The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1930 · Page 7
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February 22, 1930

The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1930
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

K V T U U D A V , FEBRUARY 22, 1930. ./·HE DAIkY COURIER, GONNMJ SVILLE, PA. Lupe Velez, Film Star, Whiteman Hour G^est T UPB VBtJSa, "Whoop«« L«ne" * J ol th ttttdSv lit Koin* to »tnB again OYCI" the hh- Wheu *he ttt"- paara ax Ruca artl*t ill tll« S'tt.ll M'htteman-Old CJold ttidlo hour, I'UfoHny evening, rpbrimry 88, The j m i t i d , tlaflUlus. lii»iwu««yed Mexican film I Paul} " w i l l I'aof the microphone at I»oN Atirffeleg nttd «-a«t her Infci: wingf sit, "{tort!*bran t.orifi BOWK," ovot' the air oj the Columbia llrvxulrrtntliiff fl.r'S- torn «t 8 o'clock, oa»ttrn etanilwJ timo, on (hat tar. Mil* V«1oi v 111 bo rMn?mt«n1 b i n d l o (aim tor hor nlc appearance about a j w r ago. whoit ahe Kanft "Wbern In the Boutf of 8ou«* lor Mo," whlrh Irrlns; Berlin Iwd written for hir !a the P. W. Grlf- flth p l o t u i n , "Uttdy of Ui« IVve- fcienu." Her latent tone Introduces hor la n now all-tAlkluir pictuic, "Hell Harbor," which who hai Jmt completed at Ttktupn, Ma, Mind Vcloa' Y'jlcs will bo cnrrlod over 3000 tnllcn o( wlro lliioa to Station WAHC. In Now York, whence It will b* distributed to tho Columbia n u t w o r k . While she «InK» from I.nn Angelas, Pawl Whiteman will direct hts fnmouti band at Smi Dhjo. This will be the flrst tlui« for n national broad' cast to t« ieut out of tho const city. Featured wlt/i Ml»s Velcs -will bo the fatuous Mexican Marimba Bond of Agua Callente, v-bloXi w*U broadcast Severn! enticing nolec- tlons on Ui unique instrument*, Baltimore Ohio Prepared lo Accept Railroad Merger MOW YORK HYt. 22 -Tho Now York Tnrws Krldaj, said tho Baltl- moi Ohio llailro, d Is prtpanxl to accTpt the Interstate Oomnvort-o C'oni nviaiion'a consolltlation p!an Thi"? \d the first complete n fjui-occemco of a rail-oart to Uio pro wsa!, inatlo late last Decombor Tho BaltlmoroJfe Ohio is prepared to submit a n-ew merger petition to the commission in crofortnlty w i t h tho com Talsslon' 1 ) plan, aad to K!VP com- pJet*: flniwiclaJ d-etalln In th« petition, at the samo time wit^irtrawinK Its old p««til on Tt* Ualtimoro Ohio ^ new p-»tt- t^n, according to tho newspaper, will omit from Its n»crgcr plan's the Wabatli and tho Ann Arbor, two tines t h a t were named In tho JM tltlon It ftUnl a yoar x ago In the iw w potition, the Baltimore Ohio will muno on)j road i tho commission has allocated lx it with tho possible exception of thr Maryland Tho Ohi is s t J l undecided how the Weetern Maryland will le treatt 1 in tho new petition Tho Baltinic re Ohio which controls d larg x 1 icn:li of stock of thA Miirjl.uii asMttHi for it in tho mwRor plan fiJod a year ago, but roc c ruth wa-s oiti-erei by the coro- nilsion, tintkn tho Clay on auti-tru«l act, to BO!! the- stock Chinese Have 30,000 Gods By U n i t e d Pro 3 PKIPINO, Fcb 2^--1 ho Titi\o more Rods than any olhw nation In tho world, «xccoriing to Newton Hvy«5. y H. 0. S Th« Inu^ niori than 30,000 gods, one to practically evory species of animal 4 nil object in the workl, such as gods : mountain*, cows, enakes and insoct , according to Hayets, as woll as for HI my abstract id«ae, like wealth, mercy uul