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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, February 22, 1930
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L JL ast £Lidition ttrtejt 1 rce Connellsvillc 's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Best Advertising M edium in the Yough Region. VOL. 28, N'O, RS. Th« \\ehly "«nrfrr, Founded J u l y 17, ISTiK , Merged. The lally Cuuriur, Founded November 10, 1902, ' J u l y JS, J»3». CONNELLSVILLE, PA.. SATURDAY EVENING, FIOBRtL .RY 22,, 1930. TWELVE PAGES, FOUR YOUTHS BURNED HUNDREDS VISIT rr/\ i\r« i rnii tmi T» » n TM/\ 11\ SCOUT EXHIBIT TO DEATH IN RAILROAD OPENING NIGHT STATION AT EDENBDRG T*mtatirely f d c n t i i i o d as B r n f h - j crs of Two FamiHes Who Hare ^ioi Boon Se»Mi A live Since Bla«c. TRAPPED DURING ROBEiERY, BELIEF By U n i t e d Press. ' N E W CASTLE, Feb. 22. -- The bodies of four y o u t h s , brothers of two d i f - ferent f a m i i i e i , h a v e been t e n t a t i v e l y iientifled as t h e victims of the gasoline explosion and fire whirl! early 'odny wfwked the a b a n d o n e d P e n n ^ y l v a n t a Railroad s t a t i o n at E d e n b u r g near here. Those who lost, t h e i r lives, were to 'DC D o m i n i e Xore'.lo and J5are!lf of H i U d a l e antl Samuel ind Nicholas U e l o r t , b r o t h e r s , or KdtlMibuvg. A l l art! between 1'" and il. years. Tho t e n t a t i v e identification was made by I . i e - . i c e n a i i t W i l l i a m Rodaers of the P e n n s y l v a n i a Railroad police. To substantiate tlie identifications, no traces have beoti ioiuwi o( the f o u r , all o£ whom live within a few miles of the explosion. The Zorell - and Keiort brothers had bee a visiting at Yonnpstow-i, Ohio, 1 V A R K E . V S "1,0"K WOI.V" last nisht. tor home. At 1 A. M. today .hey left A n o t h e r brother, Felix /Jorello, alifhied from the car a f t e r he had been d r i v e n home. "When he l e f t tho others continued, toiling him Uiey were "?oing to take a httlo ride and see t h a t the Kctort brothers got home." Tho lock on tho station tioor Kad been broken oix;n and aathoritiea expressed t h e belief that the blaze resulted d u r i n g an attempted robbery All the bc-dies were burned le-yMvri recognitiou. Railroad ofttciaif. suffseste-l that on- oi the boys had struck a nuuch iu tho oll-sockerl interior of the structure which ign;ted and trapped thwo in- aide. .Kow cUi'^s were foittid wMch would help invo!;tts»torH to (iet«rmine the canao -of ihe lire. Two car« of pras- ollne parked on the railway lesa than JOO feot a'-vay were d-etstrojKXl. The amaJl ataUon, wo^en ijtructuro. .1A51KS BAKKH. W A R R E N . Ohio, l''ob. ^,-~ ,ta ties Baker. ^'3, who confessed to lie! 'oil police t h a t he killed nine persons for the pleasure of w a t c h i n g t h e m die vas identified t o d a y by Warren polio as First T h i n g of K i n d Attempted Here, at f'liristiun (.'hurch (ij-mnasiujn. IS OPEN AGAIN TONIGHT, FREE Several hivrKrrwl pwie visiUwi the Boy Scout exhibition ai the Chrtetiaii rhurcli K-rnna£unn .la;;t evouirig be- t^vean tho hours of 7 and D. Many woro surpriseti at the wk)e range oi activities that -the Scout program cove-ex iUid wero greatiy pieasel witJi varied exhibits and exhibitions. Aa one enters Uie door a demouetra- tion ef arctverj" i« in progress by an assistaint scoutmoater, while the next booth is in charge of F'atrl leader SeMii-th. who with hi* polirol, lias an oxoeptiooalliy line -display. Next comes it pup tent, erected by severa.1 Scouts, ;inii high above UTO two Scouts signal-S i n g , one in ?