The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1930 · Page 20
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1930
Page 20
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\ ·PAGE TWENTY. UAiJLcI VJUMJ.TVJtJCj.rX, C V JU-lJUC/, JTKIDAY, FBBRTJAKT in, law. Dame Fashion Smiles By Grace Jcuett A u s t i n Dame Fashion nns sometitnps heen ircused or being fond of Kdjcct.lves, hut when one hours of n b p n u t y w i t h "delphinium pyps. glennilng gold Imlr jinrl rose p e t n l skin," how could Jtd.lectives be n v n l d (1? Not very many of us Imre as niiiny sources of h e n n t y as nil t l i n t . l i n t some tiave been a ft p ct r 11 o n eel to ovpr.v one. A fn- GracsJ. Austin. , nons n r , l s , onrp said: "Every wotmn is hcniitiftil, put ti^r in a j?ot d l i g h t , " -- f h o t t j j h once In a w h i l e It rlo?s s»t'in us tbmi^li tlint l i g h t wonld be b n r d to find, n sea or laud. But ton tnniifi.imt--or more nearly, perhaps, ton h t n tired Ihoiisnnil Inrii- v i f i u n l s arc p l a n n i n g by d n y n r - t l n i g h t to make things so t h a t womi'ii tfti:i!t ho Impfilor, niid of course mir lipjuitl- f u l . 1C Damp Fashion beliovpd t h a t just buying p r e t t y dressfs ami new styles and becoming colors and cog- t u m o jeweir.v fiml np«- shopping bngs nrid spring lints was the whole of the matter, she woijul .strip her study of si.vies at once. All of tliesf plcnsnnt t h i n g s nro aids to hajjiinc,«s, and happiness, In its own bomttifnl giving, tends to sanhy and long l i f e and usefulness ami general xvorM u p l i f t . So, t h i n k of I t , when you buy t h o next gny necktie, or almost f l a m i n g scarf, that after all you arr a d d i n g to the gaiety and cheer of f l i p nation, and hence to t h i s entire blj itiiivprse. Uarne Fashion a d m i t s a great weakness for brace! o-ts. for years she wore one In the n l g h r as well ns by dny, and more or less of them lie nrminil in shoal?; or her dresser. So t h i n k w h a t n kir ship she felt lo sonTM '·iever irlove designer, when she sow the pretty t n n ;loves of spring that have bracelets n i l t h e i r o w n : These bracelets are of « smooth bone substance, In a f(onded brown color of oval beads and a're genuinely useful, for being strung on elastic, I hey hold the wrist of the elnvu exactly where it should bo placed. Tweed hats h a v e been well worth h a v i n g d u r i n g the winter, and now in the spring twee'i Is almost universal material. But the straw manufacturers are canny. They know there Is promise of a «reat straw summer ahead and they have designed n straw lint which would almost deceive thf elect i n t o t h l n U l n j ? It is made of tweed, so well i s the rough tweed appearance carried out in the straw. Here Is a practical suggestion from a well-dressed, woman, of use In re- Kanl either to d ·essninker-maUe gowns or creations in the shops. She cle- tlares t h a t she not only wishes to *alk up and clown many times w h i l e H'caring a new dress before she ac- fepts it, but al-so w a n t s to sit dotvn In it at least s..x limes before a mir- j ror, before she decides upon It. I W i t h skirts larger and longer, it Is : e n t e r t a i n i n g to notice now like (in \ echo that word "larger" appears on ! many sides. l!;intlhi;,'3 promise H be ' larger,' ;tud of. every d e l i g h t f u l mate- .' rial, from tweed and fnpestry to suede ' and inonxro, or even ( h e precious j pin-seal. Wntciies 1'or women, whose i i d e a l fur years has seemed In be to j Krmv smaller, rro d i s t i n c t l y larger in j some of the new models. j On me fashion hns always t h o u g h t ! i bat one of I he most harmonious mid j b e a u t J f t i l won!