The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1930
Page 6
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PACJE SIX. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNE3 .LfiVILLE, PA. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1930. P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Ml«s H^lon Horn and Mi9« Edna Prlnkey of Greenwood, employed in the Wcet f'enn offices, attended a danc-.o givon lu«t night at Washington, Pa., iy the. N. ffi. U A. From Washington they worn to Canonsburg and viMtPd Mi«3 Kern'ts brother, Scott. Blun Seal Cleaner, best cleaner sold. Krtward Baer, general hardware, 51S West Crawford avenue. -- Advertisement. -- 15 fob-U-rod. Miss K redd a Rhodes of Washington, D. C.. is v i s i t i n g at the home of. Mr. and Mrs. ,!. IS. Stmhle, Bast Patterson avenue. Rinfio party, Women's Benefit As- anciaiton. Pythian HaU, Tuesday even i n g , February 25, at. 8:. 'JO P. M. Everybody invited. -- Advertisement. -- aifeh-3t. ,Vrs. Daviii I..rn£. who is ill at her home in Mor.'cll avenue, Greenwood, is s t i l l conflii'Xl to her bed. Mrs, Calvin Y o u n k i n anil daughter of Confluence were here this morning on t h e i r way to Pittsburg. James M. Dricoll has returned homo after atcondi'nfr a two-week flpld course conducted by the Edward A. Woods Com-pt.ny of Hittsburg, general apron t for the Bquitable Life Assurance Society ,f the United States. Ttu xc.isiori.s were held at the William Pcnn H o t e l , I'ittsbtirg, and pertained to advanced u n d e r w r i t i n g method*. Others who attended the course wert 1). C. North of Scottdale and Ralph Hosteller of M u l c r o f t . M. J. Adams of East Palrview avenue left t h i s morning for Philadelphia. w h e r o ho w i l l visit bis sister, Mrs. H. R. W i l l i a m s . Mies Helen Davin or East Crawford avenue w«m i i Pittaburg yesterday on Aunt Het »V «U»W«liT WDIUUKff 1-41, "I found out today why Ella married the kini o' man she did. She don't even know how to get rid ot a peddle ." Mrs. S. J I. Morningstar and Miss H a r r i e t Hust ui of Daw son were Cou- ne-llsvilio visitors today. KEAGY CORNER WINS ANOTHER FLOOR CONTEST NEW YORK CENTRAL PLANS FDR SHORT LINE ACROSS STATE The. Koiijry Corner basketball quintet added another win to I t s long l i e t , of victories A/hen it took tho laeaetire j of t!i« Blue nid White basketee-rs la*t j cvonlnjf in the preliminary to the! Srottdale-Coiiue-llsvSHe encounter. T h e j lliuil score w:u- US-lfi. The locals piled up an early lead w h i c h they maintained throughout. The Blue a m i White aggregation were dubbed "The Marquettea" by humorous i';m« as t i i r t w of the Scottdale Buicki-i s u b s t i t u t e s composed Us line- in t h e U n a ! quarter the Corner lade w e n t on a fchooling spree which added !0 points t their Kcore whllu tho Scottdale parsers were- only able to act-on nt for on j field goal. The- line-u,r. Kengy Corner---as Uluo and VJil(e---18 Kioto _ F Gordon Bel-gin _ F_ _ Kimmermnn C J u y u n ,,.., C _ Brookman Soisson G, Nowaeky King .. .0 Collins Sul*;titutitit;--.MfI}«r for G u y n n , May for Sitpson. Hague for Gordon, J a r r e t l for £lrnmorniati. Kii'M soaJ;.--Kloto, Bergin ·», G u y n n , M i l l e r ·. Sol.sson :j, lingua 2, L'rook- in.m 3, .Vowj' Koul goats--Keagy Corner, « out of 11; Bliif* and White, -1 out of 9. Kct'erec--Marlin. DU BOIS, Pa.. Feb. 22.--Th* New York Central llai road IB seen h-ero .IB Interested In tba possibility of a new Chicago-New Yor;; short line through the Allegheny M^untainfl, in addition to the Baltimore .