Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 23, 1974 · Page 2
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 2

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 23, 1974
Page 2
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t\ June 23,1974 Seat Belts Double Chances By -Mario* Wells Director, .4autrifa» Fvuro/ Reearrb Institute Tens of thousands of lives are lost and over a million more people are injured in tralfic accidents each year. Cars are now equipped with ; simple devices which could ' double your chances of surviving an accident, according to 1 -.the National Safety Council. If ; 'we all used than constantly, we. could prevent up to 10,000 -deaths and countless injuries ; -annually. These devices are called safety belts, and sur- .-v£ys indicate that perhaps only one in three riders is buckling the lap variety and even fewer are using shoulder straps. ARCs of Health What are the benefits of buckling up? Over-all, you're five times more likely to survive a crash if you're not ; [thrown out of your car, the very thing seat belts are de' signed to prevent. You're also · 'more likely to stay conscious enough to get yourself out of [harm's way if you're strapped . in. A safety belt will keep you \behind the wheel so you can ·maneuver your car out of a ' small accident before it becomes a major one. Belts are . easily unfastened. · ; The National Safety Council [·claims that when seat belts ·[are properly worn, they help [·you in ordinary driving. The · [ belts hold you securely in your [-seat while steering around " · '. corners, keep you from bounc- . ing off the car roof when you · -.bump over holes or dips and . - [ h e l p to lessen f a t i g u e by ; [ · promoting good driving pos[ ture. .;· What if you're pregnant? '-The American Medical Assn. -.*; recommends that pregnant ^·I women wear seat belts, and i'; survival statistics for both ·': · mother and baby seem to f a- ·' I vor doing so. · · Suppose you're a good driv- '-./!. er and have never been in an · - - accident? TheNational'Safety "'-'. Council says four out of five '* ; accidents involve drivers with v' a previously unspotted re- I', cord! Besides, who can con\ '- trol what the other guy does? Did you say you do most of or cfaest. Buckle your children in! What's the best way to buckle up? Babies and small children are safer in the back seat. Children's safety restraints should be securely fastened to either the structure of the car itself or to a seat belt attached to the structure. For infants, a firm car crib or bassinet with plenty of pillow or blanket padding is most desirable. Straps across the crib's top well above the infant's hbs and pelvis will help cut the chances of ejection. Special seats or restraints are available for children between the ages of 1 and 5. If you get one of these be sure it is firmly attached .to the car structure. Standard belts won't do because the lap variety exerts too much pressure on youngsters below 40 pounds and shoulder belts may hit a child or an especially short person across the neck or face in a crash. Standard lap belts may be used starting at age 4, or 5, but stick a hard cushion underneath the youngster. Be sure rear and center seats are equipped with belts. When fastening standard belts, safety experts advise straightening up and keeping the lap belt low, over the hip bones rather than the abdominal cavity. Leave no more than the space of a thumb between the belt and your body. You should barely be able to get your fist between the shoulder strap and you. The Society of Automotive Engineers has set seat belt s t a n d a r d s for strength, stretch, release and ease of adjustment. A label with the seal of the American Seat Belt