The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 18, 1939 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 18, 1939
Page 10
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f AlaJi! TEN. THL DAILY COURifliR, CONNliL,LSVJ.JLL,i;, PA. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY IS, 1939. Basketball ;PORTORIAI_S By JOHN H WIIORIC, Sports Editor S«/ +*/ ONE FOR KAILBIRDS lively icadei likes a good hoi stoi Here s one that s contributed by Frank G Mcnke, who is handling the publicity tor the Kentuck} Derby this jeal ' A man cm't get too much knowledge, but theic tire moments when he can acquit e too much information caid Col Matt J Wmn, who is making plans tor the 65th lun- nmg of the Kentucky Deiby at Louisville, Ky , o i May G An instance in the case of Gene Woods," went on the Colonel "Every old timei of the tuil remembei". Gene, who bet then, high and handsome back m the days wwher thousands and tens of thousands weie vjgc'ed vuthoul the fluttei of an ejelash ' A fellow named Mike Dalcj biougnt a hoisc in fiom the Vest ,md entered I im to lun at E r n p i e City Mike knew Gene and he told Gene the hoise was an absolute cinch The name of the horse was St Joseph That was Genei patron saint Therefore, Gere did not need much uigmg by Mike to go up to Johnny Walteis, the big betting commissionei of those das, and wager $1000 acioss the boards at the ni^e odds of 30 to 1, 12 to 1 and 6 to 1 'That meant Gene would be win- nei of 348,000 if St Joseph did as Daley was supremely ceitam he uould do In fact, Gene and Mike were sitting in the clubhouse m a t c h - ing the paiade to the post and al- icady spending the profits when Bob latci ing up Bob hart been hunting aU aiound foi his pal Gene Woods He had a- sui e funs and vv anted Gene to benefit ·Bob called Smith, w h o i-, the fello\ who iiamed Ca\alcade. came loom- Gene aw ay f i om Mike -, immediate presence and told him that he had a fa\onte in the BITS HERE AND THERE Joe DiMaggio of the Yanks is re- po.ted leady to sign for S26 500 01 a pay laisc of ?1 300 over 1038 He has been quoted as saying he d hold out foi S30 000 Theic ne giavc doabts that Seabiscuit will evci t u n again despite the announcement of | Owner Chailcy Howaid that he d i c - { tue the hotse when and if he becomes the t u r f s biggest money w i n 1 ne" Memo for Overholt Lassies . All summanes of games submitted to t this department have been punted Promoter Jack Ha us announced that when Don Budge conclude' his pro tennis torn wi h Ellsworth Vine:, in Montical Maich 6 he will pio- ceed to Now Yoik to immediately begin a new senes w i ' h Tied Peio tne f i s t to be placd Maich 10 Geo-gc Susce of Pittsburgh a catchei has signed a Piiate con- tiac 4 He was with Tulsa in he Texas Lc igue last season , Gieatest distinction a dog cin \vm in this count}--the best in sho\\ awaid of t i e We»tm nste* Kennel Club m New York--belonged *o a silken-haired Dobcrman Pinsche'- which until two months ago w a s the house pel of a Germa i baibei Teiry V. Raul-felscn, bought, by VcCluic Hallej w as named the best dog in thi. G3id annual show- R icing w i l l , beg n at Wheeling s "Little Saratoga I on Ma\ 27 and tlere will be racing dailj except Sundas and Mondays during the spring race meeting which Turtle Creek Squads By Decisive Margins Dual Evenh^o End Tues- Q v e r H o l t day With Clairton High Team Here. LOCALS EYING LEAGUE TITLE Cunne!l-A ille v» i m m i n g L M (Red) B n i I I i R h School i g c. i.oa*-hcd bv A P \tt ulccl to dcCcnd it 1 closes June 17 Theie will be 1G das of competition Westminstei Titan c^gcrs will moet