·:- Ohio and tho Delaware Hudson tailroade, which now hevo applications pending; for such a l i n e before tho i aterstate Comtnnrco CommiBsion. For some time ^Jew York Central engineers hav« been checking tho route between H *c Siding and CI«ar- fleW. This roule « eaid to be 90 mites shorter than an.' other route, and also the lowest e -ade for croHslng the mountains. New York Ccn' ral trains now operate over tho ro ite, usiug the Now York Central lit: ;s to KWHS Sidinp, thence over tho Pennsylvania low grade to Du Bolt thenco to (Uearfleld over the lines of t:io Buffalo, Rochester Pittpburg, wh-re the lines ot the N*\v York Centr; I are reloinwi. Clearfleld and . efferson county residents expect i-1 u«iiii v rab!e development, no matter which of the thrci big roal.s is pen il!t«l to develop the New York-Ohicaf o line. REEDY REUSES FREE LAWYER I'NIO.VrOWN, Ileeiiy, Alabama uled to go on ti the inurtler of hi son, near llsrry today refused to would glve.h'rn Reedy said h ; from Alabama a consult her and paid lawyer. Feb. 22.--George negro, who is Bched- al in two week« for sweetheart at Jantl- 'Polisi, December 22, sign a paper ·which free counsel. i mother IH corning: id he would wait to would have his own Gas Plant Provides Fuel for Farm Homes Many Attend Funeral Of Mrs. Marie Clasper Maw trkri'ds and relatives gathered yesterday arteniown at tho homo of 'W. A. Ganlf-r at Mel I view for the fu- laeral of Mrs. .Mario Cantor Clamper, iwldow of liarrold Clasper. Her, }r. iDavW II. Graham, paator of the first '.Vf-ethodist .Episcopal Church, two eori- dttcbed tho service referred to the active c h u n h Hfo of .Mrs. Clamper he- ·fare her httiltb broke. Mrs. Ixmna Peters and Mrs. Blair S. Swartzwilder s«niK "I" th · Criirden," "Jeaus! Lover of My Soul" and "Hock of Ages,'' wkh _\Irs. l.. K. C.raham as accompanist. .Bui'Jal wiis iiiwlo in 1WM {.rove Cemetery. were Lloyd Myers, VS'alt-e-r ,'. t'owan. J. n. Hutk.r and Clyde YoWu'rs. Among out of t o w n porKon.s itt the se-rvic.e were- W. ft. Oasptxr am') HOH. W j l l i f i r n of Dorniont, Wr. and Mis. Walter Clamper of Mc- Kewrport, Mr. and Mra. \Valter C'lasper of Oakmonf, William (I. ClUBper ot Uakmont, Mr. atwi Mrs. WalUir Cowan ot Ruffslal, oiut Mrs. Claude Cowan of Taar. | Usert of farm light plants can cow i have artificial ga , the laet "city" home j convenience to !;· supplied them. Announcement of ; compressor which operates from a small eloctric motor, and vaporizes li mid gas from a storage tonk install i in the ground ju«t outside the hou« , alto announced tho ability of electt icity to provide gas, along with lifjht water and power. The new outfli will provide artificial gas, at the turn of a tap, for cooking or heating. No f u e l is otored in the house. The coi iprccsor in the basement vaporlKOs ihe gas a« it is used, and distributes it throughout the house in the a.une way as a w«.ter system supplies water. Coet after installation is ab-mt the «ume as for fuel from city mains. Services at LelHenrlnp. Kev. Wiliiajn Hamilton w i l l preach Sunday at 11 o' lock at the Presbyterian Church at !-eit^eriirinrg No. 1. His subject, will be 'Cured at Jjawt." Sunday school wll' be at 9:45 o'clock. William Gray f East r/i;?orty will teach the Mcn'f Bible Olasfi in order that ROT. I-himUtoD may addre*s th* Bex'«r Claoa of (he Flrat Presbyterian Church ot Uniontown. In the evening Hev. Hamilton /ill preach at Bute on "Hope for the ^VorBt." Sunday school will be at the usual hour. tn -- - -- i the Gust! Sometimes a little gust of wind comes a l o n g and a l m o s t blows you of! your feet. A strong wittd can do much worse. It can damage or destroy your house. financial Safety lies in WINDSTORM INSURANCE J. Donald Porter JNSl-lS.WK-- 38 VEABS Phone 768. JFirsf ^National U«nk Bldg. Confess** 11 Murdering WJfe. WILKES-BAI-. RE. Feb. S2.~uervis Castner, 32, of / voea, uear here, today confessed, airco ding to Stnte Police, to the murder f his wife. They nail the confession -lid not Klve detalla of i the murder and «ubsequent quartering of the Txidy hut they claimed the man admitted to the act. \'outh 1 its Two Cows. NORMAN, Olila., Feb. 22--A senior in th^ law «chi»l of the State Unlver- I «ity h*ro clain 8 to have eaten two .' cows. Hie ciai n is baeel on tho fact | that during his time in the university , ha hae eaten f - m r hamburgers a day i ; or a total of 1,( 21) pounds of cow, two J cows, he says. Burial L' Fall; Hwxcneil, HEKMOSA DBACli, Cat., Keb. 21'.