-;, in nnmes of dress ' materials. I» sulin. S a t i n is h a v i n g i Hillings in llu; new mndos. Thu old i discussion about books used lo be, j "which uni; would ,vij keep, if wrecked on » desert island"-" . And if ;t w i s e ; v . t i n i i i u were [.riven h u t out. 1 dress fur j h e r choice, sin: misht say, "My black sal in." (cl. 1 3 ^ 0 , V V e - f l ' p r n N c w ^ p a i i o r t ' n l o n . ) Green Chiffon Velvet; Chic Spring Ensemble AS SEARCHERS HUNTED FOR BODY OF MISSING BOY A view of one if th . wierdest chapters in the Mdvin Horst mystery as the entire back yard of a home formerly occupied by' Charles Hannah, oj Orrville, O,, was excavated in an attempt to find the body of the missing bo -.-, H a n n a h , under constant police grilling, accused Earl Conald of slaying- Mel'vin and burying him ii the yard, later naming a valley three miles from Orrville as the place where tha body ' Conald, after accusing Hannah of th; crime, has refused to answer (jueaUona, was' tal en. t Can Two Live Cheaper Than ,,;,, One-- r Chese Modern Days? flelpn w i t h /a'her's i n e v i t u Y OUNG J,O\ K iu«i lo fterure it all o u i li blisttfu! faith years asa. f i t was f i n i t e prepared c-*t answer to H*r M U f r y , "Young m a n . r u n you B ipj»ort rny ,tavi|ph.ter In the H t y l w to which she's accustomed?" To which thf» / o u n s man twho. of ronrso, c o u l d n ' t ) roiili auswcr. "Tvro c-iui live chspei t h a n one. :itr." 1:1** m e a n t it, It*'. 'iV)i«n he saw w h a t w a n l e f t of hi* s u g a r y ffach week a f t e r t h e Inroads of v. ally ;uid flowers and theatre t i c k e t s n -id l i t t l e suppers, and rt.ali7.ed that hi hnd to !ivc on t h f . romalnder--wp:; ht was sure thp*- H*xuH»a Tvoulci i lore t h a n pay for the bread and ch»r -e nettled by Young 1-ove wb«n mat rind. There wasn't rtfway.i a happy ending. Sornetimi «. the stern father would forbid ui v m a r r i a g e u n t i l th! young man ro'ilcl eurn t-nounh for two--and there wi-re years of waiting, with a blighted romance as u rn- suH sometimes Or t h p y did fly In t h f t farft of rea on, rnarriod on n*xt to nothtriR. i id [lien th» great strus-.:? b»«ran -trying to mafce OOP dollar Jo the « irk of tiv*. Some of those hoi:*-k» per* ttrcm miracle w.wlcers to tho- ». modPrn brides who fcear raiix of nipopsible hard«hirn. +-and cjttraordinury labor. Glam.-« at-. books ,jf t w o r j t y or thirty year.i and reiul the appalling doi«'!s of a day's 'vwrk. The picture of an iron sink o ' that period--and ant oonsld- »rea . i i i i t f s a t i s f a c t o r y -- w o u l d f r i g h t i n nioxt bridem out of t h e f i r m e s t I n t e n t i o n to ke*ii hou.w. Thf gTtfiit lmprovc;nftnt in the stnlii* of woman has Hffecvd very definitely, Young Love's desire to set married aoon. They no longer h*ve to w a i t I n d e f i n i t e l y for !h»t po.seibl« bis: promotion to conic to h i m . Th urirl of todny tistiaJiy k n o w s how to enrn her own living, nncl dona. And the t w o at them ca.ii lire more chcapiy t h a n one tf both work. They c»n rsally have a home, too--«jid eat rook^l meals, not eTClunlvelr on oanno'l or clotica'.cwK'n prodtictn. Tlin mlnlako so many youngnttm make, however, \n in chBracter, (tuite Hkti tbo«o of an sariier period--attempt ins tno m u c h . In the f,ar!y n n t h u t l B s m of hoxijK-kecpins, moat of the women f*e! q u i t e »ur? t h e y ran do all the work of this cunning IMHe a p a r t i n e n t , and hold down their Jobs, too. U s u a l l y it'B too much--thougfh it rmiy take months or years to wring th« admission from them. T h e r e «re t-wc oolution«, On« ut By Kl£ANOR ROSS 10 npend »anorousiy on »JI tfce hiboi savers, und in addition, Bfeare th work at th« home. If yoan« hu band !» willinc to do nomn p«rt houuekeejgjinr, the daily r»«Une nol loo oncrou*. And now tni hounekeoplng Is dono «o m u c h wt( nar.hinwy. the modern yo^nr ma U not oo prone to roeard it a» b nrath hia dignity. How«»er.