-acti OIK! -f the hail, both i h e semaphore and w is-wag methods. Then com-e« the irmrif badge Iwoth with a; loast a Ivundred interestin-g article*, ant! boautlfuily ftecorratftd. In churge of Keitli Brown, and Assistant Sc-outmastor Kn;uler. N-ext iKwUi is that of- Ixui$ Firwiiey. ills patrol has r n i n y iratarestids things. Molvtn Soisson, with hia patrol built a loan-to in regular outdoor style, worth B-eing, containing His Memory Honored Today Warren's "Ions wolf." About 10 y- are j inside, hi« many cxh-itrits. NV-xt. in ago t h e y said the "lone wolf" sp- ead t e r r o r here. He broke into st res, He- was sent to a reformatory and hat. was t h e last notice heard at" h i m . Home Industries Committees Making Study of Prospects With m a n y matters c o m i n g l-cforo the various comm'ltec* of tho loard of Trade for decision the organ! 4ition is beginning to function in iu- f u l l strength. The unit groups, an; Igned to d i f f e r e n t task*, arc t a k i n g u, t h e i r duties w i t h alacrity and t h e dir^c-torn of the board arc greatly pUasi'·! w i t h th-o progress being -made. A n o t h e r t*«eslon of the lion s industries committee WH..S hold --'riday statkm. There we-ro no w.tnesw* U m o r n i n an1 aUhougll deciti j olu ,,, in . tho blase. Lawrence coun'.y officials. had "boeoa, Tised as a. passeuwr station but m Ttsoont years was a freight order Ls Charles r h i l l i p p i ' f i booth, with an intorestin^; elect ilcal riusplay ;uid many exceptionaJHy fine drawing by u member of his patrol. j The first-aid exhibition watt next in j line with several p-ttien'ts. receiving first aid and Ja.%1 a table with photographs and other W'jrk of pajst mem- b«(T C tho troop. Such a display h.'i.s never )oe.n attempted bp-foro in this city and every parson should take advantage of this final nighf to visit tho Christian Church gym'nasinm from 7 10 3. " 7*#r '·**-L' ^*»^ »«2 CROSSING Maniac Arsonist Blamed for Death Of Four in Blaze battered found a door ami the the station. It is this evidence and also that tho station ha.d been. loc'ol for the night that tho aotbxwi-tioa suspect a robbto-y attempt. IdeffUflea ticn of the bodies may be ~ made by tlio rinding of a sdaai car on tbe aide oJ the road noair the station. "The ear had been driven to th© side to at the road, autlioritJos believe avoid, de-'.eotion. Tb«r« -was no gasoHno in tho tank oS the car. License Hato numbord were taken a-n-d officials commnnicatsd wit)» tho State Motor Vehicle Buro;m'at HUTIK- burg. LIQUOR EQUIPMENT IS FOUND ON FARM IN NORTH UNION Special to The Cc-urler. ITN10NTOWN, Feb. 22.-- A search of tho'furni-houso, otitbuililiuga anid a farm ir i.n Norll U n i o n town- ship, ccar Bvans Man r. Kriday by county tnd state officers- under ihe dividual« wer-e not made ;iu!)lic, thorc wore tiiimeroue irnportai L matters up for consideration. Tho roads group and tho ad led industries committee arc also nakine progress in their separate; mente. The latter has two trips a he id of it next week, with several calls u make in each instance. Evidence 11 at the added industrleB group is siftii g care- f u l l y tho industrial projocte is fr'et-n in several rejection* already ma« e-. The canalisation of tho Youghiogh- eny River again comes to til v foi-e- ground next .week tileo. On .Monday tho executive committee of t h Yough- iogheny Kiver Improvement \ssocia- tion, of which,Secretary J. K. Blake in a monitor, w i l l meet with !,i ;uteiiant Colonel Jarvis J. Bain, Uiuti -1 States Army engineer at PHlaburK t. present a brief relating to tho Umnag for the stream it' tho jiroj ct through. The'Army engineer not only wants to know the amount o tonnage tnH ha« asked for positive ; esumnco it will b? forthcoming. The improvement association ha« procuri-d figures of tonnage guaranteed hj i iie inter- c*Ued industries and there is every reason to believe, it its poinlcv' out, that tho total will make a fttvorul) e oi a ir.rge a s n u r i m c n t of ins" equipment but no u- of the fin- j