The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 1, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 1, 1918
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'· PAGE TWO. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. SATURDAY, JUNE 1, 1918. i' k y-/ T H E DEVOTED TO THE INTERESTS OF TKE STUDENTS. ;--. E. KEAGY EDITORS N. S. FLOTO " · r _ _ SEX30.E SOTES. ~--^," (3y Myra Conway.) -T5» £«ivioi-s or C. H. S. spout a very enjoyable evening Thursday, jlay'UO, authe home ot Mis., Florence Kr'ueck. EJUIOKIAL. Tuesday moming a delegation Civil "War veterans spoke to the High. JDXICK ITB3IS. (By I',btella Wilton.) Mr. C. J. Alderfer, a teacher in C. School students in chapel, asking !H. S.. left this week for Texas where them to take part in the Memorial had pljnned to hold a i Day services on Thurbday. The High School students showed toa^t at ?opl-r Grove on accouat of bad weather I their patriotism by assembling on the was held indoors. Various games i south sido of the library lawn and andttoncing were tlic amusements for ng. About 30 members o£ were present. The t-lass ^, forward to having another the near luture. iJfttBavUand insists on "springing" stuQrHes on the High School students.:. The first Uilng he did was to sha.Yfe~oif his mustache. Now he has takSS another step toward prevention at ^kwtog overcome by the heat. Fri- dmj^alternoon he appeared at the high scbeei'-ln a brand new Palm Bead! 'Someone, "appropriated^ Mr. DiKe? man's'Back of salt from the chemistry laboratory. "Will you please; seea-^M he wants to salt the exomp- tipjt doim. - IttWrers to last Week's Faculty · :^,'_ Poales. - tovra--Miss Berg. avilamL, :S»ls:Tform3--Miss 2obins. ;Cbn*erves -wheat--Stfes-,Baker._ _ TGooShand at cnrds=-,Miss Trump. TWbiries about the war--Miss Fretts :ESSer ot the alphabet--Miss Weihe. -VSr yellow--Miss-Golden. to live'in Holland--Mr. Difce- patriotic songs as the veterans passed by. The singing was, in charge of Prof. E. "W. Haviland, musical instructor in the School. ScLool was adjourned tor the day, assembly and chapel exercises being all for which the students Mere required to report. It can easily be seen, that school will soon be out. .Everything in High School is alive and hustling. Examinations are beginning to conic and it win not be long unul che finals will make their appearance and we will ·all soon be through. Tie Seniors are having the time of their lives at present, as the next few weeks will be busy weftks for them. Most ot the class pins and rings have arrived and cards aie being exchanged among the members of the class. iie will enter tho aviation service of Pxreu streets -- Miss Bricfcnan. ·Ojrnra thread factory -- Miss Clark. O^OMr a store-- Miss Davidson. I*K *er job in the industrial revo- Weaver. Citlne Stmble attended comnrence- xnfetk£ exercises in McCtellandtown on Day. " ' BHT Jon«s likes ConneOsvnie more ertoj Jtey. He even stayed over M«- mociftl Day and there was no school. ·WV.tliao.-ir tt is not school he likes. Woofer wixrt It XB? are waiting eagerly for Trhon they can JaXe the final' tot* of their high school ca- TttOK^ Breryone is ready, so let them ' !*· -class play and class day exer- ci9M~Bre coming along finely and the caa look forward to the best the High School student*. oi-accoont of Mr. Altterfer leaving JOP 'the army the Seniors will have no }-'- examination in economics. Sarah West was teaching Latin, in Miss; Robins' absence on Friilay. "Witlothis event Sarah has at last recttttd the greatest ambition of her lite=to become a school "marra." == - SOFH03IOBE SOTES. "~ (By Dorothy McClaren.) The Sophomores -will not give the Seniors a banquet this year. In accordance with the request of the Esec- uUre Committee on Education to hold no ^ctanmfinceiaent activities any- Tnis last week was a very trying week for the High. School students, as the weather -w-as exceedingly warm. The ventilating system does not allow