Bethany College at home on Februii 2i and Youngstown College on Februiry 25 Gieensburg High w estlers defeated West Newton, 42 to 0, w i n n i n g ,-1 of falls matches fi\ c ot them b\ Bal nstorming b\ college football slurs who pose as basketball p i a v e i s mav put a j It 01 two in their jeans but IjUs c ige perfoimances as some 01 'hen put on bMp kill the popula miooi spoit A basketball tame J ace m which Mike's St Joseph manager H n o s srna ,t vvon't get would lun He told Gene his horse ( i l o o k e d m ., deal couldn t lose Gene protested that he al-eady had bet St Joseph in the same lace Bob told him he was to bet against the favorite He ridiculed the chances of the wes'ein · that not if he s mg n the game for any Ellwood City High oasketeeis c l a m they won't comp'y bent on st length with the W P I A L older thit -- - -- the game it won from Butler be mvad2i Everybody who knows Bob | pla j cci O X C 1 Coach Jerij Newton Smith know s he s a wo idei at aigu- whose team v or by one" point, nn ment and peisuasion So Gene fi- nallv captulated and rushed o\ei to Wtxlteis *' 'I want to cancel m bets on St Joscnh and bet on f a v o r i t e ' jelled Woods The hoises w e r e at the po-,1 .Gene was afi ad they might break any second Walteis was busy taking last rrmute he's Gere l o a i e d loudei and loudei Wal'eis finally heard him ' 'Fellows who change their minds at race tiaeks lose money said Wallets V,hy don't you let your original bet ude" " 'It s my dough am t it' blamed back Gene 'Cancel that bet on St Joseph and 1m betti ig $10,000 stiaight on the favoiite ' 'Its youi dough, Jiats light' tcphed the calm, uunruffled Wallets 'And pretty toon it 11 be my dough 'Lie bet on St Joseph is canceled Y o u i e on the favoiite foi $10,000' 'A second 01 two later they were oft I guess Gene chance to tell Mike- nev ei had a -I mean before the. finish--'hat theie was no moi.ey i idmg on S f . Joseph And I also guess because it w as the custom that when Gene made the oiigmal bet on St Joseph tha' he told Mike that he was n foi a shaie ot the pi ofi Is 'This St Joseph hoi se went to the fiont--and stayed there The i ace wasn t even close 1 So Gene instead of winning $48,000 was a S10,000 losei, due to a little conversation he had w i t h Bob Smith Gene staited hunting for Bob even before the official boaid vent up But I don't imagine he ever found him because Bob is still alive, hale and still a haidy influence!, and Gene long since has lost ' gone to his eteinal Trafford Wrestlers Defeat Mt. Pleasant outcome p i o "stcd b\ Butler on the grounds three seconds remained pli when it was declined enaed, says ' W e won the first gnrrc \scrc satisfied The officials hnc^ed up oui Lldimt. to the hilt nnd venfied 110 chaige that the Butler ttmekeepei neglected t o sta~t the clock at th.e pi opoi tirr c Butlei can ha\ e the foi foiled game' Minage Joe Jacobs of Tory Galenic bche\ei details v,ill soon be VvOiked out for a Galento-Joe Louis heavywe ght fight m Jure . . . John Henr Lev\ is stakes his light heavyweight title tigamst D a v e Claik Detioit Negro in Detroit, March 31, Le\\is, recently ka^oed j j lesi thai a round by Joe Louis, ^as guaianleed $10 000 or an option on 3 1 ) pei cent of the gate Courael for Jimmy Adanruc.k Detioit heavy, and hu manager, Jimmy Brady, challenged the ev - dence on winch the 11 inois Boxing Teams Win Over Tarentum Fives COKERS LOSE TO LATROBE IN GOOD TILT H O v I nolt cd its heels Connellsxil e High quintet made a gallant but futile cflort to scoie its lust victorv in Section D at Latrobe Frid.iy n Rht, losing ay a 2'j-20 coun The Cokeis