The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, February 22, 1930
Page 5
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1030. THE 33AIL.Y COURIER, CONNE ASVILLE, PA, PAGE FIVE. Christ's School for Service 'Brass Tacks" on the Sunday School Lesson By DR. ALVIN K. niOLF,. Tho k i n g who bus tmumeattxl the fundamental principle*; of lim k i n g - dom !n the Sermon on the Mount ami presentee! the rtMlMitkilt; of hit, royal-' ly in many mu r\«lous minifies, Boon j finds tho i r u i t - i of his mlnintry i n - j creasing to tin point where ho roust) call afcsitilants fo share tho work with him. Accordingly, tho Icing selects from his llKciplc« a cabinet ot twelve j members, men who have bron with him from tho beginning;, \vho are now to nhare his work of telling the people .ibout h w kingdom. Crowds Cause Compassion. A crowd is always an Interesting study. To the nolitloian crowds mean potential votes to a salesman they arc potential buyer*; but to the Lord JefiUs they weie crowds of soule 1n need o[ sustenance and salvation. "But when ho t a w tho multitudes, he wae moved with compassion on them, becatifio they tinted, and were Bcat- ferocl abroad, a? sheep having no shepherd. Then saith he unto his dixclplea, tho harvest truly is plente- oue, but the laborere are few, pray ye therefore th Ixrd of tho harvest, that he will eeiul forth laborers into hie harvest." Thus the first requirement of those who would help meet !he needs of their fellowmen crowding tho hifchwa/s of life is compassion, sympathy, ability to understand and enter unto fellowship with them in their deepest needs and longings. Hard-boiled professionalism, however bkiiled in other respects, w.'ll fail ut- t e r l y in minibtcring to the troubled crowds "because their deepest and most basic need:, are appreciated only by those who, like their Master, "Seeing the multitude*) are moved with compassion on them." Luke tells UH how at this time Jesus "went out into a mountain to pray, and continaed all night In prayer to God. And wheu it was day, ho called up to him his tileclplee; and of them he chose (welve, whom also he named aoostles." Mary adds the significant note. Thai they should be w i t h him, and ( n u t he might send them forth," An 'apoetle means "a sent one." But be ore they could be "sent forth" they iMist "be with him." That wa« their apj renticeship, and it must be ours. Tho apostle must nr«t be a disciple, a le; der. There is no fihort cut to sertict ol the multitudes that omita this ew -ntial preparation. "The harvest truly vast plenteous, and the laborers few," but despite this urgency the labor rs must he prepared, though it c st three precious yeare o£ the prime of their lives and of their Master's. Modern youth, eager to anawer the challenge of ripened harvests must pay the price of preparation. Never was it demanded more insistently th.'n in thie present age. Empowered jor Service. This month of mi moriee of Lincoln and Washington ti-stifles that when Christ sende ud lor'h to a gr««t task he empowers -us, identifies himself with us and sticks hy us to eeo ua through. "When h hav called unto him hie twelve disclulea, he gave them power, etc." "Ho t 'iat receivoth you receiveth mo." And to us he promises the same presence , nd power undhniniehed: "Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end o ' the world." (The International Uniform Lesson for February 23 is Matt. 9:35-10:8, 40:42, the subject b'ing "The Twelve Sent Forth," and t te Golden Text Mntt. 9:37, 38, "The harvest indeed is plenteous, hut the ahorers are few. Pray we therefore the Lord of th« harvest, that he bend forth laborers into his harvest.") (Tho Daily Bihle Headings for next week's study are: Monday, Matt 11; 1-6; Tuesday, Ma»t. 11:25-30; Wednesday, Matt. 12-1-S Thursday, Matt. 1C,13-20; Frldtiy, Jt m 1:43-51; Saturday, John 14:1-11, and Sunday, I«a. Among The Churches FIRST METHODIST PROTESTANT, West Apple street, J. H. Lambertson, minister--Claae meeting at 9; leader, rieorge Swaliop. Sunday school, 9:45; T. H. Moans, superintendent. MomitiK worship, 11; tubjoct, "Refreshing Springs." Junior C. K., 3. Intermediate C. E., 6. Senior C. E. prayer meet- FIRST CHRISTIAN, South Pittfi- burg street. Rev. Eug -no N. Duty, minister--Sunday school at !:30 A. M., Walter S. Stiinmel, superintendent; classee lor all ages. Communion and worship, 10:40 A. M , subject, "The Unchanging Christ." Senior and Intermediate Christian End-aavor meetings at 8:30 I'. M. i pec.iu.1 evangelistic 6-ervicos at 7 : ' 0 P. M., subject, "The- Great Contrast.' Baptismal ser- nco at close of eveni) g eervice. Wednesday prayor-meotii % at 7:30 1'. M. A mid-week pause t t h i n k of God. Tueedtty at 7 P. M.. Krst Preebytorian PAGEANT WILL BE PRESENTED SUNDAY NIGHT, M.^ CHURCH "A 'Vi.sion," in Throe Episodes, IVill Take Place of Ilegn-' lur Service. QUARTET WILL PROVIDE MUSIC At the Methodist Protestant Church Suncla:' evening u pageant entitled "A Vision" will be presented. It w i l l begin at 7:30 o'clock ami w i l l take the place of the regular p v o n i i i R service. Headers will be Miss Jessie Brooks, Miss Mary Parkhlll and Vernon Mtzimons. A qi artet made up ot Mrs. Robert Heft'lej, soprano; T. II. Cunningham, alto; Wilbur J. Cainlin, has-s, and Mr. (Jamlin, tenor, will sing. The organist will he Miss Mildred Snader Harry and Ralp-li O'Brien are pages. The spisodes art-: LARGE CROWDS HEAK REV. MICKEY, U. 8. CHURCH, EV JRSON "The Modern Churchman," W. T. Smith. Second. "The Vision." "The World in Darkness," Chopin's "Funeral Miiri'h," MISH Snader. Tableau, "Tho Cross of Shame," and "The Old Rugged Cross," by quartet Tableau, "Barbarism," the-African Savage, Albert Fuliner. Tableau, "Buddhism," Japanese girls, by Hilda. Mao Bcnford and Catherine Shaw. Tableau, "Brahmanism," tlie I n d i a n mother, by Ruth Henry. Tableau, "A Chinese Lady," by Gortrude I/e well-en. Tableau, "AlohanimedanKm," an Arab ct let, hy Ronald Phillips. Table ut, "Latin America," a Mexican lacy, by Anna Mac Lowelleti. Table HI, "Superstition," the Indian brave, ly Jarnes Halslev. Tableau, "Ignorance," t h e mountaineers, by Air. and Mrs. Robert Nowmej er, Louise liqffley, Betty Hll- aon and Mildred Stewart. Tablejui, "The Prisoners," by Robert Kioto aid Paul AlcCUntock. Tableau, "The- Sailor,' 1 by Robert I-'Uburn. Tableau, "Children of Poverty," by Ixnti iieJUord, Park Miller and Robert I'Vankenberry. T.iblet.n, "Tho Cross, Glunlled," thi- angel, b ' Hfleu Ssvsillop; quartet, "In the- Crots oE ChjrlM I Ulory." 