moonshin- j si «» ««"» FEEDS POISON CANDY TO GRANDCHILDREN -! INSANE, ENGINEER said by tho oflicers to have very re- j co.ntly tontained moonshine were al- j iegid 'o Iwive been t'oiu d in the- ba^e- j m c n t of tlu f a r m h o u s t . Eighteen ud- j barrels tilled w i t h mnah were near the house and about 30 live-gallon cans w n r - located in the barn. A set of coil* was found buried in a iiald whl'o the top of a 500-gallon s t i l l , w h i c h the ofllcers had confiscated itboiU u year a^o, wua found liirivl benwalh a corn crib. Twelve h u n d r e d p o u n d s of corn sugar was also roiiftscated, f h c pjlic» stated. According to D o w n l i s tbo head of ',h; h'u»e w a » not at h ,me at the time o f - i U f - raid iiiirt no arrests were made. The aian w i l l bo brought before tho t-.ouri w i t h i n t h e su-xt fe-w days, h o w ever, tho c o u n t y l i o t e c u v e stated. He i: sa.ii to bo serving .1 parolo from a t i r e v r o u s luiuor off-mse preferred abou; a vear ago. Wfttson Discusses Tariff Situation At White House UKTHOIT, Feb. 22. - l r i · vn\ to a maniual frenzy by the thorg-Ju of being separated from hi.H three .smaJ) graivildaughtors, Wai-io, 57, a retired locomotive eiiKineor, last night feted the youngsters wit!) lei? oream and candy, thon tHl them i-at poiHon, two of the "girls uro do,i. I a n d the t h i r d is reported dying, VYaite ia also in a ortHc; i condition from oatlug tho poitioit pot on he gave his grandchildren. The -.lead »re Uu-th VeM'ii il. five, and her Histe-r, A l m a , tlu-e^. i ^ e t t y , eight. tho t h i r d ,s-:sUM', probabl-- w i l l die, ph y.siit'.'ans .suy. "I love them so w e i i I c a n n o t go without them," it note f o u r 1 in VVaite'a pocket e x p l a i n e d . i::y t.'uit \\AS1-II.\-OTUN". niiiue t ; u i f t ' -.iui. '-rx'i-t.-s t h i i t . I'jvs'. HOCHBERG DENIES ENGAGEMENT WO'H ILEANA IS BROKEN A l e x a n d e r Von Ifochberg deni-ori vigor- o u s l y to rta-y that, tuts cngug-onnMit. U.i i'rinc-css tlemi of Komauia ha;i broken. In teniiporairy -i-eclusion at ilia j mother's villa, "La Poul*," in the Alps near Caun-w, tho count declarod that only the matter of religion has cau-sed u d-eluy in the matritnonlal plans, "Tho. princess -.» of the Human ten Orthodox Catholij faith," he Ha;id, "while I am a Roman Caf'holic. We wanted to be married in the two churches, but my own church thus fur lias refused pjrmisaion. "J intend U) jo to Germany 1-a a few (Uiys," the c o u n t continued, "and then to itouvo, where I hope this religious ( J i f f i f i i c u l t y can be owercome. If ii. isn't, 1 shall bo forced to change to the princesH' ortaoclox religion. "J w i l l join tlH princess at C'airo on A p r i l 55 and w-j will votu-rii to my villa here together. Then we w i l l go to Bucharest t o - the marriage ceremonies." Tho count Kaiii he had received lwi dmMg the ai't.ewioon, neither of which indicated that By OAKLAND, CaJ., Feb. 22.--Foar persons were burner) to flaath today wh-in flr» swept, through u cheap lodgi ig houso. Seven othore werf i n j u r e d , eome ssrimiBly, when thoy Icaperl from w i n - dows in eecapins the flameti. Authorities more bodies w-re In the ruins, a cheap slop house., k n o w n as tho "Werxiter Homic." T'ho fire was believed to h«vo Ix'on iho work of a maniacal arsonist. U sw«pt through tho tour-Htory f r a m e building, t r a p p i n p ; victims in their rnom!* ami e n d a n g e r i n g «.t least 100 ABNORMALLY WARM WEATHER FORECAST FOR NEXT WEEK dinicultioH were in the way of the marriage. MRS. GLADYS REILLY DIES AT WELLSBURG Mrs. Crladys Reilly, 37 y-ears oid, vrit'e of Chester Reilly, former resident f f Itinlm.r, diftd Thursday uight at hor horn* at. Woli.