The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 30, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1918
Page 5
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THURSDAY, HAY 30, IfllS. -£HIS DAILY COURIER. PAGE FIVE. OF THE DAY NEW FRENCH GUN EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS f ! i^T -Pis A CAM? raj lul. i LulJi«l ER1FF' Y RFi ATF i/kl3L;l ry £ iiliajrl £ ju Saddened| by Deal la of Brother of j C i u » s Xonibor. GOOD PRUGSAH IS RENDERED JH; :tr Ilia".-, (.i-.,-;, Rccc;;tiiin for t h e ) Ki-iini-.. :it :;, Jlniidlnir; -U-1 l i p S Auto Api-n'lK'iidril mid I jl.iciiii:i; Ki finer U; Other ?uf'b. i Special io 'I i e Cuurlei I MOUNT PL.t^VSA.\T, May 30.--Veij j .sad ttcre Lbt* giaduraii-g exercises of the ciass of 11*13 01 the .Mount PIea,s- ant high acbool lat cvcTiing^ when h · o."e of i-he elaas. Madge Ong.Vas u .able to be v.iih ih^ra on accouni ot the- death ot her brother, Curtis Cms. I-ie i)iogram for commeacemer.i \%as: MUi»:i.'. by tbe high .school orchestra; invocation. Rev. T. C. Harper; salu- taloiy, "Democracy,' Nellie Whlp- key; "The Call of Sen-:ce," Mary Neider; violin solo. Prof. J. H. Gamble; "The Impouancc of a Colleg^ Education," Gail Ruder; "Over Here," Mildred Gaftuey^ vocal solo. Mrs. A. E. Cameron, accompanied by Adelaide Ramsay;" "Financing tie "War," Ernarmel VoL«tra; MUedictory. "Economy in Education," Lottie Khm- owski; cornet sok», Wilh-am McAIur- ray; presentation of diplomas, 0r. Al. W. Horner; benediction, Rev. T. C. Harper. The gold medal from the Rensdar Polytechnic Instiiute was awarded to Carl Ruder. On the class roll are H.nih Bossart. Jtutti Easton, Mildred Gaffoey, Bveiyn Galley. Lillian Gregory, Lottie Klimowski, CaJi- arine -Maitiak. iEadgo Ong, Marie Queer, .Margaret Rega, ^laonu Rhoades, Sara Smith, Nellie "Wfcipkey. Lavada Fulmer. Ralph Fox, Joseph Xetegoda, Harry Ramsay, Carl Ruder, Arthur Swansea, Knianuei Volkin, Charles "Williams, Edna Eicher, Alary Gagliano, Ellen Mullen, Martha Sandusky, Mary Neider, Hay Bmgaman. Floyd Harrer, Ernest Boon, "William Lobingier and Frank StobU " Juniors Giae Reception, The juniors gave a reception in the Had Breaking Out All Over Face anrJ on Head. Blisters Came. Ctrticara Healed. Prance's new 353-millimeter gtrn, the Pillions, named Tor the inventor, bas proved a marvel of rapidity and ra.nge on the I'icardy front. One of these cannon is litre shown. Bank building on Tnescay evening for tho seniors. The ball was beautifully decorated in red, while and blue, bVoo and gold and purolo and white. Gamble's orchestra furnished the music. Light refreshments were served. Mrs. A, E. Cameron, who sang at the baccalaureate ermon and tire commencement exercises with the teachers, Misses Galley, Fulton, Eoale and Morris, irere gaesis of the classes. States Machine jRecorered. Chief of Police Robert Smith -went to Unkmtown and arrested William Hnffimann, who Is charged with taking a, Buicfc aTrtomobUe from Morris Priedrnan at Sntcrville. The machine ·was recovered and Huffmann will be taken to Greensbarg to 3sU today. In Hayal Eesertes. Patrick A. Madden and Patrick Gib- fconex, vcho joined the u-ival reserves some time ago, were called yesterday and left for Cape May, X J., where they -KiH report for duty. Otter If trtes. Mr- and Mrs. Harry Bossart of Alliance, O-. motored through yester- das, bringing home Tsith ihem Edward Bossart, who ad beca Uidr guest. Sirs. H. C. Jlorrisoa has gone to Combertend, Mi, and 'Washington, D. X whore sho vnll meet Wilmer Harrison, who Is coming hoiae from the Carottnas, -where ho has been ior some tcope. ilr. and: Mrs. C. W. Gisbert of Pitts- burs, and Sirs. George Wrens of Sandusky, 0., were tbe guests of Mrs, Laura Zundell the early part oJ the week. 3fe. and Mrs. jr. B. P. Smtth of FUEL CONSERVATION BOARD IS ORGANIZED FORWORKINPENNA. ig Pcrer, Sweeter, For SHn Troubles Than Cuticura* "My baby had a breaking ont all ovef bcr face, and there was some on her bead. Small Blisters came, and,then they burst and became sore, red, and f ngry, and a dry skin came over them, he scratched at them day and night, and she was so disfigured I was ashamed for her to be seen. "My mother suggested that we get a free sample of Cudcura Soapaad Ointment and we did. It gave relief at once. Then we bought more, and In about four weeks she was, healed." {Signed} Mrs. G. 3. Carr, Landenbcrg, Pa., Nov. 12, 1S17. You may rely on Caticura to care for your skin, scMp, bait end bands. Nothing better to clear the skin of pimples and blotches, the