The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 31, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1918
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MAY 31, 1918. DAILY COURIER, COPWELLSVUiE. PA. FAGE SEVEN. OUTWITTING PAT DBRIEN From a Photograph Taken in the Courtyard of th* Officer* 1 Priaon mt Courtr*!, Which Lieutenant O'Brien Preserved Throughout Hit Perilous Journey. O'Brtan Is Shown Standing Behind the German Guard, Who Site at th* TabU In th« C«nt*r of th* Group. 5l*e courtyard was. Dot a very popular place dcrtng Air raids Several times' when onr airmen raided that section, la the day time I went out and watched the machine?' and the shrap nel bursting nil'nronrrl, but the Ger mans dJc! not croird out there, for their own antiaircraft guns were hammer ln£ awny to keep our pmnes as high in the sky as possible, and shells were likely to fall In the prison yard aoj moment Of course I watched these battles at my own ri*»k Mnny night*" from mv prison window I v, atch*. J ·with peculiar interest the air rnitH carried on, and It was*a ironderfnl Bight with the German searchlights pla\inff on the sky, the "flaming on Jon^' fired high atd the bur-»t of th_ ant'aircrnft guns, but rather an i.n comfortable sensation when I rofftlzed th it perhaps the ^erJ next nucute i bomb might be dropp* d on the bni'dtn^ Jn uhlch I ^as a prisoner But per hap 1 ; all of thfs wa^ better than no eicltement at all, foi prison life soon becaire \ery monotonous One of the hardesr things I btid to endure throiyho'it the two spcLt thero the sight of the Una machines fljlng o\er Courtrai kno\\ ins tint perhaps I never \ otild have ano+lit»r thnrcc to fl\ pud I used to sit bv tlii Iiour T\atchln ( " the C/prman m s ch'r s n mPi vering over the prison »s IIici hid in iirdron° not fa" away and e\ei* aftcrnron the students--or I tool*. tlu,m for -.rudents because their fixing uas very ixxr--tppenred ov r the to^rn One ceitiln Hun seemed to find pirticula- satisfaction In flying right *io\\n o\er the pn^nn nli^htlv for my special dlttouift rt a^d benefit it sccni^d, as If he Knnv m nlrmin I i prisoned there was vainly longing to try his wings again (not their line*; Bt t I used to console myself by say In,: "Xe\er ntlnd, / I d bov, there wa*i never a bird vhoso \\mgs could not bo clipped If tt-ev f,et him just right and "vonr turn \\\\l come some d iv " One niglit there ua an eiception parently too mnjch alarmed at what was going on overhead to laugh even at their own jokes Although these night raids seem to tar e nil the starch out of the Germans withe they nre going on, the officers were u'raally as brave as lions the next day nnd spoke, conteruptuo of the raid cf the night before T saw thousands of soldiers In Cour- trai, nnd although the did not im prebs me as having v«r good or abnn rtant food they were fatrlv well riothed I do not mean to Implv that conditions pointed to an earlv end of the war On the contrary from what I was able to observe on that point, unless tlit Huns have an absolute crop failure they can In mj opinion, RO on for jears The Idea oC our being able tn win the 'ujr by starving them out strikes me as ridiculous This is a war that must be woa by fighting, and the sooner -we realize that fact the finoner it will be ner Itliing hour in the prison was seven o oluck Breakfast canit, at ftghL This consisted of a cup of coffee and noth In,: else If the prisoner had the fore- sighf to sa%e some bread from the pre- \lous dnv he heel bread for breakfast also, but t h t t never h ippened in my cast. Sometimes vrc hid two cups of coflee tlut Js near coffee It was reully Uncoix or some cereal preparation "We 1) id no milk or sugar Tor lunch they gave u; boiled sugar beetfa or some other vegetable, und tfiice in a while some kind of picKied meat, but that happened verv seldom "We also receded a third of a loaf of bruul--war biead Tins war bread was as hui\ \J a bricl* bfack and oi r It \\UB supposed to last us from noon one day to noon the nest Ex ccpt for some soup, this was the \vhol« lunch menu Dinner came at D 10 p m when we sometimes had n little jam made out of sugar beets, and a preparation ca'Jed tea winch you had to shake \lg orously or I± settled in the bottom of heavr nlr raid goins; on A imm- the cup ind then about all you hail fcer of Gc"imn o^itt.