*bnrg, W. Va., where she haft ©eii residing tar mo.r« than 10 years. She was born, and roared at Dunbar. Mrs. Railly, Lhf? dilugbtcr o-f Mr. Mrs. G-eorgo C. 13icher of Dun bar, is suo-viv-ed by bor husband, a forimir re-si dent of Couneltevllle, h-or paronis, two d'cirtig-hteo-.!, one son and OhrtM} »i»tors. Tho »istem arc Pearl and Maude Etcher of Dunbar and Mrs. Ch«rl«.s Hfrn-n«»ey of Uniontown. She was a m-embfw of the Methotliat Prot- ·estant Cim-rcih. Th3 funeral a«rviio will 1» he-Id at 2:30 o'clock f Sunday iU'ternoon at th« lat/o home. Interment wiH be mario in We-lUiburg. By U n i t e d Press. WASHINGTON, Feb. 22.---W«a.thor outlook for period February 21 to March 1, inclusive, North and Middle A t l a n t i c States, showers about Wednesday and again at the end a*! the weok. Colder at beginning of the week, wanner Tuesday, ^Lightly colder Thursday, -warmer Saturday, for t h e week as a whoie ,tMnpe'rat.urcs will average above normal over s o u t h portion of this d i s t r i c t . STANDARD, VACUUM OIL COMPANIES TO BE MERGED N) W YOKK, Feb. 22.---Another hil- I Hon iollar corporation is in the mak- j ins, .o ongago in the world battle for sup: jsmacy in oil. "W l.h announcement of a prospective merger o f . t h e Standard OU Cotn- paj) of New York, and the Vacuum Oil Company, notice was' served in effo t. on Str Henri Pot.erding and cither oreign of. oil that a po? orfut combitiattan haa taken tno del' against thetn. 7 ie air-r(;«r anncmnccmcnt, was ma ;6 by the directors of tho Vacuum Oil Company, and tho Standard Oil Co; ipany of'-N-c-w'York in an identical lot fr to stockholders, which advised the -n that the directors of the two Co; corns'had agreed upon a basis for a j icrger. It is contingent only upon a 1 ivorablo court decision sanctioning th combine under the anti-crust laws )f the United States. v friendly tost ease win bo brought, pr bably within a few days, and at- to ncys for tb« two companies hav-e at ^teel their principals that they bell- vo the merger is la conformity w th tho law. 'I'm't Keporteit Ht- ter. WASHINGTON'. N o v . the c u m l i t i u i i of . l u f t i c o 'I'at't \va« f i l m mitis were t l f i i i ( - t today i n a luiliiy, :i issued by DIES IN ARIZONA A telegram wa.s received by Mrs. W. A. I j l t t n e r mul family nuiaouninns ihe d o u t h of Edward A. Kolk Thurs- ilny at P h o e n i x , Ariz. Mr. Folk - w a s a nu(.iv! of MeyerBdiile u u d wa'i a. U i ' o l h e r o( Mi-s. H i t t n u r . Death -.- Jleports , j ue j (J e O { n p!icatioiiK of -diseases, r rini-r C h i e f 1 jMr K t ) l k lu( . alel | u t (..i UH , u ix. 150 NORTH UNION OPENS W. P. L A. L TOURNEY, MEETING NEW CASTLE PITTSBURG, Foil. 22.--The W. P. I. A. League basketball tournament. will 'open hore February "7 when N«w Oaatlo meets North U n i o n . All the games will be played In Pittat-urg. U n i o n t o w n will p l a y Ford - - C i t y March 3 and Moneseon me^ts Duubeir Township on March B. · PATROL CAPTAIN FOR ST. JOHN'S John Gu'/.i has been chosen captain of the student traffic patrol of St. John's Parochial School on the We«( Side, Others on tho squad are Joseph Mijlik, Daniel Andrus and John Kostelnik. These boya have already begui their task and are-being S.^'o' 1 in structkms by Chief of Police John C Wall. PLOTTER AGAINST HOOVER'S UFE IS MEXICAN COMMUNIST SAX I..U.IS POTOSI, Mexico, Feb. 22. · · United Stiitea Couirsiil George Sha-w i onilrmod today the seizure of a letter . eivt from a Mexican student now in t. Ixniis, Mo., hi which completion f « "plot" agai!o«-t President Herlwrt foover, similar to the attempted m- ji»wtiia.tio'n of President Ortiz Rubio, Veia claimed, The co.naul described the letter aa he work of "a hai.r-torain.ed boy." Ni-cola-s Aleorta, the letter writer, form-wiy lived here, aiwi w^t« credi ted by the police with havin.g "radical ideas." Alcai-.tfi's name, orighial'ly given a« Acosta, was Aw*clo«ed by Vicente Aur- reeo;_ Belies, imother youUi tinder arrest. In the letter the boy 'had used a uom-de-plums, The American Con«ul added that Acorta claimed he was a regulaa- attendant at tho "St. Louis CommujilBt Dynamite Soclotj 1 .," where plant) lor ·the a'nti-Hoov-er plot were discussed, saying that he hopwl he would lo ehiosen for the task. Mrs. Sfaihl Near Mrs. S. S, Btahl, wldo-w of HivStab, of Counellsville, w h o is spending th ). winter In Florida, is in a very critici 1 condition.. A card received by Mr . Stahl's brother, J. C. 