scalp of dandruff and the hands of chapping. Besides the Soap baa no superior forall toiletuses. S*mplo Each Fc«« by Mm*!. Addresspcevtcard: "Cutiour*. Dtipt. K. Boston." Sold everywhere. So.ip2oc. Ointment 2Sjnd30c. Policy to Aid Consumers to Obtain Highest Economy ill Use of Fuel. FULL AUTHORITY GIVEN To Withhold Coal From Certain In- dnstries if They Kefnso to Cooperate tbe Board; Surrey to JScprin OH 1; Men Composing tlie Board. "Wasnicgtou, are the guests of friends bere. BIG BI-EEOBCCT PROJECT. T» Be Established at Fairmont By Tracikm Company Interests. The Fairmont By-Product Corporation has been organized by E. B. Moore, Franfc B. Pryor and O. F. Lough, identified with tire M hela Tractioon company, with tal stock of $500,000. A plant Of HO ovens vrill be built and later plants fpr the ·'Uilization or the by-products and tbe rru^ufacture of chemicals and dyes therefrom. William Potter fuel administrator for Pennsylvania, has announced the organization of the Fuel ConserraUou Board, composed of men who are experts in the use of fuel for industrial purposes, to begin work on June I on the Joel conservation plan, recently announced by Fuel Administrator Garfield. In his announcement Administrator Potter says: "The policy of the Administration's Conservation Division will be to aid all industrial consumers of coal to obtain from the steam generating apparatus the maximum production ia their industries with a minimum use of coat "It is tbe intention of the Administration to classify on i's records all industrial plants according to the data compiled from a questionnaire -which will "be sent al! manufacturers supplemented by expert inspection by representatives of the conservation division. "The conservation board nas endorsed and adopted the questionnaire formulated by the National Adminis- cif the type required, usually command. "The urgent need of real conservation in the consumption of fuel in tiis territory is indicated by the fact tliat railroads are not now, neither do their managers hold out any hope that they w i l l In the future, be able to do- Iher larger tonnage than current deliveries o! fuel in the manufacturing district east of Altoona, extending to ihe Atlantic seaboard. "It, thqpefore, follows that such extensions as arc being made to factories today, and such additional factories as may be located in this territory, at a later period during the war, must obtain their coal, if at all, at the ex- pe ise of industries of lesser importance or through the savings effected In the operation of existing plants. "U is the earnest des;re and object of this administration to maintain in operation every factory that con be k«r*t ^ operation v, ithont hindering the successful prosecution of the war. It is realised by this administration that to keep every person in employment i5 an essential social factor. "The Federal government has laid upon the Fuel Administrator of Pennsylvania the duty of insuring that such fuel as is used for industrial purposes is used with the utmost possible economy. This duly the Administrator vr.ll endeavor to f u l l y meet. It is hi? hope to secure the cooperation of all fuel users m this effort to economize the use of this prime necessity of war. Such cooperation will bring about the end it is the Administration's duty and purpos" to attAin, tfMth th' 1 least friction and at the earliest day possible. "This administration extends a cordial invitation to Pennsy Ivan fans for suggestions may enhance the valuo of coast rv.ition work, so that the raeas-urp of efficiency may be ht'ld at a high standard. "The following compose the Fuel Conserv.'-tian Hoard: ! C. L. Cole, Philadelphia; Dr. tl. S.' A preparation for rertorinj: naturml color to srmy or laded h*Lr, for reuwmnp. dmdrufl and u e nninlir*- finf. la not D dji. Gfiiercua aited botltr* at »Q dnJcri. mdy to wa. PtitoEay Co^Kswrnrt, H. J. contains a scries of questions, answers to which will indicate the ratio- of consumption of coal to the steam utilized burg; Rnci T. Stewart, t'uiversiiy o f , "Although the administration board j p liusburs; Cbarles P. Turner. presi-| is clothed with authority that enable* tlcnt( Engineers Society of Ponn^yl- ton Clark, vice president, United Ga? Improvement Company, Philadelphia; j J. C. Sproull, Carnegie Institute, Pitts-1 Lake Coal movement Ij*^s- June 1, it is estimated, will see approximately 3,500,000 tons of coal on tlie upper lake docks or afiout. A normal movement would have been close to 7.0QQW tons. Says His Prescription Has