The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 31, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1918
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MATT 31, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEUjSVUXB, PA. PAGE FIVI3. NEWS OF THE DAY AT MT. PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED memorial Day is Formally Observed by Robert Warden Post. ADDRESS (BY GREENSBBRGER [HIE rABAMOHNT. '"EHB BELOVED TRAITOR," Goldwyn|feature, in which Mae Marsh, Known as the girl with a thousand faces, ia seen in the loading role. Is being shown today. The eternal conflict of country and city, of innocence and guile, of ambition and dissipation, is the theme of tils film play. Mae .Marsh, has the role of a Village girl who inspires the man she loves Grates of Soldiers ! to ao great things, only to be forgot- IB Local and Jfearby Cemeteries; Town Takes on I'atrioUc Appear. MCU; Gndiaie Sarses Entertained. Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, May SI.--Yesterday morning promptly at 10 o'clock the Robert Warden Post, G. A. R., and the Spanish war veterans, led by the Municipal band, marched to the cemetery, «here the following program w *u" carried out: Music, Municipal band; prayer, Her. J. E. Hartman; reading o£ Lincoln's Gettysburg address; address, G. W. Barron, Greeusburg; music, Municipal band; beendlcuon, Rev. S. E. Fulmer. Immediately after tlie program, the graves of old solfiiers were decorated. Uetalls were made up of men from the G. A. R. to decorate soldiers' graves in the Middle, St. John's, Pairview, Greenlick and German Baptisit cemeteries. The homes and business nouses along the line of parade -were "decorated. Dinner Tarty. Kearney Harcom, Clayton Tqrrence and Bob McGiHin gave a chicken and ·waffle diner at the Posey hotel for the class of 1918 of the Memorial hospital training school--Miss . Violet Firmstone, Miss Porsynhe, Miss Mildred Brooks, Miss Grace Bro»ks, Miss Ella Hraba, Miss Ethel Mason and Miss Ella Hiion. Mrs. Charles Pag- gely chaperoned the party. John Hartigan of Pitlsburg, is the guest of his brother, Joseph Hartigan. Mrs. Lucinda Miller of Groensburg, is the guest of friends hare. Mr. and Jljg. S. W. Lindsay of Swissvale: spent Thursday with friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Gaffney :tnd family of Madison, are the guests ot Mrs. Gaft- ney's parents, Mr. and Mrs. JcSia Leonard. ten by him In his great triumph. How the unassuming maid of the Maine seacoast settlement overcomes overwhelming odds is developed in the beautiful production made by Goldwyn. In this production Miss Marsh is presented in a role absolutely different from any she baa as yt ever essayed. Throughout the play runs a strong strain of symbolism, typified by the beacoa which warns mariners off the rockbound coast of Maine, whrr* a jwtion of the action takes place. In a smashing climax "The Be.oved Traitor" takes rank with the powerful dramas of the year. Miss Marsh is again given an opportunity to prove herself to be an emotional actress of poise and depth. In the* last episode of the picture she is a woman aflame with, primitive passion to fight for the man she loves. Others in the cast are E. K. Lincoln, George Pawcett, Hedda Hopper and Bradley Barker. A Christy comedy is included. ABCABE THEATRE. Meyersdale. MEYERSK-tLE, May 31--Mrs. Charles Garleti and little daughter o£ Berlin visited at the home ol the former's undo and aunt. Mr. and ilrs. John Stacer, several days, during the iliss Hester Meyers has returned from a week's visit with friends In Baltimore. Miss Julia Short, who tad been employed as a milliner at Staunton, Ya., Las returned home to speisd the summer with her parents. Mi. and Mrs. John B. Short Mrs. Samuel "Wetmiller and daughter, Miss Irene Hummel of Salisbury, were callin- on friends heie Tuesday. Mrs. Ma 1 Tet Adams of Johnstown is a guest at the home of her son-in- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. George Miller. J. F. Reich has returned from a business visit in Plttsburg Kilgore's Beaus and Belles at the Arcade theatre this week sure have a show a little different from the usual run of tabloid shows, and the answer is they are playing to crowded houses every performance. The comedy is handled by two capable comedians; the chorus work hard each time they appear. The show is well named "A Night Out," for it is a scream from start to finish. The scenery is brand new and the lighting effects add greatly to the show. This company will change the bill again today, presenting a new show entitled "Winning a Wife." The feature with the Baby 0;Bri«n. ting over a song she sure does know how to do it a lot better than some grown people. "The