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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, June 1, 1918
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CornieDsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,728 VOL. 16, NO. 173. CdNNELLSVTLLE, PA, SATURDAY EVENING, JUNE 1, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. iRILUANT COUNTER BLOWS BY FRENCH BEAT BACK HUN MASSES; HUNDREDS CAPTURED [indenburg Striving With Desperate Violence to Break Through Between Soissons and Chateau Thierry But Defense Rolls Back Oncoming Waves; French Gain Everywhere. CTILLERY GROWS ACTIVE ON BRITISH FRONT By Associated Pres*. FAIL TO CROSS MABJTE. WITH TH E TBEIVCH ARMY IS FRANCE, June 1. --Attempts of the Germans to cross tbe Itiver. Maine hvve met with vigorous resistance and failed. Tbe troops wikli made tbe effort retired from the river's bamks. 6EB9L1SS BEACH OBJECTIVE, MABNE. WASHINGTON, June 1.--Members of tbe Senate Hilitary Committee at their weekly conference today with War Department officials were told by General March, acting- ehief of staff, that opinion here is that .the Germans.have reached their present objective, the Mane, a«d thiit they probably now would dig in and prepare for a later drive, perhaps on Paris. With the (terming within 45 miles of Paris the sltaatioB, the senators were told, is serioas. Military experts here they were advised are a unit in realizing the danger confronting the allies. Tie senators were told that the rapidity of the · German advance since their offensive began last Monday wag nexpoeted by virtually all Allied military experts. Twenty German divisions it vras said were thrown against seven of the Allies. Snceess of the enemy was ascribed by the war coutefl hugely to improved use of gas shells. Although few new types of gas-.offensive have been developed the senators were told the Germans are employing former types to m*ch better advantage, using nine inch gas shells' to shell territory from seven to eight mHe« back *f the allied lines. PARIS, June 1.--The German attack continued during the ·ht witn, L redpnbled' Yioience-qn the 1 western side of the new tent between Soissons and Chateau Thierry^ The French de counter attacks and drove back the masses of German ope in the region of Soissons gaining ground everywhere and ing several hundred prisoners. Along the northern bank of the Marne the Germans push- forward advanced parties from the north and east borders of iteau Thierry as far as Verneuil. On the French right there 3 sharp fighting on the road between Dormans and Rheims. 3 situation is unchanged northwest; and north of Rheims. GEBMAJT FULNK M5WACED. PARIS, June 1.--Against the western wing of the battle- il from the Oise to Chateau Thierry the strongest efforts were acted Friday. Between the Oise and Soissons the French hold road salient between the two Dockets made by the German snsive of March 21 and May 27. The plateau forming this lent held by the French constitutes a great danger to the ·man flank and the enemy is striving to remove it, but with ifferent success. HUN ACTIVE OX BBITISH FB03JT. LONDON, June 1.--The German artillery was considerably re active this morning in the sectors of Villers-Bretonneaux, t of Amiens, and Hebuterne, north of Albert, it is announced dally. 39 MEN REPORT AT ARMORY TO ENTRAIN FORFLOOETHORPE Draftees From Districts No 2 and 5 Go South to Get Military. Instruction. Another contingent o£ draftees leaves Connellsville at 4.25 o'clock today, this time going to Fort Qgle- thorpe, Ga. The men assembled at the armory at 10 o'clock this morning to answer the roll call, 15 reporting for District No. 5 and 24 for District No. 2. Bay "Whitrnore was made captain of the No. 2 contingent and the No. 5 increment was headed by William P. Scott. As hiB corporals "Whitmore had Metzgar Smeak. Tbomas Habn and George Ballibush. Scott had only one corporal, Ed-ward Shunk. Two men called by District No. 2 failed to appear tor the roll call. They are Rocco Tezillo, Van Meter, and Salvator Manin, Braddock. EK3TTY-TWO STARS Now Appear on Dairsfln's Community Scrrico flag. With the leaving of late contingents of draftees for training camps the Bomber of stars on the Dawson community honor roll has been Increased to 82. Toe boys leaving recently are: Robert L. Col-bert, MJHott G. Newmyer, Paul Lacfcy. William G. Welsh, Clarence Newell. Eoy Neweil, William Strawn, Arthur Brown, Samuel Hough. WHBam Gault, Thomas Gault, Charles Stacel, Robert T. Layton, Domlnico Fanto, Joseph White, Ralph Ha«gerty, George. G. Stanley, George Boorisb, Jesse Newell, Thomas Hon, Ralph Newell, Ralph Murtland, Floyd Newell and Clyde Livingston. . ANOTHER DRAFT CALL Xearly 25JKIO 3fen of Grammar School JBducaUun IVaiiteil. By Associated Press. WASHBTOTCiN, *nne 1.