The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 5, 1938 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, February 5, 1938
Page 3
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1938. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBbLSVIJLLE. PA. PAGE T I Among the Churches I CHRISTIAN ·Merrill L. Cadwcll, pastor--Bible echool at 9:30 A. M. Morning worship at 10:40, "The Meaning ot Church Membership." The expanded session of the church will meet during the hour ol the morning service. Christian Endeavor at 6:30 P, M. Evening service at 7:30 P. M. On the four Sunday evenings in the month ol February, we will continue V- the series of services which we have been recently following which are built around outstanding pieces ot recent fiction. The book for'this service is by Francis Brett Young and is entitled, "The House Under the Water." The story is built around the life ol Griffith Tregaron who had a red beard and a temper to match it. He hated every one about him and swore that he would master" -*' everything that confronted him, Welsh tenants, the weather and n family that seemed to be beyond understanding: With an unlagging stream of interest and good characer- ization, it is a book to read and ponder. ST. JOHN GERMAN LUTHERAN Paul E. Porath. pastor--Sunday school, 9 A. M.; hour ol worship, 10:15 A. M., theme ol sermons: German, "Einc Erleuchtung"; English, "Moses and Elijah." Luther League will mee on Sunday afternoon, February 13. FIRST BAPTIST Rev. J. S. Brownlee, minister-The Lord's Supper is of all church ervices the most important. It is ital to the spiritual life ol every hrislian. Jesus said, "As oft as ye o this ye do show I forth my death ntil I come again.'' He jnot only reclaimed his death but declared it he was coming again. The cath of Jesus on the cross and his cturn to earth in glory surely is nough to stir in our hearts n long- ng for His house. As Baptists we bserve the Lord's Supper six or even times each year. Sunday is ne ol these times. Every member hould be present at 11 o'clock. The astor and deacons are planning a rcat service. Special music by our hoir under the direction of Marian myder. We have had a great two- week revival. Every member of be church was touched in one way another. The demand continues or more consecrated Christians, 'lease be present. B. Y. P. U., 6:30; Bible School, 9:45. Pastor will 'reach at the evening service, 7:30 j'clock. ALLIANCE GOSPEL TABERNACLE 108 Porter aenue. W. E. Smith, pastor--Sunday school, 9:45 A. M Morning worship, 10:45 o'clock. Young people's meeting, 6:30 P. M. Evening service, '7:45 o'clock. A cordial welcome is extended to all. TRINITY EPISCOPAL East Fairview avenue--Evening prayer, 7 o'clock. Rev. Fargo Bayle, general missionary of Pittsburgh Dioceses in charge. PHILIP G, COCHRAN MEMORIAL Methodist Episcopal, Dawson -10:45 A. M., "The Divinity of Christ' and 7:30 P. M., "The Sacrifice of Christ." Dr. Thomas Charlesworth, pastor. TRINITY REFORMED Corner Pittsburgh and Green streets, C. George Shupe, pastor-9:45 A. M., Bible study, "Challenging the Social Order." ll:0u A. M. "Enduring Religion. 7:30, "Why Believe in Christ?" PAYNE A. M. E. W. D. Lowber, pastor--9:30 A. M. Sunday school. 11 A. M., preaching subject, "Nothing . Impossible with God," followed by Holy Communion 8 P. M., subject, "Coming to Yourself." Wednesday, 8 P. M., prayer meeting. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Karl H. J. Schoenborn, pastor-Bible school at 9:45 with classes for ill ages. Lesson subject, "Challcng- ng the Social Order." . Morning vorship service at 11 o'clock with ermon by the pastor, entitled "Play- ng at Religion." The evening wor- hip service is in charge of the Young People's Society of Christian Sndeavorer. A playlet, entitled 'Candle Flame," will be presented y the members of the society Clarence L. McDonald, Jr., will conduct the responsive reading and leac n prayer. Special music will be as lollows: Violin solo, Edward McDonald: vocal trio, the Herd sisters, Wary Jane, Rebecca and Marjorie; vocal solo, Dorothy Jean Goe; rumpet quarettte, John Jackson, J, T. Armstrong, Carl Anstine, Jr., and John Cratt. The service is in observance of the anniversary of the founding of the Christian Endeavor movement. · CHURCH OF GOD G. W. Byrnes, pastor, residence 1119 West Crawford avenue--Tabor --Sunday school, 10 A. M. Prcach- ng, 11. Breakneck--Preaching, 7:30 P. M Mid-week service, Wednesday evening at 7:30. VANDERBILT CHRISTIAN Lord's Supper and sermon at 9:30 A. M.; sermon by Chester A. Williamson of Scottdale on "Whose Is H?" Bible school follows immediately and closes promptly at 11:30 A. M. 1 CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Vine and Newmycr, F. A. Myers pastor, 407 East Green street--9:45 morning worship and sermon "Highway Religion." 10:45, church school, Mrs. Olive Lepley, superintendent. 6:45 P. M., Junior Church League. 6:4!. P. M., Y. P. D. meeting in charge of President Hiram Lepley. 7:30, preaching service "The Majority Report." Tuesda; evening at 7:30 o'clock Churel School Workers Conference wil meet at the Ira Friend home at 104 Watt street. FIRST UNITED BRETHREN Lincoln avenue at Race strcel Elmer A. Schultz, minister--Uniflec . service ol worship, sermon and Bibli study, 9:30 to 11:25 A. M., sermon bj Bishop Ira D. Warner, D. D., o Puente, Calif. Bible study lesson "Challenging the Social Order. Christian Endeavor societies at 6:3 P. M., Mrs. J. W. Collins senior lead er and Mary Carroll intermedia! leader. Evening service at 7:3 o'clock, worship in charge of Chris tian Endeavorers, sermon by pastor "Christian Endeavorers According tx Zephaniah." FIRST UNITED PRESBYTERIAN South Pittsburg street and Morton avenue, George R. Krupp, minister- Bible school, 9:45 A. M. Mornin. worship at 11; theme, "Power in th Word." Pioneer Society at 3 P. M Y. P. C. U. at 6:30. Evening service 7:30; subject. "The Christian 'Walk.' Mid-week service of prayer anc praise Wednesday evening at 7 45. EVANGELICAL W. S. Harr, pastor--9:30, Sunday school; 10:30, preaching service ani communion services, conducted b; Dr. G. A. Callins, district superin tcndent of the Evangelical Church 6:45, E. L. C. E.; 7:30, preaching scr vice, evangelistic service. UNION BAPTIST L. H. Colvin, minister--Sunda school at 9:30: morning worship a 11. Covenant and devotional servic in charge of the deacons. At 3 P M., the pastor, who has been ill, wil be in the pulpit. Sermon subjec "Motivate Your Choice With Love. Madame Hurst is expected to sinj 6:45 B. Y. P. U. A't 8, evening ' ship. All are welcome. Wedncsda evening at 7:30 prayer service. Mis sionary service .at 7. WEST LE1SENRING PRESBYTERIAN William Hamilton, pastor--Sunda school, 9:45; R. K. Warnock, super intendent. Y. P. servica at 0:45 topic, "Many, Yet One." Churc service. 7:30; topic, "Do We Bcliev in Prayer." LEISENRING NO. 1 PRESBYTERIAN William Hamilton, pastor--Churc service, 9:45 A. M. Church school a 10:30: topic "Challenging the Socia Order." Men and Women's Bib] Class; teacher, Rav. Hamilton. FAYETTE UNITED BRETHREN East End--Sunday school. 10 A M. Holy Communion, 11 This wil oe a week of prayer at East End Cottage prayer-meetings will be held each evening in the homes with the exception of Wednesday, when al will gather at the church for prayer Next Sunday evening, February 13 evangelistic services will be begun and continue each evening. Mount Olive--Sunday school, 10 A. M. Preaching, 7:30 P. M. Men's Brotherhood meets at 2:30 P. M. tfext Sunday there will be communion and reception o£ members Prayer-meeting and official board Tuesday evening. TRINITY LUTHERAN Fairview avenue, W. H. Helrick D.D., pastor--Class in cathism, 9 A M.; Sunday school, 10 A. M., lesson "Challenging the Social Order. Church worship, 11 A. M., sermon 'The Transfigured Christ." Luthc League, 6:40 P. M., topic, "The Par able of the Sower," leader, Richarc Fox. Church worship, 7:30 P. M "The Songs