The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 31, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1918
Page 4
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PAGS FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVIIiJE, K3, , MAY 31, 1918. (Eaiirier. HENIlf r. SNTDKR. FDncc«r and Editor, Tim cormucn coair AKT, SNTDETt. _ _ 11 -',. -JAS. J. DBISCOLU ·»c'r and. Treasurer, Buaiaes* JOHN L. OAKS. ILtnasins 1 Editor. WALTER, S. STIiOCES* City Editor. 41IS3 LYNKE B. K3NCEUX Sotuety Editor. MEMBER OF: Associated Press. Audit Bureau of Circulation, iwo e«nts per copy* 50c 'p*r month; f» per year by mall if paid Jn advance. Cntered aa second class matter at the po»lomc», Connellorflie. Pa. PEIDAT-XTEKIXG, XAT 31, Service P. SHERM-VST. "Hospital Unit L. American Ex* pftdUionarv Force*. Franc*. RAUH y. SL3GEB. Company H. 31»th Infantry. U. 3. N. A- Camp I**e. Petersburg V*. MICHAEL GftBXAUJO, , .KABOU JUCECET, . Battery E. Field -Artillery. 28th Division. U, S. 24. G. · · ULOTI B. cox Company F, 37th Enineers. U. S. A, JFort My«r. Va." .JULIUS CBOUSE, Company E, 15th Engineers ' -(Railway). American Expeditionary Forces. France. JAMES J. aicfAKTllA^D. Company D. _'53rd Enrlneertf, ^Rallvray). Fort Benjamin " * Garrison,' Indlanapo." " · ' - - Us, Indiana. - ' RUSSELT. LENHART. -U."S. S. President Grant. U. S. - - Navy. I.OAFING. In the sundry sections men have risen, and cried, irj ringing tones, that UU« gents should go to prison, or else bestir thetr bones. ' The scheme is good and I indorse it, for every man on deck; should work until he busts his corset, or dislocates his nock. Oh. every corner has its loafer, who will not earn a waye; and* him the village cop should £0 for. and put him in a cage. The man unfit to wield a saber, or carve Teuts with a sword, should try a course of honest labor -- pitch hay or saw a board. There is a place for every sinner wtio has pnc leg 1 and arm, and h'e can darn a. bed and dinner on any moral form Tet husky men are idly standing in town, forever-more, and bold as brass they are demanding a handout at your door. In times of peace they put it over, the coarest stunts frot by; but now all men should put up clover or hunt their holes and die The earnest, butty lads are packing the burdens of this time; and Idleness is truly slacking, and Blacking- Is a crime There's no for "Weary "Willies, their presence is a sin; so let the pe* Jeers take their billies, and run the loafers In. WANTED -- YOUR business. KENDINE'S. BAJtBERINO tt WANTED--PANTRY SMITH HOUSE. CHHL AT J,9may3t WANTED--LADY SECOND COOK at MANHATTAN CAFE. ISraaytJ WiANTED--WAITER AND TWO cooks at once. CUFFS' RESTAURANT. 31 mayS t Tli* AuooUtod Pr*u U ex- eluaiveiy entitled to the use for . republicati oix of all MW* dii- - patches credited to it or not : otherwise cr*4Ited In this paper · and alwo the local n«w» published * herein. WAS DiTEXPET* TO FOOL THE PjEOfXE. UatU after th passing of tfce recent primaries one would gain the iju- precsicm, from reading the Democrai- ic newspapers of the state, that ihe political machine iras to be found among the equipment of no organization except the wicked Republican party, it is interesting and enlightening, therefore, to have the candid admission from, authentic Democratic sourcesThat such is not the case, Thus,* in explaining the causes for the triumph of Judge Eugene C. Bonni- wefll, the Democratic "wet" candidate for nomination for governor, over Joseph P. GuSey, tae "dry" champion, there is a refreshing frank- seas in the declarations of the Bellefonte "Watchman. This consistent exponent of .Democracy of this "fathers" reveals the truth of the situation after the following fashion: ^Joseph