The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 31, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1918
Page 8
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'PAGIT EIGHT, THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELHSVTIJL.E, PA. FRIDAY, MAY 31, 191 BM«btti JUJIOXJO, IXifiEX, Te*fertej*s Xcrattk Morning Gtmwe TitUburg S. SL Louis 0 j _Cinoinn»tt 9, Chicago Boston 2, Brooklyn 1. York. rma. Afternoon Games ' St Ixwta 4. fitatmrg 0. ; Chicago 2, Cincinnati 1 ' , Bo*toa_4. Brooton 3. -Hew Tork «, Philadelphia 3 SeheMe. JL Loaim at Pl!_Uburg y* N«w Tork at Philadelphia. I- Botoo at Brooklyn ? Cincinnati at Chicago f AJCEJUCA* i Benlta. Homing Games. |-, Chicago 4, Cleveland 3. sT" Other games postponed, wet grounds ! Afternoon. Games f- Tffejglitmtfm 4, Boston 0. jk Ckmtaa* t, Chicago 2, C- Detroit *; St. Louis 1. p New Tofk i-. Philadelphia 1 ^ Stakterof tke CM*. fi W L. Pet IBorton 25 1* "I ^Hew Tork __ 22 15 596 21 18 i 17 16 j 16 16 .500 16 23 410 14 21 .400 11 19 .367 |3t, i CWcajo T«*»J'I at Boston. St. Louis at Detroit. Philadelphia at New Tork Chicago at Cleveland flACGABEESTAKE i_ -TWO FROM MOUNT TEAM £ Kmtag CJ»»e Xe»ertal Day I 1-2, That !· Afternoon 3-1, I 11 Ining*. ^ IB two fierce attacks yesterday the jMaceabee baseball team swept the f Mount Bradock aggregation oH its J.feet and administered defeats in both morning and afternoon games at Fayette field In the morning game Bowser was hit hard, but tightening ' 89 la the pinches, be -won oirt 3-2 1 I*e afternoon contest after 10 innings went to the locals 2-1 v The afternoon contest was one of the best seen here for some time Path teams were in fine fettle /or the , game,-and a large crowd of spec* tatori went hoarse from rooting jhvulusky won his own game, hitting "lirKk men on the bases Mt Braddoclc. jot Its-only- tally on an error and a 9««ed ball "Kins" Cole, on the a!oand for the visitors, won much Earorable- comment on his pitching 1- *0n Saturday, nne 8. the locals wil jlay Jlbnnt Braddoclc at Dunbar 1! Ton hare got to clean and clear the bowels tboroly to have good health after months of Indoor life, you would do so now if you could see them as you. do yoar face or bands HolUs- ttC« Rocky Mountain Tea cleans and clears as nothing else Start tonight. " ! Drug Co--Adv Daw*on. , . May 31--Robbers have ,_._ at work the past lew nights In Tiwn." Nine bouses were emered in ~*ltte night, as many as tour on one 5*r** t ' They were very bold abou ^thelr work They secured some mon fey and had quite a feast eating very ttktag ta sight from soup down to pie JTnere te no due to the robbers . Mrs. Harry Snlhvan of Florence %ad Sirs James Meetnm were recent fpitUburg Tfaltors g^ A. S Knight of Dickerson Run, was Xa business caller at ConneHi-viIle on «"" Xr and Mrs John Landymore spen fr* Mr and Mr» ohn Landymore spen ^Thursday withjriends and relatives ui « Joseph Newmyer and son John o ·^WMand, O are visitmg retUives m ^(Ws seetipn for a few weeks i^TWord °n*s* been received here of th tSirth of a baby girl at the home o Sr~and Mrs Charles Held of Johns "i. "Mrs. Held Is well known here "formerly of town, and lor manj .,. ,, chief operator for the C D 'Telephone company ^Mrs Rev W B PnrneK is visu »t the home of her parents at Cabot Ta. JIisx Margaret Bamsier was a remit Connellsvtll* visitor tttn A. J Manning is a Pittsburg t.liltor today glester Shallenberger of Owensdale pu la town -Wednesday calling on B»"man/ Wends .Miss Tresso Gaal has returns tfJOCLK from a visit -with her aunt Airs lartln- Hasson Connells\ ille s-Don't forget the surgical dressin. tteeting tonight in the Cocbran ban jiiei hall Come out and attend th Meting. Do your bit we i eed you wrp. sad by so doing you will help thfrwar Straw l^ats March 'to the Fore E SPECIALLY those teen-looking, perfectly stled Wirght-Metzler Straws that three-fourths of the well-dressed men of Connellsville are talking about and wearing today Sailors $2 to $10. Milan* $1.50 to $10. Leghorns $1.50 to $10. Panamas $3.50 to $10. Shown in all proper dimensions and the correct new braids Genome warm weather comfort begins the minute you put one on ne selection if you come now Light Suits of Character and Style taolutely Removes ,, Jdigestion. Druggists {·toad money if it fails. 