The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1930
Page 2
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PACK TWO. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEL LSVrLLE, PA, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22, Among The Churches Attorn^ly Carr Gives Fine Talk At Washington's Birthday Banquet ®-- W i t h A t t o r n e y Wooda. N". Carr of Cniontown as tho principal speaker and one hund-ed torty-four guests in attendance. He annual Wa.shington'6 nirthday bant,not gh en last night at tho Masonic 'I'cruplo, South Plttsburg by (ho Comas Club wat on of the o u t s t a n d i n g svoctal evontn oC the nelson, The i ppointmonte wore mostly patriotic, i \ keeping with the occasion, and WTO beattuful in every detail. Tho b a m i u e r o'clock hy t h - wai served at 7:30 ,J, O. C. Class of the First Methodift Rpiscopal Church. Tho menu eonH.sUd of the thing's accompanying a many good real turkoy dinner. The Ubie-s were trtrikingly beautiful. Re 1, white and blue crepe paper extended lengthwise through the center of tho tables, on which vases of red t arnation« anc! miniature cherry trees were placed at intervals. An innovation was Introduced wbe,n ,Merry bloK-ioiiw were given ae favors. '1'henr- blovciODis bave a triple significance. I'"ir^t, they are a tribute to ('.eorge W a s h i n g t o n ; second, they aro uiade by Veterans or Foreign Wars, and t h i r d , t h u proceed** from tho Mos- Homs go toward the establishing of a chair in the school of foreljdi service at (he (!eoi'K Washington University by the National League of Masonic Clulxi, with w h i c h tho Comas Club is affiliated. Rev. D. R Graham, piwrtor of the l-'iret M o f h o d l n Kpiscopal Church, of- forcd the invocation. H. K. Mason lei in Hinging. Homer I). Cunningham, president of (he Comas Club, brought grec-tinft-, uft 31' which he introduced tho toastni.iM'T.,Charles F. Hirst, who introduce*! th * principal speaker. Attorney Curr. An e l o q u e n t .ind forceful speaker, A t t o r n e y C u i r held the attention, of ttto t h r o u ^ tout hi." entire diecour«.o. c\s bin subject, "Georgo Washington," he gave an insp»?ing t a l k , in wlnc'i he referred to hletori- i a l tarts and tho uwompltehniente of Washington and to the heritage which he handed down to \w. Following the program the remainder of th ' evening was given over to dancing aid hrtdge. High prinea at "bridge w re awarded to- Mrs. C. Gould Ilywtl i nd W. B. Beerbower and ficcoiut high to Mrs. W. B Beerlxrwer a n d Dr. J L. Cochran. l/arge and small American flags ·were prominently displayed about tbe room. Committees were: Koi'eption. Homer D. Cunningham, c. E. KXHCUTIVI COMMITTKI: WILL PLAN ?OR CONYKXTION The executive committee of the Fay- otte County Christ an Endeavor" Union will meot Sundav afternoon, at 3 o'clock in the roras of the Third Prcsbyiterian Cha ~ch of Uaiontovm, with the presiden', A. R. Umbel In charge. The exec ttive board consists at the ofcers of tuo union and superintendents of the various departments, Plans will be ma le at this meeting for tho annual er unty convention to be held June 12-U, in the Wr»t Presbyterian Church t Faipchanee, and the state convent on lo be held at Hershoy Jnne SCKiuly 4. The Fayette nn"-n will provide regalia and transpoi