The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1930 · Page 15
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1930
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

.** FRIDAY, P^BBRTJARY 21, 1930. t'HE DAILY COURIER, CONNE -.LSVILLK. -PAGE PIFTBKN. MA!i NASH is tire car with the OIL CUSHIONED CHASSIS SUPERIOR frERFORMANGE ! EIGHT SIX E "~VEKT Nosh "400* nr»odel, including those of fewest price, is DOW equipped with a modern system of centi alized chassis lubrication. ^ Nosh '4OO* chassis bearings Ideon acoshronof oil. Notjust«;ncein awhile, or fora day orso after you happen to put yoai car hi a service station for gr* Basing. But every day, and with xrt the bother of service afcrti^r oiten- tlotv the "400" chassis giv«» you the riding smoothness and the longer chassis life that only perfect chassis lubrication can give. | And every Twin-Ignition Eight and S x model is now built with fifetiroo lubricated springs --lubrication sealed inside flexible steel spring covers -- permanent prelection against rust, squeaks, wear and ineffectual spring action. f The combination of centralized lubrication and Dfeflmo lubricated springs creates an ofl-cusnibnecf chassis ~anoth«f reason for the superior performance that distinguishes the 1930 Nash "4OoT Evans Motor Company PHO1TB 77. PA. EAST CEAWFOBt The Unseen Hand That Cranks Your Car - - - - / i Deep in your car lies the battery. It's a si^ ent, v^ efficient machine that performs its tusks \ with little attention or thought on ; our part. But beware the dangers of your battery entirely--cranking is no fun. I Drive in regularly and have your bat .ery chec-ied--it's a money-saving habit When Yonr Old Battery Has Outlived Its Usefulness an»l Must lie Replaced--Let Us Inntall a USL BATTERY Joe's Tire Service Jos| Oppennnn Henry 0 permau Just Across the Bridge West Cra-vford Ave. Phone 1252. Battles for Her Life--and Wins W«nUrn N«w«e«p«t Union.) living beocmei real life when It b»c«m*» ·»crinci»i. W» b*g-ln to operate with yitsl forr«« when TT* cro«a th» border Inlo th» land of aaciiHc*. -- Dr. J. H, J f w « t U WHAT TO EAT To tto«ft who prefer the cranberry aauca imatralncd, as many do, the process Is % the name except the straining. Cranberry Jelly. -- Cook a quart of cranberries la on« cupful of water, covering tiie pan tightly BO that th« berilcH cook evenly. When the skins are broken, pour into a Jelly bag and let tlrtp until all fie Juice Is extracted. Do not squeeze, or the Juice will bo cloudy. i Beat tho Juice to the bolUng point and | add two cupfuls of sngar. Poor into ' a wet taold or a fiat pan, to lx» cut ! Into for us later. I Cheesti Straw*. -- Ttihn one-fourth pound of nippy cheese, grated. C3r«am one-foarth pound of butter, add one cupful of flour and enough milk to I make a mixture to knead. BoH thin, cut Into strips one-fourth Inch wide and fout Inches long. Bnke until a light brjwn. Sprinkle with paprika and serve with salad or soups. Sweot Potatoes, Caramel -- Cook unpeeled tiweet potatoes until nearly Cone.. Feel and cut Into hnlvets lengthwise. I'ut In a pan, cut »ld« up, brush well with butter and sprinkle with brown «ugar. Bake until / a golden b-own. Walnuta ma; be added if desired, making the dish rnore at* tractive, Breakfast Mackerel. ---Even th« canned niaekenil may be used for this and Is moat tasty. Soak the Bait mackerel In water, skin side up aatll well freshened -- ov«-r night Is not too much. I)i the rooming pliyse In a dripping pan, cover with thin cream and bake unttl the fish Is tender. Twenty minutes ji about the usual time. Dot with bits of butter and serve at once, piping hot. Baked potatoes go well with this dish. Qlblet Qravy. -- Boll the neck, gizzard, vrlig tips of a fowl together until tender. Remove bones and chop fine, add the cooked heart and liver, add two tablespoonfuls of flour inbred with an sqitni amount of the chicken fat and ;ook until smooth; add seasoning, water or chicken broth to the chopped meat, boll three minutes, then eurve. Urtla 7-year-old Lcona Smith rests weakly bat h»ppi y en har cot