The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 30, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COTJRIEB, CONNBLLSVILLB, PA THURSDAY, MAY 30, 1S1X. i Store Closed All Day Thursday In Honor of the Men of That Day and of This Day Who Have Given Their All for Liberty and Old Glory ,Y IDLE FURNACES ARE A FEW WAITING FOR A SUPPLY OF COKE Are ^Operating *t F«B So aiore Are Boi^ Banked. STOCKING PRACTICE Ttmif Tmrart Sfcxttag too; Is Kot COB- TRCT Ofettags of C*ke .Ufa* Jrnlj 4, Not Boioc. to The Weekly CoarMr J: JLUllMMJKCfi, Mcr 29-- Blast fur- apmitcme hare Increased a tnflc past wwk, bat tbere is no ma- change fa this respect. The ttoa ot jog iron is at very near- f tk« tell capacity ot the blast Cur- p*c* industry A few furnaces are [jjUU iOte, »Traittng coke, bat tbose in tttmOao an with scarcely an excep- 'fttem opcntkic at their fan capacity ·'·|»d there are no reports at a single E|*Moe being banked. Sf;. K 1* remarked m the trade thai tho ftacreue in pig inm protection m Uie 1 .put time months has been materially igMator than the incraae ID the cok« \ffffiT, aad the explanation is that 3ke tornacee are now down to their consumption ol coke per ton jiff Iron produced, whereas when y were operating so irregnlaxl}, in ftrst two or three months of the tie coke consumption per ton, of t)lg iron -was exceptionally high % I\trth«r light is being sought as to tfh* attitude ot the Fuel idmmistra- |tfDa a to tbe stocking at coke at )Mait tvrnaces. In some quarters u jilt 'ft h»ld that there is a general pro- J^Mticn acaint the stock mg of any Sake, and metences are even related farnace managers holding loaded at tomacee because they consid- It a violation ol the regulations unload them, smcs it would be a at stocking. The alternative adopted, however, wlich in sub- the -vtocfcmg of cannot be com- represented coke and cars In general the blast furnace leel whatevnr the regu- would not. be feasible to r_ large gnaautles ol coke, as low ot_eoke and a high while no large quantity be~jtotel in. any erent, and ae it aeaxeeiy be seeded except in SoU "nwathfr it would be very thffl- %4t to C0t tbe coke otit~ TT a JJTM^^ f^Va^r bttJe coke la being offered m £)· open market, desjpie the fact that ·Beea in jeoeral are wetl supplied I Ane is little it *ny stocking. £H*dom to tfrii tbere will oflmliifta aftex IJMiependence that SjW» JK tbe next few weeks would ·VDfeaMgr- be »na«i»at«l M reserves the'cote would not be Coke hoe aJwaye tor la* scarce carry in My o* extensive celebrations Hi* men, and ae labor has been ot late the cetotora- to be more or lees .Alter that time, horrerer, . at to much new b^-product ? ffpntjift into e sxtua- rtain to inwe an tbe UxMed States Steel opera- Oonaells- it win nte*»o aome rail- and irfll also release tnoogb · ooaxae wM b* required just E= COKB THADE ray to lay effort to Induce Uie cok« workers to mairufiin a steadier -work-time scbedvle bafi be come a. stead} job tor the plant maoa^ers heace jts un£bbted continuance is about Uie only noteworthy feature of operating conditions at this time Car supply has been ample In fact In excess of tle ability ot many plants to load c at f u U each day This is due mote to the lapse In the habits of industry on part of Ute men than lad in number Holidays, pay-days; the advent of summer-lih e wetuber big oarrrmes without unnuil effort, the draft and ithcr causes axe contributing to make it more aad foore difficult ti keep the men on the iob Last weofc there came the aftermath 3f a holiday with the usual result that man ovens were lost t« pi oductfon on STon day and some on Tuesday cutting: the estimated output doum to 40100 tons a decrease of 3,170 ton*. The region ia now running alonir fairly wen, the only discordant note belne the labor situation. Furnaces now in blast are re ceivlng: coke sufficient for their present needs The oniy Idle ones are a few that are waiting- until coke becomes still more plentiful. Pig iron production has shown marked gains duo more to ·steadier coke supplie There is no free coke on the market and none is looked for until ifter the ·vnnual slump -which follo-ws July Fourth f Some fu-naces are stor insr coke and holding loaded cars as well wWch practice Is not being: commended as helpful in tile present situation. product ovens As indicated in previous reports there is about 100 000 tons a week ot additional by-product coke on the way, starting with the Cleveland plant which made its first coke early In the month, and winding up with new plants that should be in full operation by some time m September The Clairton plant as now being completed comprises leu batteries of M ovens or 640 in all Contracts have oust been let for two additional batteries 128 ovens which will be built as rapid!