The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 20, 1939 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, February 20, 1939
Page 7
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FEBRUARY aO, 1933. THi: DAILY COURIER, CONNEL-LSVILLE, PA. PAGE SEVEN. Basketball THE Basketball SPORTORIALS ·S^ By JOHN H. WHORIC, Sports Editor **J CARLSON ON FOOTWORK IN BASKETBALL Dr. H. C. Carlson, basketball coach at the University of Pittsburgh, who ranks among the best in the country in the sport, has listed the following flue points on footwork in the cage game: 1--Walk directly forward pushing to the left off the right foot and pointing left with the left hand. Then on the next step push off the left foot toward the right and point to the Tight with the right hand. It should be noted here that contrary to some of the comic strips and masterpieces of sculpture and painting which show individuals and armies walking or marching in the above described manner it is not the normal way that arms and legs move together in forward motion. Retreat along the same course in a waddling motion. There need be no arm motion but the drive is back to the left off the right foot and back to the right off the left foot. , · 2--Advance lengthwise along the floor. One right root and right hand to left. Two counterclockwise with left foot and hand advanced to the right. Three, an advance directly ahead by the right foot. One, left liand and foot advance and across body to the right. Two, clockwise movement of body with right hand and foot swinging around and advancing to the left. Three, continuation of clockwise swing and advance of left foot ahead. Advance the length of the floor. At the start 1. may be advantageous to divide the class into two groups so that each may observe the other. 3--An application of the No. 1 skill may be practiced here with utilization of a three count. This will also serve to ease off after the dizziness induced in the preceding practice. Some boxing footwork is paralleled in this skill. Advanced. One, drive to right off' left foot and advance to right with the right foot. Two, continue to advance* and to right-with left foot crossed in advance o£ right foot. Put emphasis on three count when right foot comes down because it is the signal for drive to the left. 4--This is a combination of the one and two skills utilizing the three count. To help the student visualise his foot- as being near the side line on the count of one he seeks to avoid going 1 out of bounds and the .different types of drive away is emphasized by a booming two. Three is a relaxing, but also.'an'advancing step. The individual may first visualize the right side line, then the left, ancl later the application going down the .middle of the floor and avoid an, opponent. The last is the ultimate of evasion, and has; been acted' by Grange, Welch, Goldberg and others. "The'practice along the side lines will bring the idear'application in the center closer to reality. Advance along the right side line; One, right foot .down. Boor-ling two drive off right foot towards left with left foot. Three, relax but advance with right foot. (Recapitulation of I.) 5--A four count skill that aids the footwork in reception and projection of the ball may give comparative rest. The stepping forward is a protection .in reception of the ball as is the stepping back. The back foot contributes to the projection of the ball by the arm o£ the same side. ' 6--The shifting of feet by big league catchers and first basemen for maximum efficiency has parallel action in other sports than basketball. If the catcher were to cross his left foot in front of his right foot or vice versa he would have difficulty in throwing the ball. If the first base- roan- crosses his feet to reach for the ball, his reach is lessened by 14 inches or so. These are handicaps that big leaguers do not assume. They learn the proper method and apply them by'habit. . That is one reason they are big leaguers. To know the proper maneuvers is one thing, to do it is another. Practice is essential to efficient execution. A four count rhythm with the hand indicating the proper directions will aid execution and observation. 