--A call for 24,674 draft registrants of grammar school education', to be sent to special training schools, was issued today by Provost Marshal General Cro-wder. The order directs tie mobilization of all but 1300 of the men on Juno 15. Tile 1,300 are to go on June 20. 27 and 2S. Jxcal boards were instructed to accept volunteers until June 7. HARIIISBURG, June 1.--Pennsylvania will be called on to send 9,000 men to' Camp .Lee and 6,000 men to Fort Oglethorpe during June. )EX KttLEB, TEN DIE OF DISEASE. 'ASHINGTON, June 1.--The army uilty list today contained 57 as divided as follows: Killed In n, three; daed of sronnds,' six; of disease, 10; died of aeroplane 3en£, one; .wounded severely, 17; nded sllgntly, 11;-mining, in ac. nine. : HKICAS PHOT BlOWSS HUK PJ^AITE. ITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN -NCE, June J.--Another German plane was brought' down this aing by" an Americaji pilot in an battle, after, crossing near St. ·i in the. sector northwest of ., according to unofficial iafonna- UD6 OH FAEIS « DHB13G THE XI6HT. vBIS, Jane 1.--German airmen opted two raids on Paris last t. The first waa a -failure but on weond occasion bombs were drop- om the capital. nit :toss or LIFE WOES raESIDEST LISCftLX SDTKS. MCDON, Jane 1.--News of the tor- Ing ot .the American troop trans- President Lincoln by a German aarioe while in the naval war yesterday reached London today, ship was struct while returning e and sank, in 30 minutes', jstroyers reached the scene in to pick up the survivors. The 51 carried only her crew and a convalescents returning to the sd States, Father Kovmcs Overcome. v. Father Louis Kovacs, of Stry's Magyar Catholic church, h Arch street, while officiating at uneral of one of his parishioners . Mary's cemetery. South Browns- .was suddenly stricken. A phy- a was summoned and later'Rev. ,cs waa-removed to the Brpwns- hospital.' .A few hours later he able to return to his home. PULLMAN FARES JUMP Kate for Overnight Sleeping Car Berth Will Be *2. By Associated Press. ·WIASHINGTON, June 1.--In line ·with the increase in passenger fares to three cents a mile the Pullman company shortly "Will raise the mimi- mum overnight rate for sleeping berths from J1.50 to $2. Other Pullman rates wBI not be changed materially. Boekwood's Total. More thaii 53,500 subscribed.when but $5,000 was asked for, tells tie story in brief ol the Red Cross drive in the Rockwood'district Swimming In Sodom. Complaint was made to the police last night by residents of North Sixth street. West Side, aga.inst boys swimming in the old Solom hole. The boys go into the water without bathing Duits. They are :ilso liable to ar rest for swimming in. Sodom as bathing in that treacherous hole has been forbidden for several years. Srs. Stokes Given 10 Tears. KANSAS OITY, Mo., J u n e 1.--Mrs. Rose Pastor Stokes of New York, today was. sentenced to 10 years'" imprisonment in the Missouri state penitentiary on each of three counts on an, indictment charging tier with violation, of the espionage act. The sentences will run concurrently. President Calls Ilawaiiaas. ·WASHINGTON, June 1.--President 'Wilson called into the military service of the United States today the first and second regiments of Infantry of the National Guard of Hawaii and all members of tbe medical perconei. GARBAGE REMOVAL SIX MURDER CASES RATES i BUSINESS | LISTED FOR TRIAL DISTRICT' RAISED: DURING JUNE COURT Aycragc Advance Announced Today is About Fifty Per Cent. RESTAURANTS HARD HIT Patsy Medio, Principal in IS TO 25 Crime at Dawson, a Defendant. WAR STAMPS SALES FOR SIX MONTHS IN CONNELLSVILLE REACH A TOTAL OF $73,851 Connellsville, after showing how to raise greai sums in Liberty Loan and Bed Cross campaigns, comes, to the front with a report of the sales of War Saving stamps , from the Connellsville postouffice in the lost six months snowing a total of $73,861. 