The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 5, 1938 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 5, 1938
Page 8
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DA1JL.V COUKilfiR. CONNtCbL-SVJL/Ui, PA. SATUiUJAY, l-'KBHUAKA' o, 1'Jdb. Sportorials By JOHN H. WHOK1C Sports Editor HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL TO BE SLOWED DOWN High school basketball Is much too fast for the boys-vvho may suffer permanent ills from it and officials, taking cognizance of the speed of the game, arc moving to retard the gait. First of all came the annoanccmcnt of Dr. Frank P. Maguiic, a member of the National Bssketball Rules Committee of the United States and Canada, that the cage game as played in Pennsylvania high schools "should and will be slowed down." The other day the Pennsylvania School Directors' Association gave the matter serious thought and passed a resolution urging restoration of the center "tip-off" to protect Ihe health of the high school athletes, Lioldmg elimination ot the jump at center following a score has made it a hazardous game for the boys. We've maintained all along that there should be separate rales for the high school basketball game as in football. There is a national federation that should give the problem careful consideration so that some of the evils of the sport may be eliminated by the time the 1838-39 season rolls around. Maguire, commissioner of officials for the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, said his idea to "reduce speed and strain on the players would "require the player taking the ball after a field goal to hold it out-of-bounds, and. play -it in only "upon'sigiial from the official after, a lapse ot approximately five seconds." The P. I. A. A., according to Secretary Edmund J. Wicht, .favors Maguire's Suggestion. "We have been folowing the game closely since start o£ the season and at suggestion of district 11 coaches and o«ficials we took a poll which indicated majority favored a fair trial for the new rules, including the center Jump elimination," Wlcht said. District 11 coaches, headed by Birnie Crum, Allentown; Hughie Mc- Gechan, Hazleton, and others, started the movement to slow down the game- While Maguire's suggestion is a variation of their proposal to allow the official or officials to handle the ball on all out-of-bounds plays, it creates the desired effect. Since the new National Basketball Committee rules removed the center jump except at start of periods, greatly speeding up the game, "concern has been manifested for the health and physical welfare of the players, especially in the high schools." Maguire said. "Personally," he added, "this constitutes my chief concern and is one of the tenets of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, whose first purpose is to organize, develop and direct an athletic program that will promote and protect the health and physical welfare ol all participants " Before voting on rules changes last year Maguire said he discussed probable effects of the pivot leap elimination with an eminent heart specialist who told him "theory of an athletic heart has been discarded by the medical profession." Added playing time created by the new rules has no effect on boys with strong hearts, Maguire said he was advised._ The rules committceman pointcc out that three physicians, Dr. Walter Meanvvell, Madison, Wis; Dr. John Brown, Jr., New York, and Dr. F. C Allen, Lawrence, Kans. are members of the rules committee. "With regard to our slate," Maguire said, "it is expected that the compulsory pre-participating physical examination required by the P. I A. A. and the recommended physical examinations throughout the season, will detect and preclude danger ol letting boys with weak hearts play the game." Maguire's observations .this year Indicated most teams arc getting away from the "mad rush" anc "fuss" after goals have been made and are discarding the fast practice and long pass down the court. . "Smart coaches," he continued "are teaching players to conserve their strength." Elimination of the center jump, Maguire behoves, cal for greater coaching skill because it requires "more flexibility and versatility in any system." "The coach who cannot regulate speed of his players by a tempo suitable to their style of play and ability to set and carry on an even pace is finding himself less successful in teaching basketball this year. That fact has given rise to some criticism directed at unusual speed of the game." There is "little likelihood" of an Immediate return of the center jump *ecause its elimination is a "protective measure" for the boys who under the old rules were compelled to do repeated jumping, Maguire said. BITS HERE AND THERE Lloyd Waner shares the view of brother-Paul when he says the Pirates need a home run hitter to make the team a pennant threat... Johnny Woodruff will got bis first chance of the year to show his stuff in the Mlllrosc A. A. game tonight in New York City against the cream of the middle distance runners of the lane . . . Wild BiU Hallahan, former St. Louis Cards southpaw, has been given his release by Cincinnati... Jimmy Ripple, Dclmont outfielder of the Giants, and Johnny Murphy, once known at Scottdalt as, MeNamnra pitching for the Yankees, have signed J938 contracts ... Joe Galasso, captain of the Printer bottling team, tells The Courier toys he won't keep step with one of bis kcglcrs (Charles Driscoll to be specific) as he intends to set 'cm up in celebration of the third stork visit. Charlie had one call from Doc Stork and a holding Local Defense Cracks As Lujack Leaves Game With Six-Point Margin Westmoreland Counti- ans Score Eight While Blanking Dolde Club. GREENSBURG IS HERE TUESDAY Connellsville High baskctcers went down to a 37 to 35 defeat before a scrappy and determined Nonvm quintet at the Coker gym Friday night in S» ction 9 after the locals, losing the sen-ices of Allic Lujack, sensational scoring ace, who went out of the game on four personal fouls, permitted their defense to completely collapse and a six-point lead was erased Early in the final quarter the Orange and Black had gamed a lead that gave the crowd cause for wild cheering. Then Lujack, who had counted 17 points, uas taken from the tilt via the four-personal foul .route. The Cokcrs were leading, 35 to 29, with four minutes of play remaining After the local star was removed from the playing floor, Nor- wia cut loose with a barrage that netted eight points while the Orange and Black was blanked The Cokers trailed, 11-8, at the first quarter but a second period spurt put them into the lead, 18-14, at the half. The visitors, defending champions in the second, managed to slip into a one-point edge at the third quarter and then outscored the home five that had swept into what seemed like sufficient points to haul down the honors. Tuesday night finds Greensburg. unbeaten this season, at the High School gymnasium. Grccnsburg had captured the gonfalon last year but was disqualified because of an ineligible player whereupon Norwin was declared the title winner. The Westmoreland countyscaters have a great outfit that seems certain to carry off the sectional flag Lujack, who sank six field goals and five fouls for a total of 17 points, boosted his scoring record to 166 for the 10 league games plajcd to date The line-up: Connellsville G. F. Pts. Reed, f 5 1 11 Lujack, f 6 5 37 Showman, c ,,. 1 2 4 Stipa, g i i 3 Evans, g _ 0 0 0 Totals . _. 13 9 35 Non-scoring substitute--Marakas Norwin G. F. Pts Coles, f , 2 0 4 Anderson, f 2 1 5 Slough, c .. ,,. 3 ' 1 7 Ridl, g 3 0 6 Darby, K - 6 1 13 Karmazin, f ... 1 0 2 Totals _ 17 3 37 Non-scoring substitute--Mo\v cry. Scoring by quarters: Connellsville . 