of Bible." Prayer meet ing Wednesday at 7:30 P. M. ROCKY MOUNT BAPTIST. W. L. Lambert, pastor--11 A. M morning service; 12:30, Sundaj school; 7:30 P. M., service. Wedncs day night, prayer meeting at 7:30. METHODIST EPOSCOPAL Vanderbilt, C. J. Bland, pastor-Sunday school at 9:45 A. M.; morn ing worship at 11, subject, "The Importance of Baptism." Epwort League at 6:30 P. M.; evening wor ship at 7:30, subject "Joining th Church. Prayer meeting at 7:30 P M. Wednesday. The service is spc cial for those wishing to be baptize and the pastor requests all con cerned to be present. DUNBAR M. E. O. G. Cook, pastor--Sabbath schoo at 9:45 A. M.; Willis Craig superin tendent. Preaching, U o'clock; sub ject, "A Festive Occasion." Epwort League at 0:45 in the evening; leader Robert Miller. Preaching, 7:30; sub jcct, "Seeking the Things Needful. Boy Scout Troop No. 1, Dunbar, wi attend in a body. Special music w; be provided. We especially invite the parents and friends of the Scouts to be present as an influence an appreciation of this noble work an moral uplift. Wednesday evening 7:30, mid-week prayer service, fo] lowed by an official board meeting. GREENWOOD M. E. O. G. Cook, pastor -- Prcachinp 9:30. Sabbath school, 10:30; W. Behanna, superintendent. Junio League at 6 o'clock in the evening Mrs. J. C. Hcrwick in charge. Ep worth League, 6:45; Tom DeBol superintendent. The doors o£ ou church arc open to oil the neighbor and friends. Call phone 8531, Dun bar, in case ol sickness, or any need cd ministration. Free service. HIGHLAND BAPTIST S. M. Hoyman, pastor -- Sunda school, 10 A. M. Service at 11:3 The Sunday school will have spccia services. The pastor ol the CJosp Mission on East Murphy avenue an his choir will have charge ol tr service at 3 P. M. Come and hca them. On February 20, at 3 P. M Rev. C. M. Gregory will pveiich fo the Sunday school. METHODIST PROTESTANT A. R. Mansbergcr, minister--Wor ship at 10:45 A. M.; sermon, "Vic (the Soldett (Text .Mark 2:16--"I cnmc not to call the righteous, but slnnerfc." By DR. ALVIN E. BELL (The International Uniform Lesson on the above topic lor Fab. 6 la Mark 2:13-22, the Golden Text being- Mark 2:16, ·1 came not to call the righteous, but sinners.") IMMEDIATELY: preceding this lesson an Incident occurred which left a profound Impression upon the people concerning our Lord, and regarding which Mark says, "They were all amazed, and glorified God, saying, we never saw It on. this fashion." The Originality of Je»u* Jesus Va3 continually cutting across established customs. He wasted no time with his car to the ground to learn what would be the discreet and politic thing to do to gain favor for his cause. This originality ol Jesus manifests Itself in his selection of Matthew as one of his disciples and apostles. The tact that Matthew was a tax gatherer made him persona non grata to all Jesus' countrymen. They de- splseil no one so much as the hated publican, especially when the gatherer of Rome's taxes was one of their own. people. But In Matthew, whom all his fellows regarded as a renegade Jew, Jesus saw a heart of gold and the possibility ot a great saint. So Jesus called Matthew from the scat or custom, saying, "Follow me." And he arose and followed him. Furthermore, when Matthew gave a farewell dinner for his former associates In the Roman customs service, Jesus even dared to attend the banquet, and thus further offend the sense of propriety of the scribes and Pharisees, who demanded: "How Is it that he eateth and drinkcth with publicans and sinners?" When Jesus heard the criticism, he stood his ground, and justified his action, saying, "They that arc whole have no need of a physician, but they that are sick: I came not to «J1 the righteous. but sinners." Jesus refused .to kick any man because he was down. He had come to lift men up, and was unashamed to "rake the gutter for his saints", that he might lift them to the stars. He held In contempt all race and class prejudice that sought