- if b« jnut ran'l »r won -- then H'o mp t» th» to pr vide for btvjsPhaJd tit If, Ttie vtaJUr maid for a. f«r bourn eacfc day w lake over the* iKmaukceplnc burdi completely. Thta J» more exp«Qa!- in tho long run them buying- up- d a t « equipment b u t ixiulpm* ifcwan't work by Itw.K. Bomeot ha« to apply brain iirul h».rkd to re t:hhj»ry. Ana it the ir*f» tkua b »har« In nxytlng- thu e-xi«in«afl of r hcrtuiehoid, »he should ruit b« r period to do mars tima h^lf of t bouMkhald Jobs. BrtHJicfaats and cUnnnni do' not p par» themi»lve«. It m»*nn »or marketing, rookin*,-, wiviWnr ' a-ftcrward Not oob- «.r« h-ime met , morct deligbtful, bo* here If th« pla whore two can !!·*· more e)ie«f tlmn br dtalnr out (n What Do Women Eat When They're at Home Alione? A P H Y S I C I A N , who happens to- be a bac lelor, put thu query t h e o t h e t day: "din . ou soK'o a mjetery for m c T What do women ea.t when · lone?" Assiln and a; aln he has specified certain ilteta fo · wornon who are at homo, and t h o r - f o r e usually have at least one meal i day by themselves. They aasnrp h in t h a t I h e y follow his diet reJis"i«' sly. And his theory iH t h a t the wo nan in lh! home is pt-rfeclly u b l c ' a do so--much more t h a n UIB busii ess woman who do- ponds on rfcstai rants. Tlier«'a nothing to stop th · home woman from eating only ai d eia-cUy what the doctor present' ·»--«von if it means moa-suring or v e i j r h i n g the q u a n t i ties. The honi" offers every f a o j l i t y for doing so C " n v o n i e n t l y . ,Vntt y e t -- t h i ,dtier-r t h i n g Is that t h e Inevitable* r -sulls of rollowlng hig rpgulallons doi 't f o l l o w . Can it be that t h e dear ladlf.s are deceiving their doctor'' The chances are more t h a t thoy are deceiving thcinsolves. U is a % ory sinn)!*" 1 ma to^- t - i follow the rule.e for breakfast, l u n r h t - o n and dinner. You prepare no much of thlo--. and 1,0 more. But the unforeseen Jax-toi is tho in-between-meals nibble. M a n y women who tell you ecoclJy what they had for three mcata, and are a,'5solut«ly t r u t h f u l about it, forget entirely «.!! the tbin^n T h e y had in between. L.uneh may be bouillon aund lonat, u« prr ord»r«. But the t e m p t a t i o n s of the cake tin, the candy box or th« bowl of f r u i t are ever-jtrewnt in lisa home. U n l t u n k - Ingly the home woman may f-a.1. d u r - ing the course of the day more than her allowance of calories for three meal!, and do It all in nibbles that seem like nothing tit the tltne. Renlly, tue busluctfw woman who ha.'! i l e f i n l t e hours /or meals three times a dny. and no more--and no opfKii t u n l t y for entitis: In between tirtiep ia in much better position to obwrve a iliet palnlassily tha.n the wornit-n in the cornforta of home! 'i'h' |«. (.00, it tondenry toward commendable economy wb;c:h, however, dofta not al-ways woi-k to the wom/in'fl advsntaife. T\'.a l^fl-overs of last night's dinner are prudently renovated for her next day's luncheon. Which would bo perfectly all The Home Kitdsen By AIJCETYIXN BARRY If th« loft-o»ef-s w«re boJaaot I. Too often th«y aro no. And t f » noonday inoal may oca\siM of an c- news of crcanuKl flali--but no v*sre: i- blea, Mncu theaxs urern noiv laft. » 1 lh« sirvglB (tilth in flUlng; enough. It mlffht bo wotl for th« bef «· woman to take a hint from the bu ii- nissa woman's lunch. Ac»:ordlng- .p tea.