Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 4, 1976 · Page 10
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 10

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 4, 1976
Page 10
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Sunday Gazette-Mail, Sunday, July 4, FAD'S July 4th Celebration "4 DAYS ONLY" FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY AND MONDAY JULY 4th 1:00-5:00 SATURDAY 9:00 to 6:00 MONDAY 12:00 to 5:00 If OUR MOST SPECTACULAR PRICE BUSTING WAREHOUSE FURNITURE SALE HELD IN OUR STORE Fantastic Buying Opportunity For You!!! Frankly we're in a tight spot. Our warehouse is big, but not big enough for the deluge of merchandise that is pouring in on us! Like nearly everyone else in this business we bought more than we should have and now we can't do anything about it! We can't stop load after load of merchandise now coming in. We're bulging at the seams . . . and more shipments are arriving daily! We've crammed our floors more than full, and cut prices to the limit for quick sale! We're counting on your ability to recognize real bargains and to help yourself to fabulous savings . . . and help us get out of this real jam! This July 4th Celebration lasts for 4 days only so hurry in and help us make some elbow room! IMPORTANT M m ^^·^^····1 Doorbuster 3 Pc. U p h o l - stered bar ensemble. 88°° C-D ·^^^·^····B Doorbuster C a n e B e n t wood rockers. 88''° C.D I^^^^^IHMH^^H Doorbuster SI.\fJER a l l wood cocktail or hex tables w i t h h a m - mered brass. 33°" C-D ^^^···^^·^···Mi Doorbuster STRATO- L O t T N G E R 3 position recliner. 9500 C-D mmmmmmm^mmf^^^^^ Doorbuster -5 HOOVER Dial-A-Matic V a c u u m v leaner 79 9U C-D CHARLESTON STORE NOTICE: IN COMPLIANCE WITH F.T.C. GUIDELINES FAD DOES NOT U S E P R I C E C O M P A R I S O N S SUCH AS "REG. PRICE," "COMPARE AT" ETC. WE FEEL INTELLIGENT COMPARISON SHOPPERS CAN READILY SEE THE DIFFERENCE AT FAD. DUNBAR SHOWCASE Doorbuster #6 ' QUASAR 12" portable solid state TV 89 90 C-D ^^^^·^^·^·^^^^·^^^ Doorbuster *7 O.K. 17" color portable black matrix tube. 3 29'0 C-D ^^^^MHMMMHMMMM Doorbuster £8 19Cu.Fr.G.E. s i d e b y s i d e Frost-free refrigerator freezer. 49990 C-D ··^^^^^^······H Doorbuster ^9 SINGER t r i - ple dresser 3 pc. bedroom suite 299'JO C-D Doorbuster = 10 Hi b a c k Co- I lonial rocking I chairs. C-D .. , . LIVING ROOM , B e a u t i f u l r o m e i n p i i r a n rierculon ( " .-ola. chair ik loveseal on easier . . . . B K O Y H I L L b l u e c n i \eKet h a n d i u ' l l " I'd M i l d A: loU'Seat ( HKSTM 'I ( HKKK vehet print si- 1 depillow I'nliniiiil '.'pc ( -I) ( -1.) 1) 'pillow colonial'- pc. K H O K H I . K H broun colonial weed - pc-.-uite S T K A T F ( J H I ) ( u l n n i i i l Herculon uinji sola loveseai ; . . K K O K H I . K H iraditional sola ^ love- seal sidepillow ( I . V l J K 1 ' K A H S U N c o n t e m p o r a r y 1 "' hand tied sola I .|j In pe. wrap around corduioy pit ;;roup i , H0\\ K l(«i: broun prim colonial^ pc. ,-uite . K K O K H I . K H lar^e r«l lloral n\lmi J pc. colonial.