to ostracize from religious fellowship those whom any smug set felt might seem out of place in their society. Long-Faced Religion Because Jesus did not go about with a long face and sanctimonious mien, his enemies charged him with a lack of piety. While they were fasting he was feasting. Their own religion hurt them while Jesus and his disciples seemed to enjoy theirs! "And they come and say unto him, why do John's disciples and and the disciples of the Pharisees fast, but thy disciples fast not?" His answer, in effect, was that folk should not fast unless they felt like fasting, and even then they should not make a fuss and ado about It. If there were not an Inner sadness there should be not outward sham or show of It. With John the Baptist In prison his disciples might well feel sad and show It In fasting. But Jesus' presence with his disciple* was the occasion of such joy that fasting would have been an Incongruity. There would bo time for that later under the cross, but not now while he was with them. "As long as they have the bridegroom with them, they cannot fast." Normal religion to joyous. . Fatchwojk Religion Jesus had not come to remodel or patch a wornout rcllgloi of empty and meaningless forms. "No man sowcth a piece of undressed cloth on an old garncnt: else that which should ail it up takcth from ft, and a worse rent is made." A blood transfusion will do a corpse no good. Jesus came to give us life from the dead. First Meihpdisis At Sixth Sunday In Christ Crusade "The Christ of Omnipotent Power" will be the subject for the sixth Sunday of the three-month crusade "Following the Footprints of Jesus" at the First Methodist Episcopal Church nt 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. "The period of our study this morning," says Rev. L. S. Elliott, "is the first half of the year of His ministry: the winter, spring and summer of A. D. 29. There arc too many events to cover in one brief sermon, but we shall take time to consider some ol them. This is the sixth Sunday morning, and I think we all agree that the farther we go on this pilgrimage of 'Following the Footprints ol Jesus,' the more interesting we find the studies." In the evening Boy Stouts will hold their annual Scout service. The Junior Choir will lurnish special music. Rev. Elliott's subject will be "What Jesus Teaches About the Twclvc-Year-Old Boy." Christian Science Radio Program Sunday The local Christian Science Church will present a program over Radio Station WMBS at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon. The subject of the program is "What Is Man?" torious Living." Reception of members. At 7:30 P. M., young people's program. The pastor will begin an evangelistic campaign in the Dunbar Methodist Protestant Church Sunday night. SALVATION ARMY Corner Arch and Peach streets, Major and Mrs. Anthony Vendeville, officers in charge--Public services-Saturday open air meeting, 7:30 P. M; Sunday, holiness meeting, 11 A. M.; Sunday school, 2:30; Young People's Legion, 3:30; open air meeting, 7:30; special evangelistic service, 8 o'clock; Tuesday, Band of Love meeting, 'I P. M; Soldiers' meeting at 8; Thursday, corps cadet meeting at 7 P. M.; band meeting at 8 o'clock; Friday, Home League, 2 P. M; holiness meeting, 8 o'clock. Everybody welcome. Special Co Tfte Courier. UNIONTOWN, Feb. 5.--Hands o£ even persons were lifted from stcer- ng wheels by decrees of the State ighway Department, just received L the Uniontown barracks of Motor ollcc. Reckless driving, misstatemcnt ot acts and lack of financial rcsponsibil- y were the contributing causes. Following were the men placed on he "black list": N. H. Pryor of airchance, Charles A. Heck of Normalville and Hartscll Weaver of Out- rop, reckless "driving; Robert E. fidmcr of 403 North avenue, Con- cllsvillc, failure to appear for a earing; Theodore Layton of Con- *:llsviUe, misstatemcnt ol facts; ohn Sicina of 52 Albion street, Un- ontown, and John S. McCartney, 230 :ast Foyette