F. Guffey, of Pittsburgh represented the arrogant, insolent and impossible machine through which Mitchell Palmer and Vance McCor- xnfck have beea conducting an office brokerage business for a half dozen years, and the result is more a rebuke to those party bosses than an antipathy to their candidate. "The liquor question, had something tofdo" with the result, but not much. Judge Bonnlwell stood upon the traditional theory that each slate should deWmlne Us police powers Cor Itself and that prohibition by amendment of the. federal constitution is an infraction of the rights reserved to the states, a subversion of the principle of home rule. Probably Palmer and Guffey are of the same opin-lon, but a current of popular sentiment swept them, off their feet, and though neither teetotalers nor even temperance ad- Tocates, concessions" to expediency lured them to a declaration in favor of the Prohibition coast! tutional ameadoreat and the people have entered a protest "Every .thoughtful and observing . man realized that opposition to the P-aimer-Mc-Cormick machine was widespread and deep seated. In the history of Pennsylvania politics no boss- · ee had ever before become, as arrogant and in-tolerable. The failure to yield instant and servile obedience to their commands subjected" the oldest and most faithful adherents to the party principles to - part} ostracism and political oblivion. Democrats of the true type will not stand for such cottditioa-i. andL the defeat of Mr. Guf- fey":supp* all the .means and machinery of a degenerate organization, by "a""s cn tlec n an'who had neither machinery nor money behind him, proves" ihe width and depth, of a just resentment." When-we recall that A. Mitchell Palmer, a few days after the primaryi . oast- aside ,the ratification camouflage ths^was used in"a we:rdness and riot ·of fioJor prior^ to the election, and " blandly JtQld the deluded voters that tb.ejeas.on, Bonnlwell won Is because tetDenwerat party is "wot,"-the con- .fesfiloa made by- our Cenier county contemporary is confirmation strong as HolyC;'Wri£'Uiat .tne;,Gaffey candi-: dacy was fnterided^fo' ~tool the'people'j fron the outset.. . ' ' ." The weatherman is sticking to his job-^of making the crops jump thea*- wacjji, humid days, and Jia maJciner *,, life 'n« sticky day after another for tho average citizen, who dislikes to juiwP too vigorously. "WANTED--GIRL. FOR GENKRAL, housework. 502 East Crawford, 31mas"2t "WANTED--SECOND AND THIRD trick cook. Apply B. O. IlESTAUR- ANT. 3lmaySt WANTED -- AX kitchen girt Apply TEA ROOM. EXPERIENCED WEST PENS SflmaySt "WANTED--GtRLS FOR KITCHEN work. MRS. C J. ARMSTRONG. Tough House Restaurant. 17maytt WANTED--GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. Apply 223 South Nitith street. West Side. 30maySt WANTED--WOMAN TO WORK BY the day. Apply 223 South Ninth street. West Side, Greenwood. 30mayt WANTED -- COOL. room, centrally located 432, city. FURNISHED Address Box 30may2t.« WANTED -- GIRLS TO WORK where the bosses have a. smilo. Car fare paid. CONNELLSVILLE SILK COMPANY. £5maytf WANTED -- LABORERS. FORTY cents an hour, nine hour day. NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION CO.. Dickerson Run. 25may6t WANTED--GIRL FOR GENERAL work in confectionery store and lunch room. O F. THOMAS, South Connells- vilie. STmaytfd WANTED--BRICKLAYERS FOR IN- stallatlon of new furnaces .md boiler* best wages. Apply W. A. SIMS, Sllgo IRON STEEL CO. 29may4t WAXTED -- LABORERS. GOOD wages. Steady -work. Apply AMERICAN MANGANESE MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Dunbar, Penna. 