disease Strangely enough, hovr ver, Hayen tays;, they havo uo centra ful de-ity as neaily every ha« ani they in e not fro th-eir gods , all power- ther nation everont to- tJso bring Acs, Paramount Theatre *r* TODAY -m Vitaphone All Talking TED LEWIS in "Is Every lody Happy" TV'Hh Inn Pennimi?ton and Alice Bay Special--7 O'clock Every Night- Amos and Andy Vituphonr Art, Talking' Serial and Talking Ne«s Keel Admission--Mntlnoe 10c and 25c; Niirht 15o and 35c *wwu M udaj, Tuesday, Wednesday Jack Mulhall and Alice Day in "IN THE NEXT ROOM" !UM THEATRI; Monday--Tuesday--Wednesday SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNER 12 to 8 O'clock $1 Sweet Relish Chicken Broth with Noodlee Choice of Roast Chicken --with dresaiap and cranberry sauce Prime Rib Roast of Beef, Au Jus Virginia Baked Ham \ Roast Loin of Pork Mtished Potatoes or Candied Sweets -and sweets -- with sapo 4roBslrxj5 Creamed Cauliflower or Cream Peas Fruit Salad Ice Creajn and Cake or Strawberries and Cream MJlk . . . Tea , . . Coffee Special Dinner, $1.25 Steak and Mushrooms Colonial Restaurant 129 North Pittsburg Street Strictly American Cooking---and so home-like. Open Daily From 5 30 A. M to 8:30 P. M At the Theatres Tne Paramount Ted JX5WJ6 is a hit in lite first Vita- ])Uone production, "Is Everybody llappy?" the feature picture H tho Pa ram ou tit. He oomea to Ihe cre»n equipped with a background ot aevorul years ot successfully entertaining a largo public that demanded his type ol entertainment. Ted always worked hard to give a landevllle audience the beet in the way of musical diversion and ho doee the eame in this new fecrwjn production. There 16 nobody on stage of screen who can put so much pap into a performance as Ted Lewis can, and doe«, An«teted by his excellent jaza band and the dancing star Ann Pennington, you* can be eure of a lively evening. Of course, th« picture la not all fun ami jaz-5 There are some momenta of pathoa and sorm- sentimental ones as well. The Btory is one that has a popular appeal. It tells of an immigrant boy coming to America with hio mother and fathur, eager to enter tho Americas, muslci.l world by obUining a place a» a violinist with one of thp great symphony orchestras. It ieema right th4t he should do eo and thus cany on the traditions of the Molnar family. life fathor had b««n leader of the ffreat ooncort orchestra in Austria and had played many times for tho Emperor ' Oth-ct petia! features aro "Amofi and Andy," a thtpter of "Tar/an the Tiger," and an all-talking n«WB reel. Monday, Tuesdoy and Wedneeday of next week Jack Mulhall and Alice Day will be featured la "In tho N«xt Room." Smithton SMU'llTON, F b 22 Rhoa «« of McKe- «port Jdiilcs R. a caller Etnerboti floore v?ts tt I'har lerol i ihltor Tuenday t ha-leH L«vine of PitUbur buhlnt«8 caller he - e Tuesday ])r A r t h u r King of West \ The Orpheiim daadette Colbert, olendor,. brown- eyed beauty of stellar fame In. a num- b«r of Broadway prodtKstSonis, anrt Water Huaton, one of tho outstanding stars of tho legitimate eUtgo In the paat five yeare of Brodaway thtatrioaj history, ar« re-united in leading rolea In the Paramount all-tali Ing H i m BU-Croes, "Th Lady Li«s," which comes to tho Orpheum Thwitre Monday for s, three-day attraction In thte production Hot ton is t h e handsome wJdowr and Mte« C'olb^rt ie the "woman unwittingly