1'Jpllogue; The modern c h u r c h m a n awakes, a convert to m Evangelistic meetings be~ ducted at the Bverson United OhuTcn by Ilev. Pan! I' 1 . Ml being largely attended. End the church uuditorlum is too e the- Sunday school rooms are · Tho ovangcltet is well In Western Pennsylvania havin hlii denomination as gc-neral e for three years with heedqu. Scottdale. During the*;e years ge-llstlc work Rov. G-. B. Hou now pastor at Everson, w; leader "with tho Mickey par party conducted mcetlngn at S Everson, Owonedale and Com some years ago and. lire rem as earnest workers ia this flel ig con- 3retbren key are evening nail and pened. own in served angeliht. rtcM'e at of evan- eholder, a song y. The iottdale, ellsville unbered BISHOPS EXILED FROM MEXICO WILL PROBABLY RETURN Department of Interior Recommends Passports for Three. BELIEVED IN UNITED STATES By United Press. MEXICO CITY, Feb. 22.--The department ot the interior will suggest to President Ortiz Rubio that he permit three archbishops., exiled during Mexico's religious-political BtrKe, to return to the country, The three churchmen who may return are Archbishops OTOKCO JimeneK of Gnadaljara, Jose Gonzales Valencia ot Durango and Jesua Manrique Zar- ato ot Hejutla. j 'They are believed to be in t h e ' United States. ' THREE BUSINESS MEN TO AID MINISTERS IN PERSONAL EVANGELISM REV. PATX F. The Evereon meeting will c for thu n-ext two weeks, eprvict held osvt-h evening, except Be at 7 '30 o'clock. The dhurch orfh«vtra, with Emmanuel M; conductor, w i l l play Sunday, 1 and Thursday avrnin^s. A chorus choir y^ill sing each e also a booster choir 'n sere mtinue i being urday, school Ilk. as uesday tag, 6:45; topic, "The Valuo of tho churt;h ' Ulllon Work« PS Conference of fUblo for Non-Ohrirtiaiv Xa , JODa .. : I Ponwn«H Workers of Evangel!.TM. A leaders, missionary oomzntttce. At tho! *rlem!ly chnrch invite, you to allcf 'ts evening Hervice «,t 7:30 the AVoman'a ("vrvices. Come. \Iis«lonaiy Society will held its eemi-r innual thank-oflering service. A j FIRST EVANGELICAL, South Ton- ,iageant, entitled "A Vision." will bo nollsville, M. R. Tyson paetor Sunday presented. The regular Weduesdtiy, school, 9:30, Mre. Oi nit Shoemaker, ·venlng prayer-meeting at 7:30 superintendent. Woi ihip, 10:45. E. o'clock. A cordial welcome to all. TRINITY EPISCOPAL, Canon Lr. ·1. Burn, rector -- Church school sit 10 V. M. Morning prayer and srermon, I o'clock. T'AYNK A. M. 31., W. S. Amos, inin- '-tor -- Sunday s«hoo! at 0:1-5, superln- Ipdent, W. F. Thompson. Morning worship at 10:45. Evening wore lip at ' :30, Young peorio's meeting ac 6:30 w i t h Oladye Manila, ( harge. president, in METHODIST KPISCOPAU S t a r Junction, E. C. Lii\n, paator -- Tho Star Junction M. E. Cl urch invites you to j-in in -wiith its morning worship service at 11 o'clock. Theeernwm subject l-i "In the Hand ot God." On the evon- i'Tg of February 25, at the Star Junc- t oa auditorium, tie Willing Workers ( lass hae planned a frolic for young and old. An evwilng filled with fun and mirth le fissured for all. The! Ladies' Aid Society will sponsor a Colonial Party in tho Church auditorium, on tho evening of S'ebruary 27. A very excellent pjogram has been ar- rtinged which will include a playlet, madlngs and songt . The spirit of the entire program will bo patriotic. L. C. K. G:45. Eveni! g worship, 7:30. Wednesday at 7:30, prayer-meeting, Thursday at 