the windows to be opened as it hinders the circulation oC Uic air. Mr. Smith announced that all windows must be kept closed, and this reduced the heat greatly. Many students do not know bow near to them C. H. S. is until they are away from it a while. Below is co-py of a letter -ne'recohed from Harold Stauffer, a former C. H. 3. student, who is now attending the Staunton Military academy at SLauu- ton, Va^ and shows how those who are away appreciate our paper. Dear Keagy and Fioto: I have for some time beea keeping up with, the school events through various correspondence with the people and fellows back home, and I want to say that I certainly was delighted when "The Tiger" made its appearance. Perhaps I am not an expert judge but I think it is one of the beit things old C. 1L S. has done In a long time. I -would offer the suggestion that if you know of any fellows who axe away and do not get Tie Courivr, and thus do not get "The Tiger," I would send it to them. It's like news of an old friend to read all about the students and faculty and their "doings" back there. I certainly wish you good luck and hope "The Tiger" will continue to grow. Yours, HAROLD STAUFFER. tiie United States. -Mr. Aldcrtei lias been expecting his call for some time. The Juniors are disappointed because there will be no Senioi -Sophomore banquet this \ear anil they will not have the change to serve anil shuw their ability ab waiters We see that Mr. Smith did not announce tho Thrift Stamp sales oE C. \ H S. tliis week. -Miss, Deiin'i ci- j sembly sold on3 Thrilt Stamp and one | other asicmbly did not sell any This ' can all be made up next Tuesday and probably we will have a good enough ial to announce in chapel. The Juniors are already "beginning to plan what they will do in the Seniors' place next year. have the assaran-cc from the ciliors-in-cbltf that "The Tigei ' w 11 b; put out next year on a larg-cr scale and will be better than ever and Uut a whole lot is expected of the Juniors to make It so. Let's seo what wo can show them to keep the paper up to tlie highest standard. Paul Gants is sorry Mr. AldorCcr kit because Engltbh class was the I only place he couid make up the sleep ho failed to get at ni^ht. If anyone wants to see Paul Shaw's greatest aim in life he should be on ' Brimstone Corner" and sec him meet it on the way to school. The Junior pupils are falling down on their notes for "The Tiger." It's time lor them to -wake up and -write a little.--The Editors. where, and so save the United States several hundred thousand dollars, C. H. S. has decided to do away with precedent and so not to hold the accustomed banquet. AH-we can say is: "Seniors, be comforted in knowing that you have sacrificed at least one long-hoped for pleasure to aid America in winning tlie war." Tuesday after school the girls ol the Sophomore basketball team had i th-eir pictures taken by Professor Haviland. "We hod the distinction of liavong our instmctor, Misa 'Wa.ter- btiry, ,n our picture. The team hatl »ts picture taken before the snd of the season, but it desired largci oueb _ I The Sophomore Literary society has discontinued its meetings foi the year. There being no place u.\.u!LUjle in which to hold the mtetiugb on account of the rehearsals for the class day exercises and the class play in Hie au- ditcrius and gymnasium, it wat thought best to discontinue the m:e,.- ings for this year. We IVonder If IPs True? Savilla.