got behind m the first ciu.Hfi md though the\ miin iged ti stav close crougl to keep the final i c s j l t m doubt they u e i e um'ile to unt-Oi k L he scot ing punch neet ed 'n tni. last qinitei to get out in front Coich Wilnam Dolde used t w o lomplete teams and it was Ihe substitutes that contributed most of the scoring The starting f i \ e hit the tc im hoop fui f i v e rnaikc-s, all fouls championship of the \\es*un I'onii- s \ K a m a I iteischolast c Athletic League--md w h i c h t undoubted'. w i l l retain foi anothci vear--m C ir- negie Techs i/ool a wee* from to- daj defe-ited T u i t l e C cek at that place Thui sc 1 1; -ifternoen and Van- deignft High hcic Fnda m dual watoi meets In bojti ig Tm'lc Creek OIP Ormgc ind Black cime thiough w i h a 4") to -1 dcus on v hlle V t tn- dergiift w 's turned 1 "UK 50 to 25 One moic dual meet remain-, on the progiarr ji.d t h a t w i l l he v ilh Clanton it 330 n clock Tucsdi; . f i r noon at the locil pool a compc it in to which the public is nvitcd uiin foi which i small admission fee v i l l be ch t rged The Cokers were urbcat ible "nd did not vield a single ' l i s t pi ice to cither scl ool in the pair of v r t nls although at Pintle Creek 'he loca's foi felted the tu st tv o places n c! v - ing as tho\ h u e been doing r I M t r Coach Birr took his enure squad of 15--all w i h tne exception of Kefler who is ill--o Tjrtle Creel. Tnd e v c i j bov ,4ot into iction, getting a f k isf one pon t e ich \V F Fole, a --Dphoiroie turned in a lire 220 to finish second to Bovle in his first race J Folev chalked up another new recoid in the 100 breast and the 160 fiee mccllcv rela club of Colborn Black, Laugher y a n d Cioss did sorre till ploughing The sophomoie medley relaj teim of Bod, Buttcrmore ard Frazie churned the water for a nice pei- 'V.gainst Va iderg ift Cioss did h i s ! c o r s best w o i k in taking iirsl n the 40 ftcc with a time of 2 0 5 seconds Dvvlre, an eighth gradei participated in 1 he I0(l bi e LSI n w h i c h V ndei- gnft I id on!} one entii and his time w a s 3 2 seconds faster than tne visito*- but he couldn t pliee as ^ich school is allowed onl two vvim- meis in the finals Hush, a fiesh- man, was seconc in tl c 220 fiee st} le w h i l e Boyd vv is in gieat slia^c in taking the 100 back c r t w l in fast time B'ackn did w e l l in t i e 100 fiee The 'eco d was torn in the 120 medley relay as tne local trio b i o ^ e the tape in 1 103 The summary of the ConncHsville- Tuitle Cieev meet follows 40-yaid free stjle--Blaeka Cok- eis fist, Simmons, Tuitte C i e c v second Dennis, Cokers, third Time 20 6 seconds 00-yard b east stioke -- Jack the P K U b u i g h in the third 14-pomt lead d coast thiouiih tc i 4T-J7 victory a gnme 1! ied at nigit PI itc pei aid to bu Id up Cologi mde md BJlaritjnc paced the L i i o b e a t t i c k eac i iccouni-ing for i me points Reed topped the 'Coke scorirEJ caging two I eld goals Taieiltum | and two fouls , Next I uesdi} the c u i t n n ecmes The distillf-s h i d managed to keep a scant edge throuj,huut the f u s t h i l f tilthouj U at h d l f l i m e the homo teim ti nled b only a pom . 18-37. The line-ups The th rd qu irte a t t a c k , howev ei, Connellaville proved suliuent to .il'ovv a t Jones f in the f i n a l s'anz , McMilIcn, f The piL-hmin H J g line between Uic Mjnsbc-gcr O v e i h o t Ladies ,,nd the Pla e G!TS S ) Glass g gals found the home team master of j ^ ewlfa K the K tuat on fiom the opening I Furtncy f whistle The fin il s ore was 26-i3, Tai riilum The sumimncs down on the icgu'ir schedule cf the W P I \ L w ith Connellsv ille host to Seottdalc Overholt G F Pts J Tulley, f B 1 13 Rmgler f 0 0 0 C i r t w right f 2 1 5 Block" f i o 2 FoK?. c 5 1 11 1! irt K I 2 10 McCoimick g 2 0 4 la .ils 20 5 45 Pittsburgh G F Pts McTorm ck, f .