at Sfnai Hospital, Baltimore, Md., following one oi th« most daring bids tlmt acience can make for the lif« of n hunun. Probing danjrerouily close to the heart, Dr. Alfred Ullcian euccasded in slitting the membranous sat that surrounded the org»i» thereby rclaaaing eight onncea of poisono-is f l u i H which had b on eating Od.l "Brenh" in Sermon , The foimer pastor of a Tloga church tolls a :ood one on himself which shows tlie queer breaks a man can rnuke, even In the pulpit. The pai.tor was preaching on "Faith" and among Ills illusLriitlons of the value of faith declared that "It was by faith hut Moses discovered America." lie not cod a smile spread over the faces of (lie congregation, but touldn't Imagine "vhat It was about, und re- pcuted tt nt but for his futth Moses would rie 'er have crossed the stormy Atlantic to America. HiJVlng observed that his wife was as much amused as anybody, he piomptly askect her on reaching his home w h r t the people were smiling at. When the told him, he was forced to wonder at thu restraint the congregation had shown.-- Philadelphia Ilac- LIFE OF WEAKER SPARED BY 10DS Navajo TomTomm und Dance , Save Rug Maker. Flagstaff, ArlK,--As the be/ Ung of tom-toms reached a frenzied pi *ch and tired and worn dancew of the Navajo tribe were making last efforts o pact*y angry gods,' the* wife of losteen George*Bancroft, the preatest tf Navajo ceremonial rug makers, « merged from her hogan--cured. Her Illness prompted medic) i« Men to send their swlfi eat runners across deserts and throat h rock-wall id canyons to call thelf people togc her to 'take part Sn weiifd ceroraonlnl 1 to ap- panse tlie goda. | Th« naetllcine men bad fear i d that ehe would be unable to finish the famous ceremonial rug on wh jh «h« was working. The weird pattern of the r ig wa* known to no one but the 111 ilanket maker, and unions sine lived, tb s medicine men opined, the anger of the gods would sweep down upon i he desert grazing ground* of their p ople. Throbbing tom-toms and hu ;e N beacon flrea aided the swift Imlt n runner* In calling thetr people t igether for the ceremonials, at a nmnll radlng post In the midst of desert wa ites OB the rpservatlon near here. Worried looks appeared on O e facqis of tha tired dancers Rnd cer« monlal chiefs an n w«e)f pasd!l, and the III blanket weaver failed to com forth from her specially buBt hogai More runners were oiM^red t gather tha people and bigger fire i were lighted and frantic pr.»y«ra u ide to the gods asking the maker of .' iigs b* saved. Just as the thumping · of tb s tom- toms reached u splitting pitch t od the frenzied dancers began to «hm signs of exhaustion, there came a sound front tlie chamber of the HI wo nan. "Whoopee I" shouted the 1 lankct maker, as she Joined htr tribe* oen In the chanting prayer o-? thank thpn started for her recovery. Candy, Ciotltes Cleani Takes Studenta' JM St. I.oulg. -- Fathers Btncl the to school to eat ice cream tu candy, and mothm aend thetr tar* to have their elotiuw cle* appears from an artalyids of t) cluutng ptrwenn und buftng ha 'Washington unlwjrslty ittidenh public fry the ticlv^rattr anthc Washington men panaper thf!) toothe to the extent of $0,172 month, according to the analyst la the largest alcglo lUra of tvra Itated by tht men. Washington co-rds parcfcMe of "miscflDaneonfi," ac^orrlteg report, aa this chiM led th* Dai largest single tangible expendl ·4,242.88 per month for clothes ing, The fair onea ipend $7,000 * lesj than the m*n In tb» nnl dty Ice cream pnrlori and stores. The report fall; to reft argument of the men dint of $9,000 monthly *xpeodlture to !aei and chocoialen, the m»r« c onn of the spetiw ccnsame worth. The analysis reveal* tbat 8 cent of the men and 2T per c th« women, drive cara to school oney r son* d bay laugh- ied, U e ptu»- lt» of made itle«. rweet JS per* . This pendl- » lot 0 the Tbe are Is clean- couth enlty candy t« the their tun- inger- $8,000 1 per nt of dally, S«ek Atom Secret by ^ Use of Powerful X Ray Vanadsna, Calif.