8 10 5 12--35 Norwin _ . _ _11 3 10 13--37 Kcferce--Coles. RAMSAY HIGH IS--DEFEATED BY SCOTTIES SCOTTDALE, Feb. 5 Scottdale dished out a 43 lo 34 setback to its neighbor, Ramsay High of Mount Pleasant, before a large crowd at State Armory Friday night as the two waged a hectic Section 9 scrap The Blue and White took an early lead and added to it throughout as Graft set the pace for the players with six field goals and seven fouls The line-ups: Scottdale Bycrs, f Zearlcy, f . _ Akcrs, e -Graft, g Skomp, g Provmso, c Totals Mount Pleasant Murtha, f . Queer, f _ Gaudmo, c Damico, g - Rudmk, g -- Mcnlz, f Zclcnka, f _ G. I . 3 .- G . 1 _ 2 ...14 G. -- .0 6 - -1 -.0 - 3 . 3 . 1 14 r. pis. 0 2 1 7 7 9 7 19 0 2 0 i 15 43 r. pis. 2 2 12 Totals Score by periods Scottdale . 14 13 6 10--43 Mount Pleasant 3 13 11 7--34 Referee--Evans. out on the treat -- Spiegal brothers, Tommy and Joey, are i'ayrtte county's outstanding boys in the professional flsht game. Tommy makes anothei bid foi fame Monday nifihl in Pittsburgh when he takes on Pedro Monlanez, No. 1 contendei for the world's crown, and n number ot local fans arc planning to attend. Tommy is coming along in gieat tliapc- . . . The shop sajs "whal do you mean 'once v\e were fish?'" Seems Ihc bojs remcmbci Tinsd ,\- is ic- bcrvco. for bowling W. P. I. A. League Summaries SLCTION 9 Ycstcrdaj's Results. Johnstown 31; Jcannette 20. Norwm 37; Conncllsvillc 35. Grccnsburg 3C, Latiobe 11. Scottdale 43, Mount Pleasant 34. Grccnsburg Johnstown ,, Nonvm Conncllsvillc Scottdale . Latrobe _ Jcannetlc _ Gimcs Today. Jcannette at Latrobe. Greensburg at Connellsville. Mount Pleasant at Norwm Scottdale nt Johnstown. SKCTION 10 Yesterday's KnulLs. Youngwood 51; Ligomcr 25 Hurst 39, Dcrry Borough 21. Derry T\vp. 42, East Huntingdon 1G ilamlinfr of (he Clubs. Youngwood -- Dunbnr - --_ Dcrry Twp Dcrry Borough Hurst _ Ligomer IV. 7 . 6 . 0 . 5 L. 2 Pet .778 750 750 056 .500 221 East Huntingdon 0 9 ODD Games Tucsdiy. Ligomcr at Hurst. Derry Borough at Dunbir Dcrry Township at Youngwood. SECTION IS Ypslerda'« Results. South Huntingdon 37, Fayette City 31. Rostravcr 27; West Newton 23. Perryopolis 55, Belle Vernon 35. Standuig f the Clubs. V. L. 0 0 5 3 5 4 4 4 3 6 2 6 1 8 Rostravcr _ Belle Vernon Pcrryopolis West Newton Fayettc City Scwickley -South Huntingdon _. Pel. 1000 .625 .556 .500 .J33 .250 .111 Games Tuesday. West Newton at Fayettc City. Scwickley at Rostravcr. South Huntingdon at Belle Vcrnon SECTION 14 Yesterday's Results. South Union 22; Redstone 19. North Union 32; Mapletown 24 Georges 21, Point Marion 18. Standing of the Club?. Gcoiges North Union ... South Union Point Marion Redstone Mapletown German _- L. Pel. 0 1000 875 .778 .500 .221 .111 .000 Games Tuesday. Redstone at North Union. Mapletown at German South Union at Point Morion SECTION 4 Yesterday's Results Uniontown 31; Brownsville 20. Donora 41; Monessen 26 Charlcroi 41; California 29. Standing of the Clubs. Donora Uniontown ,, Charlcroi . Monessen Brownsville Monongahcla . _ California W. 7 6 . 6 . 5 3 2 . . 1 L 1 3 3 4 6 6 7 Pet. 875 .667 .667 .556 .333 .250 .125 Games Tuesday. Umonlown at Monongahcla California at Donora Charlcroi at Brownsville SECTION 16 Yesterday's Result. CcntrrviUe 27, Bcntleyvillc 17 Standing of the Clubs W. L. East Pike Run 2 1 Cento ville 3 2 Bentleyville 2 2 East Bethlehem . 1 3 Pet. 667 600 500 250 Gamp Friday. Kcmlcjville .it Kast Bethlehem llockuouil Beats Mcjersdale. Hockwood tumid in its touith vit- tory over a Class A school by taking the measuie of Me.