--"Gladys, lend me your powder puff?" Gladys--"Here." Savilla--"Oh, it's all red." Mr. "Woodhead--"Why, Fred just had it" Miss Roake--"Thomas, tell about the Diet of "Worms." i Thomas--"Pardon, hut I don't take j either domestic science or biologj.' Tie Ficshmen don't know but tic? know that they don't know. Tho Sophomores don't know and don't know that they don't know. The Juniors know but don t know- that they know. The Seniors know and know that they know. See" Tke HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE 129 to 135 N PlTTSBURG St CONNELLSVILLE. PA. Greatest Store TO ALL ¥ou'll never again Iniy garments like these in ears to come at those prices. Surely you have )eeii reeding tho news- papers,--jou know that the government is commandeering most all wool materials and next season you will probably have to pay two or three times the regular prices of ihese garments. There isn't another store in this vicinity who can produce Suits or Dresses like these. That's why wo know that this is the biggest Suit and Dress bargain that has ever been women of this, vicinity thib season. x offered to That nre certainly in evidence and the wonderful saving on high grade exclusive garments for women and misses. Just a word about that Good-Bye Sale to all Sample Garments. Don't buy a Suit or Dress until you bee the wonderful valne we offer in this Sample Sale, ^foiv use good common sense with which tliou have been endowed and don't be misled in no Sajnple Suit and Dre^s Sale elsewhere. ._You krow as well as any merchant that Sample garments are always distinctive and decidedly becoming and choice of the fashions. T,\ cry garment is carefully iiuislied and fabrics are chosen for beauty as well as for service. Exclusiveness of style is assured by the fact that there is not many of any oue style, but scores of fetching models, each delightfully different. Come liiid see. t- ood-Ilj e Sample Dresses "Worth up -0 ?25.00. Voiir choice, and (J-J f f)(\ j, nl . ipi.tJ.UU GnM-IJyp Sample I»rcss0b Worth up to ?15.00. Your choice, and (I?Q AC P.IV tP«7.»/sJ Gond-Iiyc Sample Soils Worth Jp to 532.30 Your choice, and Jjgjg Good-Byo Sample Suits' Worth up to 550.00. Your choice, and ^.SQ Good-Bye Sample Suits Worth up to ?45.00. Your choice, and ^4.95 INCREASE IN I~ PHONE RATES ·Poet cards are being mailed today to -ttw subscribers^- ot the Tri State Tettwten.a:company ^announcing --tar e-:; f or al) Classes o£ service. effective July iP'The new schedule oE tariffs has been filed with the PuDlic'SSvlce Commission at Harrjs- burg and sets forth in detail the price .- Sominarized these -are as follows: Unlimited or free county service for -' all subscribers ia the 17 different ei- - changes for business phones will be increased to ?3-50 per month from - $3.00.- For a 2-party line tKe new -rate will be-$3 Ad -for a-i'-party-line it win ~. be J2.50, the Increase in each case be' ing 5H. ceats.per. jnonth. ~- The same unlimited, service to all ~* Tri-State subscribers for_ residence - phones will bt Increased to ?2.50 per 1 month" from '$2. For a 3--party line the - new'fate'wffl'Be ^2 aria "for a 4-party : ImeTrwJirbe ',$1.75," the "Increase in : party Une3}bejjg~2o"cerifs~per month - in each case. _* - - · : Fpr_.loc. 1 '. »ei-vice only, which means - free, and , unfu5ited~_class fo all snb: scribers. jnI_tt3_same^excSan " ' with . _ _ ^ " tolL.ehar.ges "f or calls' elsewhere," the : rate" far -business ipnones will be in; creased to~?S:30-from $2,~ -For- party I lines the new rate be- ?2, an in" create', of '25 cents .r month from the ' present cJfargf "of JJ.75. ' "' ' Eor local service only,, for residence · phones the. HCK rate Trill be 52 for a ' private line, on incvease of 50 cents, and for a. party line .it will be $1.50, an increasVof 25~cents. ~" ' ~ -This local service appl^es_to the exchanges af'Unionfbwn, "Connellsville; Brownsville s,nd Scottdale. For the other exchanges the increases are not quite so large, being in proportion to the present ! sser rentals. Theae increases have been literally lected at random it -was found that wage increases figure from 43 per cent t.o 53 per cent. For tie past two years the Tri-State company has paid no dividends. The directors were so loathe to increase rentals that they willingly passed the dividend to return all the profits of the-busmess 'to betterment of the service. But the recent and continuing sharp advances have left no other