The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 30, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1918
Page 2
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' PAGE TWO. 1 " /f^Cx?^ /7\1 THE DAILY COLTKIKK, UOMWiii.jL.a'Viij-iJ, i-A. TllCKSDAl, .TiAT 30. T31(S. ilr, and Mrs, "vVUliarn MacDonalri ; v-'aro played, and ZLS the orchestra ron- it' Perryopoiia, a.-aJsted by Mr. and , derc eoc-n the tlaj.,' ot thai ration, was ilrs. Albert LJnd of the sanw place, j vn.rurk-.el. The ball was decorate'] jS*ye a farewell putty Thursday o v c - j with mr.ny Red Crov;ji posters a-ud fting; May 23, in honor of the Perry- ' rod, while and blue streamers. Girls opo^ls draftees Wi'io left for training : dressed .5 lied Cross nurses served camp on Sunday. Tbe evening \va6 . ice cretin. Out of lovni persons eajoj-ably spent at -various anr.isu-· from Scott-lalo, Smithum. tfuiontown, menta, includkig laiisical selections ' Dawson raid West Newton wxiro pros- by Miss Marie, Eart Glade, '. cor. The committee in charge wan Waited OkLcder, page, Emory : Bert M i l l e r , R. D. Adams, llay Cood" Page, Snowden Brewer. Miss Alice ; win and. S. A. Marshall. "-OlanderiTMiss Frtda HonlKUigh a n d ; Mrs. David V/eim-.-r. At 11,30 o'clocii Arr,7.u-.;i Hardy and Henrietta Ship- ! . dainty ref reshmei. ts were served. Pa.-;.ley, OL Yoimgstown; William H e n r y , triotic appointments prevailed, a col- Hardwick, OL' Brownsville, and Phocbu or scheme of red, white and blue b u - j L. Ciovis, of New Salem; Clayton The Effects of ©piSates. T HAT INFANTS aro peculiarly snswptiblo to opium and it 8 various preparations, all of winch are i, :! .rcolic, fa woU known. Evt.n in tho funniest dosui if continued, th.;ne ophites cause cliangre in the func- toons and 31-0 R-fch 01 tho c,-lla wj.ich nro likely to become permanent cruSnf- inioecilitv^mcii^lporvuraionJaomvin:; for alcohol or narcotics in Ititcr life iSerpua dw-.asus uui:h ua in Lraetubtc jicrvoutj dyspepsia and lack of eu-yiiic povfe are a result or dosing With opiaw* or narcotics to keep children rui^t in their infancy, a be ni].j I.JUOPK physicians in that children should never receive opiates m the smallest doses for jnoro than a day at a time, and only, then it unavoidable. The administration of Anodynes, Drops, Cordials, Soothing Srrups and ovier narcobcs to children by am- hut a phyeiciat, cannot hu tob strongly decried, nr.d the druK^'ist should hot lie a party to it. Children who are ill need the atieiiuon of o. physician, and it is nothing Jean Hum a crime to dose them wiLfullyw;th narcotico. ."«·«. Cadtorla conatins no narcotics if i; bears the signaturo of Onus. 11. Fletcher. Genuine t'astoria iilwujn beers tJje signature £5S£E£23E23ES5S£2SiOSS Voile Frocks for the Little Pis'-; A Mistake. An impetuous inspector TV ho TTUS visiting a provincial school wns much worried by the noise of the scholars fa the next room. At length, aiiutUe ing carried out in the decorations, j Mcy«rs and ililla r»L While, of \\1iUe; · to bear the uproar any longer, he open- The followlas wore present: j Frederick Scuiftb.iucr and Ada li. \ ftl thu door imtl burse upon the class. Mr, and Mrs. Robert Pallas and, \ Shu mar, of Star Junction; Fred ?J. : deeing one hoy duller than the othera guest, Mr. and Mrs. David Weimcr. . Bretk-rish, of Fayctle City, and Vcrua i talking a great deal, he caught lilm by Mir. and Mrs. Allied Olander aad sou j E. Cun'ningiiam, ot Ohiopyie, va-re Edgar, Mr. and -Mrs. Jou Hanain. i granted marriage