7--In basketball the cutter or dribbler must be able to stop as well as to speed forward. The body mech- ancis should be mastered before the player starts to apply his knowledge or ability, with or without the ball. After the player has mastered his footwork, he may become a dribbler. He may apply the technique learned in skill No. 1 and push the. ball to the lelt with the right hand while driving off with his right foot or the opposite action with the push to the right with the left hand and the drive off the left foot. The purpose of this skill is to teach the individual to approach an opponent, stop, pivot and present his back to the opponent. The practice is given without counts. Start with feet together. One, step forward with right foot. Two, drive to left off right foot and alight on left foot. Three drive forward off left foot and slop with both feet even as in VI. Four, clockwise turn and swing right foot around even with left foot presenting foot spread and facing opposite direction from the start. Four, may present counterclockwise turn and a swing of the left leg even with the right foot but well spread. 8--In all athletics the action o£ the elbow and the combination activities are of the utmost importance to achievement. The weight of the body in its own manipulation should be an index or required strength. It is not sufficient to advise someone to exercise or condition flexion and extension at the elbow. The pushing up and letting down of the upper part of the body should be a part of every athlete's routine. WHAT'S GOING ON IN HIGH SCHOOL CIRCLES When Alex Cowan of Rostraver Township sank 18 field goals and \ r. . . r j. M seven fouls for a total of 43 points, | Points tO bet NeW L O P S I D E D CONTESTS IN LOCAL GROUP J. R. Smidtke Gets 38 Alex scored seven out of 17 fouls. His achievement bettered the existing ! R P A T ^ K l I N F mark of Bud Jeannette who scored i D\7l O i 38 points for New Kensington High. u Y I U In the background of Cowan's record is Coulson, six-foot' three center of Pricedale, who in his pivot position fed the ball to the star forward who has tallied 298 points, 218 in league competition this year. . . Moving to get a new football coach, the Duquesne school board declared the position as head pilot to be vacant. The retiring mentor is David L. Parker who has been on the job over a decade. . . Monongahela High made a profit of 5123.84 in football last year as compared with S67.03 in 1937. Grid receipts were $3,498.60 and expenditures $3,325.41. Ticket sales at the gate grossed 542,497.60. Team equipment cost $1,343.70, guarantees totalled $575 and officials collected ?644. Basketball income was 5350.85 and expenditures 5963.14 and spring sports receipts 5607.65 and expenses $607.6.5. . . Scottdale isn't in the Section 9 pennant chase but it made life miserable for its opponents. It was the hardest team for any of them to upset. If it could have been consistent in its scoring assault the Blue HOT FEET By Jack Sords Onesided contests marked Saturday's play in the junior and young men's divisions ot the City-WPA Recreation Center Basketball League at State Armory. The card opened with the Willow Inn Juniors running up a 34-19 score over the "Y/" Streamliners. Captain Jimmie Marr featured for the winners while trump looked best for the "Y." The second morn'ng fray found North End Tigers holding Ihe sharp schooling Cornels to three quarters, 10-10. However the "shooting stars" paced by Alt rang up -Tine markers in the final frame and held their foe to a lone free throw to win. St. Rica took over favored Oglevee's, 26-20, in one of the most thrilling games of the season, Swallop, leading scorer in the junior circuit, and Ed Brady were outstanding for the winners, contributing eight points each. The young men's slate opened \vith and White would have easily taken Leisenring capturing a 24-23 Uiri the crown but an "off-quarter" ' over Greenwood. Eeeman and proved disastrous after the team Hooper garnered 30 talleis each. showed signs o£ going to town in. a big way. . . Ralph Keim, star high jumper on Latrobe's team last year, will pass the age limit of the W. P. I. A. a little over a week after the league spring competition in May and the ace athlete hopes to do some record breaking before he retires from scholastic athletics. Wash -Jeff Bows In Volley