recourse. Practically every other public utility has made advances, the most recent to.command local attention being the West Penn railways. A 30 per cent advance in fares is now in force on this big trolley system, which is a greater advance than that o" the T^i-State Telephone company. The storm o£ the past -winter forced the company to expenditures aggregating several hundred thousand doi- ' lars. Thirty-three thousand feet of j new copper wire was used on the lines from Uniontown to Connellsvillo alone, with other repairs in proportion.' In even' instance repairs wera made ivith the idea of making tie new- lines better than ever beforiS in the past The Tri-State company is doing its utmost to give better service and with the new tariff in force in another month it hopes to still further improve the local and county telephone system. -The advance in prices was avoided as long as possible. It has been made only when business could no longer be continued at the old rates.--Adv.--1-5L "TIZ" GLADDENS SOREJIREB FEET Ho Pnffcd-oi), Bornina;, Tender, Aching Feet--yo Corns or Callouses. Dunbar. forced on the Tri-State company. · ~the past thr«-e or four years cost "prices of every kind have been stead- DUNBAR, May 31.--Westley DeVan ol iattle Koclcs, Pa,, is spending a few clays here with friends. Mr-and Mis. C. A. Wagner, 111', and-Mrs. George' Wagner of Con- lsTillc spent Decoration Day here v.ith the former's parents. Misses Jean and Ella Wishart nf Pittsburg spent a few days here vis- ily advancing. In some details the In- For.;iting relatives. Miss Beatrice Hostettler oC Glas*?- r-ort is visiting hor parents, Mr. and New Millinery Modes Make their appearance here daily--hundreds of modish, newly developed Hats for mid-summer. The newest models for sport, dress and tailored wear. White Milans, Pineapple straws, Leghorns and transparent shapes trimmed with ribbons, flowers, wings and novelty trimmings. Styles are droopy sports effects, side rolls, mushrooms and close fitting effects, $2.95, $3.95, $4.95, $5.95. PATTERS HATS Former Price $35.00, Sale Price . Former Price $25.00, Sale Price . Former Price $20.00, Sale Price . Former Price $15.00, Sale Price . $17.50 $12.50 $10.00 $ 7.50 Individual partialities can be exercised at random--Pattern Hats of great diversity of shapes, sizes, trimmings, etc., that will fascinate women of all taste and surely give them values that they will be amazed at See the Hats-Wash Goods and Linens These starting prices will attract ever so many v omen here Friday and Saturday. They \ v i i l re.ilue ihat this is not an everyday sale. 25c Turd Foi nc\v printed Voilog and Batistes in a vanity of prcttj designs, I'ffht and jrs-dium daik colorings Ail new summer styles. 19i- Yuri) For pretty new wash materials. Thousands of jards Jo be sold .it this price Nrat floial design*, light and medium dark colors. 29c and ",',^ Tnrrt For bet,t grade of Shirting Percales, full yard wide, light and dark colors. 35c li'ril Foi 10 inch Gloria Vo,les, all now summer patterns and colorings. 50c ijwc' For French Madras Shirting, stripes--just what jolt need Tor men's and boys' summer shirts. Xfc Tarfi New Madras Gingham, plain stripes or Scotch plaids. All fast coiois. Stic, 6oc and !5c Yard For now French Voiles, all the new pastel shades, so pretty and cool looking. (See them.) Seamless Sheets, Sl\00 inch size--extra good quality linen, deep hem, nicely made, $1.65. 20c for Pillow Cases, 42x36 inches, bleached, heavy quality, neatly hemmed and well finished. 19e Muslin, 36 inches wide. No more than 15 yards to any one customer, 15%c jard. ?3.00 White Crochet Bed Spreads, full double bed size, sale price, each $2.25. $1.50 dozen Napkins--Only a fe-w dozen to sell at this price, 05c per dozen. Napkins are of good size, new designs and patterns. $2.50 high grade Pattern Table Cloths at $2.00. Only eighty-five of these mercerized bleached patterns with plain center and fancy border. 