__ 3 0 6 McOormick f . t 3 11 Bc.-uei c 5 2 12 SUSP, g 2 0 4 Gilla K 0 2 2 LaMent g . _ 0 2 2 Total-. 14 B 37 Non-sent ing substitutes--Goetz Seoi e b qu triers Overnol 10 8 18 Reed f McC ure, c Mun iy, g MeCov, g Pittsbuigh 6 11 5 0 -- 45 15--37 Hath.iway Commission suspended the two Foley Cokeis, hrst Rodgeis Tuitle They we e kicked out after a "fight" with Jack Trammel Youngstown, Ohio, Negro Bob Pellci Cleveland s speed pitcher, had his low a driving license suspended until May 7 and possibly longei. Beaver Trapping Season Sn Progress In Eight Counties Tiaflord High wrestling team scoied a 24-13 victory over Ramsay High of"Mount Pleasant in a meet staged at the Trafford school The vvmneis won five fusts while two bouts ended in draws The summaries 85 pounds--Pctrini. Tiaffoid fought lo a diaw with Rudolph, Ramsay 95 pounds -- Stockcr Tiaffoid, t l n c w Zaglme in 5 52 l O j pounds--Queer, Ramsay, thiew Delia in 5 02 115 pound 1 *--Chestei, TrafTord, won over Gabos by decision 125 pounds--Giacomn TrafToid fought to diaw with Snyder, Ransay 1J5 pounds--Shumar, Rarnsaj won over Diemoit who dcfaul'ed because of a knee mju j sufleied m 'he bou 143 pounds--Seia'm Traffoid, v c i ovci K-lp by dec MOD 155 pou'ids--Valmastom Ti ifToid, thiew IsiNon in 2 30 TQl pounds--Yankosk} , TiifTord, threw Yamello in 2 58. He iv v\ eisht bout v i s an exhi- bitioi Rcfc ee--Rockv ell Elizabeth By United Press HARRISBURG, Feb 18--A 15-day beavei t apprig reason opened Wednesday in Centre, Ciearfield, Jefferson, Lu^eine, Momoe, Pike, Sub- quehanna and Wayne counties The Game Commission, m declai- ing another trapomg season as pait of it ' beavei contiol' program, explained that no trapper will be permitted to use and set more than 10 traps nor take mo.e than three 1 beavers during the season Animals unintentionally caught must be delivered to a Game Commission officer foi disposition Within 10 days aftei close of the season all beaver pelts must be pioperly tagged by a garie protectoi Tags cost 10 cents each Ofhcers in the eight beaver tiapping counties have been supplied with tags which must lemam on pelts until they aic tanned and made into commeicial fuis Commonwealth residents possessing 1U38 hunting 1 censes are pevmitted to tiap beavei s witn owners and lessees of land lesidmg in areas open Berlin High Triumphs Beilm High spilled Stonjcicck i o u n - l n p 21 to 16, TO avn?p a re- i nt di' r eat. to pubnc flapping icquire licenses The latter do not GREEN, RED TAKE BOWLING GAMES B o w i n g on the Wen Pen i illc.vs Wedncschv mglH tlm Gieen took thiee games fiom the Blue v hilc tno Red coooed the ocd £, me f om the "br cllow in "egulauv scneo lied match of the Rainbow League Cicek, second Baldwin, Cokers t h u d Time 1 176 220-yard f ce style -- Boyle and \V~ Foley Cokeis h st and second Gordon, Turtle Creek thud Time 2 4 8 G 100-yaid back ciavvl -- Colbom Cokeis, fi-st, McEnoy, Tulle Creek, second, Coughe lour, CoUcis, third T me 1 10 300-yard f i p e style -- Clemmei Cokers, first, Simmons l u i t l e Creek, second, Rush, Cokeis, third Tnre 1 04 Diving -- Tuitle Cieek, first and second, Cokers, »h id 120-yaid medley relay -- TDKC-IS, (Boyd Butteimoie and F i a / i e i ) , l u s t , Tuitle Creek, (McJhoy, R oc i g - ers and Hill), second Time a 1C IdO-yard free style eiay -- Cokeis (Blacka Colborn Laugheity and C'oss), ( i s t , Tmllc Cieek, (Snr- mons, Fredei ck, Adomsor and