--Frantic effortu o: a few workmen to rescue John Vujiero. IM, laborer, caog-M midex- Die IaIlLn« walls of a. 12- foot ditch wer» Hucueuatul last n i g h t , and physicians it a hospital bold hopre lor his recover . Mrs. Jo) n Damhart III. Mrs. John. 1 arnbart is ill at her home at Sumn-iU Uai U« Ohu Hailed World's Chess Champ Dr. A. Alakhine, winner of the recent International Cham To um*- raent at San Jieino, Italy, with his wife and the championship tj »phy which wa prcxonted to him after his lenaationitl victory ov« · th* world's gieateit cieag players who participated in the toorae. . Jlome-Mcddng Help* " By ELEANOR ROSS That Magazine and Newspaper S f Latt A c t of I,ander» ip a womnn f o (hi nl(ar la uminlly · mun's lust acf of 1 mdersbip. News, 'S ttit mafful ne~ I left °° UTM IHrnry tbte burt olxbt? That hawt't b*«n chuck*! out y*t, H7" But tho susisirtorui In the ton« were only too noon confirmed Hllda'n pnnolcm for ne».trM«» v«nta Ittelf iMirticulftrly on any mairtirlrvp* lh»t hro lt»«t thcilr first fr*«h lixk. Aiiythlng worn at tb« corner* which It left c*reSea»i' on an odd table or chair affronta b«f orjeriy »oul ftnd unloBB checked in th* act -- out It ·«», »od leavi 4 ii}4 family inn- jw- nded In th* mltixt of an /ttworblnr ·utlole or thrilling *trrrj. Thr only w)ution wiui to «tor* «to- « oxcfutly ** ot *im.y o\lrm on tftls Ub)« Knd that, »*rer»J low mageuln* placed np«.r vnrlcni* rosy Th*y r« pl^cul vRrllcAJIy. wltk only b*ck» niponod to tht room. ·l.owtnz th* title and ·month ml*»«. laitWLd of flnp;.y pltgo enti-t.' A f«vr ft ttHHM r«cka take m.ri of the fani- It' supply of nuv«»i»lnoa tor a thr««- ir.onth period, and at the «nt of tha't tin* tmrly «Kj|tion» B,rt dtllberatoljr by UIA hOQMkiMrper, a/tei- that nobody want.* thorn a. id ther* will b« no comp aJxml half read. unfini»h-d article*. 8otne of tho moderritetic book- ettsea hare convenient cnmcerUnttntii for m«fEtne«. Tliny nmy be of ejl »hap«i -- long, narrow on*« and ·ciiiare «qu*t «pac««. On* wall fttccn tin room *o that, no antiorted i)n.p«i prooent aa untidy from, to the !tv- lr.g--room, Th« open tUf fr«n which nuMpudnwi may b» t-Ucnn IB at I h n ·;de of bark, whwe tft*y »r« con- i«i.l«d, but acct-sslblft Thn old-faah- trnwi drum table, too, jit bfiii/f 1m- jrwmert into une, for r»rtaJn t\wd j«rr1oIlc«J» can b« *«u-:kpi (n th« · impairtraienbi ttndnr Uv.i fable-top -- «snre,n!«nt to T«wh. but not tlkaly You Xecd Money i or Any; Fay«tte Loan Compa ly Title Trust Bid r,, iith Floor. CoitnoiU rJU^ Pa, Telephone 2-U ·· 360 Bonded to the St; to. · ANDY NEW'RESIBENT vs OLDCITIZEN Scene--"Brimstone Corner." -Ei--a Andy- "T think I'll like Connellavllle, It looka good to -me. I expect to live and work here for years to come. I've saved some money and am going to take a flier in some of that GET KICK QU7CK stock that's advertised so much." . "You are welcome to onr city; we Amos- Andy- Amos- Andy- ware, Andy, of making investments in securities about which you know little." . "But thi« must b« a good thing, for they've written me Baying they're going to make heaps of money for their stockholders, and for mo to buy right away for the stock will advance next week." _ "Lay off, Andy; lay off. Better be f?afe than sorry. Put your money In r, good bank and sleep well at nigtit." . "Well, mobbe you're right. What bank (n Connellsvllle do you corutidsr sound and Bate, and where can 1 get friendly and courteous treatment as well as absolute protection at all times for my savings?" _ "I'm glad to recommend the Citizens National Bank of this city. It has followed a policy of 'ABSOLUTE SAFETY' for over a quartor ot a century and NOT A DOLLAR HAS EVER BEEN LOST BY EITHER DEPOSITORS OR STOCKHOLDERS. It takes good care of every customer and i« one of the