7:30, W. n. S. at tlie home of Mre. Walter Shormig. FAYJOTTE U. B. C (IARGK, R. H. Arndt, mlnluter -- M -ore Memorial : Preaching services, i O A. M. ISsitit JSml: Sunday school, 0 A, M., Welter Huey, auperintendent. PreachlnR services 11 A. M., subje ;t, "Tho Soul's Cry tor Help." Seait r C. K. eociety, 7:30 P.M. Mount Ollv* : Sunday school at 10 A. M. Senior C. E. society, 6:30 P. M. Thank offering eervke at 7:30 P. M. A epecial prog: am will bo rendered in charge of th- Women's Missionary Society. Thle promises to bo an interesting eervici and we urge tho public to attend. PRESBYTERIAN. unbar, L. H. Wylio, paetor -- Sunday school at I: A. M., Upton D. Speer, superintendent. Morning worship at 3 1 o'clock, eub- jject, "Faithful and Un 'aithfal." Christian Endeavor at 6:45 P. M., Elizabeth Greenwood, leader, toi Ic "The Uee of the Bible for non-Chr stian Nations." Evening worship t 7:30, subject, "Antloch -- A New Miss on Station." TRINITY REFORMED), Comer Pitte- TRINITY LUTHERAN, Falrvlew | burg and Green street i, C. G. Supe, a v enuo, W. H. Hetiick, D. D., paetor-- C a«a in catechism, 9 A. M. Sunday s( hool, 10 A. M., "The Twelve Sent Forth." Worship, 11 o'clock, sermon, "I'repariug tho Soil Jor the Seed." Tho Luther League, 6 : 4 J P. M., "The Value of th BiDle for thi non-Christian Nations," leader, Mi-*; Margaret Wer- «hlng. Evening worship, 7:30 o'clock, Kerinon, "The Jieallng Touch." These evening sermons w i l l bo evangelist!!; and aim to reach tho unchurched. Biing bomcoDC will you. _^ . t CHURCH OF THE UNITED BKPJTHRKN IN CHRIST, Lincoln avenue ami Race stre-K Eluier A. SchultK. minister--Church School, 9:45 A. M., a clsss Cor every ag ·. Harry O. Witt, suaorinteiKlent. Wnshlp, 11 o'clock, wl.h special iniu-ic. Sermon, "Can a Christian b Lobt?" Senior Christian «:;!0, topic, "Tho Value of th« Bible for non-C hrtetlan Nations," leaier, Dorothy Kc- n. Junior Chrifl- tia-i Endeavor SoclJty, 6:30 P. M., pastor -- Sunday echooj, 9:45 A. M., S. C. Witt, su.perlntendei t. Sermon ut 11 o'clock, "Why do W«' WorehipT" At 6:4C, Christian Endeai^r and evening services combined, sub) set, "The "Value of tho Bible for non-ChHatlan Lands." Tuesday at 7:30 P. M., r guiar monthly meeting o-f the consistory. FIRST UNITED PRESBYTERIAN, South Pittsburg street anl Morton avenue, G. R. Krupp, pastor -- Sunday school at 9:45 A. M., Ciiarlee B. Cnr- »on, Jr., superintendent Morning wor- ehip, 11 A. M. Metvaagt by Rev. C. G. Jordan, D.D., ot Harrisl'urg. Evening service, 7;30 P. M. Mc« age by pastor Theme, "What Ie the Secret of tho Lord." Intermediate P. C. U. at G:30. Senior Y. P. C. U at 6:45. Wed- needay evening at 7:45 the mid-week aervice of prayer and p -alee, Thursday ov-ening, banquet of the Everhart Blblo ClaBH. Address i t the evening delivered by Rev. E. II. -Havens of the Firat Baptlot Church. DR. HARRY CHALFANT WILL SPEAK SUNDAY FIRST M. E, CHURCH Ur. U.vrry Chnlfant, wiilm of the American lesiio, w i l l apoak on Sunday utorntng at tho First Metliod'«rt Bpis- cupal Church. Dr. Chalfant is ramilwr w i t h the problems of prohibition and hid discourba is expected to be of unusual inlereut. He will represent the AauLi-Sa 0011 League. In the evening, a delightful musical program will bo rendered by tlie choir. A n u m b e r of local muflioiarn, w i l l assist. The