Council or Underwriters' Laboratories means the belt in question meets this standard. * * * IN THE future, cars may refuse to start uakss safety belts are fastened. Many ears are now equipped with lights and buzzers to bug you into buckling. States may pass laws making it illegal not to strap yourself in. Yet ia last analysis, the initiative still lies with you. When you consider that 90 per cent'of highway aeckteats involve driver error and it's isepossatote to keep all the poor drivers off the road, it's obviously no longer enough to be fit to drive. You're more sure to arrive if you're also fit to rjde. Haste Lays Waste ORJUO VISTA, Ffcu *AP - A thief who robbed a grocery market dropped a cash register oa bis fool daring the beist and ikaped away with $40 in cash and a sore foot, polke say. The store's manager, Donald Leroy George, told police that the store was closed and he was stocking roerchandise Thursday evening when he heard a rock George said be saw a yo»»g waa dasfe into toe store and grab the fceavy cash register, ia his haste, tite man fumhted aad dropped it oe his foot. He thec grabbed a haadf«1 of cash art hobbled out the door; Police sow arrested a suspect whom they found a btoek away nursing his foot and counting $40 in small change. flkfttva DUE TO THE READY TO WEAR ORIG. SALE 1 Spring Coot 50.00 25.00 2 Tweed Coots 50.00 25.00 2 Spring Short Coats 50.00 25.00 1 Short Polyester Coat 56.00 25.00 COAT SALON--Sscond Floor INTIMATE APPAREL ORIG. SALE 60 pcs. Lingerie, slips, ponts 355-9.00 1.00-4.99 3BlackG^wns 15.00 9.99 36 pcs. Sample lingerie 2.00-10.50 ' 1.00-5.25 LINGERIE-Second Floor 6 Bra Slips 8.00 4 99 57 Famous Brand Bras 250-6.00 99'-199 14 Pantie Girdles special purchase 3.99 FOUNDATIONS--Second Floor House Cuts Viet Aid, Food Stamps WASHINGTON (AP)-The House cut financial aid to South Vietnam and Cambodia your ^driving close to horrie ' : underthe Food for Peace pro- and at low speeds? -- as many gram, then voted to prevent 'as two out of three traffic fatalities happen no more than 25 Jniles from home, and over half the accidents involving i n j u r i e s occur at impact speeds of less than 40 miles per hour; 1 '·-.-.. · ' " ' "' . concerned v No t-pne small ; ' ' " receiving adequate protec- tioji^according. to a leading pediatrician: Just braking to a sudden" stop can be responsi- -ble'for causing a child to topple if he isn't strapped in. A child held on someone's lap in the front seat may be shoved against the instrument panel in a collision. A youngster may also be. torn from an adult's arms and thrown out of a windshield window or door. If the same belt is used for adult and child, the grown-up's weight may shove the strap right into the child's abdomen NORELCO SHAVER CLINIC SHAVERS BROUGHT IN BY JUNE 24 THRU JUNE 28th MAY BE PICKED UP BY JUNE 29TH · COMPLETE MOTOR OVERHAUL · CLEAN-UP · TUNE-UP 5.95 REG. 8.95 PLUS TAX Cordless Shavers 2.00 extra. HEADS/CORDS/CLEANERS AVAILABLE Here's what we'll do; a complete motor overhaul; replacement of all necessary motor ports: brushes, coils or rotors. Plus regular cleaning, oiling and adjusting. Don't miss this repair special. Bring in your shaver Monday. ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS NEW SHAVING HEADS 11.95 CORDLESS SHAVERS 2.MEXTIA MEN'S DEPT.-Street Floor INF ANTS-TODDLERS some college students from receiving food stamps but refused to deny them to strikers Friday. After these actions on a series of a m e n d m e n t s , the House concluded a QVa-hour i session and passed a \ .