licenses in Union- Mr, and His. Harry McCrackcn a n d ' t o w n , family, Mr. and'Mrs. Clyde Mr. and ilrs. Scowder. Brewer, Mr. PERSONAL^ - and Mrs, Peter Srriako, Mr. and ilrs. P. J. DoyJc and W. F. Harry left today for New York state where Con- tracLor S. J. Harry is engaged The trip was made j 'Micbael · Yunchlcl:, Mrs. Hattie Risbeck. Mrs. Geong" Askeyj Scott lun- iam, Miss Nell Lamie, Mass Abbie | sinking shafts. Oiaxtder, Miss Goldlc Williams, %VaJ- by auiomobilc. ter;Thompson,'Miss Annae-Williams, i The best plL the collar, hustled him to th-? nest room, and pHictd him In a chair, saying: "Now sit there and be quiet!" Ten minutes later a small head appeared round the door and a rr-^ek Ht- tlo voice said: "Please, sir, you've got our teacher!" "WoHiam . Page, Mtss Grace Williams, to shop after all. Frank Ji^asler, aiss Maude Hannam, Eendo, Miss Marie Smith, Fife,' itiss Elizabeth Quinn, Brovmell Shoo Co.--Adv. Mrs. C. L. V. Hate has rciurnod Lo her home :n Union to vrn following a several mouths in Baltimore Thorough Anyhow. Fair Ono -- I hoar- your sister gave up manicuring to be a carpenter engaged In war -wort. The Kid -- Yes, hut she was so slow W firefl her. Miss '.Ira, Willfcons, Ira Williams. | Miss Gladys Bute, having concluded j Fair One-- Toa don't say? Lester Winianis, Miss Vtma Gealock, j ber studies at Goucher college, will ! Tllf Kid-- She thought she hod h^r -John Haroiicfc, Micnael Harohck, | visit a school friend in Virginia be- 11( | ^ and tried to maalcura every Miss Gwendoline Hannam, Miss Mar- j fore returning borne. UI1 ' gart Shaffer, "Wrlliam Page, Joseph ; Spectacles and eyeglasses accurate- I Staiengula, Clydx- Williams Walter ;. ly fitted A. L, Tucker, Gph. D-, 105 ; Bright; Prospects. Ofcinder, all ot Perryopolis; Charles South PitUburj? jlrecL -- Adv.-27-5U ' "An optimistic yonnu mtm oskorl me Ltet, 'of Victoria; Scott Dunham, of j Mrs. Frank Papm and baby of .Pair- tho ot h«r day for permission to marry " MONEY OR YOUR Lif E" SAYS HUN, THE HOLDUP MAW .Star Junction; S'.cve Bacola, of Pair- ! nioni, arc the guests of the former's: , and Mrs, Nicholson and daugh- | mother, Mrs. Sarah Barnhan of Vest j FayeUc street. j There are thousands of men all ; aver the coke region, wearing clothes tea- Agnes, of Cojinellsville, ate Indies' Aid society ol the First Baptist chiirch. will meet tomorrow night fit the hocie of Mrs. Wade II. Marietta in Snyder street. All mem- -Ixirs" are - invi ted. made here! Cohen, Tailor. -- Adv. not you" Dave uy daughter," sidd Mr. Grabcum, "When I told him she spent ten tlm't- ,«and tloHars a yonr on clothes ufu;ie, he ^ald he fl^urc-d that her troussu:ju wonld last until h^ t-ould work up to a salary of twelve or iJiteen thousand Billy, of Unionto^-n, left yesterday for j .. . '. -- Cleveland, Ohio, to visit Mrs. Met::-' A^nrcnncenient has been made of ler's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. the. marriage of Miss Beatrice Anna j and Mrs. G. L. Harrison. .EohfasoD. of Philadelphia, and George Send the Daily Courier to your boy . Sherrick, -son o£ Ir. aad Mrs. F. .\. .Sberrict o£ East Apple street, sol- emniaefl April 23 at the home of the bride's ^randtaotlier, Mrs. Ml L. Kob- insot la KJladelpbin.. Rev. "WilUam ,.,,,,,. MORE THAN ONE. in the army. Call at the Courier o!- fice and leave his address. Rale 50c ; per montii.