Powerful Influence ' Over Rheumatism Dlvcovercr Teliw Co Store Hot to Tafc« a Cent of Anyon**** Money Talmn Allen ri a Completely *laii£Hfac« All Rbeumatl« Pnim and Tv Inceit. ilr. Jam« H. Allen suflcred for /ears with rheumatism, ^lany ttmes this terrible disease left him holple^a xnd unj.bltf to w o r k . He finally decided, after years of ;e.aj5elea» tftudy. ihat no one can be *reen Irom rheuraailsrn u n t i l the accumulated i.'i^pu rities. comtnor Vy cali- ·cl uric acid deposits, were dissolved hi .ho joints ;^nd muscles r.nd expeUod 'roat the boviy. W i t h this iJea in mind he ci'nsuUed hyslciant. in,'.de experiments Hid fln- vlly compounded a prescript! m that l U i c k l y and conpletely ba^itshtd overj .ii;n ard .ivr.ipton o: rheuroj.ti*in from . Ho £ri?-«ly t;ave thcrs why rook his dtscov^iry to it. \vith A-ha- mitrhc. e c^lU'J ni,trv£!^-j«. ^uccchs. After ·ear-* of u r R i n s he rt.-ckled to et s u f - erers LVTJ w h o m know j,bout us dts- overy throu^u th* newspaper i. Coti- .eUs»\ille Ir)ij; store liny b'« i » a n p o l n t - tl agents for Altonrliu in tins \ Iclnity .-fth t*io understanding t^^t 1 e w i l l raely r e t u r n :Ue purchase nutrey :o tl \ v h a statt they received no j -Adv. them to arbitrarily withhold coal from certain industries, there is no intention of taking any such action at present. The immediate intent of the board is to say to manufacturers, in effect: There is a possibility that your fuel consumption can be reduced at a financial saving to you. We are most anxious to help you affect a saving m fael. Miiy "we bo permitted to adviae you? Twenty plants of th« Philadelphia industrial district, wiUch extends a radtos of 30 miles from City Hall on this side of the Delaware, will be chosen June 1st as the first group to be surveyed in tlie hope of being able to suggest economies. 'A state advisory engineer, with two assistants, to conduct this work, wUl be appointed. "While several names are under consideration, no one has yet been definitely decided upon as : salaries are not as large as men vania, Harrisburs; M. S. Walthall, | president. Engineers Society of North I Kastern Pennsylvania, Scranton; Franklin Stevens, consulting engineer; M. M. Warren, D, L. W. R. R, Co., Scranton; Albert C. Wood, consulting engineer, Philadelphia; Ohas. C. Buer- ch.icf errgine«r, AUacUc Rrflning Philadelphia; George R. Henderson, Philadelphia, Dressings Class. The surgical dressings class of VanderbiH will meet Friday evnning 1 at 7 o'clock. All p.ersons jntorestud are invited to come. Decline in Canadian Coal 0«ip«t, During the year 1917 the production of coal in Canada fell ou" 4G7.800 tons, or 3,2 per cent, and of coke, 2,202,900 tons, or 1.3 per cent. Read the advertisements. SALE OF SUGAR TO CONSUMERS la order to insure as folly as possible the conservation, of tbe entire fruit crop of the present season and to encourage home canning and preserving, the following rule, governing family purchases ot s,agar, is made effective, in Pennsylvania: Consumers may purchase, and grocers may sell to any one family, sugar, for komo-preservrag purposes only, in a quantity not to exceed twenty-five pounds, upon the signing by the purchaser and surrender to tbe seiior of a certificate in the following form: SUGAR PURCHASE CERTIFICATE FOR HOME PRESERVING 1318. I hereby declare to the United States Food Administration, taat I de- sire to purchase from , _ / pounds of sugar for my own use, for canning and preserving purpose?. I a^ree not to order sujjar under this ruling, from any source, in excess of my lequirements for this purpose or, to use the sugar so ordered for any other purpose than that here specified. I have on hand sugar to the amount of - I used for canning and preserving in 1917 Name Street or R. F. D. Address . pounds. . pounds. Grocers will provide their own printed forms. ,or in the sale of sugar I under this ruling, and will forward weekly, al! certificates recencd during llhe previous week, to tbe County Food Administrator. i and You Money. BOTH PHONES OPPMAM'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. As a fitting climax to the biggest month of May and to begin a bigger month of June we have planned Coupon Days for Friday and Saturday with bigger and better values than ever. In the ]as(. inontli ivi- Iiavo !?ono ''OUT tfie lop" vntli the Jarg-i"-t, business in our Iiisforj for flic jnontli of jlay... and... of course there's a reason--it's our uzidcrKolIiiiir aliilit). 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