/ as possible The original plans for the plant comprised 20 batteries the first half to be completed before the second half was started. The Jones L*anghlin Steel company has Jost contracted for 300 by-product ovens to be built in Pittsburg at the aoroe location that has been marked by its beehive operations for so many years Thia company also operates beehive ovens at its new plant at Aliqnlppa, do-wn the Ohio rrver from Pitistmrg these being two of the most conspicuous cases of beehive coke making away from the coal mines A merchant interest at JRair- rnont "W Va. has contracts for 110 ovens, so that 538 by-product ovens have been contracted tor in the past tew days all to be completed at the earliest possible time What will occur to the coke market In case a real s-arplns develops remains to be seen It has been, the common experience that when there Is the least shortage of coke it is an extremely easy commodity to sell, while -when there is the least surplus the shoe is %ery plainly on the other foot, hence the sharp ups and downs the cofee market has experienced in the past, vastly more pronounced than the fluctuations in pig iron made from coke At present the market is firm at the set maximum prices, ae follows. Furnace Ponndry 72-honr selected over 1-fcnch .- The pig iron market has been prac Ucally non-existent in the past "ft eek, as furnaces are under the necessity of furnishing a. maximum supply to the most osesnbal industries Replies ane not all in to the questionnaire the merchant furnaces have sent out to determine .what uses their customers intend for the iron they now hav-e on order, and until the whole matter is put in precise and complete form consumers woo hae not made their claims to iron clear on a war footing are getting \ery little by way of deliveries The market is firm al the set maximnm prices Besaemer Basic ^o 2 foundry Malleable Gray for^e These prices a r e f o b furnace, frenght to Pittsburg in, the case of the Valleys bemg 95 cents 1:520 532 00 BACKACHE KILLS Dont make the fatal mistake of n e f j lecting" what may t sem to be a. sim- pte little backache I h t r c Isn t any aucli tiling: It may bo the Qrst w a r n Ing that your kidneys are not ·working- properJ and thronJnjp off the poiwons as they should If this Is the cnse go after tr-e canst of that backicbo ana do It quickly or yoa mey find yourself in the grfp of an incuratJe dii*c-iae OOU itKDAJL Haari«m Oil Capsglen wlTl eifn almost intmediite rcJief f r o m kidrtr ar*d bladder tronbVes \vhich mar bo tbo nmospccted cause of pen erirt 111 health. GOLD MEDAL, Haarlem OSj CspmiJv* are inarported direct from tho laboratories In Holland They arc prepared hi correct qimntfcrj iml con- ·vonlpnt form to take and aro p^^bltive lr gTiAranleed to fftre pronxpt relief or your mon-er wttl be refunded Go* them at any drag 1 store but be sure to insist on the GOLD M3TDAI* brand anrt take no other In boxes three sizes.--Adv MAYNEffiJTOMEN At TOnes Labor Commissioner of West Yirgfiua Fears. In the course ot a recent address Samuel B Montgomery state comtnis- stoner of labc- for West Virginia, intimated tfaat it the "war lasts much longer and tbc drain upon the mining forces continues it may be necessary to employ women for work about the mines in. order to maintain the coal output. "The dnrtn of mine workers for military service has caused a big coal shortage in the Lnited Kingdom, TVlrich should be an impressive leason for "as," aaid Mr Montgomery One hundred and twelve thousand eight hundred and thirty-one miners arc satrject to draft. About 30000 have entered some branch of military service M a much greater numbei is drawn, or the toea do not work regu- larly it will be necessary to follow the e\ample oC Europe and use women at the mines not only In office ·work but for heavier work on Jie surface at the tipple and ovens. ranged accorc'inr to the best information, that can be gathered but the majority opinion is that necessarily a verv cors^ier^ble tonnage "will be left and that fow consuming industries will be vboll\ shut off STRENUOUS EFFORTS TO IMPROVE FURNACE OPERATION BEING MADE Every Ton of Steel Produced Maj be Allocated to TVar Orders ami ID. dustrius Helpful iu the »ar, Special to The IV eclily * ourlcr NCW YORK, May 29 --The American Metal Market and Daily l-ou $~ Steel Report nil! renew the steel and iron trade tomorrow as follows Mill and furnace operations have in creased somewhat and ^t may be estimated that tJe iron and steel indus tr is operating at not less than about 95 per cent oC its capacity an opera tion decidedly better than was hoped for by the great majority m the in chistrj three months ago The most, strenuous effort*, are being made to improve conditions stll further but of greate r importance is the avoid ance as far as possible of the slow ing doTvn in output that has alwiys occurred in the hot weather Ten or fifteen per cent curtailment has fre fluently occurred in Jul and August ! and mill managers are studying how ' much of this may be found avo dable when the need of maximum production is so