'Newcomer t t Dttwaou, slates she is gradually grov - ing weaker, sleeps mos-t of th« tim , The c:wd way written, by Mrs. Stahl s duugliter, MJHS Be«.sie, who iwicoi - puaii-ed Viti-r to St. Petersburg. a;;o. iit-siiieK hU w i f e , who \vua . Miss A l H r v Oebull of M u s o u l o v v u , hu Mr. T u f t , s p h y s i c i a n s . - I h t y «uid he j IK s l l , v i v t H , out of ; a r'i'ut a good n i e h t ,s .somewhat '.-ltMt Uoosor ruvor? veji t h i t c u n - m i iin«-ra- r ) c c o a l i t i o n t a r i f f l '! was ili.m-u.s^wi lit !h» \\'l)it- HO-UHI: 'v.-l;iy whc-n lie- ui'i;r, the. I ·!·; V ' h t s O D i-^ ! '«'*'·' to»l;iy. ! Brinks l o d l m . ' iMO.X'ruWN. Fob. ::-j. -Claintins t o ; h . i v i d r u n k itu c t i n t e ' i i t i - o! a s m a l l j i u ^ i n , ( ' h f l r ^ p ^ (!vay i-. -wjiovUxt iirt-I ', pi-ovixl t(.«lay ai Uic L'ri Hoi- j r i i a l - i uy t'oiu- d a u K U I e r s , Kilua, Xola. M a r i e a n d M u r g w r e t , ai! at tioirn-: also a p v f r u l bro-ihers and SIB- tcr.-i, i i i c l u d i ig Mrs. J - t i t t n e r . to Hospital. ; M w . Kdu;s. SHorrick of bmu:ks «vc- j n t i f . Kcxitt laic, and MrH. M i n n i e - «charias of IH; Looust streof. t h i s ! ( - i l . l\avp. \\ff,n d d n i i t l n i i to (hi^ O:IH- ' uelUvtlle State HosoUai for tr«*.tmont. The Weather Cloudy t o n i g h t ; showers and i-o -1- er y u n d a y is the noon weathur I'D e- cast. for Western Penuaylv;inia. Temperature Uncord. .Maximum M i n i m u m Mcau ......... TH :)S NORMALVILLE FIGHT CASE IS DISMISSED Alderman John JD. Wallace dismissed charges of assault aad battery and divided the coats equally ia the- proceodiingfi instituted by Edward Grimm against lira Firestone at a hearing Friday evening; held at City Hal!.' The principals aru from Normalville and a large number of persons from that locality gathered to hear the suit which hati to be transferred from Alderman. Wallace's office to the City .Hall. Grimm had charged Firestone w i t h using a ppfcer on him in a fist recently. Drivers' Permits, Will Be Checked An Intensive drive will be started on Prhlay, Masr-ch "i, by State Highway Patrolmen to check up on operators' cards and to proclure a 18HO ii- c-ehse w i l l r e s u l t iu ihe arrest of the aiilomohile d r i v e r . The 102!) operators «a.rrt.s will become void after miitr.ight, 3S. Sportsmen Plaii Wild Life Program Tuesday, March 4 The Cnn.neMsvll'le .Local of Fayette County Fish G-ame Protective Association will sponsor an entertainment on Tuesday night, March 4, at, S o'clock at i:he High School Auditorium. Pl-aais few the program, wtelch. will include motton pictures and talks o*n outdoor life, Ihnnttog a.nd ft^Mug, were completed Friday evening at a meeting at Balthnare Ohio Ratltoad Y. M. C. A, Auditorium. The spea-kttrs at the enterta'iTimeut wikl bo as foHows: Bert Wright, Ligonier, division su- peorinjtejident of gswne protectors. J. C. Beatty, thitoatown, co-anty Are ·warden. Hawjkl D. Carroll, Dunbar, president | of Fayette County Fish Game Pro- j tective As«oc!aition. Robert G. Bryson, Ohalk H41J, county game vvaoxton and ehairmau of sportsmen veTimin con.trol commitibee. Hobert S. Cooper, Co-nneUffvill-e, coiunty sportsmen law enforcement conwnHtee