18ma,ytl WANTED--MAN TO SWKEP CARS. 11 30 to 10.SO A. M. Good steady position. Apply J-t once to MASTER MECHANIC, West Perm Railways Co. SlmayCt WANTED--RELLVBLE MAN FOR position as salesman to call on or establish business. References required. Answer to "SALESMAN." care Courier, 30may6t* FOR SALE--ICE CREAM PAHLOII complete, all equipment for manufacturing of ice cream. Good trade; mone maker for rf-ht party for SGOO. "E. F. DeWlTT. Bell 299-J, Scottdale. Pa. WANTED -- CREW MANAGERS Agents don't accept a proposition until you g"et our particulars a-id samples Money makers. Address MR. ARMOUR, caro Bacorn Company,, Elmlra. N. T. 31maj3t* WANTED--EXPERIHXCKD OH 1N- experienced men to work on repairing street cars Good opportunity to right party. Conrpanv furnishes tools Apply at once to MASTER MECHANIC. West Perm Fiallways? Company. SlmayGt ASH HAND- lers, helpers. mechanics firemen. Steady work. Laborers, 38i^ ci'nti; fir*mep,-17 cents por hour, oCher -work paid In proportion. Apply in person at th* WEST PEN'N POWER PLANT, Conn ellsvf lie Pa, 21maylOt FOR RENT--ONE S31ALL HOUSE Inquire S. S. SNADER. 31may3t FOR RENT--»NE THREE ROO flat. Inquire 707 Vine atreet. 28nray5t FOR RENT--THREE AND TWO room apartments. FLORENCE SMUTZ. Umaytf FOR RENT--FURNISHED JbIGHT housekesplne ruoms. 309 East Crawford. 28maytf FOR RENT--THREE LIGHT HOUSE- l;eeplng rooms. Use of bath. No children. Tri-State 515. 120 South Race. 28maytfd POR RENT--TWO LARGE UNFLTR- nlshed rooma for light housekeeping. No children. 609 East Green atreet. 2may-tf-eod »·»*·. FOR RENT--ONE GOOD RELIABLE meat market now doing a. business of 15,000 per month, fn a pood location Stock can be bought at'Lnvoice. A. E. AVAGONCR CO. Slmaylt FOR SALE--VIM TRUCIC REASON for selling, too light for my work Call Tri-Stato 345-W, or G H. ADAMS j GROCERY. aimaySt* FOR SALE--0 ROOM BOUSE. NICE location: paved street and »ldewalk Pantry, hath and two porches. Hot air h«at. Address "D. J." care Courior. Bmay-tfd FOR SALI-1--ONE 1017 OVERLAND Country Club. Just overhauled. New tires, best condition. Bargain If sold before the 28th, Will demonstrate. Call at DUNBAU AUTO CO., Dunbar, Pa, Bell 83. 24iuay3t POR SALE--ONE 1914 HUP; ONE 1S14 Winton Six cylinder; one 191fi StttdcbaJter four cylinder; one Ifllti Ford roadster; one 1912 Hudson; one 1017 WUlys-Knlgrht; one and one-half ton Jeffrey truck. DUNJBAR AUTO COMPANY. Bell 83, Dunbir, Pa. 24maytt ICEYSTON"E CLEANING PARLOR. Bring your Panama, and sU'aiv hats to CHARLES COCOS 170 West Crawford avenue, Connellsvillo, Pa. 3may3JL" BttHlii«HM Opportunities. SAESMEN WANTED--BES.T OF references and a few hundred dollars oabh necessary; $500 to $1 000 monthly profit; specialty well advertised. AL- CEMO MANUFACTURING CO.. 212 Bridgre street, Newark, Is*. J. 31riaylt* IF YOU ARE BETWEEN 35 AND 50 years of aee, energetic and are looking- for an opportunity to make bi£ money, with a chance cf rapid promotion, experience unnecessary, ealary guaranteed. I have an openmp; for you This is no hoax, but a grood, steady, big paying 1 position for the riffht man. Call after 4 P. M., 151 East Crawford avenue. 27may6t Notice of Application for Cbxrtrr. an application will be matle to t'le Governor of Pennsylvania on Wednesday. the 26th day of June, A. D , 1918, by L. S. Meltlnger. F. E Wyman A J, Fairchild E. S. Falrchlld and S. B Henr*i u n d e r the Act of Assembly, entitled "An Act to provide for the incorporation and regulation of certain co rpo melons," approved April 29. 1874, ard the amendments thereof and the supplements thereto for the charter of an intended corporation to be called Fairchild Con! Company,. the character ar.d object of which is the mintnff. buying, leiurtjig and sell ins coal, .ind A»r these purposes to have. possess, and enjoy all the riRht*?, ben- eflts and privileges of said Act of Ah- aembly and the amendments thereof and the supplements throto, F. E 5TOUNKIN, Solicitor. may2-4-3l-jnne7 Notice. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT a petition was preenWid to the Honor- ab^e, the Judges oC the Court of Quarter Sessions* of the County of Fayctte. state of Pennsylvania, May 15, 1918, at No 165 March Sessions, 1918. C. D., and ordered filed, praying 1 for authority to proceed with the Improvement as a brick wearing" surface on a concrete foundation sixteen (16) feet wide of that certain section of public road or hishw-a in South Union township: Beginning at Thompson X Roads on the McClelland town road and extending in a westerly direction to th* South Union township line at belltown. a distance of nine thousand two hundred and fifty (0250) lineal feet. Said application will be laid before the Grand Jury on Fridn. June 7th 1313. at 1 3Q o'clock P. M. LINN V PHILLIPS. County Solicitor. may-17-21-31 Not tec to Contractor*. SEALKcTpROPOSALS WlLlTBE JIE- ceived by the Controller of Fayettt county, Pennsylvania, at hla ofllce In Ihe Court House, Unioiitoirn, Pennsylvania, until two o'clock P. M. Wednesday. June 12th, 1918, at which time they will he publicly opened and retul In the office of the County Commissioners for the construction of n a double thirty (30) foot span reinforced concrete brUtgc over Mounts Creek in Oonnellsville City at Davidson Works. Plann, proposals and specifications for the above bridge can be secured at the office of the County Road and Bridge Engineer. Court House, Uniontown. Pennsylvania, for the sum of five f5.00) DoUarsr per set. Each proposal must be accompanied by a certlrtd check drawn on a bank in Pennsylvania equal to ten per cent (10%) of the amount of the proposal The right to reject any or all pro- po«wils is oxprcssly reserved. HARRY County Controller. ·· 17may4t-Crt Notice to Contractor*. SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE UE- ceived by the Controller of Kayettc county, Pennsylvania, at his office in the Court House. Uniontown, Pennsylvania, until two o'clock P. M. Wednesday, Juno 12th, 101S, at wJiich time they will be pubJlclj opened and read In the oflice of the County Commissioners, for the construction of a thirty-aix (3C) foot span reinforced concrete arch over White's Creek about one mile north of ConnellsvUie on the road lead ins from Comvollsville to Pennsviile. Plans, proposals and specifications for the above bridge can b«J secured at the oflice of the County Road and Bridge Engineer, Court House, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, for the bum of five (55 OC) Dollars per set. Each proposal must be accompadid by a certified check drawn fin a bank in Pennsylvania enual to ten per cent (lOtjf,) of the amount of the proposal. The right to reject any or all proposals J« expressly reserved HARRY KISINGEU, County Conrtro'.ler. 17may«-frf ONE AT ONCE LINOTYPE OPERATOK AT THE DAILY COURIER O£*FICE K»ucr .BlIEs" publicity agent.' don't. f ecetn; to be able to lind Canil«ny-br*-the -ntap.-now that it ha« been "captfijfdrby j" Acngricana and all efforts of; the Huns r, to r«t.ike-!fc hava-failed, and at fear- Sjiul jSost Bulletins oC thr,t1fcliiu don^t ^ sound jcood to the folks at borne, as ·i Bill Twcll Unowa. IxT«n of the succulent sauerkraut g n lake comfort J n knowlnf that b y ;?indulging: their favorttc dish they will £ cot lie accused of disloyally. The Food iVAamtntstration has 1 esti,bTished th-a t this dainty orlsrtii8.ted In Holt- to Genoany. hence those "who ?c consumption ot it will real- ·Ijr bf'Derlorntlnc a D.itrio'.ic service. SPECIAL NOTICE! Our Store Will Close on Monday Evenings at 6 O'clock Until