Hawk), second Time 1 22 Tne s u m n a i y of the Cokei-Van- derguft meet here follows 40-yaid free style -- Cioss ana Fiazie-, Cokers, fhst and s-econd Roblej, Vanderguft, third Time 20 D secords 100-yard bieast stroke -- Bultei- more and Baldwin Cokers, H st and second, Lance, Vandeig" ft, third Time 1 21 1 220-yaid fiee style -- Dennis met Hush, Cokeis, l i s t and second, Eu- Vandeiguft, thud Overliolt Girls Lirdin, f Hi mphies, f Gi Idenshuh, c H . r l , g Chapman g Bovei, g G 0 0 0 3 0 0 Pts 0 0 0 11 I 1 Totals 3 7 13 Nor-scoi i ig substitutes--Dcsmone, B i n d Pittsburgh G LeClau, t Engler, f Burkct, c Gigfclei g Tanoesky, "g Tot i 2 1 n o 11 Pis 20 4 2 n o 26 Json-sconrg substitute--2 ncueiski Scoie by quaiteis Overholt Girls 1 4 6 2--13 Pittsburgh 6 6 10 4--26 Referees--McMoimck, Pcaacca Totals Latrobe Campbell J Cologi ande, t McGuire c -Giobbi, g Ballnntnc g _ -. Fyalkov ski g Thomas, g Totals Score by period 1 - Coinellsv ille L.itrobe Rcfeiee--Duty Pfs 0 ·i 1 1 0 1 0 0 10 r o 5 0 20 Pli 2 9 0 2 ) 2 1 13 23 2--20 4--2, ORE MEETS ScottdaSe Surprises Greensburg Passers With Belated Drive W. P. I. A. L. CAGE SUMMARIES SECTION FOUR Yesterday's Results. Brownsville 45, Donora 37. Monessen 42, Monongahela 25 Standing of the Clubs Charleroi _ Monessen Biownsville Donoia Monongahela California W. _ 3 . 2 Q L 0 1 4 6 7 9 Pet. 1 000 889 556 333 222 000 Games Tuesday. Monongahela at Donora. Charleioi at Monessen Brownsville at California SECTION NEST; Yesterday s Results \Scoltdale 33; Greensburg 33 Johnstown 28, Norwji 20 LatiobP 25, Connellsv ille 20 \E\tra period Standing of the Clubs. W. L. _ . _ 10 2 9 . 7 4 Two Field Goals in 45 Seconds Create Tie, Then Locals Win. DEADLOCK FOR SECTION LEAD Johnstown Gieensbuig Noi win Scot'dale - . Latrobe Jeannette Connellsv ille Scottdale High, one of the toughest quintets in Sect on 9, W P I A. L , tied up the pennant race in that division with a 35 to 33 victory over Gieensburg m an overtime game at the Mill Towns Armory Friday night. The Blue and White, which had finished the keenest competition for the other half dozen entries but which isn t in the flag race because it wasn't aole to maintain its fine stride With any degree of consistency, had Greensburg on the ropes at many stages of the red hot ball game Bill Lohrs quintet ran away to a 15-6 lead (»t did that at Greensburg and against a couple of others earlier in the year) only to have the visitors cut this down to 19-15 at the hall and then move into the lead, 25-22, at the close of the third period. A burst of speed in the final seconds of regulation play enabled the home fiv e to knot the score and then the 636 i only P° ints m lhe extia period were B4S | made bj the Scots. 45 seconds lemammg 0,0 7 11 273 i 364 000 Games Tucsdaj. Jeannette at Greensburg Latrobe at Norwin Scottdale at Connellsville East Huntingdon Varsity Whipped, Juniors Triumph East Huntingdon Township High] Varsity dribblers weie walloped to the t i n e of 44 to 16 by the Scarlet Hunicane of Hurst High Friday night but the Junioi Varsity eased it sorrewhat with a 20 to 3 tujrrph over the Mount Pleasant township jayvees Tl e surrmanes Alvcrton G F Pts Clausner, f Novotne}, i _ Bales, c Pi ecosky SECTION 15 Yesterday's Results. Geiman 50, Ellsworth 29 BenLeyviJle 31, East PIKE Run 18 Standing of the Clubs. Ottenbeig g Petio, c Pytlak g . Leightj, g -- . Totals Huist Jagoda f Siba , f Vikeitoskj, c Feichick, g Pushkai, g Solomon, f . Mimick, f Long g Small, g Bysiek, g Totals Scoring by quarteis Alveiton 0 Danbar Goes On Wild Spree At Ruffsdde Aft n i dlopping two stiaigM con- Hurst 14 