67 disposed of. The "baby bonds" have been good sellers in this region, and the postoffice report does not include the distribution t( stamps to rural districts in this section. The 'county sales, exclusive at Union-town, which is the only postoffice In the county which does not report through Connellsville, total $340,000 for tlw past. six months. The War Savings Stamps sales are considered excellent and the postoffice employes, who have been responsible for the largest part of the sales, are enthused over their success. Meetings of postmasters have been held at which the ways and means of disposing oC the stamps have -been discussed. Many postmasters have their own methods of distributing the stamps, and the schools in the county where the stamps have been put on sale have helped considerably in increasing the total to more -than one quarter of a million dollars. 319TH REPORTED SAFE Sediment is in France, Says Message to Httebnrger. The 319th' Infantry. Camp Lee, In which are many boys from ConneBs- vilJe and other parts of Fayette county, has arrived safely in Prance, according to a message received yesterday in Pittsburg by. Lawrence E. Sands, president of the First National bank, whose son, Captain John Sands, is commander of the Headxiuartetrs company of the unit. Cards had previously announced arrival overseas of the command. Second Service Flag. A second service flag win bo dedicated in the Methodist Protestant church Sunday evening. A program has been prepared for the occasion. All Bills Are KVw Taxable In Advance and If flot Paid Aflor Seven Days' Service Will ii« Discontinued; Another Jlotor Truck is Seeded. Increase in the rates for garbage disposal in the business district ofthe city were announced yesterday by Dr. C. W. Utts, head oC the garbage department of the city, in notices mailed to the 82 business houses now on the list of patrons. Practically every business house rate is increased, the average being 50 per cent. Based on the number of patrons Dr. Utts has computed the receipts for ihe mouth ot Jnno rroa the business section as $-130 instead of ?25fi, the amount received to itay, in which month there was a deficit. Instead of ?5, the maximum rate, affecting the firms having an unusually large amount of refuse, will bo $15 per month. Many concerns will be required to pay $10 as against the old rate of $5 to 56. Restaurants arc among the patrous which are sharply advanced. Hotels, which had beea $10, remain the same, the contention being that a hotel produces as little garbage as a restaurant or less. Generally speaking, the rates are to be in proportion to tbe amount of business done by a concern. The new rate schedule dates from June 1. Bills for the montfi of June are now due and payable hi advance. Service will be continued for seven days, in which time the patrons will be asked to make settlement for the month. Service will be discontinued at the end ot the seven-day period for those who have not paid. The same policy will be followed each month. No change is made in the residential rate. Experience of tho month of May has demonstrated that two motor .trucks are not adequate to handle the business. One has been broken domi since Wednesday. Repairs were to be -completed by noon today. In the interim Dr. Dtts was compiled to fall back on horse-drawn vehicles to make sure that the health of the city would not be menaced during the abnormally hot weather. It is absolutely necessary, said Dr. Utts, that the city buy another truck, and that soon. The two now in service are being worked 15 hours a. day and the meu arc ou the Job every day in the week. Dr. Utts believes tliat payment for tbe additional truck can be made out of tbe current receipts when the system is down to a basis where no longer the city is confronted monthly by a deficit. Council has abandoned for the present the plan to buy a new incineration site and will continuo to deposit the refuse at the old place near Suy- dertown. The purchase of incinerators, which the council ordered sonic time .ago, will also be held up for the time. 