exceptional Roughly speaking production is now about 30 per cent In excess of Lho aaperage output in 1916 and 1317 Th« joittt committee of rppresecta- jbves of the government and Ctie steel 'Industry appointed "May 17 to arrtve at n clearer statement of. the war needs and the possible supplies is undoubtedly mating progress but no definite information is given out and the result of its labors may not be known until the "War Industries Board acts upon, the information and conclusions reached. This action, may possibly bo Uie undertaking of an allocation, of every tea of steel» pro duced to the war orders the coin- merciaJ industries most helpful in winning tire war and the industries less heipfa I but th e prepoti de ranee of opinion at present is that this complete allocation will oot be under tikon by Washington birt that the distribution of steel to less essential industries wi31 be left to tie individual action of the various producer "Washington recognises that they are j w d l l equipped for such distribution Opinion varies as to how much steel is going to he joft for commercial* purposes when tho distribution is ar If Ton Wflnt Something Advertise for it in our classified column One cent i word. VVV^^ MM GREAT m ECZEMA OLD SORES I Guarantee Ply Ointment, Says Peterson. Stops Itching Instantly "If yon arc ronponslb c f or tbr bealth of your family s,ivs Peterson I want vou to got tt large 30 cent box of Peterson 8 Ointment to day j **K«mcmber I Btnml hocfc of every box Every druggist g amntces to refund tbe S tircfanso prtco if PL tenon a OLatment OCSQ t do alt I clilm. 1 guaftatee it foe eczema old sores running norei, salt rheum, ulcers Bore nippies broken b-casts. Itching skin pirn pies blackbcfids skin diseases, blind bleeding 1 tt»d Itching piles as well as for burns scalds cuts bruiser and sunburn ' I bad 30 running sores on my leg for 11 years was in three different hbspltala. Amputation was ad^dsed Skin crafting wan tried I was cured bj rising Peterson a Ointment. --Mrs 1 A Hoot, 287 Slicblean SL, Buffalo, N f c \ , ^ --TOD 1Y- PRESENTS SIR JOHNSON FORBES ROBERTSON \\ITH THE ^037 REVT4RKABLE C 1ST E\ ER ASSEMBLED FOR STAGE OR SCRELN IT IS ONLY BECAUSE OF THEIR \\ ORK BEING FOR CHARIT\ THAT THE BRILLI \I\T LLADERS OF TIi- ENGLISH ST\GL ARE SEEN IN THIS PRODUCTION "MASKS AND FACES" ALSO AN L KO COMEDY AND CbRRLNT EVIiN'TS --FHIDVT A1 SUTRDVY-- GOLDWTN PRESENTS THE SCREEN F \\OK1TE OP MILLIONS WHO SAW HfcR IN POLLY OF THt CUlCbS THE CEsDER- ELLA MAN A-\D 'FIELDS OF HONOR -- ~\IAE MAJISH IN' THE BELOVED TRAITOR" THE EMOTIONAL DRAMA OP A GOOD GIRL WHO OTjTWITTED A « r ALSO A GOOD COMEDY AND PATHE CLRRENT EVENTS SEE ALL THE LATEST WAR \C\\S ILLLSTRATED WWWWI vtmvwwuwvw/i F. T. EVANS ESTATE BOTH PHONES. IF IT'S AT THE ARCADE IT'S GOOD J. N. Trump I HITE LINC TRANSFER Cl MO^OU TliDOK mma WAG ONI, ·OVIMO AJVD BOISTEIVa PtAA'OS A KPKClALTT, W THE THEATRE Tf HERE THE SHOW IS ALWAYS GOOD WEEK OF 3LVY 27TH, T*LlTJ'EE ASD MGHT. Kilgore's Beans and Belles Present the Latest Musical Comedy "A NIGHT OUT 5 IS-- PEOFLli-- 15 15-- PEOPLE-- 13 BeautifnZ Singing- and Dancing Chorus. A Big Musical Comcdj of the Better Class. On the Screen -- Helen Holmes in Tthe Lost Express." Oflleo l(W SO. 3n|M All ., · »lt« P. H. R, D*r~t. Bdtl. PiBMin. · Pastor of M. E. Chorch Writes That Bliss Native Herb Tablets Freed Him From Stomach and Bowel Trouble Rev J W Peterson pastor o£ Methodist Episcopal church Arch. er Iowa, sas B Iss Native Herb Tablets do all you clatm for them I was a sufferer from stomach anc. bowel trouble for stmie bne but thanks to Bliss Native Herb Tab lets I am free from th s distress iny trouble I ha?e never been without ynr medicine du-lng the past three years A* change In surroundings ne-w food sftrange cooking and the up setting: of regular habits T, ery of-ten produce stom-rch conditions ·which cause biliousness constipa tion and stomach disorders that occapations All t iese cil-menti seriously interfere \vith ones d.tili can be iv Wed b taking one or tw BHbs Native Herb Tabletfa at bedtlmt ^hey soothe the stomach relit,ve constipation act gently on tho entire system ind assist tho blood to per'orm ni-ture s func- tiona In i h e a J t h j tnd nornril man ner Eilss Nj.trviS Herb Tab ota are put up in a ellov, box. bear ing portrait of the f o u n d e r Each our trade m i r k CAB) Price x~N. every tablet is stamped with fjRj box contains 200 .ablets and 'GJ' 51 per hoT Be sure and get the genuine Sold b A A Clarke and local agents everywhere ORPHEUEVI THEATRE -TOD t¥-- Ther« Is urgent necessity this year is the production of vegetables and fniitb Do all you can to snp- ply the demand A garden in your backyard If properly cultivated can be made to produce enough, vegetables for your en ire ftmilj during the summer Also cultivate the practice of regular bank deposits Your account is invited. 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