tation for members ot the delegation o the state con/ven- tion. A KOCH! atte idaaco is desired. JEWISH RELIGIOUS SCHOOL INSTITUt E AT ELK*S HOME An institute rafting of the Southwestern District f tho Jewish Rei School Cot imittec will be held Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the Elks IJome, E«-jt Crawford avenue. David Click, PHt; burs attorney, will be the principal speaker. Mrs. L. II, Klpe-rn hajs arra iged a dolightful mufiical program for tbe occasion. c h a i r m a n ; W 11 Sam C. Jacobs, Bston L. , OUTLOOK CUm POSTPONED TO MONDAY, MAIiCH 10 Thti regular me -ting of the Outlook Club ha« been p stpoaed fro-m Mom- day, March 10, 1 1 wliich time Miss Ida Wolfe of ifla.M Green street, will bo hoete«s. In ChaiV"' of Kltdhon. Mrs. Erneet J. I e«tty wa« in chargu of the kitchen at thr- Colonial tea given Thursday afternoon in the eo- ctal auditorium of Philip Cochran Memorial Methodist 'episcopal Chnrch o Dawson by the L; diets' Aid Society. American lrf.fion Auxiliary. 'J'he regular m etinp of the American Jjegion Aux liary will be held Monday night in the Jbegion room«, North rittsburg t reet with the president, Mrs. L. S. R bbins, in charge. MllS. ELIZABETH HAGER HONORED ON 81»t BIRTHDAY Mrs. Elisabeth I Icpowell Hager vTaa tendered a surprif e party at her home at Summit Tfhure ay in observance of her eighty-first b rthday. Mrs. Hagsr and her brother, Joseph McDowell, were visiting An Irew Sproni in tho atternooa and w ion they returned icloc '- k t»*y found Aaron, Henry E. twenty-seven of he formers frienda olno ftt 5:3 ° Hush, Chftito · K .McKesson, Hoes S. | Matthews, Meyer Aaron, Honry E. Mason, Crnmwoll B. Culver, Charles amt Datives the, a. ii. Stonffer, U ' i l l i a m A Sepp, Samuel At 6 o'clock a ( reamed chicken and S5lninieini.ui, Chle II. Weihe, Edward C. Minn, Clyde C. Catt and C. Crould Hyatt. Arrangement*., Chariot F. Hirst, chairman; I) njamln Uoldemith, Roy S Treuberth, Robert E. Wilhelrn, John K. Struble, ( lydc \Vliipkey, Pater R. Welmor and [,yell I*. Buttennore. A number of guedtu from sun'ound ing towns wt re in attendance. Included were Mr. and Mre, E. Ralph Sherrick, Mr and Mrs. W. B. Barnhart, Mr, and Mrs. E. A. Anderson and Mr. and Mrs Charles F. Hirst of Scottdaic, Mr. and Mre. W. B. Beerbower of Uiindetone, Mise Freddtt Hhodes of VV ishtnRton, D. C., Senator Harry J. Bell of Dawaon, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dav s, Mr. and Mre. Frank McGinn in, Thomas It. Aubrey and Mr. and Mrn. L. ~) Conner of Uniontown, and Mr. and Mr*. H. 10. Mason and Mr« A n n a Midori ot Brownsville. MRS. K. T. S U L U \ H K A I OK ' H H I S T I A N ( I I , T U H E t'l/ASS T w y i i t y - t wo nu v uiiKM's attended an interest in iuwtint; of the Christian Culture Clasa of tho First United I'res- t'hu -oh at which Mrs. H. M. nhi^ was hostess last night at hor home u itoco -street. I'Vidujr iiigiit, March -1, was set as tho date i'tn 1 l)u jouit C u l t u r e Clat.. itnd the Ma.ry K. llek Bible Class, to bo hold in tho social i(Mni of tho Greenwood Mothodi«t Wpisl'OIHlI Oil UX-ll. Olflecirn foi the ensuing yeo.r w«ro elected iio t'o IOWM: i're'-ident, Mrs. R. T. S u l l i v a n ; vlre-prwfidont, Mrs. Aljbol HiM'iii , i-ecorditiK serretfiry, Mr.s K. T. C u t e , Hiuwicial secretairy, Mrs. Mary