--Adv. Alderman Euguno O'Donovan, MiBS Asnes Donovan and Mr. and Mrs. M. Anderson, pastor o£ the Presbyterian j_ Roland w:U go to attend the com- i ehorcJi. Philadelphia, officiated. The i me ncement exercises of the Univcr-! bride rssided wi'-b. her grandpareats,; sity oi ntisbur^ tomorrow. James | Mr. and Mrs. M. .U Hobiuson, and was | c'Donovan., a son of Aidernian O'Don- | a nurse in the 3-niiadelphia hospital, j os . an will gra duate from the dental : Monday, May 20, she entered the Cot- I department. tagc- State hosp.Uil as a nurse, and ·\rill coaUnue her work there temporarily. The bridegroom was grad- Ttie glasses I fit arc' comfortable and stylish. "A. L. Tucker, Oph. D., 105 South Pittsburg street--iAdv.-:!7- uated from th,- ConneUsville high i J school and ^"Ul graduate this year I Mr and Mrs Re id Jayncs, 'George train Uie vntcr.aary department of the University o.' Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, lie will return home Saturday. The marriage o£ Miss Elizabeth Katherine Todd, ot South Brownsville, Jaynes and Miss Christine Reid of PittsVurg, visited relatives here today. . Go to the Ycush House Restaurant for your TLursdny supper. Chicken and waffles. Mrs. C. J. Armstrong.-Adv. -- wed-thurs-tr. ©Blfi-NATlOBAL'.VAR GARDEN COHMSSWM, WASH..D.C. U what the bold-up mnn say* whe The little ml P." nnywliore frnm fiv; to twelve or Thirteen ycnfs o!i! finds htfrst-lf rHinfiuben-d this st-usuii w i t h many pn;tfy (Jrifssos of fine COT ton voile. Dt^i^ntT^, who uialu- her in^cils their ppeeinl care, uri'.lcrsti-.jul all tin.- n.-.iu 1 :.', of udv.iu:uKO of this dainty and duruMu material, as v/c'.I as j",tithr-rs who have tried it ;ut and proved its worth. It is soft and sheer and no:. eveu giiiffhnm sianOs up In-Her under wear und washing:. It is w n r t h \vhile dolnjj embroidery and fancy needlework on it and these, are. ;lie .surt of ernhcllishinonts that look bot on diil- dreu's clo'.hes. Kf'ifilpv/firk in pinocl-:;]!^, feathor stitching and simple eiiihrnidc-ry de- gi^iiS, clnno in cnlorfl threads ou white or light-colored cotton 1 ;, has had the lion's share of attenl:i-!i this season. Two or threo colors in the omhroiili'ry sire often usod to^cthor and little touches of black ST itch PS are SOTIDG- titues introduced. K:abroiik-rc'(I do- Fi27is art? very .simple, find they appear in all sons of frocks from gingham to silk, vuryinir In character to suit tho age of the child. Every collection of children'? frnrks will show si hrj ; i n « l roJ'iroil ihn:!its f0:1 tin- Uie display Is u-presentative 01 st'jisnn's styles. 3KTI 1 :in i vjows of a dress jrirl any\vhore from seven 'o t ;,v;!rs oh], I: is iimd^- uf white w j t j i siin.c'k:n.^ in entori-d onilirc silk, :irr«n?t*(i in points where the is -st-l uu \\^- but!ice. Only one j In ust'd a n i l i l n s;nne silk o u i l i n j lurnovt.-r cnilnr nnd pltiin cuffs v ! n::j]*Je cJiitiji-stitoh in liny hoops, i t nil.-:. c!Vi i rc«J w i l l s voile, are or witli 1 on IT Ktitclie-s of the colorei i nnd fu.-sK'Ti (i.nvn short lengths of '1 vclvj-i ri!i!nn. '.Hnv^ :irt j TO bo off wiji'ij i!io fmck is washed. 1 collar n.'Hl cu:Ts jn;;y be made of ^ I wash suiin :ind In this case tht | tons !ire to bf cuverod with it. f^cirt bus :i three-inch hem ant fullness at Uie front and ba pr^ss-'fd i n t o iihift.-i. RniJ»»r 1 deep shades of pin!: or blue are in the sinocl:in^. / MOTHERS! CROUP AND WHOOPING COUGK ARE ALWAYS DAHGE80DS · lriThas *-· '"·TM t ' Ir - ,., , . Is iis wh«.