street, failure to give roof of financial responsibility. M. P. Young People To Present Annual Program Sunda' The annual Young Peopiu's Da; will be observed in the Mothodis Protestant Church Sunday owning a 7:30 o'clock. A number of the lead ers of the young people's organiza lions of the church will psrticipat m the service. The program follows: Organ prelude, Hymn No. 72, ca to worship. Hymn No. 164. rcsp ive reading. Scripture reading, sen tcnce pi nyers, special music by Pnu HcfTlcy, address by Henry Breakiro on "The Duty of the I. C. E. to th Church," "The Missionary Society Part in the Church Program," b Mi:s Louise Heffloy, special music b the girls' quartet, address by Albcr Fulmer on "The Duty of the Senio C. E. to the Church," address by V, T. Smith on "The Bible School's Par in the Church Program." California Bishop Guest Minister at U. B. Church Sunda Bishop Ira D. Warner, of Pucnt Calif., bi«shop of the Pacific area the United Brethren Church, will b guest minister Sunday morning a the unified service of the First Unite Brethren Church which begins ; 9:30 o'clock. The first visit ot Bisho Warner to Qonncllsville iclncld with the mid-winter rally day of th local church, marking the beginnin of n "5,000 Unit Campaign" to con tinue for the 11 weeks until Easter "Units" will be accumulated eac week by crediting one unit for eac person attending, 10 units for a mem ber attending lor the first time sine October 1 and 25 units for each new ly enrolled member. Evangelicals fo Hold Quarterly Meetin The second quarterly businc: meeting of the Evangelical Churc will be held at 7:30 o'clock Saturda evening at the church. Officers ar to be present. From Yesterday's Last Edition EVEN DRIVERS LOSE LICENSES Personal Mention Alex B. Hood, vice-president of the First National Bank, who is ill of pneumonia at his home in Isabella road, was slightly improved today. Mrs. L. 'Dale Johnson and Mrs. Don C. Fossclman attended the ^_ ^ monthly meeting o£ the Fayette 1 Lccion Auxiliary will be ' held ,- . - m i . _ l ! . I * !i: . U *1*1 I «* _ . . -- -i\_ Tri-Gounty-Council . Will Meet at Dawson Wednesday, May 4 The next quartcly meeting of the Tri-County Council of .the American IRS. FLORA STIRPA REPORTS ' NATIONAL DEFENSE MEETING Mrs. Flora Stirpa, president o£ the ,adies' Auxiliary to Walter' E. Brown Post of the Veterans of For- ign Wars, gave a splendid report of he thirteen women's patriotic con- erence on National Defense, held anuary 24-27 at the Mayflower Hotel, Washington, p. C., when the auxiliary met Thursday night at the V. F. W. Home, South Pittsburg trcet, for its semi-monthly session. Many mcmbcis of the unit are planning to attend the thirty-eighth annual banquet of Walter E. Brown J ost to be held Saturday night at 8 i*clock at the diningroom ot the First Methodist Episcopal Church, Mrs. 'earl King and Mrs. Clara Sperry vcre reported on the sick list. Mrs. Arthur McCusker was the vinncr of the Variety Club prize and Mrs. Anna Urchasko won the special prize. The next regular meeting on Thursday evening, February 17, will be featured by a covered-dish supper at 6:30 o'clock. Members ot the veterans' organization will be guests. MRS. IRA JAYNES HOSTESS TO GREENWOOD AID SOCIETY A meeting ol the Ladies' Aid Society of the Greenwood Methodist Episcopal Church was held Thursday night at the home ol Mrs. Ira Jayncs, Green street, Greenwood. Wrs. Albert Jones opened the mcet- 'ng with Scripture readings. The Lord's Prayer was repeated in unison and the aid hymn, "Jesus Calls Us," was sung. Following the devotionals Mrs. W. E. DeBolt, president, took charge of the meeting. Plans were completed for the firemen's banquet on Tuesday evening, February 15, at the church diningroom, Ninth street. Twelve members and two guests, Mrs. Sarah Pierce and Mrs. Davis Bcatty. During the evening Mrs Pierce and Mrs. Bcatty became members of the society. Lunch was served by the hostess, assisted by her daughters, Dorothy and Lucille, and