Fi+her; correspondtTi'g sec rotary, Mrs. l o n t l i y M«txj?r; treasurer, Mis-. !Uuo ixmhart, reporten-, Mri HiiTy "''"rank: teaohcxr, Mrs. H. M. Chorpontiaig; aaeistanit teacher, Mrs. Georjto \. Krupp. Tlie UosKv- , and a oommitteo ooni- liosed of M r A. K. [jowi«, Mrs. Henry l'rit'h(»t!. Mi- .Jock Murray and Mrs. Hes-^'c M a r t i n screed a dainty lunch. I'ail) ut Scoftdale. A deHglittu! party was held last night, at 'he Kionicr House, Scottdale, In e l b r a t u ) i ot Scotuialo-Con- bas;t'tball Bailie. The affair was pivt-n u n . l f r t h o connnitteeehip of ·i il l i n M i k n . n, l«irry .lairett, Charlet) r i t n l o t t .mil \\oodrow K a u t f t n a n and NS.I:- inai h d by u t t r . u - t i v e appotnl- biscuit dinner wa i nerved to Mr. and Mr». George Clar i, son, Howard, and daughters, Nolle ind Grace, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Upton, laughtere, Blizateth and Lnrlino, and .on«, Clarence, J. C., and Swing, Onia Rhod«je, daughter, Mollie, and son», BrneBt and Lawrence, children a id grandchildren of Mrs. Hager, and Mr. and Mrs. Alex Hager, and Mrs. ;iarah Roland ot Un- lontown, Ewlng II iger of Summit, Mra. Olive Haught of Masoatown, Jcweph McDowell of Chaikliill, Mr. and Mrs, William MeDowoU aal Mr. cuid Mrs. James W. Worthii gtbn, the last coaple being n«lghbor« t f Mrs. McDowell tor more than forty /earn, i Later in the e -ening other friends called to pay th tr reapecte. Among thorn wae Andre\.- \^aple of Mieon- town. Mrs. Hager m her younger days traveled from U ilontown to Ruoh county, Kansaa, a a cowred wagon. It required two veek« to mak« the t rip. She ha« ale made a trip, akroe, lo Anaconda, Mon t , to vtslt her stetcr, Mrs. Maggie M. I u«il since «he paeeod her seventy-fifth ear. Mrs. Hager favored the gm*to by dancing "Turtey In the Straw." She hae quilted two q Ulta without glaaaas this winter. It waa learned later in the wooing that her brother- in-law, Alex Hager, was celebrating his sixty -eeve nth birthday. Lunch waa served to all at 10:30 o'clock. Mra. Hager la a daughter of U»e late Alexander and Susan McDowell and waa born and rei red n«ar Chalk Hill and hae spent pr ictically all her life in Fuyette county Shj haa lived to tlj» eatno house for f rty-four years. Attorney Col born 80. Attorney Louis C. Colbwn of Sotn- oreot celebrated I IB eightieth birthday aainlveratuy Tht rsday. M,r. Codbara was adanitted to h© SonerB«t coun.ty bar on May -8, 18 3. Previous to that GRifOKNWOOU MJiyr.HODIiST I'JPIS- ! C'OPAL., South Wnth street. West Sido, Rov. Fred Wvnem^m, pastor. -- ·Stwday school. 9:46; W. S. BehariTra, sn.per- intenuteii't. Monni7ig worship, 11. Itev "Dr. Thomas O. Hiclcs, d-tetri«t strper- in ten dent ^v-ill p-reacli at tills hour. Miss Ge-rtrude Eoberts ·will recite heir .second story iu the opening exercises. Bpworth League, 6: HO. Evening woir- ship, 7:30; sermon by the pastor. The presence of our district superintendent in the pulpit at the morniiig bomrr shorrid insure a Jargo attendance to hear this a-We time h« was pcrln ipal of the boroHigh schools. I^orr a number of years he wan bur; eas of Somerset and was later elected the county's district attorney. He is a non of the late Andrew J. autl iusaii HsurtaeLl Colborn. BAPTIST, Tfl. H. Slovene, minister -- Sunday school, SI: 45, lefiBon, "Kect ulting Christian W o r k e r s . " Morning worship, 10:45, eermon, "What the Sun I« to the F2ow6r." Junior meeting at 2 P. M. in the chapel. Even-ng worship, 7:30, sermon, "Tho Koun, of Rleetng." Tho Mtefrion Cirehi of the First Baptist Ob-arch wfll hold an all-day meeting Thursday, February 27. Lnnch "will bo served. The program consists of mission ae-wa and music. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY, McCrory Ballding~"Mindr' is the subject oi the lesson-sermon to be read Sunduy, February 23. Thao Go-lden Text is, "Who hath known the mind of th Lord, that he may instruct him? But 've hare the mind of Christ" t Cor. i:l6). Among the citations from the mwe is the folcrwing: "I^lfill ye my joy, that y« be Ukeminded, having the aamo love, boing of one accord., erf one mind, bet thte miod be in you. -which, -was ok*o la Christ Jesu*" (Phlllpipiaiis 2:2, B)'. Tlu le»- son-sermon also include* pafiaagtis faxsm Uie Chrimiau Science textbook, "Scieoce and Health with Key to ifae Scripturee," by Mary Baker Bdtty, ona of wliich reada: ''HavtnR one Qod, one mind, uafoWa the- power that heats the sick and falflllii these sayings act Scripture, 'I ajn the Lord that hcaleth thoe,' ajd 'I have foand a ransom.' " Sunday schoo] a! 9:30 A. M. Church service at 10: 4S. Wednesday tostiiaonittl meeting at 8 P. M. The/ reading room 1s op«n daily exce«pt Sunday and holklays from 2 to 4 P. M. whera all authorized Christian Science literature may be rvad. The public is cordiaJiy Invited to attend oar services and aJso the reading room. SUB-ZERO WEATHER HURTS AHENDANCE AT SUNDAY SCHOOLS Sunday morn Ing* Bob-zero weataer had, a decMedJy adverse effect on Sunday acboot attendance. With lut Aree eiceptloaia the schools reporting to the ConneitlBrine Ministerial Association were bekyw the oor- reppouding Sunday at n. yvf ago. The report compiled by the Minister al ABeociation showp the following:: I**t Tear Suttdav Ago Church ot the Brefliron 76 Church of God x _, Cove ian ten First Baptist ^ Firel Chrfatlan 138 Frret Bvangelic*! 144 Metbodkrt B^ieoopal 23S Methodist Protestant Piret Preabyteriaa UniUxi Brethren 201 Hulled Preebyterian xat--. 308 Greoawood Methodist _ M3 Highland Baptist x : Mount Zlon Baptiet 37. Payre A. M. BL 41 Rociy Mount Baptist x Gorman Salvation Army Trttt.ty Bpiaooipal __ Trinity Ixitberan __ Trinity Keformed __ Trofr^r Comiminity , Union Bapttet 311 5 44 38 x Indicates no report received. xx Indicate* not available. 83 157 157 344 27$ 295 317 59 31 45 32 464 78 32 40 HOLD-UP VICTIM HAS GASH IN HEAD Ttt«ONTOWN, FeK 22.--Owe man in in a serious condition. wiUh several gashes In ble hea-d, anothtiT, a negro, is in the county Jail and »till another n0g,ro IB being Bought by State and county officers as the result o£ a-n alleged hold-up in Gorand street Friday ndigh t. Tt« injured man IB William Martin, 38, of MoCtellandtown. while the negiro eaid to have participated in the hoM- up and roobery is "William Douglas of Lcitli. ftlaiiin l» satid by police t« hav identified Douglas as one of bis aiita kcsrs. fie- {'Vi-nn. itc(.or.if'it Cnf reception hill wan Shank- Hwfeeny. Kdna GT ce Htaank awl Ed- ivard Mairteery, ooth of Soiners^-t, UurVuK wwo married We taeaday night hi the piuraoaage of