Match To Center Team 'Connellsville Recreation Center swimming and volleyball teams climaxed their .traveling schedule by dividing with Washington and Jefferson College. The volleyball club surpassed all past performances to corne through with its first win of the season, trimming the Presidents, 15-7, 15-4. The great teamwork of the locals, coupled with the timely "spikes" of rangy Bill Hyatt and Duane Thome, was the big factor in the win. The Center water squad was outclassed by a strong and fast W. J. freshman team, 43-23. Joe McKenna, diving- ace of the locals, captured first place in this event as he thrilled the W. J. fans. The local relay team also did its bit with what officials at the college believe to be the fastest. 160 yard free style relay ever chalked up in any freshman meet. The time was 1:26, with Bud Spear, Johnnie Alesantrino, Phil DeBolt and Terry Shaw forming the speedy quartet. Bud Spear and Johnnie Alesantrino took second places for the Center in their respective events. Kramer and McLennand featured for the Presidents, scoring 20 points. The Center volleyball team will close their season next week with an outstanding opponent. The summaries: , Volleyball Match. Recreation Center--Cole, Hyatt, Thorne, DeBolt, Caretti, Miskinis, Shaw and T. Alesantrino. Washington Jefferson--Reese, Trout, Stoneman, McNutt, Rose and Skinner. Swimming: Meet. 120-yard' medlay relay--Won by W. J. (Goodwin, Hill and Kramer); second, Center. Time 1:11:1. 40-yard free style--Won by Henderson, W. J.; second, Spear, Center; third, Shaw, Center. Time 20:5. 40-yard back stroke--Won. by Mc- Clennand, W. J.; second, Goodwin, W. J.; third, Ramage, Center. Time 25:8. 220-yard free style--Won by Kramer, 'W. J.;' second, Alesantrino, Center; third, DeBolt, Center. Time 2:45. Fancy diving--Won by McKenna, Center; second, Manrow, W. J.; third, Kramer, W. J. . 100-yard breast stroke--Won by i McLennand, W. J.; second, Hill, I W. J.; third, Peterson, Center. Time 1:15:1. 100-yard free style--Won by Kra- merj W. J.; second, Manrow, W. J.; third, Trevitt, Center. Time 1:01:4. 160-yard free style relay--Won by Center (Spear, DeBolt, Alesantrino and Shaw). Second, W. J. Time 1:26. With Jackie Kline's record o[ 28 points in one contest less than a week old, and apparently to many, a record that would stand for a while, J. R. Smidtke, lanky and flsshy forward of Pleasant Level Dairy, decided the mark belonger to the dairy stepped out to pile up an omazing total of 38 points against Hilloi-est, 10 points over Kline's total. This was the greatest exhibition of one-man scoring displayed at the Armory in many years. The final score was 59-11. The final game of the card saw the ever brilliant Paramount Theatres, paced by Tony Marcondi, trip the strong Dawson team, 29-24, to gain full possession of first place and Ueep their slate clean. Porter and Bittner looked good for the Tri-Towners. Both divisions will resume play again next week. The summaries: · Streamliners G. F. rts. Mosley, £ 2 Bailor, f - 0 Trump, c ·-· 4 Ash, g . Conway, g Totals - _ 9 Willow Inn Mongell, f _ Marr, f Ruck, c ·.·-- Wolfe, g Clceritti, g Petrone, f Laugherty, c ,, G. 0 5 1 2 4 i 3 0 4 0 0 0 8 1 7 0 0 1 19 F. rts. Totals 16 2 34 Non-scoring substitutes--McGarrity, Goodwin. Score by quarters: Streamliners 4 1 4 10--19 Willow Inn 4 1 6 8 6--34 Referee--Bill Hyatt. Comets G. Dorninac, f 0 Ryan, f - 0 Alt, c 4 Galiardi, g 0 Hartman, g ...._ _ 0 J. Bradey f . 2 1 - - 2 F. Pts. ' Totals 8 North Enrt G. Kraynock, f _ 0 F. Rowe, f 2 Clawson, c 1 Snyder, g 2 Reed, g 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 3' F. 0 0 0 0 1 19 P's. 0 4 2 4 Motors, Ohms Take Duckpin Contest Bowling on the West Penn alleys the Motors copped two out of three from the Lines while the Ohms gave similar drubbing to the Amps in games scheduled in the West Penn Bowling League. Fuses and Kilowatts Triumph at Ducks Rolling on the Manhattan alleys the Fuses defeated the Plugs two out of three while the Kilowatts swept three straight from the Sockets in the West Penn Girls Duckpin League. Totals 5 1 11 Non-scoring substitute--Barron, Score by quarters: Comets 1 4 5 North End - 4 2 4 Referee--Bill Hyatt. 9--10 1--11 St. Rita Whipkey, f Cornish, f Scacchi, c Swallop, g Vernava, g E. Bradey, g G. 2 1 0 4 0 4 v. Pis. EbM LASH, . 