'No indication has been giver, of where it is proposed to locate tbe new plant. TRI-STATE TELEPHONE COMPANY ANNOUNCES INCREASE IN RATES Xew Schedule, Affecting All Subscribers, Becomes Effective on .Inly 1. Advances in tae cost of maintenance and the great damage done to its lines throughout the county have necessitated the increase in the rates of dhe Tri-State Telephone company, according to a statement issued yesterday. The new schedule of tariffs effective July 1, have been filed with the Public Service Commission at Harrdsburg. The following increases are announced: Unlimited or free county service for all subscribers In tile 17 exchanges in the county is increased from $3 per month to ?3.50 for business phones; two party line rate, ?3. and lour party line rate will be $2.50. Residence phons of the same service increase from $2 to $2.50. For local service in the exchange o£ the subscriber the rate for business phones is increased from $2 to $2.50, with corresponding increases for two and four party . lines. Residence phone service is increased upon the same ratio. 200 OTHER CASES, ALSO Session Gives Promise of Being One of Busiest in Years; Three Judges "Will be on ihe Bench llegriuning on afondaj; Dimson Case on tlic 17th. -With six murder cases scheduled for trial at the June term of criminal court in Unioutowa, opening Monday, June 3. along witii 200 other cases, the . trial of Patsy Modio, a Dawson Italian, charged with tbe murder of Frank Tavorno and Raymond Barcelli, promises Lo be the most sensational on account of the part played by the mysterious "Sarah Wright," who was Instrumental in bringing Medio to justice after being his prisoner for several months. According to the court schedule just lieing arranged the Medio case will start Monday. June 17. Since her incarceration in the county jail as a material witness, "Sarah Wright" has been visited by her hus- banci, said to bo an influential man of Pittsburg. It is said that the woman told him that while she was walking along a mala street in Pittsburg, Medio and Barcelll approached her, (he former pressing a needle into her arm as ho passed. Prom that time she was helpless, she says and remembers nothing more until she found herself a prisoner in Medio's home at Dawson. The commonwealth expects to prove by "Sarah Wright" that Medio not only slew Darcclli, following a quarrel over the woman, but that he was directly implicated la the death of three Italians iu Dawson sometime previous to tbe finding of Barcelli's body :n an abandoned cistern. The case promises to be the most sensational of the term. On Monday. June 3, Andy Medovich will be arraigned on the charge of Flaying Ixiule Vecchlo near Republic on February 1G. Charles Lucas and John Cut7en. charged with the bent- ing to dnath of Charles Storki at Fay- t'tte Hty September 24. will be brought to trial on June 6. Dominick Vinca win have to answer to the murder of John Lonso on the Millor farm January 19. on June 10 and three days later .'Steve Clipper .will be arraigned on tlio rtiargo of having shot and killed Mike Rotlovtch in Luzerene lownship on May 27. 1917. The case of Ralph Trite, who killed one and put two others in the hospital when attacked at Eilonborn about three months atjo will be started June 20. Court will be held in three rooms, Judges J. Q. Van Swcaringen, E. H. Heppert presiding, and J. C. Work. B. 0. RED CROSS SOLICITORS GET g2,097 IN DRIVE Girl Employes Canvass Railroaders; MJss' iliiric Xcfiuirc "Wins I the Prize. . In the recent Red Cross War Fund '. drive the campaign conducted among Baltimore Ohio employes by girls i employed iu the company offices here netted $2,097.20. The contest was won by Miss Marie McG-uire who solicited i a total of §263.59. , The book of thrift stamps offered ' to the girl securing the largest amount \ of money went to Miss Marie McGulre. i A check for $103.45 collected at the I 'jwo Kaiser Bill machines operated in | Uniomown on Tuesday has been sent i to that branch of the county chapter. [The machinists collected $201.80 in j tbe parade at Uniontown. which was also turned .over to that branch. The machinists collected $150 in this city on Monday night and this money was divided among the girl canvassers. Mrs. Grove and Mrs. England of Somerset canvassed that district and turned over $318.75 to tbe Red Cross chapter there. Miss Otto of Rockwood collected $71 there, turning it over to the Rockwood Red Cross. total amount collected on the Con- Bellsville division amounted to $2,SS9.- Greater Cost of Operation Assigned as a Cause. INCREASE IN MATERIALS Higher Salaries For Members of Teaching Corps a Factor. UNIONTOIVTT ALSO 25 MttLS Both Boards Meet Same Sight and Both Agree That E«vision of UK Levy is Necessary to Continued Op. eration of the Educational Wort 90. I The solicitors and amonnts collected by them follow: Marie McGuire _$263.59 Beatrice Fomwalt Catherine Han Blanche Stafford Nell Co'.ighenour Thelma Camper , Brigio Gallagher .