-n un- and Lieutenant J?ord Lawrence Glmn Mr _ attd Mrs William Carrol! anfl o£ Limsing, -\Iiciu will take place in son the First Pre-bj-terian. ciurca of . f 0 r ' S a a AntonUi. Tex., to visit Mrs. Pittsburg, Satur-lay morning at 11.30 , Carroll's brother. John Ranker, who o'clock. Rev. lr. Maitland AJexm- is , M . hc av iai:on service. Y o u n g ! Hanker is a son of Mrs. Clara Hanker | of East FairvieK avenue. ; One hundred trimmed bats will soil! ant, made the opening praTer at Uie at just one . balr pr icc. Mrs. J. R. ! fifth annoal conjneucemcnt exercises , FoltZi 330 Soatu P i t t 3 burg struct.--| ot the McCruni Slavonic Training | Adv.--28-5t. Daf!~No, :sir; I won't bnve ray er tk'il for life to a stuyij fool. Tier Suitor--Then don't you tliidk , , you'd better let me take her uff vuur l e f t Tuesday afternoon : Il: , at | s .- c t l l M .-..1 Miu 1 .; :i qu:vrt'T f]f 'i : st I-I'.L'-: ol :ndl!.-lr::il ;u'U\!U(.-s ill lliiS ! . f l-Vrk..!:t Jclt;.-. A l i 1:000 : t . ( |;ii'. t r i - .-i:l'')\vn r l l i c ^ d Di:!" : i::a Kr* Bobort Villiacu Galcaburg, }/o. Dear Sir: Doccnbor 27th. '191?*' der, the-ias-tor, -.Till officiate. Rev. George O'.ejar ot Mount Pleas- Summer Travel, A maji ontf: took a lioiiiiay. IJo worked like to £et ILWK.-; ARtl llien waji Jccpt upuri the ruck IK terror or t!:c journtry back. -" I» Civil Service Examination. Wife--How did .Mr. BlllWns nu school of Union'.ovra, hew last night Mr _ and JIrs .n. omas .",i a ms am! j to pmi th " t 6muilnrltioa which you in, the First Methodist Episcopal- cni | dron and M r s M j A(lams o r ; f u i l p d l n ? church, Uniontowa. The class was the ;Somerset, are visiting relatives here, j Husband--Blllklns took his t«'o lit- largest in the history of the school,1 Thcv w e r n . iumraO nc(! here hv f o ' tlc '' 0;rs wl "' h '" :1 ' aad th " '"'-" roach eight young wo:ncn, four of Cone- i d c a ^ of Wa , ter j Adams a brothe-- j ed hlln - Th " y '""' o n l y kU scll ° o1 * mlan, two ot Polish and two oE,Slav- ; in . iaw o , Mrs M j^ Adams ish. birtli, graduating. They §%';;§;':£! MEETSNGCALLED } :LII.! i.-v.-i-y ,lru,- i: i-'t in :!n- \;-'i;n'!ri : r'tir 4ll!H- I I ill' ll'.stitltli' jlallllCtTS nf I irti:T.-uir..i.~ It nn l i i c in, .-:.-· l , : , . - i : a · |-'ii;i'f(«' Citnntv. [ 'Iif?..'it1.-*fli'il p l a n . 'si. !|-v ;[ ;· f:i,'i.-st:3 can KU weeks.--Pearson's. | Mlss Elranor Herp j ck ()f Baltimore Misses Katheriao Suvada, Ethel ; !s Tl5lting hor raren ts, MY and Mrs i Vanek, Marie Veinan. Susan t o l t a , ! j _ M Herpick of East Cra^ord ave- Maiy Markewilch, Katherine Wol- schak, Louise Yanek and Mario Ve- j man. The school is supported almost entirely; by the Woman's Home Missionary "society'»f tie Methodist Epis- ; copal church u.d the Pittsbarg coa- fereuce of the same deaom-ination. , nue. Read our advertisements. About 17 members of the Ladies' . Aid society of -Jie Trinity Lutlieraii j church attended the regular meeting · SHIP ONLY TO PLANTS GIVEN ON PRIORITY LIST Speaking of Religion. Hilda--Well, thPro'H one thins I can say. I never mude zi cloak of my religion. Bertha--No, door, there's not L-nough of H for that. Might be enough. P-.T- Iiaps, to mtiko a pocket handkerchJeL . Tht: i:i:;!fity i / u a v d uf fanners' insTi- I'.iU: u:U!i:cv.-rs \\ i ! i iri:.-l at tlit: u o u u L y , i L.:ii:iri.-.-;:.;!)·.:-.-' n;'i:ri on :he j-L*c:m(l , ' T ; u - ' J ; i y of Ji:/:-.- to zrruugv for UK.-: j:a'.-_ \ v i i - i - . _ - :(..;iii'r.i-i- ,irc tii li.j hvi.l = ; ll'i.- t'a.-MHl. Ail vv:;u i!'ji!u' J n . - U t u t o s 1 . "l ;-!··:'.cil to : u i : , iiK-euiig uinl ' in::-f.