respopeible for Ma social down-fall. They flrst appeared in leadinr roles together in the tremendously popular 6ta(;e play by G«orge AbTwtt, "The Barker," which had a long run on Broad way Huaton played the part of Nifty Millar, the tough carnival ballyhoo man and Mike Colbert pleyet Jjou, the equally hard-boiled aide-show performer, Charles Rugglee, famed as one ot the loading juvenile and elderly- pen He-man comic's of "the great whife way" plaja the comedy ro'lp in "The Lady JAee " Ho wafi flist seen an? heard in talking pictines in ''Gentlemen of the Pre8«" Pa-nutiount's. renowned play of newspaper life bai.ed on the stage suttees by \Vard Morehouse. Huston also made his debut In talking iiluiH in the Morehouse opus, d-i Wick Snail, the inveteiato inhabitant of city looms RuggJeu wen the inebriated reporter who never seomed to know which paper be was working for. "The L.xdy Lies" uas w r i t t e n aa a stage play by John Meehnii who served ae. the director of dialog in the all- talking version He has had yeais of experience as a nlage director, notably with Geoige M Cohan. The Orpheum at Newton Wttl- 'In Old Ailyoiiii," on the steen Uie Orpheurti '1 limtw.', the Itrst fe,v Hue leniith Fov Uliti to be maiits 'Ht l i e l y by Fa\ Mo; K'toue, (H u «itoi ol Mr 'iad Mrs. Gec'g« J Buigaii w e i a (r«eu-bui K cullorB Ttiui6iny Mi anil M i s K a v m o n d 1'ojkoiuov w w » it'cent litMll I f . l t t l U I I | p ( i r t l i n U u y b Bn t liv- tin* K«'itU* a i t n i;o wtij* prtu-UccHl in the llarle and 11-e-niy ing th»- ronuuHk W«Ht ' Toinid iVljniii t l r i n l ! n .1 E i ' l hiin-Mivlr»ini anil h n l f - t .irnteti ! u , i n ,i I i t l U adolw lion P (its (In i i i i u K i t . 1 - f" 1\ o l t (.ro.s-.ui aliro^t w i t h i n i siotio · ( b r o w of itu- ( i r i n ! girl is u roint'ai*n«tU«i .PAGE SEVEN. 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As Tonia a ways le in a flirtatious mood ro- n ance develo-ps, so rnucli so on 'I inia'a part that iihe does not h«*,iUit t ( betray the highwayman whose girl a e was, When the Cisco Kid retains a f t e r a U rillmK escapade w i t h cattl« r u s t l t r s 01 tlio GuaUalu|)U, he discovers S-fr- «. na.t "Mickey Diuui in the .tuns of his T nla Maria \ movie ton* act, all talking com-edv i\» d sound news w«l are U« Uolng -If --If -- f l -- J l -- H -- l l - T I I -- J l -- l l ^ ^ l l -1II"JL^I-1L^-11_--11--41--41--l_--t--^l--!»--··--II. ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY ALL TALKING (Mi fa] OLD ONA I Also Sound J Comedy DOROTHY BURGESS | and WARNER BAXTER Sound News With EDMUND LO\V^E g] m m li! [ill Bridgeport Ain.ii) JlUDOfZ'l'OK'l 1 l'« b :!2 sli gton "-p^'iil ' l l i i i u i l i n 1 j v n l - M l .mil M i - I s iilvv- I N\ i K i i l l i i n ) ol ' ,1 .It -f .'li 'liH - W I'l Mi ( i t t h f i HIP \\ c .' i Klmti Who. of ' iia wllli 1 1 » I ) ! Hold 1 iii(l H i a t L i Wins u u r \ i l t i ) , t \«v, K e n ' M i .uid M i s ( l . i M i i K - i'onsl r \ v i i h I n - M o u n t PI. a i i i i i t wlio w e - c I I U ^ H \ M o : , i i i t o ^ n t h e l i M J w n t lion(? ftf Ciii'Uh A ine l l In. m o t h i Mr and Mrs Prank MiK-hiiJl a n d i v«mfl. VranK and U i l l i n aivt Mr« V rtt. i M n . MurjKUi waw vi^Uii6 at the H home on Ttiurfidm A l t t Rlioine i l l i on tin wi 4f her hotH« , t s i»ptor*-

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