tests, Dunbar Township quintet using j Refeiee--HaEelbaker a levised line-up clashed back into i Alverton J. V. the win column with a decisive 42- Stoner, f 25 victory over South Huntingdon Ottenberg, f Fiidaj night at the losers gym |Baibei, c The win kept the Mules n a sec-} Giossei, g ond place tic vj'h Rostravei Town- Kapelowskj, g ship but the championship of Sec-, Shubia, f _ . t on 17 was clinched by Wes, Newton J NovoUicy f who wor over Peiry Township Sepesi r-aptured highest scoring Totals honors of the evening by dropping in Non-scoring G 1 2 _ 1 _ 1 0 0 1 0 0 G G. 3 5 1 4 . 2 1 1 . 1 t 0 Redstone N" Belle Vernon _ _ German Beritleyr. ille Cental ville East Bethlehem Ellswo-'h East Pike Hun W. -12 ., 9 - 8 7 6 ,, 4 .. 4. 1 i. 1 3 4 5 6 8 S 12 Pet. .923 .500 333 308 .077 Games Monday. North Belle Vernon at E Pike Run German at Redstone. SECTION 17 Ycsterdaj's Results. Sevvic'dey 41, Belle Verion 20. West Newton 42; Perryopolis Dunbar 42, South Huntingdon 25. in the fourth quarter, Scottdaje was behind four points Akers fired away from the center of the floor for a | perfect two-pointer A Greensburg I dnv e was halted and the Scotties got the ball out-of-bounds Ross took a pass near tne foul circle and let go for another field goal, tying the count as the clock showed only seven seconds Play moved into the extra period and Akeis tallied after 45 seconds of action It was the only succe c sful pitch As a result, Gieensburg is" confronted with prospects ot a deadlock with Johnstown for fust place. The Javvns closed their card with a win over Norwin and Greensburg must trip Jeannette Tuesday to go into a tie, a livelihood, requiring a playoff to determine the champion Scottdale closes its league card Tuesday night by invading Connellsville The summary Scottdale G. F. Pts. Zearley, f ------- 7 1 15 Ross, f _~ _ _ _ _ _ _ ,,_ _ 3 2 8 Akers, c Hams, g J Randolph, g Lipps, g Standing* of the Clubs. W. L West Newton, -- Dunbar 16 ' Rostiavei F Pis South Huntingdon Sevvick'ey 10 5 6 5--16 8 11 11--44 fielders and adding another point from the fiee line The line-ups Danbar Sepesi, f Goodman, f. _. . Heitpnell, c Husband, g Uhazie, g ... Kon.ia, f Pavlonsky, i Romanko, e Heichko, g Totals South Huntingdon Waltei s f Eisamen, f gene St Petei, Tine 2 46 5 100-yard back ctavvl--Bojd Cok- eis, first, Bob Francis and Chailes Wilson, Vandei grift, second rid thud Tune 1 13 6 100-jard f i e e stjle--B'acka Cokers, fist EalpT Gorman, Vander- gnft, second, Laugherty, Cokeis ! Silvasj g third Time 594 seconds 120-jard medlev relay- (Coloorn Foley and Bl,,cka), list Vandci!;ii r t (France Lance and K Young) sieoncl Tine 1 103 l d O - i u l n cdley relaj--Cokeis (Bojle C un-nci C oss nd Ti liior), l n » t V idc 5, if fRoblcj H s orv R \ o u n g ai d Gorman), seconel Time 1 _ J j J i Smith, g ·Cokeis, I Pateilne, f G. 6 1 - . 1 ,,-. 1 .. 2 2 1 2 . . 1 17 G. 1 2 . 4 1 1 , 2 r i o 2 2 0 0 1 1 1 8 F 0 i 0 0 0 0 UU1 Piobatetl GREC\SBURG Tcb 18--V, ill eI D L T.Uge o d, lite of bcoltd lie as probated here The persoi al estate is valued E Fitzgei aid is Collide loul'i Rescued HOISCn.ljLU, T H , Teb 18--^f- tc clmgms to a pe Ions iec'ge of the Kuliouou Moan ains foi more than at S20 ,rd \c'die JC houis Robeit G l o ^ e i 20 , U11- tlic c x c c u t u s a i d veisitv of l l i w a i a n sophomore, was I i c s c u c d Totals Scoie by pcnods D-iroui South Hu it ngdon Rt-fc ec--Wilsor Pts 13 42 Pts 2 25 lO 13 8--42 6 6 7--2D Cise Plaver Hurt S'eve R o v n j a k 20 fomei Somei- sct Township High basketb ill stai, suffeied a fiactaied pelv caught between a t uek and w he i wall while a*, vvoik at a Someiset whole- sa'e ".'oie He was a membei of 1 is veai's league championship baskel- ball team at Fueden'- G. 4 1 0 1 1 1 10 F. Pts. 20 substitutes--Shuster, Bob Clausne^, Ajait, Hosensteel, Mc- Intce and Miller Hurst J. V. G Vankosky, f . 