public is invited to attend. Three epecial featurt-n are prosram for nexl week. To all tl and )os who w i l l ]arn and S;iint John 3: t-2l a pockot Go Saint John will b given. T evening will be known us " Nite" and lo tho hirKOKt Ca rally I tho evanffnlifit w i l l present a V6 ful plft. T h u r s d a y fvenina; the mother in the congregation ·» ceive a beautiful g i f t . Subjoi Sunday aivri the comlnig w-oek w Sunday, 10: -if, A. M., "The Po Christ on Me;" At 7:30 P. M. Threefold Aspect of Salvo'ion ' Monday, "Fellowship With Ot other." Tuesday, "What Is Not t h Birth." Wednesday, "Why Josvs iairt I (Kieniue, 'Yc Must be Bom Again Thurfldny, "Jte#ulti3 of the Birth." Friday, "Whar Shall I Do J«SUfi?" Thvs-o Tnootinga are for the and all who comt' will find a welcome. oning, al oc- n the e girls recite , pel of lesday ^amily resent y use- oldest .11 re*^ for 11 1o: v-er of "The e An- New 5 Nic" New With uh|ir early Bootlegger Taken for Ride CHICAO, B'eb. £2.--Paul Pei conti, head of the U n i o n u Ktclliana an- reputed chief of u. bootlegjjing r IB of Northern Indiana, ia believed to have been taken for a ride and slain. A number of prominent businese men have bene added to the committee of ministers to dire«t the work o£ personal evangelism. II. W. BlcR?bbie, superintendent of the Presbyterian Sunday School and superintendent of Territory A, West Penn Power Company; Councilman Ira D. Yonnkln of tho United Brethren Church; W. B. Keller, president of the Men's Brotherhood of the Lutheran Church, president of the District Brotherhood of Fayetto and Westmoreland counties, have been named. The minieterial repreoentativee are: Rov. George R. Krupp, paetor of the United Presbyterian Church; Rev. David R. Graham, pastxir of the First Methodist Episcopal Church; Rey. Eugene N. Duty, pastor et the First Christian Church. The pe.reonal workers from the local churchee will meet on Tuesday even- Ing at 7 o'clock at the First Presbyterian Church. MOTION PICTURES AT DICKERSON RUN Y. M, C. A. WEEKLY A perierj of motion picture entertainments, t^e first of which was conducted laet evening, will he presented hy the Dickprson Run Y. M. C. A, In promotion of eafety first. The pictures last night, witneeseci bj a capacity crowd, dealt with cow- pr«ssed air and travel. Th-e public ia invited to attend. It !·· hoped to have pictures shown at lea^l once each week. ILLUSTRATED LECTURE. Sunday evening at 7:30 the Church of the Brethren will hare the second of a series of six Illustrated ieeturen on "The Crte«« In. the lif« of Jesus." · "Jesus in Conflict With Religious Custome" will be the theme tor this week. Forty-flye alkies -will be used to illustrate the theme. New-Fasliioned Cai^s mtk tlie old reliable name of AAMAM Complete Protection of Shatter-Proof * Plate Glass in every model at every price the greatest safety factor since four-wheel brcikes topic, "Crusader w i l h Christ in China," leader. Junior Ott*r *lse. Kvenlng «er- vie*. 30 re-Hval mcetuiR. sermon, vlnp and Nwmyeri ^^ H _ ghober( "Coins Out 01 C Ire Uatlon." Rovivni ! m i n i H ter-Btble echool at B:«, M W earl, n I H i t n«xt «^k except Paul v . Ijap , ey OTpwlnt , nlont , Morn . j , ng ffoPBhlp at u ^ lot .