60ARDS I«J l I/OPOOR. TRACK. Meets WAS 1^6 3000- MS^eR. SP6CIAU f«R TIlg COA3KU"j "TROPHY IM Tile. K.OFC GAMES AT Beeman, i ...5 0 10 Ellenberger, c - 0 0 0 Hooper, g 5 0 '.0 Corrado, g - -- 0 1 1 1 23 Totals 11 Score by quarters: Leisenring 6 4 10 4--24 Greenwood 6 9 0 8--23 Referee--Frank Kontrn. Umpire--Paul Echard. Hillcrcst Harshman, 1 Minerd, f Gent, c Holden, g Johnson, g Logan, f Mazza, g G. 0 0 . 0 ._ 1 1 ._ _ 0 Pis. 0 0 Totals - 3 5 11 Non-scoring substitute--Thompson. Pleasant Level Q. F. pts. Smidtke, f ]n 6 38 Sansone, f Q U O Tikey, c ., _ 2 2 . 6 DcBoIt, g 0 0 0 Mongell, g _ 1 0 2 Benko, f - 1 0 2 Hasson, c 2 3 7 Oswald, g 2 0 4 Totals 24 11 59 Score by quarters: Hillcres*. 2 1 2 G--11 Pleasant Level 13 19 14 13--59 Referee--Abbie Furtney. Umpire--Paul Echard. Paramounts G, F. Pts. Conwoy, t 2 0 4 Wagner, f i o 2 Brown, c 2 4 8 Kline, g _ 2 1 5 Marcondi, g _.... 5 0 10 Totals 12 5 23 Non-scoring substitute--Murphy. Dawson G. F. Pts. Durbin, f _ o 0 0 Bittner, f 4 0 8 Laughrey, c ..._ 1 0 2 Noschese, g 3 0 6 Porter, g _ 3 2 8 r.,.11 4 26 substitute--Delligalti. G. F. Pts. Totals · Non-scoring Oglevces Bieshada, f C. Rowe, f _ 4 Cuneo, c 0 S. Rowe, g , 2 McCarthy, g 0 Schrura, f ....: ,, ,, _ 0 . Totals '.. 8 Non-scoring substitutes--Tacconi, B. Rowe. Score by quarters: St. Rita 2 3 11 10--26 Oglevees :8 9 1 2--20 Referee--Bill Hyatt. Totals 11 Score by quarters: Paramounts 10 7 Dawson - 4 Referee--Bill Hyatt. Umpire--Tom Logan. 10 2 24 2 10--29 2 8--24 LEAGUE NOTES This week's schedule in the Church Diirtball League: Today--Presbyterians at Baptists, United Brethren at Methodist Protestant, Evangelicals at Greenwood, (postponed), Christians at First M. E. Tuesday--Evangelicals at -Andrew : Phillips, German Lutherans vs. Trinity, (postponed.) Thursday--Trinity Lutherans at United Brethren. Public invited At High School Connellsville High School's swimming team concludes its schedule of dual meets Tuesday afternoon with Clairton mermen burnishing the opposition. The Cokers are undefeated as yet and seem on their way to repeat last year's championship of the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League ·which it will defend Saturday at Carnegie Tech's pool. Competition gets under \vay at. the local pool at 3:30 o'clock and an invitation is extended the public to attend. There will be a small admission fee charged. Caseys to Close Home Cage Season Tonight; Will Tackle Charieroi W. P. I. A. L CAGE SUMMARIES SECTION FOUR Standing of the Clubs. Charieroi Monessen Brownsville Donora Tvlonongahela California W. 9 8 5 3 2 0 rot .889 .556 .333 .222 .000 Games Tuesday. Monongaheia at Dor.ora. Charieroi at Monessen. Brownsville at California. Great Year Finds Local Passers Losing Only Five Court Tilts. PRELIMINARY AT 7:30 SHARP SECTION NINE Standing of the Clubs. W. L. Johnstown 10 Greensburg 9 Norwin .. -- 7 Scottdaie - 6 Latrobe * .. 3 Jeannette _ 4 Connellsville 0 7 11 ret. .833 .818 .636 .545 .273 .364 .000 Games Tuesday. Jeannette at Greensburg. Latrobe at Norwin. Scottdale at Connellsville. The Casey basketball team brings down the curtain on its home contests this year tonight at State Armory with an ail-star aggregation from Charieroi furnishing the opposition. The Irish compiled a fine record this year, losing only five'games so far. They swept to the championship of Fayette county by disposing o£ the Overholt and Kaufman clubs in an easy fashion and added to this feat by scoring lwo victories ove.r the Duquesne Comets, one of the most outsanding independent teams in this section. Fans are promised an additional feat in the preliminary game arranged between the Paramcums and the Ladis quintet of Latrobe. The visitors have only lost one game this year--the Caseys defeated t'nen't--and with the Paran-.ounts pointing for its 33rd triumph a hot scrap is anticipated. The preliminary starts at 7:30 o'clock with the main engagement following at 8:30 o'clock. SECTION 15 Standing of the Clubs. Redstone N. Belle Vernon German Bentleyville _..., Centerville ,, East Bethlehem Ellsworth East Pike Run _ W. 12 9 ,,... 8 7 ] 6 L. 1 3 4 5 6 12 Pet. .923 .750 .667 .583 .500 .333 .308 .077 Games Monday. North Belle Vernon at E. Pike Run. German at Redstone. SECTION 17 Standing of the Clubs. W. L. Pet. West Newton 12 Dunbar 10 Rostraver - 10 South Huntingdon 7 Sewickley -- 6 Perryopolis 5 Fayette City ... . 