-nile . ' I K A T K O H I ) iniilleil paich^ork colonial - p\ nii(- . KOX solid oak Milil. chair, ^tables. . YOUR CHOICE K H O K H I . K H t r a d i t i o n a l or modern sofas or loveseats 388"" 688°° 550"" 333"" 444"° 388"" 388"° 550"" 550"" 450"" 388"" 399 9 " (10 178 NOTE: This in only a sample of the many extraordinary bargains waiting t'nryou at FAD. SLEEPER SOFAS JAMISON black M'nyl 11 leeper I Pa 165"" 175"" 165°° 288°° 85°" 85"" ccoo oo I M P O R T A N T : All Oaystrom and fhromecraft dinettes on Sale !or t h i s event. l.o\e-eal sleepers in M m 1 - H e n u l o n SIMMONS llercuion dayhwl- (Meep '11 ' I ' u l l m a n coli'iiial llerculoii^Ieeper . DINETTES CHAIRS RECLINERS Kull si/e l u r chaise lounge, ^uld or black Kaimnis MON'K 1.AIK hi-hih-k heavy elvel chain- 77"" ,90 119 yo o , S ' I K . A T O I . O l M i K K I I.OM-M I' Herculon recliner U S ' I K A ' I O i . O l M ' K K ( U l S K - l I 1 beinevinvl recliner M)TH: THIS IS OM.V A I ' t R T I A I . I.ISTIV;. M A M ( I T I I K R CHAIRS. K O C K K K S \ \ n H K C U N K K S A R K M A I 1 K K I ) 1)1)« NFdlt I M M K I H V r K S A L K . BEDROOM S I . V i K K M e d i t e r r a n e a n pecan. !i drawer triple dresser, mirror, chesi on che.-l and headboard BKOYHILI. honey pine triple dresser, hutch mirror, chest on chest and a cannonball bed. I only \\ KBB d;u'k pinedresei. minor, chest on chesi and headboard KKOVH11.I. honey pine t r i p l e dresser, hutch mirror. ." drawer cbet. headboard and lootboard Oak Hnish plastic topdoubledresser, mirror, "i drawer chest, headboard and lomboard HASSKTT w a l n u t u i t h oak trim, triple dressei and minor. larj;echest and nook case head board \ \ K B B heavy dark pine triple door drtw-er. lunch mirror, che.-l on chest andcannonhall bed 488°" |9() "" 399 -"' DINING ROOM BKOMIII.I. Mediterranean pecan s. P{\ d i n i n g room i n c l u d i n g .'ill inch lighted china, table, "i side chairs. I arm chair Sl.MiKK counliy oak finish .s pe. din- hij; room, ."ill inch lighted china, table, "i side^liairsand I arm chair HASSKTI a n t i q u e w h i t e S pc. dinins room, "in inch lighted china, table. ' side chairs. I arm chair BKOYHIl.i. honey pine extra heavy table. 1 arm chair arrow back. ~ side chairs and china ..,. 499 577 588"" 877"" DAMAGED DIMNG ROOM Sl'ITES IT TO 507, OFF Dl '\BAROM.Y TABLES ' . hark w a l n u t , all wond pla-tic top la- bles. \ o u r choice, cocktail tables and M f\u end tables 49 /· ,. I.ANK oil w a l m i t . all wunl cocktail .. .. . 1 " 1J tables and end tables - . 55 _U HASSKTI Mediterranean pecan t i n - ish dom cocklai! table, hex commode anil square I'ommodc S l . M i K K a l l wood, o a k l i n i s h w i t h hammered bras- Him cocktail lable and hex lamp table, 'lourchoice .. . i ( ,», 33"" l)AMA(;i.l) AM) DISCONTIM l-:i)T\l5l.i:S.IK)()R| COCKTAIL I A H I . I ' S I I K X C O M M O D K - S O l \RI I COMMODK. \U. FINISHES IN D I N H V K STORI.I OM.V. PRICKI) I ROM 15.00 TO -10.00. SOLI) ASl IS.KI.OORSAMI'I.KS. I APPLIANCES ( i . K . K e l r i ^ e r a t o r . e p a r a l e Ireexer comparliiient. storage bin (i.K. undercounterdihwa.-her . . . . ( i . K . l r o n l loaddislmasliercomerliblc lo undercounter w i t h (i.K. exclusive pnl scrubber f e a t u r e (i.K. automatic washer, multi-cycle including permanent pns. lint filter, porchelaintuh :ill inch (i.K. electric raiijjc. lill oil oven (IcHir lor easy cleaning ·'iUinchl i.K. electric ranjie w i t h continuous clean oven IS c u . I t . ( i . K . relii!;eraior-liee/er. cmnplelely Imst-lree extra larjje /ero decree I ree/er lil cu. It. (i.K. side-by-ide refrigerator-1 ree/er. Irosllree. power sa\er switch, cantilever adjustable shelves, imrcelain interior i , / · (i.K. commercial diver.