^ serra onetto I for children, "The I Ivinff Alarm PttBSUYTBRlAN. J. U clock." Sermon, "The Doctrine ot Proudflt, J), D , mtnlstor-- Sunday «chol Mttn . Hlri origin and R «jon»lblllty " at J 30 A. M.. flupe-intondent, H. W. j B . Y . p. «. at 7 o'clock. 1 luntrntad leo~ McICobblc. Mornlujt s«rvU-« at It, «or- t u r p j "j c8lw ] n i o nfiict ^ 'ith Ii«Jlgiou» J i , ot the ' Saturday at ,::u o clack. FIRST CUVRCH OF THB vlnp and Nwmyeri inon by T. Koiw P8(Jen, fubtonw" ut 7:30, Pray r.miHtinK on at 7:30, Go-to- begins ,iexl Sunday, at 7:- JO, sormoii by Mr, Piuien. cotn» tomorrow and T! Bemlnury. Y o u i i j t j \v«dno«any at fl 3e, Evening nor- , church-Mouth W«ia*»dtty eventnflr 7;4i o'clock. st- meeting at a good start, O u r a l i n t Bvery memh r of every family to Tliis announcement signalizes the appearance of a new line of motor cars, bearing alone, for the first time, the name of the three Graham brothers. Eteeply impressed by the necessity of providing motorists with a positive safeguard against the frequent occasion of accident and death, the Grahams and their dealers celebrate the advent of these cars by foregoing all profit on a complete protective equipment of shatterproof safety plate glass, The Graham brothers endeavored faithfully to fulfill their stewardship to the GrahanvPaige properties, to Graham'Paige dealers and owners, by a progressive policy which constantly produced better cars. Now, with the obligation of a product bearing only their own name, their chief ambition is to tte worthy of the public confidence of the past and a greater measure of confidence in the future. To that end--aided by the generosity of Graham distributors and dealers who voluntarily forego all profit on the operation--they offer two new Graham Sixes and two new Graham. Eights, equipped w/th one of the most im- portant safety factors known to present-day motoring. The entire industry must, of necessity, pro' vide the publk in due tune^th this complete and imperative protec' tion because it ia a safe' guard which they should not be denied. See the new Graham cars, learn the deadly difference in the two types of glass, and ob' eerve how fully these ' new Graham cars live up MGAY fiflflO CM , AT^flW WC£ to theGrahamguarantee of very good cars at low prices. Thi Six ai i the Eight engines are Grahawbuik · * · · ( · + Ti e standard'thift, four'Spced transmit' tion is Gra\ awdesigned and Graham*jyroved + + -The bodies ire now all Graham-built to the rigid Graham ttt ndards, Graham Sixes--$895 and up, Graham Ei ihts--$1445 and up. Prices at Factory RHODES MOTOR Co. Crawford AT«. nt 3nl Street. Plione Connellsrille, Pa. TRADE IN r your worn TIKES for longer-lasting bftter-satisfifinfj MICHELI The Crreatest Offer EVER MADE TO Thrifty Tire Buyers! To 700 -- those oU tlreei mean only trouble -- punt farm, blow- ottta. perhaps eren rcrfoua »ool- izata. But to o«--your Jttik Urm re worth roonoy, r^urdlen of their condition. We opwaie a small pUnt hero In which we use ytmr wornont caeioft to make oord Wowop* potchea, «tdvad tfioca, reUneni, etc. We eren seH the oH r«bier hi car Ion] iota to an Akron that Is the reason we can profitably aUow you such large credits on your ascd-up tires, even though they be COMPLETELY WO«N OUT. Rido In safety. DonX take chances on winter's slippery rKU"us with smooth ttrcs. Drive around; we wiU etpttp your car with hlffh-trcad, road-biting: MlciSieUiw, leodcrn In the tire world for over 35 year*--better- built, longer wearing, mare satte- tytng. NOTE: MicheUn makes ONE QUALITY TIRE ONLY--THE JIEST. No three or four "Qualities," no three or four "Guarantees" to befuddle the motorist. SIZE 29 x 4.40 reg 29 x 4.40 29 x 4.50 30 x 4.50 28 x 4.75 29 x 4.75 LISfT PRICE $8.25 9.70 10.20 10.65 CREJLWT on Worn-out Tire $2.31 2.76 3.33 2.98 11.5 S 3-27 12.45 . 