t e Church of the it I; vari-colorud si!o Kiraps, w h i c h i n t i .soft slow over tho dtincora. A numlier of suestti wero prchent. In-ciudeii were .Mlts.s Kit Mt- C'ormit-k, -Miis^ Ald.i Uavis, Mid« Nc- Brethren of Sonvefftet. Ilov. T. Hodniey A-'h. Bent i-Faus*. Announcement « made of the marriage of Miss J«ephono Beran of tioltort iu-rniau, i'uii, Moutlt pleasant ind Clarence Fauat tuviijiin, Uobert Kern*,.! albo of Mount Pleasant at the Kroo Methodlat par»or age on Wednesday, i! C o n n i ' l l o V l l l e and i frank S t m o n - . J.ini-t, Hhiel and T. t jfobruary 12. win Rev. C. S. Richard- I'onn ot Mou r i'k*is,uil Kefrcuh- i hOI i otiiciatiiiB vir. and Mrs. Fau^t taonta woic . - i v e l al. a Uio hour, ' will mako their tome at Bridgeport. C»rd Party, mambers of the Sacred Heart League end the Sewing Circle of .the Immaculate Conception Church have completed arrangements for their Card to be held Thursday evening, JPecruary 27 in the SociaJ HfiJl. There will be Britiga, "500" and Bingo, Three hand -made quilts will he given away and a valuable door prize will be awarded.--Advertisement.--SZteh-lt, Moyersdale Girt W*dn. Tbe ma-nrioge of Miss Muriel 0'Bryo.n, daughter of Mr. an,d Mira. B. V. O'Byron of Meyersdale, and W, F. Penti, Jr., only son of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Pann ot Morganza, Pa., txxxk place thta afternoon in the Little Church Aroujwl the Corner in New York, Confined to Bed. JJlaier F. Weaver, monaKer of the No Ktek feed »Wnie at Scottdale, who h,ad beeti a patietit at Mercy Hospital. PttU.burg, for obserration, ia confined to his bed at his home in ParJc avenue, i ScoUdale. our "-sraat" MUSICALE Sunday Evening, First M, E. Chi PROGRAM: Oiiran Voluntary VIrs. Hynrn Violin Solo.,.. Everett? Piano Sok , MTU. Prayer Soprano Solo Mfoss Her Trio--Organ, Piano. Violin 1 7:30i! ich ! Hoover Thomas iigliotti Baritono Solo, 1 Lesson Offertory--Orgfc. minger IT. Ralph. ! herrick. i, Piano, M. E. Church , Wfale Quarts Anthem--"TrtW and the Duct--Loroy Hoover, Herb- Anthem--""festival TV Dei Hymn Benediction (The Public I* ijrvit. l»r. Harry Clialfnnt., .Editor can Imie, at the Morning Master" Choir rt KUis m" Choir A) Amorl- Serrlr*. "Beantown Choir' Makes Big Hi t At Perry opolis Tho Unifies' Aid Societ; of the Methodist Kpi«copat Church U Perry- opolia presented "The teantown Choir," comedy in three ac a, Thursday oveolnp at th 1 * pnbJ c school anditortmn. Ttiere VTW a la -go gath- and the play was the rii of tho ire: lair; the · Rvuna; I Hixsa- ee, Mrs. [re. Anna ,. list el la do, Mrs. mslingeor, Jde, Mrs. ksr, Mara. The leading .Bfth Wood, Mrs. Kdna I Widow Wood, Mrs. Blnch Heaeklah DoollUle. I^ootuu- baugh; Mrs, Do ram'Mi Sea Qtora Baker; Hehnds BniX. 1 BaiMrior; Te«sie Tooram, Mr Bsgingioii; BaJHo Etta. P*c Boas BuUermoro; Mimtly Ht Mr». Kate Careon; Bsntto Ca Anna ForBio; OrandmA HOT Lorraine Me William*: Snagrglttn, Mrs. Mabel .Ktuck Bill Boomer, 'Walter Hurpi- cxt the young j.x-opl. of tt aang in Uve J(xl«dlah chor Uterwick aoti Craig Maj-tin a yonnig women played parti bridegroom scen-. Music was lurotsbwi by school orr.hcsLrn, ua-tor the of J, IX ChrltTian, Tie- d3i E. E. CartiH tif tho I'urry tligh School. Mrs, J. O, president of the aid tociety. ness managor. Tha "choir" will nject n