·'! heals.signal [ ' l li«ht ' / -III inch electric riinjie. i'\'en windo\\ \ oven lijtht. clock i\: oven l i m e i . . s t - orage drawers. I slorafjecompartment, lilt oil oven door, deluxe U .'id inch (i.K. electric ran^e. pyrolitic self cleaning oven, clock, oven timer, window A: oven lijiht. storage drawer, iimedekrtric out let. deluxe. 1 only . jj. c MICHOU A\'K Oven, save up In Til', mi electric cookinf: III.UIHI BTl air conditioner. II."] volt. Ill position tliermifrtai. air ex clumber. ;i|)tctls. deluxe Iront TfilHlBTl aircmlditinner. l l ~ m i l t . k x - antteaiher|)ii»ifcase. HI position ther- niosl al.:! speeds, ai r exchanger, del HX e -l.tKHl BTl canycool air conditioner. l l S v i i l t . 4 nnlv 199"° 199 90 219 9 " 219"" 179 9 " 900'''" '-^7Q 9() *J · ~s i, / · 179"" 299 9 " 278 !!() 209 W 99^«) FURNITURE APPLIANCE r WAREHOUSE SHOWCASE Charles Avenue, Dunbar CHARLESTON STORE 811 Virginia St. W. By Westside Underpass six WAYS TO BUY AT FAD · CASH ·REVOLVING CHARGE ·BANKAMERICARD ·MASTER CHARGE ·C.O.D. . Open Weekdays 10 to 9 Saturday Sunday I t o 5 1^! inch (i.K. per.-onal. portable I A .. inn 1 , solid Mate 17 inch (i.K. color portable'I \. aulo- malic line tuning, cusimn picture control, in line black m a t r i x picture lube ( i . K . i'l-iiu-h console color '{\ . anlo- m a l i c l i n e l u n i i i f ! w i t h cu.-tom one loud) lulling..'ilUKKivnlt pirliirepower l"i inch (i.K. portiible T\ . antenna, carrying handle 1^ inch (i.K. portable, l l ' i \olt A( -1J Milt. IX lor use in cars. vans, campers. · trailers, battery pak optional I I A K 1 ) \ \ l( h a p a r t m e n t sixe na.- ranse. automalic pilot.- l i l t oil top lor easy cleaning :ili inch I I A K I l U l( l\ yt- ran^e. automatic pilot, l i l t oil ranjie top. Morale compartment 79"" 329"" 549 9 " per . . . : .................... M A C K ( H K r' : in inches ran ;;c. auto- malic pilot, l i l t nil' raise top A. men ·:looi. l i u i l t in-:yliii}! ............ M A l i l l ( I I K F ::n inch eleciric ranjje. i-lock \ limer. lilt oil top t V oven door. ' built in.-lylin! ................ («i inch ( ONSdl.K S'IKKKl). Mediterranean cabinet, record pla\er. tape player. AM/ KM slereoHAlJl(') ____ MOTOROLA Ul ASAK 1^ inch portable'^ . Hill 1 , .-olid M a t e ......... i r i c n . l t . ( H K S T K H K K X K K holds up to ."i^.") Ids. frn/.en liiod. delrost drain, ba-ket. M only aicu.l'l. ( HKSTr'HKK/KK holdup to TIHI Ib.-.. del rid drain. '1 hii-ket.-. lock. -I only . I!) inch MACNAVOX color'IV. I m r , .-olid state. Inrniture .-ulin^. remote control, maple, pine, ualiuit cabinets . H!inrh..\IA' t .NAVOX portable'^ 119"" 129 9 " 189 9 " 79«« 219"" 219"" 188"" 89"" 269"" 299"" ^."i inch M A ( i N A \ 0 . \ color coa-nle 'IA . l i K r . solid state, lilwk matrix pio- - t u r e t i i b e for brighter pictures MACNAYUX .-tereo W inch cabinet. Mediterranean pecan or maple Karly American, record player. AM/KM sler- eo radio, cS track tape player \ KOI'KK norlahle jjas ^'HII complete w i h stand, lank, pressure regulator, hose, etc \ \ h i t e \ \ KSTIMilKH SK lolh.aiiid- inaiir wither w i t h '1 speeds, nmltiplo cycles including permanent press, lint f i l t e r , t e m p e r a t u r e and water level .controls :.' ASKAIOUT OUI $500 INSTANT OBIT 89"" 539"" 34990 179"" 259""

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