Woman in the l '.Vcb" picture is "holding its own when' it comes to thrills. Thii picture will j bo shown every Wednesday and ] Thursday. Friday and Saturday will be a special feature Pox corned/. Next week Gus Shy and his wonderful bunch of widows. show is dainty little When It comes to put- A Suecessfsl Remedy. All things succeed which really deserve to--which nil a real need, which prove their worth. The tact that the famous old root ar.d herb remedy, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Cam- pound, has for three generations been relieving women of this country from v,orst forms of female ills and has won such, a strong place in our American homes proves its merit beyond the question of doubt. It will well pay any woman who is in need of such a medicine to try it.--Adv. Corps Completed. The teaching staff of the North OBPHEITX THEATRE. "SON OP HIS FATHER," a Paramount production featuring Charles Eay, is the attraction at the Orpheum today. Also Mack Sennett comedy, "Those Athletic Girls." Confluence. CONFLUENCE. May 31.--The Decoration Day exorcists proved vary suce-isful here yesterday, everything being, carried out as planned. Charles Thomas of Connellsville, who has been visiting his parents at Markleysburg for several weeks, was here yesterday on his way to Con- nellsirillo. He expects soon to be called for the army. ilr. and Mrs. M. M. Royston and daughter Alta visited friends at Gar- rctt over Decoration Day. Mrs. John Grouse and baby of Connellsville, have returned home after a visit with her parents, Mr. and ilrs. C. M. Sanner. P. E. Vincent ot Fort Hill, was among those who attended the exer» cises here yesterday. Roy Greer has returned to his home in Ypungstown, 0., after a visit here with friends. Eev. H. G. Trimmer has gone to Indian Creek and Normaisviile to visit friends. Minor Fordyce of Somerfleld, was hero yesterday on his way to Con- Union high school for the coming term was made complete Wednesday J aelisviiie on business. at a meeting of the school directors b y j Mrs. Rufus Augustine and daughter the election of Miss Patricia Locke.! Louise are visiting friends at Addlson Two grade teachers, Miss -Margaret j and Listonburg. Massy and Miss Johnson wire also cicctfd. The tax millage lias bten (Kcd at 15 mills. Our Dependence Oa Iron. In the attack--when it's time to "buck the line"--when our own boys must go "ovar-the-top," much dependence will be placed in the iron-tank. In the same way real men--men with a "punch"--have come to place their dependence on iron in a new form, ton is easily assimilated within the body if taken in the form of tablets, called "Iron- tic." These "Irontie" Tablets were experimented with by Doctor Pierce and his assisting Physicians at the Surgical Institute-in Buffalo, N. Y.. and are formed of iron and herbal extracts that are easily taken up by the oiood. The blood corpuscles take on a rich color and the whole system feels the effect. Instead of feeling dull, dumpish, blue, "nurves on edge," tired before your work is balf doae, you feel rejuvenated, fresh biood, rich in iron, cwirses thru your body. You have " pep," vim and vigor. The nerves are fed on rich, red blood, and men have tba steady nerves, the wallup, the fighting force, These " Irontic" tablets arc to be had in sixty-cent vials at most drag stores. If you wist* to test them send tea cents to the Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y., and get a trial Try tham BOAT! Harvey Greer and family are moving to Connellsville, where they will reside in the future. Louis Ream of Roi'.kwood, visited bis mother here yesterday. Castries Glover, an employe of Contractor i. 'W. Clouse, is visiting bis family in Fricndsvllle, Md. itiss Blanche Reiber has returned from a visit with fremds at Cereal. Emmert Miller, who was visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Miller here, has gone to Plttsburg, from where he will go to New York state to enter a training camp. Mr. and Mrs. Silas Hlleman left Wednesday for a several days visit with friends at« Braddock, Wilkinsburg, HcKecsport and .McKees Hoekb. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Walker of Republic, are visiting friends here. -Mr. and Mrs. E. E. HcDonald and adopted daughter, Kathryn Wilson, lefi Wednesday for a 10 day trip through Iowa and Colorado. Colwell Yoonkln has returned from a visit with his family at Connellsville. Grover Cooway ot Pittsburg, Tisit- ed his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Conway, here a few days this week. He has returned to Ptttsbvirg preparatory to leaving for a training camp. Mrs. Ben Brown left Wednesday for a visit with friends at Connellsville. Thomas Little, who has been ill lor several weeks, still remains In about the same condition. Ohiopyk. OHIOPYIiE, May SI.