--_ Mrs. Gilbert _ . Cecelia Friel Frances Duffy ' Delia Patterson Prances Friel ----Margaret Hart * Emma Navoncy Mary Hart Mildred Coleman . _ Catherine Eichter Ix)ttie Kecfer Mary Murphy Mrs. Wessle i\fary Coyle ,,-_ Olive Pore "Marjorie Navoney , Nolle Flenniken Check to Uniontown_ Total . 245.88 . 215.40 . 197.50 . 193.55 . 165.70 . 132.90 . 111.50 . 95.00 . 93.75 . 76.15 . 75.00 . 83,50 . 50.00 . 43.50 . 38.50 . 35.S8 . 50.00 . 28.00 . 27.50 . 42.00 . 17.25 . 3.10 . 7.00 . 103.45 -$2,097.20 The school tax millage in Connclls- ville was increased from £1 lo 25 mills at a meeting of the school board held last night. Higher cost of materials and maintenance of the schools is th cause of thy raise. No other matters were touched on by the 'board at las) night's meeting. Tie general fund millage was raised from 17 to 20 1-4 mills, an increase of three and one-fourth mills. Tbe other increase was made in Sinking Fund No. 2, which takes care of the debt on the two now school buildings; The fund was raised from two mills to three and one-half. Sinking Fund No. 1, which takes care o£ the old indebtedness, was cut from two mills levied lasi year to one and one-fourth. This is due to old debts being order«c paid off, but the new ones have increased. The meeting was short and there was no argument as to the new tax The meeting did not last more than an hour, the directors not touching on any other matters, meeting only for the purpose of fixing the tax for 'the year. All tbe directors were present with tbe exception of W. W. Haines. At a meeting o£ the Uniontown school board last nigbi a big. jump in the millage there was made. The levs last year was 16 mills, and owing tc tae increased cost of materials and maintenance of schools the levy for that year was fixed at 25 mills, the jjsame as Connellsville. NEW TERMS ARRANGED Motor Sweeper fur CoinicllSTille to be Uolivered In SO Bays. City council held a special meeting lasi evening to confer willi representatives ot the Elgin Street Sweeper company relative to terms on which the city may receive the' motor sweeper recently ordered. It was agreed by the. company that instead of paying the ful! price of $0,000 in cash at the enti of 30 days the city may pay 5500 down and the remainder in 90 days. The machine is to be given a thorough tryout and must do the work on Connellsville streets or it will cot be accepted. , It was said it will be delivered in about SO days. Tarton Gray in. Town. Paxton Gray o£ Roaring Run, the Medicine Hat of Fayette county, is circulating among Connellsville Triends today. Police Receipts JS5.50. Two prisoners were given hearings this morning by Mayor Diiggan. One paid a $3.50 fine and the other was discharged. Forfeits amounted to ?55.50. Three men arrested for fighting left 517, and $35 was collected, when Patrolmen Hetzel arrested three men for gambling. LETTER FORWARDED President Informed of Memorial Day Observance in City. Below is found the tert-o" the letter sent to President WIlsou by the ConneUsville Ministerial association, ihrough Rev. Wilbur Nelson, secretary, notifying him of the observance o! Memorial Day in ConneHsviHe ia accordance with the , spirit of tae President's proclamation: A large and representative gath- . eriiig of Connellsville citizens, in prayer meeting assembled, send you Christian greetings. We appreciate the great importance of your proclamation naming Thursday, May 30, 1313, a day oi public humiliation, fasting and prayer, and vre believe that blessing will surely come to the nation from the recognition thus given to Almighty God. We endeavored to observe the day appropriately, and we trust our prayers have helped ' to hasten the day of peace. "We wish to assure you of our continued prayers for you during all these days when wisdom and strength are so much needed, and to pledge our active interest in all that pertains to the welfare of our country. -Kivcr Falls. The Yough river fell during tho night from 3.30 feet to 3.00 feet. CONNELLSVILLE DISTRICT HIGHLY PRAISED FOR ITS THIRD LIBERTY LOAN WORK IN THE GASSED AREA Charles A. KcEcTitt's Command Near- in? the Battle Front. In letter home Charles £. Me- Kevitt of Connellsvttle. who is ir France with tie Quartermaster's