September 9th Brownell Shoe Co. 145 W. Crawford Ave. The Greatest Values Ever Offered SyiTS^dOATS-DRESS Up to $22.50 Values For Thf newest and cleverest styles in Women's and Misses'- Coats, Suits t, and Dresses, embracing every new color, style and double value in every garment. Ail sizes to lit large aiid small women. Come early and select the best Coats, SuitsJaud Dresses on sale for tomorrow at MEN! Tomorrow, $20, $22.50 and $2 NEW SPRING SUITS Think and act quickly. Don't delay as prices are surely going up. xttome and see the greatest $15 Suit ever shown in Connells-ville. Big assortment of colors and stj'les. All sizes from 16 to 44. A suit for every man who wants style, quality and ·.workmanship tomorrow for Ladies' Department $1.00 Voile Waists, fancy white and stripes, special 22c Muslin, bleached and unbleached, special, (J»-f A A 7 yards for «J)jL.l/\/ $1.50 Percale Bungalow Aprons, light and dark colors oOc Ladies' Muslin Drawers, embroidered trimmed $1.60 Fancy Muslin Gowns and Skirts 25c Women's Gauze Vests, quality ribbed, special 95c 33c 98c flue _ 19c Men's Department Men's $1.50 Uaion^Suits, fine ribbed^ quality, also ' OK/» athletic'style r. .... J/«J^ Men's 75c fine Silk Neck- /|Q.r» wear, beautiful patterns TL»/V · Men's. 2 5c Dress Socks, all colors, including black Men's $3.00 Working Pants, made of genuine khaki materials, special $3 Traveling Bags,.black and tan, special value .__ ?1.25 Men's Working Shirts, Jack RaJjbit_Brand, best shirt mads, special $1.95 $1.95 Shoe Department S5.00 Women's New Classy Pumps. In new patent, tan, grey and gun metal, high and low ^JQ QP\ heels, special tpt)»l/O $7.50 Women's New High Shoes In tan, grey, brown and black, fancy tops, high and low heel, special X$5.00 Men's Slices and Oxfords In tan and black, new English shapes, special _-_ « $3.00 Girls' Orfords { In patent, gun betal^ and white, two ji and three strap styles,' (T»-| QQ i?a]so lace, special «pjL**7«7 We Give "S. H." Green Trading Stamps. 2I2-N PITTSBtJRG SI. 216| CONNEIISVIUE, PA; Special Boys' Wash Salts, $1.00 valura, in white, bine, tan and stripes, very good ma. 69c In White, Grey, Field Mouse, Brown and Black. The woman who demands a perfect fit, who insists on the newest and best styles, who desires QUALITY FOOTWEAR will do well in coming to us. We please you. We save you money. Friday and Saturday Specials AX THE Ccnnellsvilie · Good old Potatoes, per bushel . Per peck New Potatoes, per peck Large Juicy Lemons, per dozen 3 Grapefruit .. 7 Ibs. Onions 3 cans Peas 2 cans Early June Peas 3 cans Baker Corn 1 large can Alice or Servus Baked Beans ... All kinds of Rolled Oats, per package ... 5 Ibs. Corn Meal 25 Ib. sack of Flour . 1 Ib. Seeded Raisins . 1 Ib. Seedless Raisins . COFFEE. Old Reliable, Satisfaction, Caroline Bell or Lydia, Ib 25c jPive'pounds of good loose Coffee $1.05 SOAPS A5TD SOAP POWBEKS. Lighthouse, Swift's Pride, Lenox, Lighthouse Cleanser or Sunbrite, per cake 5c Connellsville Market 136 North Pittsburg Street Both Phones. Free Delivery.'* The ending of May means the ending s of a lot of special bargains in -.'women's, misses, and childrens wear. There is a large variety of odds and ends in shirt-.waists, silk, gingham and peaccale skirts, hosiery, underwear, and other early summer; -goods for women, misses, amid children. Big bargains all tLis week. 63 Largo Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and AHegheny Counties. Use Our Classified Ads-- They Bring Results. PATRONIZE HOME MCERCIIANTS WHO ADVEES'ISE IN THIS PAPEB. r's QotMag J. B. KURTZ, NOTARY PUBUC AND REAL ESTATE. No. South Meadow ConrMllnlll* Pm. § 004 KMoaxxxxxtoooaooocoooao

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