3 Belle Vernon . 0 10 13 SECTION 13 CITY EECREATION CENTER VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE Standing of the Clubs. W. L. Pet. Medical Detachment 21 3 .875 Phalanx Fraternity 23 4 .852 Church of Brethren IB 11 .593 State Store 16 11 .593 Caseys 12 15 ' .444 Howitzer Companv 12 15 .444 St. Rita 12 15 .444 First M. P. Church 10 14 .417 Recreation Center .... 6 21 .222 North End 4 23 .148 Game Tuesday--Medical Detachment vs. First M. P. Church, Stale Armory. Standing of the Clubs. W. L. Ligonier 9 3 Derry Borough 8 Mt. Pleasant 6 Hurst 6 Youngwood 5 Dcrry Township ,, 3 East Huntingdon -- 1 3 4 5 6 7 10 .923 .769 .769 .538 .462 .385 .231 .000 Pet. .750 .727 .600 .545 .455 .300 .091 Games Tuesday. Derry Township at Derry. East Huntingdon at Mt. Pleasant. Youngwood at Hurst. Lafrobe Is Beaten By West Penn Team A team of West Penn Power Company men of Connellsville defeated a team o£ Latrobe power employes in a duckpin match rolled on the Manhattan alleys by a margin of 109 pins. Sapanara was kingpin with a total of 517 pins for the three games. ouse Girls Topple City Lassies The Westinghouse girls team of East Pittsburgh lived up to a reputation of tomboy champions of Pennsylvania by defeating the Connellsville Recreation Center Shamrocks Friday night at the Armory, 35 to 13. The victors flashed a smooth fast breaking offense that kept the Shamrocks on the defensive most of the time. The local girls played a commendable brand of ball the first half, holding the champions to a 13 to 8 score. In the two final periods, however, Westinghouse turned on the power to pile up a safe lead. Dashir.g Mary Bradley was high scorer and also turned in a brilliant display of floorwork. June Shenefelt was another offensive star for the winners while the veteran "Ede" Forsythe played her customary clever defensive game. "Ede" Tulley and "Izzy" Metzgar featured for the Shamrocks. The game attracted one of the largest crowds o* the season. The line-up: Shamrocks . G. F. Pis. Rowe, f 1 0 2 Bogusky, f 1 0 0 0 Tulley, c - 2 1 5 Metzgar, g 1 1 3 Scott,-g '. O i l Clark, f 1 0 2 Totals 5 3 13 Non-scoring substitutes--Primus, Seese. Westinghouse G. Bradley, f . 6 Blasik, f 2 Shenefelt, c _ 2 Hirko, g 1 J Forsythe, g -- 1 j Gaydos, f 2 I Grimes, c - 2 Bchusar, g ..,, _ 1 BIG TEN LEADER By Jack Sords .-SN Leisenring G. Cominsky, f ...._ ........... _____ ........ 1 Hess, i ............................. ______ ...... _2 Soltis, c .............. : ..... _ ..... TM ............ 4 N. Badovick, g ........ . ........ _________ 1 J. Sepesi, g ........ ,,, ..... _______ ... ...... 3 Zavachin, f ....... _____ ;. _______ ...... 1 F. Pts. Totals ............... ...... ............ 12 0 24 Non-scoring substitutes -- Collins, Burns. Greenwood G. F. Pts. Murray, f ....... .. ........ . ____ ........... ____ 1 o 2 AMD FORWARD OP 0410 STATe BASKETS AH- -TSAM F. 0 0 1 0 o' 0 0 0 Pts. 12 4 .5 2 4 4 35 Totals .-. 17 Score by quarters: iVestinghouse 11 2 12 10--35 Shamrocks --:... 3 5 Referee--Rude. Umpire-r-Logan. 5 1--13 Ligonier Whipped By Derry Borough Ligonier went down lo a 27 to 20 loss in Section.. 13 as it was held scoreless by a powerful Derry Borough quintet that, continues to press for. honors. .. ^. . . Derry is host to Derry .Township Tuesday night an. a victory for Pat Eucci's club will place-ifin a tie for berth with Ligonier, necessitating a playoff. Ligonier had previously suffered a setback at the hands of Ramsay which has been coming . around in great sha'pe after a poor start. FAYETTE-GREENE LEAGUE Friday's Results. North Union. 29; South Union 19. Point Marion 28; Mapletown 23. Standing of the Clubs. W. L. Georges 8 North Union .._ _..... 7 Point Marion 7 South Union 4 Immaculate Co" ception 1 Mapletown 1 Games Tuesday. North Union at Georges. Immaculate Conception at South Union. Pet. .389 .778 .,700 .444 .111 .100 Trampled by Horse, Dies. WASHINGTON, Pa., Feb. 20.--Injuries suffered a week ago when he was trampled by a horse in a barn stall, proved fatal to Charles M. Davis, 68, Washington, R. D. 5, in the hospital liere.

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