Eleanor Duke. County Medical Auxiliary, held Thursday night at the White Swan Hotel, Uniontovm. They were accompanied 'by Dr. Johnson and Dr. Fossclman, who were present at the February session of the medical society ol.the county. ... . . Misses Catherine Raymond, Betty Flannigan and Florence Smith, Jack Raymond, Lawrence DeOre and Tommy Duncan attended the St. Vincent College freshman recognition dance, held Wednesday night at the Pcnn Albert Hotel, Grcensburg. Ronald McManus, little son of Mi. and Mrs. Grant McManus of Dunbar, who underwent a serious operation hrcc weeks' ago at the Uniontown lospital, was able to return .0 Ills lomc. Mrs. Robert Wood, Mrs. JjsepH Baer, Mrs. R. D. Mosicr and Miss Unrthn Hankins of Uniontown moored here Thursday and had lunch with Miss Jcnnnie Christie wlio is conducting a training school here for Girl Scouts. Charles Cropp ot Mather vis'tod his mother, Mrs. Belle Cropp, of Lcisenring. He wns enroute home from Washington, D. C., whcra he spent two weeks as a delegate t5 the miners' convention. Miss Jane Hoover, a student at Hood College, Frederick, Md., is spending the mid-semester vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hoover, of Madison avenue. Mrs. Madolyn Reed, Mrs. J. R Laughlln, Mrs. C. N. McClurc, MM. L,. S. Bobbins and Mrs. Winifred Cowan attended a patriotic meeting held Thursday night at the Arcade Theatre, Scottdale, by the American Legion Auxiliary of that place. Varied entertainment, including singing, lap dancing and bingo, were enjoyed. Lunch was served. Attorney E. C. Higbce is reported ill at his home in South Pittsburg street. He was ordered to bed for a rest, it wns said today. H. M. Curry is reported seriously ill at the home ot his son-m-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Mcllvaine of East Park. Mrs. Ida Shceser went to Grantsville, Md., this afternoon to.visit her mother, Mrs. Emma Ringer and her brother, Ernest Ringer. Mrs. Ringer's ill health is due to age, While Mr. Ringer, whose condition was serious, was threatened with pneu- nonia. J. Frank Kite and Miss Emma K, Hitc left by motor to spend the remainder of the winter in the Southwest. They will be in New Orleans for the mardi gras and will spend Ihe month of March in Mexico City WILLING WORKERS CLASS OF LEISENRING MEETS Ten members of the Willing Workers Class ol the Leibcnnng Presbyterian Church and one gucsl were entertained Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. Van Uiggar. Dc- votionals were in charge of Rev. V'illiam Hamilton, after which a business session was held. The president, Mrs. H. Hess, presided Mrs. Thmas Bailey, chairman of the sick committee, gave her report. Entertainment of the evening was in charge of Mrs. Forrest Wilson Refreshments \vere served by the hostess, assisted by her daughters Misses Evelyn and Cora Belle. Mrs. Robert Washabaugh will entertain the class Wednesday, March 2, at her home at Leiscnring. Vednesday, May 4, a". Dawson with he auxiliary of that place hostess. The department president, Mrs. Sally lomer, will be a guest. The council met Wednesday at the Monongahela Hotel at Brownsville. The president, Mrs.. Clara. Hoover, presided and one hundred twenty- ivc women, representing the .various units of the council, were present. The morning session was given over o business. R. Donald Conn, principal, of the unior high school of Brownsville, vas the guest speaker during the unchcon hour. He urged the cooperation of the auxiliary in the problems of child welfare _ Commander E. C. Nickel ol A. Kramer Axton Post of Brownsville gave a talk, calling the jart the American Legion and its auxiliaries have played in solving many problems which confronted the world and are continuing to do so. A musical and literary program-was given. Rov. C. W. Oresek, pastor ot :he South Brownsville Methodist Episcopal Church, pronounced the invocation and benediction. -~ · · Mrs. DcLelhs Gallagher, president of the Brownsville auxiliary, assumed