3.45 30 x 4.75 12.95 I 3.58 29 x 6.00 j 12.90 3.62 YOUR COST $5.94 6.94 7.37 7.67 8.68 9.00 9.37 9.28 30 x 5.00 18.15 3.68 9.47 31 x 5.00 13.95 28 x 5.25 14.30 29 x 5.25 14.85 30 x 5.25 15.30 31 x 5.25 28 x 5.50 15.75 15.85 29 x 5.50 j 16.50 30 x 5.50 1 16.80 30 x 6.00 31 x 6.00 32 x 6.00 33 x 6.00 30 x 3«/i 31 x 4 32 x 4 S3 x 4 32 x 4ft 33 x 4'/ 2 34 x 4ft 3 0 x 6 17.70 18.05 18.40 18.90 7.95 14.20 15.15 15.90 20.50 21.25 21.80 25.20 3.79 3.97 10.16 10.33 4.15 10.70 4.26 4.38 4.40 4.60 4.64 4.92 5.05 5.12 5.18 2.20 3.96 4.24 4.13 5.52 5.97 6.07 6.92 11.04 11.37 11.45 11.90 12.16 12.78 13.00 13.28 13.71 5.75 10.24 10.91 11.47 14.98 15.28 15.73 18.23 WAYS OF SUYING MCHEUNS (1). You may buy you tires for Cash. (2). . . . or, en a regular 6-week Charge Account. (3). . . . or r on nur Easy Payment Plan, payments to be mace every two weeks, in many instances amounting to 0$ Isw as 63 cents weekly. Buying this top quality tire oat of income is easier and more economical than buying cheap tires for cash. There is no red tape attached to our credit service. ·WAYNE Certified MOTOR OILS- The Finest OH for Tloot C«r Now at WhotonOe Prices Winter Medium Reg-alar Medium Hear? 46cGaL SlcGaL 56cGal. (at rate of (at rate ot (at rate ef 11 Vie quart) IZKc quart) 14c iruait) Here's the Guarantee On Wayne Motor Oil : Fill your cntnikeuM with Wayne Certified Motor Oil. JVun your ea for iOO miles. Then, If Wayne Certified Motor OU is not tho highest quality oil yon ever used -- if It doesn't save you :'« percent of your present oil )1H--if for any reason whatever you are not entirely satlsflid--return the unused oil to ut. We will refund ALL you have paid. We guarantee Wayoe Certified Motor Oil to IK equal ot ANT oils on the msrket selling for as high as 51.40 a gal- Ion. Here are our guaranteed specifications : Winter Mediant, 400 Tis. at 100 Fahrenheit; Medium, 500 via. at 100 Fahrenheit; Heavy, 600 vis. at 100 Fahrenheit. Produced by one oy the largest refineries in the world, and contracted by OU T organisation In 100,000 gallon lota, and sold by us at a penny-a-gallon net profit. Don't buy high priced advertising. Buy Wayne Certified Motor Oil. The saving will "keep yon In shoes." May be boatful In quantities of one gallon and up. F. R. METRES! CO Built On a Foundation Laid 14 Years Ago, 302 Wcsst Crawford Avenue TIRES MOUNTED FREE Cyclist Killed In Collts on. HAZLETON, Pa., Feb. 22.---3'ernando lirata, 19, of Freelaml, was killed, and thre-e other youthb were Injured, one seriouHly, when a molorcycl 3 driven by Brata collided with an automobile Iiust night on tho Tamaqua pi M. th* Ad-ratt* Marines Taken to Quarantine. PHILADELPHIA, F«b. 22.-- Du» to an outbreak of spinal mentngitte a I Parrla Inland, S. C., 100 member* the Marino Corps btw« there have 'baei brought in a special train, and plac« in qviwautine at the navy yard. of

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