--An X-ray tub* powerful enough to penutrate t e nucleus of the atom and thus U tint* perhaps reveal Important: seer, ti to science, haa bean Inventod at tfc t California Institute of Tecboology 1 y Dr. B. EL Yollrath, it waa unaounc d recently. The tube, which Is two £Mt n dl- ameter and six feet Ion;, will real* tin energy of five or atx million volts, It Is claimed. One o*f the dlfilculUet to be overcome, Doctor Vollrath wild. Is t provide an effective screen /or the uper- powerfal rays. Ordinarily comae jrdal X-ray is stopped effectively v th a lead shield, but the rays from I octor Vollrath's tube at 1,000,000 volto pass through more than a foot of thi sub-stance. ' It has been found impoeMl e to photograph the new rayn, b ·au»» they pass entirely tbron»h « sting photographic plates, leaving no 1 aage. $3,50 R Wedc for Cat ' in Jersey Woman's VIII Hackonsack, N, J.--A will prc ated by Surrogate ,T. H. Hopper nui cs » cat as bencflclury. Bumble Bci, the pet of the late UTsB Altc* Jnd ;e rf Bogota, bas $3.50 a week to p ytde for itu support, the cat being ID nurt- ed to Mlsa Elsie O. Hy«len, a ) elgh- bor. ' When Bumble Be« die* the borty will be cremated, $200 herlng been provided for tbl» purpote. Tht wBl also bequeaths $5(X) outilght to Miss Byden. Keep Busy and You'll Find No Time to £ag Rockport, Ind.--Advlco to ' keep busy" was oftcred by Mr. anil Mrs. Anthony Stevenson, uged eighty- even and eighty-five renppctlvely, as they celebrated the sixtyvslxth annive nary of their wedding here. To those who extend their congratulations on a alon which haa lasted 16 ye«r« paai the gold wedding spun, Mr. and Mrr. 'tev- enson said: "Keep busy at ali «ne.« and you'll find no time to nag and quarrel In the home." Unfortunate Early Snvant Henry, Marquis oC VUiena, a Cns- tlliun savant In the iclKn of Jol Q II, studied astronomy so diligently that lie lost all run of his worldly u (airs and caused a wit of hia day to Comment sarcastically: "He knew auch of heaven and nothing of earth." His blind neglect of his finu iclal concerns cost him all hit posses ilons and reduced him to extreme p iury in his last years. He was susp cted of necromancy, and at his deaf i in 1834 the king's ecclesiastical i gent threw more t h n n o hundred 01 hia precious books m i o u l i p ilnnics. -Do- ttoit Newt. * "Mime IfootK Can be practiced by the thrifty housewife, by purchasing all of her faimily's food needs at the neighborhood A P Food Store. Pay a visit to your A P Store today and take advantage of the large savings in quality merchandise. Prices Effective Weets ot frkruary 17th Quaker-Maid--Oven Baked Baked Beans Made from Pure Vegetable Oils Margmiiui Jn Ib Refined Pure Lard For tfie taundry * P*G Soap !. I O - Jl 5 e For the Bath Lux Toilet A Household Necessity Gold SCydocfcCoftee * 25c Sliced Bacon Brick or Cream Cheese t * M*U ft32c Loscions Del Monte Tips Bel Monte BERRIED i yonr table, tb* -jLof sttmmerfi berriec, J? conned wnea they were at their bwrt. la Tfetefc Synxp fibckberric* Baapbertk* VQOKC9 9vFSi Strcwbecae* Brooks' Pride * Country Roll Style liutter No. I Fresh Eggs Pure Cane Granulated Biread si«« loaf 9c -··»*? Blltter Ftsb. Salted Fmh t. Spanish Peanuts 2 n»* 25k: 3 * 27" f Fancy Boxed Apples; California, Ttnder * Fresh Peas 2»-27 c / GaKforma leebei* g Lettuce *· Celery / Turnip s *-*«· 58 »* 5 C Globe Variety 1O* SirloinJemlerlai!iorRoundSteakIb.35c Jn O*r , Meat Department Fresh Ground Pork and Beef lb. 25c 324 N. Pittsburg Street Armour's Star Skiim id Hams whole or half lb 25c Sugar Cured Bacon 3 ibs. 85e The thrifty home manager .will always find a choice selection of fresh and smoked meats and tasty cold luncheon cuts at her neighborhood A P Food Market. Slice of Ham 50c Chuck Roast, whole cut II?. 27c The Great ATLANTIC JPACIFIC POPLAR GROVE HOME SITES are the flnest in We city--a moat desirable location for thai NEW HOME you're to build. *HO UP TO $1,000 Fine Quarter Acre BnildJng Lot»--C/.cy water; schools and church nearby--cam ' purchased for a» low as $110. for full particulars write C. B. McOormlck,

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