-iu their (j!ct:;ns. ·i'; ' TJ:e board is L-O::II u:u-(! of iho local ( ot: I-L- S':ii" llo^rii of Agri; held yesterday LfLernooii at the home of Mrs. Harr- Becker in Ninih street. Greenwood. Bur.f^eas of a routine ca- ·»tare was transected. .Light refreshments were served by a committee composed of Mrs. Decfcer, Mrs. C. W. Brbeck, Mrs. Ja^aes Cunningham acd Mrs. Sophia Carlson. - Children of ihe Trinity Lutheran Sunday school are requested to meet Saturday a£t*nu.on at 2.30 o'clock ia the church to rehearse for the Chii- dron's'E'ay axeroises. . .The Red Cross daace given at the armory last .ni.-^ht was a complete More than 125 couples attended and quitv a sum of money, to j hemp, be given to tho Connellsville b r a n c h ] iron and | Cement, Woolen and Cotton !MiH Added to Ori^imil JJst; Electing 01 Urokej^ to Co Oypr ^fritter. Notice is being glvon coal shippers by tbo Fuel Aihninistratlou that in making shipments they must be sure that tlic conKignmeiits aro made only to those Industries that are included in tho Preferential List No. 1, announced about the middle of April. This list specifies the following as industries permitted to receivo coal under the .rules adopted by the Priorities Board: Aircraft, ammunition, gun, chemical, coke, elijcuica] manufacturing, explosives, farm implement, ferro- alloy, food, gas and gaa machinery. of the Red Cros-.,, was realized. During the -evening a Four-Minute talk was given fay J. Kirk Keauer, and. vocal solos were sung by Miss Mary cotton bags, insectide, steel, laundries, machine tool, mines, newspaper, oil refineries and oil well equipment, public utilities, institutions and buildings, railways, refrigeration, seed, shipyard, McConneil and . obn Davis. Kiferle'a ' soap, steel; tanneries arid tanning cx- siy, piece jazz orchestra played, add-1 tracts, tin plaie, binder twine and ing several ne^ features to his al- [ rope, vrire rope and rope wire, ready popular cance hits. Just be- | To this list there has been added fore the danciuf; began the tights I cement, woolen and cotton manuiac- were dimmed a:id a strong spotlight j turing plants. played od group of allie 4n - the . cenier of the hall. The tional na- o* of the nations \0 ADVANCE Df PKICE Spasmodic cmup la .tuuatty «liercQ with one appH^ttion of--- A oieeiing of the coal brokers o? this section was held in Uniontown yesiorday ,wiUi representatives of the .Fuel Administration to consider ac. tion necessary; to bring about full 1 compliance vrith the requirements re- j lating to coal shipments. Iron Oro Being loaded , v . Iron ore no^- la being loaded at up- · per Great Lake ports at tbe rate of j 9,000 toss a month. Who to Patronize. | Thor.e who advertise in Tao Courier, Dally Plankvllle Society. "Do you want u bit of society news?" "I gezzo." "You know the laOy you stated waa coming to visit me lust wtck?" "Yes, tnaduED.** "She's gone." ! rmrioth- U-Hiin. vf\\] ju- (;i\ | of movie dreams, ynt t riu- i:i j tl-.f (jvi-at piU'iutic. w a r IfCUir", " W a k i - ; ( . : u -ij ( o u n i y ;ii:r'(.'ul.»rul sot-knv, i::v ' ; Up. America,' 1 \vhirlj wJ!I bo irivri) a: '· ^onK'i::;; (','rau^f. crnni'v Alliaiico a n d ' j Monday, June- 3 at 3 and fi 1'. ,\I. Tfn- | n n ,-i L ha; von c'tiuTu'.' auciid t h i s jut-t-i- j U o c i i i r c w o be i m H t - r the -tiapic.-s o; j ,V :K . aiidrt-.-i a I K I - - I - u ' i l h your r e - I j the Kc-a Cross Litid Na^y heairi:^. T/.i- ' ( - lR .,- L to Lt:e C h a i r m a n of Pyoard o f ] I l o c t u r n ia j u r t what its n:i:i,e i n i p i h M . i [ : W i i l u l o .Mur.aLUT.,, care of e o u i i i y j a call to h.yul. b u t 0 ^y fiiiins.. ptuu:.