*, ersdalc, 30 to 27, with a fourth quarter splurge after the third period ended with the clubs tied at 24. McVitKct wns high siorci with 13 points Tommy Speigal Gets Big Chance Monday Tommy Spcigil of Uniontown gels his big chance in the professional fight game on Monday night when he takes on Pedro Moritancz, No. 1 challenger for the lightweight title, m Motor Square Garden in Pittsburgh Mondny night The advance ticket sale indica'ts there'll be a big crowd of fistic followers from this TOMMY SPEIGAL region lo sec the Fnyctte countian In action ngamst the sensational Puerto Rican. Spicgal js known ns the kid who can't be knocked down. He swings a ton of leather. He is game and he may be the answ cr to a promoter 3 prayer In other wo-cls, mother Harry Grcb It's Tommy's big United Presbyterians, Brethren and First M. E. Win Church Loop Tilts Three Interesting and Exciting Contests at "Y" Floor. PLAY RESUMES NEXT TUESDAY In one of the most exciting scr.ips yet played at the "Y" sym, the United Brethren team continued its unbroken record of victories in the Y-Church League by nosing out the Dawson M. E. quint, 45 to 13. The game was deadlocked at 43 when Emmerick let go with a shot just as the whistle sounded but the ball swished through the net for the deciding points. The First Methodist Episcopal passers encountered quite a lot of opposition m the St. John's Holy Name Society basketcers to win, 3633. T. Shaw, lanky center, paced the visitors with 12 points but to Hcrchko, St John's forward, won the Individual scoring honors as he tallied 14 markers. High scoring featured the final battle as the United Presbyterians, with Dick Miller and Hall counting 14 and 11 points, won a 47-39 decision Van Hoy and Zimmerman looked well for the losers as they scored 35 and J4 points respectively. Next Tuesday the league-lending United Brctlncns face the strong Christian quintet m a crucial battle. The Christians have only lost one game and thcicforc a win would not only shatter the U B perfect iccord but tend to make the race for league laurels a hot one. The line-ups. U. B. Ray, f . Dunston, f Stone, c Robinson, g Emmerick, g F. Miller, g B Miller, f Witt, g Totals , 22 Daw son M. E. G Sproat, f .,,,,. __ ,, 5 Southerland, f 2 Rimmel, c 6 Levergood, g -_ 3 Husband, g 3 F. Pts. 1 45 F. rts Totals . ,, 19 5 43 Non-scoring substitutes--Richter, Miller, Burdelte Referee-- Johnson Umpire--Stillw agon r. ar. i H. Shaw, f Cropp, f T Shaw, c D. Blatcv, g G 1 I 5 4 F. PIS. 1 3 0 2 1 12 1 9 New Haven Eagles At Duquesne Gardens Arena This Evening PITTSBURGH, Fcb 5--The New Haven Eagles, jmx team of the Pittsburgh Hornet hockey team will make then last appeal ancc of the season at Duquesne Garden tonight. The Connecticut boys have won three of the six games plajed and are the only team in the league to score that many victories over the PiUsburghcis. In the meanwhile, Coach Donnie Hughes, with five of the next six games on home ice is picpanng the team foi the final stretch which he hopes will take them back into first place again They now trail the Cleveland Barons by two games but have six games, to play with the Ohioans. College hockey will be resumed on Wednesday with the Pitt team playing the Dukes and Carnegie Tech playing Cleveland Fenn. Vara Hruba f-imod Czsecslovakian miss will skate between the two gimcs The first game will start at 8 P. M. Risko Scores Knockout. Johnny Risko, former Cleveland baker boy, continued his latest comeback campaign by knocking ou. George Blown of Houston, Texas, H one minute and 54 seconds of the third lound at Miami Beach, Fla T. Blascy, g . 2 0 . Humbeit, g . _ _ . 2 2 (i Totals 15 b Non-scoung subslilutcs -- Pike, 36 St. John's G. Liposky, f -- ------- 2 Hcrchko, f _______ 6 Maccyko, c ------- 1 Palochak g __ ...... 3 Gallic, g ------- 2 Totals H Referee -- Rude Umpire -- Sliilw agon. u. r. Hart, f Filburn, f Hyatt, c Miller, g D Filburn, g Glass, g Totals Chr. of Brethren R Lcpley, f VanHoy, f Zimmeiman, L Truxel, s D Mejeis, K Totals- . 