25e N EW STYLES in the most distinctive colorings and original weaves are revealed in the Wnght- Metzler collection of Summer clothes, including Society Brand, Michaels- Stern, Hirsh Wiehwire and other prominent style leaders Exclusive models for both men and young fellows, beginning in price at $15 and going on up to $45. Stout, short, slim, tall-We fit you all Tor hot weather onr "J.o-Hatc'l Swts cannot be excelled lor appropriateness and comforts _Xo weight--no lining. Slxmn in both light »»] dark- colored fabrics in all wes 83 to 46. Prices $12 to $25. Furnishings of Refinement at Moderate Prices I --Madras Shirts, ?1 to $350 --Silk Shirts ?2 50 to $10 --Hose, 25c to $1 50. --Shoes and Oxfords $4 to $10 --Scarfs 25c to ?2 50 --Batwing Ties 50c --Traveling Bags $3 to $35 Wright- Metier Company ---- ·--·--·--· -- 1 Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on Every $100 You Spend--Get They With Every Purchase of lOc or More. BLUE AMBEROLA RECORDS 60c EACH e New Supplement (or June, 1918L so. 3-171--'Amencan A\i^tion March" j Creators and H s Band Ho. 3«-- A Little Love a Little Kiss Ralph Errolle Tenor *o. 3472--"Alother s Old Sweet Lullaby Will Oakland and Caorus So- 346.5--'On the ^anfcs of the Brandy wine' "Walter Van Brant So. 3W3--"Lil Liza Jane'--One Step Jaudab Society Orchestra Silk-The Warm Weather Glove Silk glove time has come as shown by the brisk demand for gloves of this kind Our Glores are selected from the best quality m America Kayser's makes them They fit perfectly, "wear well and are so good looking The greater comfort, the true economy are a delight to women at this time of the year Our assortment, new, just unpacked, will match up with your favorite colors in gowns, stockings and hat Pure silk Prices 65c to $1.75 pair. No. 8*7C--· Darktown Strutters Ball Male Quartet, Orchestra Accompaniment So. !MJ8--"Everybody's Crazy 'Bout the Doggone ' Blues, Bat I m Happy Arthur Collins and Byron G Hartan Jfo. 34S3-^-rn Take You Back to Italy Ada Jones and Billy M\ rray So. 3473--"Says I to Myself Says I Ada Jones Nfl. 3474--"Fickle Joe Vernon Dalhart and Chorna A New Stock of Colored ilk Umbrellas Some hare taffeta covers m solid shades or nary wisteria, brown or green witt wide satin 01 fancy borders Steel or wood rode Handles lucre silk cord, leather strap or bone nog swings and match, covers The price range is $C40 to flM. The others have all silk tatleta covers with tape edge and come In all black or blade with white border Black-and-white handles and black silS cord swing. Tie price nuge ii H.50 to 18.00. Comfort and Durability in Is it worth, something to you to Know that when yon buj Mnnsmgwear in a certain fabnc you can depend on its being identically the same qualrty this year and next as it was last year and the year before' In all Mnnsingwear garments--vests pants union suits--you will still find the same perfection oC fit and finish, the same exceptional com fort durability, wasbability and big value for your monej Complete stocks constantly at your disposal In oar underwear section second floor TUB SKIRTS-With Many New Touches of Style A button here a pocket there--but the deft fingers that designed tbese practical skirts had ideas other than the strict utility at buttons and pockets and hett«--BO these are charmingly pretty Pique