the role of hostess and introduced the speakers. Mrs. Sarah Smith, Mrs. C. N. Mc- Clurc and Mrs. Winifred Cowan were present from the local auxiliary. Mrs. Smith was a delegate. A banquet for the past presidents of the council will be held Thursday evening, February 24, at Charleroi. - WESTMINSTER CLASS PLANS COVERED-DISH SUPPER The Westminster Class of the First Piesbyterian Church met Thursday evening at the home ol Miss Alice Cropp in Chestnut street. Mrs, Charles R. Driscoll was co- hostess. The devotional period was led by Mrs. Carl Porter and the business meeting was conducted by the president, Mrs,. Donald Dull. Plans were made for a covered-dish supper to be served at the next meeting Thursday night, March 3, in the diningroom f the church. Misses Jcanncttc and Ruth Love will have charge of the March meeting. MRS. THOMAS HERBERT FETED ON ANNIVERSARY Mrs. Thomas Herbert of East Dawson was guest o£ honor at a surprise birthday party given at her home Tuesday evening, February 1, in observance ot her 68th birthday. Assisting her in celebrating the event were 75 relatives and friends. Bingo and cards were played. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Harry Stillwagnn. lor first bingo and Billy Herbert, second. At cards the first prize was Mrs. Mary Orbin and second Frank Williams. Lunch was served by Miss Helen Verne Herbert and Mrs. R. H. Davis, granddaughters, and Mrs. Bert Herbert, daughter-in-law. Assisting otherwise during the evening were Mrs. Frank Herbert ol Connellsvillc, Miss Louise Budd and Mrs. James Budd ol Dickcrson Run and Mrs. Earle Browc'r of Dawson. After lunch Mrs. Herbert was presented with many gifts. Charlotte Moline, a niece, presented her with a beautifully decorated pink and white birthday cake, reciting "A Birthday Greeting." Doris Lee Colbert, also i niece, played a piano selection, 'Juba." She then recited "Grandma's Valentine." The guests before parting sang "Happy Birthday." RESERVE OFFICERS WILL GIVE MILITARY BALL Fort Necessity Reserve Officers Association will hold a formal military ball Saturday, Feb. 12, at the Uniontown Country Club in honor of Colonel and Mrs. Samuel Taylor of Butler. Colonel Taylor is commanding officer of the 39th Infantry with headquarters in Pittsburgh. The ball xvlll be the opening affair in the National Defense week program and about one hundred couples of the R. O. A. members and their guests will attend. KIWANIS CLUB WILL GIVE CARD PARTY FEBRUARY 8 The Kiwanis Club will give a card party Tuesday night, February 8, at the Kiwanis rooms at the Carnegie Free Library. Contract-auction bridge and five hundred will be played. NaomLi to Elect Officers. The Naomi Missionary Society of the First Presbyterian Church will meet Monday evening at the home of Mrs. John P. Harbor of 515 Murphy avenue. Mrs, C. K. McKesson will assist Mrs. Barbor. Mrs. Charles E. Carson will have charge o£ devotional period. Election o- officers will take place. Banquet Postponed. The banquet which was to have been given Tuesday night, February 15, at the home of Mrs. Una Morris, South Ninth street, Greenwood, lor the Forward Class ot the Greenwood Mithodist Episcopal Church, has been postponed to February 22 because of the firemen's banquet. "Forward Sisters" will be revealed. Incorriglbllity Charged. GREENSBURG, Feb. 5.- -Efiie Miller of Mount Pleasant, a minor, was sent to the Pennsylvania Training School at Morganza, Pa., Friday by Judge Charles E. Whittcn on complaint of her mother, Mrs. Mary Miller, who charged she was incorrigible. MRS. ANNA M. HALL HEAD OF JOLLY GOSSIPERS CLUB The Jolly Gossipcrs Club was organized Wednesday evening at a meeting at the home of Mrs. Anna Mary Hall on Park street with seven members in attendance. Officers wore elected as follows: President, Mrs. Hall; vice-president, Mrs. Dorothy Kerr; secretary, Mrs. Alberta Kesslor, and treasurer, Mrs* Garnet McDowell. *i'he door prize was won by Mrs. Beatrice Hosteller. A dainty lunch was