18 Refci cc--Rude Umpuc--Johnson F. Pti. T. Pts. chance and reports from his training camp at Uniontown indicate he'll fit and ready for the bell Roy Chapman, a former Uniontown boy, is listed for a sZx-rounc middleweight fight, with Whitcy Schramm, blond glove-swinging Dutchman, in a preliminary. Darlball League Notes PERRY TRIMS BELLES WITH GREAT RALLY Commodores Cut Loose WHh Brilliant Offensive Drive. ROSTRAVER NEARS TITLE As Rostravci Township toppled West Ne\vton, 27 to 23, to virtually clinch the title in Section 18, Perry Township went on a scoring assault to tiip Belle Veinon, 55 to 35, in one ot the freest tallying tilts oC the year and South Huntingdon Township toppled Fayettc City, 37 to 31. J. Bist Stimmel's boys got to a poor start, ti ailing 8-4, at the close of the fust period. Then the fireworks started, the Commodores leading, 18-16, a the half A 22-pomt drive m the third quarter and 15 more in the last put the game on ice. The line-ups: Belie Vcrnon G. Dudik, f - 3 Studmcki, f 8 KUsowski, c 0 Osbornc, g ., 0 Taylor, g 0 Bowers, f 0 Burkhart, f 1 McNeil, f 0 With the second round ncaring an end in the City Church Dartbali League, the Lutherans arc setting the pace but anything may happen Seven out of the nine entries still have a chance to cop the title. The coming \veek should determine the ultimate winner The M. E. Juniors are making a great showing, having Defeated both the M. i:. Seniors and the Christians during the past week Standing of the Clubs. W. ._ 10 8 7 Lutherans Presbyterians . M. E Juniois . Baraca Class ~ 7 United Brethren 10 Methodist Episcopals 8 Meth Protestants - 4 Evangelicals - . 3 Christians - - 4 The schedule for next week Monday--M E at Baracas, Christians at U. B , M. P. at Presbyterians, Lutherans at Evangelicals. u Tuesday--Baracas at Evangelical":, M. E Juniors at Lutherans and M. E. at Prcsbj tcrians. L. 5 4 5 5 8 7 8 6 U Pel. CS7 .667 .583 .583 .·555 533 333 333 .267 Tarentum Here Monday Night The strong Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company passers of Taientum will appear nt Slate Armory on Monday night opposing the Casey Club. Shamrocks Travel To Washington for Game This Evening The Connellsville Recreation Center Shamrocks will play the Hazel Atlas gills team at Washington, Pa, tonight m the first game of their annual scries The local colocns hold the enviable record of never losing a game to the Hazel Atlas quintet in the three years that the two clubs have been playing on a home and home basis. Tonight'^ tussle will bu the toughest test or season todatc for Captain Tullcy s tomboys A victoiy should prove to be just the tonic that they will need before facing the mighty Goldcnson Vanities at the local Armory Mondny night J.ilis Admit 20,000 Killed. TOK1O, Fob 5--War Minister General Gen Sugiyama, admitting that Japan has lost approximately 20,000 dead in the war with China, told parliament that steps are contemplated to increase the empire's arried manpowci. At Washington Tonight. The Westinghouse basketball teim journey to Washington tonight for its icturn game with the Hazel-Atlas club Players aic requested to be .it the Y M C A at 6 oc'ock to make the tup. F. Pis. 1 7 5 21 2 2 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 2 2 Totals Perry Twp. Wilkie, f Blair, f ,, Rollins, c _. Hozcnic, g . Statzula, g G. . 3 , 8 -- 8 _ 3 -- 3 -25 U 35 F. Pts. 1 7 0 16 3 19 55 Totals Score by periods: Belle Vcrnon 8 8 8 11--35 Perry Township 4 14 22 15--55 Referee--Phillips. Y-CHURCII LEAGUE Slandm; of the Clubs. W. L. United Brethren C 0 Christian 4 1 First M E. 4 2 United Presbj tcnan -- 4 Lcisenring Presby. 2 Church of Brethren 2 Dawson JI E. 1 St John's H. N S. __ 1 Presbtenaii 0 Pet 1.000 .800 .666 .571 .500 .400 .250 .200 .000 Games Tuesday. United Brethren \ s. Chnstian, 7 P. M. St John's H. N. S. vs. Dawson M. E.. 8 P. M. Church of Brethren vs. Lciscnrmg Presbyterian, 9 P. M. S A V E UP TO LUUn to the \ olce of FlrcUm* Monday trtnlas* OTCT X. B. C. R«d Ne ROAD SERVICE W. Apple Slrcct Phone 21.

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