^ time In L o m\ \\s.s I c r water This tea" was a sad Evening a On the Porch of Your Own Home For the Entire Family --that's exactly what a -well fuuushecl porch means Let us x up your porch It will cost verv little to hai e us do it m elegant style 1 and you may pay on very easj terms arranged to suit your convert- See our Porch Sets, consisting of Setee, Rocker ana Chair Starting m price as low as $S 75 up to magnificent Cretonne Tpliolstered Fibre Sets similar to the picture as low as 1-i5 00 Included m our big display of Poroh Furniture you'ss find Rockers as low as $1 95, Swings as low as ?2 95, Chans, Tables, Stands, Lamps, Shades--in fact, everything you need at amazingly lo^, prices It's the Heal Thing The most popular design ever placed on the market (not an imitation cheaply gotten up for competitive purposes) We reiterate, without fear of contradiction--IT S THE GREATEST VAIAJE IN AMERICA. 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You Are Always Welcome at Comparisons Alwaj s Proce-- YOU'M, DO BETTER AT ConneHsville's Dost Dependable Furniture Store. roo-i- md the\ til Craned very much frls'i oneil I Jokingly rrm irktd that It nould be fine 11 our airmen hit the o'd prison--the pcreentnBe -wouid be %er\ ·kitisfuctory--t ne Cn^Iish officer and about ten Geimnn onc: Thev didn t leora to appreciate the joke, houe\er, on 1, inde j d the\ vtere ao blow to the Eiigllsumen If it ludn't bc^n colled tea they %\ouldu t have felt so badly about It perhaps, but It -nax adding Insult to injury to call that stuff ' tea " \\ Inch v itli tliein is almost a n itlonul institution Sometimes v, ith thii meal they gave us butter instead oE jam, und onci, ia a '\hile we had some kind ot canned ment 3 his comprised the usual run of ent- nblos for the day--I can eat more than that for brenkfnst 1 In the dins that ^\«-re to come I learned that I was to f ire considerably worse We nere allowed to send out and buv a few things,' but as most cf the pusonois were without funds this was but an empty privilege Once I took advantage of the privilege to send my shoes to a Belgian shoemaker to be half soled They charged me 20 marks--55' Once in a while n Belgian Ladies' Belief society visited the prison and brought us handkerchiefs American soap--which sells at about $1 50 a bir in Belgium--toothbrushes and other little articles all of which were American made but whether they were supplied by the American relief committee or not I don't know At any rate these gifte _were ml;hty useful and were very much appre- ciated One day I offered a button oit mv uniform to one of these Bulgian ladies as a sotrvenlt, bnt a German gii^trd saw me nnd I wnb never allowed to go near the visitors afterwards The sanitary conditions in this prison camp were excellent as a r,eu eral proposition One night howe 1 er I discovered that I had been cup tured by 'cooties ' This was a uovel experience to me and one that I would ttn\a been very willing to have missed because In the fljing corps our airdromes are a number of miles back of the lines and we have good billets and our acquaint ance with such things as "cooties' and other unwelcome visitors is very limited When I discovered my condition, I made a holler and roused the guard, and right then I got another example of German efflciencj TO BE CONTINUED Keep the little ones healthy and happy Their tender7 sensitive bod-] les require a cooling, healing, harm] less remedy -t j prepare their stomachj for summers heat Hollister's Hocks "\fountam Tea is reliable and safe] thoro but not injurious SSc,--Coal nellsvjlle Drug Co---Adv. If Ton TTant SometWig Advertise for it In oar classified col' man One cent a word. PETKT By C. A. VOIGHT

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