served. The next meeting will be held Wednesday, February 16, at the home of Mrs. Hostetler at McCoy Hollow. SUCCESSFUL CARD, BINGO PARTY HELD BY P. H. C. The Protected Home Circle gave a well attended card and bingo party Thursday night at P. H. C. Hall. Prizes were won by the following: Five hundred--high, Norman Hav- ercr; second, Grace Keslar; third, Mrs. Laura Belle Sicsky; bingo--high, Mrs. Sarah Stroup; second, Mrs. Susan Humbert; third, Mrs. J. A. Keslar: special bingo--high, Norman Havercr; second, W. S. Bowlin; third. Mrs. William Beatty; door-Mrs. Shallenberger. Galasso Family Grows. It's Caimelene Ann. And she's just as attractive as her name, according to Papa "Joe" Galasso, make-up man in The Courier composing room, who jpent the forenoon bragging tp the boys with the result that the first edition just got oft the press in time to make mail connections. The young lady arrived 'at 6:30 o'clock this morning at the Galasso home in North Eighth street, swelling the family to two girls and one boy. The weight was eight and one-half pounds. Mrs. Galasso getting along nicely. GEORGE OLIVER MARTIN, RUFFSDALE MAN, TO WED Mr. and Mrs. Charles Greene of Yukon announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Meredith Ann Greene, to George Oliver Martin, son Of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Martin of Ruffsdalc. The bride-elect and licr fiance arc graduates of the South Huntingdon Township High School. The bridegroom-elect is also a former student State Teachers at Slippery Rock College and was graduated Irom the Davcy Institute ol Tree Surgery. He is employed by the West Pcnn Tree Surgery department. The engagement will terminate in an early spring wedding. A. K. W. CLUB MEETS WITH MISS GRACE REEDER Miss Grace Reoder was hostess at an enjoyable meeting o£ the A. K. W. Club Thursday evening at her home in Robbins street.. Auction, bridge was the diversion, three tables ol players participating in the games. High club prize was won by Mrs. E. E. Sly and draw, by Mrs. James Peigh. Mrs. Leland S. Whipkcy received the high guest award and Miss Lynnc Kinccll low. . A dainty lunch supplemented the games. The next meeting will be held Thursday night, February 17, at the home of Mrs. AquiUa White in Mor- rcll avenue, Greenwood. EMANON CLUB ENTERTAINED " BY MRS. RUSSELL VAUGH Mrs. Russell Vaugh entertained the Emanon Club Thursday night at her home in North First street. West Side. Two tables of bridge were in play. High prize was awarded- to Mrs. Hugh Stillwagon and draw to Mrs. C. H. Weisgerbcr. At the close ot the games the hostess served a dainty lunch. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Earl- Weaver in East Apple street. " - "-" OWENSDALE DANCING CLASS " IS 'HONORED WITH PARTI A large and successful party was held Wednesday afternoon at the Recreation Center at Owensdale for the Owensdale dancing class. Miss Junior Ushers Club Meet. 1 .. The regular meeting ot the Junior Ushers Club of the First Methodist Episcopal Church was held Thursday evening at the church. Fallowing a short discussion of business, mem-" mcrs went to the gym where games were played. is, Dorothy Gabryszak of Owensdale, Moss Dorothy Fasson of this city, teachers; Samuel Caliguirc, tap daning instructor, and John Franks, Will Meet for Practice. All members of Friendship Temple No. 25. Pythian Sisters, arc requested to meet Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at Elks Hall to practice lor initiation. accompanist, were in charge. Games were played and lunch was served. Attend Mcctlnt at Brownsville. s'our managers and 16 clerks ot the American Stores Company ol this city attended a meeting ol the Pok- A-Dot Club held Thursday night at Brownsville lor the purpose ol initiating American Stores employes there into the club. ' The managers f- ~:n the local stores included George C. Morello, Charles Stcfl, James Pujia and Joseph Donnadio.

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