Poplins Linens Cords . Gabardines Linenes Repp* Stripes Checks Many are exceedingly well adapts* tor onttng occasions, others win accomplish all one mieht ask of a utility skirt for general wear Quite Inexpensive--another timely virtue. Pre-Shrunk Skirts $3.75 to $1230 Other Skirts, aH sizes, as low as $2.50 Cttt-Price Sale of Coats, Suits, Dresses One lot Suits to $39.75 Values One lot Suits to $49.75 Values . $28.50 . $38.50 . $14.95 One lot COATS, values to $39.75, ....... Choice $28.50 One lot COATS, values to $49.73, ....... Choice $38.50 New Bathing Caps 25c to 50c Each They arc made of pure rubber in various shades and are more attractive than ever There is both dash and style in the wonderful designs and color combinations They add a finishing tonch. o£ beauty to any bathing costume* Kleinert's Dress Shields 25c, 30c to $1.00 Pair 'WTiei you see the new Beth-colored "Klanerts" jou will aay you never imagined dress shjelds could be so charming They re soft and salky and can t he detected in the sheerest gown Made of pure gum robber and fine fabrics. In all sizes shapes and colors OUT tKe Dirt! Only Bearing rids floor coverings of sand and grit deeply lodged therein. Such imbedded dirt wears out earpetrngs; it breeds genus- a Hoover Electric SnctJoa Sweeper dnsdessly teats out all that gnt. Whether carpetings are oriental, doneshc or grass we GUARANTEE the Hoover process to add to therr life. We GUARANTEE the Hoover to sweep tip--dust- lessly and instantly!--the most stubborn-dinging lint, threads, harrs and htter. The Hoover is GUARANTEED straighten nap. This brings back colorings. Qnrjrthe Hooker in. ens easy, time-saving operation --does the fore-going in ad- cleaning." For only the Hoover Bas aCambtned Beattng-Sweep- Z72§ Brush, not stationary-- Uceapnshlrooni,i«otslowly revolved by floor rollers-as in carpet-sweepers, but speedily revolved--over 1,000 tunes a minute--by the electric motor. TKs excellent cleaner on display and sale m iwr carpet section, second floor annex. Free demonstration any time at the store or la yoar own home. X-RayView of Hoover patented Combined-Beating* rash, Note belt pARAMOUNTJHEATRE --TODAY TOMOBROTY- GOLDWTN PRESENTS THE SCREEN FAVORITE OP MILLIONS WHO SAW HER. IN 'POLLY OP THE CIRCUS THE CINDERELLA MAN ' AND "FIELDS OP HONOR -- MAE MARSH IN "THE BELOVED TRAITOR" THE EMOTIONAL DRAMA OP A GOOD GIRL WHO OUTWITTED A VWlCPIRb ALSO A GOOD COMEDY AND PATHE CUHRDNT EVENTS SHE ALL THE LATEST WAR NEWS ILLUSTRATED --COMISG-- WILLIAM FARNUY: IN "HEART OF A LION" Quite Awhile Since We Talked To You Mr. Business Man Been too bosv with Liberty Bonds But the service we offer you n all your financial transactions has been kept right up to tLe mark. We invite you to consult us ttbont your requirements or any business problem that bothers you. Prompt Loans and Discount!, SOSSON THEATRE TODAY Rhea Mitchell in "WH1THEB THOU GOEST" And a Comedy. --SATTOSIHT-- Featuring Mr Nat C Goodwin And a Universal Comedy, IF IT'S AT THE ABCADE IT'S GOOD THE THEATRE ^ HEEE THE CROWDS GO TtMK OF MAY 27TH, MATIXEE A3O) XIGHT. Kilgore's Beans and Belles Company Present the Latest Musical Comedy IG A WIFE" is--rroruF--is ii-rEorLE--15 Beautiful Singing and Dancing Chorus. A Big Musical Sliow of tbe Better Class. On tlie Screen--Special Feature Fox Corned}. 129 IT. Cra-n-fora ire, ConnUlsiille. "The Bank that Dots Things for Yon" liberal Interest on lime Deposits. \DS T H E I C O S T OM/V 1C I WORD. Just Over the Bridge Conntllsvillo (West Side) 1 XC» Carroll Battery Co. A Factory -Traced Battery JOB IT AKB 10MOEBOTT Tlios H Ince Presents CHARLES RAY m 1 riiL SON or HIS F v UHKT Also the Paramount-Mack Sennelt Comedy IHOSi: ATHLETIC GIRLS Monday--Geraldme Farrar m THE DEVIL STONE

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