, while the Bellos were oeing held scoreless tho Du nbarites r jcorded five points to come within tv o of tieing the mark. A great spurt in the final period netted nine point: while the visitors were being held to three and D, T. managed for the ; econd time this week to avoid defeat Belittlement of the Bell »s and Fayette City last Monday nearly proved disastrous to the Red anu Black and it, is expected tliat a much better form will bo shown against Sewickley Township at HermJnie on Tuesday night when the final fray in the W. P, I. A. League will be play id. On Friday evening, Uniontowc comes to Leisenring No. t far an "e contest. Inasmuch as it will 1e ih( first appearance of a countysoaj quintet at the Red and Black court* for nine years, one of the biggest crowds of the season is expected ta turn out. Tho line-up: »Hitbar~ Ifi. Belle Vernon--1* Tulley F Martio Miller p. ,,.__ Wasicete Behrcns C Wallentina Bailey G Coatea Re!I!y G. - Bauei; Substitutions--Sfconeany for Miller* Reshonberg for Behrens, Igoe for; CoateH. Field goals--Tulloy 2, Skonezny« Bailey 2, Martin, Waslcek 3, Igoe. Team fouls--Dunbar, G out of 11 Bello Vernon, 2 out of 7. Individual fouls---Tulley, 3 out of 5$ Skonezny, 2 out of 2; Behrene, 1 out of 2; Reiily, 0 out of 2; Wartlii, 1 ou8 of 2; "VVssicek, 0 out of 1; Wallentine* 0 out of 1; Igoe, 0 out of 1; Bauer* 1 out of 2. Scoring by quarters: Dunbar I Belle Vernon Keferee--Phillips. 1 5 9--1« __6 3 0 3--13 HARRISnURG, Fet. 2:2--A new plan for eelecting contestants for the State track and field clmmpkmship meet was announced today "by thf board ot control ot the Pennsylvania Interschol- astlc Athletic Association. The date ot the meet was fixed for May 24, with tho place to be "announced later. The eight districts again will hold sectional meete and then each district will select a team to represent it at the State championship. The first and eecond place winners in each event ·will be nominated for the district team. For the district team and if on« or 'both men can not go their places will be filled from among the next thr«« flnlfihere. In tho past, first and second place "winners at the district meet were sent to the State games by their individual schools. The championship trophy will go to the school whose athletes furnish the moet points for the district winning the State meet. Changes also were made in the distribution of funds. Instead of a common fund, each district will retain the money collected at its own meet. The money received at the State meet will be pro-rated among the districts on the basie of mileage and the number of athletea the sections have entered in the State contests. Sports Comment By JOHTSf H. WH'JRIC. The etatus of the prt posed seriee for the city's "buaketball hampionehip IB not known «e yet, although somo developments are anti ;ipated soon. The Keagy Coruer'e instance on meet- Ing the Casey Club for the pennant got on the norves of the Irieh that th«y hurled ow:. a maulfi«to that will require much thought. The Careys have a good club and fay that they know it. They regard t'ie Keagy« e a. weak sister" and are n t anxioas to meet a quintet that is not in their clase, so the Irish retor. Hence the ultimatum: "A serie« i/lth the winner getting 90 per cent or all of the gate receipts." The Caieye, unquestionably the favorites, would want to profit by such a series i » view of the fact that they feel that the only reason the Corner ie inste ing for such a play is because they t i i n k they ara going to figure In the division of the spoils. The retort of the Irieh in- dicatea that the Keagys will not reap any financial harvest at the "expense" o£ the Caseys' repiitatioa. The reply of the Corner club Is lelng awaited eagerly. * · · ' Next Tneaday will brng to a close the regular play in thi W. ' P. I. A. League and another successful campaign goes down into history as tho eliminations for the championship of tho P. I. A. A. get under way. North Union and Unlontown are assured to participating in f h e tournament a* Pitt Stadium and Dunbar Township ia expected to cop laurels and again trefc to Pittsburg. However tho Lelsenrtns tribe faces the veteran Sewickley team on Us home court Tuesday nigbt. Should D. T. lose a triple tie will exist for tho top rung 1n Section 12. However Shearer's boys are duo to get., out ot the rat in which they havo been nlaying of late and if the quintet Is in .'orm the Herminia clan will bo swept aside in an easy manner. » * * With the cage play nearing a close*, attention will soon be diverting to another phase of the scholastic athletic calendar--track and field m-eeta. Tlia a n n u a l contests in Fayette and Westmoreand counties will again be conducled. Many schools wil! be entered In competitions sponsored by colleges. About 2,000 boys will be in. training in this activity in tha two counties. * * * Three boye who formerly resided insi this locality are playing a big part In the operation ot the large athletic- association at Flint, M i c h , Jack Petrill, formerly of VanderbiH , is athletic director while Bill Trlchard. formerly of Lelsenring, 1^ his chief assistant. Ted Prlchard, a brother oC Bill, is associate editor of the magazine published by the association, which is spon-sored to provide entertainment for the automobile - facfory employes numbering about 20,090, including- men and women. Many persons who formerly lived In this region, are members of the association. It's' quite an honor to the boys and the communities where they got their training. N E W P E A K f N RADIO PERFORMANCE LUE.I Imaging i t . " .this 1930 Apex. 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