clerks' department, says he has beer moved toward the front to a position where it is necessary that the race wear gas masks at all times, indicating they are close the field of actua: hostilities. His letter says further, in part, concerning the place at which has was stationed up to that time:-"This surely is a beautiful place We have liberty to be in town untn 9:30 every evening. I am getting fine meals now and feel a hundred percent better than"! ^3id under tbe old system. After we were hero a "while things worked out better for us. "We go to "work at 8 A. M., quit ai 12; go back 10 work at 2 and.quit.for tbe day at 5:30. There are .about 40 men in our office now and the officers are fine. . "I have been in the barracks a few times where Xapoleon trained part ol his army and was also in an old chateau where they executed the prisoners. We collected some oE the bones. This old place was built about 300 A. p. and some claim that it was built B, C. This town is about the size of Omaha, Neb., but 1 know every corner of jt now. "The meals are so costly over here that the colored boys claim that if there was a bridge · across the ocean there .\rould not be a single civilian here now." "The Connellsville distrlc£ did magnificently in exceeding its quota on the' Third Liberty Loan so largely." of. live-wire men on your teams, and that they developed a fine spirit of cooperation, but from my knowledge oC That is the eiiibusiistic and admiring these campaigns I know tbat the thing estimate A. W. Corrigan, director o£ the publicity department o£ the Central Reserve District places upon i.he work done by our bond boosters during tbe recent campaign. Mr. Corrigan is making a tour of that counted most was doivn-right hard work on part of the individual workers. H was going after and getting that swelled the total.. "The Central Reserve District Committee has nothing but tho highest SOMERSET SOLDIER DIES lltnlpli Kennell Falls Victim of flJph- tlierijL at Camp Greene. Ralph C. Kennell, son of Simon and Catherine Kennell of Somerset town, ship, died i:i the base Hospital at Camp (Greene, N. C., following an illness of i diphtheria. Funeral services will be : h e l d from the Kennell home Sunday afternoon. Interment in Somerset Husband cemetery. Kennell enlisted in the aviation service on February 9, 191S. He was 19 years old. His parents and five brothers and sisters survive. the district to personally convey to ' praise to bestow upon Fayetto county the results achieved and to receive suggestions as to how the next campaign may be made still more effec- last this Fair tonight; cooler; Sunday, : morning meeting a number of persons probably showers and cooler, is the noon weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Record. 1918 1017 Maximum · · · - - . an B.I Minimum . : ' '" -;_-_70 62 jtfean --.-- 80 73 the workers in the campaign the ap-; as a whole for the remarkable way in preciat^on by the Central Reserve! which their organizations put the District Liberty Loan Committee of Third Liberty Loan across. No sec- Bins PROPERTY. ; tive. He visited Connellsville i evening, remaining over until '- j identified with the drive. During a conversation with a Courier representative ]ast evening Mr. Corrigan recurred again aud again to the achievement oE the Counellsville district. tion of the Central District made a bet- tor'showin?;. It is onV in which you can take pardonable pride, and none Lord! Physician Puys $3,000 For Cediir Avenue Home. Real Estate Ageut Joseph A. Mason has sold for the Baltimore Ohio Relief Department the seven-room more than tlie people of the Councils- i house at 309 Cedar avenue to Dr. A. ville district." j j. Colbom for 53,000. The purchaser From tbe knowledge Mr. Corrigan i bought for investment.' gained of the methods employed he i The house is a modern, frarao was of the opinion that few if any I structure. ' suggestions were necessary in the di. rection of making the next campaign | Inserted Car mi Nnrravrs. still more noteworthy. "Your people j A Hup touring car bearing llcenss know what to do, how to do it and tho : plate No. 205852 was reported to tha "I know," said he, "inat you bad an | results shov' that they surelv did do Icient, weli-directed organization it," said Mr. Corrigan j police this morning to be standing along the Narrows road desert.ii

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