51.25 grade Table Damask. Only 10 pieces to be sold at this sale at 75c per yard. Bath Towels, regular 25c value for 19c each. Extra large Bath Towels for 35c. Actual \aluc 50c. Full bleached and absorbent. Me yard for good quality of Crash Toweling for hand or roller towels. "Tiz" makes sore, burning, Lrod feet fairly dance with delight Away go the aches and pains, »tho corns, callouses, blisters, humous and chilblains. "Tiz" draws out the acids and poisons that puff up your feet. No matter how hard you ivorS, hoiv long you dance, how fa-r you wal':, or how long you remain on 3 our feet, "Tiz" brings restful foot comfort. "Tiz" is magical, grand, wondeiful for tired, aching, swollen, smarting feet All! ho-w comfortable, how happy you feel. Your feet just tingle for joy; shoes never hurt or seem tight. Get a 25-cent box of "Tiz" now from any druggist or department store. End foot torture forever--wear smaller shoes, keep your feet flesh, sweet and iappy. Just think! a whole yearS foot comfort for only 25 cents.--A(h. John Tracy of Greensburg spent Decoration Ca here with ielatives Misses Matgaret Moore and Gladys MoClosky of California spent Thursday with relatives here. "Wliiliam Duncan was calling on friends in Connellvillc yesterday. Mr. and Bits. "\V. E. DeDolt of Con- When a good money saving opportunity conies along wise is the woman who buys a new waist. Hundreds o{ pretty new Waists ot good quality of Georgette Crepe, Pussy Willow Silk and Crepe de Cliine, beaded, hand embroidered, liem- stitclied, etc. Colors are white, flesh and favorite pastel shades, Useful lingerie Waists made of French Voioles, Batistes, etc., trimmed with dainty laces and embroideries--new designs in collars and cuffs. UiiOermnsIins. A big pui chase of dainty new fashioned garments of quality and cham. Night Gowns, Envelopes and Skirts beautifully lace and em- bio.dery trimmed. PETTICOATS with deep flounce, eyelet or blind embroidery at ?1.00 up to $3.50. ENVELOPE OAHMENTSof piEk batiste or white Nainsook, trimmed with lace or embroidery, ?1 to $4.50 NIGHT GOWNS of fine Nainsook, Crepe or Batiste, daintily trimmed and specially priced S9c to $3,50. LEATHER GOODS SALT). Hand Bags, and Envelope Purses of genuine pin Seal, Morocco and Bacheite Leather, silk or leather Ime'd. Purses and mirror fittings, Sale Price 49c, 9Sc up to 55.50. O.NYX UOSIEinc 7Dc to $1.25 for flrst quality pure Bilk with lisle solos and garter tops, plain white or colors. Stylish Socks for children at 3Dc and 45c. Plain white, also blue, i pink or tan. Other styles, white with fancy stripes. Children's Lisle Hose, black ot plain white at 2Dc and 39c pair DKESSES FOB CHEUDKEJf' Groat values for this sale in these nobby little Dresses--plain Gingham, Chaznbray and Linenes at 89c, 98c up to $4.50. \'0 ADVANCE Ef I'BICE Spasmodic croup is usually relieved with I one application ol--· Mrs. George Hostettler of Bryson Hill. I nellsvillo spent Thursday at tho hom " " " crease has been -10 per cant, in otters Mrs. 'W. U". "Wilson of "Washington lot the hitter's parents, Vir. and Mrs. \ ~ as ifgh as TT 1 ) per cent." Material has is espending a few days here with rel- ! Margaret McDowell. ~" "~ " ' ~* Miss Lydia Reynolds spent Decora-j reivt' has. advanced and la- atives. bor bas adranced. For the inspection : William. Nelson and Charles Sinker ·^ of a-. Courier man, --the pay roll v cards of the past four rears -of the ^- entire Tri-SU te-'list of employes were were busmesa callers in ConuellsviHe Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDowell ot a open.,JFVom_s i eTeral^cards s»-_lHone"iisviUe visited here Thursday. tion Day at the home of Mrs. J. Baor at Alverton. 3!iB3" Sara Harper of Pittsburg | spent^Thnrsday at the home of lijs , Advertise for it in our classified col-j mother on Speer's Hilt ' umn, ' One cent ... word. Waiafl TMs LasW ©m 2ft. No.

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