i g h t for rt-he-w.sal Hrr a p, c h u r r h service of March a. Bashful . Many ch»3Tch , John in the bo grade direction jctor was PownsMp Stonger, rt in the f JONES LOWERS SAVANNAH GOLF COURSE HE* :ORD SAVANNAH Ua., *b, : , naUoiKut op«)i golf shaved one stroke f-oia tl record in tho Savanuoji Co fcho first half of the 35-ho3e t of The Savannah opea 5er« Hin 05 wits one stroke i record fomieff-fy helrl l*y Je Savannah pro, and tieo yesl Horton Smith, Par fei 74. Johnnj' FXr^H and Har of the iMune* throewome, can 73 and 71 reaped ively. Horton Smith itirnod the holofs with. ;1H f alay IUB camp Jones' 33. 1.--Bobby i coarse f Clob to oday. ider the s Adaane, rday by y Cooper e in with first 'nine i.*od Night Excursion NEW YORK PHIIADEJHIA $6.00 to BALTIMORE rater* SATURDAY Felmiary 22 From Conaellsvi lie Tndn will l«m« tt P.M. Fmr DvtmOM CtnimnU A Stmtu, BALTIMORE )HIO WELD^Q Cracked machinery and broken parts no 1( nger mean big expense For welding oaa make tear- ly all cracked mete Is as strong lit stronger than new. Save money o i repairs and replace! lents \\ith. Baker's Servi ;e. Baker's Garage Phone 139' Wliere the West* rn Maryland Crosses the Peniisjiviiniii. South 7th Sti'ee , Connellsville, 1 J u A Store Is Known By Its Customers Who shops the**? Anvwer that tjuiadoo about any store and 700 «taWi«h the poMtioo of that store in the community. Today, aa always, dm «ep*e» ·enutive women of th* dtp fMdncdvdy toco to dak Mom to Mtbfy threw gmtzry their People whoM e«taraf b*db» ground fo exprraed in tfacw cloches and their home* do not ULiyWEMM! Cdu ·WWJ^ ItMJKXtbtttllMyaf* CMWWH ot wiMt they p*y bct th*y am careful of what gat. They prefer an Iota ratiafciction to an e m -- which M the aprit of true economy. god feoJiM tlw of ftfaai in» mant u, obrfomiy, the logkal ·torn lor ^_ -1 ___ L_ BO aaop ·* TROUTMAN'S i W E A R C L E A N C L O T H E S TIES! TIES! TIES! Cleaned and Pressed 3 f ° r 25C ThU Price EUTeclive February 24 to 28 Only, Fhone Phone 813 ^^ 814 Th e GOODWIN Co. v Inc Cleaners Dyers Omnelfcrrill*, Pa. I F you ever find Jbappioess by huntiag for it you will find it, like the old woman did her spectacles, tale on her nose all the time. - -Joeh Billings. OlAflC J£I|:A - 119 S Pittsburgh*.- COMMIrLSVlLLI?» PA, Funeral Director Who EmpSoy* No Agcnte or Solicitor*" Young People to Build, Manage Own Church MILWAO'ICEIE, Fob. 3!i.--Mettilbera of the Milwaukee Episcopal Young People's ABsoclation have begun stepw to buUd a church to be managed on- tvrely by youiug people. The dKirci. -will be built ia WtoAUs- llsh. Bay, Milwaukee si burh, this uum- niier aiwi is expected to be completed next. fall. Money w^li be raised through sale of 5,000 $ t cei titleatee, to inteiested Milwaukeeaus. No age limit of chu 1 ch membership will be set. Fergus \\ ith, association president, said, but the management of the church will be entirely In the hands young meinbern Patronize those who advertiae. Lead In Appemdlx, PIERRE, S. D., Feb. 2,2--One c* tbe motit unusual appendicitis operations i» South Dkota w«e p^srJtormed IMTO. whim pbyeicians removed 36 Bhotgnn Pftl'lcts froKi the appendix ot a patient, Tho presence of the ptiUets was be- liaved to l.ave come Hixun. pheaeent meat. U»o Ato.

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