-room reports, t h i n Is more a id more tending trwar j a aaiiul, a. aai d- wlch iud aaJBk. Busiiticss vronien o- vuriaMy eat lightly. HuaiiwaB m -a raay so in TOT subttantinl lunchc -- rncttta and era vies and pies--but *v m the bu»tn«Jia Won«n who ccui atf rd to «uf big: lunchos rarely (to so. 3 'is impoaalblo to fpel a'mrl en»ti|;h to lo a half day's work if one fBI* a hcs ry mi«il at th« noon hour. B*aridei. t t« \ntaintsea woman · keep« n sharp r re on her figure---rt)portally If sh 'n doing aodonUu-y work and hiui i ot mmch Urtw for crercttKs. Plenty of fruit at the midday m al t« quite possible for the -woman In the bome^--and IhJr pl«» u aandw ih or ft cap of cocoa thould irustain i er miifflcteintly--and jtrotect h«r tr -m rtio ifrfiat nJbbUng- temptation. !We Preservers Helpful Advice to Girls If you wan' 1" talk' Just threo miiuitea on a lo iy ilistance tPlh- phoiie call, use j u CES sautfer to measure the time By ANNIE LAURIE TT\E1A.R A.NNTK I.,ATJHTE: + ··-' J u l y i met n young- man wrtoin 1 liked very much. 1 w e n t w i t h him, ray a u n t and my cousin ou a short trip. I have- n o t »etn h :n fines. The other dny I ro- eelvod a letter from him asking me tt. wrtto. Shall I, or not? I am Zl- yearn old. MAIZrE, [AIZIE: By all means anmrer the letter.: It Is exceed I ngly md« to Ig-r^ore a peraonal commtmlrjition, ml I f«e( sure you would not do any- t h i n g impolite or unkind, on any nc-iount. ^end the young man a oordlal Httle note, telling him how happy yoti were (o hear from h i m , »nd of tbo very plcianant memorlos you pUU h a v e of your trip. An sttrjctlvn enssmbls for spring-- ! a one-piece dr.rsa with coat to match, i cf oonard grc in chiffon velvet, with ! red fox trimmings nnd insets of white .-.ncl darker gresn velvet and gold lace. · }- n t h u f t t a i i n I ' l i i ' i - i i l l t i i s i ni\ l ! : , i ( U f i j i an iik nit ' · , i . , l · ' « s t i K M i i i k o s f o r j o y c i n j t s u r v '·-r 'I i i r , - ; l i i l i I n r u n f o (ii't-n-t lnr - V I I I - I fA\\ !·:(! I I l i l 1(1 I |ir 1 t l l ' S C I I f l l l I'Sf, i i i . ' K i ' . v I I »,i.-\. ('.in l o W i i l l ; i « y a f ' t c r iS.'i.v. o n l y i i i i l i ? i n l i ' i t ! t ^ » iiiuTl.lJ I h c i - i s h t n;n1 sii ·»·). «'fj|)tj f h p i i c l i r s « : : i , H ui4ii s \ r t a p n l i K V H us. and t h r · r r c n ^ i-i-.iitnTf dHi|) lv us i n w H n ) i ! , i f n r t l , ii-;!MiK '-'.-" f'-ir i x ' i i i n i l - - t i l l s is h K n l . I ' i - k r t ' p i - f i u r n j ' : . pn?5s fiinviin) flr-i n t p r ' - i w f i u ' l n c . ' i r t e r l . may a i l;,at he '· s r ^ i t e n t ic:i)i af a l t U will liUe shis lntter way of obtninlnx the money you ueeJ. Otw friendly pi an l e t * - y o u have (he motiey pronij '!· and privately. We make no c nhurrnsslng: Investigations among · ur friends. We require no mtslde signers. Y«u can borrow up lo SUOO. Nole easy payni tils lplo\y ivliivh INCI.l'DK la vfnl $ 5.18 'monthly- P)a.vs S 50. loan Sl«.5(i inonth)y cpajs $150. loan JS2I.12 monthly epays SISOrt. loan I'i't us (eU y«u ibuul our (llgninrit li.'uiitiiic plan u i l l ul (!Ut;ntioii and tiur Mfrvicc w t i ch rxtriuU over 111 j r u r s in »rtf«-.ihttrg. Call, Wriir o Phone 1-3-1-3 *.lt-^n*»frl bt th*- M O l f i * ( t ) i r t i S l u 6:^(1- K a t l i r r f n ) ' M (i 8 UNION IOAN CO. First Nation, I Bank Bldjp. Itonm 304 -- Second Fioor. GREENSEURG, PA, T^TQAR ANNIB LAURIB: ·*· · A few years agro I made the Hr'f!uainlAnc. of R riire young man while away on my vacation. W* corresponded for two yeare and whenever 1 visited thore wo went out together. Finally, I realised that our friendship wax taking a more serious trend titan I desired. J didn't w a n t It to be any more " than a m u t u a l l i k i n g , so 1 tried to l«isen tho bondu It seemed to h u r t his feelings a lot mora than I anticipated because wince then h« les not acknowledge our a c q u a i n t - ariro. He never montlona me, not even to my coualn who la a very ...Binse friend" of his. I nhould like lo ren*w our friend- n i l p to su^h an e x t e n t t h a t w« T. ouhl n t Iwaat be on speaking l.