- | c.HniuissioncrW -av : , : iiu call i- Vcu nro right when ycu sa? In "Q-nrs of December S'ith trial Senrecc 3s o ro^arkHbly good tooth pas*** Lnd that it, i:as a a'-ron^ story to toll, but tho difficulty lies ir; rvt t L:-..; t-iat story in such language es will convince the jy,;i!ic» The Sonroco story of a nedicinal paate that not only cleansc-o the teeth but also iroepa nouth and gurc healthy. TMhcn rut on ^.sper doeo net eound very different frcr: tha ctor;,- of just any ordinary dentifrioa. For thfit rcfioon wo rrakc every effort to ge* the people to try otinreca. A ft or that Senreco tolls Its oim stDry - ard fully 0;j oa" thea ure Senreoo uaera and boosters fros then on. There io a Sc^rcco tsser in Pittsbtu-gh who baa inlroducea" c:;r prcd-jct into th- families of thirty-four of his friends. Xr.thusicen? ^o, not entirely. Sinply a case 02" Scnrccc raking good. It is just ao stated above. If they v.-ill try Senroco - if they once becona ficcusintci v.-i th s. real dent; frice - with what a denti-- fries can and should be - tj;cy ure iienreco boosters iroa ttat tint) on. Your drurjijiGt or toilet, count era con supply you vrith Senroco, It cc^cs in lu.r£e, two ounce tubes Cad retails a'- %£.#. tt.'-.y not get a tube to-day? Try it. ffe stand behind every paoii^^e of Senroco viith Q nioney-baok fiTiar- aatoc* Very truly yo-Jro. A Success Indeed. "Were your' wire's iiaw clothes n success?" "I should say so. Made her look Jil- most as fine us the Kir! who tried chum on for us in the store." She Tripping Her. -Yoa Interest me sfrnn^ely--ns no otlier man ever 1ms. Oflicer on Leave--You dpraaj; tluit on me lust niglit. She--Oh, waa Jt you? Terrors of the Scottish Language. Housemaid in Glusgow*^ Hou-1--Ye cunnsi gan^r in the Iruttiroom the noo. SnsKennch--Why n o t ? Uou«eiijuid--There's a body in the bath.--Punch. , % Nothing to Say. ·"Hilda, tell the cool: not to bum the stenh the way she does." "I wouldn't dare to, Harold. She likes it that way." Its Definition. Young Bride---I wonder why ttiay cell a wife's allowance pin money? Old AIntron--Because the nverage frnshand thinks monny enongh to bu$ pins to hold her old clothes In all a wife needs. ntiott hffiin the moirit-ni you lioan] :i tcr jnr bvuutifut Maviuuac ]*!uiid~-fur [lie Liite voy:itt. ^ica^Jcrs wiili" Thc of your D. C. COBM Line S Iiulfnribcilenit)t3.iic Itnilrnnd tickets nrch ou( e x t r a cfcjfge. The D. C. Inw^oiii imam the best i o;id paiuctukiitit aei-vicc. Safety thai could be decired. A l l tttcaaiero nre ei/jipiiod with latest ^vire! ¥,-aicr is sicriliacd by ul'.ru violet ruy y:ai:rs Two tplcndiii vuasels-Ciry ( rf Macklnac 31 am City ol AliWTin II--opcr:«c four Omen a wc L -k TO MACK1HAC ISU.N'0 l!ufl«lo S 9.50 .'iJ trip 16.50 iend 3-ceot utacip for illmtraud i)!inuhi t am! ^^fSowS'gi^Sil 3r«at -Lake, map. Aldre,s L. O. I.KWis. ^fS^^^^ ;. I-. A., 9 Third Av. u ue, I^trol,, Mict. ^aigS«iS| Stoppage. "What's the mutter with thnt automobile?" asked the poUcemnn. "I dnnno." repHod Mr. ChuKSins. "Even- H m e . l t gets to. n street car tmdt it thinks it has n right to lay off nnd ohstmct trnfnc the snme SB If It a part of the company's regular Fresli From Pittsburgh Every Day. TAKE A HOME Served With Many Delicious Dressings at L, 11? S. PITTSBUBG STEEET. timer's | CioiMag | J. B. KURTZ, «iND REAL eSTATB. No. i South Meadow Lvti Connallovlllo Pa.

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