niem'ber. Rev. K. H. Stevens, CcarceltovUle, county sports-nuMi direetor. Kenneth A. Reid, Coarueilsville, 10D3.1 chairman. A representative of Ladies Auxiliary to tho coTurty association. The program ^vill commence at. 8 o'clock and admission will be by membership cards for the members and their families. Persons who do not have memibersMp cai-ds wiH be able to secure them at the High School that night. There w i l l be sportsmen on hand to provide thorn with blanks. Boy Snouts of ComvcUiivine will lie guet;U) of tho BiJortHmen. The troops will m-cot and march in a. body to the High School, T-he balcony has boon reserved Cor them. A musical entertainment will prc- oedo the motion pictures and tal-ks. The doors will be opened at 7:30 o'clock. Roy B. OUo has been chosen as -head usher and ho will select liis aides. A report, from the fish propagation committee-'was to the effect that arrangements are being made for the building of pools for the reairinK of trout. These details are to be worker ojit, WARRANT, ARREST ON SUNDAY HED J^BEILLEGAl. Special to The Courier, TJNIONTOWN, Feb. 22.--Can a man be arrested for a misdemeanor e n Sunday wheu the warrant haa alt o been issued on that date? This ia a queetion . thet Jud;re Thomas H. Hudson will decide befo-.-o Monday the date. Bet lor the Mar :h grand Jury to convene. Clem Gurcio of Newell was arreetjd on Sunday some months ago by SU to Police after a raid on. his premis ;e. Charges of conducting a gambling house and liquor violation wore lodf cd against, h i m . Counsel for t h e defendant, has asked the court to suppress the information on the grounds that Curoio was arrstefe for misdemeanors on Sunday and that, tho warrant issued against the Newell man was made on Sunday. ' ,,», "The only arrests legal ou Sun lay are those made by officers on view or breaches o£ the peace," it wan claimed. Briefs are being written by the defense attorney and the Comrnotvwe ilth lawyers and Judige Hudson has i idi- cated he will reach, a decision before Monday for after that date the oaso will be given to the March grand iury and in event of a jury trial the defendant will be tried ou the in£ict- mont and not on the information. WASHINGTON'S MEMORY HONORED AT ALEXANDRIA Pr sident Hower and Other Officials Join in Birthday Observance. ( PARADE IS BIG FEATURE By JOSEPH H. BAIRD, I nited Prss Staff OoTrespaadcat. ALEXANDRIA, Va., Feb. 22.--Mew fflrries of George Washington, bis ritrged Continentals, and the stirring political episodeH of the Nation's in- fa'icy wero in th air today as Alexandria paused to celebrate, with Pi ·widen t Hoover and Govornor Pol!o:k of Virginia, the 19tb amriveT- sary of Washington's birth. Parades and ceremonials were tins o-itecr aymboks of the reverence tn ·which this town holds the country's iY under, who once walked its streets a id frequented its buiidlaga. Barly today patriots were paid homage at Washington's Mount Vern o n tomb. The general's unknown fiilowers and fellow Masons were tonored later. A parade t h r c o and a half milae long was to pass before Mr. Hoover ;.nd Governor Pollock as they sat in u reviewing: stand before the residence of Mayor William Smoot of Alexandria. A number of military, frater- oal ajid civic bodies, including the celebrated Richmond Blues, gubernatorial guardians, were to march. The Virginia governor arrived at ooon, followed shortly by Mr. Hoover and Mrs. Hoover and a party of Washing-ton officials, i n c l u d i n g Secretary of War Hurley and General Charles P. Summcrall, A r m y chief of staff A reception at Smoot's home was planned lor them. Boforo tho parade, two outstanding ceremonies wero planned Grand Masters of tho Masonic order, from var- ioua states were to gather La the churchyard of the old Presbyterian meeting house to pay bo-mage to Washington's brothers in Masonry. Among them were Dr. Jam-ea Craig, sur-geon-genoral of tho Contuental Army, physician a.nd closest friend of W.'t»hingtou, a.nd CoJono! 