0 Sopko, f 0 Mava, c » « ,, _ 0 Munk, g Lipko g Kadylak, g r. o 0 0 0 0 1 Pts. 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 1 1 3 Non-scoring substitutes--Fiedeuck, Pnskj, Baluh, Kaputa, Levendowsky and Blara Scoimg by quaiters Alvcrton J V . 4 6 Huist J V 0 1 Referee--Spike Wall 2--?0 2-- 3 Louis to Be Second At Pittsburgh Show Pe ryopoUs Fayette City Belle Veinon 12 10 10 . 7 G . 5 _ 3 _ 0 10 13 Pet. 923 .769 .769 538 .462 385 231 000 Games Tuesday. Rostrav-er at Belle Vernon. Sewickley at Peiryopohs. West Newton at S Huntingdon Dunbai at Fayttte City. SECTION 13 Night's Results. Derry Borough 25, Ligomer 20. Hurst 44, East Huntingdon 16 Standing of the Clubs. W t, . 9 3 Ligoniei Dei j Borough .. Mt Pleasant Hiust Youngwood De ly Township East Huntingdon 4 5 6 7 10 Pet. .750 .727 600 .545 455 300 .091 Totals - . ... Greensburjr Za\ich, f _. ,, _. Nelson, I Johns, c ... ^ Steffen, g _ _ __, J. DeMoise, g G. 7 3 .._ 4 . 2 . _ 0 0 .. 16 G. 3 5 0 4 1 13 3 35 E. Pts. Totals Scoring by quaiters Scottdale 15 4 3 11 Greensburg 6 9 10 8 Referee--Havrilla. ) ~ 6 t 14 ) 0 . 10 L 3 r 33 2--35 0--33 WEST NEWTON B E A T S P E R R Y TO WIN TILT Games Tucsdaj. Deny Township at Derry East Huntingdon at Mt Pleasant. Youngwood at Hurst Yanderbilt Center Lassies Take Game From Dunbar Quint West Newton High quintet became Section 17 champions by scoring a decisive 42-20 victoiy over Perry i Township Friday night at the West Newton gym The Newts lost little tima jn demonstrating their s u p e r i o r i t y , grabbing off a lead ui the first period that they continually added to throughout the game never scoring less than 10 points in a quarter. Scholl and Marsh with 16 and 14 points respectively paced the winners' attack while Buttermore caged 15 points for the Commodores The line-ups Perry G. Butteimoie, f -..__ 7 Vandeibilt Recreation Center Girls won a thrilling 17-16 victory over Dunbai with Fannie Shoemaker leading the attack, scoung 13 points The line-ups Dunbar G. F. Pts. Bogusky f - - 4 3 11 C Dmel o, I 2 Feb s bringing the of his caiee lo Motoi faqua e Gaidcn IVonday night PITTSBURGH motc'i Jake Mntz catcst fist e show A. Dmel o, e j Jarvis g 18 --Pio- | Spangler, g M D nello, g Totals vv len he p esei ts an all-stir card of i Vandcrbilt top no ch fig'its supplemented b the appcaiarce ot thiee of the w o i l d s gieaiest lighten Joe Louis vvoildb I cavywelgitt cliammor will be hcie to second that clrssy welteivveight, Holman Wi lia ns ot Ch cago, ir the latter s boat with \ndie Jcssurun of New York A Sovcns f ,, . Shoemakei f _ S Lint, ( Bates g L Sovcins, g . . . 0 0 . 0 ... ... 0 6 G .. . 0 Pts. 0 3 i Totals 7 3 Non-scoung substitute Caputo Ref ci ee--Sember. 17 Rumanick, f Halvonik, c Statzula, g . . Marshall, g Wilkie, f .. Totals _ . West Newton Lirdauel, t Abbott, f ,,_ . _. Hula, c . Scholl, g . Mai s h , g . _ _ Evans, f . -- _. _. Shiftman, e 0 0 - 0 F. Pts. 2 15 0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals Score by penods Perry G. -- 3 7 7 . - . 0 1 1 19 4 20 F. Pts. 6 0 16 14 2 2 3 42 4 8 1 7--20 West Newton 10 12 10 10--42 Refe ee--Dickson Souchak Aide to Jock. Fiank Souchak, one-time star end of the Pitt Panthers, has oeen named end coach by Coach Jock Sutherland, succeeding Eddie Schultz, resigned, Souc'iak his b'wn r ' auto salesman.

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