--Mrs Ella Potter ot Philadelphia is spending a few days here visiting relatives and friends. Miss May Raffertr is spending a few days at Cumberland visiting relatives. Scott Shipley and wife of Pittsbnrg, have been visiting lelativcs here the cast week. DAVIDSON'S The Store Ahead. Highest Quality. Lowest Prices. The United States Food Administration Says: Do your bit by eating no more than six pound products a month. What you save will be sent to ou r Boys and our Allies over there. ' ' We Will Save You Money Good Potatoes, pfc. Lima Beans, Ib. Nuvy Beans Ib. Bed Kidney Beans, Ib. Pinto Beans, Ib. Alice Baked Beans, can 15c Van Camps Baked Beans, can 17c Sugar Corn, can -- 14c Early June Peas, can ISc Small cans Tomatoes ISc Good Laundry Soap, 7 barsJSic Silver Gloss Soup, 5 bars 25c Gold Dust, large pkg. 2,'Jc Old Dutch Cleanser, can Sc Large bottle Bluing lOc Dunham's Cocoanut, box f)c Vanilla or Lemon, bottle -- lOc 25 Ibs. Flour J1.4S 10 Ib sack Corn Meal »5c Boiled Oats, boi 10e 'White Corn Flour, Ib. L_9c Barley Flour, Ib. 8c Rye Flour, Ib. »c Pure Cocoa (loose). !b. . Large cans Pet Milk Small cans Hebe Milk _ Seeded Raisins, plcg. Extra good Prunes, Ib. . _12c _ oc -lie _13c Evaporated Peaches, Ib. 13c Fancy Pared Poaches Ib. 2ftc Large jar Apple Buttor 27c Large jar Preserves 3Se Catsup, bottle ISc Ex. choice Santos Coffee, lb_20c Our Fresh Meat Department is Always Busy--There's a Reason--Call and See. The Best Oleomargarine in the City at the Lowest'Prices. Diamond A, per pound SOo I Moxley's Daisy, Ib. S4c Buckeye, Ib. 82o | Moxley's Special, Ib. 30c Kingnut, the best spread lor bread, per pound, 34c. J. R. DAVIDSON CO. "THE STORE THAT DOES THDfGS FOR YOU" 109 WEST MAIN STREET, PA. Doctor said, "Bio-feren had done wonders for her."-- Cose 1714--School twichcr: H«c^enc«--Ke tucky; aevqrv operation: IWt her "sra tele, nervoou; low vitality- Fhycician r«com- mended Blo-f«ran. Two week*' treatment Bhowed rvmbrkabU) Improvement. Doctor reported, 'T3io-far«n bad done wonders for bat 1 * Another c«a*--PennsrlTantan, rejiortB: "I hare tolna aJJout oo»-hai£ of ta* Blo-faren p*ll»ta and rau*t coofeM that I fvel lUto u«w. r * A Keatucfclan woman atiya: "I have t*kan Bio-fe«d regnJarfy and fec much benefited. I 1 am u»e my anna much bettor. However, can cot get my bands to my head *ufficlenUy to comb ocy hair, but I feel that I will *ooa be ab]« to do that" Tou want th« vigorous health and ruddy baauty thn.t ta depcad«at on strength, nerves acd red blood. Bvorjbody does. Read tho*« reports abave^ Affaln. Tou, toe, if you are dragged down la health aod. strength beciuiae ot overwork, worry, nerves, and similar catuea can rebuild your health and ·trcngth with 3210-fcren. It U Dot a stimulant. It Id a builder--a fcujidar oJ better haolth. Bio-feren contains notne of th« best tacredient» known to the medico] world, and Is indicated for the tteatmuni of run-down condition* dua to overwork, worry, anaemia, melancholia, nervous debility, debUltr followlna infection! dlecaaea, convaie»c«nce from acatt fenrerfl, etc. There Is no flccret nor mystery about Bto-feven. Ehrwy package ehows the elements It contains. .Aak your phjnlclan about It, or have him wrtta and we wtll send him complete formula. And don't forset that BEo-fareo Is aold onty oa condition, that you will return the empty ptt.cJtag'e and aliow us to refmnl your purofauce price tf, tor aay reason, you are net tally satisfied. Please War that In mtad for It hi very Important. "Jlo-feren sells at fl 30 for a larm package. Tour drujHpist con. supply you or we -wlB Bend It direct upon receipt of 91 «·; alx packBJTea for J5 00, abnld you have any trouble in securing it. 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Bumstead's Worm Syrup A. «*f« ud *nx» B*ia*a7 for Worm*, ·toad tt« tot for M T**r»- EC HSrEm rtXUI. To children i« 1 wa oof a at nurcy. JPLIASAMT TO TAKE. HO JEB8. STO PKTSXC 1TBX1D3C. OB* HM tlllej 132 worms. All am«- WU acilen, or by mall--aSc a Dot C. 3IOTi»ps Frequent. Mrs. Laura Catherine Wertz ot Brownsville filed a libel in divorce "Wednesday in Umontown against George R. "Wertz alleging cruel treatment They -were married in Uniontown September resided since 17, 1006, and have in Connellsville, Brownsville. Kittanning, Charleroi. Cumberland and Washington county. Yough House RESTAURANT Under SETT management. A Clean Quiet Place for Your Family to Bat. As a fitting climax to the biggest month of May and to begin a bigger month of June we have planned Coupon Days for Friday and Saturday with bigger and better values than ever. 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