-ritiH: How should 1 gn" about it? % V i u l d II b» all r i g h t for rne to w r i t s a IIU1* not« lo h i m the next t me I eo lher« to v l a H ? If »» vhiil whould 1 Bay? It haa been crer a yeiLi now wine* w« fjult «!J«altinK.- PUKZL.KD. V^JaiZl'.IEl): Unfortuiuitejy, we tua- atw»-8 control th« course friendship »houl(S tuk*. It pity (licit t h e y o u n caan si:cul0 f o r f e i t your f r i e n d s h i p , J\iHt lti;it5*» -ui) do nut reirlp'rooHte his f--i«llng8 All you c-an do is write him a curtilal t i t t l e note ( c l i l M j j him how, nuioh you havtt «ri Joyed rurrnapond- t n g w i t h Viim atul reiterating: t h e hfipn r h a t you will always be gttfxi friends. If he r.hoose* l o iRrnorc y t u j r v«rtur«s (it frj«nd.«hip, ymi b ' i v t nn other roturse than to ter- i r i n n t c B(! cfrresjponrien?-* a.nd y»ur acquainta.nce with him. * noi tl-.nt a I am a jjlrl sirteon years »)d. I do not bother much with b y», but one night at a dar.o* a yt ing: fellow waa morti than nice to aie. Ever jrfnce then my breather la i MLS- inff roe. My molher Bays it's pi 3ud of me he IB, and that's whr h« teases m«. M« tells every 1 ttle thing before my mother, w .ich sometimes should not b« told, Of oourHfi I a.lwaye tn.ll hisr evcrj bit of newa when. 1 come home t 'om a dance or any place, hut m m«- timea thers are thingn that 8h .uld not be told and my r«fiar alv ay« tttlla them bofoi'o m«. HhouU he do this? I am sixteen yoara old, B I ·,, t Ins. tall. I nrw 6nly w«t^ fill Ibs. How can 1 « w«l ht? Gould you give me norno . ft(! .'Use how to act in young m«n's dm- pany? , MISS WOttRIJ D . - M IB8 WOHtmiTD: I am afrnlC ttiial- you urn tin Silly (intinltive ' for thore are few younger brother not. guilty of teaalnp and srnbarra islng their Bistore by choice commcn » on thoir behavior, tholr clothen, their frfando. and all the othfir topic* an ItiKehlous boy'o mind oaui 6 ,ri«st Ignore' him, and whan he see« that his · cnnverHiitlon catine no flurry or comment, ha will, If is IB Ilko the majority of boya, soon :eoso bcrthPHngr you. Laugh with h n at i'ourself, It will moat likely «ru prlsa hlui i n t o silence. I am sure too, that if you quit worry Inn, your tveig-ht will lncr!a»«,. for worn la it borty and m i n d dejrtroyer. ,Fu it be your own nlc« natural self w) n in the company of young- men, : nd I am sure that th*y will npprecJn a th«i rhnrm of a wOl-brwJ. brlfflil and pleanant young; lady. B n.T.rK: y n u n g D EAR AWNIHl 1 wm « Kir I in my late t ?n«. I ani very nic-r-h l» lov« wl h a boy. but be doesn't pay very uch attention to m«». I Irnow--he · ar«?» for me. Will you kdvlai! cn» · 'hat to do to wlsi his ·LtteuijunT BIJ.,1 IE. What inak«J8 all o you Wurman so very aur that young rnen tyire for you even I they do not pay any a t t e n t i o n ? It I i rar* th«t n young trmn la Bo bashft t h a t he is not a r t i c u l a t e pnoujrh o e'x- prnHS R aenttmnnt of f r i e n d a l Ip or affection tor a y o u n g woman. Tou r n n bo but pii^OAint and cordial when you m'w?t, aTM3 I un itir? if e ad- Tiirp* vnu. he will stynlfy his a. mlra. (ion as young rnen have don? sine* the world wa» you" -- tfVWMfVWtW'WWfal^^ UPJrtftTOW^^IUVWMWVWMi ESTRICTED OHOIDE 'S FUR-TRIMMED | Values to B S 13.75 New Styles 51 ·* **^^***^*^r*^ ESSB Savings on Every DRESS Featuring All the New Spring Colors Dcliirlitfnl models in yontliful or cousorva- UTO styles. F''e»h, new, smart dresses t li a t Jtoast an atr of sophistication and style correctness that is nof to l»e denied, even by the most critical. Be snre to sec these frocks tomorrow, there fs a treat in store for yon! Juniors, If! to 1 » ; .Misses, 14 to 20$ Extra Sizes. 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