strongest, largest, safest, and best-managed banks la Fayotte County. Its officers and directors are all well-known local men, who have spent most of their lives here, and whose interests and inveut- mentB are largely in Conaellsville. You can't go wrong in doing your banking business with them. And when you finally do decide to buy a stock or bond, they will be g-lad to guide you carefully and safely in the selection of it." _ "Well, I'm shore glad I talked with yon about this. I'll opon an account ·with, the Citizens National Bank today. Above everything else, I vvaufc safety, so I'll, go where I can depend on it every minute* of the clay. Thanks, Amos, for the information. So-long. I'll be soeia' you." Highest Indoor Polo is t Winston Gn«st, famona international polo player, according to the recently announced revised handicaps of the Indoor Polo Association, still remains the lone ten-goal opponent of the indoor game. Earie W. Hopping atid Lieutenant McDonald Jonas have been advanced from seven to eight goal ratines. ^ife Preservers There are Ifi tablespoons ot su- to one. level cup. Tri-Town Firemen Arrange for Dance The D. L. A V. Volunteer Fire Department -will hoW a dance at the Dawson Driving Park Friday evening, March 28. An orchestra, haa bce*i en- gag*^. A radio will be given away at. the dance. Tho conorniUe-e in charge !s toadfl up of Lester I*a.rrlcklow, Goorge Mali6kcy and Joseph AmoroiH?. There will h a fire drill Tuesday evening, February 25, at 7:30 o'clock at tho fire howe a! Vand^rbilt,, Thca« matU'.rs wer« before a special meeting ot the department laat ev«- nlnjc. Flo worn donated tor the department bomitMH W«Mlneaday evening were do- imted by Oglevoo* and M«w. Siirab B. (^ochran. · ,, Barber in Kew locution. I Charles Stickel, Perryopolte barber, I ha« moved from Mike Uhall'a shop to [ George Danko's barbsr shop in the! Karolcik Building at 'erryopoiie, I l e j moved to his new location early tbie ·week, , To Visit In CcnocUent. .Miss Betty Crawfoid, daughter o f j Mr. and Mrs. J. Allen. Crawford o f , DawBon, will loave tonight for W U - , limatitic, Conn., whete she will visit for a week with her broth er-ki-la.w , and elster, Dr. and M/a. N. M. Specter, j J U»e our claastfiod adv«rUaew«oti or Borgalas T If. no, read the advertising of Tlw Daily Oonriar. IJosnrk, Schietlngcr ft Company Federal and S ate Taxes Accountants and Auditors Par* Pittsbnrgb, Pa. Concrete Blocks We have large supply well seasoned rock face and plain concrete blocks, all sizes, made at our plant located at 4tli street and Meason Ave., West Side, Connellsville. Consolidated Coal Supply Company I'houe 1700. Use, Our Classified Ads. r+i*.*ir'*m'*'**+++f*nf *+*·+* *+*+f*'+++++++***t++f.ffi*+!*ii+4 A tip · - · from Andrew Carnegie ASKED to explain his phenomenal success, Andrew Carnegie blandly attributed it to his ability to get men to work for him who knew more than he did. And that's a formula for success. Nobody who is really successful does all the work himself. He employes other people's minds and eifforts. Do you do the same in the intricate business of running your home and taking care of your family? You can, quite easily. You can employ specialists in diet; you can serve the master dishes of famous chefs; you can rave the advice of style authorities in selecting your clothes, of whole electrical laboratories in buying household appliances, by reading the advertisements. All the newest knowledge--knowledge millions of lars and years of effort have won -- is contained advertisements. in dol- the If you will use the advertisements in this newspaper as Andrew: Carnegie used men who knew more than he did, every dollar you spend will be spent wisely, economically, and will .return full measure of satisfaction. That's the way to be a success in the greatest business in the world --making a home. It pays to read the advertisements.

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