$13;4-biliion agriculture, envi- · ronmental and consumer pro- ' lection appropriation by a ; 278-16 vote. The bill now goes \ to the Senate. By 169-147, the House rejected an amendment, offered by Rep. William Dickinson, R- Ala., which would have banned food stamps for most strikers. Later, by 195-123, the House approved an amendment, proposed by Rep: John B. Anderson, R-I11., designed to bar food stamps for college students aged 18 or over who are claimed by their family as a dependent child for federal in 1 come tax purposes. 6 Toddler Girl Short Sets 5.00 14 Toddler Boys Knit Shirts 2.50 50 Toddler Boys Knit Shirts 2.75-3.75 InfantsAoddlers-- Third Floor PRETEENS 28 pr. Preteen Jeans 9.00 55 pcs. Preteen Tops .6.00-15.00. 32 Preteen Dresses 17.00-24.00 19 Preteen^Coveralls .-.·...--.-.- 14.00 56 Preteen Nylon Jackets...,, 6.00-8.00 v r The Cager-Third Floor BOY'S WEAR 38 pr. Cuffed Plaid Pants.·, A 9.00 60 Short Sleeve Shirts : . . . . . . . . . . 4.50-6.00 25 pcs. Swimwear : 5.50 20 Sleeveless Knit Shirts '. 4.6Q 20-Jr. "Boys' Cuffed Pants 7,50 20 Jr. Boy's Numbered Short Sleeve S.hjrts '25 pr. Young_M.6n's Cuffed Plaid Panti;.15:00 30 pr. Young Men's Cuffed Plaid.;Pants 14.00 BOY'S WEARAREND.SHOP-Third Floor girl's permanent press tennis clothes 1.90 to 5.90 orig. 2.75 to 8.50 Select from shorts, tops, skirts and jackets. Sizes 4 to 14. GIRL'S WEAR--Third'Floor 50 Prs. Girls Jeans SHORTS 3.90 orig. 530 Keep her cool and comfortable with these easy care Jean shorts Navy or white denim. Sizes 7 to 14. GIRLS' WEAR-Third Floor girl's knit camisole tops 2 for 5.00 orig. 3.49 Select from a host of pastel prints. Sizes S-M-L and 7 to 14. GIRLS' WEAR--Third Floor ladies' slips and briefs .49 to 3.90 orig. 89' to 6.00 Assorted styles and easy to care for fabrics. Broken sizes. LINGERIE--Street Floor group of necklaces and earrings 2.00 mem White and gold finishes. Beads, ropes, pendants and earrings. JEW^RY--Street Floor ||f]$!$M '. "':·: ''}.'""?' .K'"·':· .'·j" 1 :'." ·%:·. ' ·/''' :-;...·,:· ":·. · ·-.·»'··· .:."."'. ··."....'...-.,*;.!.-·- ·- ·· ·'*·«. '· ··· ·;-·-·,,···';··*,- ,f.vf.:'.j£ .-.. ,.ji...-v«. i v/iv£.v-W* tfAAvv.Mw'vwhM^-...*.WAv^Kw^ SAVE MONDAY 10 AM. TO 9PM. ;;?^K»!^*iAxisi;-:'SM'i : i.^;^:i^ 3.34 1.50 2.00 3.90 3.90-9.90 10.90-15.90 8.90 3.90 FINAL CLEARANCE 180 PRS. SUMMER SHOES ORIGINALLY PRICED 18.00-30.00 5.90 7.90 9.90 Stock your footwear wardrobe now with smart summer styles that are so comfortable and pretty for summer wearing. Variety of styles and colors. So shop early for the best selection. SHOE SALON--Street Floor DOWNSTAIRS STORE FOR LADIES ORIG. 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SALE 125 pcs; Ironstone; open -stock 1.90-8.75 75'-2.00 75 pcs. Stemware.......!.' 1.50-2.50 70'-90' 85 pcs. Silverplate flatware, open stock i , V 3.00-8.25 r 75'-100 HOSTESS SHOP-Mezzanine 8 G.E. Deluxe Mixmasters .37.95 29.88 4 NescS Electric R o a s t e r s . . . ; . . . . . . . . 49.95 : '28.88 5 Webr£ye|sCook Sets ... { 59.95 34.88 [ Aire Fresheners..: 12.88 9.88 ' HOUSEWARES--third'Floor ",V . ' 78 misses' long sleeve blouses 5.90 and 6.90 orig. 12.00-16.00 Assorted easy to care for fabrics and pretty colors. Misses sizes. '·SPORTSWEAR--Second Floor just 47 cool junior dresses 5.90 to 10.90 orig. 18.00-30.00 Assorted cool Junior styles. Shop early .for best selection. Sizes 5 to 13. JUNIOR COLONY-Second Floor over 150 pieces misses' separates 4.00 to 16.90 oriq. 8.00-25.00 Jackets, Pants, Skirts, Vests, Shorts in a host of solids, prints and stripes. Misses sizes. 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Stock up now of savings. i 14 Bombi Pillow Kits, reg. 1.99 ·* ART NEEDLEWORK-Third Floor 36 prs. men's polyester golf slacks 14.90 orig. 20.00 Look cool and comfortable on the green with these easy to care for golf slacks. Broken sizes. MEN'S WEAR-Street Floor ; 1--

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