1'Jennia Ramsay, who, us mayor of Alexandria, de- liTOrcd a fa'cwctl address wbeu th-o RovohiUonan' gnn-aral vent to tho Nation's Capital fxi bocom« its first 'President. v Shortly aftaru-ard, in th* camo place, tho C'hilriren of the American Revolution to gather around the tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the Revolutionary War and honor his tnomo-ry with a brief ceremony. Mrs. Kteanor Washington Howard of Washington, grandniece of the first President, was to take part of the exercises. Tho Hoover party w i;i return to the Capital as soon as the parade has passed the reviewing stand. MONESSEN MAN HELD ON MURDER CHARGE By U n i t e d Press. · GRBBNSBURG-; Feb:'32.--Miko John of Monessen wae held for court xxiay on. e murder charge in connection with the fatal shooting of'Charlie Johnson, negro, 'February 12. Judge C. D. Copeland,''after a hearing on a haboa-.i corpus writ, remanded John to tin custody of the. sheriff. John, was alleged to have « h t t and killed Johnson when the lattc·· attempted to break into the elrre of John Maclzey. Ho dented the ehcotiag. He did not testify today. Cora Loo Hill, a negro girl, U stifled that John fired at Johnson from t w i n - dow i-u John's home. CHAIRMAN TOOLE OUT, TAXI STRIiiE BREAKERS GONE F. V. B. LAIRD, 89, FORMER PUBLISHER, GREENSBURG, DIES SpeciaJ to The Cauj'!«r. G^ftBBNSBUIiG, Feb. 22.--^F. V. B. Lxvird, 89 ye«rs old, one of "Westmorel-and's old time newspaper men who was for years an influential figure in Democratic politics, died Firiday, He was the oldest firenvau in the city and for several years WM a United States marshal. He aleo was on local council for some time. Mr. Laird with his brother, Major Jame« M. Laird, published the Pennsylvania Argus here from 38S7 until 1914. The funeral service- win be held Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the home. Burial will bo mad-e in St. Clair Cemetery. Rev. Carpenter Given Especial Mention For Church Work Rev. H. C!':enn Carpenter, pastor of the First Christian Church at Beaver, formerly of! Vanderbilt, recently put on a "church attendance" program at his charge and the success of it waB so great an to merit a front page article on the .subject in tho Christian Standard, a leading paper o* tho Christian Clmrch. His photograph appeared w i t h the article. In the article, Rev. Carpenter stressed the fact that one cBseptiaJ t h i n g is in getting every member to take his i n d i v i d u a l responsibility for personal atiendancc and activity in the church. Rev, Carpenter is well k n o w n Sri t h i s locality, having been pastor .ot the Vanderbilt Christian Church at Vanderbilt for f o u r years prior to hla location ul Boaver. PITTSBUIU;, K;!. 2U.--Real c i m t i u t i iul K, Tdoks as chairman ^f the ciiib drivers' couirnittce and of :"((() strike hreulcii K drivers featured )aU development- of thu s:-wcek old taxi cub strike h re. A. T. Sifot'il was named t " iiicceed Toole. .Neathcr Toole nor member; of the uommittee would give a n y re;-sm [or Ilia witlKlrywal but it. is believed to h·a^·o ljon brought about hy h i i statement, that t.ho American tkm of Labor had eontrlnuUM $15, l,o tho striker? Flag Display Is Given at School A ilis-play oi! various llaga which lui-ve Tseea rtproseutiUlve of tiwj Uffiitxiid Stages i n - i t s history was given at th* High School auditorium yesterday m o r n i n g by Mr*. Grace F. Homei- of Latrobe. She wa« ajs^ted by R: M. Leibergpr of this .city. The display V.-HB given UTl'dfef iiuspice-ri of the Daughters o£ American Revolution, which.--oaaaa.iia- tion hu« niadt; th

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